There is no such a thing as Islamic apologetics

By Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

I frequently read the expression “Islamic apologetics.” At first, I did not understand the meaning of the word apologetic when it is attached to the word Islamic. Does it mean that Muslims are apologizing for their religion?  Is Islam so bad as to be apologized for?

When Muslims explain the truth about their religion, the Christian apologists obstruct and oppose. Unfortunately, most of them are hired with the objective to attack Islam as part of a vicious war against Islam. They love to see Muslims suffer; their hatred is evident from the words which fall from their mouths. But what their hearts conceal is far worth. Whenever something good happens to Muslims, it grieves them, and when evil befalls Muslims, they rejoice. When Islam prospers and is embraced by thousands every day, they bite their fingers with rage. I say to them, “Die of rage, Allah is aware of what your black hearts contain.”

These hired persons, pulpits, platforms and biased media, spew their venom against Islam day and night. They fool the people by pretending that they offer logic evidences supporting their malicious views about Islam, but when Muslims read their views they find it shallow, void and soaked with falsehood.

Unfortunately, there are Christian apologists, who omit, hide, or lie about their religion. When Muslims explain to them that their religion was corrupted, and that they must abandon the corruptions their fathers added to Jesus religion, they swerve and equivocate, and forward fables and superstitions of their predecessors as proof for their current belief. They use an endless list of fallacious and silly arguments in defending their corrupted Christianity. They have no knowledge to base this on. They follow nothing but conjecture; and conjecture avails nothing against truth. They follow what their own souls desire even though there has already come to them the Koran as a guidance from their Lord!

I wonder: is that the ultimate extent of their knowledge? Will they teach the Lord His religion, when He knows everything in the heavens and earth? Surely Allah knows best those who stray from His path and He knows best those who follow His guidance.

They act not out of concern of God, but in order to figure well in the eyes of their fellow-men. They struggle to acquire the pleasures of life, forgetting that the life of this world is nothing but an illusionary enjoyment.

When Muslims invite them to believe in the Koran and abide by its principles regarding Allah’s oneness, and to accept this fact with consenting mind, they say, ‘We only lean on the particular system of faith and worship on which our fathers were bent. But how it will be if their fathers had lacked the soundness of judgment in the choice of means and ends and had missed the path of rectitude. In fact, the highest wisdom and the most salutary regulations are lost in them.

When Muslims explain the religion of Islam to them haply they might understand, they indulge in nonsense jugglery by belying the Koran and nullifying its verses instead of accepting the facts. By belying the Koran they became liars in the sight of the Lord. Had it not been for the grace of Allah and His mercy on them in this world, a terrible punishment would have afflicted them for their plunging headlong into belying the Koran and the slander of the Prophet. They consider the belying of the Koran and the slander of the Prophet to be a trivial matter, but in Allah’s sight, it is a great sin. They don’t know that their rejection of the truth amounts to denying the signs of Allah. Such people will receive severe punishment at Allah’s behest.

Their dispute with the Muslims is meant to conceal the truth and distract people from it. This puts them in an awkward position, and helps show the lengths to which they will go in their efforts to defend their adulterated religion.

Arrogance is the motivation behind this sort of dispute – the arrogance that prevents people from accepting the truth and acting upon it.

Allah says:

Verily, those who dispute about the signs of Allah without any authority  having come to them, there is nothing else in their breasts except pride which they will never attain. Seek refuge in Allah, for He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing (40: 56).

This sort of dispute destroys, misleads, blinds and makes those who practice it losers on the Day of Resurrection.

Allah says:

And among mankind is he who disputes concerning Allah, without knowledge, and follows every rebellious (disobedient to Allah) devil. It has been decreed concerning anyone whom he befriends, that he shall mislead him and guide him to the punishment of the Fire (22: 3, 4).

And of the people is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance or an enlightening book [from Him], twisting his neck [in arrogance] to mislead [people] from the way of Allah. For him in the world is disgrace, and We will make him taste on the Day of Resurrection the punishment of the Burning Fire (22:8-9).

Out of their stubbornness, they reject what Islam brought them. In order to vindicate their position, they indulge in false talks, and think they had been very clever and that they have provided evidences supporting their falsehood. But when the blast of the Doomsday opens the secrets of realities, they will come to know that their attempts at vindication were simply a series of false words taught by Satan. They oppose the call for truth, but in the Hereafter, when they see that the things on which they relied on are of no avail, they will be struck with horror.

They are like dumb driven cattle who can merely hear calls, but cannot distinguish intelligently between shades of meaning or subtle differences of values.

Allah said about them in the Koran:

But when they are told, ‘Follow what Allah has sent down,’ they answer, ‘We will follow the ways of our fathers,’ even though their fathers did not use their reason, and were devoid of all guidance. Those who deny the truth are like animals which hear nothing in your call but the sound of a voice, without understanding its meaning. They are deaf, dumb, and blind. They understand nothing (2: 170, 171).

The Christian apologists instead of understanding what the Last Testament to the world (the Koran) instructed them to do, they act rebelliously by criticizing and dispraising the Koran!

The Christian apologists are doubly annoyed at the Muslims: (1) that being outside their ranks received Allah’s revelations, and (2) that having received such revelations, they should be able to convict them out of their own scriptures before their Lord.

The big mockery is that they believe that whatever they believe and practice is nothing but the truth. They think that guidance has something to do with a particular community rather than being a matter of principle, and are unwilling to accept such truth as has been revealed elsewhere. They believe that whoever was one of them was on the right path, and that whoever was not, was misguided!

They foolishly think that it was impossible that someone else may be granted revelation such as they were granted. This mentality casts such a veil over their eyes that they become unable to see any merit outside their own religion even though it was corrupted. Even in the face of clear signs and arguments, they doubt the veracity of any outsider, and strongly oppose the truth. In obedience to their false standards, they try to stifle the truth. But Allah’s true Message always prevail even though the polytheists and the disbelievers may detest it.

But they should have known that all grace is in the Hands of Allah; He grants it to whom He wills; He singled out Muhammad – peace be upon him – for His mercy and granted him the universal Message of Islam and made him the seal of the prophets. Allah is boundless and all Knowing, He is the Lord of exceeding bounty.

When Islam is attacked by Christian apologetics, Muslims think innocently   that the attackers were wrong in their views because they lack true knowledge of the religion of Islam, so they hasten to explain the truth about their religion. But again and again they are bombarded with opposition, ignorance, illiteracy and impudence.

Among their accusations is that Muslims do not use their heads and follow blindly their religion without thinking. But as for them, they are open-minded, and they discuss every big and small passage or verse in the Bible. They are free-thinkers to the extent of undergoing reformation in their religion!

If we look at the Protestant reformation which was considered by the Catholic Church as a schism, we find that Martin Luther began his reformation by criticizing the selling of indulgences, insisting that the Pope had no authority over purgatory and that the Catholic doctrine of the merits of the saints had no foundation in the gospel. The Protestant position, however, would come to incorporate doctrinal changes such as sola scriptura and sola fide.

There were also reformation movements throughout continental Europe known as the Radical Reformation, which gave rise to the AnabaptistMoravian and other Pietistic movements. Radical Reformers, besides forming communities outside state sanction, often employed more extreme doctrinal change, such as the rejection of the tenets of the late antique councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon (the Doctrine of the Trinity).

The Roman Catholic Church responded with a Counter-Reformation initiated by the Council of Trent. Much work in battling Protestantism was done by the well-organized new order of the Jesuits. In general, Northern Europe, with the exception of most of Ireland, came under the influence of Protestantism. Southern Europe remained Roman Catholic, while Central Europe was a site of a fierce conflict, culminating in the Thirty Years’ War, which left it devastated.

Undertaking reformation in the Christian religion means without doubt that Christians realized that their religion was altered in a way that needed reformation. The reformation that happened in the Christian religion implies that something may be rotten within the Bible itself.

The Koran however is none reformable ­because the sanctity of the verses are non-negotiable.

The historical events of the Christian reformation explicitly demonstrates that the Christian religion of Jesus was corrupted and changes were to be made in order to restore it to its pure form. But any reformation that had been done in the Christian religion and hadn’t touched the blasphemous concept of the Trinity is to no avail. Why? Because as Allah said in the Koran and in all His Holy Books before the Koran, that no one will enter Paradise and has associated with Him in worship another partner or partners ( Jesus, the Holy Ghost, Mary, idol, nature, priest, pope, animal, etc.).

Monotheism i.e. belief in Allah as One God and that He is to be worshipped alone, is the pillar of Allah’s religion in all ages.

We read in the Koran”

Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal (3: 2)

He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. There is no god but He, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. (3: 6 ).

Every Prophet taught His people strict monotheism:

“Indeed, We sent Nuh (Noah) to his people and he said: “O my people! Worship Allah! You have no other Ilah (God) but Him. Certainly, I fear for you the torment of a Great Day!” (7: 59).

“And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger (proclaiming): “Worship Allah (Alone), and avoid (or keep away from) all false deities” Then of them were some whom Allah guided and of them were some upon whom the straying was justified. So travel through the land and see what was the end of those who denied (the truth).” (16:36).

Yes, the brain is important in the human body because it allows a person to think, feel and store memories, and it controls and coordinates the body’s actions and reactions. This is why I urge the Christian apologists to use their brain in understanding what Muslims explain to them about the religion of Islam. The Muslims explanation is not a sort of apology or lying as the Christian apologists claim, but a warning of how will they feel on the Day when Allah will gather them and every person will be paid in full what he or she has earned. A Day where every soul will be recompensed for what it earned. A Day when hearts are at the throats, filled with distress. The explanations the Muslims forward to the Christian apologists is to urge them to sober up now in order to guard themselves against a day when one soul shall not avail another nor shall intercession be accepted for her, nor shall compensation be taken from her nor shall anyone be helped from outside. Allah is swift in account.

Muslims are not obliged in any way to apologize for their religion.

It became evident that the war the Christian apologists launch against Islam is not due to incognizance or ignorance about Islam but rather a deliberate attack on the religion in order to humiliate it and demonize it and hence misguiding their people about Islam further and further.

It is amazing to see that the Christian apologists and all the other haters of Islam, do not realize that by attacking Islam – the last Testament to the world – they are but compiling sins over sins upon their heads. This obstinate rebellion against the Book of Allah and His religion will lead to damnation. Allah sees what they utter against his religion.

These obstinate and unjust Christian apologists and all other hate mongers, should remind themselves of the responsibility they carry when they talk about the religion of Islam. They must guard their tongues by speaking only the truth and abstain from lies and hypocrisy because Allah knows the inmost desires and motives of man even better than man does himself. He is nearer to man than his own jugular vein.

To destroy Islam is to destroy humanity. Islam is meant for the whole world, none but the devil alone would aim to destroy or corrupt it, and the one who aims to do it, would be the worst enemy of Allah and mankind. He would naturally be the devil in human form. And the one who saves the religion from being destroyed or getting corrupted, would undoubtedly be the greatest benefactor and the savior of truth and humanity as a whole.

The Christian apologists and the Islamophobia hate mongers think that they can smear Islam without punishment. They think they can get away with their guilt without accountability.

As Islam teaches, every word man utters or writes is recorded. Two angels are constantly by man to note his thoughts, words and actions. One sits on the right side writing down his good deeds and the other on the left, writing his bad deeds.

The Lord of creation says in His Holy Book the Koran:

We created man, and the two recording angels are recording, sitting on the right and the left: each word he utters shall be noted down by vigilant guardian (50: 16-18).

Those who reject Allah and excel in Humiliating Him, belying His Koran and slandering His prophet await them a terrible chastisement. Allah is well aware of their evil-doing; and they must rest absolutely assured that there is enough space in Hell to engulf them.

Allah says in the Koran:

On the Day of Judgment We shall gather them (the disbelievers) together, prone on their faces: blind, dumb, and deaf! Their abode will be Hell! Every time it shows abatement, We shall increase for them the fierceness of the Fire! (17: 97).

In another verse Allah  says:

But those who reject (Allah) for them will be the Fire of Hell: no term shall be determined for them so they should die, nor shall its Penalty be lightened for them: thus do We reward every ungrateful one! (35: 36).

The first purpose of this article is to tell Muslims that Islam as the last religion, is not to be apologized for because religion with Allah is Islam and no other; Islam is universal for all, final and complete. The second purpose is to tell the Christian apologists and the Christians in general that arguing the religion with the purpose of nullifying it is sinful, useless and of no avail, because Allah’s religion will prevail. We read in the Koran:

“It is He (Allah) who has sent his Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, in order for it to be dominant over all other religions, even though the disbelievers hate it.” (9: 33 & 61:4-9, 13).

I therefore urge Muslims not to apologize for their religion, but only to explain it, haply the disbelievers and the polytheists may believe.

In this article I will touch some Islamic issues that were revealed in the Koran and the Christian apologists oppose and contradict out of obstinacy, hatred, illiteracy, shallowness and ignorance. The purpose is to state divine facts that do not accept doubt or uncertainty. Divine facts that must be well understood by the Christians and not to be opposed or rejected out of ignorance and stubbornness. The intention is to invite the enemies of Islam, and all non-Muslims to the one and only religion of Allah – Islam. The Islamic issues will be explained based on the contradictions and oppositions forwarded by the Christian apologists against the injunctions and principles of the religion of Islam.

Why the Koran

In the West, and in America in particular, the Koran was mistreated to the extent of being defiled, belied and burned. These criminals who did such horrendous acts think that what they did was an act of bravery, an act of patriotism that would elevate them in the eyes of their people. But they were not aware that they have committed a terrible sin when they attacked, defiled, belied, and burned the Koran, the Last Testament to the world.

Their misguided followers however, applauded them without even thinking. But as the Koran teaches, the misguided will carry the same guilt as that of those who misguided them. That is why I find myself obliged to explain the purpose of the Koran to those misguided, haply they might understand.

The Koran is the literal Word of God (Allah in Arabic) revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Angel Gabriel.

Allah says about the Koran: “The revelation of The Book is from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.” (39: 1).

The Koran is “a guidance for mankind… and the distinction (between right and wrong).” (2: 185).  It provides direction to help mankind judge between right and wrong, without which, man would surely be in loss.

The Koran is the last scripture revealed by Almighty Allah, confirming what little truth remains in parts of previous scriptures and refuting and correcting fabrications and additions which have crept into current day versions of such scriptures.

Islam which the Christian apologetics obstruct and oppose, is the religion taught in its fundamentals by all the prophets. It is the religion which the first human being was instructed to follow. It is the religion of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and all other prophets (peace be upon them all) throughout the existence of human beings.

“O you who have been given the Scripture! Believe in what We have revealed confirming what is (already) with you…” (4: 47).

The Koran is the only religious sacred text that has been in circulation for a lengthy period, and yet remains as pure as the day it was revealed. Nothing has been added, removed or modified from it, since its revelation over 1400 years ago.

“We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will certainly guard it (from corruption).” (15: 9).

Not only has the Koran been preserved in written form, but also in the hearts of men, children and women. Today, millions of people have memorized the Koran from cover to cover.

Ever since its revelation, no person has been able to produce a single chapter like that of the Koran in its beauty, eloquence, splendor, wisdom, prophecies, and other perfect attributes.

“And if you are in doubt as to that which We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a chapter like it and call on your witnesses besides Allah if you are truthful.” ( 2:23).

The people that rejected Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) failed this challenge, even though they were extremely eloquent in the language of the Koran. This challenge remains unanswered to this very day.

When people write, they are bound to make mistakes such as spelling and grammar, contradictory statements, incorrect facts, omission of information, and other various errors. The Koran has no contradictions whatsoever.

“Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely, have found in it (the Koran) many contradictions.” (4:82).

The Christian apologists claim that the Koran is a theft from the Bible, and Muhammad has authored it. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known in history to be illiterate; he could not read nor write. He was not educated in any field that could account for neither the scientific and historical accuracy, nor the literary beauty of this magnificent Book. The precision of historical recounts of previous peoples and civilizations mentioned in the Koran is also too great to be authored by any man.

“And this Koran is not such as could ever be produced by other than Allah.” (10: 37).

The Koran came to restore the belief in Allah’s oneness; to believe in the One true God Allah. Due to the corruption made in the Bible and the old divine Books, the Christians of today worshipped Jesus as God or the son of God, they worshipped him as a man nailed to the cross, they worshipped him as one in three or three in one, they believed in the innovations Paul of Tarsus invented in the Gospel of Jesus such as original sin, the Trinity, crucifixion, vicarious atonement – or the worship of God through intermediaries such as priest, bishop, pope, or in the form of idol, animal, tree, nature, etc.).

The most important topic mentioned throughout the Koran is the belief in the One, True God. God informs us that He has no partner, no son, no equal, and that none has the right to be worshipped except Him alone. Nothing is comparable to God and none of His creation resembles Him. The Koran also rejects the notion of attributing human qualities and limitations to God.

Allah emphasizes His oneness in the Koran:

“And your god is One God. There is no god but He, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.” (2: 163).

The Koran rejects all false gods.

“And worship Allah and associate none with Him.” (4: 36).

Since Allah alone is the only One worthy of worship, false deities and false gods must be rejected. The Koran also rejects the notion of attributing divine qualities to anyone or anything other than Allah.

The Koran contains many narratives with beneficial lessons, including the true stories of previous Prophets such as, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus and Moses. Of these stories, Allah says:

“Indeed in their stories, there is a lesson for men of understanding.” (12: 111).

The Koran reminds us that everyone will taste death and will be held accountable for all his actions and sayings:

“We shall set up scales of justice for the Day of Judgment, so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least…” ( 21: 47).

Importantly, the Koran teaches that the purpose of life is to worship God alone, and live one’s life according to the way of life prescribed by Him. In Islam, worship is a comprehensive term that includes all actions and sayings (whether private or public) that Allah loves and is pleased with. Therefore, by doing what Allah commands, a Muslim is worshipping God and fulfilling his purpose in life.

“Verily, We have sent down to you (O Muhammad) the Book for mankind in truth. So whosoever accepts the guidance, it is only for his own self; and whosoever goes astray, he goes astray only for his own loss.” (39: 41).

The Koran is the only religious sacred text that has been in circulation for a lengthy period, and yet remains as pure as the day it was revealed. Nothing has been added, removed or modified from it, since its revelation over 1400 years ago.

“We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will certainly guard it (from corruption).” (15:09).

The Koran, the Word of Allah is perfected in truth and justice. None can change His words. Thus, the Koran has been preserved in both the oral as well as written form in a way no other religious book in history has.

But why the Koran has been guarded from loss or corruption?

The Koran was guarded from loss and corruption because it is universal. It was sent to the whole world. It was not sent to a sect or a cult as with the case of the Torah of Moses or the Gospel of Jesus. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last prophet whom Allah sent, and he was not sent to a particular people or a particular time. He was sent to all of mankind until the end of the world.

Allah says in the Koran:

“I have only sent you (Muhammad) as a giver of glad tidings and a warner to all mankind, but most men do not understand.” (34: 28).

According to the teachings of the Koran, most of the world’s major religions originated in the pure religion of Islam itself and only through the teachings being lost, forgotten or willfully corrupted have these religions changed. Judaism claims special status for the Jews as the chosen people – a status which cannot be acquired except through birth and which makes a Jew superior to any non-Jew (goyim) whatever their beliefs. Christianity insists that one must believe in various doctrines which form the foundations of the distinctively Christian belief in order to be saved (i.e. Jesus died to atone for the sins of Mankind, that God is a trinity etc.). The doctrine of the Trinity, which the Catholic church itself admits, didn’t develop until several hundred years after Christ and so cannot possibly have applied to those before Jesus nor to his early followers. In contrast to this, Islam has at its core, a simple message which applies to all human beings before Muhammad and also after his time:

“…And they say: “None shall enter paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.” Those are their (vain) desires. Say: “Produce your proof if you are truthful.” Nay whoever submits his whole self to Allah and is a doer of good, he will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” (2: 111, 112).

The word used in this verse for ‘submits’ is ‘aslama’. It is from this verb that the word ‘Islam’ comes as ‘the submitting’. Islam is a word that doesn’t have any connection with an area or a particular character from history, it is the one and only truly universal religion and fittingly it has a truly universal name: “Islam” – the universal religion for mankind.

The concept of God (Allah) in Islam is unique in its strict Unitarian aspect. The jurisdiction of God is not limited to any section of humanity or to any part of the world. God according to Islam is the Lord of the Worlds i.e., the Absolute Monarch of the whole universe. Prophets sent before the Holy Prophet Muhammad, were not for the human race as a whole, they were for particular peoples in various parts of the earth. Even Jesus, the immediate predecessor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, about his own self, had said: “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” (Math. 15-22 26).

But Prophet Muhammad as the seal of the prophets, was not to guide any particular tribe, community or any part of the human race, but for mankind as a whole. Islam was revealed to be current for all times until the Day of Judgment. The Holy Prophet Muhammad had been sent as a Mercy unto the Worlds.

In several verses Allah says in the Koran:

“We have sent thee not but a Mercy unto the Worlds.” (21: 107).

Say: “0′ ye people, I am the Apostle of God unto you all” (7: 158).

No creed preached by any religious leader or apostle prior to the Holy Prophet, was ever given any name, for it was incomplete and no imperfect thing, is ever given any name. Since the religion preached by the Holy Prophet, was the divinely perfected code of discipline for human life on earth, it was named Islam and was prescribed for the human race for all times till the end of the world.

Allah the God of the universe says in the Koran:

“Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing upon you, and I have approved Islam for your religion…” (5: 3).

“The true religion with God is Islam. Those who were given the Book were not at variance except after the knowledge came to them, being insolent one to another. And whoso disbelieves in Allah’s signs, Allah is swift at the reckoning” (3: 19).

“Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers” (3: 85).

All these magnificent benefits are for those who wish to be guided. For those who insist on prejudice and arrogance regarding the revelation of Allah the Exalted, this Holy Book can cause nothing but perdition.

Dominance of the Koran over previous Scriptures

Allah, the Almighty, revealed the Koran to be His last, all-embracing Scripture containing the final manifestation of the Divine Law. This necessitates that it has to be safeguarded from the mischievous hands of men and from all corruption. This protection has been a reality from the time the Koran was revealed until today and will remain so forever. It contains no additions or deletions. It has reached us by so many chains of transmission that it is impossible for them to have conspired on a lie. It has been recorded and memorized innumerable times.

There has been no change in its text over time, not even in a single letter. Some of those who have committed it to memory cannot speak Arabic; nevertheless, they recite it exactly as it was revealed.

Allah has guaranteed the preservation of the Koranic text, as He, the Most Exalted, says: “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Koran and indeed, We will be its guardian.” (15:9).

Allah also says: “And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.” (6: 115).

As for the previous Scriptures, they were for a limited duration of time. Allah gave human beings the responsibility of preserving them.

Allah says:

“Indeed, We sent down the Torah, in which was guidance and light. The prophets who submitted [to Allah] judged by it for the Jews, as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were entrusted of the Scripture of Allah, and they were witnesses thereto.” (5: 44).

But theTorah was changed through corruption, alteration, and concealment.

Allah says in the Koran:

“So woe to those who write the “scripture” with their own hands, then say, “This is from Allah,” in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.” (2: 79).

Being the final, all-encompassing and preserved against any change, the Koran abrogated all the previous Scriptures which sustained human interpolations. Abrogation generally takes place with regards to secondary matters of divine Law. As for fundamental principles, like the Oneness of Allah, the prohibition of idolatry, and the fundamentals of worship – matters that form the basic call of all the Messengers, they are not subject to abrogation.

The Law that came with Prophet Jesus abrogated part of the Law that came with Moses. Relating the words of Prophet Jesus to the Children of Israel, the Koran says, “And I have come confirming that which was before me of the Torah and to make lawful to you part of what was forbidden to you…” (3: 50).

The Islamic Law is lasting, remaining suitable for every place and time, and embracing the goodness of the previous manifestations of the Law.

Allah says in the Koran:  “And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it.” ( 5: 48).

The Koran is different from the previous Scriptures in many points:

(1) The Koran is miraculous and inimitable.  Nothing similar to it can be produced by human beings. Allah challenged both humans and jinn to produce the like of the Koran.

Say, “If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Koran, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants.” (17: 88).

(2) Allah further challenged the disbelievers among the Arabs to produce even one chapter similar to the Koranic chapters:

“And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant [Muhammad], then produce a chapter the like thereof and call upon your witnesses other than Allah, if you should be truthful.”  (2: 23).

(3) After the Koran, no more Scriptures will be revealed by Allah.  Just as the Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet, the Koran is the last Scripture.

(4) Allah has taken it upon Himself to protect the Koran from alteration, to safeguard it from corruption, and to preserve it from distortion. On the other hand, the previous Scriptures suffered alteration and distortion and did not remain in their originally revealed form.

(5) The Koran, for one, confirms early Scriptures and, for another, is a trustworthy witness over them ( 5: 48).

(6)  The Koran cancels the rulings of the previous Scriptures and renders them inapplicable.  The Law of the old Scriptures is no longer applicable; the previous rulings have been abrogated with the new Law of Islam.

Accordingly, Allah does not accept any religion except Islam as a way to His pleasure, as He says in His Holy Book the Koran:

“And whoever desires other than Islam as religion never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.” ( 3: 85). (1).

The Koran came as a last warning because the Bible was corrupted

The Koran came also because the Jews corrupted the Torah of Moses and the Christians corrupted the Gospel of Jesus. False doctrines were added to the Bible and as a consequence, people went astray. The Koran came to explain, correct and guide people astray to the right path again. In that sense, the Koran is a mercy from the Lord of the universe to guide people astray to His right path.

Corruption of the Bible

Christians are often quick to tell you that their modern-day “Bible” is the “true living word of God.”  This is despite the fact that whatever bible we’re confronted with, we can easily find countless contradictions between verses and contradictions even with history!  Not only that, but ironically, even the Bible’s own theologians admit that the bible is corrupt and was written by “mysterious” people.  Moreover, they also declare that the bible(s) contain fictions, fairy tales and fables.

The Koran, which has God’s stamp of assurance that He Himself had perfectly preserved it from corruption (15:9), says that the Torah was entrusted upon the rabbis who were supposed to be the keepers of the Law, but they failed in their dispensation and altered the message of Moses. They certainly had the ability and means to change, alter and corrupt what they wrote if they so desired and indeed they did. The Torah has been tampered with and the scribes were responsible for this.

Tampering with the Old Testament

Are the scribes, the ones responsible for the so called preservation of the Old Testament trustworthy? How can they be trusted when they were the ones who plotted to kill Jesus and treated him in such vile ways? The scribes and Pharisees spat in his face, and buffeted him; and others smote him with the palms of their hands.

In Jeremiah 8:8, we see evidence of the scribes lying or making false witness.

Dr. James Smith comments on Jeremiah 8:8:

“Among the wise men, the scribes were singled out for special comment. The scribes were men who could write. The pen (‘et) was probably made from a reed. The scribes in Jeremiah’s day were as corrupt as the priests and the prophets. Somehow through their writings they were attempting to nullify the written word of God. Perhaps they were publishing the false teaching of the prophets and priests… Some have proposed that these scribes were even guilty of altering the very text of the word of God. Whatever they were doing these perverse scribes were distorting the truth.”

Commenting on Jeremiah 8:8, Reverend David Bauscher writes:

“A very egregious example of probable deliberate alteration can be found in the Massoretic Hebrew of Jeremiah.” Rebuking them further, he writes, “To indict one group is to indict all, the Scribes, Prophets and the Priests. What is the major crime of the Scribes? “the false pen of the scribes has turned it into falsehood.” What is “it”? The previous sentence gives the answer: “the law of Jehovah”. The law of Jehovah is the written word of God. The Scribes perverted the written scriptures which they were entrusted to copy and preserve without error. There was a way to do that, according to the rules of the school of the Sopherim, in which every Scribe was carefully trained.”

Bauscher sees Jeremiah 8:8 as a textual testimony of the unreliability of the scribes as they used the skills that they honed while training for the profession to finally corrupt and “pervert the written scriptures.” (2).

In Deuteronomy 4:2 we read: “ Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.”

When God Almighty clearly Commanded the followers of His Holy Words to not add anything nor subtract anything from His Words and/or mix them up with man-made corrupt words, then this without any doubt or dispute proves that Deuteronomy 4:2 is indeed a clear-cut proof that the Bible is indeed a corrupt book that is filled with man’s lies and alterations in it!

Jeremiah 8:8 confirms Deuteronomy 4:2!

“How can you say, ‘We are wise, and the law of the LORD is with us’? But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie.”   (From the RSV Bible, Jeremiah 8:8).

In Deuteronomy 30: 5-6 we read:

See that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it.

Proverbs 30:5-6

5 Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
6 Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

Those who are familiar with the Bible (any modern-day bible) know that it is divided into the following categories:

(1) The Torah.  Also known as the five books of Moses.  They are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

(2) The Prophets.  These are the remaining books of the Old Testament.  Their quantity varies between bible to bible, and the quantity of verses vary between bible to bible.

(3) The New Testament.  This also has sub-categories in it such as:

(1) the four gospels (Mark, John, Luke and Matthew); (2) the Acts of the Apostles; (3) Pauline Epistles; (4) Epistle of the Hebrews; (5) General Epistles; (6) Revelation.  The quantity of verses in the four gospels varies between bible to bible.

In the books of Moses which were supposed to be written by Moses himself, the scribes wrote how Moses died and got buried. Obviously, Moses would not have been able to write about himself after he died.

Tampering with the New Testament

The authenticity of the texts of the New Testament have been debated and have often been outright rejected by the majority of the Muslim population. On the other hand, the Christian world see it as the complete truth, words inspired by God Himself to chosen men who wrote down the events and narrations of Jesus as within a few years of his departure and have been copied accurately till this day.

It is a fact however, that the New Testament does not match up to its reputation of being ‘Gospel Truth’. Mistakes were very common in the transmission of the Bible. Some of the mistakes were honest and genuine; others were scribal corrections where later scribes sought to correct earlier scribes by second guessing what the text should have said.

Jesus himself was vehemently against this elite group of falsifying scholars called the scribes. In Matthew chapter 23 alone Jesus curses the scribes saying “Woe be to you” no less than six times and called them hypocrites eight times over, which is a record in a single chapter in the whole Bible!

And they that had laid hold on Jesus Christ led him away to Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders were assembled. Now the chief priests, and the elders and all the council, sought false witness against Jesus, to put him to death.” (Matthew 26:57)

To list every single instance of Jesus reproaching the scribes in this article would be a most tedious task and we do not have the luxury of time nor strength to do that. It is suffice to say that Jesus condemns the scribes in more than 60 verses! In Matthew chapter 23 mentioned earlier, the heading reads, “Jesus Denounces the Scribes and the Pharisees”. You may refer to Mark 12:38 to 40, Luke 20:45-47 etc. for more on Jesus against the scribes.

But most worrying is that many alterations to the text were made for doctrinal reasons. Entire passages were added, words modified to suit the purpose of the later church, and all of this occurred whilst still being attributed to the original writers of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is these types of modifications which are cause for concern and discredit the authenticity of the Bible, thus making it impossible for many people to see it as a Holy Book written and preserved by God-inspired people.

The late 19th century marked a turning point in biblical criticism. B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort compiled some of the oldest manuscripts of the New Testament. Their compilation has served as the template for almost every modern translation of the Bible. Because of this, people often forget that Westcott and Hort’s critical text faced considerable controversy. John Burgon was perhaps the fiercest enemy of the movement Westcott and Hort had begun. Instead of the new compilation, Burgon favored the Textus Receptus, or the collection of Greek texts that provided the material for the King James Version and the German Luther Bible. His treatise “The Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels” compares the Textus Receptus with the Westcott and Hort texts, finding points of disagreement and potential error. Today, many associate Burgon and his arguments with biblical inerrancy. This would take us to the question: “Is the entire Bible truly the word of God?”

No credible Biblical scholar on this earth will claim that the Bible was written by Jesus himself. They all agree that the Bible was written after the departure of Jesus peace be upon him by his followers. So, if the authors of the Bible were people other than Jesus, then did they have Jesus or the Holy Spirit in them guiding their hands and dictating to them word for word what to write? As it happens, once again the answer is no. Who says so? The majority of today’s credible Christian scholars do. For example:

Dr. W Graham Scroggie of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, a prestigious Christian evangelical mission, says:

“..Yes, the Bible is human, although some out of zeal which is not according to knowledge, have denied this. Those books have passed through the minds of men, are written in the language of men, were penned by the hands of men and bear in their style the characteristics of men….”

Another Christian scholar, Kenneth Cragg, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, says:

“…Not so the New testament…There is condensation and editing; there is choice reproduction and witness. The Gospels have come through the mind of the church behind the authors. They represent experience and history…” (The Call of the Minaret,” Kenneth Cragg, p 277).

For example, we read in the Bible the words of the author “Luke”:

“It seemed good to me (Luke) also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, (Luke 1:3)”

If you consider the Bible the word of GOD, well, it is quite obvious that Luke decided to write his Gospel because he wanted to please the president or the leader at that time Theophilus.  This however has several problems: (1) It compromises God because there is a bigger purpose than God to write the Gospel, (2) It shows that Luke wouldn’t have written his Gospel if it wasn’t for that leader, and (3) Luke was not inspired when he wrote his Gospel because he said that he decided to write it after he had full understanding of it, which means that he wrote it with his own human words and thoughts and not God’s.

The lie of verse1 John 5:7 verse, was later discovered to be a manmade corruption inserted into the Bible.

The only verses in the whole Bible that explicitly ties God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in one “Triune” being is the verse of 1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

This verse is now universally recognized as being a later “insertion” of the Church and all recent versions of the Bible, such as the Revised Standard Version, the New Revised Standard Version, the New American Standard Bible, the New English Bible, the Phillips Modern English Bible …etc. have all unceremoniously expunged this verse from their pages. Why is this? The scripture translator Benjamin Wilson gives the following explanation for this action in his “Emphatic Diaglott.” Mr. Wilson says:

“This text concerning the heavenly witness is not contained in any Greek manuscript which was written earlier than the fifteenth century. It is not cited by any of the ecclesiastical writers; not by any of early Latin fathers even when the subjects upon which they treated would naturally have lead them to appeal to it’s authority. It is therefore evidently spurious.”

Others, such as the late Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong argued that this verse was added to the Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible during the heat of the controversy between Rome, Arius, and God’s people. Whatever the reason, this verse is now universally recognized as an insertion and discarded. Since the Bible contains no verses validating a “Trinity” therefore, centuries after the departure of Jesus, God chose to inspire someone to insert this verse in order to clarify the true nature of God as being a “Trinity.” Notice how mankind was being inspired as to how to “clarify” the Bible centuries after the departure of Jesus (pbuh). People continued to put words in the mouths of Jesus, his disciples, and even God himself with no reservations whatsoever. They were being “inspired”!

If these people were being “inspired” by God, I wondered, then why did they need to put these words into other people’s mouths (in our example, in the mouth of John). Why did they not just openly say “God inspired me and I will add a chapter to the Bible in my name”? Also, why did God need to wait till after the departure of Jesus to “inspire” his “true” nature? Why not let Jesus say it himself?

The great luminary of Western literature, Mr. Edward Gibbon, explains the reason for the discard of this verse from the pages of the Bible with the following words:

“Of all the manuscripts now extant, above fourscore in number, some of which are more than 1200 years old, the orthodox copies of the Vatican, of the Complutensian editors, of Robert Stephens are becoming invisible; and the two manuscripts of Dublin and Berlin are unworthy to form an exception…In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the Bibles were corrected by LanFrank, Archbishop of Canterbury, and by Nicholas, a cardinal and librarian of the Roman church, secundum Ortodoxam fidem. Notwithstanding these corrections, the passage is still wanting in twenty-five Latin manuscripts, the oldest and fairest; two qualities seldom united, except in manuscripts….The three witnesses have been established in our Greek Testaments by the prudence of Erasmus; the honest bigotry of the Complutensian editors; the typographical fraud, or error, of Robert Stephens in the placing of a crotchet and the deliberate falsehood, or strange misapprehension, of Theodore Beza.” (3).

The Christians claim that the stories of the disciples and prophets should be included in the Bible because they were inspired by God. But God Almighty is not the author of contradictions, lies and confusions. These stories contain countless contradictions in text, countless contradictions and conflicts with history and archeology, and many of them are outright lies because they never happened!  Ironically, even the Christian and Bible theologians call them “fables” and “fictions” that exist in the Bible.

The bottom line is that the original and real Bible of today should’ve been a much smaller book than what it is now.  But the fact that its laws and integrity are all mixed up together and compromised proves that the book or books are indeed corrupt.  So for one to lump up the bibles and their many problems and say that the Bible is “the true living word of God Almighty” would be indeed a very ridiculous and absurd statement (4).

300 Changes in the NIV & other modern Bible versions were found (5).

Mark Twain the famous American writer, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer said:

“The Bible has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.” – Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth.

Now let us look at what Allah Almighty said in the Noble Koran about the Bibles of today:

“That they (the Children of Israel) rejected Faith; That they uttered against Mary A grave false charge; That they said (in boast):  ‘We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.’  But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.  Nay, Allah raised him up Unto Himself; and Allah Is Exalted in Power, Wise.  And there is none of the people of the book (Jews and Christians) but must believe in him (Jesus) Before his death; And on the Day of Judgment He (Jesus) will be a witness Against them.”  (4:156-159).

“Know they not Allah Knows what they conceal and what they reveal? And there are among them illiterates, who know not the Book (i.e., the Bible), but (see therein their own) desires, and they do nothing but conjecture.  Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: ‘This is from Allah,’ to traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby.” (2:77-79).

“O Apostle! let not those grieve thee, who race each other into unbelief: (whether it be) among those who say “We believe” with their lips but whose hearts have no faith; or it be among the Jews,- men who will listen to any lie,- will listen even to others who have never so much as come to thee. They change the words from their (right) times and places: they say, ‘If ye are given this, take it, but if not, beware!’ If any one’s trial is intended by God, thou hast no authority in the least for him against God. For such – it is not God’s will to purify their hearts. For them there is disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a heavy punishment.” (5:41).

There is among them a section who distort the Book with their tongues (as they read) you would think it is a part of the Book, but it is not part of the Book; and they say: ‘That is from Allah,’ but it is not from Allah: it is they who tell a lie against Allah, and (well) they know it (3: 78).

Those who exchange Allah’s signs that are binding for a miserable featured in the vanity of the fleeting world, shall be denied Allah’s grace in the Hereafter, nor shall He bless them, and their awaits them a terrible chastisement.

Allah warns in the Koran:

Those who sell out Allah’s covenant and their oaths for a paltry price will have no share in the life to come on the Day of Resurrection. Allah will neither speak to them nor cast a look upon them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He purify them. For them there shall be a grievous punishment (3: 77).

Is Islam a violent religion?

Some Christian apologists claim that the Koran inspire terrorism, and drive violent jihad. Evangelist Franklin Graham has described his horror on finding so many Koranic passages that command the killing of infidels: the Koran, he thinks, “preaches violence.” Prominent conservatives Paul Weyrich and William Lind argued that “Islam is, quite simply, a religion of war,” and urged that Muslims be encouraged to leave US soil. Dutch politician Geert Wilders demands that the Koran be suppressed as the modern-day equivalent to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Even Westerners who have never opened the book assume that the Koran is filled with calls for militarism and murder, and that those texts shape Islam.

In the minds of ordinary Christians – and Jews – the Koran teaches savagery and warfare, while the Bible offers a message of love, forgiveness, and charity. For the prophet Micah, God’s commands to his people are summarized in the words “act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). Christians recall the words of the dying Jesus: “Father, forgive them: they know not what they do.”

If Christians or Jews want to point to violent parts of the Koran and suggest that those elements taint the whole religion, they open themselves to the obvious question: what about their own faiths? If the founding text shapes the whole religion, then Judaism and Christianity deserve the utmost condemnation as religions of savagery. Of course, they are no such thing; nor is Islam.

In terms of ordering violence and bloodshed, any simplistic claim about the superiority of the Bible to the Koran would be wildly wrong. In fact, the Bible overflows with “texts of terror,” to borrow a phrase coined by the American theologian Phyllis Trible. The Bible contains far more verses praising or urging bloodshed than does the Koran, and biblical violence is often far more extreme, and marked by more indiscriminate savagery. The Koran often urges believers to fight, yet it also commands that enemies be shown mercy when they surrender. Some frightful portions of the Bible, by contrast, go much further in ordering the total extermination of enemies, of whole families and races – of men, women, and children, and even their livestock, with no quarter granted. One cherished psalm (137) begins with the lovely line, “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept”; it ends by blessing anyone who would seize Babylon’s infants and smash their skulls against the rocks.”

The Bible has plenty of passages that read painfully today. Tales of war and assassination pervade the four books of Samuel and Kings, where it is hard to avoid verses justifying the destruction of God’s enemies. In a Standard English translation of the Old Testament, the words “war” and “battle” each occur more than 300 times, not to mention all the bindings, beheadings, and rapes.

The Christian apologetics claim that the Koran urges Muslims to kill and slaughter the innocents. But Islam in truth is the religion of peace and love. The root of the word Islam, silm, refers to “making peace”. By submitting to Allah and accepting His authority, in a peaceful environment, Muslims live peacefully with one another in the safe shade of Islam.

Since Islam means living in a peaceful environment that emerges as a result of submission to Allah, the Koran calls all humanity to embrace silm, that is, peace, and reminds us to avoid following Satan.

Allah says:

“O you who believe! Come in full submission to Allah, all of you, (without allowing any discord among you due to worldly reasons), and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan, for indeed he is a manifest enemy to you (seeking to seduce you to rebel against Allah, with glittering promises) (2: 208).

Islam is a religion revealed to mankind with the intention of presenting a peaceful life where the infinite compassion and mercy of Allah manifests on earth. God calls all people to live by the moral values He sets so that compassion, mercy, peace and love can be experienced all over the world.

“O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you.” (2: 208).

In the verse above, Islam intrinsically calls for peace and fosters a life in absolute sincerity and honesty before Allah. Therefore it is vitally important for an individual to believe in Allah with his own will and aspiration, and observe Allah’s commands and advice through personal conscientious contentment.

Allah wished for the Muslim community to be united in feeling and purpose, and to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. If Muslims abide by such principles, they are the ones to attain felicity.

The Koran says:

Let there be a group among you who call others to good, and enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; those who do this shall be successful (3: 104).

We also read in the Koran how the Lord addressed the Muslim community:

“You are indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth for the good of mankind. You enjoin what is good, and forbid what is evil, and you believe in Allah. If people of the Book (Jews and Christians), had also believed, it would have surely been better for them. Some of them are true believers, but most of them are disobedient (3: 110).

The Christian apologists are introduced to the Koran only through the media, generally have the impression that the Koran is a book of jihad, and jihad to them is an attempt to achieve one’s goal by means of violence. But this idea is based on misunderstanding. Anyone who reads the Koran for himself will easily appreciates that its message has nothing to do with violence. The Koran is, from beginning to end, a book which promulgates peace and in no way countenances violence. It is true that jihad is one of the teachings of the Koran, but jihad taken in its correct sense, is the name of peaceful struggle rather than of any kind of violent action. The Koran concept of jihad is expressed in the following verse:

So obey not the disbelievers, but strive against them (by preaching) with the utmost endeavor with it (the Koran) (25: 52).

Obviously the Koran is not a weapon, but a Book which gives us an introduction to the divine ideology of peaceful struggle. The method of such a struggle according to the Koran is to speak to them a word to reach their very soul.

They (hypocrites) are those of whom Allah knows what is in their hearts; so turn aside from them (do not punish tem), but admonish them, and speak to them an effective word (i.e. to believe in Allah, worship Him, obey Him, and be afraid of Him) to reach their inner selves (4: 63).

So, the desired approach, according to the Koran, is one which moves man’s heart and mind. That is, in addressing people’s minds, it satisfies them, convince them of the veracity of the Koran, and brings about a, intellectual revolution within them. This is the mission of the Koran, and this mission can be only performed by means of rational arguments. This target can never be achieved by means of violence or armed action.

It is true that there are certain verses in the Koran, which convey injunctions similar to the following:

“Slay them wherever you find them” (2: 191).

Referring to such verses, the Christian apologists attempt to give the impression that Islam is a religion of war and violence. This is totally untrue. Such verses relate, in a restricted sense, to those who have attacked the Muslims. The above verse does not convey the general command of Islam.

The truth of the matter is that the Koran was not revealed in its complete from in which it exists today. It was revealed from time to time, according to the circumstances, over a time span of 23 years. If this is divided into years of war and peace, the period of peace amounts to 20 years, while that of state of war amounts only to 3 years. The revelations during these peaceful years were the peaceful teachings of Islam as are conveyed in the verses regarding the realization of God, worship, morality, justice, etc.

This division of commands into different categories is a natural one and is found in all religious Books.

For instance, in the Old Testament there is so much war and violence commanded by God. For example, we read” in Deuteronomy verse 16: “If a city does not accept Israel’s offer of peace and open its gates, then “when the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it” (verse13). With regard to other cities, the command is (verse 16), “Do not leave anything that breathes.”

We probably also recall that the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, and then the Israelites “destroyed with the sword every living thing in it – men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep, and donkeys” (Joshua 6:21). And we may also consider Joshua 11:20, “For it was the Lord himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Yet there is clearly another side to Allah as well. While the prophet Ezekiel does not spare the wicked in his denunciations, he also records Allah’s words of grace: “If a wicked man turns away from all the sins he has committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, he will surely live; he will not die” Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? Declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” (Ezekiel 18:21, 23). And he goes on in verse 32, “For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!” And there is this compelling verse recorded in 2 Chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

All these descriptions of Allah depict him as unwavering in retribution on evil, though he takes no delight in it, and also unwavering in love and encouragement toward those hearts that are turned toward him. Allah’s obvious desire is that sinners should repent and live. But there comes a point where evil is finally intolerable and must be wiped off from the surface of the earth.

Similarly Jesus said: “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Mathew, 10:34).

It would not be right to conclude that the religion preached by Jesus was one of war and violence, for such utterances relate purely to certain occasions. So far as general life is connected, Jesus taught peaceful values, such as the building up of a good character, loving each other, helping the poor and needy, etc.

The same is true for the Koran. When the Prophet Muhammad immigrated from Makkah to Madinah, the idolatrous tribes were aggressive towards him. But the Prophet always averted their attacks by the exercise of patience and the strategy of avoidance. However on certain occasions no other options existed, save that of defense. Therefore, and according to the commands of Allah, he had to do battle on certain occasions. It was these circumstances, which occasioned those revelations relating to war. These commands, being specific to certain circumstances had no general application. They were not meant to be valid for all time to come. That is why; the permanent status of the Prophet has been termed as, “mercy for all mankind.” (21: 107).

Islam is the religion of peace in the fullest sense of the word. The Koran calls its way “the paths of peace” (5: 16). It describes reconciliation as the nest policy (4: 128). And states that Allah abhors any disturbance of the peace (2: 205) (6).

Therefore, we must look at wars in the divine Books in their historical setting. The spread of wickedness was so pervasive that immorality, disbelief, idolatry, degradation, and barbarity invaded every facet of life. Children were sacrificed to pagan gods. Male and female prostitution took place right in the temple as part of the religious rites. Idol worship was rife and the society wholly contaminated. This evil was contagious and Allah’s people were in danger of being infected as well. Allah’s awesome judgement was finally unleashed.

Today we have lost that black and white distinction between good and evil. Tolerance is presented as the great religious value. Indeed, tolerance of diversity is a high value in all religions, but often today tolerance is taken to mean the virtue of accepting nearly every behavior under the sun. Anything goes – in the name of tolerance! A sweeping moral relativism is the result, and children grow up with fewer and fewer moral absolutes to guide them. We seldom hear the term sin anymore, but instead a dozen much milder words are employed. Surely the Lord will not tolerate this abomination to his holiness forever (7).

In my opinion, violent verses in the Bible and the Koran are not an issue to stop at. The Lord is the one who is talking in His Books and not the prophets. The prophets are just transmitters of the divine commands and work hard to implement them. The Lord is the Creator, He creates and eliminates, and no prophet or messenger would dare disobey His commands. If they do, they would certainly subject their souls to a dreadful punishment in the present life and in the Hereafter. No true believer would ever dare accuse the Lord of the worlds by being violent. Every divine action or deed has behind it a deep wisdom.

In the final reckoning, the prophets and messengers will give evidence of their teaching the truth, and the wicked will themselves have to acknowledge the truth.

Allah says in the Noble Koran:

“So We shall certainly question those to whom messengers were sent – and We shall question the messengers themselves – and with full knowledge, for We were never far from them, We shall tell them what they did (7: 6, 7).

The prophets should obey the commands of their Lord otherwise they would suffer Allah’s in the present life and in the Hereafter. Allah commands Muhammad in the Koran:

Say, “Indeed I fear, if I should rebel against my Lord, the chastisement of a dreadful day.” From whosoever it is averted on that day, He will have mercy on him; that is the manifest triumph (6: 15, 16).

O Messenger! Make known that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord, for if thou do it not, thou wilt not have conveyed His message. Allah will protect thee from mankind. Lo! Allah guides not the disbelieving folk (5: 67).

In order for the Lord to establish His religion on earth, He orders His prophets to wage wars against the disbelievers rebelling against His religion. He commands the prophets and the believers to inherit their land, kill them, take them as captives or expel them from the land. These acts are not atrocities, but purifying the land from the abomination of the disbelievers, and make it fit to accommodate the true religion.

Saying that the commands of the Lord are violent, means opposing and rejecting His instructions, and forgetting His Lordship, for He is the Compeller, the Absolute Ruler, the victorious, the Greatest, the Creator. His punishment is exemplary for former times and for the latter, and an admonition to such as god-fearing.

Along history Allah has destroyed many evil nations and wiped them out from the surface of the earth. He is the Lord of the universe. He Creates and destroys without fearing the consequences.

The People of Thamûd rejected the truth because of their arrogance, when the most wicked man among them rose up. Then the Messenger of Allah said to them, ‘This is Allah’s she-camel. Let her drink. But they called him a liar, and hamstrung the she-camel. So their Lord destroyed them for their crime and razed their city to the ground. He did not fear the consequences (91: 11-15).

It is part of Allah’s wisdom that He tries His servants with goodness and evil in order that the believer might increase in his belief. Believers are commanded therefore to exercise patience with what Allah predestines in order that their reward might multiply. Trials also make Muslims fear the bad consequences of sins and therefore give them up.

Allah  says: “And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient, who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return. They are those on whom are blessed and will be forgiven from their Lord, and they are those who receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones.” (2: 155-156).

Allah also says: “Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, “When (will come) the Help of Allah?” Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allah is near! (2: 214).

Allah also says: “and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good. And to Us you will be returned.” (21: 35).

All these Koranic verses point out that Allah tries His servants as He did with the preceding nations. If they exercise patience and repent and return to Him with regard to all that befalls them, they will receive His reward, forgiveness and satisfaction and they will be admitted to paradise and compensated with what is better than what they missed.

All the signs that happen in this universe that arouse sympathy like thunderbolts, fierce wind, floods that destroy everything, earthquakes that cause great destruction to lofty buildings, great trees, properties and mankind, volcanoes that destroy all that surrounds them, solar and lunar eclipses and other things with which Allah tries His servant, are but means of frightening and warning them to give up aggression.

This also may urge them to fear Allah and return to Him. These signs also try their patience for what Allah predestines. This means that whoever is afflicted with any of these calamities and believes that it is predestination of Allah and receives it with patience seeking His reward, Allah will guide his heart to certainty and belief. He also has to realize that what befell him was not to miss him and what missed him was not to befall him. He also should believe that Allah will compensate him with guidance in his heart and truthful certainty. Allah may also make up for him what is better than what he missed.

Allah says: “No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book of Decrees before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allah. In order that you may not grieve at the things that you fail to get, nor rejoice over that which has been given to you. And Allah likes not prideful boasters.” (57: 22-23).

Allah points out in the Koran some of the punishments He sent down upon the nations who disobeyed His commands and deviated from the right path from among the perished nations who belied His messengers.

“So We seized each one for his sins; some We struck with a violent storm; some of them were overcome by a sudden blast; some were swallowed up by the earth; and some We drowned. Allah did not wrong them: they wronged themselves”. (29: 40).

In the final reckoning, the prophets and messengers will give evidence of their teaching the truth, and the wicked will themselves have to acknowledge the truth.

Allah says in the Noble Koran:

“So We shall certainly question those to whom messengers were sent – and We shall question the messengers themselves – and with full knowledge, for We were never far from them, We shall tell them what they did (7: 6, 7).

How Islam became suddenly a violent religion?

Islam as a religion had been attacked since its onset in the seventh century, and it will be attacked from its enemies until the Day of Resurrection. But Allah is always there to defend His religion.

The present attacks against Islam however, were well planned and organized especially after September 11. Millions of dollars were allocated by hostile organizations within the United States to attack Islam. Belligerent websites were established to smear Islam and humiliate it. Religious and political platforms were designated to stain Islam with rubbish and lies. The Christian leaders in America – some call them false prophets – used their churches and private TV stations as pulpits to attack Islam. And all of a sudden we noticed a group of Christian and Jewish demons appeared on the scene claiming that they are scholars in Islam. They wrote silly books belittling and refuting Islam and gained a lot of money – unlawful money that will tear their flesh apart. They earned it by humiliating the Lord, rejecting and belying His Book and slandering the Prophet of Islam. The dirty books they wrote about Islam that showed their bias, prejudice, hatred, illiteracy, and above all ignorance, are now a best sellers in the West!

In the West, in America in particular, the Koran was defiled and burned, the Prophet of Islam was slandered, and Allah the Lord of creation was humiliated. The war against Islam did not stop at that, it rather extended to annihilate Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The haters of Allah and Islam launched proxy wars against the defenseless Muslim countries. They hired, trained, supported and financed Islamic militias and implanted them in the Arab countries to ruin and destroy governments and cities.

ISIL and DAESH are militants created by America to get the Muslim world to its knees and blunder its rich resources without paying any costs. They called this mischief in the land: “The New Middle East, or the Arab Spring”. The plot is to wage war against Islam and to divide the Middle East into religious and ethnic factions living in small sectors without borders, so that America and the West could draw the map of the Middle East in accordance with its geostrategic needs and objectives. And what was the result of such overwhelming disaster? Millions of deaths occurred, including women, children, men and the elderly! Millions of displacements and refugees are now scattered on the borders of foreign countries without shelter, food or water. But who cares, the victims are not Americans, they are not westerners, they are Arabs, they are Muslims, they do not deserve to live!

The horror spread by ISIS and DAESH, the two organizations implanted in our land to deliberately destroy and cause ruin, are considered by the Christian apologists as political Islam, violent Islam and acts of terrorism. The blind siding of America with Israel on the expense of the Palestinians is considered as legitimate and to hell with the right of the Palestinians to live in peace on their land.

In Palestine, the Palestinians are long-suffering at the hands of the Israelis. Entire Palestinian villages have been bulldozed and replaced with Jew settlers. Barehanded and with only rocks, the Palestinians face automatic rifles, machine gun fires, tanks, and helicopters. It is a conflict of an unarmed people against a well-equipped modern military machine. It is men with guns against youth with slingshots.

When the Palestinians respond back by throwing stones on the Israeli heavily armed troops, the Christian apologists consider them terrorists desiring to throw Israel into the sea!

When the conquered Muslim countries shout for piece and some of their citizens do small insignificant acts of retaliation here or there, they are then terrorists terrifying the West!

The Muslim hostility we see now from the vanquished Muslims by the West, is not because Islam is inherently violent as the Islamophobia hate mongers claim, but because the oppressive countries have deliberately exported terrorism to our land to kill the innocents and spread mischief in the land.

The solution for terrorism then is to change the imperialistic policy of America and its allies towards the Middle East. The policy in the Middle East must be just and fair and based on equal footing and not the opposite. Air bombing or any other fighting whatever severe will never cure the anger contained in the oppressed breasts.

Is the attempt of the West to suppress Islam feasible?

The efforts of the West to suppress Islam are useless. Islam is not suppressible. Some morons say: “Islam is the fastest shrinking religion in the world”, some other idiots say: “Islam will die a natural death”.  These morons are trying to escape from reality by hiding their heads in the sand.

They know perfectly well that Christianity is losing its edge. In 35 years, Christianity will be only negligibly larger than Islam, with 31.4% of world population vs. 29.7% for Islam. Islam is projected to be the number one religion by 2070.

The Muslim fraction of Europe will almost double by 2050 to 8.7%. In Africa, Islam will more than double to 960 million. The big winner will be Asia, with 1.74 billion Muslims in 2050. The top four Muslim states will be India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

While the Church of England is only “one generation away from extinction,” as Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, warned earlier this year, Islam is quickly coming forward to take its place. During the past two years the Church of England lost two million followers, whereas the number of Muslims in Britain grew by a million, according to NatCen’s British Social Attitudes Survey.
In 2012, Muhammad became the most common name given to baby boys born in London, and the second most common among newborn male babies across the entire UK and Wales.

As the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam is expected to pass Christianity by the end of the century and the number of Muslims will grow more than twice as fast as the world’s population from now until 2050, according to the Pew Research Center.

But why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? Because this is Allah’s will. Allah wished it to spread and propagate because it is the only true religion existing now in the world.

America and her allies waged war against Islam in the Middle East. The aim was to suppress Islam. But what was the result of such devastating war? More than 1 million refugees arrived in Germany last year, and about 100,000 refugees arrived this year. Italy accommodated 10,000 and Greece about the same number. Most of the refugees ended up, primarily in Germany, but also in Sweden, Austria, the Benelux countries, and Finland.

So, in just a short time, Islam increased in Europe to tremendous levels, a matter expressing the will of Allah to see His religion spreading immensely in different lands. Although its adherents were meant to be destroyed by the West!

To explain further, and as the Islamic scholar Abdullah Yussuf Ali put it, “Every religion which commends itself widely to human beings and lasts through some space of time has a glimpse of truth in it. But Islam being the perfect light of truth is bound to prevail. As the greater light, through its own strength outshines all lesser lights, so will Islam outshine all else, in spite of the displeasure of those to whom light is an offence.” (8).

Today Islam is the only religion in the text of which no changes could be made. Islam is the only religion which is historically authentic. Islam is the only religion whose teachings are found in a living language. The candle lit by Allah in the shape of Islam has never been dimmed or extinguished. It is there in its entirety before the world, maintaining its ideological superiority over all other religions (6).

Allah says in the Koran:

It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, so that He may make it prevail (ideologically) over every other religion, even though the polytheists may detest it (9:33).

Over every other religion means ideologically superior over them because with Allah, there is only one religion and that is Islam. Islam is the total submission to the will of Allah. It is the religion preached by Moses and Jesus; it was the religion of Abraham, Noah, and all the prophets by whatever name it may be called. If people corrupt that pure light, and call their religions by different names (Judaism, Christianity, Hindu, etc.), we must bear with them, and we may allow the names for convenience. But truth must prevail over all (8).

The enemies of Islam are constantly trying to suppress it. But Allah, the God of Islam, defends His religion, and has His plans also against which the evil ones will have no chance whatever. And who can gain advantage on Allah! Thus no opposition to Allah succeeds in suppressing the light of Islam to reach the hearts of the believers. Those who oppose the call of truth are mischief makers in the eyes of Allah. This is because they stop believers from reaching the path of Paradise. No evil can be greater than obstructing the path of those striving to enter Allah’s Paradise.

Allah says to the traitors and deceivers:

 And they devised, and Allah devised, and Allah is the best of devisers (3: 54).

The Christian apologists accuse Muslims by believing in Allah – an invented God – while their God is Jesus Christ the true God

This ignorant accusation is against what the Koran actually stated. As Allah instructed in the Koran, Islam is not a sect or an ethnic religion. In its view all religion is one, for the truth is one. It was the religion taught by all the earlier prophets. It was the truth taught by all the inspired Books. In essence it amounts to a consciousness of the will and plan of Allah and a joyful submission to that will and plan. If anyone wants a religion other than that, he is false to his own nature, as he is false to Allah’s will and plan. Such a one cannot expect guidance, for he has deliberately renounced guidance (8).

Allah says in the Koran:

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) never will it be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers (3: 65).

Muslims worship the one God who created the universe and was worshipped by all prophets before Muhammad including Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Allah ordered Muhammad in the Koran to declare in explicit terms that Muslims believe in Allah with hearts impressed with spiritual virtues, and that they believe in all that has been imparted to them in the Koran and in all that was imparted to Abraham and Ishmael, to Isaak and Jacob and to the tribes of his twelve sons and in what was imparted to Moses and Jesus. Muslims believe in all that was imparted to all the prophets from Allah, their Creator; they do not discriminate one of them from another and they conform their will to Allah’s blessed will because He is the heart of their purpose.

The Lord says in the Koran:

“Say, ‘We believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaak, Jacob, and the Tribes. We believe in what has been given to Moses, Jesus and the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Allah do we bow our will (in Islam) (3: 84).

The believer is not he who believes in Jesus as God or the son of God. The believer is not he who believes in Allah as one in three or three in one. This ugly concept of the Trinity should be washed off from the mind of the Christians and their apologetics. Allah considers this illogic and man invented concept as strict polytheism. The believer is he who believes in the Oneness of Allah and worships Him alone without associating Jesus or any other partner or partners with Him. The believer is he who keeps Allah, the One and only true God in mind, and regards Him with breast filled with reverential awe.

Allah has created us from a single pair of male and female, and made us into nations and tribes that we may know each other. The tribes, nations and races, are convenient labels by which we may know certain differing characteristics. These characteristics are for the purpose of identification not for the making of distinctions. Indeed, many evils have stemmed from these differences being used to discriminate between one person and another, between one nation and another. Humanity has been eternally torn asunder by such prejudice.

Before Allah all people are one, and he gets more honor who is most righteous.

The Lord says in His Koran:

Mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into people and tribes, so that you may come to know each other. The noblest of you in Allah’s sight is the one who fears Allah most. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware (49: 13).

If at all there is any basis of distinction, it is as to who is fearful of God and who is not. Allah knows what the hearts conceal. He knows who is pious, and who the denier of the truth is. He is All-Knowing, All-Aware.

Every principle or commandment issued by the Koran, is refuted and opposed by the Christian apologists. They forward silly, biased and illogic explanations.They explain verses of the Koran their own distorted way showing their bias, ignorance and illiteracy of the Arabic language. They distorted words from their proper usage, thus exposing themselves to the wrath of their Lord.

The problem with the Christians in general, and their apologists in particular, is that they think that Muhammad – peace be upon him – is not a prophet but a pretender, the Koran is not a divine Book but the invention of Muhammad and a theft from the Bible; Allah the God Muslims worship, is not the true God, He is rather a moon god, ape god and a demon god. Believing in such nonsense made them release their unlimited grudge against Islam and attacked the religion on all fronts with impudence and without shyness. They gave the reins to their grudge and hatred and fled to dangerous skies insulting their Lord and His Last Message to the world.

The fools do not know that by attacking Islam, they were but compiling sins over sins upon their heads. Their ugly words against Islam are recorded and will take them by the nose to Hell Fire. The fools didn’t know that their utterances and their actions are all in the knowledge of their Creator. All affairs of all human beings are entered in the registers of the angels.

Allah says in the Koran:

“We created man – We know the promptings of his soul, and are closer to him than his jugular vein – and the two recording angels are recording sitting on the right and the left; each word he utters shall be noted down by a vigilant guardian (50: 16-18).

The Christian apologetics with their narrow mind do not accept the simple fact that Islam is not a new religion. It is the religion of all prophets including Jesus. Islam is the final culmination and fulfillment of the same basic truth that Allah (God) revealed through all His prophets to every people.

As there is only One God, there is only One Religion. Islam is the preserved pure religion of all prophets sent by Allah. Islam means the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). Therefore, all prophets were indeed Muslims because they were true submitters to the will of Allah, the Creator.

Allah says in the Noble Koran:

“Truly, the religion with Allah (God) is Islam. Those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) did not differ except, out of mutual jealousy, after knowledge had come to them. And whoever disbelieves in the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, then surely, Allah is Swift in calling to account.” (3: 19).

We also read in the Koran:

“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” (3: 85).

As the Koran states:

(1) Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) and his sons were Muslims

“Ibrahim (Abraham) was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a true Muslim, one who had submitted himself to Allah. He was not one of those who associate partners with Allah (3: 67).

“And this submission to Allah in Islam was enjoined by Abraham upon his sons, and Jacob enjoined his sons to live as Muslims and die as Muslims.

“When his Lord said to him (Abraham) ‘submit’ (i.e. be a Muslim), he said, ‘I have submitted myself (as a Muslim) to the Lord of the universe,’ And Abraham enjoined his sons to do the same, as did Jacob, ‘My sons, Allah has chosen this religion for you; so do not let death overtake you, except when you are in a state of Islam (2: 131, 132).

“Or were you witnesses when death approached Jacob? When he said unto his sons, “What will you worship after me?” They said, “We shall worship your God, the God of your fathers, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, One God, and to Him we submit (in Islam, Muslims).” (2: 133).

(2) Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) was Muslim

Joseph said: “My Lord! You have indeed bestowed on me of the sovereignty, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams – the (Only) Creator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Cause me to die as a Muslim (the one submitting to Your Will), and join me with the righteous.” (12: 101).

(3) Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and his disciples were Muslims

“Then when Jesus came to know of their disbelief, he said: “Who will be my helpers in Allah’s Cause?” The disciples said: “We are the helpers of Allah; we believe in Allah, and bear witness that we are Muslims (i.e. we submit to Allah).” (3:52).

“And when I (Allah) revealed to the disciples (of (Jesus) to believe in Me and My Messenger, they said: “We believe. And bear witness that we are Muslims.” ( 5: 111).

Islam came to reject all the Christian doctrines invented by Paul of Tarsus whom the Christians consider a saint. The Koran states that there is no original sin. Adam was forgiven and was descended to earth to begin the human life. Man is not responsible for Adam’s sins, but only for his own sins.

In conclusion, he who adopts a system of faith and worship other than Islam – or submission to Allah’s blessed will and His will alone, simply bends on a system of faith and worship which does not have the standing upon the vantage ground of truth; such system of faith shall not be accepted from him on the Day of Judgment and he shall be a great loser.

If anyone seeks a religion other than Islam [submission to Allah], it will not be accepted from him; he will be among the losers in the Hereafter (3: 85).
The Koran rejects the concept of original sin:

The idea of original sin held by Christians implied that sins were handed down from one generation to the next. Such beliefs have no basis in truth. Everyone will be rewarded by Allah according to his or her own personal actions; no one can be held responsible for the deeds of others.

Let’s see what Allah said about this in His Holy Book the Koran:

“When your Lord said to the angels, “I am going to place a vicegerent on the earth,” the angels said, “Will You place on the earth the one who shall act wickedly in it and shed blood; whereas we sing Your praise and glorify You?” Allah said, “Surely I know what you do not know.”

“And [after creating Adam] Allah taught Adam all the names. Then He presented those to the angels and said, “Tell me the names of these if you are true [in what your assumption that you are more superior than Adam].” They said, “Glory be to You! We have no knowledge except what You have taught us. You are surely the All-Knowing, the Wise.” [Then] He said, “O Adam! Tell them the names I have taught you.” When Adam told them those names, Allah said [to the angels], “Didn’t I say to you that I know the unseen things of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you manifest and what you hide.”

“And [remember] when We said to the angels, “Prostrate before Adam.” All of them prostrated except Iblis (the name of Satan) who refused and was haughty, and [thus] he became one of the unbelievers.

In Paradise:

“[After creating Eve], We said, “O Adam, Dwell you and your wife in the Garden and eat from it [freely] as many [things] as you wish; but do not approach this tree, otherwise you will become one of the wrongdoers.”

“But Satan made them slip from that [Garden by luring them to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree] and thus got them out from the state [of felicity] in which they had been.

“So We said [to Adam, Eve, and the Satan that all of them] “Get down (from the Garden to the earth) some of you being the enemies of the other, and there is on the earth your abode and the necessities [of life] for a [fixed period of] time.” [Adam felt ashamed and intended to ask Allah’s forgiveness.] So Adam learnt some words from his Lord, and Allah turned to him mercifully and forgave him. Surely He is the Most- Forgiving, the Merciful. We said, “All of you get down from the Garden. [Once you are on the earth], a guidance will certainly come to you from Me: whosoever follows My guidance, there will be no fear for them nor shall they grieve. But those who disbelieve and reject Our revelation, they are the inmates of the Fire, in it, they shall abide.” (2: 30-39).

The Koran rejects the concept of the Trinity and considered it as glaring blasphemy.

If the Christian apologists have brain in their heads, they should have asked themselves: why we Christians are the only people who worship God (Allah in Arabic) as a man nailed to the cross? Is God so weak as to let his enemies crucify him on the cross and He is the One when he desires a thing He but says to it “Be” and it is? Had all prophets before Jesus and until Muhammad worshipped Allah as a father, a son and a Holy Ghost? But the Christians followed blindly the superstitions which Paul invented in Jesus religion without thinking.

This takes us to the true words of Jesus to his people. What did he say to them about God? Words that had disappeared from his corrupted Gospel. Did he say to them I am God or the son of God so worship me? That never happened. What he said to his people was what the Lord said in the Koran:

(I have come to you), to attest the Law which was before me. And to make lawful to you part of what was (before) forbidden to you; I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. So fear Allah and obey me. It is Allah who is my Lord and your Lord; then worship Him. This is a way that is straight (3: 50, 51).

But said Christ, ‘Children of Israel, serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord. If anyone associates anything with Allah, Allah will forbid him the Garden, and the Fire will be his home. The wrongdoers shall have no helpers (5: 72).

The Christians believe that Jesus is God or the son of God, but in the sight of Allah Jesus was as dust just as Adam was or humanity is. If it is said that the divinity of Jesus is due to the fact that he was born without a father, Adam existed without a father or a mother.

Allah says in the glorious Koran:

The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: ‘Be’. And He was (3: 59).

Jesus, son of Mary was no more than a messenger. Many messengers passed away before him. His mother was a virtuous woman; and they all ate food [like other mortals]. See how We make the signs clear to them! See how they turn away! Say, ‘Do you worship something other than Allah that has no power to do you harm or good? Allah alone is the All-Hearing and All-knowing (5: 75, 76).

The greatness of Jesus arose from the command ‘Be’. For after that he was more than dust – a great spiritual leader and a teacher.

The Christians of old concealed the nature of Jesus by confusing the truth with falsehood.

The Lord says in the Koran:

People of the Book! Why do you clothe truth with falsehood, and conceal the truth while you have knowledge (3: 71).

Allah amounted the Trinity to disbelief:

“Surely, disbelievers are those who say, “Allah is the third of the three” while there is no god but One God. If they do not desist from what they say, a painful punishment shall certainly befall such disbelievers.” (5:73).

The Christian apologetics claim that the Koran (the literal Word of Allah) misrepresents the doctrine of the Trinity, hence facilitating the way for the Christian polemic that the Koran in no way admonishes Christians for their Trinitarian doctrine, and they forward silly and void interpretations showing their ignorance and shallowness. But Allah’s words about this matter and all other matters are decisive.

Allah says in the Noble Koran:

O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “Three”; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs (4: 171).

Allah teaches in the Koran that infidels indeed are those who say: “God in Trinity; “God is only One And absolutely One.”

They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah is the third of three.” And there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment (5: 73).

Jesus, the servant of Allah, shall never turn indignant for being a servant of Allah, nor shall be the angels nearest to Allah. Jesus often worshipped and prayed as a humble worshipper of Allah; and his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane was full of human dignity, suffering and self-humiliation (see Matt. Xxvi. 36-45) (8).

Allah says in His Holy Book:

Never would the Messiah disdain to be a servant of Allah, nor would the angels near [to Him]. And whoever disdains His worship and is arrogant – He will gather them to Himself all together (4: 172).

Jesus will be reprimanded by Allah on the Day of Resurrection due to the wrongs done by sinful Paul and the sinful scribes to the Bible and those who followed them without thinking. Paul shall have to suffer the most burdens for his wrongs done to innocent Jesus and Mary.

The Lord says in the Koran:

And when Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to men, ‘Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah?’”, he will answer, “Glory be to you! How I could ever say that to which I have no right. If I had said it, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Your mind. It is only You Who are the Knower of hidden things (5: 116).

“I said nothing to them except that which You did command me — ‘Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.’ And I was the witness over them as long as I remained among them, but since You did cause me to die, You were the Watcher over them. You are the Witness over all things (5: 117).

The above verse clearly states that Jesus invited his people to: “Worship Allah, his Lord and their Lord.” His religion was purely submission to the will of Allah, which is Islam. He never said worship me, he never mentioned vicarious atonement or crucifixion or original sin.

Jesus continued his dialogue with his Lord;

“If You punish them, they are Your servants; and if You forgive them, You surely are the Mighty, the Wise.” (5: 118).

Who would ever believe that God the Supreme, the Most High, would stay in Mary’s womb for nine months to be born, then grows up to play with his mates, eat food, urinate and defecate like humans, walks and bargain in the market, and then wait until reaching the age of twenty to deliver the Gospel to his people. What kind of God is that?

This false doctrine of the Trinity, this erroneous concept of the human god, created by Paul and approved by Constantine, the Roman Emperor, made the Christians forget the identity of God along the way. The Last Testament to the world, the Koran, enlightened the people about the true nature of God.

Associating other deities with Allah in worship is in the sight of Allah a glaring form of polytheism. This sin is unforgivable. Never shall Allah forgive the impious irreverence of incorporating with Him other deities, but forgive He all else to whom He will.

Surely, Allah will not forgive the ascribing of partners to Him. He forgives whoever He will for anything other than that. Whoever ascribes partners to Allah has strayed far indeed (4: 116).

Monotheism – belief in one God – is the most important and foundational concept in Islam. Muslims believe in one God who created the universe and has power over everything within it. He is unique and exalted above everything He creates, and His greatness cannot be compared to His creation. Furthermore, He is the only one deserving of any worship and the ultimate purpose of all creation is to submit to Him. The Islamic understanding of God is distinct from all other religions and beliefs in various respects since it is based on a pure and clear understanding of monotheism.

Muslims often refer to God as Allah. This is a universal name for God and does not refer to an exclusively ‘Islamic’ God. Interestingly, this name is related to the Aramaic and Hebrew names for God, Allaha and Elohim. Therefore, Allah is simply the Arabic name for God which affirms that He is One singular God with no partners or equals. The name Allah cannot be pluralized or limited to a specific gender, which establishes that God is One and that He is unique from everything He creates. Muslims continue to use this original Arabic name for God (Allah) since it perfectly expresses His unique qualities.

God in Islam is the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe who created everything for a reason. Muslims believe that He created humankind with a simple purpose – to worship Him. He sent messengers to guide people in fulfilling this purpose. Some of these messengers include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon all of them. They all taught a consistent message about God by affirming His greatness as the Creator and guiding people to worship Him alone. This basic concept has always resonated with people’s natural understanding of God.

When the final prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked about God, the answer came directly from God in the holy book of Muslims the Koran: “Say, ‘He is God the One, God the eternal. He begot no one nor was He begotten. No one is comparable to Him.” (112: 1-4).This is a clear statement by God describing Himself to humanity without any room for confusion. God is One and is exalted above everything He creates and He is capable over all things.

Fully accepting the oneness of God is to accept that He is distinct from everything else. It would not suit God’s majesty and glory to associate the limited attributes of His creation to Him because He is not restricted in any way, while His creation is. He is the First with no beginning and the Last with no end. Everything in the universe was created by His will. He is not confined by space or time and He is the only One who is in control and provides for His creation.

“He is God: there is no god other than Him. It is He who knows what is hidden as well as what is in the open, He is the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy. He is God: there is no god other than Him, the Controller, the Holy One, Source of Peace, Granter of Security, Guardian over all, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Truly Great; God is far above anything they consider to be His partner. He is God: the Creator, the Originator, the Shaper. The best names belong to Him. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him: He is the Almighty, the Wise.” ( 59: 22-24).

All the people of the world must understand that their God is one God, no God there is but He, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Allah says in the Koran:

Your God is One God. There is no deity save Him. He is the Compassionate, the Merciful (2: 163).

Those who denied Allah and renounced faith and entered the gates of death captivated in disbelief, have come within the measure of Allah’s wrath. Such like persons have earned the curse of Allah and of the angels and of all mankind. Such curse shall beset them on all sides until the Day they are dragged in chains into Hell, confined with shackles and put to the torment which shall not abate nor shall their punishment be put in respite.

Allah says in the Koran:

Those who deny the truth, and die as deniers, on them shall be the curse of Allah and of angels and of men altogether. Under it they shall remain forever; their punishment shall not be lightened, nor shall they be granted respite (2: 161, 162).

It is therefore better for the Christians to disassociate themselves from the falsehood the sinful Paul and the sinful scribes added to the Gospel of Jesus and caused people to go astray.

The Koran rejects the concept of crucifixion

The Koran affirms Jesus existence, and his miraculous birth. It rejects his dying on the cross and resurrection.  The Koran treats the question of Christ’s crucifixion in a single verse where it affirms that the Jews did not kill Christ but rather that this was made to seem to happen to them.

That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah”; – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was Made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not (4:157).

The same verse talks about his being raised to heaven.  The Koran is silent beyond this, leaving two possible conclusions: that another person in the likeness of Jesus was crucified or that the crucifixion never took place, but was made to seem so.

The Koran rejects the concept of vicarious atonement.

Who would ever believe that the wisdom of creation as the Christians think it is, is to commit sins as much as you like, and Jesus the eraser of sins, had erased the sins of the Christian sinners when he died on the cross. Who would ever believe that the god Jesus, has sacrificed himself to give salvation to the sinners? This distorted thinking encourages the sinners to increase in sin, because they will not be punished – Jesus is always there to erase their sins – so why bother?

According to the Koran, every man is responsible for his own deeds. On the Day of Resurrection, Jesus will not be there to give salvation to the sinners and carry their sins.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his own self. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own loss. No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden…” (17: 15).

Allah also says in the Noble Koran:

“Whosoever does righteous good deed it is for (the benefit of) his own self, and whosoever does evil, it is against his own self, and your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves.”  (41: 46).

We also read:

“And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden, and if one heavily laden calls another to (bear) his load, nothing of it will be lifted even though he be near of kin…” (35: 18).

The previous verses and many others in the Koran emphasize that the responsibility of any person is exclusively his, since he has free will, choice, and sane enough to distinguish between good and evil. This point has a great effect in building the human personality in the level of morality, and in the practical field as well. Since it plants in every person’s mind the feeling that he is rewarded for his own deeds, good or bad, and not for anybody else’s deeds.

In other words, every human being is a pledge for whatever he has earned. No soul shall bear the burden of another. Man shall have only that for which he strives, and the fruit of his striving shall soon be seen; and in the end he shall be repaid for it in full. All things in the end shall return to Allah for judgment.

In the Hereafter, it will not happen that one man’s sins are attributed to another, and nobody will be able to enter paradise except on the basis of his faith (believe in Allah’s oneness – strict monotheism), and his own righteous deeds.

The Christian apologists are angry because Islam disapproves homosexuality

They say that Islam goes beyond merely disapproving of homosexuality. Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

Hasn’t God punished the people of Sodom by destroying them all because they transgressed all bounds and practiced their lusts in men in preference to women? This is mentioned in the Koran and in the Bible.

We read in the Koran:

But the (mighty) Blast overtook them before morning, And We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay. Behold! In this are Signs for those who by tokens do understand. And the (cities were) right on the high-road. (15: 73-76).

When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,-Marked as from thy Lord: Nor are they ever far from those who do wrong! (11: 82-83).

But the rest We destroyed utterly. We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! : Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (16: 172-175).

We read in the Bible:

Genesis 19:23-26

23 The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar.
24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;
25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.
26 But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are a great sin. Allah doesn’t want debauchery to spread in His earthly kingdom. The punishment of the people of Lot is an example of Allah’s wrath when it overtakes the indecent people. No law or prophet before Muhammad would have approved this human distortion in his community.

But as it seems, the Christian apologists think that this disgraceful act, which is now a legitimate practice in their communities, lies within their civil rights, and freedom of choice, and to hell with the Lord’s commandments. The debauchery in their communities reached to the extent of having now churches with homosexual priests, and whole communities with homosexuals and lesbians living together without shyness or fear from Allah’s wrath.

If Muslims reject such horrendous act, this would be a virtue to be followed and not to be taken as an act of brutality. Accepting such a dirty act encourages the spread of debauchery and effeminacy in the society.
The Christian apologists claim that although Muslims reject homosexuality, they will enjoy an orgy of virgins and immortal boys in Paradise.

In such accusation they relied on the Koranic verse:

They (the god-fearing) will be waited upon I (in Paradise) by immortal youths, like pearls hidden in their shells (52: 24).

And also:

They will be waited on by ageless youths carrying goblets and ewers and cups filled with the purest wine, neither causing headaches, nor intoxication; along with fruits of their choice; and the meat of any bird that they may desire; and fair maidens with large, lustrous eyes like the pearls in their shells (56: 17-26).

Their explanation is that these verses strongly imply having sex with the boys and committing adultery with the maidens. I wonder: does the presence of boys means sex? But it is their twisted mind that is bent to change the words of Allah from their meaning in order to stultify the religion. They fabricate lies against Allah, while they know.

Lying is one of the most evil characteristics, of which all religions and systems of ethics warn against and which man’s innate common sense (Fitrah) agrees that it is wrong. Allah warns those who lie about His religion with loss, punishment and doom on the Day of Resurrection.

We will drag him by the forelock. A lying sinful forelock. Then let him call for help to his counsel of comrades. We will call on the angels of punishment to deal with him (96: 15-18).

Allah has enjoined truthfulness and honesty, and has forbidden lies and concealment with regard to matters which should be known and revealed to people. The most evil kinds of lies are those told about Allah and His Messenger.

The prophet said:

“Whoever tells lies about me, let him take his place in Hell.”

The Christian apologists claim that Muslims follow the commandments of the Koran blindly without using their heads

Muslims understood the Koran and believed in it after realizing its divine logic and meaning. They understood clearly that the Word of their Lord was perfect and complete and was not vulnerable to deviation or alteration. This prefect understanding of the divine Word of God was attained after intense studies of the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet for more than 1400 years. Thousands of books, dissertations, essays and articles in the Islamic fields of jurisprudence, Koran exegesis, Hadith, life of the Prophet, history of Islam, revelation-based politics, and many others were published and became a light guiding the believers to the right path to salvation.

The Muslims also invented the concept of ijtihad, which is the process of deriving the laws of the sharia from its sources.”

If Islam is a religion which is to stay till the end of time, then there must always be some people who can guide Muslims in the changing circumstances of time and of place.

Ijtihad is an obligation in Islam to study everything which is necessary for the spiritual develop­ment and material well-being of the Muslim community.

Ijtihad is such an important obligation that Allah has exempted those who go to seek religious knowledge from the duty of jihad. He says:

“It is not (right) for the believers to go forth all together (for jihad). So why should not a party from every section of them (the believers) go forth to become learned in the religion, and to warn their people when they return to them-so that haply they may beware?” (9:124).

All these studies in the main domains of the religion of Islam that had been undertaken by Muslims along more than 1400 years, and are being still undertaken until the end of time, show clearly that Muslims followed their religion after adequate scrutiny and evaluation. They realized after all these studies that their religion is from Allah the Lord of creation and not from the work of man as we see now in contemporary Christianity. Therefore, they followed their religion out of conviction, and their Lord rewarded them by showing them the right path to Paradise.

As for the Christians who followed the fables and superstitions of their fathers to the extent of worshipping the Creator as a man nailed to the cross, and believing that Jesus the son of Mary – as the Koran called him to emphasize his human identity – will atone for their sins through his death and resurrection, thus enabling the reconciliation between God and his creation – it is they who are not using their heads because they are blindly following without thinking the falsehood their ancestors added to the monotheistic religion of Jesus.

It is incumbent upon every Christian to revise the corrupted Christian religion and restore it to the monotheistic religion of Jesus. Their reference in correcting their adulterated books must only be the Koran, the Book that stood the test of time, and narrated exactly what Jesus and all the other prophets said to their people about Allah the Creator. The purpose of creation, and how the Lord of creation is to be worshipped to attain the great success – Paradise – are fully narrated and described in detail in the Koran.

The Christian apologists answer back by forwarding Koranic verses admitting the existence of the Bible and its veneration and sanctity. Yes, the Koran admits the existence of all the divine Books, but when the Koran mentioned them, it meant the pure Books in their original form that were given to the prophets and not the corrupted books of today.

In Islam there is no compulsion in religion

Allah states in the Koran:

“There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” (2: 256).

As stated in the verse, no one can be compelled to live by Islamic morals. Conveying the existence of God and the morals of the Koran to other people is a duty for believers, but they call people to the path of God with kindness and love and they never force them. It is only God Who guides people to the right way.

This is related in the following verse:

“You cannot guide those whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. He knows best those who would accept guidance. (28: 56).

Islam is a universal religion – it came to all the people of the world

The religion brought by the prophets before Muhammad did not remain in its original form. The religion brought by Moses and Jesus has been distorted, hence it was not possible for them to become the givers of good tidings and warning. The voice of the previous messages may reach everyone but its blessing will not.

The Christian Gospels were written up to four decades after the crucifixion of Jesus by his eyewitness disciples, based on their repeated recollections of his words and deeds.

However, the Koran is the actual words of God as revealed and recited as verses through Archangel Gabriel to his messenger ­Mohamad, in the Arabic language, without translation, without interpretation.

The Jews were hampered by many restrictions, and their religion was racial. Christianity, as originally preached was a hermit religion: “sell whatsoever thou hast” (Mark x. 21), “take no thought for the morrow” (Matt vi. 34). Islam as originally preached, gives freedom and full play to man’s faculties of every kind. It is universal for all.

There is a prediction in the Bible that all the tribes of the earth will be blessed through Prophet Muhammad (Genesis, Ch. 12). It has been possible for his blessings to reach all nations because the religion brought by him has been preserved in its original state. The prophet-hood of the Prophet Muhammad has two distinct aspects. One is to convey the Message to the Arabs living in Arabia, and the second is to convey it to the  world at large.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Say, ‘People, I am Allah’s Messenger to you all, He has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. There is no god but Him. He ordains life and death, so believe in Allah and His messenger, the unlettered Prophet who believes in Allah and His words. Follow him that you may be rightly guided.’” (7: 158).

The task of delivering the Message of Islam to the whole world was performed by Prophet Muhammad for all the people of his own times, and his followers were required to perform this same task for their contemporaries until Doomsday.

Allah says in the Koran:

“You who are true believers, kneel and prostrate yourselves, worship your Lord and do good deeds, so that you may succeed. Strive for the cause of Allah as you ought to strive. He has chosen you and laid on you no burden in the matter of your religion, the faith of Abraham your forefather. In this, as in former scriptures He has given you the name of Muslims, so that the Messenger may be a witness over you, and so that you may be witnesses over mankind. Therefore, say your prayers regularly and pay the alms and hold fast to Allah. He is your master. An excellent master and an excellent helper (22: 77, 78).

The Koranic message is relevant to every nation and era. It is intended to remain a source of guidance, inspiration, wisdom and healing for all of humanity. Allah designed the Koran’s divine Message to transcend the bounds of time; it applies to all aspects of life and rises above the superficial differences among humans. Its teachings guide the spiritual, social and intellectual needs of humanity. It encourages us to remember Allah often, to humble ourselves before Him, to fulfill our promises, to work together as a community and to remain patient and perseverant in times of hardship. Koranic stories teach us the importance of placing our trust in Allah, speaking the truth in the face of injustice and dealing with fellow humans with mercy.

This is a blessed Book which We sent down to you [Muhammad], for people to ponder over its message, and for those with understanding to be reminded. (38: 29).

There is no doubt that the Koran is a Book of guidance. But it guides only those who are sincere in their search for truth, and who are anxious to be guided. One who searches for truth unravels the closed faculties of his own inner self. Thus with Allah’s help, the vague yearnings of his nature begin to receive a definite response.

The awakening within one of these sincere yearnings is an attempt to discern the world of meaning (the hidden world) behind the world of forms (the present world). When this leads to a discovery, it is transformed into faith in the unseen. That which is initially an urge to submit to some superior power, later takes on the form of bowing to the Almighty; a wish to sacrifice oneself for some greater good, like spending one’s wealth  for the cause of Allah.

The sincere believers discover the wisdom of creation, and that Allah has not created anything in vain but for a   purpose. They realize that Allah created the universe with truth in order for mankind to know Him by His names and attributes, and to worship Him alone without partners. They realize that they were created to be tested, if they were obedient to the Lord, He will reward them, if not He will punish them. They understand that He has created them to command them to worship Him, not because He has any need of them. They believe in the life to come, and fear the Day of accountability.

They raise their consciousness to the level of the supreme reality, and come to see the truth as it really is. No rigidity, convention, or prejudice can come between them and the truth. Allah gives protection to people having this nature. His universal order embraces them, so that they may be guided on a sure course in this world. Heaven will be their final destination in the life to come. Only those who seek truth can find it. On this path, there is no divide between seeking and finding (6).

Allah says in the Noble Koran:

“This is the Book; there is no doubt in it. It is a guide for those who are mindful of Allah, who believe in the unseen, and are steadfast in prayer, and spend out in what We have provided them with; those who believe in the revelation sent down to you and in what was sent before you, and firmly believe in the life to come – they are people who are rightly following their Lord and it is they who shall be successful (2: 2-5).

In a world starved of love and compassion, the Koran’s universal message provides the solution to the collective despair of the human condition.
Islam is the complete religion and the immutable Word of God

Islam is the best way of life for all. It serves as the best solution to all sorts of problems no matter how perplexing they may be.   Islam is the absolute answer to those who seek a perfect religion and a complete way of life. It guides people to a well-balanced life, one that makes them happy and contented in this world and in the life hereafter.  It is the way to attaining supreme success in the everlasting world to come.  In short, Islam, as the complete way for all, is Allah’s Mercy to the whole of mankind (9).

The nonsense, loquacity and blunder we see from the haters of Islam about the Koran, is in fact a great sin they are going to pay dearly for. By belying the Koran and vilifying it, these ignorant do not realize that they are misusing and mistreating the Word of Allah the way they please and according to their evil desires and whims. They neglect the fact that the Word of Allah – the Koran – is unchangeable and immutable (10).

The Koran is Allah’s last word to all. So you will not find any historical documents or ancient books that are protected, kept and honored as much as the Koran (11).

The prophet said: He who innovates something in this matter of ours that is not of it, will have it rejected. The Prophet said: “You must keep to my Sunna and of the Sunna of the rightly-guided Caliphs, cling to it firmly… Beware of newly invented matters, for every new matter is an innovation and every innovation is misleading.

Allah says:

…And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad) gives you, Take it, and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it)…(59: 7).

Allah says:

Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in the meeting with Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much. (33: 21).

The Lord says:

This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion (5: 3).

This verse decisively indicates that Allah has completed the religion for the Islamic nation, and has showered His blessings on Muslims. His Prophet passed away only after he had imparted the complete message of Allah to the Muslim nation as well as his legislations concerning sayings and deeds. The prophet also stressed that all things invented by people and then attributed to the religion of Islam are innovations and must be rejected, even if their inventors did so in good faith.

Even though Allah’s signs are everywhere in nature and in men’s own conscience, yet in addition Allah has sent human messengers to every people to call their attention that Allah is the only one entitled to be worshipped and prayed to. So they cannot pretend that Allah has abandoned them or that He does not care what they do. While some people accept the guidance of the divine grace, other so surrender themselves to evil and worship false gods. Satan divert them from worshipping the Creator.

When once Allah’s guidance is rejected by a group of people, such people lose all help and guidance, and remain enmeshed in trivial issues and can never find the truth. They vindicate themselves and justify their wrongs. But indeed it is only Allah who has the absolute authority to vindicate whom He will.

We sent a Messenger to every community saying, ‘Worship Allah and shun false gods’ (Jesus as God or son of God, idol, pope, priest, man, animal, tree, nature, etc.). Among them were some Allah guided; misguidance took hold of others. So travel through the earth and see what the fate of those who denied the truth was. Though you [prophet] may be eager to guide them, Allah does not guide those whom He lets go astray [because of their refusal to give a positive response to the truth]. They will have no supporters (16: 36, 37) (12).


The Christian apologists deny Islam, and the divine disposition of events in the coming of Islam and its promulgation by the Holy Prophet are themselves evidence of the truth of Islam and its all-reaching character; for there is nothing which it has not influenced.

Christians use more tricks to defend their corrupted Christianity. Whenever they are faced with Islamic facts calling them to revert to the monotheistic religion of Jesus, they swerve and equivocate, and present falsehood to justify their wrongs. They innovate weird justifications to defend their irrational beliefs. This is in fact is a cowardly way to defend their corrupted ideology.

Christians always react with shriek and insolence when Muslims advise them to follow the monotheistic religion of Allah and abandon polytheism and idolatry. They even increase in their insolence when claiming that Islam is not a true religion and Muhammad is not a true prophet of Allah.

Forgery and deception are their weapon to support their illogical and erroneous religion. If their religion is founded on truth, they would defend it with reason and logical arguments, not with lies and falsehood.

They followed the corrupted religion of their forefathers without using their brains. When Muslims explain the truth to them, they reject the highest wisdom and increase in their insolence. Their insolence took them to slander the prophet of Islam, belie the Koran, defile it and burn it, without shame or fear.

Their deliberate negative response to Muslims when they call them to worship the one true God – Allah – is like him who shouts to flock of sheep that hears nothing but calls and cries. They are deaf, dumb, and blind. So they do not understand.

Allah says about them in the Koran:

And the example of those who disbelieve, is as that of him who shouts to the (flock of sheep) that hears nothing but calls and cries. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand. (2: 171).

Allah refers to the disbelievers in the Koran as the “deaf” and the “blind”.

And those who deny Our signs are deaf and dumb in realms of darkness; Allah may send astray whomever He wills; and may place on the Straight Path whomever He wills (6: 39).

They sealed their hearts and ears from the truth. Could Muslims then, make the deaf hear, and make the blind see? These disbelievers although can see and listen, they purposely turn deaf and blind to guidance. They are actually worse than animals.

Allah says about them:

And indeed We have created many jinn and men for hell; they have hearts in which there is no understanding; and the eyes they do not see with; and the ears they do not hear with; they are like cattle – in fact more astray; it is they who are the neglectful (7: 179).

He who has been blind here below and has been lacking in intellectual moral and spiritual perception, shall be just as blind Hereafter. On the Day of Judgment men and women of light will receive and peruse their record, and will render joyful thanks to Allah for His guidance and mercies.

Men and women of darkness who had already been blind in the world’s life, are not going to receive the light of Allah’s countenance. They will find that the longer the time they have travelled on earth, the farther away they have gone from the right path. They were blind in this world and will be blind in the Hereafter. Allah refers to the disbelievers in His signs as “blind” – and He will also raise them blind unable to see, as a punishment on the Day of Resurrection.

Whoever is blind in this life will be blind in the Hereafter, and even more astray (17: 72).

The Christian apologists and the haters of Islam must understand that they are the ones who waged war against Islam, and Muslims are just answering back. There is a well-planned plot designed by the West to destroy Islam as a religion.  The plot began after September 11 and is still continuing. The Muslim countries were destroyed one by one under the guise of fighting terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. The Koran was burned, the Prophet of Islam was slandered, and Allah the only God of creation was accused of being a monkey god, a moon god, a demon god. Millions of Muslim refugees due to the western plot against the Middle East [The Arab Spring] to divide it into factions and sects living in small sectors without borders, are now scattered without shelter or food and water on the borders of foreign countries. They are even denied the right to enter the foreign countries because they are terrorists. The real terrorists (America and her allies) who expelled the innocents from their homes and properties, are the ones who are accusing them of being terrorists, and depriving them from having shelter and a decent living in foreign lands.

The morons think they are fighting Islam, the only religion Allah will accept from His servants on the Day of Judgment. Their stupidity took them to believe that the religion of the Lord is false, so they destroyed the Muslim countries, vilified, refuted and nullified the religion of Allah their Lord! But is Allah to be frustrated?

As a result of this vicious war against Islam, Millions of Muslims refugees left their nations and travelled to the West, thus enabling Islam to prosper and flourish more and more in the West. War against Islam increased the number of Muslims in Europe to many folds.

Because those attacking Islam are ignorant of its fundamental principles, they do not understand that a person’s will and ability do not operate outside the will and decree of Allah. What He has shown us from His creation, we know and believe in, and what He has hidden from us, we accept and believe in. We do not dispute with Allah concerning His actions and rulings with our limited minds and comprehension, rather we believe in Allah’s complete justice and wisdom, and that He is not to be asked about what He does, may He be glorified and praised.

Allah says:

“And you cannot will unless (it be) that Allah wills the Lord of the worlds (81: 29).

Allah hates war and loves peace. But He willed that the result of the wars in the Middle East to be a dramatic increase in the number of Muslims in the western lands.

They are trying to fight Islam, but Allah knows how to defend His religion in extraordinary ways one cannot perceive.

Those who challenge Allah and His Messenger are cursed; they are beset by sin and covered with ignominy as were the like before them, and there awaits them a terrible chastisement. One day shall he resurrect them all, and tell them of all that they had done, and bring the charge against them, and impute their evil. Allah has computed it all and they have forgotten it all. Their evil deeds will be the witness of their worth and their faces will witness their behavior.

Allah says in the Koran:

Surely those who oppose Allah and His Messenger shall be frustrated as those before them were frustrated. Now We have sent down signs, clear signs; and for the unbelievers awaits a humbling chastisement. On the Day Allah raises them all up from the dead, He will make them understand what they have done. Allah has taken everything into account, even though they have forgotten, for Allah is a witness to all things (58: 5, 6).

They are utterly ruined because they chose Satan as a patron instead of Allah. He holds out promises to them, and fills them with vain desires; but Satan’s promises are nothing but delusion. Hell shall be their home, they shall find no refuge from believe

In their definition: the Muslim is a terrorist! But is that true? Who are we going to believe? Their false accusation or what the Koran defined who the Muslim really is?

As the Koran teaches, the true Muslim is the person who has made Allah the center of his life and the source of his trust and confidence. A Muslim is one who believes in the Prophet and his guidance to the exclusion of all else. A Muslim is the one who adheres to the revealed Scripture in such a manner that his thinking and his feelings become totally subordinated to it. A Muslim is one to whom belief in the angels means that he is surrounded by Allah’s guardians who are constantly watching him. A Muslim is the one whose belief in the Hereafter is so profound that he begins to examine all his words and deeds in the balance of the Hereafter. One who becomes a believer in this sense is in the eyes of Allah on the right path, on the straight path to success in the Hereafter. One who does not become a believer in that sense has gone astray, however much he may consider himself a Muslim, a believer (6).

Believers, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Scripture He sent down to His Messenger, as well as what He sent down before. He who denies Allah, His angels, His messengers and the Last Day has surely gone far astray (4: 136).
Islam is a mercy to all mankind. Allah sent Muhammad – peace be upon him – with Islam to the whole world in order to correct His original monotheistic Message that was corrupted by those who were given the trust to guard it from corruption. Instead of delivering the divine Message to the people in its original form, the Jews and the Christians contaminated it by additions and curtailments in accordance to their whims and evil desires. They sold Allah’s Message with a small price and led people astray. Muhammad was then sent to restore the original Message of Allah, and establishes it in the hearts of the people before a momentous Day comes when no soul for another shall give satisfaction, and no intercession shall be accepted from it, nor any counterpoise be taken, neither shall they be helped.

Allah entered into a covenant with the Children of Israel that they would lead a godly life. But he Jews breached their covenant with Allah. They began to sin against truth and religion by misusing Scripture itself, and by taking words out of their right meaning, or applying them to things for which they were never meant. In doing so, they forgot a part of the Message and purpose of Allah and they invented new deceits to support the old ones. They devised various means to justify worldly expenditures. They concocted a religion of their own keeping purely worldly considerations in view, and started calling it the religion of Allah.

Allah also entered with the Christians into a covenant: never to deviate from the path of rectitude and to adhere faithfully to their authentic Scripture which betoken Allah’s Oneness, Sameness, Uniqueness, and Ultimate Authority. But they willfully neglected a part of what was imparted to them. They have broken their solemn pledge with Allah, and instead of worshipping Him alone, they worshipped Jesus instead (glaring idolatry), and considered God as one in three or three in one (outrageous polytheism). The Christians also invented in the monotheistic religion of Jesus false doctrines like the Trinity, crucifixion, vicarious atonement, and original sin.

The people of the Book (Jews and Christians) made two mistakes in their religion. One is that they omitted some teachings from it by means of either of deliberate interpretations or distortion. For instance, they made certain changes in their Book obviating the necessity to accept any further prophet for their salvation; their attachment to the religion of their forefathers was considered enough for their salvation.

All these erroneous beliefs amount to unbelief, for they really deny Allah’s universal love and care for all.

Allah says in the Koran:

Those who deny Allah and His Messengers and seek to make a distinction between Allah and His messengers and say, ‘We believe in some messengers and disbelieve in others’, and desire to adopt a position in between. Those indeed are they who are denying the truth beyond doubt and We have prepared a humiliating punishment for the deniers. To those who believe in Allah, and His messengers, and make no distinction between any of them, to those – We shall surely give them their rewards. Allah is most forgiving and merciful (4: 150-152).

The other mistake which they made in the name of their religion, was that they imposed upon themselves restrictions which has not been ordained by Allah: for example, the petty rites of sacrifice, which were not commanded by their prophets, but which were concocted by their scholars by means of their hair-splitting interpretations.

The Koran came to the Jews and the Christians as a blessing. It revived or renewed their divine religion, when they had been groping in the darkness in a path which they mistakenly thought was leading them towards paradise, when it was actually taking towards the wrath of Allah. The Koran pulled them back from this darkness. The Koran presented their lost teachings in their original form, and liberated them from the unnecessary religious restrictions by which they had shackled themselves.

O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Now has come to you Our Messenger (Muhammad) making (things) clear unto you, after a break in (the series of) Messengers, lest you say: “There came unto us no bringer of glad tidings and no warner.” But now has come unto you a bringer of glad tidings and a warner. And Allah is Able to do all things. (5:19).

Now those who disobey and follow their desires will remain groping in the dark, and those who seek the pleasure of Allah, will find the right path. With the help of Allah’s guidance, they will be successful in pulling themselves out of darkness and enter the brightness of light. The fact of truth being truth and falsehood being falsehood, is clear to all, but it always in terms of reasoning and reasoning appeals to the minds of only those people who keep their minds open.

Allah states in His Koran:

And Allah had already taken a covenant from the Children of Israel, and We delegated from among them twelve leaders. And Allah said, “I am with you. If you establish prayer and pay the alms and believe in My messengers and support them and loan Allah a goodly loan, I will surely remove from you your misdeeds and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow. But whoever of you disbelieves after that has certainly strayed from the straight path (5: 12).

So for their breaking of the covenant We cursed them and made their hearts hard. They distort words from their [proper] usages and have forgotten a portion of that of which they were reminded. And you will still observe deceit among them, except a few of them. But pardon them and overlook [their misdeeds]. Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good (5: 13).

And from those who say, “We are Christians” We took their covenant; but they forgot a portion of that of which they were reminded. So We caused among them animosity and hatred until the Day of Resurrection. And Allah is going to inform them about what they used to do (5: 14).

Muhammad came to the Jews and the Christians to make things clear to them. A light has now come to them from Allah, and a clear Book, whereby Allah guides to the way of peace all who seek His good pleasure, bringing them from darkness to light by His will, and guiding them to a straight path. That is Allah’s Grace He granted to Muhammad. He bestows it on whom He pleases; for Allah is limitless in His grace.

O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger making clear to you much of what you used to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking much. There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book (5: 15).

What is revealed to Muhammad however, increased in them their obstinate rebellion and denial of truth. And here I wonder: do they hate us only because we believe in Allah, our Lord and their Lord? Do they hate us because we believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us and to others before?

Allah’s revelation however, is continued in the Koran which comes with manifest proof and a clear light to those who understand. Islam is indeed the final religion, and this is because everything that was needed to be taught to mankind, directly from God, had been satisfied.

Allah has sent Muhammad with the Koran but the Jews and the Christians rejected Muhammad as a prophet and belied the Koran. But the Koran proceeds from the knowledge of Allah, and Allah bears witness that Muhammad is His Messenger and that the Koran is the last divine Book to the entire world, so that mankind would have no excuse before Allah on the Day of Judgment.

But Allah bears witness to what He has sent down to you. He has sent it down with His knowledge. The angels too bear witness. And Allah suffices as a witness (4: 166).

If Allah and His angels bear witness that Muhammad was sent with the Koran to the world entire, do we need the witness of any mortal who will perish after a while to receive his accountability before Allah the Lord of the universe?

Those who respond negatively to the call of Allah by rejecting it, they have indeed strayed from the true submission to Allah. They took up a position against a plan which is supported by the Lord of the universe. Obviously, there is no greater foolishness than this. Day by Day they are removed further from the truth, until they ultimately fall into the pit of damnation. Those who deny the call of Allah are in fact showing their audacity in the face of Allah Himself. Impudence and presumptuousness are the greatest crimes in the eyes of Allah.

Allah says:

Allah will not forgive those who deny the truth and act wrongfully, nor will He guide them, to any path other than the path of Hell, wherein they shall abide forever. That is easy enough for Allah (4: 168, 169).

Allah’s solicitude for His servants is for their own good, not because he gets any advantage from it. For He is independent of all things, and everything declares His glory and praise.

Mankind! The Messenger has brought you the truth from your Lord, so believe for your own good. And if you deny the truth, know that to Allah belongs all that the heavens and the earth contain. Allah is all Knowing and Wise (4: 170).

Those who believe in Allah’s religion and do good deeds will be fully recompensed by Allah. And He will give them yet more out of His bounty; and for those who were disdainful and proud, He will punish them with a painful punishment. And they will not find anyone to help or protect them against Allah.

Now the call of Islam has reached all people. Islam distinguished very clearly between truth and falsehood that no one finds it difficult to understand. However, in order to see the sun, man has to open his eyes. Similarly, to receive guidance from the divine call, it is necessary to pay full attention to it. One who does not pay heed will remain deprived of it, even as the divine call is being made.

We read in the Koran:

Men, you have received clear evidence from your Lord. We have sent down a clear light to you. As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him, He will admit them to His mercy and His Grace; He will guide them towards Him on a straight path (4: 174, 175).

The Message of Islam is simple: There is nothing worthy of worship except God alone, and Muhammad is his messenger and servant. There are today, over one-thousand million followers of Islam.

After establishing Islam as a religion, the role of the Prophet was just to proclaim the Message. Under His tutelage, Allah protects him from the people with malice and hostile intentions.

Allah says:

O, Messenger (Muhammad) proclaim (the Message) which has been sent down to you from your Lord. And if you do not, then you have not conveyed His Message. Allah will protect you from mankind. Verily, Allah guides not the people who disbelieve (5: 62).

Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, and beware! But if you turn away, then know that the duty of Our Messenger is only plain conveyance (of the message) (5: 92).

The duty of the messenger is only to convey (the message). Allah knows what you proclaim and what you hide (5: 99).

I convey unto you the messages of my Lord and am for you a true adviser (Al-A’raf, 68).

Clear insights have come to the Jews and the Christians from their Lord. Whoever chooses to see, does so for his own good; and whoever chooses to remain blind, does so to his own loss. Muslims are not here as their keepers.

Muslims take care of their own souls. The misguided cannot harm them as long as they are guided.

Everything around and within us points to unity of purpose and design; it points to the unity of Allah. Yet the Christians think something else is equal to Allah. If only they could see the consequences, they would see the terrible penalty, and that all power is in the hands of Allah, not in that of any one else. Worshipping Jesus apart from Allah, or considering him God or the son of God, is an act of blasphemy as the Koran mentioned. If only the worshippers of Jesus and the worshippers of other deities besides Allah could visualize the torture that awaits them, they would realize that to Allah belongs all power and that Omnipotence is asserted as His own, and that He indeed punishes severely.

On the Day of Judgment, the eyes of those who blasphemed and rejected Allah as the only God of the universe, will be opened, and the artificial relation between them and the false deities they worshipped will dissolve. Those who were falsely worshipped will clear themselves from those who worshipped them, and those who worshipped them would see their deeds as nothing but regrets. Thus will Allah show them the fruits of their deeds. There will be no way for them out of the Fire.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Yet there be men who take to themselves compeers apart from Allah, loving them as Allah is loved; but those that believe love Allah more ardently. O if the evildoers might see, when they see the chastisement that the power altogether belongs to Allah, and that Allah is terrible in chastisement. When those that were followed disown their followers, and they see the chastisement, and their cords are cut asunder, and those that followed say, ‘O if only we might return again and disown them, as they have disowned us!’ Even so Allah shall show them their works. O bitter regrets for them! Never shall they issue from the Fire (2: 165-167).

They are wicked plotting against Muslims everywhere, yet it is only against themselves that they scheme, though they may not perceive it. Humiliation before Allah and severe torment will befall them for their scheming. That is how Allah heaps ignominy upon the evildoers.

Warning to the attackers of Islam

Allah encompasses you from every direction. Safeguard yourselves from a Fire fueled by people and stones, and watched over by angels, stern and strong; angels who never disobeys Allah’s commands to them, but promptly do as they are commanded.

You who are bent on denying the truth, you will not be able to make excuses on the Day of Judgment; on that day, you will be rewarded according to your deeds, and you are already polytheists drowned in sins.

So where are you going? Do you not realize that you will be raised up, on a fateful day? The day when mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds. Allah’s grip is indeed severe.

Guard yourselves against the day on which no soul shall in the least avail another, when neither intercession nor ransom shall be accepted from it, nor shall help be given to it.

Who is more unjust than one who without knowledge, fabricates a lie against Allah, so that he may lead people astray?

By the Lord of the heaven and the earth the Koran is certainly the truth. It is as true as your ability to speak. It is true as the needle to the pole.

Is it not time for you to humble your hearts to the remembrance of Allah and the truth that has been revealed to Muhammad so that you should not become like your ancestors who were given the Gospel before you, whose hearts with the passage of time became hardened and many of whom were disobedient?

You had better bow down in adoration to Allah your Creator, and prostrate your reason to His Omnipotence, and pay to Him reverence and adoration. So vie with one another for Allah’s forgiveness and for a Paradise as vast as heaven and earth, which has been made ready for those who believe truly in Allah and His Last Testament to the world.

If you believe in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad, Allah will show you mercy in double measure and will forgive all your past sins. Allah will provide a light for you to walk in, He is forgiving and Merciful.

When Allah desires to guide someone, He opens his heart to Islam; and whoever He wills to let go astray, He causes his breast to be constricted unable to receive the Message of Islam.

Allah cares for all His subjects, including the meanest and the most ignorant, and sends His prophets and messengers to them. He is the Holy One, and therefore purifies and sanctifies those who were steep in superstition and wickedness.

Out of His grace, Allah has guided Muslims to a straight path, and to an upright religion, the religion of Abraham the upright, who was not of those who associated partners with Allah.

He who fears Allah will believe in the Koran, but it will be ignored by the most unfortunate, who will enter the great Fire where he will neither live nor die.

Those who fear Allah and follow His true religion, Islam, Allah will pave their way to ease. But for those who reject the Message of truth, Allah shall pave their way to hardship, and their wealth will not profit them when they fall into the pit.

Muslims will keep reminding you of your duty to Allah, proclaiming His Message to the world, because exhortation benefits the believers.

This is where I leave you; to reflect upon my words and discover their veracity. Perhaps Allah will shower you with His blessings and expand your hearts to Islam the true religion. If not, I leave you to wander blindly in your insolence. I leave you alone to wade in your fabrication and false inventions.



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Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton – who is going to win the White House?


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy


Now we have two presidential nominees competing to win the White House, the Republican, Donald Trump and the Democrat, Hilary Clinton. My views about the two presidential candidates will be based on their political history and the plans they announced to the public during their electoral campaigns.

1- Donald Trump

Donald Trump – a man fought by his own Party!

Several observers predict Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election over Donald Trump by a landslide. With the election year nearly over, Clinton is predicted to maintain her lead in the polls, with a 7- to 10-point advantage. “She’s ahead in almost every poll, every swing state, every national poll,” Silver, the editor-in-chief of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight blog, said on ABC’s Good Morning America.
It seems that the whole world is standing against Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not only fought by the Democrats, but also by his own Party! It is the first time in the American political history that a Republican Party presidential candidate is fought by his own party in order not to be elected!

Most Republicans working around Washington are upset by Donald Trump’s takeover of their party. Conservative Republicans have recruited Evan McMullin, a former CIA staffer and top House GOP aide to launch an independent White House bid. In their view, McMullin could cause problems for Donald Trump in a key state if he gets on the ballot. McMullin will offer anti-Trump conservatives an alternative to Trump and Clinton.

The people who drafted McMullin to be the “Never Trump” independent candidate are some of the Republican establishment’s most well-known operatives: Bill Kristol, John Kingston, Joel Searby, Rick Wilson.

The McMullin candidacy, which is being pushed by the remnant of the NeverTrump movement, appears to be designed with several key goals in mind: 1) Prevent Donald Trump from getting a majority in the Electoral College, 2) Promote a hawkish foreign policy, and 3) Motivate disgruntled anti-Trump Republicans to show up to vote for down-ballot Republican candidates.
The very existence of the well-funded McMullin candidacy is almost certain to have an impact on the Republican electorate.

McMullin has said Trump is a threat to democracy and Clinton is corrupt. He called Trump “inhuman” and said the Republican nominee doesn’t care about anyone but himself — pointing to Trump’s criticism of the Khan family, parents of a US soldier killed in combat, and Arizona Sen. John McCain, who Trump once suggested is not a war hero. McMullin also cast Trump as a candidate who’s already lost the general election.

“Donald Trump is already losing badly to Hillary Clinton. He is a weak candidate and he’s performing that way,” he said.
Evan McMullin, has only been in the race for a few weeks and lacks the massive name recognition of Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. McMullin was pleased to get 1 percent in a recent poll.

The McMullin campaign is still working to get ballot access in other states. According to the Independence Party, he is on the ballot in nine states and is working to get on the ballot in a half a dozen others.

I wonder at the failure of the Republican Party to realize that Donald Trump is their only hope to win the 2016 presidential election! Donald Trump is so much distinguished that his Party cannot foresee his high political capabilities. They cannot perceive that Trump is their real hope to the White House, and also their hope to reform their already deteriorating party.

The Republican Party in its present form is a disaster. The Republicans are neglecting the reasons behind the deterioration of their Party because they are either looking after their narrow interests on the expense of their electorates, or are busy spreading dissension in their Party by fighting each other for no logical reason. Their fight among each other reached the extent of fighting their own presidential nominee Donald Trump!

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently said about Republicans’ choices, “Nominating Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could prove fatal for this party. It’s like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter?” More recently Mitt Romney, the last Republican presidential nominee said, “If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.” He added “Think of Donald Trump’s personal qualities: The bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, and the absurd third grade theatrics. You know, we have long referred to him as ‘The Donald.’ He’s the only person in the entire country to whom we have added an article before his name, and it was not because he had attributes we admired.”

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) put up a lengthy Facebook going after the Republican Party frontrunner for the fact that his “relentless focus is on dividing Americans and talking like he’s running for king.” Former New Jersey Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman said, “While I certainly don’t want four more years of another Clinton administration or more years of the Obama administration, I would take that over the kind of damage I think Donald Trump could do to this country, to its reputation, to the people of this country.”

There is a palpable fear in Republicans who believe if Trump is the nominee the Republican Party will not only lose the White House and the Senate but possibly even the House.

According to a New York Times report on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R- Ky.), “Mr. McConnell has begun preparing senators for the prospect of a Trump nomination, assuring them that, if it threatened to harm them in the general election, they could run negative ads about Mr. Trump to create space between him and Republican senators seeking re-election. McConnell said about Trump, ‘We’ll drop him like a hot rock.”

Senior Republicans, including former presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush and House speaker Paul Ryan, subsequently refused to endorse him (1).

A handful of Republican senators, as a matter of principle or political prophylaxis or both, have completely disassociated themselves from their party’s nominee. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has variously termed Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot” and a “jackass.” Jeff Flake of Arizona has urged his colleagues to withhold their endorsement of Trump; “there are certain things you can’t do as a candidate,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Ben Sasse of Nebraska has described Trump’s attacks on Curiel as “the literal definition of racism” and has called for a third-party alternative.

Donald Trump however, and with his fighting spirit said: “I don’t need Republican unity to win.” Facing rebellion from within his own party, Donald Trump has dismissed unity as a prerequisite for winning the White House in November.

“I think it would be better if it were unified,” said Trump in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. “And I think there would be something good about it. But I don’t think it actually has to be.”

Many expected Trump to be more effusive in his efforts to court party elders. Instead, he has indicated he considers it their obligation to come to him. Neither side is yet willing to give ground.

Still, Trump has consistently predicted that his presidency would unite both the Republican Party and the nation.

“This country, which is divided in so many ways, is going to become one beautiful, loving country,” he said after winning in Indiana.

The deterioration of the Republican Party is behind its animosity to Donald Trump

the disunion among the Republicans is the reason behind fighting their own presidential nominee. In an article entitled “The deterioration of the US Republican Party and ways of reform” (2).

I mentioned the signs of such deterioration and the reasons behind it. The signs of deterioration reside in the following (1) imposing the religious beliefs of the Christian Right on the American people; (2) the neoconservative Republicans are war-monger bullies: (3) The Christian Right and affiliated Republicans are responsible for the spreading of Islamophobia in America; (4) the Republican Party is the Party of hate; (5) the Republican Party is the Party of “No” to almost every policy proposed by the Democrats intended to benefit the American people; (6) the Republican Party racked by political and religious disunion put forward the worst field of presidential candidates in 50 years; (7) the Republican leadership now faces the most potent extreme faction in its history; (8) Republicans have engaged in treachery, acts of anti-democracy and conduct detrimental to the people of the United States; (9) the issues on which Republicans are supposedly running are either ridiculous or nowhere to be found; (10) neocons have corrupted the Republican Party; (11) apocalyptic GOP is dragging America into civil war.

I summarized the reasons behind the deterioration of the Republican Party  in the following: (1) the Republican Party is associated with several factions and sects that are obstructing its social and political role in the American society, e.g. Christian Right, Evangelical Protestants, neoconservatives, Judeo-Christian coalition, Tea Party; (2) the Republican Party believes in the Christian Right distorted ideologies that are tearing it apart, e.g. dominionism, reconstructionism, racism, white supremacism, distorted reading of the Bible and its detrimental impact on world peace; (3) the Republican Party is influenced by the Tea Party. The Tea Party’s ties to the Republican Party have been consistently dragging its political position to the right; (4) Neo-conservatism of the Republican Party threatens the world peace; Republicans and the Tea Party are against Islam as a religion thus spreading dissension between non-Muslim and Muslim Americans; (5) the entire Republican Party has fallen prey to bigotry and paranoid fantasy; (6) the Republican Party says something and does something else; (7) the Republicans were behind war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and were behind the plot against the Middle East “the new Middle East or the Arab Spring” in order to divide the countries of the Middle East into sects living in small sectors without borders. The objective is to reshape the Middle East according to its geostrategic needs and objectives. The result was millions were killed, and millions of refugees scattered on the borders of foreign nations seeking shelter and protection (2).

The Republicans were also behind wars between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This is because they are dominated by the Christian Right and its distorted end-time prophecy.

Because the Republicans embrace the distorted ideas of the Christian Right, they believe in dominionism with an apocalytic End Times theological viewpoint that sees the war in Iraq and Palestine as part of God’s plan.

The Republicans have embraced for more than three decades end-time prophecy—interpreting world events as ‘signs’ of Jesus’ imminent return—and politics. Christian Right Evangelicals have interpreted almost every domestic or international crisis in relation to Christ’s return and his judgment upon the wicked. The Republicans blindly followed suit.

The Religious Right was the one who started all this hatred against Muslims and Islam. The Christian Right sowed the seeds of hatred between non-Muslim and Muslim Americans without any logical reason. The falsehood they disseminated among the people tore the society apart.

The Christian Right implemented an evil and an imperialistic agenda against the Muslim world by tarnishing the religion of Islam and convince people that Islam is a wicked religion and Muslims are terrorists and heretics.  The Christian Right worked hard to picture Islam as an evil religion, and its adherents as savages, and bloodthirsty.

Now we can see Republican Senators using the issue of Islam phobia in their electoral campaigns. Others, in the Congress, demand to restrict the movement of American Muslims and put them under siege! Others claim that American Muslims are unpatriotic citizens and must not join the army or penetrate the Congress, they must be deported. They even went to the extent of doubting the honesty and patriotism of the two Muslim Senators in the Congress!

Neoconservatives and members of the Tea Party also joined the comedy and their irresponsible and silly statements about Islam showed their hatred and bigotry. The objective is to prepare the ground for a vicious war against Muslim countries in order to divide the Arab world into small entities based on religious differences, ethnicity and racism.

This tremendous influence of the Christian right in the American political life explains the attempts of presidential and congressional candidates to seek its consent and to submit willingly to its embezzlements. The Christian Right with its distorted reading of the Bible and its false apocalyptic and dispensationalism beliefs has destroyed the Middle East countries.

The Christian Right considers all Palestine a conclusive home for Israel and to hell with the Palestinians, the original inhabitants of the land! The Christian right should have realized that by blindly supporting the Israeli aggression in Palestine, had entered into the circle of injustice. Its hands became stained with the Palestinian blood and its conscious became burdened with the crimes of murder and expulsion. In the sight of Allah supporters of criminals are equally guilty as criminals themselves. These crimes are the product of the Christian right’s unconditional support for Israel without considering the simple right of the Palestinians to live as human beings in their poor modest homes. They think that by killing Palestinian Muslims they are clearing the universe from the enemies of God. They must not play God, for God is Just to his servants and is against tyranny and aggression. Had they confined themselves to the real Christian teachings aiming at justice and peace, their relationship with God and the world would have been different and better.

The Christian Right is behind the division we see now in the Arab world. The only country that will benefit from this division is Israel of course. The Christian Right is threatening the world peace because it is interfering in America’s foreign policy thus directing it to siding blindly with Israel. The Christian Right is unwilling to see any peace settlement in the Middle East.

The Christian Right adjured American policy makers to adopt situations in the Middle East more harmonious to the Torah Prophecies and to declare the right of the Jewish people to live in the land that was given to them by God, including the West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights. The leader of the Christian ethical majority claimed that as mentioned in the Book of Genesis the borders of Israel stretch east to Euphrates River, and west to the west of Egypt. He also added that the borders of the Promised Land enjoin parts from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, all Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait!

This is how the Evangelical mind thinks. God chose the Israeli, while the evil infidel Arabs are not blessed by God. The Christian right believes that since it was God’s wish that Israel be established, any Arab or Palestinian claims in Jerusalem or in Palestine land are false pretenses.

They even think that the Arabs are but pieces of chess in a holy cosmetic game, a hysteric power unfit to perform any reformatory or positive role in history. The Arabs are the enemies of God because their conflict with Israel is a challenge to His will. And as history is heading towards its end, the Arabs become the focus of evil, uniting with the disfigured imposter against God!

The Old Testament heritage made several American Christians look at the Arab-Israeli conflict as a reflection to the events pictured in the Old Testament. They consider the Israelis of the 21st century as the Children of Israel mentioned in the Torah, and the Palestinians are the Philistines whose hero Goliath fought David.

“It seems therefore that for the sake of Israel, the Christian Right is ready to inflame a nuclear war to ascertain the sacred prophecies.

“The American administration surrendering to the evil desires of the Christian Right, will be responsible before God for the hundreds of thousands killed in Palestine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. Allah will charge them for the women, elderly and children who faced collateral damage and fleeing armed conflicts.

“The Christian Right in collaboration with the Zionists are surely taking America to its demise.”

The Christian Right decided to gain political power through the Republican Party. Nearly every Republican aligns with conservative Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant, an affiliation reflected in their policy preferences. The Christian Right works hard to make evangelical Christians a decisive power in the Republican Party. The Christian right might not own all 535 members of Congress, but with Republicans in the majority, the Christian right is also in the majority.

In 2012 and now in 2016, there are a bevy of potential Republican candidates holding themselves out as the pious Christian candidates: Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Scott Walker are all playing the “vote for me is a vote for Jesus” card. Even Rand Paul, who is positioning himself more as a libertarian candidate, makes sure to check all the Christian right boxes, railing against legal abortion and doing the rounds with radical Christian right organizations like the Family Research Council (3).

That the evangelical right already controls the GOP shouldn’t really be in dispute. Not only do the Republicans do exactly as the Christian right tells them on every social issue, such as reproductive rights or gay rights, but Republicans also pay fealty to the Christian right by targeting Muslim countries with their hawkish posturing or using Christian language to rationalize slashing the social safety net. If you were trying to come up with a quick-and-dirty description of the Republican Party, coalition of corporate and patriarchal religious interests would be it.

The Christian Right however is losing ground. White Christian America, of which the Christian right is merely a subset, is losing its numbers. White Christians are now a minority in 19 states and its trend that is only picking up steam. A huge reason for this change is simply that white Christians are leaving the faith in droves. Both liberal and conservative churches are seeing their pews emptying out, of course, but the trend affects the Christian right as a political entity just as much as a spiritual one (4).

Influenced by the perverted and false ideas of the Christian Right, the Republicans waged war against Islam as a religion. The war began by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, then tearing the countries of the Middle East apart by proxy wars through creating ISIS and supporting it financially and militarily to rule the torn Middle East to their benefit. The plot began at the time of the Republican Bush and continued at the time of Obama who was influenced by the Republicans who won majority in the Congress (2).

Therefore, instead of fighting Donald Trump, the Republicans should start looking at their failure in all areas and make credible attempts to reform their party.

But who can take the huge responsibility of reforming the Republican Party and corruption has already gone too far? Donald Trump is the only man who can make such reformation. The Party needs a reformist to put things right, and the enthusiastic Donald Trump is the right man for the task.

Donald Trump is the only one capable to reform the Republican Party because he is not much of a Republican

The task of reforming the Republican Party is huge and Donald Trump is the only one fit for such task because he is not much of a Republican or even a democrat, he is a pure American belonging only to the American people without any benefit.

Looking at his political career, we find that Trump was Republican during the years1987-99; 2009-11; 2012-present; democratic until 1987; 2001-2009; joined the Reform Party during the period 1999-2001.

Trump has made contributions to campaigns of both Republican Party and Democratic Party candidates, with the top ten recipients of his political contributions being six Democrats and four Republicans. After 2011, his campaign contributions were more favorable to Republicans than to Democrats. In February 2012, Trump endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for President. When asked in 2015 which recent President he prefers, Trump picked Democrat Bill Clinton over the Republican Bushes.

Trump was then moving between the different parties without consistently belonging to one of them! Sometimes he supported Republicans and sometimes he supported Democrats. Such behavior indicates that Trump was searching for the most meaningful and suitable way to serve the American people. His political affiliation was only to the American people and not to parties with occasionally silly ideologies. The man is purely American. This is the kind of man who can reform and makes amendments.

Donald Trump is aware that the Republican Party does not represent the majority of the American people and its wrong policies has threatened the future of the United States. He knew that the Party covers its mistakes by not using transparent media but their own biased media. He is aware that the Party has caused a severe democracy deficit in the United States, and as an oligarchy party it has threatened American democracy.

Donald Trump could reform the corrupted GOP by taking courageous steps that would achieve the following:

  • The Republican Party must abandon the superstition of dispensationalism, apocalypse and reconstuctionism embraced by the religious Right.
  • The Republican Party must separate itself from the Tea Party.
  • The Republican Party must rid itself from the political influence of the Christian Right by abandoning the Judeo-Christian coalition.
  • The Republican Party must separate itself from the neoconservatives and the Tea Party.
  • The Republican Party must not use imperialism and militarism to enforce its foreign policy. The Party must quit overhyping threats and demanding military solutions.
  • The Republican Party must go back to the fundamental principles of a democratic society which they have forgotten a long time ago.
  • The Republican Party must stop spreading Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims and their religion.
  • The Republican Party must learn how to act as a just ruler. The GOP thought that it has a mission of peace when it had not even a true perception of right and wrong. By their blind arrogance and racism they depressed the good and encouraged the evil. They emptied the American treasury on unnecessary wars. They destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and annihilated countries in the Middle East due to their greed and hatred. They have spread corruption in the land which caused loss only to them (2).

Whether Republicans like it or not, their fate is inexorably tied to that of the Republican nominee for president – Donald Trump. Republican politicians should realize that if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton, this will take them all down. If they really want to win in November, they need Trump to make it. Indeed, they need him way more than he needs them – Trump is not going to win or lose based on the endorsement or non-endorsement of a member of Congress. Indeed, Trump’s brand is based almost entirely on a complete and total repudiation of Washington and everyone in it.

Instead of looking to put distance between themselves and Trump, these Republicans need to find a way to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm Trump has brought to their already dead Party. The sobering truth for many in the GOP is that control of the Senate, as well as possibly the House, rests entirely in the hands of Donald Trump. If Trump wins in November, once again defying the political odds, Republicans will undoubtedly maintain control in Washington. If, however, he loses badly, Republicans down ballot will pay the price as well.

Is Donald Trump mentally disturbed as his enemies claim?

The enemies of Donald Trump are many. They are not only democrats but also eminent Republicans. They all accuse him of narcissism, madness and too bigoted and racist. They earnestly raise questions about his temperament and his mental stability. Terms like “narcissist” and “sociopath” have been attached to his name. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson even wrote a column asking: “Is Donald Trump just plain crazy?”

Barack Obama called the Republican presidential nominee “unfit” and a Democratic congress woman started a petition to force Trump to undergo a mental health evaluation .Former Obama administration advisor and economic analyst Steven Rattner said, “Somebody’s got to do a psychological profile of the guy and find out why he acts the way he acts, and is he really healthy.”

Amateur psychoanalysts have put Donald Trump on the couch, calling him a sociopath, unhinged, and a narcissist. Amid all this psych-talk, there is one group of people who aren’t talking as much: the professionals.

Dr. Justin A. Frank a Harvard-educated psychiatrist and author, has not delved deeply into Trump’s psyche yet, and Frank cautions that he is not capable of diagnosing someone he has never treated. That said, he does find the real estate mogul fascinating and, at the very least, his public persona edifying (5).
“What we see on TV seems very different from what we hear from friends of his,” Frank told NBC News Monday. “He may be very different in a boardroom and on TV than the way his is at home. What we can say is that he does seem to believe in tit for tat. I think it’s actually very self-protective.”
Frank sees Trump as a “brilliant” salesman and showman who has more in common with theatrical performers like Judy Garland or the fictional lead character in “All That Jazz” than anyone with a pathological disorder. So far it seems Trump’s unpredictable instincts have served him well in business and in the 2016 campaign.
According to Frank, Trump’s repetition of phrases (“believe me”) and pledges to single-handedly absolve the fears of the electorate have struck a chord, and have appealed to voters who crave reassurance regardless of the facts. Frank says this dissonance has inspired a “hot” internal debate within the psychiatric community about whether it’s appropriate to be more outspoken regarding troubling aspects of Trump’s public persona. “Most of my colleagues feel that he’s not crazy, and if he is crazy, he’s crazy like a fox,” Frank said.
Analysis and diagnosis without meeting a patient, and without medical records, “are so likely to be wrong, so likely to be harmful to that person and so likely to discourage people from seeking psychiatric treatment that psychiatrists should not engage in that behavior,” said Columbia University’s Dr. Paul Appelbaum, a past president of the American Psychiatric Association.
In Bush’s case, Frank surmised that the 43rd president had never been properly treated for his alcoholism, and was a functioning “dry drunk” prone to making poor decisions and rationalizing them later. In Obama, Frank saw a man “who can be so present yet so absent,” predisposed to seek consensus even when it was not to his advantage, in part because of Obama’s complex childhood (6).

Why accusing Trump of insanity and narcissism and the most influential presidents of the United States were perverts or dissolute!

The enemies of Donald Trump, those now raising the issue of character and its importance to the presidency seem to forget that America has gone through three eras in which presidential scandals have been part of the national political dialogue. Lots of salacious things have happened behind closed White House doors.

Let’s go through the distorted characters of the most influential presidents of the United States.

John F. Kennedy

The list of extramarital dalliances in John F. Kennedy’s black book is impressive: Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson and Blaze Starr. Frank Sinatra, leader of the Rat Pack and a strong Kennedy supporter, fed the president a constant stream of pretty paramours. But JFK wasn’t only interested in glamorous women. His own White House secretaries, Priscilla Weir and Jill Cowan (referred to as Fiddle and Faddle behind the scenes), were among his bedmates. Most intriguing was his affair with Judith Exner Campbell, a fetching beauty who also happened to be sleeping with mob boss Sam Giancana at the same time.

James Buchanan

James Buchanan is an openly gay president, and number one on many a list of worst presidents ever. He lived with William Rufus King, a former vice-president under Millard Fillmore, for 10 years. Buchanan and King were apparently the talk of the town. Andrew Jackson referred to them as Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy (a term at the time for a man with effeminate qualities). Others referred to King as Buchanan’s “better half,” and in a letter to former president James Polk’s wife, King was referred to as Buchanan’s “wife…rigged out in her best clothes.”

Franklin Roosevelt

Roosevelt had a lifelong affair with Lucy Mercer, his wife’s social secretary. The affair probably began in 1916 while Roosevelt was serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, with Eleanor and their children away for the summer. A couple of years later, Eleanor happened upon some steamy letters between her husband and Lucy. Threatening divorce, Eleanor remained FDR’s partner if not lover. Undaunted, FDR continued his relationship with Mercer until his death in 1945 (Mercer was actually with the president when he died.) Other rumored affairs included his secretary, Missy LeHand, and another with the Crown Princess Marta of Norway. Not to be outdone, Eleanor had her own extracurricular activities to keep her busy, not least of which were probable affairs with Nancy Cook, Marion Dickerman and Lorena Hickok.


Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland had a reputation for being quite the ladies’ man. While practicing law in Buffalo, New York, Cleveland had a romance with a young woman named Maria Crofts Halpin. Years later, Halpin accused Cleveland of fathering her son, Oscar. Cleveland did not deny it, and while never admitting paternity, did send her child support. When he ran for president in 1884, that dalliance came back to bite him, as his opponents rallied around the slogan, “Ma ma, where’s my pa, gone to the White House, ha ha ha.” Still, Cleveland prevailed in the election to become president (an office he lost in the subsequent election, and then regained in 1892).

Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson competed with John Kennedy in realms beyond politics. Referring to JFK’s sexual voraciousness, LBJ once claimed, “I have had more women by accident than he has had on purpose.” It might have actually been true. A woman named Madeline Brown claimed to have had a 20-year affair with Johnson, which she said was purely physical, and produced, she says, her son. If so, LBJ was working her on the side, as he also, according to Johnson biographer Robert Caro, was conducting a 30-year affair with a woman named Alice Glass, beginning in 1937. Alice was the wife of a newspaper magnate who owned papers that strongly supported Johnson. The affair ended in 1967, apparently because Alice was vehemently antiwar. It seems the war ruined more than Johnson’s political career

Warren Harding

Warren Harding’s administration was riddled with corruption, bribery and general ineptness. Though immensely popular with the electorate, he was a terrible president. It didn’t matter to him though, as he was busy carrying on with various women in the White House closet. Besides a long affair with Carrie Fulton Phillips, the wife of his friend James Phillips, Harding was also having his way with Nan Britton, a woman 30 years younger than him. That affair produced an illegitimate daughter. Florence Harding was not unaware of her husband’s shenanigans, and when Harding died, in office, in 1923 from a case of ptomaine poisoning (probably contracted from eating contaminated crabmeat), rumors circulated that it was Florence herself who poisoned the President.

Thomas Jefferson

Author of the Declaration of Independence, third President of the United States, architect, philosopher, and man of enlightenment, Thomas Jefferson was rumored as a young man to have tried to seduce his best friend’s wife, Betsy Walker. In Paris, as America’s ambassador to France, he had an affair with a married woman, Maria Cosway. Jefferson also shared his bed with his half-black slave, Sally Hemings. Even more scandalous, Hemings was actually the half-sister of Jefferson’s wife, Martha who shared the same father as Sally. Jefferson had a long relationship with Hemings, fathering six children and taking her everywhere he went, including Paris (where presumably he was involved with both Cosway and Sally). Four of their children, all said to be of light complexion, survived to adulthood, and were freed by Jefferson. Oddly, Jefferson never granted Sally Hemings her freedom, which was left for Jefferson’s daughter Martha Randolph to grant after her father’s death.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhour was President from 1953-1961. During World War II, Dwight gave in to the temptations of a young woman named Kay Summersby, who happened to be his personal driver. While his wife, Mamie was in the states and Dwight was overseas, the affair blossomed. Summersby was a former British model and was quite attractive. She wrote a book in 1977, after Eisenhower had died in 1969, titled Past Forgetting: My Love Affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the book, she describes that she and Dwight had tried on many numerous occasions to consummate their relationship. In 1945 Eisenhower actually asked permission from General George Marshall to divorce his wife Mamie in order to marry Summersby, but permission was refused by Marshall.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was President from 1993-2001. Being the most recent President with public knowledge of cheating on his wife, these affairs are still fresh in everyone’s mind. Hillary Clinton, his wife, who is now running for President as we all know, has remained married to Bill regardless of his indiscretions. In 1994, two Arkansas state troopers who assisted in Clintons extramarital affairs of the then Governer Clinton, say that they saw him in delicate positions with dozens of different women. One Trooper said that for 7 years prior, there were many long-term hook-ups with women. One of these hook-ups was with the now well-known Gennifer Flowers. Other affairs during this time included a staff member in Clinton’s office; a lawyer who was a Clinton appointee to a judgeship; a prominent judge’s wife; a reporter; an employee at an Arkansas Power company, and a sales clerk at a Little Rock department store.

There were many other one-time encounters that Clinton had with many different women. State troopers said they were often called upon to arrange and keep secret Clinton’s extramarital affairs.

Then there was the story of Sally Perdue, who came forward of having an affair with Clinton in 1983 when he was governor. Right after her story appeared in the press, she says, a man claiming to represent the local Democratic Party, offered her a lifetime federal job if she would be silent and threatened her with physical harm if she refused to cooperate. And there was the sexual harassment case with Paula Jones, a state employee.

Then once he was in the White House, his promiscuousness didn’t stop. There she was, Monica Lewinsky, a young good looking 21-year-old intern. She performed oral sex on Clinton in the oval office. She had a dress with a Clinton sperm stain on it. And Clinton took a cigar tube and inserted it into Lewinsky’s vagina.

Reference: Sexual affairs by US presidents. Updated August 16,2016.

Andrew Jackson

He married his wife Rachel before she was actually divorced from her first husband, making him the first president married to a bigamist.

Richard Nixon

Much gossip circulated about Richard Nixon’s long-term friendship with Marianna Liu, a Chinese cocktail waitress he met in Hong Kong while vice-president. Nixon first met Liu in 1958 while she was a tour-guide. It is reported that, in the mid-’60s, Liu and a female friend had a party with Nixon and his buddy, Bebe Rebozo, in a suite at the Mandarin Hotel.
Ronald Reagan:

According to unauthorized biographer Kitty Kelley, Reagan was accused of raping a woman in 1952, when he was serving as president of the Screen Actors Guild. Kelley also claims Reagan’s wife Nancy had an affair with Frank Sinatra.

Bush 41 and Bush 43

Both father and son were rumored to have had extramarital affairs. 41’s alleged affairs occurred both before and during his administration. 43, is haunted by two sex scandals. One involved a criminal complaint and lawsuit of rape by Margie Denise Schoedinger, who later committed suicide; the second was an accusation by Tammy Phillips, a former stripper, of having an affair with Bush that ended in 1999. They were successfully dismissed as crank complaints, effectively sweeping them under the proverbial rug.

George W. Bush was also a drinker, but he quit drinking. He came to the decision to quit drinking after a “wild drunken weekend” to celebrate his 40th birthday, the former first lady told Oprah Winfrey. The first Lady also said, “ there were several factors that persuaded her husband to stop drinking, including a meeting with evangelist Billy Graham and regularly attending Bible study.George W. Bush was a political disaster. Failures from the illegal Iraq war to the Katrina catastrophe to the Great Recession mark his administration. History will judge his presidency as the worst in the post-WWII era (7, 8, 9, and 10).
Harry Truman is a war criminal

Why was Harry Truman’s decision to use atomic weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 60 years ago, like George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003? Both wars were based on lies. In Bush’s case the lie was the now-discredited claim that the U.S. had to invade Iraq to stop the use of “weapons of mass destruction.” In Truman’s case, it was that the U.S. had to drop A-bombs to force the Japanese to surrender—or this would require a land invasion that would cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. casualties. Truman agreed at a meeting that Japan was “looking for peace.” All the U.S. senior generals and admirals, including Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Admiral William Leahy, told him it was unnecessary to use the A-bomb to defeat Japan. But to Truman, impressing Russia was more important than ending the war. Based on a detailed investigation, of all the facts, and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated.

It was a crime against humanity. In Hiroshima, an estimated 80,000 people were killed in a split second on Aug. 6. Some 13 square kilometers of the city were obliterated. By December, at least another 70,000 people had died from radiation and injuries. Three days later, on Aug. 9, the U.S. dropped an A-bomb on Nagasaki, resulting in the deaths of at least 70,000 people before the year was out. About 10 percent of the casualties were Koreans forced to work in Japan at the time.

The investigators Kuznick and Selden put most of the blame on Truman. “He knew he was beginning the process of annihilation of the species,” says Kuznick, “It was not just a war crime; it was a crime against humanity.” (11).

If the former presidents of the United States were so deviated, why then attacking Donald Trump in particular? The man has no history of deviation or distortion. He is in fact a successful entrepreneur who did well for himself and for America. As Forbes put it: “He’s a roguish charmer. He’s a pugnacious bully. He tells it like it is. He fibs when necessary. And for 33 years, he’s been building and boasting his way higher on The Forbes 400. If you want a unique window into what makes the most paradoxical presidential candidate in a generation tick, you just need to answer a simple question: What’s Donald Trump Really Worth? Trump says $10 billion; Forbes says $4.5 billion.
A presidential candidate’s fitness to serve in office is a central metric in any election.  Conservative commentators like Fox News’ Sean Hannity, right-wing news outlets like the Drudge Report and Breitbart, and a host of fringe sites have recently been revisiting dark conspiracy theories suggesting that Hillary Clinton is seriously ill, either with Parkinson’s disease or some deadly brain blood clot, and that the Democratic presidential nominee requires constant supervision to prevent from collapsing or forgetting information.

Trump’s campaign released a letter from his physician last year which proclaimed the candidate is in stellar health.

So what’s the truth?

If elected, Clinton, who turns 69 in October, would be the second-oldest president to take office, just behind Ronald Reagan. Trump, who turned 70 in June, would actually be the oldest first-term president in history (he would be 70 on Inauguration Day to Hillary’s 69). Given their ages, it isn’t unreasonable to wonder whether either have any health issues.

It is a well-known incident that when Clinton was running the State Department fainted and suffered a concussion that kept her from testifying in front of a House committee that week. State Department officials explained at the time that Clinton was fighting a stomach virus and had become dehydrated, causing her to faint, and that she required no hospitalization despite the concussion — an assertion that was confirmed by her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, in a letter released by the Clinton campaign last July.

Bardack, an internal medicine physician, also noted that follow-up evaluations revealed Clinton had a blood clot in a vein between her brain and skull, but the clot dissolved completely after treatment with anticoagulants by 2013. She stressed that Clinton is in “excellent physical condition.”

But the people questioning Clinton’s medical fitness argue that the concussion may have been far more serious than her spokespeople and doctor have said. Their proof? A widely-circulated (and heavily edited) video of a June 10 Clinton campaign event in which Clinton appears to be exaggeratedly shaking her head. (Other versions of the video include snippets in which Clinton pauses lengthily while making comments, or appears to have people helping her walk up a flight of stairs).

Conservative commentators, like Sean Hannity, fed speculation that Clinton might have had a seizure, saying that AP reporter Lisa Lerer, who is standing by Clinton, looked “scared” by Clinton’s “violent” movements.

Donald Trump’s physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, said that he’d been treating the GOP nominee since 1980. and he lavished praise on his patient’s health.
“His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary,” wrote Bornstein, adding that if he wins, “Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

But critics have made Trump’s “mental fitness” and temperament an issue in the campaign, and they’ve received plenty of assistance from psychologists and psychiatrists who have openly speculated about Trump’s mental health.

To cite just one of many examples, Dan McAdams, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, wrote an extensive piece for the June 2016 issue of The Atlantic attempting to map Trump’s psychological makeup by analyzing his various public statements and information from his biographies (it was not a flattering picture — the words “narcissist” or “narcissism” appeared in the piece 26 times).

So many mental health professionals, who don’t know Trump personally, have speculated on Trump’s mental health that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) felt compelled to issue a rebuke, ”The unique atmosphere of this year’s election cycle may lead some to want to psychoanalyze the candidates, but to do so would not only be unethical, it would be irresponsible,” wrote the organization.

Back in 1973, the APA adopted the “Goldwater rule,” named after 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, which prohibits psychiatrists from offering opinions on people they have not personally evaluated, as the New York Times explains.
When it comes to the dubious rumors about Clinton’s health, Trump has used loaded words that may play into the innuendos about his opponent while trying to avoid commenting on them overtly (12).

Trump claimed he wouldn’t comment on Clinton’s health. “”No, I don’t want to get into that. I think it would be inappropriate for me to comment.”

Clinton called Trump a “loose cannon.”

“He’s not just unprepared — he’s temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”

Last week Trump told voters in Iowa that Hilary Clinton was “not strong enough to be president.”

The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories claiming that she may have a brain tumor.
 Donald Trump – the struggle of a wounded lion

A man of such tremendous fortune must have bravery in his heart and outstanding cleverness in his brain. They accuse him of craziness, but who would believe them and the man stood against all odds and fought like a lion to win the nomination of the Republican Party? He courageously entered the primaries with 16 other Republican candidates campaigning for the nomination, the largest presidential field in American history. By early 2016, the race had mostly centered on Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. On Super Tuesday, Trump won the majority of the vote and remained the front-runner throughout the primaries. By March 2016, Trump reached over 50% in national support from Republican primary voters and became poised to win the Republican nomination. By late-spring 2016, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one of the few presidential candidates still polling well against Trump. In May 2016, for the first time Trump publically expressed his personally-held belief that Senator Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was involved in the tragic 1963 assassination of the 35th president of the United States, John F Kennedy. After a landslide win in Indiana on May 3, 2016, candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich had to suspend their presidential campaigns. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus declared Trump the presumptive Republican nominee. With nearly 14 million votes, Trump broke the all-time record for winning the most primary votes in the history of the Republican Party.

One month before the Republican National ConventionSecret Service agents thwarted an assassination attempt on Trump by a 20-year-old British man illegally residing in the U.S. during one of his rallies in Las Vegas (13).
On July 15, 2016, Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Trump and Pence were officially nominated by the Republican Party on July 19, 2016, at the Republican National Convention. The list of convention speakers and attendees was marked by the absence of top Republican Party leaders, including Presidents George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and their families; former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, presidential contender; Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; Governor Kasich of Ohio, and others. Two days later, Trump officially accepted the nomination in a 76-minute speech inspired by Richard Nixon‘s 1968 acceptance speech. The historically long speech was watched by nearly 35 million people and received mixed reviews, with net negative viewer reactions according to CNN and Gallup polls (14).

A man with such fighting spirit, and strong will to win, is not in the least crazy as his opponents assume? His words to his supporters express his dreams and strong will to act: “People have asked me why I’m running for president. I built an amazing business that I love, and I get to work side-by-side with my children every single day. We come to work together, and turn visions into reality. We think big, and then we make it happen. We absolutely make it happen.”

Trump also said: “I love what I do, and I am grateful beyond words to the nation that has allowed me to do it. So, when people ask me why I am running, I very quickly answer — I’m running to give back to this country which has been so very good to me.”

“I’ve always had a talent for building businesses and importantly for creating jobs. That’s a talent our country desperately needs. I’m running for president to end the unfairness and to put you, the American worker, first. It’s about time. We’re going to put America first and we’re going to make America great again. This election will decide whether we’re ruled by the people or by the politicians. Here is my promise to the American voter. If I’m elected president, I will end the special interest monopoly in Washington, D.C., very important.”

Yes, this is the man who can make America great again.

The political and socio-economic plans of Donald Trump for a great America

The Republicans see that Trump’s campaign speeches were provoking, and outrageous. I wonder: have they listened carefully to his speeches? The man has touched several vital issues that if applied would serve as crucial guidelines for the reformation of the American internal and foreign policies. Let’s see the significance of his words to the American nation.

Social issues

Trump describes himself as pro-life and opposes abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother. Trump has stated that he supports “traditional marriage”. He opposes the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Trump supports the Second Amendment and says he is opposed to gun control in general. He supports fixing the federal background check system so that criminal and mental health records are always put into the system. Trump opposes legalizing recreational marijuana but supports legalizing medical marijuana. Trump favors capital punishment.

Economic issues

Trump’s campaign’s tax plan calls for reducing the corporate tax rate to 15%, concurrent with the elimination of various business loopholes and deductions. Personal income taxes would also be reduced; the top rate would be reduced from 39.6% to 25%, a large “zero bracket” would be created, and the alternative minimum tax would be eliminated, as would the estate tax (which currently applies to individual estates over $5.45 million or $10.90 million per married couple).

Trump’s comments about the minimum wage have been inconsistent: he has said that a low minimum wage is good; that the minimum wage should not be raised; that the minimum wage should be raised; that he’d like an increase, but the states should do the increasing; that he is against any federal minimum wage floor; and that that he is in favor of a $10 federal minimum wage, but “let the states make the deal”.

Trump says that trade must be “reasonably fair”. He has often been referred to as “protectionist“. He says NAFTA has been “a disaster” and would as president either renegotiate or break the NAFTA agreement. He opposes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trump proposes to raise tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States by 45%, and has raised the idea of placing 35% tariffs on Mexican exports to the United States. Trump has called the World Trade Organization (WTO) a “disaster”, and favors renegotiating or leaving the WTO unless it allows his proposed tariff increases.

Healthcare, education and environment

Trump favors repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) with a different free-market plan that would allow health insurance to be sold across state lines, enable individuals to deduct health insurance premiums, expand health savings accounts, and give more control of Medicaid to the states. He has voiced support for a single-payer healthcare system in the past, but distanced himself from the idea during his 2016 campaign. Trump favors getting rid of backlogs and waitlists that are the focus of the Veterans Health Administration scandal, and believes that Veterans Affairs facilities need to be upgraded. Trump has stated his support for school choice and local control for primary and secondary schools. He opposes the Common Core State Standards Initiative for primary and secondary schools, and has called Common Core “a disaster” that must be ended. He has stated he would abolish all or part of the Department of Education. Trump rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, repeatedly contending that global warming is a “hoax.”

Trump has said that the EPA is a “disgrace” and has promised to cut its budget. He has pledged to “cancel the Paris Climate Agreement“, which calls for reductions in carbon emissions in more than 170 countries, claiming it treats the United States unfairly and gives favorable treatment to countries like China. Trump has been described as non-interventionist and nationalist.  He supports increasing U.S. military defense spending, but favors decreasing U.S. spending on NATO and in the Pacific region. He says America should look inward, stop “nation building”, and re-orient its resources toward domestic needs. He questions whether he, as president, would automatically extend security guarantees to NATO members, and suggests that he might leave NATO unless changes are made to the alliance. Trump has called for Japan to pay for the costs of American troops stationed there and that it might need to develop nuclear weapons in order to protect itself from North Korea.

Foreign policy

In terms of confronting ISIS, Trump called for sending 20,000 to 30,000 US troops to the region, a position he retracted. He has since argued that regional allies of the US, such as Saudi Arabia should provide troops in the fight. He also believes that oil fields in ISIS-controlled areas should be bombed. He supports expanded use of aggressive interrogation techniques, including waterboarding “and a hell of a lot worse”, with terrorists. Trump would as president dismantle the international nuclear agreement with Iran. Regarding the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Trump has stated the importance of being a neutral party during potential negotiations, while also having stated that he is “a big fan of Israel.” He supports Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. Trump tentatively endorsed a future invasion of Iraq in 2002. There is no public record of him opposing the war until 2004, after it was well under way. Since 2004, he has repeatedly criticized the war, in particular during his presidential campaign. On February 18, 2016, he said that by the time the invasion occurred, he had become an opponent. Trump has at times during his presidential campaign stated that the Afghanistan War was a mistake, and at other times stated that it was necessary. He supports keeping a limited number of U.S. troops there. Trump was a strong supporter of the 2011 military intervention in Libya at the time. He has since then reversed his position several times, saying finally in June 2016 that he would have supported “surgical” bombing against Gaddafi.

Trump would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and lifting sanctions on Russia. He added that Russia could help the United States in fighting ISIS militants.

Solving the Middle East problem, Trump is against Obama’s treacherous policy which created and supported ISIS and Daeish and deliberately ruined Muslim nations. Trump believes Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. He said: “You look at what she did with Libya, what she did with Syria. Look at Egypt, what happened with Egypt, a total mess…We don’t back any of our allies…She was truly, if not the, one of the worst Secretaries of State in the history of the country. She talks about me being dangerous, she’s killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity.”

When he was asked: “What do you mean, she’s killed hundreds of thousands?” H answered. “She was secretary of state, Obama was president…Look at what happened. The Middle East is a total disaster under her. She traveled back and forth, but look at all the problems. Look at, as an example, Iraq. Total disaster. They didn’t get us in, but they got us out badly. We spend $2T, thousands of life, wounded warriors all over…(15).

Regarding the Middle East problem, Donald Trump announced that he is willing to work with Egypt, Jordan, and Israel to extinguish Islamic extremism. “We will work side by side with our friends in the Middle East, including our greatest ally Israel. We will partner with King Abdullah of Jordan and the president of Egypt, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi,” Trump said.

In a speech in Ohio in which he laid out a counter-terrorism strategy, attacking the policies of his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton and US president Barack Obama in the Middle East, Trump said that if he wins the November elections, he will call for an international conference focused on halting the spread of radical Islam.

“We will also work very closely with NATO on this new mission,” he added, before saying that he believes the US can find common grounds with Russia in fighting Islamic State (IS). Trump added, “Obama-Clinton adventures in the Middle East have only led to death, destruction, and tremendous financial loss for the US.”

Mentioning the deterioration of security status in the Middle East during the Obama era, Trump highlighted that “terrorists have gained a foothold in the Sinai near the Suez Canal, one of the most essential waterways in the world.”

These statements of Donald Trump are exactly what people of the Middle East need to save their countries from the grip of radical Islam, which Obama nurtured, sponsored and implanted in the Arab world.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was briefly mentioned in a US presidential debate in Miami, when right-wing candidate Ted Cruz from the Republican Party discussed Muslims and US national interests.

“Let me give you an example of a Muslim we ought to be standing with,” said Ted Cruz, responding to an earlier comment by the leading Republican candidate Donald Trump. “President Al-Sisi of Egypt is a president of a Muslim country who is targeting radical Islamic terrorists. He’s hunting them down and stomping on them.”

This is not the first time Ted Cruz has mentioned Al-Sisi as a great example of a leader. Last year, during the first Republican presidential debate, he also took the time to praise the Egyptian president for his campaign against terror groups.

“Why don’t we see the president of the United States demonstrating that same courage [as Al-Sisi] and speak the truth about the face of evil we’re facing right now?” he questioned.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Trump said the U.S. should shift its focus nation-building inward. “We’re nation-building and we can’t do it,” Trump told The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs. “We have to build our own nation.”

“We’re trying to tell people that have had dictators and worse for centuries how to run their own countries,” he added.

Trump, went on to reference to the U.S. effort to stabilize Iraq in order to foster a democracy in the Arab nation.

“Look at what happened in Iraq,” he told Jacobs. “We got rid of Saddam Hussein — I don’t think that was a very helpful thing. Iraq is a disaster right now, and is going to be taken over by Iran and ISIS.”

Trump advocates a non-interventionist approach to world affairs that would reject “nation-building” if he wins the White House. The
United States has to look inward. “I do think it’s a different world today, and I don’t think we should be nation-building anymore,” Trump said.

“I think it’s proven not to work, and we have a different country than we did then. We have $19 trillion in debt. We’re sitting, probably, on a bubble. And it’s a bubble that if it breaks, it’s going to be very nasty. I just think we have to rebuild our country.”

Trump also cast China as a leading economic and geopolitical rival and said the United States should toughen its trade pacts,

He also questioned the United States’ continued involvement in NATO and its military presence in Asia. Trump blasted the U.S. military investments in Asia.
“South Korea is very rich, great industrial country, and yet we’re not reimbursed fairly for what we do,” Trump said. “We’re constantly sending our ships, sending our planes, doing our war games — we’re reimbursed a fraction of what this is all costing.”

Asked whether the United States benefits from its involvement in the region, Trump replied, “Personally, I don’t think so… I think we were a very powerful, very wealthy country, and we are a poor country now. We’re a debtor nation.”

“Ukraine is a country that affects us far less than it affects other countries in NATO, and yet we’re doing all of the lifting,” Trump said. “They’re not doing anything. And I say: ‘Why is it that Germany’s not dealing with NATO on Ukraine? Why is it that other countries that are in the vicinity of Ukraine, why aren’t they dealing? Why are we always the one that’s leading, potentially the third world war with Russia.'”

Immigration policies

Trump’s immigration policies have been among his most highly-discussed policies during the campaign. Some of his proposals have come under scrutiny by several experts on immigration who question the effectiveness and affordability of his plans. Trump vows to build a substantial wall on the Mexico–United States border to keep out illegal immigrants, a wall which Trump promises Mexico will pay for. Trump would also create a “deportation force” to deport around 11 million people illegally residing in the U.S., stating “Day 1 of my presidency, [illegal immigrants] are getting out and getting out fast.” Trump opposes birthright citizenship.

One of Trump’s most controversial proposals was a “total and complete”, but temporary, ban on foreign Muslims entering the United States. Pollsters have found that support for the proposal depends upon whether the pollsters say that the ban would only last “until the federal government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here”. Trump later offered an “expansion” to his position by stating that the temporary ban would apply to people originating from countries with a “proven history of terrorism against the United States or its allies”, or countries “compromised by terrorism”. Trump insisted that the new proposal was not a “rollback” of his initial proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants. He said, “In fact, you could say it’s an expansion. I’m looking now at territory.” He has stated that the ban could apply to countries compromised by terrorism, such as France, Germany and Spain.

Trump’s called for “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States. He stated: “It is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Trump has been given an inaccurate impression about Islam. Preventing Muslims from entering the United States is certainly unwise. It shows Trump’s ignorance about Islam as a religion of peace. A religion that respects human life. It shows that he doesn’t even know the true meaning of Jihad. He was just parroting the views of the hostile factions influencing the Republican Party: the Christian Right, Christian Zionists, Christian leaders, neoconservatives, Tea Party and their affiliated platforms and media spreading hatred against Islam.
This is not the place to explain to Trump the beautiful teachings of Islam, but I want to draw his attention that the hostility shown by some Muslims to America is because of the bad foreign policy of America towards the Muslim world. Daeish and ISIS are two evil entities raised and sponsored by America to create the so called “Arab spring”. A plot aiming at tearing the Middle East apart and reshaping it in accordance to the geostrategic goals and needs of the West. Daish and ISIS were the American tools to destroy the Arab world for the sake of Israel and the greedy interests of America. All this had happened on the expense of millions of victims who died or became refugees scattered on the borders of foreign nations.

Ironically, America is trying now to fight ISIS or Daeish – the two entities she created, – and is now turning against them by fighting them everywhere.

The problem of terrorism can be solved by changing the evil policy of America towards the Arabs, and Muslims in general, and to treat the Arab world on sound bases and equal footing. The solution resides in liberating the White House from the grip of the Jewish lobby, and affiliated neocons, and Christian Right Republicans who overwhelmingly control the foreign policy of the White House.

If Trump does that, no hostility from Muslims will be there to threaten the American peace. The problem lies in the White House and those controlling it and not with the Muslims.

Trump must not forget that there are already 7-8 million Muslims in America, and they increase exponentially each year. They are good American citizens. America has entrusted them to manage her affairs in many important domains.

Trump must not stand against Islam as other Republicans do. Islam is a true religion and not false as many Americans think. Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion articulated by the Koran, the verbatim word of God (Allah), and by the teachings and normative example of Muhammad, the last Prophet of God. Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable, and that the purpose of existence is to worship God alone without partners. Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed many times before through prophets including AdamNoahAbrahamMoses, and Jesus.

Attacking Islam, the last Testament to the world, usually brings Allah’s wrath on the wrongdoers. This is what the Republicans are suffering from now. God divided them into uncoordinated groups fighting among themselves. America that allows such hatred against Islam to spread in the society under the pretension of freedom of speech, is now having her share of God’s wrath. Now she is suffering from low economy, continuous natural disasters, racism, white supremacy, homosexuality, lesbianism, rape, murder, shooting in schools, wine addiction, gambling and several other societal ills.
The oppression the Republicans are practicing against helpless nations will come down on them with clack. They will drink from the same cup. If America is not united, and this is the primary task of Trump if he wins the elections, the American states will be divided into sects and factions, and will separate themselves from the federal government. The separated states will war between themselves, each trying to protect its own natural resource.

America is being mutilated. In 2012, a wave of petitions have been submitted to the White House in which citizens of various states announced their desire to secede from the United States. These citizens are so fed up with the country, in other words, they want to opt out and start their own. Now, 36 States want to secede from the federal government. They want to withdraw from the United States of America and create their own new governments (16).

Lots of Americans fear that civilized society is breaking down, and it’s easy to see why. Fifteen police officers have been killed in the line of duty this month, including three in Baton Rouge, and Louisiana. Around 5,000 officers were drafted into Cleveland from across the country, and were left to roam the streets with little to do. This overbearing security operation showed the atmosphere of dysfunction and instability in the American society.

Donald Trump has promised to build a wall along the southern border. He’s referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. He’s attacked the Republican Hispanic governor of New Mexico.

But he tried to reconcile his connection with Hispanics when he said: “I’ll fix things so fast your head will spin. If you don’t get deported, you’ll get hired by the D-Force.”

“More jobs for the Hispanics because they are tremendous people. More jobs than e-mails deleted by Crooked Hillary.”

“More jobs than I sell Taco Bowls at Trump Tower.”

“So what do you have to lose, amigos? Vota Trump!”

During his 2013 inaugural speech, Obama addressed immigration reform specifically, saying: “Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity — until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country.”

However, Obama has deported nearly two million undocumented immigrants — more than any president in history. And a 2013 report found that Immigrations Custom Enforcement detained nearly 90 percent of undocumented immigrants in 2012 and the beginning of 2013 for non-serious offenses. Deportations have become so rampant that 61 percent of immigrant Hispanics said that deportation relief is more important than a pathway to citizenship. This past year alone, in an attempt to resist the craze, undocumented activists have chained themselves to the White House demanding “Not One More.” They’ve blocked deportation buses, interrupted Obama’s speeches and 30 even crossed the border, which resulted in five of them getting deported. Last month, 29 House Democrats sent a letter to Obama, urging him to halt deportations. And five of these lawmakers will bring immigration activists as their guests to the SOTU address.

If Donald Trump wants to unify America and makes it great again, he must purify the Republican Party from the impurities the religious Right tarnished it with.

I see most of Trump’s statements in political and socio-economic domains quite logic, and keys to improving strategic thinking that would certainly change the internal and foreign policies of the United States to the better. His logic views are also negotiable and open to discussion with his administration if he wins the White House.

As a successful business man, Trump realized that the welfare of America depends upon good relations with the other super power, Russia. He therefore announced that Crimea belongs to Russia and that sanctions against Russia must be removed. He also stated that Russia could cooperate with the US to fight ISIS. These statements are totally against the policy of the Republicans in the first place, and also against Obama’s administration, which punished Russia by putting it under sanction because it joined Crimea to her.

Trump as a successful businessman might have asked himself an important question: Is it wise to put Russia – another terrifying super power – under sanction? How that could be and Russia’s new undiscoverable submarines in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans are already surrounding the American coasts from all sides? How that could be and long-range Russian Tu-95 Bear-H bombers, accompanied by aerial refueling tankers, fly regularly into the U.S. Air Defense Identification Zone? (17).

Trump did not forget the bad policy of the Republican Bush, which led to global militarization against China and Russia, encircling them belligerently with bases and strategic weapons. It was a policy fraught with danger.
The consequences of such bad policies of Bush and his successor Obama produced a severe reaction from Russia that resulted first in inducing disturbances in the East of Ukraine, thus threatening world peace. The second reaction was the economic partnership between Russia and China that rapidly developed into a political and military alliance against US ambitions in Asia and the Middle East. Now the two countries had been coordinating and playing active roles in a number of international issues. The two countries, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and major emerging economies, had held similar positions on the Syrian crisis, as well as negotiations at the WTO and IMF. This coordination is most likely causing mass panic at the Pentagon.

Together, Russia and China are now protesting US plans to deploy new missile defense systems in South Korea. And as the US continues to antagonize China in the South China Sea, Beijing sees Russia as a political and military partner against further western ambitions in Asia.

Trump realized that Russia and China have entered into an economic alliance which will be stronger than the incessant ruble and petrol devaluation manipulations by Washington, aided by the European puppets. He also realized that NATO is hardly a model for an effective defensive alliance against the overwhelming power resulting from the military and economic alliance between China and Russia. This is why he announced that America would not necessarily come to the aid of a NATO ally under attack, saying he would first consider how much they have contributed to the alliance. This statement was consistent with his previous threat to withdraw American forces from Europe and Asia if those allies fail to pay more for American protection. He repeated his insistence that other countries should start sharing more of the defense costs long borne by Washington.

I find Trump’s statement quite reasonable especially when it is realized that the United States maintains about 800 military bases in at least 160 countries. Trump as a businessman might have asked himself: “Could America affords now hundreds of bases overseas at an estimated annual cost of $156 billion or more?” No doubt, the purpose of this empire of bases, and its massive cost to American taxpayers, seems to be largely overlooked by the several administrations and the mainstream media.

The sanction imposed on Russia has led Russia and China its ally, to form the so-called BRICS countries [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa]. The BRICS are seeking alternatives to the existing world order. The BRICS created a $100 billion development bank and a $100 billion dollar reserve fund, designed to boost investment in BRICS economies and reduce the power of the Western-dominated World Bank and IMF.

BRICS share one common goal in that they have all voiced objections to the dollar as the principal reserve currency and the impact of US Federal Reserve policy on emerging markets, which the Fed pays very little attention to. When the World Bank or IMF lends money, strings are usually attached – strings which reflect the values and interests of the US and its allies.

The BRICS countries are seeking therefore to free themselves from the US dominance, and want to have more influence in global economic policy. They now account for 21 percent of global economic output and have contributed more than 50 percent of world economic growth in the past decade.

The five countries announced the need for a new global reserve currency, which would have to be diversified, stable and predictable. While they did not directly address the perceived “dominance” of the US dollar – something that Russia has done in the past – the statement did spark a drop in the value of the dollar against other major currencies.

The five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people with a combined nominal GDP of US$16.039 trillion and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves.

Putin said: “It was time to dilute the dominance of the U.S.-led West and the U.S. dollar by boosting the role of the BRICS on the global stage.” Putin wants the emerging powers to play a bigger role in world affairs to counter U.S. influence. “The international monetary system … depends a lot on the U.S. dollar, or, to be precise, on the monetary and financial policy of the U.S. authorities. The BRICS countries want to change this,” Putin said.

Donald Trump knew that the US economy is already teetering on disaster, and BRICS might push America to more ruin and shut the US and its allies out. Put all that together Trump saw with a right mentality that the dollar’s days are numbered. He realized that if the current trend continues, soon the dollar will be abandoned by most of the significant global economies and it will be kicked out of the global trade finance. Washington’s bullying will make even former American allies choose the anti-dollar alliance instead of the existing dollar-based monetary system. That is why Trump expressed his willingness to cooperate with Russia in certain political issues as a start for more cooperation in the future. The man wants to contain Russia instead of opposing it.

This kind of thought would certainly bring positive results to the American economy, let alone a new era of friendly relationship between America and her old adversaries is going to take place.
Trump is for the Americans and not for a party or sect

In one of his speeches Trump talked about himself and about Hilary Clinton. He said, “She thinks it’s all about her. I know it’s all about you. I know it’s all about making America great again for all Americans, all Americans. Our country lost its way when it stopped putting the American people really first. We have to go back to putting our American people first. We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism, focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries, all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy itself. We reward companies for offshoring, and we punish companies for doing business in America and keeping our workers employed. They get punished. This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats. This is a wave of globalism that wipes out our middle class and our jobs along with it. We need reform, and we have to reform our economic system, so that once again, we can all succeed together and America can become rich again. And that’s what I mean by America first. Our country will be better off when we start making our own products again, bringing our once great manufacturing capabilities back to the shores. I mean, we have to bring our manufacturers back to the United States, desperately needed — desperately we need those jobs, and we need it even from our psyche.

“I have visited cities and towns across America, all across America, and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and it’s total devastation, all over New York, all over Pennsylvania, all over New England, all over the country. Hillary Clinton supported Bill Clinton’s disastrous and totally disastrous NAFTA. Just like she supported China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization.

“We’ve lost nearly one-third of our manufacturing jobs since these two Hillary-backed agreements were signed, among the worst we’ve ever done, among the most destructive agreements we’ve ever signed. Our trade deficit with China soared 40 percent during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state — a disgraceful performance, for which she should not be congratulated, but rather scorned (18).

Trump’s rhetorical focus on foreign policy and worker prosperity promises light. But to what policies will Trump commit himself? On whose advice will he rely? It remains to be seen.

I think Trump is still able to win. He is doing great with the Hispanics, What remains is to correct his statement about banning Muslims from entering the United States. The African-Americans love him, and women are totally on his side, the middle class is completely in for Trump. He is going to win because he’s not a Republican, and stands for positions that are contrary to everything the party stands for. The people who are voting for him are not necessarily Republicans themselves; in most states one does not have to be a bona fide supporter of the Republican Party to vote for Donald Trump.
Hilary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election. She served as the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009-2013, the junior United States Senator representing New York from 2001-2009, First Lady of the United States during the presidency of Bill Clinton from 1993-2001, and First Lady of Arkansas during his governorship from 1979-1981 and from 1983-1992.

Apart from Lewinsky scandal which Hilary Clinton bravely and patiently tolerated, she had witnessed how brilliantly economic growth performed under her husband’s neoliberal economic regime. The Americans experienced at the time of Bill Clinton massive job creation, upward income mobility, and even a federal budget surplus. Being the wife of an successful politician would certainly decorate her political image before her supporters.

After the end of Bill Clinton’s era, the Republican George W. Bush supported by the Christian Right took over. Influenced by the imperialistic agenda of the neocons and the Republicans affiliated to the Christian Right, He invaded Iraq and killed 174,000 Iraqis between 2003 and 2013, with between 112,000-123,000 of those killed being civilian noncombatants.

“Our country for the first time in my life time has abandoned the basic principle of human rights. …We’ve said that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to those people in Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo, and we’ve said we can torture prisoners and deprive them of an accusation of a crime to which they are accused.” Jimmy Carter, former American president said.

“After [this] war [against Iraq] has ended, the United States will have to rebuild much more than the country of Iraq. We will have to rebuild America’s image around the globe.” Sen. Robert Byrd stated in March 19, 2003.

George W. Bush will be remembered as the most fiscally irresponsible president in America’s history.” Sen. Kent Conrad, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee announced. Economically, the Bush-Cheney administration left behind a big financial and economic mess. In fact, Bush-Cheney administration has brought misery upon America by its misguided economic policies that have built a mountain of shaky debt and rendered dysfunctional large segments of the American banking industry and large sectors of the U.S. economy, through inappropriate deregulation to enrich greedy special interest characters, wheeler-dealers, corporate con men, professional short-sellers and other scam artists and swindlers. In so doing, it has empowered rich parasitic speculators and turned the financial sector into a giant casino, thus risking the health of the entire economy.

To complete the picture, the Bush-Cheney administration has emptied the public treasury, debased the U.S. currency and fueled deflationinflation and, in the end, produced stagflation and what can turn out to be a very serious recession (19).

The expensive wars of George W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to the financial crisis which happened in his era, plus emptying the American treasury on unnecessary wars, are considered by the democrats and the American people as a big failure of the Republicans when acquiring power. This failure could be taken as an asset supporting Hilary Clinton in her battle with Trump to win the White House.

Assets to her advantage are certainly not the small achievements – some call them phony achievements – Obama made during his two terms at the White House. For the economy Obama added 13.7 million new jobs over a 69-month streak of job growth. More Americans got health insurance coverage. Obama has heavily championed a climate change agenda. He normalized relations between the United States and Cuba. He struck a nuclear deal with Iran. And in the months after, despite staunch Republican objection, the deal survived a vote in Congress.

Obama concluded a trade deal involving 12 Pacific Rim countries, with provisions to cut trade barriers, protect labor and environmental interests and ensure intellectual property rights. Obama called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the “strongest, most pro-worker, pro-environment trade agreement in our history.”

Obama allocated a budget that would achieve a sweeping education overhaul of No Child Left Behind and a budget deal that avoided the threat of a government shutdown.

One of his worst achievements was that he legalized same sex marriage. He commented: “Love won,” he said, referring to the Supreme Court’s landmark 5-4 decision that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. “No matter who you are, here in America, you’re free to marry the person you love because the freedom to marry is now the law in all 50 states.”

Obama’s achievements however, are still fraught with many problems that frustrate people across the spectrum.

Obama’s inclination to try to satisfy all factions has led to the key disasters of his presidency. The budget battles with the House GOP—and the tactical error he made about GOP thinking—led to the cruel federal sequester and subsequent government shutdown. His decision not to push for a public option in Obamacare and his failure to insist on cost controls for private health plans are two others. It’s sad that being a reasonable person in today’s Washington often doesn’t work. A less charitable interpretation is that Obama just wimped out. The hard truth is that a president has to be feared and respected by his opponents, not seen as a person who is more willing to compromise than draw lines (20).

All these achievements however small they were, faded away because Obama had created more debt in his one term than Bush did in 2 terms. While Bush’s rate of rise was slower, Obama nearly doubled the US debt. During his presidency he doubled the national debt to $20 trillion.

Although Hilary Clinton has gained from her husband a lot of political experience, she must have witnessed how her husband has gone beyond the Bush record of criminality. He has broken new ground as a war criminal, and people with any concern for human rights should recognize him as the true world leader in this sphere.

Bill Clinton’s military and other aggressive forays abroad have been partly a result of his political weakness, the need to divert attention from his domestic policy failures, and the longstanding need of Democrats to prove their anti-Communist and militaristic credentials.

The most monumental of Bill Clinton’s war crimes, however, has been his policy of sanctions on Iraq, supplemented by the maintenance of intense satellite surveillance and regular bombing attacks that have often resulted in civilian casualties. UNICEF reports that in 1999 more than 1 million Iraqi children under 5 were suffering from chronic malnutrition, and some 4,000-5,000 children are dying per month beyond normal death rates from the combination of malnutrition and disease. Death from disease was greatly increased by the shortage of potable water and medicines that has led to a 20-fold increase in malaria (among other ailments). This vicious sanctions system, causing a creeping extermination of a people, has already caused more than a million excess deaths, and it is claimed by John and Karl Mueller that Clinton’s “sanctions of mass destruction” have caused “the deaths of more people in Iraq than have been slain by all so-called weapons of mass destruction [nuclear and chemical] throughout all history” (Foreign Affairs, May/June 1999). U.S. mainstream reporters, who have so eagerly followed the distress of the Kosovo Albanians, somehow never get to Iraq for pictures of the thousands of malnourished children (21).
The horror and ruin Bill Linton inflicted to Iraq was also emphasized by David Harten. Clinton was impeached for his immoral affairs with Monica Lewinsky. At the beginning of the impeachment drive, Clinton’s tried to distract Americans from his affair by bombing Iraq causing thousands, of deaths. To delay the impeachment vote, he continued the bombing throughout all the days of the impeachment vote. Only an hour or two after the House impeachment vote ended, Clinton ended the bombing, saying, ‘We have achieved our objectives.’

Clinton gave several excuses for bombing Iraq on the eve of the impeachment vote, especially the false claim that Iraq had stopped cooperating with UNSCOM inspectors. In reality, Iraq’s cooperation with UNSCOM inspectors had actually been increasing, despite U.S. attempts to provoke a confrontation. However, knowing the impeachment schedule, Clinton had directed UNSCOM chief Richard Butler to write a report that Iraq was not cooperating. Even Scott Ritter, the former chief UNSCOM weapons inspector who quit because he thought the weapons inspectors were not tough enough, said that the White House had been on the phone with UNSCOM “shaping” the report to make sure it would justify bombing Iraq during the impeachment trial.

This ongoing bombing would not be happening except for Clinton’s attempt to distract from the impeachment vote.

Clinton killed thousands of Iraqis with bombs. Bombs are merciful compared to what Clinton has done to the innocent children of Iraq, the most vulnerable of all, by maintaining ten years of the harshest sanctions in the history of mankind, begun on August 6, 1990, and kept in place at the insistence of the United States. On May 12, 1996, television’s “Sixty Minutes” interviewed Madeleine Albright (then U.S. ambassador to the UN, now Secretary of State). Leslie Stahl asked Albright, “We have heard half a million children have died [from economic sanctions in Iraq]. That’s more children than died in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it?”

Albright replied, “I think this is a very hard choice. But the price, we think, is worth it.”

Over one million Iraqi civilians have died from the sanctions, mostly children under age five. Those are not Iraqi figures — those figures come from UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN’s Department of Humanitarian Affairs, and other international sources. The “oil-for-food” program is so ineffectual that two consecutive UN directors of that program (Denis Haliday and Hans Von Sponeck) resigned, out of protest that they were presiding over a humanitarian disaster which can only be called genocide. They were UN Assistant Secretaries General, the highest ranking UN personnel ever to resign for reasons of conscience. After they resigned, Denis Haliday and Hans Von Sponeck toured America and other countries, pleading for an end to the sanctions on Iraq.

Half a million children have died in Iraq since UN sanctions were imposed – most enthusiastically by Britain and the US. Three UN officials have resigned in despair. Meanwhile, Clinton bombed Iraq almost daily.

Embargoes during peacetime are tough enough, but after a devastating war, they are disastrous. During the Gulf War, U.S. forces deliberately targeted Iraqi water treatment plants, dams, and electric generating facilities (in violation of the Geneva Convention), later admitting they did it in order to cause disease (which was biological warfare by the United States). Iraq has not been allowed to rebuild its water treatment plants since then. Chlorine, and water chlorinators, are prohibited under sanctions. Disease is at epidemic levels, especially among babies and children under five. Nobel Peace prize winners have visited Iraq and described the sanctions as genocide. Iraqi children were dying from starvation, malnutrition, tainted water, lack of basic medicines, and diseases that were once rare but now epidemic (22).

Barak Obama deceived the Arabs when he gave a speech at Cairo University saying that peace was his main concern. He promised to end the wars, close torture concentration camp in Guantanamo. The Arabs were so enchanted with his honeyed words that they forgot that Obama’s key advisers were rabid militarists, big bankers, corporate CEO’s, die-hard Zionists and Wall Street manipulators.

In truth, Barack Hussein Obama did a lot that Bush never dared to do – he surpassed Bush by far in committing war crimes against humanity – pushing for more military adventures abroad and police state repression at home. He exceeded by far any President in US history in assuming dictatorial police powers, in waging multiple wars while directing the massive transfer of state revenues to Wall Street bankers. President Obama, hands down, will be regarded as the greatest con-man President in American history. The Carters, Reagans and Clintons all pale in comparison: the enormous gap between style and substance, promise and performance, peace and war, capital and labor has never been greater.

Obama’s soaring rhetoric promising justice for Muslims in Cairo was followed by the bloody bombing of Tripoli, the torture and slaughter of the Libyan patriot President Gadhafi; the broken promises to the Palestinians contrasts with the embrace of the bloody Israeli warlords. Obama far out-paced President Bush’s drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, bombings which targeted farmers, whole families and famished orphans in their schools.

Soaring moral and ethical pronouncements accompany Obama’s arming and praising the 40,000 Muslim fundamentalist mercenaries sent to degrade and shatter the secular Syrian state. The pretexts for mass killing fall from his lips like maggots on a rotten corpse: his blatant lies about the use of poison gas in Syria as the government in Damascus confronts a foreign mercenary invasion; the lurid tales of fabricated massacres in Benghazi (Libya) and the false claims of stolen elections in Venezuela.

Events in the Middle East, and the policy debates surrounding them, tend to proceed in endless, disorienting loops. The Syrian civil war has gotten almost unimaginably worse since early 2012 (from 7,000 dead to 250,000), but we’re debating much the same thing we were debating back then: to enact safe zones and no-fly zones in the country, or not to. Algerian Islamists were ascendant in 1991 and the military intervened to stop them; something eerily similar happened in 2013 after the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt through democratic elections. Where exactly is the line between inaction and complicity? The notion of neutrality, for a country as powerful as the United States, is illusory. Doing nothing or “doing no harm” means maintaining or reverting to the status quo, which in the Middle East is never neutral, due to America’s longstanding relationships with regional actors.

Hilary Clinton seems to forget that Barak Obama owes a chunk of his election success to anti-war voters who turned out during the Democratic primaries in 2008, disgusted by Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize force on Iraq. But the man who became president has sorely disappointed many of the same anti-war voters with his expansion of the deadly drone war.
Since he was elected, President Obama in consultation of course with his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, has launched more 390 drone strikes—eight times the number George W. Bush oversaw. Obama has escalated the drone war in Pakistan—where the majority of attacks take place—and in Somalia and Yemen. The drone strikes, meant to target Al Qaeda and the Taliban, have killed scores of civilians, disrupted tribal life, brought about huge suffering and trauma and inflamed anger at the U.S. Four Americans have been killed in drone attacks, and the whole program remains shrouded in secrecy.

In response to a growing wave of criticism, Obama gave a landmark speech where he vowed that transparency would increase and that drone strikes would only occur when there was a “near-certainty” civilians would not be killed.

However, civilians continue to die in Pakistan and Yemen, “collateral damage” from these drone attacks. The latest example came on December 12, 2013, when a drone attack in Yemen, said to be aimed at an Al Qaeda leader, killed 12 civilians driving as part of a wedding convoy.

Bush was a real war monger, with his “Shock and Awe,”  “Mission Accomplished,” and wars of choice. But Obama, once seen as the anti-war candidate, has him soundly beat in the number of secret wars with unconventional forces spread across the globe. After a thorough investigation, Nick Turse of Tom Dispatch recently reported the staggering fact that there are currently U.S. Special Ops in 70% of the world’s nations. “All over the planet, the Obama administration is waging a secret war whose full extent has never been fully revealed”.

In the waning days of the Bush presidency, Special Operations forces were reportedly deployed in about 60 countries around the world. In 2013, elite U.S. forces were deployed in 134 countries around the globe. This 123% increase during the Obama years demonstrates how, in addition to conventional wars and a CIA drone campaign, public diplomacy and extensive electronic spying, the U.S. has engaged in still another significant and growing form of overseas power projection. Conducted largely in the shadows by America’s most elite troops, the vast majority of these missions take place far from prying eyes, media scrutiny, or any type of outside oversight, increasing the chances of unforeseen blowback and catastrophic consequences.” (23).

The 2014 elections gave the Republicans control of the Senate (and control of both houses of Congress) for the first time since the 109th Congress. With 247 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate, this Congress began with the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress of 1929–1931.

After half a decade of divided government, in which congressional Democrats worked to stymie President George W. Bush and his internal and foreign policies, congressional Republicans used every opportunity to block or roll back President Obama’s agenda. This has compelled Obama to resort to political compromise with the Republicans in order to make his resolutions pass both houses of Congress.

The Obama administration’s foreign policy has received criticism across the political spectrum. “Hawkish” conservatives such as Obama’s 2008 Republican challenger John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have accused the President of being timid and ineffectual in wielding American influence. Some even claim that Obama’s policy of “appeasement” leads to a US retreat from the world scene and to an abandon of U.S. allies. On the other hand, more “dovish” liberals such as Jimmy Carter and Dennis Kucinich have accused him of cynicism and heavy-handedness. More specifically, some critics charge that he has pursued similarly imperialistic policies to those of his predecessor, George W. Bush, of whom Obama was deeply critical during his tenure in the Senate and his 2008 presidential campaign.

Obama Administration has embraced the Bush doctrine, or at least the preemption part of the Bush doctrine. Obama and his administration have implemented the hawkish policy of the Republicans in the Middle East. Hilary Clinton played a major role in implementing such despicable policy that led to millions of deaths.

Obama and his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have terrorized the Middle East by creating the so called “Arab Spring”. They deceived the world when they claimed that the “Arab Spring” was totally Arab, while it was in fact a vicious American plan aiming at weakening the Arab world by dividing its countries into religious and ethnic factions and sects. The treacherous goal was to reshape the Middle East in accordance with the strategic needs and objectives of America. The objective was to steel the oil and the natural resources of the rich Arab world without paying any costs! This was exactly the policy of the Republicans against the Muslim and Arab world, which Obama adequately executed.

Obama had no foreign policy of his own. He was dominated by the Republican and neocon hawks and became more belligerent than Bush, waging four wars and various proxy ones. The Republicans, the Israeli Lobby, the Christian Right, and other extremist elements dominated him. Obama tried to satisfy them all. Instead of being feared and respected by his opponents, he inclined to compromise than draw lines. He adopted the imperial agenda of the Republican Congressional majority: conflict is preferred over diplomacy; global militarization against potential challengers and America’s main rivals – China and Russia, encircling them belligerently with bases and strategic weapons. It’s a policy fraught with danger. He initiated, the “Arab Spring” and trained, financed and supported fanatic Islamic militia and groups. He created ISIS which was largely unheard of until a year ago, on the world’s stage and which promptly replaced the worn out and tired al Qaeda as the world’s terrorist bogeyman.

Facts on the ground and recent developments confirm what is known and documented: Washington is behind the Islamic State (ISIS) and at the same time it is behind the moderate Al Qaeda terrorists, which the Obama administration supported as part of America’s campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS). Obama expects the Arabs to believe that they are committed to waging a campaign against terrorists.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was until 2014 called al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Al Nusra is an al Qaeda affiliate which has committed countless atrocities in Syria.  It is now considered by the Obama administration as the “Moderate Opposition”.

America’s “anti-terrorist campaign’ consists in supporting a so-called “moderate” Al  Qaeda entity (Al Nusra)  with a view to going after another al Qaeda entity entitled The Islamic State, formerly designated as Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Al Qaeda is going after Al Qaeda”, and both wings of al Qaeda are supported covertly by US intelligence. Both ISIS and Al Nusra are protected by the Western military alliance. Both Al Qaeda entities are used to destroy Syria and Iraq. The air campaign allegedly against ISIS does not target ISIS, it targets Syria and Iraq, schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas, government buildings, roads, bridges, etc.

Both Al Qaeda affiliated entities are being used to destroy Iraq and Syria as nation states. The terrorists are the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance.

These various affiliated Al Qaeda entities in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are CIA sponsored “intelligence assets”. They are used by Washington to wreak havoc, create internal conflicts and destabilize sovereign countries.

The IS caliphate project is part of a longstanding US foreign policy agenda to carve up Iraq and Syria into separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an Arab Shia Republic, and a Republic of Kurdistan.

US and allied bombings are not targeting the ISIL, they are bombing the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria including factories and oil refineries.

US-NATO-Israel are state sponsors of terrorism, providing training, weapons and money to various terrorist formations. The endgame is “regime change” in Syria and the fragmentation of Iraq.

The US led war against the Islamic State is a big lie. Going after ” Islamic terrorists”, carrying out a worldwide pre-emptive war to “Protect the American Homeland” are used to justify a military agenda.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a creation of US intelligence. Washington’s “Counter-terrorism Agenda” in Iraq and Syria consists in supporting the terrorists.

The incursion of the Islamic State (IS) brigades into Iraq starting in June 2014 was part of a carefully planned military-intelligence operation supported covertly by the US, NATO and Israel.

The counter-terrorism mandate is a fiction. America is the Number One “State Sponsor of Terrorism”.
The Islamic State is protected by the US and its allies. If they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have “carpet” bombed their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq. This large scale military operation directed against Syria and Iraq has resulted in countless civilian deaths. It could not have been undertaken without the unbending support of the Western media which has upheld Obama’s initiative as a counter-terrorism operation (24).

In order to prove that the Republicans were behind chaos and proxy wars in the Middle East, the hawkish Republican Senator John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria. He urged Obama’s administration to arm Syrian rebel groups. McCain met rebel leaders inside Syria to discuss their calls for heavy weapons and a no-fly zone to help them topple President Bashar al-Assad.

McCain’s intervention is likely to strengthen the hand of hawks in Washington. McCain is said to have met with General Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army during his visit. He stayed in the country for several hours before returning to Turkey. In Syria and Turkey, McCain and Idris met assembled leaders of Free Syrian Army units that travelled from around the country to see the US senator.

Inside those meetings, rebel leaders called on the United States to step up its support to the Syrian armed opposition and provide them with heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and airstrikes on the Syrian regime and the forces of Hezbollah.

Because Egypt fiercely rejected the American plot against the Middle East, McCain described the ousting of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi as a coup.

“We have said we share the democratic aspirations and criticism of the Morsi government that led millions of Egyptians into the streets,” McCain said at the end of a brief visit to Cairo in which he and fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham met senior officials.

“We’ve also said that the circumstances of [Morsi’s] removal was a coup. This was a transition of power not by the ballot box.”

The visit by the senators, both members of the Senate foreign relations committee, was aimed at pressing for reconciliation between the interim military-led government and the vanquished Muslim Brotherhood, which remains encamped in two parts of the capital, demanding Morsi’s reinstatement.

Both senators pressed Sisi to release political prisoners, including Morsi, who has been held at a military base several hours outside of Cairo.

Obama did not keep his promise when he vowed in his speech in Cairo that he will do his best to create a Palestinian State. While addressing the annual conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, Washington’s most influential pro-Israel lobby group, Netanyahu said he was willing to resume talks on a two-state solution “immediately … anytime, anywhere”, if only his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas was willing to do the same. This just one day after the Israeli government issued notices to seize nearly 120 hectares of land from Palestinian villages in the northern West Bank, and days after it declared more than 2,300 dunums of land in Jericho as “state lands”, which are then usually granted to Jewish settlers.

Obama quickly caved when Netanyahu rejected a halt to settlement expansion before talks with the Palestinians. He also didn’t listen to Biden, when the US presidential candidates are falling over themselves to appease the powerful pro-Israel lobby?

Hilary Clinton designed and implemented these disastrous foreign policies. The consequences of such annihilating policy is terrible.

Since 2011 when Qaddafi was overthrown, 4,600 people have died in Libya; Over 8,100 people have died in Yemen in 2015; the damage has been expedited in Syria as 470,000 people died from 2011 to 2015: another 21,000 are estimated to have been killed just this year. Hence, adding the totals of these figures equates to 1,160 521 deaths (Total) (25).

Hilary Clinton never mentioned in her presidential campaign that her administration is at war in varying degrees in four different countries in the Middle East and North Africa—Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen—as well as continuing its “longest war” in Afghanistan. All five of these wars now involve ISIS that was supported and financed by Obama’s administration. This created terrorist organization threatens the future stability of the Middle East and even U.S. internal peace. ISIS cannot be defeated quickly and no credible form of eventual defeat of ISIS Will defeat the threat of terrorism either in the Arab countries or in America.

During her presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton had never addressed U.S. policy for any of these five wars. Her campaign is going amidst multiple wars without seriously debating or discussing where any of its wars are going, or what their longer-term impact will be.

Hillary Clinton made headlines with a June speech in San Diego casting Donald Trump as unfit for the presidency due to the damage his incendiary rhetoric could cause. Simultaneously, the former Secretary of State sought to convince the California audience that she was the safer choice in foreign policy matters.

But when taking a closer look at US foreign policy under her leadership as the nation’s top diplomat, it’s obvious that Clinton could potentially be a disaster if given the position of Commander-in-Chief. Voters should be leery of Clinton, who, despite having met with more world leaders than any presidential candidate in US history, is responsible for some of the worst foreign policy blunders of the 21st century.

Thirteen years of wars in the Middle East, since the illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003, have killed way over a million people; destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and created millions of refugees. The terrorist attacks by Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) in Europe, coupled with hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East have strengthened xenophobia, Islamophobia, and more generally, hatred of foreigners. Daesh itself is a byproduct of the invasion of Iraq that led to the emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq, morphing into its present state as a result of the wars in Libya and Syria. Can things get any worse? Not only they can, we should expect new wars in the Middle East if Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumptive Democratic candidate for president is elected next November. Even a glance at her record and the neoconservatives’ enthusiasm for her presidency indicate how likely new wars in the Middle East would occur.

Hillary Clinton is a hawk and warmonger. People often point to her vote in 2002 for going to war in Iraq and her enthusiasm for it. After all, it was during her husband’s presidency that toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein became the official policy of the United States. But, her track record of starting and supporting wars, and siding with despots is much deeper than Iraq.

Here are a few examples of countries where conditions are tremendously worse as a result of Hillary Clinton’s policies.

1-  Hillary Clinton made Libya a failed state

In an April interview with Fox News, President Barack Obama, reflecting on his 7 years as Commander-in-Chief, admitted that ousting Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was the biggest mistake of his presidency. While Obama took responsibility for the failure of Libya in that interview, he relied on the input of Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State at the time.

In March of 2011, Clinton met with Mahmoud Jibril, who was leading the opposition to Gaddafi. As the New York Times reported, Clinton asked Jibril a series of questions about how his coalition planned to fill the power vacuum that would be created by Gaddafi’s ouster. And in the end, it was Clinton who convinced the White House that deposing Gaddafi was the right thing to do. Her conviction was critical in persuading Obama to join allies in bombing Colonel Qaddafi’s forces. In fact, Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Robert M. Gates, would later say that in a “51-49” decision, it was Mrs. Clinton’s support that put the ambivalent president over the line.

The 2011 NATO-led invasion of Libya that took place after Clinton’s visit has since allowed extremist groups to seize power in an unprecedented takeover of much of the country over the last five years.

In 2014, the US State Department shut down the US embassy in Libya and issued a travel warning urging all Americans to stay away from the country. Roughly one year ago, Libya’s central bank, the last remaining institution in the failed state, was forced to flee to a city in the Eastern region of the country due to rebel forces encroaching on the bank’s facility in Tripoli, the capital. Libya is now a haven for terrorists, with thousands of ISIS soldiers using the country as a staging ground.
In an interview on CBS, Clinton laughed about Gaddafi’s slaying, proudly exclaiming, “We came, we saw, he died.”

2- Hillary Clinton deserves credit for poverty and instability in Haiti

In Haiti, the first state ever founded by freed black slaves, citizens are still fighting for political and economic freedom today, largely due to the influence of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In 2011, Wikileaks published US State Department cables from 2008 and 2009 confirming that State Department officials were meeting behind closed doors with Haitian business leaders, plotting on how to stop the Haitian government from implementing a 37-cent hike in the minimum wage from $0.24 an hour to $0.61 cents an hour.

While Haitian President René Préval was initially neutral on the proposal of raising the minimum wage, he went on the record opposing the wage hike after consistent efforts from within the US Embassy in Haiti and the Haitian business lobby by July of 2009.  Clinton’s State Department tried to suppress the wage hike as half-true, since there’s no link proving that Clinton directly played a role.

However, Clinton’s influence on Haiti didn’t stop there. As US Uncut previously reported, the former Secretary of State took an active role in swinging Haitian’s presidential elections in favor of corporate special interests. In the first round of Haiti’s presidential elections, thousands of citizens took to the streets demanding an annulment of election results, alleging that then-Haitian president Michel Martelly committed election fraud.

Martelly, who succeeded René Préval, is a close confidant of the Clinton family. In 2011, Martelly appointed Bill Clinton to an advisory board whose stated goal was to court foreign investors.

And in one of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails made public, Clinton’s chief of staff received an email from another staffer openly boasting about using connections within the Haitian business elite to lobby for the withdrawal of Jude Célestin, Martelly’s political rival, from an upcoming runoff election. The aide, Kenneth Merten, predicted the news of the US interfering in election results would create widespread protests, and said he had called Martelly, asking him to plead with Haitians “to not pillage.”

While Martelly is no longer in power, his hand-picked successor, Jovenel Moïse, won the most recent election. However, watchdogs are calling the results fraudulent and demanding a new election. Ricardo Seitenfus, who has served as representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the last eight years, admitted that Haiti’s government is essentially a puppet of US interests, saying the Haitian election schedule is “subject to the U.S. schedule.” Hillary Clinton deserves to be closely scrutinized when touting her diplomacy record, as Haiti’s political instability is a result of her policies.

3-  Honduras’ downfall resulted from a coup Clinton supported

In 2009, shortly after Obama took office and appointed Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was arrested at gunpoint by the military and forced onto a plane to Costa Rica while a new government took power. While the US State Department didn’t directly oust Zelaya, it refused to call his ouster a coup, despite calls from the U.S. ambassador to Honduras and from Congress to do so. In her interview with the New York Daily News editorial board, Clinton defended her decision to keep sending aid to Honduras despite the violent overthrow of Zelaya:

“I think, in retrospect, we managed a very difficult situation, without bloodshed, without a civil war, that led to a new election. And I think that was better for the Honduran people. But we have a lot of work to do to try to help stabilize that and deal with corruption, deal with the violence and the gangs and so much else.”

However, the result of the coup was a massive amount of bloodshed, as gangs and drug cartels began to take more power in the absence of a stable government. In the year following the coup, Clinton’s State Department published a list of human rights abuses prevalent in Honduras.

The horrific conditions in Honduras triggered a mass exodus of migrants to the US. As Telesur reported, approximately 9,000 child refugees fled Honduras in 2015. Also in 2015, Clinton defended the deportation of children back to the Central American countries they’re fleeing in order “send a message.” However, Clinton has since walked back that statement as her Democratic presidential primary battle with Bernie Sanders became more competitive.

4-  Clinton is responsible for the fall of Iraq and Syria (and the rise of ISIS)

In late 2011, after months of sustained anti-government protests inspired by the “Arab Spring” movement, Hillary Clinton called for the resignation of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Then, in April 2012, Clinton gave a speech in Turkey more forcefully calling specifically for regime change, saying, “Assad must go.” Those three words created the policies that led to both the rise of ISIS in Syria and the European refugee crisis of 2015.

One of Clinton’s last actions as Secretary of State was to call for the arming of Syrian rebels fighting Assad. As the London Telegraph reported, Clinton’s plan to give weapons to Assad’s enemies was backed by not only former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, but also by former CIA director David Petraeus and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. While Obama initially rejected his Secretary of State’s plan, he eventually agreed to arm Syrian rebels in the goal of ousting Assad.

However, as ISIS began to get a foothold into Syria and Iraq, the “moderates” that received weapons from the US were eventually overtaken by ISIS fighters, who suddenly found themselves in the possession of military-grade weapons paid for with US tax dollars.

In a study conducted by Conflict Armament Research, which tracks the movement of arms in war-torn regions, researchers found that ISIS has weapons and ammunition not just from the US, but also from coalition forces that are funded by the US government. The access to advanced weaponry was likely the reason for ISIS’ rapid expansion into Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere.
The consequences of destabilizing Syria and Iraq are apparent. Over one million refugees, largely from countries where the US intervened militarily, fled to Europe between 2015 and 2016, creating the world’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. In this chart compiled by Eurostat, the top three countries people are fleeing are Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Donald Trump however, laid out a counter-terrorism strategy, attacking the policies of his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton and US president Barack Obama in the Middle East. He said, “We will work side by side with our friends in the Middle East, including our greatest ally Israel. We will partner with King Abdullah of Jordan and the president of Egypt, President [Abdel Fattah] Al-Sisi.” Donald Trump also announced that he will call for an international conference focused on halting the spread of radical Islam.

Trump further said: “”The rise of ISIS is the direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton,” Trump argued, pointing out that prior to Obama taking power in 2009 “Libya was stable, Syria was under control, Egypt was ruled by a secular president and ally to the U.S., Iraq was experiencing a decrease in violence and Iran was being choked off by economic sanctions.”

Trump also vowed to Banish Nation Building and Islamic Extremism.
“Our current strategy of nation building and regime change have been a total disaster…It’s time to chart a new course,” he continued. “When I become President, the era of nation building will be brought to a swift close.”

Trump slammed the Obama administration’s manipulation of intelligence reports to downplay the ISIS threat and attacked Clinton as lacking the judgement to be commander-in-chief. “Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country,” Trump said. “She [Clinton] lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.”

Trump said his administration would work with NATO to wage military force against ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in addition to finding common ground with Russia to fight the expanding threat. He also took at a shot at the Obama administration’s emptying of Guantanamo Bay Prison by reassuring voters foreign combatants will be tried in military commissions, not in U.S. courts. He also said those who offer material support to terrorist organizations will face aggressive and serious charges.

“We will decimate Al Qaeda and we will starve funding,” Trump said. “Military, cyber and financial warfare will be necessary to dismantle Islamic terrorism.” Trump also added.

“Our administration will be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers in the Middle East and will amplify their voices, this includes speaking out against honor killings,” he continued.

According to the Russian president Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton brings the real threat of war, not Donald Trump. Putin said: “If it’s Clinton, it’s war.” Clinton has compared Putin to Hitler and has taken a consistently hawkish position on foreign affairs. Putin’s open concerns about Hillary Clinton have put Russians and Romanians under a lot of stress. Putin was encouraged by Donald Trump’s message that he was willing to work with Russian leaders.

Vladimir Putin has ordered the Aerospace Defense Forces to accelerate the deployment of two or more missile attack early warning system satellites. He told his military leaders to prepare for imminent war if Hillary is elected president.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the right-wing French political party National Front, has backed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and said that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would bring “war”, “devastation” and “instability” if elected as President of the US.

“For France, anything is better than Hillary Clinton. Anything but Hillary Clinton. Because I think Hillary Clinton means war. Hillary Clinton means devastation. It means world instability,” CNN quoted Le pen as saying.

On the contrary, Hilary Clinton backs wars and massive retaliation:”if Iran attacks Israel, saying at the time: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to totally obliterate them. I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.

I pose the question: “Has Hilary estimated the terrible consequences of such irrational statement?” First, Iran will never attack Israel because it knows the consequences. And if Hilary is going to attack Iran, does Russia, backed by China, is going to let her do that? Due to Hilary’s careless policy in the Middle East and Eastern Europe Russia is already there in Syria totally blocking Washington plans to topple Al-Assad. Attacking Iran would threaten the peace of Israel, because Iran is waiting for such opportunity to attack Israel. The American or the Israeli atomic bombs will not be of value because Russia will never allow it. Iran shares its northern borders with Russia, and Russia will never allow any military aggression taking place near its borders.

The myth and the false arrogance that America is the sole super power on earth should come to an end. Russia is also a super power that can destroy the whole world in few seconds. Provoking another super power by foolishly putting it under sanction, is disastrous and annihilating. This provocation could easily put the whole world on fire in just few seconds, and might also threaten the American peace within her land too.

These dangerous statements of Hilary shows clearly that she is incognizant of the relations between Russia and Iran. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the two neighboring nations have generally enjoyed very close cordial relations. Iran and Russia are strategic allies and form an axis in the Caucasus alongside Armenia. Due to Western economic sanctions on Iran, Russia has become a key trading partner, especially in regard to the excess oil reserves. Militarily, Iran is the only country in Western Asia that has been invited to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Russia’s own international treaty organization in response to NATO, while much of the Iranian military consists of Russian weaponry. Iran has its embassy in Moscow and consulates in the cities of Astrakhan and Kazan. Russia has its embassy in Tehran, and consulates in Rasht and Isfahan.

On July 3, 2015, Hillary Clinton addressed a hand-picked audience at a Dartmouth College campaign event. She lied calling Iran an “existential threat to Israel… “I hope we are able to get a deal next week that puts a lid on (its) nuclear weapons program. Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran. They are the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism.

They use proxies like Hezbollah to sow discord and create insurgencies to destabilize governments. They are taking more and more control of a number of nations in the region and they pose an existential threat to Israel. We have to turn our attention to working with our partners to try to reign in and prevent this continuing Iranian aggressiveness.”

Fact: US and Israeli intelligence both say Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. No evidence whatever suggests Tehran wants one.

In 2008 Hilary addressed AIPAC’s annual convention saying:

“The United States stands with Israel now and forever. We have shared interests….shared ideals….common values. I have a bedrock commitment to Israel’s security.”

“Our two nations are fighting a shared threat” against Islamic extremism. I strongly support Israel’s right to self-defense (and) believe America should aid in that defense.”

“I am committed to making sure that Israel maintains a military edge to meet increasing threats. I am deeply concerned about the growing threat in Gaza (and) Hamas’ campaign of terror.”

Fact: No such campaign exists. The only threats Israel faces are ones it invents.

Clinton repeated tired old lies saying Hamas’ charter “calls for the destruction of Israel. Iran threatens to destroy Israel.”

“I support calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard what it is: a terrorist organization. It is imperative that we get both tough and smart about dealing with Iran before it is too late.”

She endorses using cluster bombs, toxic agents and nuclear weapons in US war theaters. She calls them deterrents that “keep the peace.” She was one of only six Democrat senators opposed to blocking deployment of untested missile defense systems – first-strike weapons entirely for offense (26).

This is the difference between the two candidates, Hilary calls for war and Trump calls for peace. Hilary sponsors and supports the terrorist entities ISIS and DAEISH, while Trump is determined to halt the spread of radical Islam.

In one of his electoral speeches Trump said: “Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of corruption. She’s a corrupt person. What she’s done with her e-mails, what she’s done with so many things.”

He added, “I think it might be her greatest accomplishment, escaping the recent scandal, and her lies, and the loss of 33,000 e-mails. But it wasn’t a loss, she discarded (them). That in itself is a major crime. Other people have been paying tremendous prices for what they’ve done, which is peanuts compared to what happened with Hillary Clinton.”

The reason for such harsh accusation is that Hilary Clinton exclusively used a private email address while serving as secretary of state from 2009-13. Instead of using the State Department email system (with an email address ending in, Clinton used a personal email address ( housed on private servers located in her Chappaqua, N.Y., home.

Because she didn’t use the government system, the department didn’t have her emails on hand when the House Select Committee on Benghazi asked to see them. So in 2014, Clinton’s lawyers combed through the private server and turned over about 30,000 work-related emails to the State Department and deleted the rest, which Clinton said were about personal matters.

Clinton has said she used the email setup for convenience, so she would only have to use one device for email. But there’s some evidence Clinton did it for privacy reasons as well. She said in 2010 that she would be open to a departmental email but added, “I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.” The FBI found that she used multiple mobile devices throughout her tenure, but it’s unclear if she switched out periodically or used more than one at the same time.

Some classified information ended up on her private server, which was an unclassified system, but there was not enough evidence to charge her with a crime. Clinton had repeatedly said she did not have any classified emails on her server, but the results of the FBI investigation show that claim was incorrect.

Of the tens of thousands of emails investigators reviewed, 113 contained classified information, and three of those had classification markers. FBI Director James Comey has said Clinton should have known that some of the 113 were classified, but others she might have understandably missed.

Comey said the Justice Department shouldn’t prosecute Clinton because there isn’t enough evidence that she intentionally mishandled classified information. FBI investigators didn’t find vast quantities of exposed classified material, and they also did not turn up evidence that Clinton intended to be disloyal to the United States or that she intended to obstruct justice. However, he called Clinton’s email setup “extremely careless.”

The Arab Spring – the American plot against the Arab world – has already ruined Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Egypt however, resisted the plot and stood erect on its feet. Let’s see what Hilary Clinton,   the Secretary of State then, and her ambassador Anne Patterson had done to Egypt in order to submit it to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hilary Clinton visited Cairo in March 2011, and she seemed to support the rise of political Islam in Egypt.

During Clinton’s visit to Cairo, young leaders of the revolution declined an invitation to meet with her, citing Washington’s tepid support for anti-government protesters over the course of the 18-day rebellion. The young leaders of the revolution refused to meet Hilary Clinton due to the US administration’s vacillating position and contradictory statements as the revolution unfolded. They refused to meet her because of the US administration’s wavering stance during the revolution, which remained ambiguous right up until Mubarak’s departure.

The leaders of the revolution announced additional reasons for its decision not to meet with Clinton. “The US administration only looks after its own interests, even if these interests conflict with those of the Egyptian people; the US administration supports oppressive regimes throughout the region. Their decision not to meet Clinton expressed their rejection of fifty years of faulty US policies in the region.

The rebellions announced: “The US has given Egypt some two billion dollars annually for the last thirty years as a bribe to allow it to intervene in Egypt’s domestic affairs and ensure that Egypt honors the Camp David peace agreement with Israel. From now on, all foreign funding should only be accepted on the condition that it doesn’t come with political strings attached or promote values alien to Egyptian culture. We really don’t want anything from America — neither intervention in our sovereign affairs nor advice on good governance and democracy.”

Egypt-US relations have been rocky since the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi. 76% of Egyptians have an unfavorable view of the Obama administration. Many Egyptians see America as either an interloper or as a nation that promises democratic ideals as an excuse to interfere in other nations’ affairs.

During the revolution, the CIA was regularly receiving affirming reports from the American Embassy in Cairo that Egypt’s state of affairs is well under the control of MB and that they are a sure bet.

Ann Patterson, the US ambassador to Egypt, or the wicked witch as Egyptians like to call her, who worked closely with Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, used to spend more time with the MB supreme guide than with her staff. And even after the fall of the MB, Patterson refused to give up on her bet, and convinced the leaders of the MB to try and mobilize their loyalists and stir up violence to convince the west that Egypt is on the brink of a civil war. Actually, Patterson’s scenario could do well in a tribal country like Syria, or Pakistan, where Patterson served before, but definitely not in Egypt.

U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson has become the public face in Egypt of America’s policy failure. She played a major role in forming the U.S. approach to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party led by Mohamed Morsi. Many in the Egyptian opposition regarded her as the person responsible for America’s close embrace of Islamists in Egypt. During the protests that led to the fall of Morsi’s government, her face, crossed out with a red X, became the symbol for many Egyptians of what they saw as U.S. discouragement of their efforts.

Patterson pushed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit Cairo, a trip that turned out to be a disaster as Egyptians pelted Clinton’s motorcade with tomatoes, chanted about Monica Lewinsky, and promoted conspiracy theories that Clinton aide Huma Abedin was part of a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy to control the Egyptian government.

Patterson pushed for a tight embrace of Morsi. She alienated the opposition. She told a lot of people that the opposition was useless, that there was no point investing time in them, that the Muslim Brotherhood was the only game in town.

These reasons and more showed why Ambassador Anne Patterson was disliked in Egypt, and also the pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies of the current U.S. administration. Why do millions of Egyptians, including politicians and activists, considered Anne Patterson, the U.S. ambassador to Egypt, a “stooge” for the Muslim Brotherhood — as she is so commonly referred to by many in Egypt, from the media down to the street? In America, some are aware of matters, such as that Patterson in particular resisted opportunities to criticize the Morsi government as it implemented increasingly authoritarian policies. She repeatedly dodged pointed questions about Morsi’s leadership. “The fact is they ran in a legitimate election and won,” she said.

Neglecting the fact that President El-SISI won the presidency with more than 93% of the votes, Clinton’s real intentions showed up when she called Egypt’s patriotic government: “basically an army dictatorship” during a live debate with her opponent Bernie Sanders. “I cautioned about the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak, and now we’re back with basically an army dictatorship,” said Clinton during the debate. It remains unclear whether Clinton’s statements about President Sisi’s government will be the official position of her administration if she wins the Presidency race.
By backing Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood and neglecting the demands of the Egyptian masses, Hilary Clinton proved that the American foreign policy in the region was a total failure and was originally directed to support Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic insurgents to rule Egypt and divide it into sectors warrying among themselves.

The Egyptian people removed Morsi from power because in less than one year time he was not capable of running Egypt. The masses realized that he would take advantage of his rule and exerts greater control over Egypt for the advantage of the American plot against the region.

The country was doing quite poorly under Morsi – the economy has been in the tank; the Egyptian stock market has been performing poorly; tourists revenues have been down; there have been gas shortages; most every economic indicator has shown Egypt to be in trouble, with no signs of improving under Morsi.

The Muslim Brotherhood when acquired power, held the presidency, dominated the legislature, and was actively working to curb the power and influence of the judiciary.

When Morsi became president, he sacked military generals, and attempted to wrest certain powers from the military. He gave his own office authority and power that reminded way too many of the type of autocratic power Mubarak himself had. Morsi’s opponents were being jailed, and there were signs of attacks on civil rights and free expression by his administration.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their pathetic puppet, Mohamed Morsi, the so called by America “democratically elected president”, were trying to demolish the civil pillars of the country. This included their goal to brotherhoodize the Judiciary, legislative, and administrative institutions. They wanted to immerse the constitution with controversial and radical Sharia law, wipe out press freedom, terrorize the Christian minority and turn the women into veiled ghosts. In short, the MB, an international syndicate of obscenely financed and radically brain-washed Islamists, were trying to hijack Egypt and turn it into the model they all treasure as the ideal Islamic Emirate, the Taliban example in Afghanistan.

While fashioning political structures to ensure dominance for years to come, Morsi was seen as also neglecting and mismanaging other aspects of rule (letting the economy flounder while too focused on seizing more power, for instance).  For millions of Egyptians, just as they’d not wanted the military to attempt to rule Egypt indefinitely after Mubarak, they did not want a civilian leader to – despite being “democratically elected” – take advantage of the circumstances.

Dissatisfied by the incompetent Muslim Brotherhood ‘MB’ governance and alarmed by their blatant agenda to turn Egypt into another Somalia or Afghanistan, the Egyptians revolted again, and rallied in millions across the country not against a failing president or government, but against a fascist group that peddles religion, feeds on ignorance and prejudice and craves authoritarian power. The MB respected no civil norms and left nothing behind except chaos, violence and ruins of a nation (27).

Morsi allowed during his presidency mobs of Islamists and MB loyalists to besiege the supreme constitutional court and humiliate its honorable judges to intimidate them into passing his distorted laws and deformed constitution!

Hilary Clinton and the other conspirators against Egypt’s unity say that Morsi was democratically elected.

Hilary Clinton and Obama’s administration thought that Egypt is just another Arab country living a tribal life. They thought that the Egyptians were hordes of cows who could not think for themselves which way to go. They did not know or maybe they forgot that Egypt is the cradle of civilization. Egypt has behind it 7000 years of splendid civilization. The Egyptians were the ones who taught the world what civilization truly was.

On June 30, 2013, Egyptians and for the second time in almost two years took to the streets in unprecedented numbers and fashion, and kicked out another incumbent president who failed to deliver on his electoral promises.

Realizing Morsi’s treachery, and his ardent backing for the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the continuous conflicts and clashes erupting everywhere, the Egyptians asked the military to intervene and the military responded and overthrew Morsi. President Sisi was sworn into office on 8 June 2014.

When Morsi was removed from power, the Egyptians began to hear the reactionary American clichés “This is a coup, this is undemocratic. After all, Morsi is an elected president”!

The second wave of the Egyptian revolution, protected and endorsed by the Egyptian army is not a blow to democracy, on the contrary, it is reestablishing democracy that should be based on separating the synagogue, the mosque and the church from state. And it is also a severe blow to the US credibility in the Middle East which witnessed throughout the last couple of years the fall and the forsaking of all US allies in the region.

Morsi, himself, the so called by America and the West democratically elected president, turned out to be an ex-convict who was detained in prison on charges of collaboration with foreign intelligence.

Egypt was and will continue to be a civil state in which everyone is equal before the law.

After the removal of Morsi from power Patterson demanded that Egypt’s recently appointed Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces, General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning, and when Sisi rejected this order, the American ambassador began threatening him that Egypt will turn into another Syria and live through a civil war, to which Sisi responded violently: ‘Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.’

Earlier Patterson tried to communicate with General Sisi, demanding dialogue with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and concessions to them to which Sisi retorted: “Stop meddling in our affairs… the Egyptian people are capable of looking after their own welfare.”

Anne Patterson’s image has been plastered on banners in Tahrir Square, crossed out with a blood-red X or distorted and smeared with insults. She is too cozy with Egypt’s deposed president and the Muslim Brotherhood, the signs said: “Obama and Patterson support terrorism in Egypt; Anne Paterson leave Egypt now and go to hell; Obama you can’t fool your people anymore, you finance and back terrorism; we know what you did last summer; Egypt will remain a civil state.”

Such blatantly pro-Muslim Brotherhood actions are what have led most Egyptians, including politicians and activists, to see Patterson as the Brotherhood’s lackey. The Egyptians considered her a member of the sleeper cells of the Brotherhood because she meets with them and supports them. The Egyptian considered her as part of a conspiracy against Egypt and its people. Anne Patterson was seen as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge who supported the Islamist group even as they were oppressing the population of Egypt. Patterson was called “the first enemy of the revelation” and was even more reviled in the protests than Mohammad Morsi.

The Egyptians therefore, stood firmly against Obama’s policy directed to submit Egypt to the rule of Muslim Brotherhood.
The response of the Egyptians to Patterson’s attempts to reinstate the Brotherhood to power was strong. They protested in front of the U.S. embassy in Cairo calling for Patterson expulsion from Egypt (28).

Hillary Clinton wants to be president. But she doesn’t have the temperament, or as Bernie Sanders said very strongly, the judgment to be president. Sanders has challenged Democratic orthodoxy on free trade, Middle East policy and the scope of executive power to conduct unlimited military campaigns under the auspices of the war against terrorism. In doing so he has exposed one of Clinton’s greatest vulnerabilities in a general election: Her judgment when conducting foreign affairs.

Clinton’s record as a military hawk is well-known. She voted for the Iraq War as a senator. As secretary of state, she pushed for U.S. intervention in Libya and lobbied President Obama to take military action against Bashar al-Assad in Syria. She was lukewarm about the nuclear deal with Iran. With respect to Israel, in March she gave a major policy speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) without so much as mentioning the plight of the Palestinians – a point later highlighted by Sanders, a son of Jewish immigrants, during their debate in Brooklyn.

Increasingly endless military campaigns in the Middle East is a drain on American blood and treasure. Thus, Clinton’s reliance on hard power as a means of advancing American interests is a tough sell in an election year where voters seem to prefer retrenchment rather than military adventurism.

Clinton signaled in a major foreign policy address that she would be doubling down on the conflict in Syria by imposing a no-fly zone – something the Obama administration has ruled out for fear of deepening America’s involvement in the Syrian civil war and risking escalation with Russia and Iran, the Assad government’s main patrons.

Furthermore, Clinton has proclaimed that she would reaffirm her “unbreakable bond” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fidelity to Israel’s security is a staple of all presidential campaigns, but Clinton has gone on record embracing an Israeli prime minister who repeatedly embarrassed President Obama, tried to torpedo his signature foreign policy achievement – the Iran nuclear deal – and paid only lip service to the peace process with Palestinians.

Such positions put her at odds with Sanders’ supporters, who, like President Obama, are committed to Israel’s security but also recognize the tremendous toll the occupation and continued expansion of Israeli settlements take on American security interests in the Middle East and on Palestinian society. They would like to see the United States play a more evenhanded role. So far, Clinton has not shown any willingness to confront more hard-line Israeli policies that make peace harder to achieve (29).

Donald Trump has given a foreign policy speech that makes more sense than that of Hilary Clinton. He presented sensible policy goals to getthe U.S. out of the swamp. Trump promised to be pro-American, in contrast to Hilary and Obama’s fantasy policies that ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people abroad for no discernible reason at all.  Obama and Clinton bombed Libya for no stated reason except the obvious lie that America was going to stop genocide.  Instead, things got much worse, and today Libya is still entangled in an avoidable civil war.

Donald Trump has named the enemy in the Jihad War.  He calls it “radical Islam.”  That’s good enough, because it labels the war theology of jihad as the real enemy.  We do not hate Muslims.  We hate their indoctrination into a pre-medieval desert theology that makes war on infidels a first duty for every believer.

President El-Sisi of Egypt gave a very brave speech in Al-Azhar Institute calling for a change in Islam, to stop the madness of a billion Muslims being told by the, the priesthood, that they are obligated to make endless war against Kafirs.

This may sound like ordinary common sense, but common sense has been painfully missing during the Obama years. Trump doesn’t have to be a genius to figure it out. The name of the enemy, whether jihad or radical Islam, has been absurdly covered up by Obama. That has been a deliberate and malignant strategy.

Obama’s failure to point out the enemy has allowed jihad to shape-change into al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Syrian refugees,”

But jihad is one of the five “pillars of Islam,” and every child is indoctrinated to know that.  Jihad is a duty that Muslims are supposed to follow.

Failure to name the enemy has allowed Obama to spend billions — or is it trillions? — on what is supposed to be homeland security.

Trump’s foreign policy speech will be read by Vladimir Putin and President El-Sisi of Egypt, by the genocide-peddling mullahs of Tehran, by ISIS and its morally subhuman backers — like Turkey and Saudi Arabia — and even by the hopeless EU autocrats, who have made such a mess of Europe that regular people are finally rebelling against them.

Under Obama and the European left, things have gotten screwed up to an amazing extent.  Obama is a sort of genius in screwing things up. It will take consistency and some wisdom to fix the mess (30).


Under any circumstances, the Republican Party establishment should stop feeling “shocked” by the emergence of Donald Trump. He represents the aspiration of the American people to make America great again.

Americans are tired of prefabricated political lies fed to them by establishments of both parties. Trump knows voters don’t approve of the expensive geopolitical games perpetrated by the American subsequent administrations.
When Trump started to run for President most people laughed. A buffoon billionaire reality TV star with ridiculous hair and three trophy wives couldn’t be more unfit for President. Yet, it is exactly that lack of correctness which propelled Trump to the lead in the primaries.

Apparently, Americans who are tired of the mountains of prefabricated political lies that are fed to them with great eagerness by the political establishment of both parties prefer a candidate who is frank about the sham of it all – albeit rude and lewd.

Like him or detest him, Trump has a point when he says he’s rich enough to be independent of corporate lobbyists. That points to some independence. Plus, in the peculiar U.S. form of political mythology, when Americans see a rich candidate, they see success. And when they see someone going into politics who is not for sale, they vote for him.

Donald Trump is rising on the wave of public anger with the political establishment. Like him or detest him, most Americans are people angry at the political establishment that specializes in enriching itself while presumably serving the public “good.”

As to the real danger, Trump appeals to the most primal human instincts: anger, greed, fear of strangers and territorial imperative.

Trump wants to deport eleven million Mexicans because they entered the United States without documentation during peacetime.

American liberals denounce Trump’s plan to stop Muslim immigration as contrary to the very spirit of our multi-national country, but America is not the same country that it was 100 years ago. Today, there are so many huddled masses yearning to escape the world’s wars and collapsing climate, that even America (let alone Europe) cannot accommodate all of them. However, some of those wars are the direct fault of the United States’ recent policies.Donald Trump wants to stop those waves and calls out both big political parties for their role in the disastrous foreign policy actions that unleashed them. Is there any wonder that he’s winning the nomination? Trump goes as far as to suggest cooperation with Russia on these crises. This flies in the face of the resurgent Cold War, but to most Americans the new Cold War looks like an invention of the hated establishment to focus yet again on foreign wars – instead of addressing people’s urgent needs on the Homefront.

The public may therefore come to see Trump’s call to work with Russia as badly needed pragmatism in the face of an apparent global meltdown.

Most politicos get indignant with Trump for such a terrible idea, but it is surely not the worst of ideas. In fact, President Obama already cooperates with Vladimir Putin in Syria, while publicly chiding Putin for his Ukrainian aggression.

The brash and bold Trump just calls it as he sees it, and people like that.

Most Americans are more afraid of ISIS – whether that is a legitimate fear or not – than of Russia editing the borders of its neighbors, which is certainly not a threat to Americans. They don’t approve of the expensive geopolitical games perpetrated by the American establishment. Politicians cry wolf about Putin’s annexation of Crimea, but most Americans don’t really care about it as long as Russia doesn’t threaten America. On the right is an oligarch Trump, who uses primeval human instincts and a real frustration with the establishment’s bad policymaking to vault himself to power (31).

On the other hand, Hilary Clinton might get the U.S. in some kind of military action. She’s a hawk, to the right of Obama. The biggest problem isn’t Trump – it’s Hillary. She is hugely unpopular — nearly 70% of all voters think she is untrustworthy and dishonest. She represents the old way of politics, not really believing in anything other than what can get you elected. That’s why she fights against gays getting married one moment, and the next she’s officiating a gay marriage. Young women are among her biggest detractors, which has to hurt considering it’s the sacrifices and the battles that Hillary and other women of her generation endured so that this younger generation would never have to be told by the Barbara Bushes of the world that they should just shut up and go bake some cookies. But the kids don’t like her, and not a day goes by that a millennial doesn’t tell me they aren’t voting for her. No Democrat, and certainly no independent, is waking up on November 8th excited to run out and vote for Hillary the way they did the day Obama became president or when Bernie was on the primary ballot. The enthusiasm just isn’t there. And because this election is going to come down to just one thing — who drags the most people out of the house and gets them to the polls — Trump right now is in the catbird seat.

As a Muslim and an Middle Eastern citizen, I don’t like the Republicans. We have seen nothing from them in the Middle East but perfidy, deceit and ruin. They are war mongers searching for their narrow interests at the expense of defenseless countries. They hate the religion of Islam and waged war against it. They gained the hatred of one billion and five hundred million Muslims around the world. They destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and planned the Arab Spring and compelled Obama to execute it. God spread dissension between them, and divided their party into sects fighting one another. Their arrogance separated them from the people and they forgot all about true democracy. Now they witness the deterioration of their party with hands tied up.

They think because they embrace the distorted ideas of the Christian Right (Apocalypse, dispensationalism, end of time theology) they are god-fearing! But piety is not believing in such fables, but to worship the One true and Only God (Allah in Arabic) without associating with Him partner or partners, and to abide by His commands and abstain from immorality and temptations. Do they do that? Certainly not.

If the Republicans persist in their atrocity they would certainly take America to its demise. The party needs reformation as mentioned above. I think Trump is the right man to reform the flimsy party and regains its polish once again.

The democrats are no better. Their presidents are not John Kennedy or Jimmy Carter anymore. It was Obama – the caller of peace – who left himself be influenced by the Republicans and the neoconservatives and came to our world to destroy it under the pretext of terrorist organizations, which he himself implanted on our soil, and financed and supported them.

I was inclined to promote Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. But after the search and the analysis forwarded above, I see Trump more qualified for the White House.


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George W. Bush and Tony Blair – is that all there is – is that all you have to say?


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

I had no intention to write this article in the first place because the facts about the American-Anglo-Israeli plot against the Middle East are well known to all. The plot was meant to redraw the map of the Middle East according to the geostrategic needs and objectives of the United States and its allies. This was supposed to be done by dividing the Middle East region into religious and ethnic factions living in small sectors without borders. Because the United States was facing a devastating financial crisis, it was the plan that America takes full advantage of its overwhelming military supremacy, including hitherto impermissible means, with inevitably terrible effects on the targeted populations. Not only inconvenient regimes but even certain US client regimes (such as Saudi Arabia) may be targeted. These countries are slated for direct rule by the American military, or rule under close and detailed direction by US monitors — encompassing not only foreign policy and economic policy, but political, social and cultural institutions as well. Direct control of oil will pass into American hands. Importantly, this drive is also intended to prevent the emergence of rivals to American worldwide hegemony. Of course, America’s primary aim is colonial-style exploitation, in order to maximize the loot and widen its captive markets.

The plot against the Middle East began by invading Afghanistan and then Iraq. Iraq will be the first to be attacked, followed by Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and then several other Middle Eastern countries. But how this plot against the Middle East Began? Two aggressors executed the well prepared plot against the Middle East, namely, George W. Bush the former President of the United States, and his attendant, Tony Blair the Prime Minister of the UK at the time. I will start by Tony Blair.

Tony Blair

In order to make the war against Iraq legitimate, lies must be fabricated, and false accusations must be introduced to the international community.

Tony Blair played a deceitful role in the Iraqi war as indicated in the Chilcot Report.

The Chilcot report

A seven-year investigation – has delivered a damning verdict on the decision by former Prime Minister Tony Blair to commit British troops to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The report by Sir John Chilcot, a former civil servant, amounts to an excoriating verdict on Britain’s political, military and intelligence establishments, all of which are heavily implicated for misjudgments and occasionally ineptitude. It reserves particular criticism for Mr. Blair, the former prime minister.

Sir John Chilcot’s 6,000-page report on the Iraq war and occupation delivered a crushing verdict on Tony Blair’s decision to join the US invasion, finding a cascade of mistakes and bad strategy that led to years of devastating mismanagement and strife.

The report shaped forever the legacy of Tony Blair who was once one of Britain’s most popular post-war premiers, only to become a figure of intense divisiveness at home after committing himself as the closest wartime ally of US President George W Bush.

The report has tarnished Blair’s reputation and legacy. Tony Blair committed to an invasion of Iraq almost eight months before receiving parliamentary and legal backing, and began military action before diplomatic alternatives were exhausted.

The results of the report could be summarized in the following:

The UK chose to join the invasion before peaceful options had been exhausted. Military action at the time was not a last resort.

Prime Minister Tony Blair had deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and his regime as he sought to make the case for military action to MPs and the public in the buildup to the invasion in 2002 and 2003.

Prime Minister Tony Blair disregarded warnings about the potential consequences of military action, and relied too heavily on his own beliefs, rather than the more nuanced judgments of the intelligence services. The judgments about Iraq’s capabilities … were presented with a certainty that was not justified.

Tony Blair wrote to George W Bush eight months before the Iraq invasion to offer his unqualified backing for war well before UN weapons inspectors had complete their work, saying: “I will be with you, whatever.” In a six-page memo marked secret and personal, the then British prime minister told Bush, US president at the time, in July 2002 that the removal of Saddam Hussein would “free up the region” even if Iraqis may “feel ambivalent about being invaded”. The report shed light on what happened between Blair and Bush in the months leading up to the March 2003 invasion, an interaction that has long been the subject of speculation about secret deals and pledges.

The decision to invade was made in unsatisfactory circumstances. The inquiry did not reach a view on the legality of the war, saying this could only be assessed by a “properly constituted and internationally recognized court”, but did make a damning assessment of how the decision was made. The process for deciding that the war was legal is described as “perfunctory” by the inquiry, while “no formal record was made of that decision, and the precise grounds on which it was made remains unclear.”

The inquiry found that the Bush administration repeatedly over-rode advice from the UK on how to oversee Iraq after the invasion, including the involvement of the United Nations, the control of Iraqi oil money and the extent to which better security should be put at the heart of the military operation.

The inquiry specifically criticizes the way in which the US dismantled the security apparatus of the Saddam Hussein army and describes the whole invasion as a strategic failure.

Iran, North Korea and Libya were considered greater threats in terms of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons proliferation, and the UK joint intelligence committee believed it would take Iraq five years, after the lifting of sanctions, to produce enough fissile material for a weapon, Chilcot finds. Britain’s previous strategy of containment could have been adopted and continued for some time.

The Chilcot report identifies a series of major blunders by the British intelligence services that produced “flawed” information about Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, the basis for going to war. Chilcot says the intelligence community worked from the start on the misguided assumption that Saddam had WMDs and made no attempt to consider the possibility that he had got rid of them, which he had.

The UK’s military involvement in Iraq ended with the “humiliating” decision to strike deals with enemy militias because British forces were seriously ill-equipped and there was “wholly inadequate” planning and preparation for life after Saddam Hussein, the Chilcot report finds. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) planned the invasion in a rush and was slow to react to the security threats on the ground, particularly the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that killed so many troops, the report says.

The Chilcot report rejects the view that the UK would have lost diplomatic influence if it had refused to join the war. “Blair was right to weigh the possible consequences for the wider alliance with the US very carefully,” the report says. But it adds: “If the UK had refused to join the US in the war it would not have led to a fundamental or lasting change in the UK’s relationship with the US.”

The report says that between early 2002 and March 2003 Blair was told that, post-invasion, Iraq could degenerate into civil war. In September 2002, the US secretary of state, Colin Powell, predicted “a terrible bloodletting of revenge after Saddam goes”, adding: “Traditional in Iraq after conflict.” Sir Christopher Meyer, UK ambassador to the US, added: “It will probably make pacifying Afghanistan look like child’s play.” Chilcot rejects Blair’s claim that the subsequent chaos and sectarian conflict could not have been predicted.

Blair did not identify which ministers were responsible for post-war planning and strategy. The prime minister also failed to press Bush for “definitive assurances” about the US’s post-conflict plans. Nor did he envisage anything other than the best-case scenario once the invasion was over: that a US-led and UN-authorized force would find itself operating in a “relatively benign security environment”. All of this contributed to Britain’s ultimate strategic failure.

The Bush administration appointed Ambassador Paul Bremer to head a new coalition provisional authority in Baghdad. The UK had practically no input into subsequent decisions taken by Bremer, including the dissolving of Saddam’s army and security structures. This decision alienated the Sunni community and fed the insurgency. Blair continued to talk to Bush, but Britain had little influence on the ground over day-to-day policy making.

Chilcot report says that by 2009, when UK forces were pulled out of Iraq, Downing Street was facing strategic failure. Iraq was gripped by “deep sectarian divisions”. There was a fragile situation in Basra, rows over oil revenues, and rampant corruption inside Iraqi government ministries. No evidence had been found that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. During this period the government did not reappraise the situation, Chilcot says. He describes as “meagre” the results of Britain’s costly six-year occupation.

Before the war, Blair had said that the US-led invasion coalition would try to minimize civilian casualties. As the war and occupation unfolded, however, the MoD made only a “broad estimate” of how many Iraqis were being killed. The report says that more time was devoted to which department should have responsibility for the issue than was spent on finding out the number. The government’s main interest was to “rebut accusations that coalition forces were responsible for the deaths of large numbers” of Iraqis. By 2009 at least 150,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, had died, and more than a million had been displaced.

The report finds that the use of force was undertaken at a time when Saddam posed “no imminent threat” and in a way that undermined the authority of the UN Security Council.

More than 200 British citizens — soldiers, aid workers and others — died as a result of the conflict in Iraq.

In a previously unpublished memo from July 2002, Mr Blair told Mr Bush: “I will be with you, whatever.” That commitment — given without consulting colleagues — made it very difficult for the UK subsequently to withdraw its support for the March 2003 invasion, the report found.

Crucially, the report rejects Mr. Blair’s arguments that diplomatic options for controlling Iraq’s weapons programs — particularly via the UN — were not worth pursuing further by March 2003. “Military action at that time was not a last resort,” Sir John said.

The Chilcot report finds pre-war intelligence was misrepresented, legal advice was not given satisfactorily, military strategies were impractical and planning for the occupation was “wholly inadequate”. The direct cost of the conflict to the UK was “at least £9.2bn”.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, who opposed the war at the time, said the report showed the war was “an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext”. He later described it as a “catastrophe” and concluded: “I now apologize sincerely on behalf of my party for the decision to go to war in Iraq”.

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, the only major party to oppose the invasion, said Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush had “created a failed state which continues to be the source of extremism and instability across the Middle East” (1).


The Chilcot report is a statement from Blair’s own people that he was a deceitful liar.

Blair’s fabrication of the truth

After the secret agreement between Blair and Bush to invade Iraq, Blair now needed to persuade the public to identify Saddam as an urgent threat. So, in the months that followed the Crawford Ranch meeting, he and his advisers dedicated themselves to proving that Saddam was an evil monster hell-bent on the destruction of his neighbors – and possibly even Britain.

Let’s see the fabricated lies of Tony Blair – Bush’s poodle – to convince the world that Iraq was an evil country and deserved to be destroyed.

1- Weapons of mass-destruction

From Blair’s viewpoint, there was one gigantic hitch. He had no serious evidence that Saddam possessed viable “weapons of mass destruction”.

Furthermore, British officials were aware of the flimsy nature of the evidence. One of these was Carne Ross, then the foremost expert on Iraq at the United Nations, who’d read all the UK and US intelligence Iraq briefings each day for four and a half years.

As he told the Chilcot inquiry: “There were approximately 12 or so unaccounted-for Scud missiles; Iraq’s air force was depleted to the point of total ineffectiveness; its army was but a pale shadow of its earlier might; there was no evidence of any connection between Iraq and any terrorist organization that might have planned an attack using Iraqi WMDs…

“There was, moreover, no intelligence or assessment … that Iraq had any intention to launch an attack against its neighbors or the UK or US.” In other words, Iraq presented only a limited threat to its neighbors – and none at all to Britain and the United States.

Yet, from early 2002 onwards, Tony Blair began giving a series of false and misleading statements about the existence and development of Iraq’s so-called weapons of mass destruction. He told NBC News: “We know that he [Saddam] has stockpiles of major amounts of chemical and biological weapons, we know that he is trying to acquire nuclear capability, we know that he is trying to develop ballistic missile capability of a greater range.”

Three days later, at a press conference with Bush, Blair informed reporters that “we know [Saddam] has been developing these weapons. We know that those weapons constitute a threat.”

Then, on 10 April, he told the House of Commons: “Saddam Hussein’s regime is despicable – he is developing weapons of mass destruction, and we cannot leave him doing so unchecked. He is a threat to his own people and to the region and, if allowed to develop these weapons, a threat to us also.”

While the JIC was suggesting that Iraq might have small quantities of chemical weapons, Blair was stating that ‘we know that [Saddam] has stockpiles of major amounts of chemical and biological weapons”.

Therefore, Blair’s statements to the media and Parliament were at the very least gross misrepresentations of the intelligence. They were, however, vital in making the case for war.

2- Manipulating intelligence

In February 2002, the government had started compiling a paper for public consumption on the mass destructive capabilities of four countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea.

Almost at once this raised the question: why take military action against Iraq rather than one of the others? In fact, the intelligence services considered Iraq to be only the third or fourth most dangerous of these countries.

On 15 March, John Scarlett – chairman of the JIC – suggested a solution: “You may still wish to consider whether more impact could be achieved if the paper only covered Iraq. This would have the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD, Iraq is not that exceptional.”

It was therefore agreed that the dossier – compiled with the help of Secret Intelligence Service [SIS] – should focus on Iraq alone. After that, cautious intelligence statements were simply rewritten as propaganda.

In the foreword to the dossier, for example, Blair stated firmly: “What I believe the assessed intelligence has established beyond doubt is that Saddam has continued to produce chemical and biological weapons, that he continues in his efforts to develop nuclear weapons, and that he has been able to extend the range of his ballistic missile program.”

Almost all of these assertions turned out to be misleading. Yet, shockingly, intelligence chiefs Richard Dearlove and John Scarlett both tolerated New Labor’s use of secret intelligence as propaganda.

Both had been sucked into the intimate circle around the Prime Minister – Scarlett, for instance, attended meetings chaired by Blair’s spin-doctor. He was even part of a cluster of aides who hovered over a press spokesman as he drew up a press release. In other words, they both entered into a tacit conspiracy to deceive the British people.

3- Blair’s headache – no weapons of mass-destruction

Bush gave Saddam a final chance to disarm and insisted on the return to Iraq of UN weapons inspectors – led by Hans Blix – for the first time since 1998.

A few days later, Iraq accepted. Had Blair fallen under the proverbial bus at this point, he might now be classed among the greatest international political leaders of modern times. Unfortunately, from this point on, nothing at all went to plan.

To the surprise of many observers, the inspectors were given access to every site they asked to visit. Over three months, they conducted more than 900 inspections at over 500 sites.They did not find WMDs, let alone evidence of a nuclear program, in a single one of them, which meant a big headache for Blair.

Blair now had to choose between the United Nations and the United States, between legality and illegality, between peace and war.

Most members of the UN Security Council wanted the weapons inspectors to continue their work until they were satisfied that Iraq had disarmed.

The alternative – an invasion – “could have incalculable consequences for the stability of a scarred and fragile region,” said the French prime minister. “It would compound the sense of injustice, would aggravate tensions and would risk paving the way for other conflicts.”

Blair wasn’t listening. All the evidence suggests that he had already decided to ditch the UN route and join the US in an attack on Iraq.

Of course he still had to show that the invasion was lawful – and unfortunately his attorney general, Peter Goldsmith, didn’t agree. However, almost at the eleventh hour, Goldsmith helpfully revised his legal opinion, thus removing the last major obstacle to war.

At this point, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser at the Foreign Office, memorably resigned. All 27 members of the Foreign Office legal team agreed with her view that the war was unlawful.

4- Lying to Parliament

On 17 March 2003, Blair told his cabinet that Britain would join Bush’s invasion, come what may. The following day, MPs were asked to vote on a motion to authorize the war.

Remarkably, even Blair’s motion itself was misleading: it claimed that President Jacques Chirac had said in a TV interview that France would always veto a UN resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.

In fact, Chirac had said that if and when the weapons inspectors reported that disarmament by inspection was impossible, then “regrettably, the war would become inevitable”.

Not only did MPs fail to expose this, they also failed to challenge Blair on other gravely misleading assertions and omissions.

In an emotional speech to the House, Blair described a recent weapons inspectors’ report as a “remarkable document”, and gave the impression that it contained new and damning evidence. Quoting from a section on mustard gas, he said: “Mustard constituted an important part of Iraq’s CW [chemical weapons] arsenal – 550 mustard filled shells and up to 450 mustard filled aerial bombs unaccounted for.”

In reality, the report did not claim that Iraq possessed banned weapons – merely that certain material was “unaccounted for”. And Blair’s alarmist statement actually meant something quite different if you read the full text from which it was taken.

The mustard-filled shells and bombs that he’d mentioned had been unaccounted for since 1998. “According to an investigation,” said the report, “the discrepancy in the accounting for the mustard-filled shells could be explained by the fact that Iraq had based its accounting on approximations.” In other words, the shells containing mustard gas may never have existed.

But Blair didn’t stop there. He also told MPs that among other weapons unaccounted for since 1998 were “a far-reaching VX nerve agent program” and “unquantifiable amounts of sarin, botulinum toxin and a host of other biological poisons.”

“We are asked now seriously to accept that in the last few years – contrary to all history, contrary to all intelligence – Saddam decided unilaterally to destroy those weapons. I say that such a claim is palpably absurd,” he thundered.

Again, he was seriously misleading the Commons. The report had made it clear that any “unaccounted for” sarin, VX and botulinum toxin would have degraded by 2003 – and thus no longer be effective in warfare.

Next, Blair turned to the defection in 1995 of Saddam’s son-in-law, Hussein Kamal, who had been interviewed by international weapons inspectors after arriving in Jordan.

Kamal, said Blair, had disclosed an extensive biological weapons program “and, for the first time, said that Iraq had weaponized the program.”

Kamal – who’d been in charge of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons programs – had also insisted that all of Iraq’s WMDs had been destroyed on his orders.

Had Kamal merely pretended to defect in order to sow disinformation? Unlikely. Some months after briefing the inspectors, he was lured back to Iraq by Saddam, who promptly had him executed.

Arguably, Blair’s most hair-raising pitch to Parliament was the possibility of Saddam giving terrorists WMDs or even “a so-called dirty radiological bomb”. This, he said, was “in my judgement, a real and present danger to Britain and its national security.”

What he didn’t mention was that he’d recently received an intelligence assessment which said:

  1. There was no intelligence that Iraq had provided chemical or biological materials to al-Qaeda or had any intentions to aid terrorist attacks;
  2. If Saddam’s regime collapsed, there was a risk such material could fall into the hands of terrorists;
  3. Al-Qaeda and associated groups continued to represent by far the greatest terrorist threat to Western interests – and that threat would be heightened by military action against Iraq.

MPs duly passed the motion to go to war, by an overwhelming 412 votes to 149.

5- War

On the same day that Tony Blair was persuading MPs to support him, the UN inspectors were withdrawn from Iraq for their own safety.

The date for the invasion was not determined by the progress or otherwise of the ongoing weapons inspections. It was determined only by the US military timetable, to which the UK had assented.

On 19 March 2003 the allies opened an overwhelming “shock-and-awe” offensive by air and land against Saddam’s inferior and reluctant army.

Britain would lose 179 soldiers, the Americans over 4,000, and thousands more would suffer permanent physical or psychological damage.

The number of Iraqi civilians who died as a direct or indirect result of the war is estimated to be between around 800,000 and 1 million (2).

The ramblings of a mad man

After his reputation was savaged by Sir John Chilcot report, and in order to vindicate himself before the people, Blair launched more lies and weaved a tapestry of deceit. He shifted the blame by saying the intelligence was not his responsibility, and that he did not falsify or manipulated the information given to him by the intelligence.

He accepted however, that intelligence had turned out to be wrong and had led to an aftermath that was ‘more hostile, protracted and bloody than ever we imagined’.

The poor man relied on suspicion and waged a war against Iraq without any logical reason.  He didn’t know that the root of evil is unfounded suspicion. Suspicion in the sight of God is a sin. He warned the believers to avoid suspicion.

The Koran says:

Believers, avoid much suspicion. Indeed some suspicion is a sin (49: 12).

Tony Blair said he would ‘take the same decision’ to invade Iraq again if he was presented with the same intelligence. Ex foreign secretary Jack Straw echoed Blair in saying he would also take the same decision if he was presented with the same intelligence.

Blair insisted that he didn’t lie to parliament, and that it was still ‘better to remove Saddam Hussein’ from power and decision was taken ‘in good faith’.

In a remarkable performance of self-defense at a special press conference that lasted for nearly two hours, Blair appeared as a serpent trying to destroy people’s understanding and intelligence. With humble but deceptive words he tried to accomplish his wicked desire. He exerted sorrow and humility and described the decision to take military action to remove Saddam Hussein in 2003 as the ‘hardest, most momentous, most agonizing’ of his 10 years in office.

Blair appeared to be close to tears as he accepted the serious criticisms made of him and his government in the run up and aftermath of the Iraq War and said he accepted ‘full responsibility, without exception, without excuse’.

His voice cracked as he said: ‘For all of this I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you may ever know or can believe.’

He added later: ‘The decisions I made I have carried with me for 13 years and will do so for the rest of my days. ‘There will not be a day of my life where I do not relive and rethink what happened.

But he claimed the Iraq Inquiry proved ‘there were no lies’ from him over the justification for invading Iraq in March 2003 and showed neither Parliament nor Cabinet were misled. Then he returned to pathetic arrogance and stubbornness by insisting again: ‘if I was back in the same place, with the same information I would take the same decision because obviously that was the decision I believe was right.’ He added: ‘All I’m saying today, because obviously some of the intelligence has turned out to be wrong, the planning wasn’t done properly, I have to accept those criticisms, I accept responsibility for them.’

The man is a master in playing with the words and with the feelings of the people. But who would believe him except the fools, and those who participated with him in this horrendous crime like Jack Straw.

Tony Blair helped to promote the greatest calamity of the 21st century so far. There is no doubt that he lied to the British people – and there’s even a case for considering him a war criminal.

The illegal invasion of Iraq has been unequivocally proven as a fraud and a massive deception by Tony Blair and the then UK Labor government.

The war against Iraq proved that there was no weapons of mass-destruction, no anthrax, no strong relations between Saddam and Osama bin laden, and no terrorism that must be wiped out urgently from the surface of the world. On the contrary, the war against Iraq created violent terrorists now occupying large territories of the Middle East and victimizing its populations. In addition, thousands of Iraqis had died needlessly and pre-maturely. The war ruined houses and properties, created millions of refugees now seeking refuge in Europe. Decent families are now scattered on the borders of foreign countries seeking shelter, and shoved in camps like animals and are denied their right to live as decent persons!

Away from the Public international law, which establishes the liberty and independence of nations, Blair had a secret commitment with George W. Bush.  He made a pledge to commit Britain to war. They both agreed to invade Iraq no matter what. They breached the international Law and considered it as a joke.

Tony Blair effectively agreed to act as a front man for American foreign policy in advance of any decision by the House of Commons or the British Cabinet. He was happy to launder Bush’s policy on Iraq and sub-contract British foreign policy to another country without having the remotest ability to have any real influence over it just to impress voters in the UK.

The man once renowned for his charisma and popularity has become a global embarrassment, despised and ridiculed in equal measure.

Tony Blair a man of the earth – his primary goal in life is to amass fame and fortune

After Blair left Downing Street in June 2007, he took the job of a special representative of the Quartet of international powers seeking a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. His job was to help develop the Palestinian economy and improve governance. He stayed in the job for eight years, and then resigned as Middle East peace envoy amid controversy about his role. He never once dared to speak out. He was all too comfortable with a status quo that was unsustainable.

Critics in Britain and in the Arab world focused on his responsibility for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the Palestinians saw him as being too close to the Israelis, who were then, as now, far more powerful than the Palestinians still living under occupation. His efforts rarely challenged the status quo that was unstable. The Arab officials say that hose expecting Tony Blair to solve the Arab Israeli conflict are naive. He has achieved so very little because of his gross efforts to please the Israelis.

There has been mounting unease in Britain, the US and the EU over his extensive business activities in the Middle East – which have led to repeated accusations of conflicts of interest. Criticism of his effectiveness and credibility has increased in recent months and there was anger that he visited the Gaza Strip so infrequently.

Palestinians loathed him; Israelis despised him but tolerated him because they knew he’d never say anything they disliked.

Surely Blair is ardent in his love of wealth. How greedy he is for wealth, and gains! It is the love of fame and wealth which blinds him, he is not grateful to his Lord. He does not know his obligations towards his Lord.

Badly tainted by his record in the Iraq War, which rightly aroused widespread distrust, he never threw himself wholeheartedly into the task, partly because he became so obsessed with making money. Indeed, his eagerness to develop and exploit his global business contacts both undermined his credibility and gave rise to serious conflicts of interests.

Since leaving office, Blair has received millions of pounds from a mixture

of business interests that include advising Arab and other governments, consultancy work for the US investment bank JP Morganand,  the lucrative international speaking circuit.

His clients in the Middle East include the Gulf Estates of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Others are Peru, Colombia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

When Blair was a representative of the quartet and was travelling frequently to the Middle East, no one seemed sure whose business he was travelling on. No one knew whether the man was acting as the Middle East envoy, or as a business man searching for fortunes to amass. On January 26, 2009, for instance, he met the Emir of Kuwait while on one of his sweeps though the region. We do not know whether anything came out of it in terms of Middle East peace, but we do know that soon afterwards the Emir gave him a contract for consultancy services estimated at £27 million a year.

Blair also visits Abu Dhabi on behalf of the Quartet, a state whose Crown Prince has also become a generous client of Tony Blair Associates.

The prince has brought with him, as another client, the company Mubadala, which invests Abu Dhabi’s oil profits, and to which the former PM supplies ‘global strategic advice’.

Blair is also an adviser to J. P. Morgan Bank, which pays him $2million a year. A U.S. businessman who used to be close to Blair puts it bluntly: he said that Blair used the role of envoy as ‘a calling card’.

Blair has claimed his net worth is around £10m and dismissed reports that his fortune could be 10 times as much. He has insisted his income pays for philanthropic projects, including development work in Africa and an interfaith charity. Blair’s properties include a multimillion-pound London home and a country retreat once owned by Sir John Gielgud, bought for £5.75m (3).

After the devastating effect of the Chilcot report on Blair, he tried to find solace by meeting with his chief partner in the war crime George W. Bush. Bill Clinton joined them. Although Bush led the invasion of Iraq, Bill Clinton laid the groundwork with the sanctions and the continuous bombing of Iraq. This has led to the deaths of more than a half a million children, not to mention more than a million Iraqis. When asked on US television if she [Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State] thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from sanctions in Iraq and continuous bombing] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: “This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.”

The three met at Arkansas high school to attend a graduation ceremony for an educational program called Presidential Leadership Scholars. As if their meeting together had angered God, a strong tornado was sent sweeping through Arkansas and Oklahoma, downing trees, toppling a semi-truck on the highway and leaving almost 200,000 customers without power.

The two ex-Presidents and the Prime Minister were hustled away to the basement of the school after severe winds began breaking windows.

They say that Tony Blair goes down in history as one of the great British Prime Ministers. I see no superior merit in him; in fact, I believe as most people do, that he is a hypocrite liar that has committed the most horrendous crime in the 21st century – war in Iraq.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush invaded Iraq by launching a pack of lies to conceal the real reasons behind his illegitimate attack against a sovereign state. Let’s know the real reason behind Bush invasion to Iraq.

Invading Iraq was not a new idea. A small band of conservative ideologues had begun making the case for an American invasion of Iraq as early as 1997 – nearly four years before the Sept. 11 attacks and three years before Bush took office.

An obscure, ominous-sounding right-wing policy group called Project for the New American Century, or PNAC – affiliated with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld’s top deputy Paul Wolfowitz and Bush’s brother Jeb – urged then-President Clinton to invade Iraq back in January 1998.

The driving force behind the group was Richard Perle, a member of the Reagan administration, a member of the board of extreme right-wing think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute, and proviously the head of the Defense Policy Board (dismissed due to proof of fraud in his business dealings), an advisory group to the Pentagon. Other founders too of the PNAC occupied leading positions in the Bush administration: vice-president Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, defense secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defense secretary, I. Lewis Libby, Cheney’s chief of staff, William J. Bennett, Reagan’s education secretary, and Zalmay Khalilzad, American special envoy to Afghanistan and imminently to the “free Iraqi people”. (Governor Jeb Bush, George’s younger brother, was also among the founders.) Hence the report reflects the intentions of those who were in office.

Titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century”, the report spells out “American grand strategy” for “as far into the future as possible”. Among its high-lights, as outlined in the Aspects of India’s Economy Nos. 33 & 34, are the following:

1. The report says, “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.” Clearly, the American plan to invade Iraq has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein or any weapons of mass destruction. Invasion of Iraq was on the cards, and Saddam is the excuse. The report adds that “even should Saddam pass from the scene”, bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would remain permanently as “Iran may well prove as large a threat to US interests as Iraq has”.

  1. The US should be able to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars”, and increase military spending by $48 billion to ensure this.
  2. The US should create “US Space Forces” to dominate space. The ‘star wars’ program, officially known as National Missile Defense, should be made a priority. The US should develop “bunker-buster” nuclear weapons. Whereas till now nuclear weapons were considered strategic weapons — a threat of massive retaliation to deter an attack — the development of such uses for smaller nuclear weapons would make them into tactical weapons, that could be used in the ordinary course of battle, as it were. The US, the report unmistakably implies, “should also develop biological weapons: New methods of attack — electronic, ‘non-lethal’, biological — will be more widely available…. combat likely will take place in new dimensions, in space, cyberspace and perhaps the world of microbes…. advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes (i.e., kill people selectively based on their race or ethnicity) may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
  1. The report says that “it is time to increase the presence of American forces in Southeast Asia”. This may lead to “American and allied power providing the spur to the process of democratization in China.” In other words, the US should strive to replace the present Chinese regime with a clearly pro-American one, and for this South Asia could be used as the launching pad. .
  1. Supposedly in order to check regimes such as North Korea, Libya, Syria and Iran the US military should set up a “worldwide command-and-control system”.
  2. The PNAC supports a “blueprint for maintaining global US pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” Thus the document explicitly calls for preventing the “American century” becoming anyone else’s, even if peacefully. Close allies such as the UK are referred to as “the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership” — that is, a mere mask for American hegemony. Peace-keeping missions are described as “demanding American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations”.Perhaps the most startling element of this plan is the targeting of Saudi Arabia, long considered the most faithful American ally among the Arab countries — the base for the American assault on Iraq in 1991, a continuing US military base thereafter, the US’s second largest market for weapons, the largest supplier of oil to the US (at a special discount to boot), and the source of up to $700 billion of investments in the US. On July 10, 2002 a researcher from the RAND Corporation (a prominent think-tank, created by the US Air Force but now quasi-independent, that regularly does projects for the American defense and foreign policy establishments) made a presentation to the Defense Policy Board — headed, by Perle. The briefing, titled “Taking Saudi out of Arabia”, claimed that “The Arab world has been in a systemic crisis for the last 200 years” and that “Since independence, wars have been the principal output of the Arab world”. It went on to describe Saudi Arabia in bizarre terms as an enemy of the US (“the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent”, “The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader”), and recommended that the US give it an ultimatum to prevent any anti-US activity in Arabia, failing which its oil fields could be seized by US troops and the House of Saud replaced by the Hashemite monarchy that now rules Jordan. The latest removal of the US base from Saudi Arabia may be a part of the process of implementation of the report.

The plotters who wrote the report and supporting the Iraqi war, previously introduced the report to President Carter and then to President Clinton, who both refused to openly attack Iraq.

The plot against the Middle East was now becoming clear. It was an American-Anglo-Israeli plot. It was a war against Muslims and their religion through invading their countries, and steeling away their resources. This would be achieved through dividing the Muslim countries into religious and ethnic factions and sects living in small sectors without borders, so that America could draw the map of the Middle East in accordance with its geostrategic needs and objectives. This would also ensure the defeat of Islam as a religion. That what they thought.

The war will start with Afghanistan, proceed to Iraq, and then devour several other Arab countries. This could be explained by the statement of Under Secretary Condoleeza Rice in June 2006 after the Israeli-Lebanon war. The damage inflicted by Israel on Lebanon was damaging and devastating and tore the country apart. Condoleeza Rice however, welcomed the chaos in Lebanon and stated that a project for a New Middle East was being launched from Lebanon. She meant that the chaos devastating Lebanon would be the beginning of other chaos ruining the countries of the Middle East.

Lebanon would be therefore the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East, therefore unleashing the forces of ‘constructive chaos. This constructive chaos which, generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region, would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain and Israel could draw the map of the Middle East according to their interests, greed and goals.

After the events of September 11, the ground was now prepared for the battle against Iraq and the Middle East. What remains is a pack of lies to be fabricated and introduced to the international community to justify the war against Muslims and their countries who Bush considered as the forces of evil!

George Bush, suggested a connection between the destruction of the twin towers – the two skyscrapers of the world Trade Centre in New York – and Saddam Hussein although everyone knew that the twin towers had been destroyed by terrorists on 11 September 2001. The terrorists that destroyed the twin towers had no known connection with Iraq.

Nevertheless, George Bush made that connection.

Like Blair in Britain, Bush tried to create fear of Iraq as if it were a terrifying enemy. He said, “The United States and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder.”

Bush led a systematic campaign to frighten the hell out of the US about the threat of Saddam Hussein, and almost none of it was true.

“The Iraqi dictator must not be permitted to threaten America and the world with horrible poisons and diseases and gases and atomic weapons.” George Bush said in Oct. 7, 2002, in a speech in Cincinnati.

After Bush’s stirring declaration of war and nearly two months since he declared victory, no chemical, biological or nuclear weapons have been found, nor any documentation of their existence, nor any sign they were deployed in the field.

On 5 February 2003 Colin Powell, United States Secretary of State, was forced to present a dossier of false evidence to the UN Security Council trying to prove a massive program of illegal weapons building by Iraq.

The evidence presented by Colin Powell and the media included maps showing the countries most at risk from Iraq’s missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

This barrage of pseudo-evidence may have convinced many in the United States and Britain but it did not convince the leaders of the supposedly threatened neighboring countries. All of Iraq’s neighbors, even Kuwait and Iran, opposed to US bombing of Iraq.

The United Nations did not support the war. All the countries neighboring Iraq did not support the war. The majority of countries in the world did not support the war. The majority of people in Britain did not support the war.

Bush handed over foreign policy making, especially pertaining to the Middle East, to a small army of Jewish Zionists, aided and abetted by notorious militarists, like Cheney and Rumsfeld. Most major political events were handled by his Cabinet thugs – Secretary of State Colin Powell shamelessly fabricated the ‘evidence’ of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction in his performance before the United Nations. Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz invented Afghanistan’s ties to the planners of 9/11. Cheney and his Zionist troika of Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and ‘Scooter’ Libby trumpeted the ‘global war on terror’ while Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey and Stuart Levey conducted a domestic war against the Bill of Rights and US Constitutional freedoms, defending torture, jailing thousands of Muslims, punishing businesses trading with Iran and labeling US opponents of Israel’s war crimes as ‘security threats’.

In 2003 while lobbying leaders to put together the Coalition of the Willing, President Bush spoke to France’s President Jacque Chirac. Bush told Chirac that Gog and Magog were at work in the Middle East and they had to be defeated.

Bush is believed to have told Chirac: “This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”.

In the same year he spoke to Chirac, Bush had reportedly said to the Palestinian foreign minister that he was on “a mission from God” in launching the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and was receiving commands from the Lord.

Over the objections of many nations, Washington attacked Iraq on March 20, 2003. The statistics revealed that after invasion, the documented civilian deaths amounted to 161,390 – 180,330; and total violent deaths including combatants reached 251,000.

Iraq’s infrastructure was in ruins. Tens of thousands of homes had been destroyed. Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people had 36,000 of its 50,000 homes destroyed by the US military.

Half of the city’s former population were displaced persons living in tents. Thousands of Iraqis had been detained in prisons and hundreds had been brutally tortured. America’s reputation in the Muslim world was ruined.

US military casualties to date are approximately 20,000 killed, wounded, maimed, and disabled. Iraqi civilian casualties number in the tens of thousands.

The war cost was $300 billion–every dollar borrowed from foreigners. Economic and budgetary experts had calculated that the ultimate cost of Bush’s Iraq war in terms of long-term care for veterans, interest on borrowed money, and resources diverted from productive uses will be between $1 trillion and $2 trillion.

The brutal truth is that America has destroyed a country and created political chaos for no reason whatsoever. What was being achieved for this enormous sacrifice? I wonder!
The conditon of Iraq before the American invasion

The truth was that Bush invaded a weak defenseless country. That was not an act of bravery as he falsely claimed, but an act of cowardice.

Iraq was put under sanction from 1991 to 2002. Sanctions had been put in place by mainly western countries acting through the United Nations Security Council. What they did was put strict and sometimes devastating limit on supplies to Iraq including, for example, chemicals necessary for water purification. These caused many thousands of deaths and a terrible weakening of the general population.

Alongside the sanctions was a little publicized and now forgotten bombing campaign by US and UK forces from 1991 to 2002.

The years of bombing caused enormous damage, loss of life and the destruction of the Iraqi air force. Tony Blair, and George Bush, sought to portray Iraq to the world as an enormous threat, but it didn’t even have an air force.

Saddam Hussein was capable of utter ruthlessness and brutality. Yet, extraordinarily, he had another side to his character. He did a great deal to further the well-being of the majority of Iraqi citizens.

At one time Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, had been a prosperous country with an enviable free National Health Service and an outstanding national education system – free up to and including university level.

But by 2003, the punitive sanctions and eleven years of bombing, Iraq was a weak, impoverished, and almost defenseless country –   an easy victim of an aggressive superpower.

The condition of Iraq before the war was pitiable. After two major wars and a dozen years of economic sanctions, the economy was in shambles, the country remained saddled with a ponderous debt that vastly exceeded its annual gross domestic product, and oil production—the country’s single greatest source of revenue—was badly hobbled.

Since the 1991 Gulf War, a combination of the effects of war, sanctions, deteriorating health care provisions, contaminated water, military actions, etc. have contributed to a humanitarian disaster in Iraq, further exacerbated by military strikes, such as those in 1998. Even the Secretary General of the UN, Koffi Annan had politely expressed his disappointment.

The Iraqi population’s economic and social rights had been seriously infringed by the impact of a prolonged embargo; much of the burden caused by the embargo fell on the civilian population.

The immediate consequence of eight years of sanctions has been a dramatic fall in living standards, the collapse of the infrastructure, and a serious decline in the availability of public services. The economic disruption has already led to heightened levels of crime, corruption and violence. Competition for increasingly scarce resources has allowed the Iraqi state to use clan and sectarian rivalries to maintain its control, further fragmenting Iraqi society.

Since the 1998 Iraq had been constantly bombed, with the killing of civilians as well. However, this was rarely reported in the US mainstream media apart from the larger bombing campaigns.

In addition, As UNICEF and other United Nations bodies and officials have reported, the sanctions (which the U.S. and U.K., primarily, refused to have lifted), added to the death toll since 1991 and was estimated to be close to 1 million deaths up to 1998 with mass starvations and Up to half of these are said to have been children. In any case, the sanctions have been criticized for targeting Iraqi people and not Saddam Hussein’s regime.

UNICEF study in 1999 also showed that the child mortality rate in Iraq has increased in government controlled areas of Iraq. The report also says that child deaths have actually doubled in the last ten years.

The U.S. sanctions have also been used to destroy Iraq’s water supply.

The impacts of the UN policies largely pressured by the U.S. and U.K. had a considerable portion of the blame. Denis Halliday was coordinator of humanitarian relief to Iraq and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, one of the top most officials. He resigned in 1998, after 34 years with the UN. As John Pilger comments. His was the first public expression of an unprecedented rebellion within the UN bureaucracy. “I am resigning, [as Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations]” he [Denis Halliday] wrote, “Because the policy of economic sanctions is totally bankrupt. We are in the process of destroying an entire society. It is as simple and terrifying as that … Five thousand children are dying every month … I don’t want to administer a program that results in figures like these.”

Halliday said: “I had been instructed to implement a policy that satisfies the definition of genocide: a deliberate policy that has effectively killed well over a million individuals, children and adults. We all know that the regime, Saddam Hussein, is not paying the price for economic sanctions; on the contrary, he has been strengthened by them. It is the little people who are losing their children or their parents for lack of untreated water. What is clear is that the Security Council is now out of control, for its actions here undermine its own Charter, and the Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention. History will slaughter those responsible.”

Western military experts generally estimated that in early 2003, Iraq’s armed forces were down to about 40% of their 1991 Gulf War levels, when they fielded some 1 million troops. International sanctions had kept Iraq from maintaining or modernizing outdated weapons and equipment, and Iraqi soldiers lacked training in modern techniques of war.

In a surprise, major battles with the Republican Guard and Special Republican Guard never fully materialized. After days of punishing air strikes, the elite units protecting the outskirts of Baghdad were dispersed and beaten back easily by U.S. forces. Challenging resistance, on the other hand, came from fighting the un-uniformed militias and paramilitaries, such as the Fedayeen Saddam.

This was the condition of Iraq before the American invasion; Iraq was a failed state –  a weak and almost defenseless country.

Yet, George W. Bush claimed that he bravely conquered the evil nation with unmatched bravery. His troops were like lions fighting courageously the forces of evil; when his troops however, drove into the heart of Iraq they met little resistance. Most of the Iraqi military was quickly defeated and Baghdad was occupied on 9 April. Other operations occurred against pockets of the Iraqi army, including the capture and occupation of Kirkuk on 10 April, and the attack and capture of Tikrit on 15 April.

The US army’s initial assault on Iraq was meant to be a show of superior intelligence and overwhelming force. But the reality on the ground was very different, writes documentary maker Richard Sanders. “But there was a problem – the lack of an enemy. There was desultory Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and small arms fire from the north side of the river on the evening of April 6 and by nightfall this had petered out entirely. The following morning it seemed clear to the press – many of them hardened war correspondents far more experienced in combat than the young Marines – that the north bank had been deserted.”

Although the U.S. military withdrew from Iraq, it’s not over for the millions of Iraqis who still lack access to clean water and reliable electricity. There Iraqis are living as refugees, or dealing with trauma-related disorders.

Eleven years after the U.S. invasion, Iraq remains steeped in violence, with militant extremists gaining ground, civil war hanging in the balance and no clear resolution to the chaos.

To go further in his deceit, George Bush pictured his invasion to Iraq as heroic. His troops made acts of valor, courage and bravery. The troops battled with a fierce evil enemy and were able to defeat it. Bush celebrated his victory in a showy theatrical manner. He made a dramatic deck landing on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in a navy Viking jet warplane which he piloted himself part of the way.

From the deck of a US aircraft carrier off the California coast, President George W Bush declared that major combat in Iraq was over and called the six-week war “one victory” in the campaign against terror. He added: “In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country.”

Bush didn’t mention that the US death toll in Iraq was climbing, the level of desertion was rising, and crippling illnesses like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder afflicting soldiers were common.

Exposure to combat had resulted in increased risk of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depression, substance abuse, functional impairment in social and employment settings, and the increased use of health care services. A recent study showed that 17% of soldiers and Marines who returned from Iraq screened positive for PTSD, generalized anxiety, or depression, a prevalence nearly twice that observed among soldiers surveyed before deployment.

Two years after declaring “mission accomplished” in Iraq President Bush insisted: “If we were not fighting and destroying the enemy in Iraq, they would not be idle. They would be plotting and killing Americans across the world and within our borders. By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are defeating a direct threat to the American people.”

Blair has also maintained that the Iraq war has not been responsible for Muslim fundamentalist attacks such as the 7/7 London bombings which killed 52 people. “Iraq, the region and the wider world is a safer place without Saddam [Hussein],” Mr Blair declared in July 2004.

Bush and Blair’s war on terror was the leading cause of terrorism. A new report shows that the U.S. has made the world more dangerous — not just for Americans, but for everyone. Innocent people across the world are now paying the price of the “Iraq effect,” with the loss of hundreds of lives directly linked to the invasion and occupation by American and British forces.

An authoritative U.S. study of terrorist attacks after the invasion in 2003 contradicts the repeated denials of George Bush and Tony Blair that the war is not to blame for an upsurge in fundamentalist violence worldwide. The research is said to be the first to attempt to measure the “Iraq effect” on global terrorism.

Iraq was the catalyst for a ferocious fundamentalist backlash, according to the study, which says that the number of those killed by Islamists within Iraq rose from seven to 3,122. Afghanistan, invaded by US and British forces in direct response to the September 11 attacks, saw a rise from very few before 2003 to 802 since then. In the Chechen conflict, the toll rose from 234 to 497. In the Kashmir region, as well as India and Pakistan, the total rose from 182 to 489, and in Europe from none to 297.

The new study, by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank, argues that, on the contrary, “the Iraq conflict has greatly increased the spread of al-Qa’ida ideological virus, as shown by a rising number of terrorist attacks in the past three years from London to Kabul, and from Madrid to the Red Sea.

13 Years after the Invasion, America and Britain destroyed Iraq but their war crimes remained unacknowledged and unpunished. The evil unleashed on the people of Iraq has been painstakingly obscured behind a tapestry of lies.

The Washington DC-based Physicians for Social Responsibility (PRS) released recently a landmark study concluding that the death toll from 10 years of the “War on Terror” since the 9/11 attacks is at least 1.3 million, and could be as high as 2 million.

War and occupation directly and indirectly claimed the lives of about a half-million Iraqis from 2003 to 2011, according to a groundbreaking survey of 1,960 Iraqi households.

The survey responses point to around 405,000 deaths attributable to the war and occupation in Iraq from 2003 to 2011. At least another 56,000 deaths should be added to that total from households forced to flee Iraq, the study author’s estimate. More than 60 percent of the excess deaths of men, women, and children reported from 2003 to 2011 were the direct result of shootings, bombings, airstrikes, or other violence, according to the study. The rest came indirectly, from stress-related heart attacks or ruined sanitation and hospitals (4).

It is really ironic to see that Bush had nothing to say when asked about the damage he inflicted to Iraq but the silly void words: “I still believe that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power.”

As if he went to Iraq to remove only Saddam from power! But how about the 165,000 souls he killed of whom 79% were children and innocent civilians? Is the world better off without them too?

It is also a big shame to see Tony Blair deliberately humiliating himself before the people after the appearance of the Chilcot report. He was near to tears and his voice cracked with emotions when he said: “I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you can ever know or believe.”

Blair described his choice to join the US in military action as the “hardest, most momentous, most agonizing decision” of his life.

Blair said he had wanted to set the Iraqi people free and secure them from the “evil” of Saddam Hussein, but instead they had become victims of sectarian violence. He forgot that he was dying to join the war with Bush, and that he announced months before the war: “I am with you whatever.” He forgot that he ignored more peaceful options and relied on flawed intelligence to find excuses to go to war with Bush. He forgot that he made a public case for war based on false and exaggerated statements. He forgot that the Brits – his own people – called him ‘Bush’s lap dog’.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn apologized on behalf of the party. He apologized to Iraqis, British soldiers and to “the millions of British citizens who felt that their democracy was traduced and undermined by the way in which the decision to go to war was taken”.

Bush and Blair however, defiantly insisted that the decision they made to invade Iraq was the correct one! Blair said: ““I did it because I thought it was right.”

Is that all there is? Is that all they have to say to the world to justify their heinous crime? Because of their ignorance and also arrogance, they didn’t realize the weight of their crime. It is a crime that killed millions of innocent lives, ruined a whole nation and imbalanced the divine law of nature.

Blair and Bush think they can fool the world by the lies they spew from their mouths to conceal the truth, but God is ever on the watch, He pays off the equivalent. And even though His punishment is delayed, it is not to be supposed that He does not see all things. His punishment of evildoers is a form of justice to the weak and the righteous whom they oppressed.

Hypocrisy is the general category of deception. Blair and  Bush’s hypocrisy is unmatched. They have not surrendered themselves to God but succumbed to worldly interests. Opportunism is their real religion

The Prophet of Islam said:

The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise and when he is entrusted he betrays the trust.” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Bush and Blair possessed all these signs of hypocrisy. They lied to the world; they made promises and broke them; they were entrusted to judge in equity between people, but instead, they vanquished and killed them.

Bush and Blair spring from one another and complement one another. They enjoin what is evil and forbid what is just and right. They fail to recall God to mind and by consequence God has forgotten them. The hypocrites are faithless, perverse, and morally depraved. God has promised the hypocrites the Fire of Hell wherein they will abide forever. Hell claims them as her own. God has cursed them and they shall suffer the torment which is laid upon the damned.

Allah says about them in the Koran:

The hypocrites, the men and the women, are as one another; they bid to dishonor, and forbid honor; they keep their hands shut; they have forgotten God, and He has forgotten them. The hypocrites – they are the ungodly. God has promised the hypocrites, men and women, and the unbelievers, the Fire of Hell, therein to dwell forever. That is enough for them; a lasting chastisement (9: 67, 68).

The hypocrites are destined to the abode in the deep bottomless abyss of Hell, and never shall they find anyone who can afford them help.

God has mentioned the abode of the hypocrites in the Koran.

The hypocrites shall surely be in the lowest depth of the Fire; and you will find no helper for them (4: 145).

Bush and Blair do not like the progress of truth. In spite of outward righteousness, they are forgetful of God and the Hereafter, as if God and the Hereafter have no value for them. Such people are never safe from God’s wrath. They will be cursed in the world and punished in the Hereafter. They will be deprived of God’s grace in the world as well as in the Hereafter.

Bush and Blair had been entrusted to rule in justice but they betrayed the trust and spread mischief in the land.

The Prophet of Islam said:

“There are seven categories of people whom God will shelter under His shade on the Day when there will be no shade except His.  [One is] the just leader.”(Saheeh Muslim).

God spoke to His Messenger in this manner:

“O My slaves, I have forbidden injustice for Myself and forbade it also for you.  So avoid being unjust to one another.” (Saheeh Muslim).

Allah said in the Koran:

“We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the Measure in order to establish justice among the people…” (57:25).

Bush and Blair instead of ruling with justice, they tyrannized over Iraq and Afghanistan and doubled their guilt by fraud and deception. They thought they can deceive the people, but they deceived none but themselves. They thought they can deceive God, but God is ever on the watch.

Saddam is not the only person who lived in Iraq. Bush and Blair acted as if only Saddam lived there. Yes, Saddam is a cruel dictator who does not allow freedom of speech and has executed hundreds of his political opponents, but that number pales compared to the million or more Bush and Blair had killed through invasion. Admittedly, Saddam is a brutal and cruel dictator, but Bush and Blair killed an entire generation, ruined bodies and souls, and destroyed a whole civilization.

Because of U.S. power and the longstanding racist arrogance of its leaders, they have never felt that laws apply to themselves – they only apply to others.

U.S. Leaders commit war crimes as a matter of institutional necessity, as their imperial role calls for keeping subordinate peoples in their proper place and assuring a “favorable climate of investment” everywhere. War crimes also come easily because U.S. Leaders consider themselves to be the vehicles of a higher morality and truth and can operate in violation of law without cost. It is also immensely helpful that their mainstream media agree that their country is above the law and will support and rationalize each and every venture and the commission of war crimes.

How it could possibly be that Bush and Blair did not realize the size of the crime they committed? Let’s refresh their minds with the crimes they committed:

  • Loss of human life

The casualties of war are first and foremost measured in the loss of human life. Since March 20, 2015, nearly 16,000 civilians have lost their lives in Iraq. This may be compared to 4,622 in 2012, 9,851 in 2013 and 20,030 in 2014.

As mentioned above, the Iraq Body Count brought the total civilian death toll to more than 174,000, with the total violent deaths including combatants up to 242,000 (5).

As Islam teaches, he who allows himself to shed the blood of a believer, is like he who allows shedding the blood of all people, because he contravenes the law of respect for human life upon which the lives of all human beings depend. Similarly, He who forbids shedding the blood of one believer, is like he who forbids shedding the blood of all people, because he is protecting the principle of respect for life of all human beings, which holds that nobody has the right to raise his hand to another.

In other words, he who kills a believing soul intentionally, Allah makes the Fire of Hell his abode. God will become angry with him, and will curse him, and has prepared a tremendous punishment for him, equal to if he had killed all people, and his punishment will still be the same.

Allah says in His noble Koran:

Therefore We prescribed for the Children of Israel that whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether; and whoso gives life to a soul, shall be as if he has given life to mankind altogether. Our Messengers have already come to them with the clear signs; then many of them thereafter commit excesses in the earth (5: 32).

God also says in His Holy Book:

And slay not the soul God has forbidden, except by right (17: 33).

Bush and Blair killed not just one person, but hundreds of thousands who call upon their Lord at morning and evening desiring His countenance.

God ascribed unto Himself mercy as an attribute to him so as to give people a chance to repent before the Day of Resurrection when He shall gather all people to His August presence. There and then shall the evildoers realize that they were born to be losers.

The Koran says:

He has prescribed for Himself mercy (6: 12).

Yet Bush and Blair showed no mercy to the Iraqis and made them taste all forms of agony, vanquish, persecution, torture, vagabondage and disperse.

Blair claims that he is a good Christian, and Bush claims he was born again and that God talks to him! Evil is that to which their faith enjoins them if truly they represent themselves as people of faith.

The Iraqis were Allah’s worshippers, were submitters to Allah, striving to do good deeds, hoping to gain the pleasure of their Lord and win Paradise, but Bush and Blair killed them!

I wonder: Who is going to pay for all this? The murderers of course.

  • Humanitarian crisis

On the level of humanitarian crisis, with close to 4 million displaced people in and outside of Iraq, an average of about 100 people killed daily, and a third of the population living in poverty, Iraq ‘s humanitarian emergency has reached a crisis level that compares with some of the world’s most urgent catastrophes.

  • Economic crisis

Since the 2003 invasion, the US has engineered policies to disband various state-owned factories and enterprises. The destruction of Iraq’s economy has pushed unemployment levels as high as 60 percent.

  • In several studies, estimates of Iraq war damages sustained by the United States have ranged around $1-$3 trillion. In this current study, measure of war damages sustained by the people and country of Iraq is estimated at $394.4 billion. This figure consists of 66,081 individuals who lost their lives. The present value of their work life earnings and pain and suffering of their heirs amounted to $14.2 billion. Moreover 176,382 individuals sustained injuries ranging from 100% disability to 25% disability incurring monetary damages for medical care and loss of earnings in the amount of $6.0 billion. The war caused 1.9 million individual Iraqi’s to emigrate outside of Iraq leaving the war behind including their jobs and property sustaining $30.8 billion of damages. Another 2.65 million Iraqis migrated internally from violent regions to less violent regions in Iraq who sustained damages of $33.9 billion. The economy of Iraq lost 27 years of economic progress. The decline in lost Iraqi GDP caused by the war is estimated at $309.5 billion (6).
  • Destruction of cultural heritage

The war in Iraq destroyed its cultural heritage. During the war and occupation, the Coalition has failed to protect Iraq’s incomparable cultural heritage, exposing it to looters and art thieves. The National Library and the National Museum, along with many other important cultural institutions, were badly damaged and looted in the early days of the occupation.

  • Corruption of land after it has been set right

God has created the universe running quite perfectly and in a well-organized manner. It has no defect in it anywhere. Everything on earth is extremely well-balanced. It is this balance, which has made the earth habitable to human beings and subservient to them so they can transverse its regions and eat its provisions. Should the slightest disturbance ever occur in this balance, man’s life will be destroyed.

God created not the heavens and the earth for mere play. He created them in truth, justice and mercy for an appointed term. Allah has showered his servants with His blessings – rain, crops, wealth and manpower, flourishing gardens, and perennial streams.

God says:

Allah is He Who raised up the heavens without any pillars that you can see. Then He settled Himself on the Throne, and constrained the sun and the moon to serve you; each planet pursues its course during an appointed term. He regulates it all and expounds the Signs, that you may have firm belief in the meeting with your Lord. He it is Who spread out the earth and made therein firmly fixed mountains and rivers, and of fruits of every kind He has made pairs. He causes the night to cover the day. In all this, verily, are signs for people who reflect (13: 3, 4).

We also read in the Koran:

Your Lord is God, Who created the heavens and Earth in six days. He then mounted the Throne, covering day with night, which pursues it urgently—and the sun, moon, and stars subservient, by His command. Verily, His are the creation and the command. Blessed be God, the Lord of all being. Call on your lord, humbly and secretly. He loves not transgressors. Do not spread corruption in the earth after it has been set in order. Call upon Him in awe and eagerly. Surely the grace of God is nigh to the good-doers. It is He Who loses the winds, bearing good tidings before His grace, till, when they are charged with heavy clouds, We drive it to a dead land and use it to send down water and bring forth all fruits [from the soil]. Even so, We shall bring forth the dead. Hopefully you will remember. And the good land’s vegetation comes forth by the leave of its Lord, and the corrupt [land’s vegetation] comes forth but scantily. Even so We turn about signs for a people who are thankful (7:54-58)

These verses apparently discuss natural phenomena yet mention the Resurrection and prayer’s importance. Corruption in the land is forbidden, and we are told that God commands everything and has no partners either in creation or command. Thus the main principles of faith (belief in God’s Oneness and the Resurrection) are emphasized while we are reminded of our function or duty: As God’s vicegerent, we are to pray, establish justice, avoid corrupting and transgressing the Divine law, and preserving the environment from damage.

The whole earth has been created pure and clean in order for man to acknowledge God through His creation and serve Him as the One and Only God of the whole universe.

Allah says in the Koran:

“And I did not create the jinn and humankind except to worship Me.”  (51: 56-58).

Islam preserves an integral view of the universe and sees the flow of Divine grace in the arteries of the cosmic and natural order. As we seek to transcend nature from its very bosom, nature can be an aid in this process, provided that we learn to contemplate it as a mirror reflecting a higher reality:

In the creation of the heavens and Earth and in the alternation of night and day there are signs for people with minds, who remember God and mention His name, standing and sitting and on their sides, and reflect upon the creation of the heavens and earth: “Our Lord, You have not created this for vanity. Glory be to You! Guard us against the chastisement of the Fire. (3:190-91).

Thus revelation is inseparable from the cosmic revelation, which is also a book of God.

Insolent impiety consists not only in humiliating religion, even more vital is the defiance of the laws of nature which God has made for His servants.

Bush and Blair should have realized that God is the Creator of the world, and that they were His trustees on earth. They should have respected His creation and preserved His pure nature from any damage. They however, corrupted the land after it has been set right. They deliberately disturbed equilibrium and caused destruction to the Iraqi environment.

The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have had a serious impact on the natural environments of these countries. Military vehicles consume petroleum-based fuels at an extremely high rate, with the vehicles used in the war zones having produced many hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and sulfur dioxide in addition to CO2. Air pollution from military vehicles and weaponry has adversely affected public health among civilians in the war zones and US service members.

Heavy military vehicles have raised more dust than usual, particularly in Iraq and Kuwait, and service members’ exposures to inhaled toxins from that dust have correlated with respiratory disorders that often prevent them from continuing to serve and performing everyday activities such as exercise.

The water supply in the war zones has been contaminated by oil from military vehicles and depleted uranium from ammunition. Along with the degradation of the natural resources in these countries and a radical destruction of forest cover, the animal and bird populations have also been adversely affected.

Iraqi medical doctors and health researchers have called for more research on war-related environmental pollution as a potential contributor to the country’s poor health conditions and high rates of infections and diseases.
In 1991, new weapons were used for the first time by the American and British troops in Iraq. These weapons proved to have high destructive capability against armored machinery and tanks. Later, there were many signs of being a weapon to destroy the human beings, animals and plants, which raised huge controversy and sharp criticism among scientists, doctors and environmentalists. Despite the opacity and deception, many of the secrets of depleted uranium ammunition were exposed, and confirmed the seriousness of use and serious repercussions on the environment and public health, which stepped up the international campaign against its manufacturing and use. However, the brilliant military success and profits of the military industry tempted the Pentagon and NATO to continue production and use of these weapons. Despite the high human and environment risks DU was used in various conflicts like Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia, Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon and recently in Libya. It is noteworthy to mention that the public and even some scientists, researchers and news media are ignorant of the effects and risks of the use of DU in military operations. This raises the point that there should be a large campaign to raise public awareness to prevent the risk of DU weapons.

  • They spread mischief in the land

God prohibited doing mischief and corruption in the land. Bush and Blair however, lied to the world that they had a mission of peace in Iraq, when they had not even a true perception of right and wrong. They gave a deaf ear to the counselors and by their blind arrogance and love of vainglory they depressed the good and encouraged the evil.

God says about them in the Koran:

“When it is said to them, ‘Do not make corruption in the land’, they say, ‘We are only ones that put things right.’ (2: 11).

The Prophet said that in a Hadith Qudsi (God’s words expressed in Muhammad’s words) that God said:

O My servants, I have made oppression unlawful for Me and unlawful for you, so do not commit oppression against one another… O My servants, these deeds of yours which I am recording for you I shall reward you for them, so he who finds good should praise Allah and he who finds other than that should not blame anyone but himself. [Muslim].

They drove people from their homeland and made them refugees without shelter or protection. Surely their expulsion was unlawful.

These evildoers shall be rewarded with disgrace in the world and with a severe punishment in the Day of Resurrection. God is never unaware of the corruption they spread in His universe. Such are they who buy the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter. Their punishment shall not be lightened for them, nor shall they be helped.

In their war Bush and Blair transgressed all limits. They killed women, children, molested old and infirm men, burned houses, trees and crops, nor peace withheld when the Iraqis came to term.

God has chosen humans to be His successors on earth, ruling it according to His Law and on His behalf. God’s mandate to make humans His successors on earth is a great honor to them, but it is a grave responsibility at the same time. The rulers must be just and righteous and live up to God’s expectations. Allah has ordained that the rulers succeed Him in implementing His rules. God’s trust in his human creation to be His representatives on earth was based on His knowledge of them as capable to receive His trust. Among the characteristics that made humans trustworthy of God’s mandate for them to be His successors were their ability to learn, to choose, and to build.

But Bush and Blair betrayed the trust, and instead of building and developing, they destroyed, and killed, thus spreading mischief in the land. They oppressed people, and ruined the planet they have been entrusted to care about. God hates the spread of mischief and oppression in His earthly kingdom. God means no injustice to any of His creatures. He never wishes injustice to His servants.

The Lord said in His last divine Book to the world:

“And Allah wills no injustice for His slaves” (40: 31).

“…and Allah wills no injustice to the world” (3: 108).

Allah has 99 beautiful names in the Koran, one of his beautiful names is “Al-Salam” meaning in Arabic “peace – the source of peace and safety”.

The Koran says:

He is Allah, the only Lord, He is the King; the Holy One; the peace, the Granter of security, the Guardian over all; the Mighty One; the Compeller; the Sublime; Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him (59: 23).

When Allah described himself in the Koran by “peace”, He meant that he is the One who is the source of peace, wholeness and safety. The One who has rendered all of creation to be perfect, whole, prosperous and content. The One whose creation is free of imperfections, free of faults and free of error.

Paradise in the Koran is also called Dâr Alsalam, meaning the Home of Peace. It is free of all grief, death, worries, tensions, fatigues, enmities, hatred, and it is a place of safety.

The Koran says”

Allah calls to the Home of Peace and guided whom He wills to the straight path (10: 25).

Allah is peace and loves peace. He bestows upon His servants peaceful security and safety. He commanded the believers to enter into peace, and live peacefully with each other.

O believer, enter the peace, all of you, and follow not the steps of Satan; for he is your sworn enemy (2: 208).

Bush an Blair killed all this. They killed peace, security, safety and prosperity. They destroyed property and ruined a nation. They killed men, women, boys, girls, babies and the elderly. Their hands are stained with the blood of the innocents; a curse that will follow them until they die, and in the Hereafter, a terrible chastisement awaits them.

Killing is a heinous and irreversible crime. One who deliberately kills another brings down upon himself the wrath of God, who, leaving no scope for atonement will curse him into Hell Fire.

And what about the punishment of deliberate killing in the Hereafter? If anyone kills a believer deliberately, his reward shall be eternal Hell. God will condemn him and reject him, and prepare for him a terrible punishment.

The Koran says:

And whoso slays a believer willfully, his recompense is Hell, therein dwelling forever, and God will be wroth with him and will curse him, and prepare for him a mighty chastisement (4: 93).

This eternal punishment in Hell is for one killing, so how about the killing of millions? The punishment will be the punishment of eternity, and it will last as long as the heavens and earth last.

Was it Saddam Hussein that Bush and Blair were really after – or their real target was the religion of Islam and Muslims in their home lands? What was the offence of the Iraqi people who had been killed in millions? Bush and Blair killed millions in cold blood because they thought they owned the universe, they thought they were the Lord of creation. Bush’s dotage took him to believe that God talks to him and has commanded him to kill the forces of evil in Iraq. So he went to Iraq and killed millions without restriction. And Blair – his poodle – followed him blindly just to please him.

Allah had given them power and mastery over the land in order that they judge in truth and justice between people, but they followed their vain desire and transgressed in the land, thus deserving Allah’s punishment.

Who is going to be responsible for this huge death toll? Have they forgotten that the day will come when they will stand before the Thrown for the final reckoning? Do they think that their lies will save them from God?

In their transgression they thought that the dominion of the heavens and the earth is theirs? Nay but they have not tasted Allah’s torment.

The most important events that will happen on the Day of Judgement are when we will be held accountable for our deeds and when we will be questioned by our Lord. There are many Koranic verses and narrations of the Prophet that tell us about the Day of Reckoning so that the people can prepare themselves for that momentous Day.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turn away in heedlessness.” (21: 1).

Allah also says:

“Verily, to Us will be their return: -Then verily, for Us will be their Reckoning.” (88: 25, 26).

And He says:

“So We shall question those unto whom a Message was sent, and We shall question the Envoys, and We shall relate to them with knowledge; assuredly We were not absent.” (7: 6, 7).

The people whom Bush and Blair oppressed and vanquished are surely cursing them. They are now sick, poor and homeless. They have none but God to protect them from the tyranny of the oppressors. Bush and Blair’s injustice incurred God’s curse over their heads, the angels and the oppressed will continue to curse them until the Day of Doom.

The Prophet said:

“Be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah.” (Volume 3, Book 43, Number 628: Sahih Bukhari).

The abode of the Hereafter is reserved for those who seek neither self-aggrandizement on the earth or corruption. It is reserved for the pious and the righteous who believe in the One true God and do good deeds.

We grant the Home in the Hereafter to those who do not seek superiority on earth or spread corruption: the happy ending is awarded to those who are mindful of God (28: 83).

They thought they own the universe, so they destroyed nations, nature and environments. They forgot that the kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to God alone, it is not for any being to destroy it, but only its Creator. They spread mischief in the land, but alas at what cost! If only they could see when they face the punishment- that all power belongs to God, and that God is severe in punishment.

  • They both lied to the people

God has enjoined truthfulness and honesty, and He has forbidden lies and concealment with regard to matters which should be known and revealed to people. God informed us that in the Hereafter, people would benefit only from their truthfulness.

God says in the Koran:

‘O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety’ (5: 8).

Lying is a sin classified among the Greater sins. The Prophet said: “Beware, I inform you regarding the greatest of the mortal sins: associating anything with Allah, disobeying parents and lying!”

The Prophet has also said: “All the evils have been locked in a room and its key is lying.”

There is no calamity exceeding lying, which is a disease leading to the corruption of the soul. Lying opposes faith. Lying and believing can never coexist.

The Prophet of Islam said:

Truth leads to piety and piety leads to Paradise. A man keeps on telling truth till he is recorded as a truthful person. Lying leads to falsehood, falsehood leads to the Hellfire. A man keeps on lying till he is recorded as a liar. [Agreed upon].

The Prophet also said:

“Whosoever possesses these four characteristics is a sheer hypocrite and anyone who possesses one of them possesses a characteristic of hypocrisy till he gives it up: when he makes a covenant he acts treacherously; when he talks he lies; when he makes a promise he breaks it; and when he quarrels he deviates from the Truth.” [Agreed upon].

Lying is the base of falsehood. The Prophet said:” lying leads to falsehood and falsehood leads to the hellfire.” [Agreed upon].

The essence of all hearts deeds is honesty. The essence of showing off, pride, arrogance, boasting, ingratitude, weakness, laziness, cowardice, oppression, tyranny humiliation and other bad traits is lying. Every explicit or implicit good act originates from honesty. Every explicit or implicit corrupt act originates from lying.

The liar is accursed. Lying calls for divine curse and invites the anger of God. God says in His Noble Book the Koran:

“…and let us pray earnestly and invoke the curse of God on the liars (3: 61).

And also:

“… the curse of Allah be on him if he is telling a lie.” (24:8).

The angels curse the liars. The Prophet of Islam is quoted to have said:

“When a believer utters a lie without a valid excuse, he is cursed by seventy thousand angels. Such a stench emanates from his heart that it reaches the sky and because of this single lie Allah writes for him a sin equivalent to that of committing seventy fornications. Such fornications that the least of which is fornication with one’s mother.”

Undoubtedly, lying is the worst of sins. It is obvious that the evils of lying are more dreadful than those of adultery. Some false words lead to war between nations or between sections of the society. Some lies blight the honor of thousands of people or endanger their lives, or lead to economic disasters. Often due to lying, innocent people are sent to the gallows and their families destroyed.

The lies of Bush and Blair led to a terrible war in Iraq and killed and displaced millions of innocent people.

The liar is not a believer. One who is a believer never speaks a lie.

God says in the Koran:

“Only they forge the lie who do not believe in God’s revelations: they are the liars” (16:l05).

God also says:

“God does not guide any ungrateful liar.” (39:3).

The combined forces of evil, though they may have worldly appearances in their favor, and though they may seem to be successful for a time, cannot stand against God. He has but to command His forces of punishment to exert themselves, and they will subdue evil without delay.

The liars are destined to have a terrible fate. On the Day of Resurrection they will be dragged by the forelock to hell fire. The forelock is on the forehead, and is thus symbolical of the summit and crown of the man’s power and dignity. To be dragged by it is to suffer the lowest dregs of humiliation.

The Koran says:

We will drag him by the forelock – a lying, sinful forelock. So let him call his concourse! We shall call the guards of Hell.” (96: 15-18).

A liar is inflicted with several kinds of punishments. The Prophet said while describing the spectacle of Miraj (Ascension):

“I saw a man, who lay flat on his back while an angel mounted his head. The angel who was standing upon the head had a pointed iron rod. He repeatedly injured the sleeping person. The face of the victim was shattered up to the neck. But when the rod was lifted the head returned to its original form. Again the rod was hit on the face and the man suffered the same retribution.”

The Holy Prophet inquired, “Why is this man punished?”

He was told, “This is a man who left his home in the morning and uttered a lie that caused harm to the people. So he shall be punished in this manner (after death) till the Day of Resurrection.”

The worst kind of falsehood is what one utters against God the All- Mighty.

Allah says in the Koran:

“And, for what your tongues describe, do not utter the lie, (saying) this is lawful and this is unlawful, in order to forge a lie against Allah; surely those who forge a lie against Allah shall not prosper. A little enjoyment and they shall have a painful punishment.” (16:116-117).

Bush and Blair forgot that God knows that is in their hearts, whether they conceal it or reveal it. He knows everything that the heavens and earth contain; God has power over all things. They should have feared God because to Him they shall return.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record].” (50: 18).

Not even an atom’s weight escapes your Lord on the earth or in the heaven, nor is there anything smaller or bigger than that, except that it is on record in a Clear Book (10: 61).

He has the keys to the realm of unseen (that lies beyond the reach of human perception); none knows them but He. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea; there is not a leaf which falls that He does not know about and there is not a grain in the darkness of the earth or anything green or dry which has not been recorded in a Clear Book. He recalls your souls by night, and knows what you do by day; and then He raises you back each day in order that the term appointed by Him is fulfilled. Then to Him you will return whereupon He will let you know what you have been doing (6: 59, 60).

All that is hidden in the heavens and the earth lies within the power of Allah. To Him are all matters referred for judgement. So do serve Him, and place in Him all your trust. Your Lord is not heedless of what you do (11: 123).

Bush and Blair concealed the evidences and let their evil desires swerve them from equity and justice. They conferred in private in support of transgression and betrayal. Conspiracy for evil purposes is the work of Satan. They sold their wretched souls for a small price – vainglory. How evil was that their selling! They were laden with anger upon anger. Woe to every guilty imposter, because of the chastisement of a painful day.


On the Day of Resurrection they will bear witness against themselves that they were liars. God bears witness that they are a liars, and God suffices as a witness.

  • They waged war against Islam as a religion

Since the early 1980s, Washington has covertly supported the most conservative and fundamentalist factions of Islam, largely with a view to weakening secular, nationalist and progressive movements in the Middle East and Central Asia. Known and documented, the fundamentalist Wahhabi and Salafi missions from Saudi Arabia, dispatched not only to Afghanistan but also to the Balkans and to the Muslim republics of the former Soviet republics were covertly supported by US intelligence. What is often referred to as “Political Islam” is in large part a creation of the US intelligence apparatus (with the support of Britain’s MI6 and Israel’s Mossad).

US military dogma and war propaganda under the Bush administration were predicated on combating Islam and targeting Muslims. Although George Bush declared: “We are not at war against Islam”, what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan was a clear war against Islam and the Muslim countries.

In the wake of 9/11, the Muslim community in most Western countries was markedly on the defensive.  The “Good Muslim” “Bad Muslim” divide was broadly accepted. In America, the Muslim community as a whole was being targeted. Islam was described as a “religion of war”.

Muslims were increasingly the object of routine discrimination and ethnic profiling. They were considered a potential threat to national security.

In turn, Al Qaeda was described as a powerful multinational terrorist organization (possessing WMDs) with subsidiaries (covertly supported by US and allied intelligence agencies) in a number of Muslim countries.

Under Bush rule, a war of religion unfolded, with a view to justifying a global military crusade. In the inner consciousness of many Americans, the “holy crusade” against Muslims is justified. While President Bush upheld freedom of religion, he prepared the ground for institutionalizing

patterns of discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia directed against Muslims. Ethnic profiling applied to travel, the job market, access to education and social services and more generally to social status and mobility.

Bush established an inquisitorial doctrine based on lies and fabrications. Because these lies emanate from the highest political authority and were part of a widely held consensus, they remained unchallenged. And those who challenged the inquisitorial order or in any way opposed America’s military or national security agenda were themselves branded as conspiracy theorists or outright terrorists.

Beyond the process of inquisitorial arrests and prosecution, which out dwarfs the Spanish inquisition, an expedient extrajudicial assassination program sanctioned by the White House had been launched. This program allowed US Special Forces to kill American citizens and suspected homegrown terrorists.

The objective was to sustain the illusion that America was under attack, and that Muslims across the land were complicit and supportive of “Islamic terrorism”.

The demonization of Muslims sustained a global military agenda. Under the American inquisition, Washington had a self-proclaimed holy mandate to extirpate Islam and “spread democracy” throughout the world.

What we were dealing with at the time of Bush was an outright and blind acceptance of the structures of power and political authority. America’s holy crusade against the Muslim World was an outright criminal act directed against millions of people. It was a war of economic conquest.

More than 60% of the World’s oil and natural gas reserves lie in Muslim lands. “The Battle for Oil” waged by the US NATO Israel military alliance requires the demonization of the inhabitants of those countries which possess these vast reserves of oil and natural gas (7).

Bush waged war against Islam even though he said the opposite. He left the Christian leaders (Some call them false prophets), the Republicans and the neocons, the Christian Right, the Judeo-Christian coalition and military men to attack Islam without mercy. He allowed them to do such despicable acts under the pretext of freedom of speech. These factions and sects – these gangs – had surely instigated the people without reason against Islam.

Those who challenge Allah and His Messenger will be among those most humiliated.

Allah says about the recompense of His enemies:

Surely those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, those are the most abject. Allah has written, “I shall assuredly be victor, I and My Messengers.” Surely Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty (58: 20, 21).

Those who resist Allah and His Messenger will be humbled to dust, as were those before them. On the Day of Judgment Allah will raise them all up again and show them the truth and meaning of their conduct. Allah has reckoned its value, though they have forgotten it, for Allah is witness to all things.

Surely those who oppose Allah and His Messenger shall be frustrated as those before them were frustrated. Now We have sent down signs, clear signs; and for the unbelievers awaits a humbling chastisement, upon the Day when Allah shall raise them up all together, then He shall tell them what they did, Allah has numbered it, and they have forgotten it. Allah is witness over everything (58: 5, 6).

To oppose God and His Messenger is to oppose the truth. Those who challenge Allah and His Messenger are cursed; they are beset by sin and covered with ignominy as were the like before them. There awaits them a severe punishment in the present world and a condign torture in the Hereafter. All their evil is known to Allah. They can never hide anything from God, nor is it possible for them to elude His grasp.

Indeed, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger are abased as those before them were abased. And We have certainly sent down verses of clear evidence. And for the disbelievers is a humiliating punishment (58: 5).

Enough for them is Hell: in it they will burn, and evil is that destination.

Human life is divided into two parts: today and tomorrow. The present world is a man’s today and the world of the Hereafter is man’s tomorrow. Whatever man does evil in the present world, he has to face the terrible consequences in the Hereafter. It is not just that, but Allah also afflicts the wrongdoers with severe calamities in the present life, coupled with a severe permanent torture in the Hereafter – a blazing fire roaring over their corrupted hearts, covered down upon them, in columns of fire outstretched.

Who would dare launch a war against Allah, the Lord of the universe, His Muslim servants and devotees but every sinful liar! Those who attacked Islam or waged war against it, their evil deeds will appear to them on the Day of Resurrection, and that which they used to mock at will engulf them; and it will be said to them: “You have had the good things of the life of this world, and you enjoyed them. Now this Day you will be requited with humiliating punishment because you were arrogant in the land without right and because you disobeyed your Creator. Today you will not be brought out from the Fire, nor will you be allowed to make amends.

Nations of the world progress and rise until they reach their zenith; but when they are afflicted by Allah’s scourge, as a result of their misdeeds, they are reduced to such a condition that they cannot find any place in the world to which they can run away or in which they can take a refuge.

God says in the Koran:

How many generation, far greater in prowess, have We destroyed before them! They searched the entire land: but could they find a refuge? There is truly a reminder in this for whoever has a heart, whoever listens attentively (50: 36, 37).

Shall Allah treat those who do good works the same as those who spread corruption in the land? Should Allah treat the good as the wicked?

Paradise is granted to those who lived their lives with feelings of benevolence towards others, who have known how to forget their grievances and love others wholeheartedly, who have always spoken of others with respect, who have chosen for others what they desired for themselves, who have always longed in their hearts for the well-being of others and who have rejoiced in seeing others in a state of well-being – such will be the people who will be entitled to take up their abode in the splendid world of Paradise.

These are the characteristics of the people of Paradise. Where are Bush and Blair from these Characteristics?

Bush and Blair should have worked hard to save their wretched souls from Hellfire. The Hellfire is the worst abode, its torment is the most horrific of all, its heat is extreme, its pit is bottomless, and its maces are made of iron. A stone may continue to fall for seventy years before it reaches its depth. Its ways are narrow, it is constantly ablaze, terribly drawing its breath, and its gates are locked. Its scorching columns are outstretched. Its heat is continuously increasing. It is the wrath of the compeller – Al Jabbar – and His punishment. Woe to those who breach Allah’s justice from the Fire.

On the Day of Judgment, Whole nations will be brought to their knees. Those who were unjust to God’s servants will realize the consequences of their actions. They will be dispatched to a shadow of smoke ascending in three columns, which yields no shade or coolness and is of no use against the fierce blaze. The flames of a blazing fire will surround them. They will hear its exhalations and groaning and witness its rage and fury. They will be called on by the angels of the Hellfire, as the Koran says: “So enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein, and indeed, what an evil abode will be for the arrogant” (16: 29). They will be gathered in the Hellfire, with the angels of the punishment crushing them. They will groan in its straits as they tumble downwards. On that day they will be bound together in fetters, their garments will be made of liquid pitch, and their faces will be covered with fire. Their necks will be shackled and they will be dragged by chains, pulled by the forehead and feet, and then thrown into the Hellfire. A burning fluid will be poured onto their heads and it will melt their skins and their stomachs. Their hands will be shackled with iron fetters, and their foreheads, sides, and backs will be burnt. The Koran says to them: “Taste you the touch of Hell.” (54: 48).

They will be made to eat bitter Zaqqum and Dari, which will neither nourish nor satisfy their hunger. They will be made to drink a boiling fluid and a dark, murky, and intensely cold liquid that will burn their faces and tear up their stomachs. The Koran says: “He will sip it unwillingly, and he will find a great difficulty to swallow it down his throat” (14: 17). Therein they will cry: “Our Lord! Bring us out, we shall do righteous good deeds, not (the evil deeds) that we used to do” (Allah will reply): “Did We not give you lives long enough, so that whosoever would receive admonition could receive it? And the warner came to you. So taste you (the evil of your deeds). For the wrong-doers, there is no helper” (35: 37) “ … As often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for other skins that they may taste the punishment … ”  (4: 56). They will wish to die, only there will be no way out of the Hellfire, nor will there be an escape. The Koran says: “And they will cry: O Malik let your Lord make an end of us, he will say: Verily you shall abide forever. Indeed We have brought the truth to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth” (43: 77-78). Their inhalation and exhalation will then be heard even louder when they are deprived of what they desire.

Allah says in the Koran: “They shall have coverings of fire, above them and covering beneath them … ” (39: 16). “ … whenever it abates, We shall increase for them the fierceness of the fire” (17: 97). “Seize him and fetter him. Then throw him in the blazing fire. Then fasten him with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits” (69: 30-32). “In fierce hot wind and boiling water. And shadow of black smoke. Neither cool, nor good” (56: 42-44).

Of the great sins which Allah forbade His servants to do is oppression.

The Koran says:

And when the evildoers behold the chastisement, it shall not be lightened for them, and no respite shall be given them (16: 85).

The Prophet said that God said: “O My Servants, I have prohibited injustice for Myself and have made oppression unlawful for you, so do not oppress one another.”

Bush and Blair lied to the world. They thought that lying was some kind of intelligence, cleverness, and skill. They thought that lying is a light thing. They didn’t know that with God lying is something most heinous. Lying is the trait of the hypocrite, and hypocrites will be thrown in the lowest bottom of the Fire, to abide therein forever.

Today Blair takes great pride in his association with Bush. He thinks he is clinging to a firm rock which will help him cross the distress encircling him. Those who became united for some negative purpose cannot remain united for long, because for the purpose of long-lasting unity, a positive basis is required, and that is precisely what they do not have. Such association between partners sharing a horrendous crime is meaningless, because on doomsday, both will be utterly helpless; they will look at their past life in despair, they will be utterly weak to rectify their crime. They will be able to do nothing but regret their past deeds.

They oppose the truth, and they think that by this they are making themselves safe. But God bears witness that they are indeed liars. In the Hereafter when they see that the things on which they relied were of no avail, they will be struck with horror.

There is disgrace in this world in store for them. God will afflict them in the present life with fear, loss of health and wealth, defamation and disgrace, and in the Hereafter awaits them a great punishment.

The arrogant will have the worst return; they will burn in Hell – an evil resting place. They will taste a boiling fluid and dirty wound discharges, and other torments of similar kind. Bush and Blair thought they were too high and mighty, forgetting that Allah is higher and mightier.

The Lord says in the Koran:

For the evildoers await an ill resort, Hell, wherein they are roasted – an evil cradling! All this will be theirs; so let them taste it – boiling water and puss, and other torments of the like coupled together (Sâd, 55).

The torment will come on them from directions they perceive not. Allah will make them taste the disgrace in the present life, but greater is the torment of the Hereafter if they only knew. Allah is exalted in power, possessor of retribution. Is there not in Hell an abode for the haughty?

Bush and Blair, you will come to know to whom comes a disgracing torment, and on whom descends an everlasting chastisement. The evil results of that which you did, will overtake you and you will never be able to escape God’s wrath.

The present life you are enjoying right now is nothing but a quick passing enjoyment; the Hereafter is the home that will last. Truly God is swift in reckoning.

You will stand before Allah, the One who knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breasts conceal. Nothing of you will be hidden from Him. The Day when your excuses will be of no profit to you. Yours will be the curse, and yours will be the evil abode.

Soon you will remember what I am telling you when the iron collars will be rounded over your necks, and the chains you will be dragged along in the boiling water. Then in the Fire you will be burned. That is because you had been exulting in the earth without right, and you used to rejoice extremely in your error. What an evil abode of the arrogant!

Now they justify themselves before the people with lies and falsehood, are they going to justify themselves before God with the same lies and falsehood? Justify not yourselves before God, because he knows best who is truly righteous.

They are boastful liars. They swear to falsehood knowingly. They are evildoers sunk in folly and error. Allah has made ready for them a chastisement terrible.

Allah said about them in the Koran:

Surely the sinners are in error and insanity. The day when they are dragged on their faces into the Fire: “Taste now the touch of Sakar (Hell)! (54: 47, 48).

The Koran taught us that the sinner on the Day of Judgment would wish he could be redeemed from that endless and severe punishment with the lives of his own children, and with the lives of his own wife and brother, and with the lives of his kindred who in life afforded him protection, and with the lives of all those on earth, just to escape the horror, which doubles all his torment and his woe. But never will he succeed in avoiding the tormenting Hell Fire, the Fire which, with its infernal hiss and crackle, shall burn into his inmost being, but reserves both his physical and mental feeling for the realization of pain and distress, which will not abate or expire, inviting those who turned their backs and turned away their faces from the truth.

We read in the Koran:

The sinner will wish that he might ransom himself from the chastisement of that Day even by his sons, his companion wife, his brother, his brother, his kin who sheltered him, and whosoever is in the earth, all together, so that then it might deliver him. Nay, verily, it is a furnace snatching away the scalp, calling him who drew back and turned away, who amassed and hoarded (70: 11-18).

They suppress the truth with their lies; they try to smoother it; it is like the foolish play of people who do not think seriously. Allah leaves them for now to indulge in lies and falsehood, and amuse themselves, until they face the Day which they have been promised – the Day of Reckoning, The Day of Judgment.

So where are you going? Allah encompasses you from all sides.

You are evil transgressors. According to the English saying, “As you have made your bed, so you must be in it.” Enough for them is Hell – an evil bed indeed to be on.

As we read in the Koran:

And some men there are whose saying upon the present world please thee, and such a one calls on God to witness what is in his heart, yet he is most stubborn in altercation, and when he turns his back, he hastens about the earth, to do corruption there and to destroy the tillage and the stock; and God loves not corruption; and when it is said to him, ‘Fear God’, his arrogance leads him to sin. So enough for him is Hell. How evil a cradling (2: 204-206).

Their hearts are filled with the love of this world. You find them clinging to life more eagerly. Any of them would wish to be given a life of a thousand years, but even the grant of such life will not save them from due punishment, for God sees well all that they do.

I tell them: “Eat your fill and enjoy your life for a little while, surely, Hell lies in wait, a home for the transgressors, where they shall remain for ages, and where they will taste neither coolness nor any drink save boiling water and a stinking fluid – a fitting requital.

Bush and Blair, do what you will; lie to the people, keep lying till the end of your days, you will certainly come to know who will receive the punishment to disgrace him, and who the liar is. Wait on, I shall wait on with you. And be upon the watch; I shall be with you, watching.


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The reasons behind the deterioration of the U.S. Republican Party and ways of reform


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

Signs of deterioration of the Republican Party

1- The Republican Party imposes the religious beliefs of the Christian Right on the American people

The Christian right is a term used in the United States to describe right-wing Christian political groups that are characterized by their strong support of socially conservative policies. Christian conservatives principally seek to apply their understanding of the teachings of Christianity to politics and public policy by proclaiming the value of those teachings and/or by seeking to use those teachings to influence law and public policy. The Christian right is an informal coalition formed around a core of white evangelical Protestants that draws support from politically conservative Catholics, Jews, Mormons, etc (1).

The Christian right is notable today for advancing socially conservative positions on issues including school prayer, intelligent design, stem-cell research, homosexuality, contraception, abortion, and pornography. For some odd reason, they are also anti-environmentalists and anti-immigration. Caring for the poor, sick and homeless is rarely mentioned.

Evangelicals who were once committed to the view that Christian churches exist primarily to carry out God’s work of saving souls; now about 70 percent of evangelicals, both black and white, agree that “churches should express views on social and political issues. The Christian Right organizations, such as the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition, mobilized religious activists on behalf of the Republican Party.

It could be argued that the modern Republican Party is at heart a coalition between religious and business conservatives, in roughly equal parts.

The Christian Right often use soft namesakes like “family” and “freedom” to give the impression of docility, and they inundate their websites and blogs with American flags and eagles to give the impression that they are the tried and true patriotic Americans who are best poised to speak for the majority. It is often stated that if fascism were to ever come to America, it would be wrapped in the US flag and bearing a cross.

The Christian Right conservatives imposed their religious values on the Republican Party. The Republicans seek to impose a narrow interpretation of the Bible on everyone, ignoring the fact that a central tenet of the American way of life is individual freedom. The Americans  desire to make their own decisions about their private affairs without interference from the Republican Party, which is influenced by far-right religious organizations. Republicans as well as Religious Right pressure groups do not support personal choice. Instead, they oppose church-state separation and seek political power to mandate their doctrines (2).

2- The neoconservative Republicans are war mongering bullies

Jesus vision was of peace and justice in a world that belonged to a God of justice and peace. But the Christian Right republicans plan for war, supports oppression and believe the world belongs to them! The Christian Right has equated Christian America with the kingdom of God, but the real biblical kingdom of God is characterized  by peace and justice, not greed, violence, and war.

The Christian right Republiocans use the Christian faith to advance agendas that seem clearly at odds with the kind of Jesus speak of in the Gospel.

Historically, Christians have always attempted to be–and have always publicly taught the importance of being–peacemakers. The early church was born in a baptism of love and unity. The church was a loving, caring, compassionate ecclesia.

So, what has happened to turn the most peace-loving institution the world has ever known (the New Testament church) into the biggest cheerleaders for war?  The biggest cheerleaders for the unprovoked, unconstitutional, pre-emptive attack and invasion of Iraq were the Republican evangelical Christians. They were the ones behind the wars in Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, the attacks in Yemen, drone attacks in Pakistan, etc. Who is calling for the bombing of Iran? Evangelical Christians. Who cheers for sending more and more troops all over the world to kill more and more people (including innocents)? Evangelical Christians.

All we seem to hear from today’s “churches” is “bomb,” “attack,” “wipe them out,” etc. Then, at the same time, they get all emotional about sending missionaries to the same countries that they had just cheered-on the US military in raining down missiles of death and destruction upon to bring salvation to the lucky ones that weren’t killed.

And who were the ones that belittled and impugned Ron Paul? Evangelical Christians. Why? Because he dared to tell the truth about America’s foreign policy being responsible for much of the hatred and bitterness erupting in foreign countries against America.

The Evangelicals supported G.W. Bush’s unconstitutional, unprovoked, pre-emptive wars of aggression, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.

President Obama’s escalation of America’s wars in the Middle East is the one thing that evangelicals like about him. Yes, between a war-mongering socialist such as Barack Obama, and a peace-loving freedom such as Ron Paul, the average evangelical would choose the warmonger (3).

The Christian Right and the neoconservatives succeeded to inject their radical religious ideas into America’s politics. In the year 2000, they brought the Republican George W. Bush to power, and considered him as the earthly leader and God’s man. The Evangelicals considered him as one of their own. They felt they have an ally in the White House because he was a mainline Protestant who share many of their values and a number of their religious beliefs.

When Bush ran for the presidency in 2000, he offered himself as a candidate who promised to restore honour and Christian morality to the White House. He won the support of evangelical and conservative Christians with his openness and willingness to discuss his faith, including a memorable exchange during the Republican primaries. Candidates were asked to name their favourite philosopher, and Bush answered simply, “Christ, because he changed my heart.”

George Bush believed that he was inspired by God, and that God talks to him. He said, “God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq”. He has claimed he was on a mission from God when he launched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush revealed the extent of his religious fervour when he met a Palestinian delegation during the Israeli-Palestinian summit at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, four months after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 when he said to them, “I am driven with a mission from God”. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.”

Mr Bush went on: “And now, again, I feel God’s words coming to me, ‘Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East’. And, by God, I’m gonna do it.”

In July 2004, he stopped to campaign with some Amish folks at Lapp Electric Service in Smoketown, Pa. Just as the meeting ended, Bush, according to Mennonite Weekly Review columnist Jack Brubaker, told the group: “I trust God speaks through me. Without that I couldn’t do my job.”

Around the time of the January 2002 State of the Union speech — when President Bush broadened the scope of the “war on terror” to include an “axis of evil” consisting of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea — the mood on the American right began to grow fierce. What had been a uniform chorus of patriotic support for the president and the Afghanistan campaign quickly evolved into a frenzy of bellicosity.

The Religious conservative Right and the neoconservatives have achieved an unprecedented political prominence with the election of George W. Bush. They easily  convinced Bush to  wage war  against Iraq. This group of Republican neocons, first emerged at the time of President Reagan with a paper they wrote saying that Iraq must be invaded because it was a threat to the American security. This letter was signed by the Republican neocons: Donald Rumsfeld, Charles Pearls, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and others. They re-introduced their letter to President Clinton, who wisely refused to submit to such unjustified hostility. Before Clinton left the White House he left behind billions of dollars as a reserve in the American treasury.

The same persons introduced their evil suggestion to George W. Bush, and the result was that the man of God  attacked Afghanistan then Iraq and turned them into ruins.

The Republicans invented a false excuse to conquer Afghanistan. They lied to their people saying, “We’re not at war with the Afghan people — look, we’re bringing them food; we are trying to liberate the people of Afghanistan from Taliban tyranny; we are fighting Al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden…etc.”

But the reality is that Afghanistan occupies a strategic position between the Caspian and the markets of the Indian subcontinent and east Asia. It’s prime territory for building pipelines, which is why the oil company Unocal — as well as the U.S. government — welcomed the Taliban’s rise to power in 1996 as a promising source of “stability.” That turned out to be a pipe dream, but Bush and the Republicans and the oil men around him have never given up on the tremendous profit possibilities that Central Asia offers.

The vast scale of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth was recently discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists. They discovered that Afghanistan contained oil, gold, iron ore, copper, lithium and other minerals. Bush and his administration knew that Afghanistan was sitting on some of the world’s greatest reserves of mineral wealth? That is why the American troops stayed there like an unwanted guest. Everyone but the American people knew for a long time, and before the 2001 invasion, that Afghanistan was a treasure trove.

As for the Iraqi war, it was largely about oil. In order to implement the vicious agenda of the Christian Right,  Bush – the man of God – and his satellite Tony Blair, lied to the world claiming that Iraq possesses weapon of mass destruction, and therefore, occupied Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqi innocents and disturbed its national peace, occupied Afghanistan and disturbed its peace, launched an empty motto “road map” then at the same time gave the Israeli the green light to demolish the Palestinian houses and steel their land. He turned his back to the killing of the disarmed and innocent Palestinians claiming that Aerial Sharon is a man of peace and that the two parties should sit together and find a way. He meant by that of course that the vanquished should submit to the strongest. He spent all the reserve money president Clinton generated due to his wise economic policy, and left the treasury empty thus overwhelmingly contributing to the present financial crisis America is suffering from now and perhaps for several decades to come. In his time Muslims suffered a lot and their sacred Book the Koran was defiled. In his time the so called Christian leaders viciously attacked Islam as a religion. In this connection Donald Rumsfeld said: “We can’t stop people from talking, this is a free country.” In his time he invented the silly concept of “creative mess” and he left this concept to riot in the Middle East.

3- The Christian Right and the Republican Party are responsible for the spread of Islamophobia in America

The Christian Right and its alliance with the Republicans, American Zionists and neoconservatives started all the hatred we see nowadays against Muslims and Islam. The Judeo-Christian coalition sowed the seeds of hatred between non-Muslim and Muslim Americans without any logical reason. They implemented an evil agenda against the Muslim world by tarnishing the religion of Islam and convincing the people that Islam is a wicked religion and Muslims are terrorists and heretics. The Christian Right in association with the American Zionists worked hard to picture Islam as an evil religion and its adherents as savages and bloodthirsty. The falsehood they disseminated among the people about Muslims and their religion tore the American society apart.

Under the guise of defending freedom and American values, right-wing anti-Muslim activists are campaigning to prevent Muslim-Americans from freely worshiping and practicing their religion, curtail their political rights, and even compel their deportation. A growing faction in the American Right claims that Muslim-Americans, who comprise just 1% of the population, are subverting the Constitution and taking over the country. These accusations have helped to foster anti-Muslim hostility, reflected in the rise of anti-Muslim prejudice and increased attacks on Muslim Americans and houses of worship.Tied in with hatred of President Obama, fear of religious diversity and hostility toward immigrants, anti-Muslim rhetoric and paranoia has become a mainstream if not ubiquitous part of the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

The objective of such hatred towards Muslims and their religion is to prepare the ground for a vicious war against Muslim countries in order to divide the Arab world into small entities based on religious differences, ethnicity, and racism. The plot against the Middle East known as the ‘Arab Spring’ or ‘the New Middle East’, is the result of the treacherous plot of the Religious Right and its allies against Muslims, Islam as a religion and the Arab world at large.

At the time of Bush rule, the Religious Right and its followers excelled in smearing Islam, attacking Muslims, defiling the Koran, humiliating Allah and slandering the Prophet of Islam, thus spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans. President Bush hadn’t lifted a finger to stop them!

Right-wing Christian ideology, which is fully embraced by the Republicans,  places Muslims beyond the pale. The idea that Muslims may also be in possession of God’s revelation and truth, is not only unacceptable, it is an offense so blasphemous that it must be stopped. Evangelical Christians, as a core part of the Republican base, have actively pushed their ideas about Islam into the American mainstream. The  Christian Right established a multi-million dollar cottage industry of fear mongers and the network of doners and organizations that support and perpetuate bigotry, xenophobia, and racism, and produce a climate of fear that sustains a threatening social cancer.

This industry of hate mongers had gone to great lengths to sell its message to the public. The difference, though, between this industry and others is that in many cases the very networks that spread their products are themselves participants in the ruse to whip up public fear of Muslims. It is a relationship of mutual benefit, where ideologies and political proclivities converge to advance the same agenda.

The most important nodes in this industry are the online peddlers and the bloggers  of hate such as Bill Warner, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Sam Shamoun, Martin Kramer and several others. These online Islamophobes, spread each other’s’ postings and write-ups to their own audience, with each new click of the mouse, the story grows.”

The Islamophobia industry does not just exist in the fever swamps of the online world. There’s real on the ground work being done. And there are disparate players in this industry. They come, principally, from right-wing Zionism and evangelical Christianity, uniting to form a Judeo-Christian front in their battle against Islam. Their funders, too, come from these worlds–though the right-wing Zionist world has fuelled the majority of anti-Muslim activists.

These vicious attempts to fight Muslims and their religion, had been aided by figures such as Newt Gingrich, who while reinventing himself as an ardent Christian conservative has also spread panic about Sharia law taking over the United States. Many Christian conservatives are also, of course, Christian Zionists who see Israel as the fulfilment of biblical prophecy that will continue until the Messiah comes down again.

It is this Christian Zionism that closely binds right-wing evangelicals with strong supporters of the Jewish state. The Zionists who spread anti-Muslim bigotry can be placed in three camps: religious (Jewish) Zionism, Christian Zionism and political Zionism. For Religious Zionists, prophecy is the main driver of their Islamophobic fervor.  For them, Palestinians are not just unbidden inhabitants; they are not just Arabs in Jewish lands; they are not just Muslims, even. They are non-Jews–outsiders cut from a different cloth–and God’s commandments regarding them are quite clear. And there is the political Zionism that sheds religious language but is still hostile towards Muslims. These figures, some of whom are neoconservatives, believe that the Jewish state is a Middle Eastern Fort Apache on the front lines of the Global War on Terror (4).

The Republican Peter King (R-NY)  held several polarizing hearings targeting American Muslims, and introduced a report misrepresenting the Muslim faith and denigrating the Muslim-American community. King and his allies claim that Muslim-Americans are using both peaceful and violent means to destroy America and curtail the nation’s freedoms, and argue that Americans must curtail Muslims’liberties and freedoms in order to stop them.

The success or failure of the anti-Muslim political strategies outlined in this report will  not only affect the rights of Muslim-Americans, it will also speak volumes about this country’s core values, including america’s  commitment to religious diversity and fair and equal treatment under the law.

The report reviews seven key strategies employed by the Right to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment and turn hatred and bigotry into political weapons.

Strategy one: Frame Muslim-Americans as dangerous to America.

Strategy two: Twist statistics and use fake research to prove the Muslim threat.

Strategy three: Invent the danger of creeping Sharia.

Strategy four: Defend liberty by taking freedoms away from Muslims.

Strategy five: Claim that Islam is not a religion.

Strategy six: Maintain that Muslims have no First Amendment rights under the Constitution.

Strategy seven: Claim an unholy alliance exists that includes Muslims and other terrorists groups.

It is revealing that the religious right’s devout hatred for any faith outside of their distorted interpretation of Christianity has effectively debased, contaminated, and polluted the teachings of their namesake Jesus Christ under the guise of Christian purity. However, that is the Americanized version of Christianity, and like every hate group since the election of an African American man as President, the Christian purity crowd is rising and persecuting other faiths. It can only mean there are dark days ahead for a nation that was not founded on any religion; especially this new evangelical version of impure Christianity (5).

The Muslim-American community is a growing and integral part of the extraordinary fabric of America’s peaceful pluralism.  According to law enforcement officials, Muslim-Americans have been an essential source for information and collaborative efforts to prevent and punish extremist violence.  Yet in a destructive and cynical ploy to stir divisions for short-term political gain, anti-Muslim activists and the politicians who lead or cheer on their efforts are undermining American values and devaluing the First Amendment, which protects the religious liberty of all Americans.

While anti-Muslim activists hope that Americans take their mischaracterizations of Islam at face value, events like the King hearings represent a valuable opportunity for Americans to speak out against the hatred and vitriol that has become all too commonplace in American politics.  If anti-Muslim activists succeed in fostering a government-led assault against the rights and freedoms of the Muslim-American community, America will have a country that is less secure and less free (6).

Allah’s light is unquenchable. The hostile Christian Right Evangelicals and the Republicans influenced by them, foolishly think that they can, with all the hatred in their sick hearts directed towards falsifying the truth, quench the very light of Allah by words propagating false rumours against Allah the Creator. But Allah shall continue to guide people to His right path of rectitude albeit this is hateful to those who refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Allah says in the Koran:

They desire to extinguish with their mouths, the light of God; but God will perfect His light, though the unbelievers be averse. It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion, so that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, however much the polytheists may dislike it (As-Saff, 8-9).

In this verse “He may cause it to prevail over all religions” means that in terms of intellectual supremacy, all non-monotheistic beliefs about Allah (God) and religion in the world were to be demolished and monotheistic belief was to be promoted as the pre-dominant belief. All other beliefs were to be intellectually overcome.   The Truth of Islam must prevail over all.

Although the enemies of Islam keep on attacking Islam without mercy, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the Europe and in the United States in particular. The Muslim population in the United States is projected to more than double in the next 20 years, from nearly 2.6 million in 2010 to about 6.2 million in 2030.

Within two decades, the United States is expected to have the 43rd largest Muslim population in the world (in absolute numbers), up from 55th place in 2010. By 2030, the U.S. is projected to have a larger number of Muslims than any European country other than Russia (which is expected to have 19 million Muslims by 2030) and France (which is expected to have 6.9 million Muslims in 2030). By comparison, the United Kingdom and Germany are each projected to have nearly 5.6 million Muslims in 2030.

By 2030, Muslims are expected to account for 1.7% of the total U.S. population, up from 0.8% in 2010. If current trends continue, Muslims may constitute as large a share of the U.S. population as either Jews or Episcopalians do today. The Pew Forum’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, conducted in 2007, found that Jews represented 1.7% of the adult population in the U.S., while Episcopalians (including Anglicans) accounted for 1.4%.

Islam will become the second-largest religious group in theUnited States by 2050, according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

As the fastest growing religion in America, by the year 2050, the number of Muslims is projected to more than double, surpassing Judaism as the country’s second-largest religious group after Christianity. Those identifying with Islam are projected to comprise 2.1% of the U.S. population (7).

4- The Republican Party is the party of hate

Here lies the Republican party and their ideology of hate:

Rep. Michele Bachmann

“I would build a fence on every mile, every foot and every inch on America’s southern border.”

Se. Ted Cruz

“No legislation should be considered unless it prohibits Obama from expanding deffered action for childhood arrivals.”

Rep. Lou Baeletta

“Those here illegally are low skilled or may not even have a high school diploma.”

Rep. Steve King

“The practice of extending United states citizenship to anchor babies must end.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert

“People are being trained to act like Hispanics when they are radical Islamists.” (8).

5- The Republican Party is the party of “No”

The Republican party in America is now commonly identified as the “No” party to almost every policy proposed by the Democratic ruling party…policies intended to benefit all Americans. The Republicans come to the negotiating table on policies that only benefit the select few Americans from their circle. They are essentially the nation’s opposition party to any well-intended policies proposed by the Democratic leadership to move the nation forward. Their stonewalling ideologies, is sadly keeping America on the standstill in the 21st century as they relentlessly refuse to compromise on the viable bi-partisan policies brought forth by the Democratic leadership.

The Republican party has been causing so much division within America and particularly between the Democratic counterparts. Republicans rather like to deal with their democratic counterparts as bitter rivals than seeing themselves as partners with common goals of keeping the country united and coming together to agree on what is best for all American people (9).

The Republicans say “No” to everything. The Republican Party is travelling a dark path leading to a dead end. The Republican congressional representatives in 2010 campaigned on defeating President Obama. They sought not to govern, not even to oppose, but to wreck, to literally diminish the government and prevent it from going. Their demands were often radical enough to threaten the President’s agenda, and the very institution of Congress.

Obama, they decided, presented an existential threat to the GOP, and he needed not only to be blocked, but also discredited (10).

On the night of Barack Obama’s inauguration, a group of top GOP luminaries quietly gathered in a Washington steakhouse to lick their wounds and ultimately create the outline of a plan for how to deal with the incoming administration.
Among them were Senate power brokers Jim DeMint, Jon Kyl and Tom Coburn, and conservative congressmen Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan.

After three hours of strategizing, they decided they needed to fight Obama on everything. The new president had no idea what the Republicans were planning. They have decided to stop everything from happening (11).

Now the Republicans won more seats in the Senate. When they were asked what they have in mind better than President Obama has, they couldn’t introduce any plans surpassing those of President Obama. They however announced that they will strive not to give Obama a second term and they will cancel the insurance law! As if their president were the enemy!

It is strange to see that America is ruled by two quarrelling parties, instead of working together in harmony, each is trying to move the other away from the political seen. This is certainly not good and does not pour into the interest of the United States.

President Barack Obama used his Labour Day speech to slam Republicans for opposing an increase in the minimum wage, equal pay for women, affordable health care and more.

“Republicans in Congress love to say ‘no.’ Those are just facts, they’re facts of life. They say ‘no’ to everything,” Obama said to the crowd gathered at Milwaukee’s Laborfest.

The president began to outline his goals for working-class families, saying that he has “put [his] money down” on the middle class.

“I want an economy where your hard work pays off with higher wages, and higher income and fair pay for women, and workplace flexibility for parents, and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits,” Obama said. “I’m not asking for the moon, I just want a good deal for Americans.”

He continued, “Most of the policies I’m talking about have two things in common: They’re going to help more working families get ahead, and the Republicans who run our Congress oppose almost all of them.”

As the crowd began to boo, Obama responded, “Don’t boo, vote,” a motto he has used before when directing speeches against Republicans as midterm elections approached.

President Barack Obama railed against Republicans during an event in Los Angeles, saying the GOP’s willingness “to say no to everything” makes the upcoming midterm elections especially important.

“Their willingness to say no to everything — the fact that since 2007, they have filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class just gives you a sense of how opposed they are to any progress — has actually led to an increase in cynicism and discouragement among the people who were counting on us to fight for them,” Obama said.

“The conclusion is, well, nothing works,” Obama continued. “And the problem is, is that for the folks worth fighting for — for the person who’s cleaning up that house or hotel, for the guy who used to work on construction but now has been laid off — they need us. Not because they want a handout, but because they know that government can serve an important function in unleashing the power of our private sector.”

Obama said a strong showing by Democrats in the midterm elections could help Washington “break out” of a vicious cycle.

“We’re not going to make good choices unless we break out of this cycle in which dysfunction breeds cynicism, and cynicism then breeds more dysfunction. We have got to break out of it.” Obama said.

The Republicans have no plans other than to make the Senate reject an endless parade of repeal Obama care’ bills.

Their distorted behaviour put the nation and the world back into the pits of the great recession they had not yet recovered from.

The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.

Their willingness to say no to everything has actually led to an increase in cynicism and discouragement among the people who were counting on Obama and the Democrats to fight for them.

The Republican Party is elevating its interest above the interest of the country. The House Republicans do not believe in majority rule. They don’t believe in that kind of democracy. They believe in the primacy of their version of the Republican Party (12).

The deterioration in the Republican Party is clearly shown in the dysfunction in congressional performance, but most importantly, in the ouster of Speaker John Boehner by extreme conservatives—a group whose members found him guilty only of conspiracy to commit government.

The breakdown in responsible government America is suffering from over the past five years is not caused by some inherent flaw in the system, nor is it caused by mutual hyper partisanship. Instead, the breakdown is the sole responsibility of the increasing influence in the Republican Party of people who are not only on the far right of the American political spectrum on the substance of public policy, but who, more importantly, believe they are morally obligated to engage in rule-or-ruin politics.

This crucial last point is that the Republicans try to take the country hostage in response to their inability to effect change through the normal legislative process.

The growing influence of the far right of the Republican Party is not solely the problem. What has made effective governing so difficult in recent years is that that wing of the GOP is determined to ignore the normal constraints on achieving its policy goals—constraints that are imposed both by the Constitution and the traditions of a democratic system in which power alternates among advocates of conflicting policy outlooks.

The Right Wing of the Republican Party and the Tea Party failed to understand something for which they claim great reverence—the U.S. Constitution.

Their complaint is that they have been denied the fruits of their electoral victories. After both midterms, and especially after their great success in 2014, the right has defended its demand that the people should agree to its agenda or suffer severe disruption by claiming that the people are illegitimately refusing to honour their electoral mandate. Leaving aside the fact that they showed no such deference after the Democrats won one of the biggest victories in recent history in 2008, they blatantly ignore the essence of the governing system established in 1787. They ignore a principle that in other contexts they celebrate as a bulwark of liberty—the separation of powers.

Mainly, the GOP’s right wing ignores that the Americans have distinct executive and legislative branches—and the latter is itself divided in two—and that the people who serve in these institutions are elected at different times, for terms of different lengths (13).

6- The Republican Party racked by religious and political disunion put forward the worst field of presidential candidates in 50 years.

Today there are some seventeen candidates with various agendas. Some are realistic candidates, some are finding the water not to their liking or the party faithful likes, some are party window dressing, and others are idiots who want to show off their weird agendas. In general, right now it is a competition to see who can make the most outrageous statements to impress party activist but that they can walk back from later in the general election.

A part of the GOP problem is the plague of too many candidates, 17 at last count, with many of them competing for headlines by making outrageous statements targeting Hispanics, Muslims, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or each other. They apparently feel the need to do so not only because Donald Trump—being the master of outrage—continues to draw the most media attention, but because, as Trump’s poll numbers demonstrate, a significant body of Republican voters feed on the anger and insult that is being dished out.

Instead of a serious policy debate, the Republican campaign is based on xenophobia, personality attacks, and crude taunts. Trump continued his rant against “illegals”; Ted Cruz called his party’s legislative leader “a liar” on the floor of the Senate; Scott Walker was slightly more refined accusing his party’s leaders of making “false promises”; Mike Huckabee charged that with the Iran deal, Obama was marching Israelis into the ovens; and Marco Rubio criticized Trump saying that America didn’t need another president with “no class”, because we already have a president with “no class” (14).

The Republican nominees for presidency are weak. Looking at the US political race report, November 1, 2015, one may realize that Ben Carson is leading in the Iowa Caucasus polls. But why is Carson even wasting his time running for the Republican nomination? One source reported in the New York Times says eighty percent of Carson’s supporters say they are not sure they would support him in the end. Given the demographics of primary activist of the Republican Party that is not unexpected. Despite his impressive QV from his statements, he is either an idiot that either doesn’t know he is window dressing for the Republican Party or has chosen to ignore that that is his role in the party.

An interesting Republican candidate is Carly Fiorina but she has the other disqualifying characteristic among the Republican Party Activists. She is a woman. Other than that she would probably be in the realistic group of possible Republican Party Candidates. In reality like Ben Carson, she is window dressing for the party.

What of Donald Trump? Trump has the advantage not being a politico but an outrageous candidate, which will play well in the early primaries and has already attracted attention. But Trump has made so many racially bigoted and misogynistic comments that he would be the Democratic Party’s preferred Republican Party candidate. The Republican Party establishment may be a collection of obstructionist, misanthropic, bigots but generally, they are not stupid enough to nominate Trump unless they are planning for 2020 run.

Donald Trump  has taunted all of his competitors. He called former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “low-energy,” associated retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with pedophiles, talked about Sen. Marco Rubio’s money problems and referred to the “face” of businesswoman Carly Fiorina.

Democratic strategists said their nominee will helm a unified coalition while the Republican candidate struggles. This circus on the Republican side has stained the Republican brand and will stain whoever the eventual nominee is. This process has had a negative prospect on Republicans prospects for winning in 2016.

Ted Cruz has an impressive red state political resume as the first Hispanic Senator from Texas. Donald Trump has poisoned the well for Hispanic Republican support. Can Cruz overcome that disadvantage or does he even want to? Ted Cruz seems more like a candidate who is trying to position himself for a run in 2020.

Chris Christie very early on was among the party establishment’s leading candidates. Now his political baggage such as Bridge Gate and its apparent continuation with the Pulaski Skyway project has come back to haunt him.

Jeb Bush was probably the preferred candidate of the Republican Party establishment, but he has to deal his lack of personality and with the legacy of his brother being the worst president in recent memory. Currently his campaign is floundering and cutting back on campaigning. Will he fade away gracefully or will he star making outrageous statement to appeal to evangelicals that he can’t walk back from.

Bobby Jindal history up until the start of the twenty-first century seemed a possible revival moderate candidate for the Republican Party nationally. Since then his social policies have demonstrated how out of touch he is with the people of the country outside the red states. Economically he is all over the map. Then there is the racial situation which puts him at a big disadvantage outside of the Louisiana.

Marko Rubio is similar to Bobby Jindal but without administrative and compromising experience of being a governor and getting things done. Of the Republican Candidates he seems the most electable nationwide. Since Rubio would probably carry Florida with its greater number of electoral votes than Louisiana that gives Rubio more of an edge in a national election than Jindal. But on social issues he cleaves too close to the current Catholic Pope and the pope’s justifiable emphasizes on capitalism’s faults and excesses that is too much for top economic one percent that financiers Republican Party Politics.

Can either Rubio or Jindal win the Republican nomination? It is not likely for racial reasons. Many would say that the South has grown out of such pettiness. But it is still very much alive in the states of the old Confederacy.

Since the South is a major part of the Republican base right now, it is doubtful that Rubio and Jindal have much chance of getting Republican nomination (15).

The Republican Party requires that all their Presidential candidates Conform to Consensus. But the Republicans create consensus to their vision and goals. They change their positions mid debate. They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue. They look backwards to condemn what has already been done, they don’t look forward to create a better future. They are dogmatic. They do not lead. The Republican Party does everything possible to discourage leadership. They want dogma. They want conformity. They want to conserve their romanticized past.

Conservative Republicans constantly cling to the past. They are a party of dogma, backwards and outdated thinking on social issues and the inability to embrace change.

The GOP is at risk of becoming less of a political party and more like a talent agency for the conservative media industry. Jumping into the race provides a pseudo candidate with a national platform to profit from becoming a political celebrity. “If you don’t run, you’re an idiot,” a top GOP consultant would tell you.

Sarah Palin disrupted the GOP nominating process and made being a potential primary contender a full-time job. Her decision to cash in by quitting the Alaska governor’s office for Fox News and tea party stardom established a new business model. As this year’s ballooning GOP field shows, there are many long-shot candidates who are seeking to follow her path. Since January 2014, Ben Carson has earned as much as $27 million from delivering 141 speeches and publishing three books including You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina made nearly $1 million in speeches last year and published a memoir. Mike Huckabee’s Fox News contract was worth $350,000 a year before he left to join the race, according to sources. This year he also released a book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. Ted Cruz made a reported $1.5 million for his book, A Time for Truth.

These candidates have made six- and seven-figure paydays even before the first ballot is cast. With hours of free airtime on television to promote their brand, their market value is sure to increase. “Even if you lose, you exponentially increase your marketability,” a GOP consultant said. “Right now, let’s say you’re giving speeches for $20 grand. You run and it becomes $40,000. If you do well, maybe there’s a Fox show. Then you write a book about how to save the party. Then you write another about why the next president sucks. There’s a million marketing opportunities.”

The Republican Party has essentially become the party of obstructions and bigoted whites with a very definite misogynistic and racial bias. Voters see the Republican Party as “scary’ ‘narrow-minded’ and ‘out of touch.’” The GOP will need to attract members of the growing groups that the GOP has spent years antagonizing like Hispanics, Asian Americans, Muslims and others?  In a word: no. (16).

7- The Republican leadership now faces the most potent, extreme faction in its history.

The Republican Party has been split open by an attack from the inside, and nobody is quite sure how to put it back together. While there has been simmering unrest within the GOP for some time now, the tensions have really come to a head this year.

Erica Werner and Andrew Tailor claim that the Republican Party is the worst political party since the civil War. The Republican party is “gradually destroying itself. When Republicans took full control of Congress this year, they were determined to show voters they could govern responsibly. Instead, they have been tearing each other apart in extraordinarily public displays, delighting Democrats and giving some in the GOP heartburn as the party aims for the White House in 2016.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to accuse Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of lying, provoking a public dressing-down from top GOP senators.

In the latest episode of Republican vs. Republican savagery in less than a week, a conservative lawmaker, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, filed a resolution Tuesday evening aimed at unseating GOP House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio.

As with the incidents involving Cruz and Lee, the episode underscores the divisions and discontent within a fractured GOP that has struggled all year to balance its promises of good governance with the demands of frustrated activists clamouring for action to thwart Obama.

The Republicans are creating an issue within the party that distracts the people from focusing on big issues like the deterioration of economy and national security (17).

The Republicans will go into the critical 2016 election divided, angry at each other. Since 2010, Republicans have been winning congressional elections by promising their voters they would undo everything President Barack Obama has done and restore conservative values to Washington. When voters gave them majorities of both the House and Senate, they expected them to deliver. But they couldn’t, of course, because the White House is still firmly in Democratic hands. President Obama pressed on with his agenda, using executive orders and regulatory agencies to get much of what he wanted, and rendering Congress powerless to stop him. In the end, Obama wins anyway, because without the White House, Republicans can annoy but they can’t prevail (18).

The fight for the Republican nomination is likely to get even more chaotic. But, that’s what happens when a party decides to alienate its voters and commit suicide.

The Tea Party Republicans are saying.  They don’t trust a single elected Republican official in the current campaign for president in 2016.  They have rejected – at least so far – Congressional figures such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, John Kasich, and Lindsey Graham.  They don’t trust Republican governors such as Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and especially, Jeb Bush, who was supposed to be the establishment candidate with the most money, whose campaign commercials were to drown everybody out of the race.

Instead, Tea Partiers, and Evangelicals as well, are putting their trust in Donald Trump, the non-politician who ridicules politicians, and who promises a non-political solution to the nation’s problems.  Trump is going to use his business acumen as a negotiator, and his connection to other powerful people, to simply order that things be done, and the world will be made right.

Donald Trump is the culmination of Ronald Reagan’s dream.  Trump doesn’t really believe in government or good governance; he will govern by dictate, by fiat, by personal orders.  Things will happen so fast “your head will spin.”  Illegal immigrants will be banished in the wink of an eye.  Russia and China will bow down to America’s dictates, because Trump will make our military more incredibly powerful than it already is.

On climate change, Trump tweeted in January: “This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps,and our GW [Global Warming] scientists are stuck in ice.”

Trump’s blend of corporate practices with government power is fascism come to America, dressed up also as a religious crusade so that America can fulfill its destiny as God’s chosen nation.  Trump’s political philosophies are 90% fantasy, 95% paranoia, and 100% racist demagoguery.

Republican elites are wondering how someone like Donald Trump could dominate so thoroughly the primary nominating process.  Some of them might understand that Trump is the consequence of the Republican Party’s Southern Strategy, which bought Democratic votes in the South with appeals to white supremacy.  What they don’t understand is that Trump’s roots lie much deeper into the Party’s history, and tie directly to the legacy of the sainted Ronald Reagan.  If Trump falters in the polls, which is possible, some other non-establishment candidate may take his place, but even if an establishment figure like Jeb Bush were to win the nomination, the damage is already beyond repair (19).

8- Republicans have engaged in treachery, acts of anti-Democracy and conduct detrimental to the people of the United States.

The Jeb Bush administration illegally purged thousands of black voters resulting in George W. Bush “winning” by a mere 537 votes and was handed the Presidency by Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris who was also co-chair of Bush’s Florida campaign.  This caused a chain of events including Bush lying to the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the illegal invasion and war against Iraq, thousands of deaths, a 10 Trillion dollars deficit and more.

The 2004 election computers were hacked causing the votes which were favouring Kerry to be flipped for George W. Bush. Republicans also engaged in tactics to prevent minorities from voting.

Republican has passed laws making it difficult for young people, minorities and the elderly to vote.  Not only has Republicans passed voter suppression laws to prevent Americans from voting, they have also Gerrymandered districts. This makes it almost impossible to remove these radical Tea Party Republicans from office and is destroying democracy.

On January 20, 2009 Republican Leaders in Congress plotted to sabotage and undermine U.S. Economy during President Obama’s Inauguration.  They made a pack to “Just say no” to everything the new President was for.  They engaged in “Obstructionism” with no regard to the American people.

Republicans say they are for less government, but when it comes to a Women’s Right to Choose, they’re passing anti-abortion laws in states they control, laws to close and limit access to Family Planning Clinics and laws to force women who wants an abortion to submit to forced ultrasounds.

Republicans has no problem spending trillions of dollars on the military, but they want to cut programs like food stamps, Medicare, social security, etc. which benefits regular Americans and the poor.

Republicans are bitter over losing the 2008 and 2012 election and become a party of haters. Most Republican Congressmen are obstructionists and their only agenda is to do everything possible to make President Obama fail.  Mitch McConnell  stated this: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president”.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder has subverted Democracy by installing Emergency Managers who can bypass and circumvent the power of elected officials. The Republican majority in the Michigan House have rammed legislation through which is going into immediate effect, even though they don’t have the 2/3 majority vote required by law. This is an outrage and goes against everything democracy is supposed to stand for.

Since the Republican Party is the party of the rich and they get billions of dollars in donations from billionaires, Republicans do not want Campaign Finance Reform.

Even though there’s overwhelming evidence of Global Warming & Climate Change, Republicans has done nothing and impeded efforts to stop Global Warming & Climate Change.

For years, Republicans has accused Democrats as being “Tax and Spenders” but statistics proves that it has been Republicans who are responsible for wasteful spending.

80% of Americans want Gun Control legislation to be passed, but Republicans has blocked all efforts.

Republicans are bought and paid for by the rich and are for giving tax breaks to the rich. The national debt could be reduced significantly if taxes were increased on the rich, but Republicans refuse to make the rich pay their fair share (20).

9- The issues on which the Republicans are supposedly running are either ridiculous or nowhere to be found.

The Republicans never run on their policies anymore. They talk on how everyone else’s ideas are bad – but never really talk about ideas of their own. Some may talk about flat-taxes or unrealistic walls between Mexico and the United States, but most build entire campaigns on “look how bad the other guy is.

The constant attacks on Trump by many Republicans are proof that the Republicans have no ideas that would benefit their voters. The people know that their ideas are awful. They pretend to be offended by what Trump says, when all he’s really doing is bluntly saying what Republicans have typically only subtly hinted at for years.

Despite what many right-wing religious fanatics think, America is becoming less religious; nevertheless the GOP continues to shift further and further to the right on religious issues. The presidential candidates are calling the Supreme Court tyrannical because the court dared to rule based on the Constitution, not the Bible. This is going to pit moderate Republicans vs. those who essentially want the President of the United States to be the Pastor of the United States.

Since the GOP embraced the Tea Party, the Republican Party became in a no-win situation: No matter what they try to do, it’s going to backfire. If the moderate candidates try to steer the party toward more progressive ideologies, those individuals will face primary challengers and could be replaced by true conservatives. But if they don’t embrace change, as the nation becomes more open-minded and progressive, they’re going to continue to alienate voters and never stand a chance at winning the White House again. There’s really nothing they can do but sit back, let the party rip itself apart and hope to rebuild it once it happens. At this point, moderate Republicans have more in common with Democrats than they do Tea Party conservatives (21).

On a national level, public perception of the Republican Party is at devastatingly historic lows. Polling studies have concluded that most Americans believe the Republican Party is out of touch and narrow-minded. Republican candidates are compelled to behave in an overly aggressive fashion. The inflammatory epithets that dominate the current Republican lexicon on issues such as immigration foster a tone that leaves many Americans feeling disenfranchised and alienated from the Republican Party.

Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. States in which their presidential candidates used to be able to count on large shares of electoral votes are now increasingly voting democratic. Vital states like Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Iowa have moved, ideologically, closer to center-left, and it has crippled Republican candidates ability to secure the necessary electoral votes.

A recent study revealed that a mere 32 percent of Republicans had a favourable view of their own party. The study concluded that the Republican constituents are not likely to think their party governs in an honest and ethical way. To make things worse, the persuasive, inviting, noble, and inclusive essence that once attracted young people—a vital essence the party once had and needs, to win the white house—to their message is dead.

Politico recently calculated  that of the aggregate 61 million individuals that voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, about 2.75 million will be deceased by the time the 2016 presidential election rolls around. Accounting for new voters—barring some significant change to the voter participation and political landscape—the numbers suggest that the Democratic Party will likely gain a momentous 2.5 million voter advantage overall. Whichever Republican hopeful actually ends up the Republican nominee, he or she would have to win roughly 30 percent of the non-white vote to secure a successful 2016 bid. That is nearly double the 17 percent that Mitt Romney was able to capture in his 2012 presidential bid. Marginalizing large portions of the electorate is the antitheses of what the Republicans need at this moment. The Republican message, or at least the one currently being translated to the American electorate, is failing.

The very fabric of American democracy is dependent on a multi-party system, a system wherein competing ideas and policy prescriptions are debated and compromises are reached. Donald Trump and his insurgent candidate colleagues have begun steering the party wildly down the road to capitulation. In doing so, they have not only spurred the self-immolation their Party, but the American people as well (22).

Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. States in which GOP presidential candidates used to win, such as New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Florida, are increasingly voting Democratic.

Public perception of the party is at record lows. Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the party represents, and many minorities think that Republicans do not like them or want them in the country. When someone rolls their eyes at Republicans, they are not likely to open their ears to them.

The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself. It has become expert in how to provide ideological reinforcement to like-minded people, but devastatingly it has lost the ability to be persuasive with, or welcoming to, those who do not agree with Republicans on every issue.

The perception, revealed in polling, that the GOP does not care about people is doing great harm to the party. Asked to describe Republicans, the people said that the party is ‘scary,’ ‘narrow minded,’ and ‘out of touch.’ ”

The beginning of the end of the Republican Party has started. The Republican Party is dying. The Republican leaders in Washington would see the decline of Donald Trump as proof that they need do nothing to change. In such unhealthy system, the Republicans will find a way to crush Trump without adapting to his message. In which case the pressure the Donald has tapped will continue to build — and when it bursts, the G.O.P. as we know it may go with it.”

The Republican Party is dying because the GOP in DC has gone corporate and K Street. They attack any Republicans who dare hold them to their promises. They’ve gone to war against Heritage Action for America, Club For Growth, the Madison Project, etc. They’ve blackballed any political consultant who does work for outsiders. But even more importantly, the GOP protects their failed consultants who keep bringing in the bacon.

In short, the GOP has become so incestuous it continues to haemorrhage and will die. It cannot adapt because the key consultants it has shaping its future are wedding to the capital that comes from not changing (23).

In their debates, Republicans barely mentioned the economy, and were unimpressive when they did. None of them floated any ideas to boost middle-class incomes, at least not directly. Mostly, they want to cut taxes and doubt global warming, and all of them accept the coal industry’s argument that shifting electricity generation to natural gas and renewables will cost jobs. Chris Christie repeated several times that the debate was about middle-class people’s futures, but didn’t say much about how to restore the hope he says Obama has wrecked (24).

Nowadays it’s become more and more questionable if the name “United States” still signifies the unity of the country, or has it become just an empty symbol with no practical substance attached to it.

10- Neocons have corrupted the Republican Party

Neocons have so corrupted the Republican Party that in order to be considered a viable national presidential candidate and to be embraced by the rank and file and Tea Party right, one must openly advocate for an open-ended continuation of the war on terror and a de facto war against Iran.

The Republican Party was born of corporatism and nurtured on bloodshed, so it’s no surprise that the masses, programmed as they are and conned into an unreasoning fear of U.S.-created Islamic booger bears, are eager to embrace a candidate who pledges unwavering support to Israel and who wants to continue slaughtering Middle Easterners armed, trained, funded and inspired by America and its allies — including Israel.

The neocons see that it is the duty of America to police the world and “spread democracy” even when the people it’s being spread to don’t want or need it. If the people decide they don’t want or need it, American government just deposes that regime and installs another… or not, as in the case of Libya, which has become a hellish cauldron of anarchy, bloodshed and terror for the poor inhabitants who enjoyed a prosperous and relatively free and safe existence before American drones and NATO bombs were unleashed in order to take out Moammar Gadhafi. The Republican rank and file embraces this policy of military adventurism, thanks to Bush the Second and his policy of “kill them over there so we don’t have to kill them here.”

The neoconservatives are willing and eager to send their money and, worse, their sons and daughters and other people’s sons and daughters into foreign lands on behalf of Christians caught in the millennial-long civil war between Islamic thugs and being slaughtered by U.S.-backed ISIS criminals, to send their money and their sons and daughters and other people’s sons and daughters to back “rebels” seeking to overthrow regimes deemed unacceptable (Iraq, Libya, Syria and, if they get their wish, Iran) by the Council on Foreign Relations-controlled U.S. State Department and/or propaganda ministry, or to send their money and their sons and daughters and other people’s sons and daughters to back rebels (either overtly or covertly) in the U.S.-inspired Ukrainian coup, because they believe in “ freedom.” Yet they applaud Lincoln’s efforts to quash a secession (it wasn’t even a rebellion, as the Confederacy sought to live as a peaceful neighbor) that led to the death — directly and indirectly — of close to 1 million Americans because he preserved the Union.

Bush the Second and his regime assured us that we would be made safer by “fighting them over there.” But 14 years later, and were still being told there’s a radical Muslim somewhere nearby seeking to cause us harm!

No nation ever engages in foreign wars without at the same time initiating subtle and silent war on its own people. The war on terror has given America trillions of dollars in debt, reduced liberty, increased government spying and created a government even more hostile to its own people.

True conservatives are about small government. There is nothing conservative about a war party because wars are predicated on big government and fiat money, especially multiple wars on multiple continents. Yet a war party is apparently what Republicans have become because all of the presumptive candidates for the party’s next presidential election back an interventionist, wartime foreign policy… and that seems to be exactly what “conservatives” want (25).

The wars of Republicans against other nations is polluting the whole world. But these wars are also taking America to its destruction. There is no way that a United Nations, treaties, or any other human instrument can bring about peace. Such things mean nothing when one nation desires the land and resources of another.

The Republican war mongers must understand that they have committed unprecedented stupidity by launching wars against defenceless countries. The war crimes committed during the rule of the Republicans  are a clear declaration of war on God. If these atrocities of the Republican Party towards weak nations will continue, then God is going to enter in and bring justice. This tyranny usually brings about God’s wrath, and when that happens the innocent will suffer along with the guilty. It will bring about the destruction of the American nation. God’s wrath has already begun. Economic detoriaration has been snapping her feeble body from the inside for several decades now. The collapse of America’s huge corporation and stock market, government shutdown in 2013, civil unrest, drought, natural disasters, and the deterioration of America’s ethical manners in all fronts are clear examples of the beginning of the divine wrath.

11- Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging America Into a Civil War

The Republican camp is increasingly acting as an apocalyptic cult.The insane decision to turn the once-routine procedure of raising the debt ceiling into a political crisis revealed that the GOP party mainstream had sunk to the level of terrorism – holding the economic system hostage in exchange for political concessions. This was a form of violence, and a serious escalation even from the days of George W. Bush, when the party was mostly limited in its willingness to use human beings as pawns in homicidal ploys for political power. Bush was willing to sacrifice Iraqi lives, and the lives of American servicemen, for oil and votes. But this current crew of Republicans shook canisters of kerosene over the entire American population and threatened to light a match if it didn’t get what it wanted.

For the GOP, compromise of any kind defeats their central purpose. The party’s entire reason for being is conflict and aggression. There is no underlying patriotic instinct to find middle ground with the rest of the American people, because the party doesn’t have a vision for society that includes anyone outside the tent (26).

The reasons behind the deterioration of the Republican Party

1- The Republican Party is associated with several factions and sects that are obstructing its social and political role in the American society

The Republican Party is strongly associated with several factions influencing its social and political actions. These are: the Christian Right, Evangelical protestants, the neoconservatives, the Judeo-Christian coalition, and the Tea Party. The distorted ideologies and policies of these factions and sects are in fact lethal to the Republican Party and are hampering its beneficial role in the social and political American sphere. These factions and lobbies do only care about their own narrow interests at the expense of the real concerns of the masses, and they work hard to impose their distorted religious ideas on the Republican Party to the extent of forcing it to implement them worldwide. The result is seeding bigotry and dissension between the American people, and spreading mischief and ruin in innocent countries affected by the Republican ideas of dogmatism, intolerance and prejudice. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, the plot of the Arab spring in the Middle East and the killing and displacement of millions of civilian innocents are examples of such bigotry against Muslims and their religion.

The greater outrage is that the Religious Right has created a poisonous mixture of politics and religion. Extreme conservatives keep mouthing their quasi-religious love of the Constitution. But most of them, apparently, have never read it and don’t understand it, because they keep trying to violate its most fundamental principle of separating state matters from religion.

The Christian Right Republicans are now theopoliticians – “Vote for me ’cause I’m on God’s side.” The Republicans are people who want to destroy America – to destroy the ideal of America as a nation in which people of all faiths, or no faith, can pursue their lives free of religious oppression (27).

Every war has its mongers who profit from its sorrows, rubble and spilt blood. So too does terrorism. Along with its victims and perpetrators, it has its merchants who capitalize on its horrors, chaos and climates of fear and tension. To these, every terrorist bombing and shooting is a golden opportunity to revive arrogant racist notions in a new Islamophobic format, thus enabling them to penetrate further into the mainstream, gaining new territory and more votes. The target is no longer “Africans”, “Asians”, “blacks”, or “browns”, but “Muslims”, “Arabs”, “Middle Easterners”, or “Syrians”. Against these, all limits may be dispensed with, the unspeakable may be spoken, the unacceptable becomes acceptable.

The Republicans started promulgating once more the old symphony of “we”and “they” reverberated once more. “Our enlightened values, were locked in existential struggle against their barbaric religion and savage culture. “They” here, of course, does not refer to extreme fanatical violent groups affiliated to al-Qaeda, or ISIS, but to hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world. Thus suddenly, ordinary working men and women going about their daily lives in Indonesia or Malaysia, Bangladesh or Senegal, find themselves cast as the enemy vying to destroy “our” western civilization, “our” sublime ideals and way of life.

2- The Republicans believe in Christian Right’s distorted ideologies that are tearing it apart

The Christian Right, with its distorted reading of the Bible and its false apocalyptic and dispensationalist beliefs, has destroyed the Arab countries. The Christian Right considers all Palestine a conclusive home for Israel and to hell with the Palestinians, the original inhabitants of the land. The Christian Right should have realized that by blindly supporting the Israeli aggression in Palestine, it had entered into the circle of injustice. Its hands became stained with Palestinian blood, and its conscious became burdened with the crimes of murder and expulsion. In the sight of Allah, supporters of criminals are equally guilty as criminals themselves. These crimes are the product of the Christian Right’s unconditional support for Israel without considering the simple right of the Palestinians to live as human beings in their modest homes. They think that by killing Palestinian Muslims, they are clearing the universe from the enemies of God. They must not play God, for God is just to his servants and is against tyranny and aggression. Had they confined themselves to the real Christian teachings aiming at piety, righteousness, and peace, their relationship with God and the world would have been different and better.

The Christian Right is behind the division we see now in the Arab world. The only country that will benefit from this division is Israel, of course.

The Christian Right is threatening world peace because it is interfering in America’s foreign policy, thus directing it to side blindly with Israel. The Christian Right is unwilling to see any peace settlement in the Middle East.

The Christian Right adjured American policymakers to adopt situations in the Middle East more harmonious to the Torah prophecies and to declare the right of the Jewish people to live on the land that was given to them by God, including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights. The leader of the Christian ethical majority claimed that as mentioned in the book of Genesis, the borders of Israel stretch east to the Euphrates River and west to the west of Egypt. He also added that the borders of the Promised Land enjoin parts from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, all Lebanon, Jordan, and Kuwait!

This is how the Christian Right thinks. God chose the Israelis, while the evil infidel Arabs were not blessed by God. The Christian Right believes that since it was God’s wish that Israel be established, any Arab or Palestinian claims in Jerusalem or in Palestine land are false pretenses.

The Christian Right even think that the Arabs are but pieces of chess in a holy cosmetic game, a hysteric power unfit to perform any reformatory or positive role in history. The Arabs are the enemies of God because their conflict with Israel is a challenge to His will. And as history is heading towards its end, the Arabs become the focus of evil, uniting with the disfigured impostor against God!

The Old Testament heritage made several American Christians look at the Arab-Israeli conflict as a reflection to the events depicted in the Old Testament. They consider the Israelis of the twenty-first century as the children of Israel mentioned in the Torah, and the Palestinians are the Philistines, whose hero Goliath fought David. It seems, therefore, that for the sake of Israel, the Christian Right is ready to inflame a nuclear war to ascertain the sacred prophecies.

Evangelicals also believe that the war in Iraq was predicted in the Bible! The theologian Michael Lerner says the fundamentalism of many American Evangelicals “fits neatly with a politics of militarism, xenophobic nationalism, and support for US domination over other countries.”

The Republican neoconservatives  are the reason behind the chaos the Muslim world is suffering from. Most of the neoconservatives are Christian Right Republicans. Their major concern is foreign policy. They strongly favour US military interventions overseas and becoming the world’s policeman. Their core agenda is to reassert US global dominance through an aggressive foreign and military policy. They promoted the Iraq wars and are constantly the instigators for more confrontation with Iran and the Sudan and other Muslim states. They were among the chief  instigators of the Kosovo War and the American plot  (the New Middle East) aiming at destroying the Middle East and dividing it into sects and factions living without borders.

Opinion polls showed it was the 60 million Evangelicals who were among the strongest supporters of Bush’s administration, providing a moral and religious blessing for both the war on terror and the Iraq intervention. The support was partly based on dispensation pre-millennialism which sees the world spiraling towards apocalypse.

Evangelicals also organize pro- Israel solidarity rallies and distribute videos that encourage the faithful to pray for Israel’s victory over its enemies. The deceased Jerry Falwell said, “The Bible Belt is Israel’s only safety belt right now.” There is no safety belt for Palestinians.

The blindsiding of America with Israel against the Palestinians is fairly supported by the Christian Right and its factions and sects. The marriage between Zionism and the Christian Right, and its influence on the White House and American foreign policy, is a disaster that would take America to its demise. This baseless contorted marriage spread Islamophobia in the American society and threatened the solidarity of the American nation.

The Republicans designed the Arab Spring or what is known as “The New Middle East.” The plot aimed at dividing the Middle East into religious and ethnic factions and sects living in small sectors without borders, so that America could draw the map of the Middle East in accordance with its geostrategic needs and objectives. This vicious plan has led to millions of deaths, displacements and refugees now scattered on the borders of foreign countries without food or water.

As examples I forward here some of the distorted ideas influencing the decisions of the Republican Party.


Several Evangelicals like Pat Robertson believe that there will never be world peace until God’s house and God’s people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world. The late Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy and R.J. Rushdoony had endorsed similar ideas. The core theme is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the vice regents of God, the Christian Right is to exercise godly dominion and influence over the  schools, the government, the literature and arts, the  sports arenas, the entertainment media, the news media, the scientific endeavours; in short, over every aspect and institution of human society.

The Evangelicals exemplified by Pat Robertson, Jerry Flawel, Franklin Graham, Jimmy Swaggart,  John Haggee and others targeted the Republican Party as the vehicle through which they could advance their agenda. At the same time, a small group of Republican strategists targeted fundamentalist, Pentecostal and charismatic churches to expand the base of their political power. Now America is facing the danger of the rise of dominionists in the U.S. federal government. Today’s hard right seeks total dominion. It’s packing the courts and rigging the rules. The target is not the Democrats but democracy itself.

The Christian Right believe then in dominionism and tendencies toward authoritarian theocratic governance with an apocalyptic end times theological viewpoint that sees the war in Iraq as part of God’s plan.  Dominionism is therefore a tendency among Protestant Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists that encourages them to not only be active political participants in civic society, but also seek to dominate the political process as part of a mandate from God. The religious right remains the largest voting bloc in the Republican Party.

This highly politicized concept of dominionism is based on the distorted reading of the bible – Genesis 1:26:

“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.'” (New International Version).

The vast majority of Christians read this text and conclude that God has appointed them stewards and caretakers of Earth. Some Christians read the text and believe that Christians alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns.

According to acclaimed journalist and television host Bill Moyers:

“True, people of faith have always tried to bring their interpretation of the Bible to bear on American laws and morals … it’s the American way, encouraged and protected by the First Amendment.  But what is unique today is that the radical religious right has succeeded in taking over one of America’s great political parties. The country is not yet a theocracy but the Republican Party is, and they are driving American politics, using God as a battering ram on almost every issue: crime and punishment, foreign policy, health care, taxation,  energy,  regulation, social services and so on.”

Dominion theologians preached that it was Christians’ job to take over the world and impose biblical rule. Christ would not return until the church had claimed dominion over all of the world’s governments and institutions.

According to Pat Robertson at a banquet in 1984: “Our aim is to gain dominion over society.” The path to dominion was made clear when Robertson told the Denver Post in 1992 that his goal was to “take working control of the Republican Party.” The American people need to embrace democracy with a passion — for it was voter apathy that allowed Pat Robertson to get so many dominionists elected to Congress.

In 2000, the Republican Party of Texas declared that it “affirms that the United States is a Christian nation.” That sentiment reached the national level. The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 acknowledged Christianity’s God as the “sovereign source” of our laws. It would reach back in history and reverse all judicial decisions that have built a wall between church and state, and it would prohibit federal judges from making such rulings in the future.

The religious leaders –Christian Right evangelicals – are using the Republican Party as a way to gain dominion over society. As explained by journalist and author Chris Hedges:

“This movement is a hybrid of fundamentalists, Pentacostals, Southern Baptists, Conservative Catholics, Charismatics and other evangelicals, all of whom are at war doctrinally, but who nonetheless share a belief that America is destined to become a Christian nation, led by Christian men who are in turn directed by God…Lately the leaders of the movement have even begun to reach out to Mormons.

America becomes, in this militant biblicism, an agent of God, and all political and intellectual opponents of America’s Christian leaders are viewed, quite simply, as agents of Satan.

Demonists seek to re-interpret the U.S. Constitution so that it conforms to their Biblical World View. Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel declares it’s time to get Jesus into the judicial mix. According to dominionists, the Bible has supremacy over the U.S. Constitution. In a 2002 address to the Society of Catholic Social Scientists in Ann Arbor, Mich., federal judge James Leon Holmes, appointed in July, 2004, affirmed the supremacy of the Bible:

“Christianity transcends the political order and cannot be subordinated to the political order.”

In other words, the principle of separation of church and state has no place in his vision for the future:

“The final reunion of Church and state will take place at the end of time, when Christ will claim definitive political power of all creation, inaugurating an entirely new society based on the supernatural.”

Dominionism has become a broad political impulse within the Tea Party as Christian Right activists and members of the Republican Partry. Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe the United States once was, and should again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy. They promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity. Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, believing that the Ten Commandments, or “biblical law,” should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing Biblical principles.

Dominionists share the belief that Christians have a mandate to take dominion over every area of life, and it is just this tendency that has spread through Evangelical Protestantism, resulting in the emergence of various brands of dominionist thinkers in contemporary American Evangelicalism. This dangerous movement could descend into neo-fascism (28).


Christian Reconstructionism is a fundamentalist Calvinist theonomic movement (the state of being governed by God), that has been founded by Rousas John Rushdoony, and had an important influence on the Christian Right in the United States. Reconstructionism advocate theonomy and the restoration of certain laws said to have continuing applicability. Christian Reconstructionists are usually postmillenniallists (believe in end-times theology known as eschatology).

Christian Reconstructionism has played a role in promoting the trend toward explicitly Christian politics in the larger U.S. Christian Right. This movement has influence among advocates of the growth of the Christian homeschooling and other Christian education movements that seek independence from the direct oversight or support of the civil government. Because their numbers are so small compared to their influence, they are sometimes accused of being secretive and conspiratorial.

In Matthew 28:18, Jesus says, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” This verse is seen as an announcement by Jesus that he has assumed authority over all earthly authority. In that light, some theologians interpret the Great Commission as a command to exercise that authority in his name, bringing all things (including societies and cultures) into subjection under his commands. Rousas John Rushdoony, for example, interpreted the Great Commission as a republication of the “creation mandate”, referring to Genesis 1:28.

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing…

For Rushdoony, the idea of dominion implied a form of Christian theocracy or, more accurately, a theonomy. For example, he wrote that the purpose of Christ’s coming was in terms of the creation mandate… The redeemed are called to the original purpose of man, to exercise dominion under God, to be covenant-keepers, and to fulfill “the righteousness of the law” (Rom. 8:4)… Man is summoned to create the society God requires.

Several key leaders have acknowledged an intellectual debt to the theonomists. Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy have endorsed Reconstructionist books. Rushdoony has appeared on Kennedy’s television program and the 700 Club several times. Pat Robertson makes frequent use of ‘dominion’ language; his book, The Secret Kingdom, has often been cited for its theonomy elements; and pluralists were made uncomfortable when, during his presidential campaign, he said he ‘would only bring Christians and Jews into the government,’ as well as when he later wrote, ‘There will never be world peace until God’s house and God’s people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world.’

It is therefore evident that the Christian Right had been significantly influenced by Christian Reconstructionism. The concept that Christians are Biblically mandated to ‘occupy’ all secular institutions has become the central unifying ideology for the Christian Right.”

Christian Reconstructionism dramatically influenced the most influential form of dominion theology, and it influenced both the theological concepts and political activism of white Protestant conservative evangelicals mobilized by the Christian Right (29).

Christian Reconstructionists believe that as more Christians adopt Dominion Theology, they will eventually convert the majority of Americans. Then the country will realize that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely codicils to Old Testament biblical law. For many, President Obama and the Democratic Party are among these “demonic forces.”! (30).


Unfortunately, the white evangelical church carries a shameful legacy of racism, and in spite of that, it calls for a repudiation of racism and bigotry in all its ugly forms. But this call is merely lip service! It is a  the sign of a guilty conscience?

Ralph Reed, wrote: “The white evangelical church carries a shameful legacy of racism and the historical baggage of indifference to the most central struggle for social justice in this century, a legacy that is only now being wiped clean by the sanctifying work of repentance and racial reconciliation.”

The Republican Party is known by its racism. It neglects the Bible verse (Ephesians 2:14): ”For He Himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”

The Christian right would have grown so large and powerful without the racial hostility that its leaders now hypocritically denounce. For all the brotherhood talk, the Christian Right may still draw on racial animus in more subtle ways. There is nothing inherently racist in its attacks on welfare, affirmative action or illegitimacy. But much of the racial conversation in America takes place by way of code. And in some places the right’s agenda is received as a winking affirmation of racial animus, whether its leaders intend that or not. The fact is that the Christian Right and racism are initially deeply interwinned (31).

The Religious Right has tried for years to Lose its reputation for racism. With the emergence of the Tea Party and its overtly racist attitudes, one can’t help but be reminded of another so-called Christian organization – the KKK. Over the years, the Christian Right has tried to wash itself clean from its racist past. Christian Right Republicans had been on the wrong side of the civil rights movement (32).

“Christian Identity” is the name of a religious movement uniting many of the white supremacist groups in the United States. Identity’s teachers promote racism and sometimes violence. Their roots are deeply embedded in movements such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis. They consider themselves true Israel and view the Jews as half-devils and arch enemies. They believe all but the white race are inferior creations. Identity’s religious views are bizarre and, and their view of history is often informed by conspiracy theories. Identity’s use of the name “Christian” to promote racism and violence is blasphemous. Jesus Christ as redeemer of all races is God’s supreme answer to Identity’s outrageous claims.

it is the Christian Right, that is organizing to force their way of thinking on other Americans. A quick visit to their website shows that this is not the first time they have successfully harassed advertisers for advertising on shows that do not conform to their ideology. It is not a coincidence that the organized Islamophobia networks in America often include the same people who are trying to force-feed the Bible into government, schools, and public life.

The Republican candidates for 2016 presidency Ben Carson and Donald Trump use racism to gain votes. The black Republican candidate Ben Carson has said that blocking potential terrorists posing as Syrian refugees from entering the US was akin to handling a rabid dog. “If there’s a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog,” Carson told reporters at one stop.

Donald Trump called to ban Muslims from emigrating to the United States. He said, “They are not coming to this country if I am president.” Trump also called to build a wall along the Mexican border, because this would make America safer.

“We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” Trump told Yahoo News when asked if he might require registering Muslims in a database or giving them a form of special identification that noted their religion. “Some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule.”

The Republicans Donald Trump and Ben Carson are contributing to an already toxic environment that may be difficult to correct once their political ambitions have been satisfied.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned controversial statements made by Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson about American Muslims and Syrian refugees. CAIR referred to the candidates’ remarks as “Islamophobic and unconstitutional.”

The Two Republican candidates are ignorant of the American constitution, which states, that the American nation was founded on a single, aspirational principle: ‘equal justice under law.’ They should have spread love and not Islamophobia. Americans need to come together and denounce such hateful speech.

white supremacist

The first and perhaps most socially undesirable form of racist theology rests on the notion of white supremacy, which holds that “white people” are superior to all other races, and that their destiny in this life is to dominate those other peoples. While some churches have struggled to reform a history of white supremacy, others still boldly proclaim a gospel of white power. David Duke declares that God’s program of genocide in the Old Testament was intended to preserve both Israel’s bloodline and its place of superiority over all other peoples. In this way, the life-and-death struggle between Israel and its neighbours was seen not as a merely territorial conflict, but an effort to protect the God-intended superiority and separation of the Israelites. Duke continues by proclaiming the supremacy of European Christianity over and above that embraced by other “sub-white” races. He writes that:

“Whatever the ethnic origins of the precursors of Christianity, over the centuries Christianity adopted a European cultural overlay both in its artistic expression and its religious tones. We can see those expressions in the breath-taking paintings of the Sistine Chapel, the sculpture of the Madonna and Child, the gothic cathedrals of Europe, and even in the classic Christmas carols that so deeply touch our hearts. Christianity is tightly wound within the heritage of Western Man. No race is so intrinsically Christian as the European, and I view all denominations that follow Christ whether they be Baptists or Catholics, Russian Orthodox or Methodist, Pentecostal or Mormons, as brothers in Christ. We may differ somewhat in our interpretation of the Scriptures, but all of us share our faith in Him.”

In contrast to European forms of Christianity, Duke holds that African and Black Caribbean Christianity can only stray from genuine Christianity. He proposes that when white missionaries and their superior influence are absent, Christianity inevitably degenerates into idol worship, witch doctoring, voodoo, or other non-Christian practices. Duke’s assumption is that black people are simply incapable of leading themselves into true Christianity, and that they need the guiding, sometimes coercive, hand of white mission Dom to herd them into the gates of salvation.

3- Distorted reading of the Bible by the Christian Right and its detrimental impact on world peace

After the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., evangelical leaders emerged as strong critics and even antagonists of Islam. They announced that Islam is an essentially violent religion. This polemic against Islam takes three forms: apologetics to prove the truth of Christianity against Islam; prophetic literature linking Islam as the main protagonist in end-times scenarios; and charismatic literature applying spiritual warfare teachings to Islam. Leaders of the Christian Right such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham denounced Islam as an evil religion and labelled Muhammad a terrorist and paedophile.

Pat Robertson’s 700 Club TV show, which airs on Christian networks across the US and UK, never misses an opportunity to pair the word ‘terrorist’ with the word ‘Islamic’, almost as if to make the point that their religion is always relevant to their action. And on social media, many Christians are quick to point out the faith of the perpetrators of certain atrocities, and use this as a springboard to denounce Islam; sometimes with the kind of ranting heavy-handedness which hardly glorifies their own God. The net result: a growing sense both inside and outside the church that Islam is something to be feared, contained, even fought.

The Christian Right known also as Evangelical Christians, and the affiliated neoconservatives, want to start WWIII to speed the second coming of Jesus. They  are using religion to justify war against the Muslim countries. They believe that Christ will not come again until Israel wipes out the Palestinians from Palestine. They want to start a huge fire of war and death and destruction, so that Jesus comes quickly.

According to French President Chirac, Bush told him that the Iraq war was needed to bring on the apocalypse.

“This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”…

Bush was driven by the belief that the attack on Saddam’s Iraq was the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy in which he had been chosen to serve as the instrument of the Lord.

And British Prime Minister Tony Blair long-time mentor, advisor and confidante said:

“Tony’s Christian faith is part of him, down to his cotton socks. He believed strongly at the time, that intervention in Kosovo, Sierra Leone – Iraq too – was all part of the Christian battle; good should triumph over evil, making lives better.”

Mr Burton, who was often described as Mr Blair’s mentor, says that his religion gave him a “total belief in what’s right and what’s wrong”, leading him to see the so-called War on Terror as “a moral cause”…

Anti-war campaigners criticised  remarks Mr Blair made in 2006, suggesting that the decision to go to war in Iraq would ultimately be judged by God.

Bill Moyers reports that the organization Christians United for Israel – led by highly-influential Pastor John C. Hagee – is a universal call to all Christians to help factions in Israel fund the Jewish settlements, throw out all the Palestinians and lobby for a pre-emptive invasion of Iran. All to bring Russia into a war against us causing World War III followed by Armageddon, the Second Coming and The Rapture.

This all revolves around what is called Dispensationalism. Dispensationalists include the following mega-pastors and their churches: Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham. They are supported by politicians such as: Newt Gingrich, Joseph Lieberman; John McCain; Texas Senator John Cronyn; Former House Minority Whip Roy blunt; Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay and several others.

The battlefield of such destructive world is Islam and Muslims and the Middle East of course.

According to such erroneous interpretation of the Bible, over one-third of those Americans who support Israel report that they do so because they believe the Bible teaches that the Jews must possess their own country in the Holy Land before Jesus can return.

Millions of Americans believe that the Bible predicts the future and that we are living in the last days. Their beliefs are rooted in dispensationalism, a particular way of understanding the Bible’s prophetic passages, especially those in Daniel and Ezekiel in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. They make up about one-third of America’s 40 or 50 million evangelical Christians and believe that the nation of Israel will play a central role in the unfolding of end-times events. In the last part of the 20th century, dispensationalist evangelicals became Israel’s best friends-an alliance that has made a serious geopolitical difference.

In their commitment to keep Israel strong and moving in directions prophesied by the Bible, dispensationalists are supporting some of the most dangerous elements in Israeli society. They do so because such political and religious elements seem to conform to dispensationalist beliefs about what is coming next for Israel. By lending their support-both financial and spiritual-to such groups, dispensationalists are helping the future they envision come to pass.

Dispensationalists believe that the Temple is coming too; and their convictions have led them to support the aims and actions of what most Israelis believe are the most dangerous right-wing elements in their society, people whose views make any compromise necessary for lasting peace impossible. Such sentiments do not matter to the believers in Bible prophecy, for whom the outcome of the quarrelsome issue of the Temple Mount has already been determined by God.

Leo Strauss is the father of the Neo-Conservative movement, including many leaders of the Bush administration. Indeed, many of the main neocon players – including Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Stephen Cambone, Elliot Abrams, and Adam Shulsky – were students of Strauss at the University of Chicago, where he taught for many years.

The people pushing for war against Iran are the same neocons who pushed for war against Iraq. For example, Shulsky was the director of the Office of Special Plans – the Pentagon unit responsible for selling false intelligence regarding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. He is also a member of the equivalent organization targeting Iran: the Iranian Directorate.

Strauss, born in Germany, was an admirer of Nazi philosophers and of Machiavelli. Strauss believed that a stable political order required an external threat and that if an external threat did not exist, one should be manufactured. Specifically, Strauss thought that:

A political order can be stable only if it is united by an external threat . . . Following Machiavelli, he maintained that if no external threat exists then one has to be manufactured.

Strauss taught that religion should be used as a way to manipulate people to achieve the aims of the leaders. But that the leaders themselves need not believe in religion.

As a result, a swarm of spam emerged in the Republicans and Strauss followers claiming that all Muslims are evil, that they want to take over the world and establish a Muslim caliphate, and that they want to nuke Israel. They misquote Muslims and use false statements to try to stir up religious hatred.

They are simply promoting the Straussian playbook: stir up religious sentiment – even if you are personally an atheist – to create and demonize an “enemy”, so as to promote war.

The Republican party is influenced by the Tea Party. The Tea Party includes those who possess a strong belief in the foundational Judeo-Christian values. The Tea Party is a movement, not an organization. There remains no headquarters for the Tea Party, no leader, and no wholly accepted direction. Propelled by the media and shaped by political elites – such as the charismatic former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin – in 2009, citizens across America began attending gatherings of varying sizes under the wider umbrella of the Tea Party. The movement, seemed to afford an opportunity to the Republican Party to garner replenished electorate support.  This was due to many, at least partly-, shared beliefs that Tea Partiers were echoing across the America.

The Tea Party is not the Christian Right: It does not organize churches or afford a special place for religious communities or their leaders. But it largely shares social conservatives’ goals. White evangelicals make up about 40 percent of Republicans nationally, not to mention a majority of Tea Party identifiers. While the Tea Party has not escaped the central dilemma of the Christian Right, and so many other social movements across American history—how to take a minority viewpoint and make coalitions to forge a national majority – it carries the torch of social conservatism that the Christian Right brought to the Republican Party. The Christian Right provided in fact a useful template for the Tea Party.

Though the ranks of the Tea Party are predominantly made up of committed conservatives, the Tea Parties are not operating under the guidance of official GOP institutions. The Republican National Committee is not in charge, and neither are state party organs. Instead, a mix of local networks, resource deploying national organizations, and conservative media outlets constitute Tea Partyism and give it a great deal of dynamism and flexibility at a pivotal juncture in US politics. Grassroots Networks At the grassroots level, Tea Parties are small, loosely interrelated networks, assembled at the initiative of local and regional organizers, who often use online organizing tools. The website MeetUp, which helps people with given interests identify one another and arrange face-to-face meetings, has been very widely used by Tea Partiers (33).

The Tea Party has undergone some fundamental changes over the years, primary among them the embracing of the religious right. What began as a protest against liberal spending policies  has solidified into a movement championing a wide array of traditional American Christian values, among them opposition to abortion, support of Second Amendment gun rights, and  continued calls for reduced spending. But the views of many of those within the Tea Party have become increasingly extreme, and the positions of their politicians have followed suit. Thus we have witnessed such spectacles as congressman Paul Broun stating that evolution and the big bang model (scientific theories in disagreement with the teachings of the Christian Bible) are “lies straight from the pit of Hell”, and former representative Todd Akin claiming that women are able to “shut down” their body’s reproductive system when they are raped. Cases such as these are worrying for the Republicans, because such positions are often not only tolerated, but positively demanded by the ultra-religious Tea Party before a candidate will be considered for nomination in the primaries. Unfortunately, it is difficult for these candidates to divorce themselves from such extreme statements in the general election, when they must answer to voters with decidedly more centrist views.

The Republican politicians fear that they say things in public that may prove self-destructive in the general election, or maintain middle-road electability and face the danger of never being nominated? One need only reference the case of Eric Cantor, whose out-of-nowhere loss in his own primary shocked the GOP (and sent ripples throughout American politics), to understand the ongoing influence wielded by the Tea Party within the modern Republican tent (34).

Although the movement holds pockets of support stretching across the US, it is important to stress that it is a minority group. Although their views are very vocal, and often amplified by conservative media sources like Fox News, the group predominantly represents the views of older, white, religious, conservative males. Despite representing a very specific demographic, the movement’s heightened activism – relative to rank-and-file Republicans – has enabled it to have had a disproportionate effect on the behaviour of the Republican Party. Direct support from the movement, or willingness to affiliate with its principles, ‘clearly improved a candidate’s electoral prospects. It is apparent that in the 2010 mid-term election, several candidates backed by the Tea Party went on to win handsomely in strong Republican States.

The Tea Party’s ties to the Republican Party have conceivably been consistently dragging its political position to the right. Association with the movement has definitively damaged Republican performance in important elections since 2010; and crucially may have served to drag Mitt Romney’s political stance too far to the right in the 2012 presidential election to capture the confidence of swing voters. After November 2012, the Republican Party has elevated its effort to distance itself from the Tea Party movement (35).

The demise of the Tea Party was loudly announced right after Congress voted to lift the debt ceiling and reopen the federal government. The Republican fever was broken, and President Obama won deva stately over the Tea Party (36).

4- Neoconservatism of the Republican Party threatens the world peace

The Neocons have so corrupted the Republican Party that in order to be considered a viable national presidential candidate and to be embraced by the rank and file and Tea Party right, one must openly advocate for an open-ended continuation of the war on terror and a de facto war against Iran.

Of course, the Republican Party was born of corporatism and nurtured on bloodshed, so it’s no surprise that the masses, programmed as they are and conned into an unreasoning fear of U.S.-created Islamic booger bears, are eager to embrace a candidate who pledges unwavering support to Israel and who wants to continue slaughtering Middle Easterners armed, trained, funded and inspired by America and its allies — including Israel.

Neoconservative Republicans envision a world in which the United States is the unchallenged superpower, immune to threats. They believe that the US has a responsibility to act as a “benevolent global hegemon.” In this capacity, the US would maintain an empire of sorts by helping to create democratic, economically liberal governments in place of “failed states” or oppressive regimes they deem threatening to the US or its interests. In the neocon dream world the entire Middle East would be democratized in the belief that this would eliminate a prime breeding ground for terrorists. This approach, they claim, is not only best for the US; it is best for the world. In their view, the world can only achieve peace through strong US leadership backed with credible force, not weak treaties to be disrespected by tyrants.

Any regime that is outwardly hostile to the US and could pose a threat would be confronted aggressively, not “appeased” or merely contained. The US military would be reconfigured around the world to allow for greater flexibility and quicker deployment to hot spots in the Middle East, as well as Central and Southeast Asia. The US would spend more on defence, particularly for high-tech, precision weaponry that could be used in pre-emptive strikes. It would work through multilateral institutions such as the United Nations when possible, but must never be constrained from acting in its best interests whenever necessary.

Most neocons believe that the US has allowed dangers to gather by not spending enough on defence and not confronting threats aggressively enough. One such threat, they contend, was Saddam Hussein and his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. Since the 1991 Gulf War, neocons relentlessly advocated Mr. Hussein’s ouster.

Most neocons share unwavering support for Israel, which they see as crucial to US military sufficiency in a volatile region. They also see Israel as a key outpost of democracy in a region ruled by despots. Believing that authoritarianism and theocracy have allowed anti-Americanism to flourish in the Middle East, neocons advocate the democratic transformation of the region, starting with Iraq. They also believe the US is unnecessarily hampered by multilateral institutions, which they do not trust to effectively neutralize threats to global security.

Finding a kindred spirit in President Reagan, neocons greatly influenced US foreign policy in the 1980s. But in the 1990s, neocon cries failed to spur much action. Outside of Reaganite think tanks and Israel’s right-wing Likud Party, their calls for regime change in Iraq were deemed provocative and extremist by the political mainstream. With a few notable exceptions, such as President Bill Clinton’s decision to launch isolated strikes at suspected terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, their talk of pre-emptive military action was largely dismissed as overkill.

Despite being muted by a president who called for restraint and humility in foreign affairs, neocons used the 1990s to hone their message and craft their blueprint for American power. Their forward thinking and long-time ties to Republican circles helped many neocons win key posts in the Bush administration.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 moved much of the Bush administration closer than ever to neoconservative foreign policy. Only days after 9/11, one of the top neoconservative think tanks in Washington, the Project for a New American Century, wrote an open letter to President Bush calling for regime change in Iraq. Before long, Bush, who campaigned in 2000 against nation building and excessive military intervention overseas, also began calling for regime change in Iraq. In a highly significant nod to neocon influence, Bush chose the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) as the venue for a key February 2003 speech in which he declared that a US victory in Iraq “could begin a new stage for Middle Eastern peace.” AEI – the de facto headquarters for neconservative policy – had been calling for democratization of the Arab world for more than a decade (37).

Republican neoconservatives were the strongest supporters of the Iraq War. The engineers of the Iraq wars were the Republican neoconservatives: former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defence Donal Rumsfeld, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defence Paul Wolfowitz, former Under Secretary of Defence for Policy Douglas Feith, former UN ambassador John Bolton, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio, Congressman Peter King, and pundits Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol and Davis Frump.

Though Saddam Hussein did not use weapons of mass destruction nor set fire to Iraq’s oil fields nor attack Israel with rockets, the war has had many serious results ranging from death and destruction in Iraq to regional instability to a weakened world economy.

The Republican Bush the son, beautifully succeeded in implementing the agenda of the people he belongs to: the Christian right wing, the neoconservatives, the Judio-Christian coalition, the Christian leaders hating Islam, and the Zionist organizations supporting them.

The Middle East and Muslims everywhere are fed up of such arrogant, double standard and irrational foreign policies of the Republicans. It is their image that they have to change by adopting wise and rational policies toward the Islamic world and American Muslims in particular.

In conclusion, the terrorism the world is suffering from today is due to a good deal to the American provocation and injustice applied on Islam as a religion and on Muslims in general.

Due to the irresponsible policies of the Republicans toward the Middle East, Muslims and Islam, in addition to the hatred spilled out from the big mouths of the so called Christian leaders against Islam, we can now find in the Middle East as well as in several other parts of the world shouts calling for abandoning the dollar in exchange to other currencies, trade and oil embargo, plus allying with other superpowers striving to inherit the position of the US in the area in order to benefit from the Arabs’ wealth.

Do the Republicans are aware of such important facts? Could they predict what bad consequences are in store for them in the near future if they don’t think rationally? Right now they are just looking under their feet trying hard to implement their ugly agenda of persecution against Muslims. By doing this they are in fact losing the support of 7 million American Muslims plus millions of other Americans sympathetic with them? Implementing their agenda will add losses over losses to their already sick economy (38).

In order to invade Iraq without any logical reason, the republican President George W. Bush invented lies to attack Iraq. He lied without hesitation or remorse. Bush and his administration led a propaganda to convince Americans that war with Iraq was inevitable and necessary. Bush falsely claimed that the Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons, is rebuilding the facilities to make more, and could launch a biological and chemical attack in as little as 45 minutes after the order is given.  The regime has long-standing and continuing ties to terrorist groups, and there are al Qaeda terrorists inside Iraq. This regime is seeking a nuclear bomb, and with fissile material could build one within a year.

Various scientific surveys of Iraqi deaths resulting from the first four years of the Iraq War estimated that between 151,000 to over one million Iraqis died as a result of conflict during this time. A later study, published in 2011, estimated that approximately 500,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the conflict since the invasion. Counts of deaths reported in newspapers collated by projects like the Iraq Body Count Project  found 174,000 Iraqis reported killed between 2003 and 2013, with between 112,000-123,000 of those killed being civilian non-combatants.

For troops in the U.S.-led multinational coalition,  the death toll is carefully tracked and updated daily, and the names and photographs of those killed in action as well as in accidents have been published widely. A total of 4,491 U.S. service members were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2014.

As for humanitarian crisis, with close to 4 million displaced people in and outside of Iraq, an average of about 100 people killed daily, and a third of the population living in poverty, Iraq ‘s humanitarian emergency has reached a crisis level that compares with some of the world’s most urgent catastrophes.

With stepped up Coalition bombing and ground attacks as well as rise in sectarian violence, a growing number of Iraqis are being forced to leave their homes and minority groups are now seriously at risk. According to UNHCR, there are 1.9 million internally displaced people in the country and 2 million refugees escaped to neighbouring countries, especially Syria and Jordan. Unemployment and poverty rose sharply, too. According to the United Nations Development Programme, one-third of the population now lives in poverty. Education has broken down. Further, Iraqis basic needs in drinking water, food, sanitation and electricity are not met. Hospitals lack basic medical supplies and are understaffed.

During the war and occupation, the Coalition has failed to protect Iraq ‘s incomparable cultural heritage, exposing it to looters and art thieves. The National Library and the National Museum, along with many other important cultural institutions, were badly damaged and looted in the early days of the occupation.

Shortly before the outbreak of hostilities, UN Secretary General stated that the use of force without Council endorsement would “not be in conformity with the Charter” and many legal experts described the US-UK attack as an act of aggression, violating international law.

This is one of the many sins for which Bush, his administration, and the Republican Party supporting him if they all spend a life time atoning, their sin will never be forgiven. They will all carry this sin on their shoulders on the day of accountability, and all the deaths and ruins, which resulted from this war, will be laid to their charge.

Former US congressman Ron Paul has said that the Republican Party’s control of the Senate will cause more “neocon wars in Syria and Iraq.” And that’s what exactly happened.

5- Republicans and the Tea party are against Islam

Analysis of recent Pew Research Centre data reveals that those who are more likely to holds racist beliefs against Islam include conservatives, protestants, Republicans, whites and older Americans. All of these groups are disproportionately represented in the Tea Party ranks. This kind of blatant racism is due to lower levels of education, lack of acquaintance with Muslims, and increased reliance on the bias mass media. Right wing media pundits – the primary source of information for Tea Partiers have played a critical role in fomenting the anti-Muslim, anti-Arab paranoia that is so disturbingly prevalent in the Tea party.

Where do Tea Partiers get their misguided conceptions of Islam and its alleged threat to America? Tea Partiers admit that they rely heavily on right-wing media – Fox news –  as their trusted source of news. Fox notoriously disseminates racist messages again Muslims. But Fox is not the only source of American ignorance regarding Islam. The U.S. media as a whole have long spread racist images and messages against Islam. The U.S. movie industry has been awash with offensive images of Arabs and Muslims that encourage a pervasive and unapologetic degradation and dehumanization of Muslims. Individuals who rely primarily on the mass media for their information about Islam are likely to hold racist, anti-Arab and anti- Muslim attitudes (39).

Matt Taibibi sees that Tea Partiers as narcissists – people concerned to slash social programs that help less advantaged others but determined to preserve programs that serve their own interests. He believes that the Tea Partiers are both racist and narcissists.

The Tea Party seems to believe that Such rhetoric from two young and charismatic officeholders cheers establishment Republicans who fear that the rise of Trump and of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — with their frequent strong words on immigrants in the country illegally — could ruin the GOP for years, eliminating any chance of winning the White House if either is the nominee and turning off swing voters, minorities and women, and the politics of scapegoating can help it reach a wider audience in the midst of an economic crisis.

The sheriff in Broward County, Florida, is under fire from an anti-Islam group and Tea Party members for hiring and refusing to fire a Muslim deputy who also serves as director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Florida.

“I hate Islam. Islam is evil,” anti-Islam activist David Rosenthal said, according to WPLG and Raw Story. “Ideally, I would ban Islam in the United States. I am against Sharia-compliant Muslims having any position in government, law enforcement or the schools.”

WFTL radio host Joyce Kaufman also wrote an online post to criticise the hiring of Hamze.

Last October, the activists and Florida Tea Party members rallied, calling for the resignation of Israel and Hamze.

The anti-Islam protesters said Hamze should not be in law enforcement because he refused to renounce Islamic law.

At the rally, Tom Trento of the anti-Islam group The United West said, “What the hell is going on with Scott Israel that he hires a terrorist!”

Wilfredo Ruiz, a local attorney who works with Hamze at CAIR, said it’s another example of hate speech towards Muslims.

“We don’t want to make the same errors like putting people in the camps, like we did to the Japanese [during World War II], or segregating schools like in the ’50s here in Florida. We are far past that,” he said.

Ruiz is cooperating with the FBI in a case about recruitment by ISIS locally.

“These ISIS clowns murder more Muslim men and rape more Muslim women than anyone else,” Ruiz said.

He said Hamze is a dedicated officer and does not deserve to be maligned.

“Like him, thousands of other Muslims in America today are wearing the uniform. … I was, myself, a naval officer. Nobody from a desk can tell me what patriotism is when I have worn my uniform,” he said.

Rosenthal maintained though that “the Islamisation of Broward County has begun.”

Each of the 2016 White House hopefuls made their case to the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Presidential Forum on Thursday why they’d be the strongest defender of America’s and Israel’s national security against the kind of violence seen in San Bernardino, Calif., Wednesday.

Nearly all of the candidates — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was detained by Senate votes and never made it — argued that the incident was an example of the terrorist threat facing America and Israel and proceeded to attack President Barack Obama for not readily using the term “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Speaking before influential Washington Jewish Republicans, some of them heavy-hitting donors, the candidates competed to be the staunchest supporter of Israel and the biggest opponents of the Iran deal.

But also playing out on stage was a battle to define the Republican party and its future, with Sen. Lindsey Graham delivering a strong rebuke of what he called the “hateful rhetoric” that he said will doom the GOP.

6- The entire Republican Party has fallen prey to bigotry and paranoid fantasy

The Republicans seem to have made up their minds: they will divide, degrade and secede from the Union. They will do so with bullying, lies and manipulation, a willingness to say anything, no matter how daft or wrong. They will do so by spending unheard of sums to buy elections with the happy assistance of big business and wealthy patrons for whom the joys of gross income inequality are a comfortable fact of life. By gerrymandering and denying the vote to as many of the poor, the elderly, struggling low-paid workers, and people of colour as they can. And by appealing to the basest impulses of human nature: anger, fear and bigotry.

Donald Trump is just the most outrageous and big-mouthed of the frothing wolf pack of deniers and truth benders. “The Republican Party has become an insurgent outlier – ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.”


Just four-and-a-half years ago, Washington mainstays Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein shocked the inside-the-Beltway establishment (especially the press, with its silent pact to speak no evil of wrongdoers lest they deny you an interview) when they published their book, It’s Even Worse than It Looks. The two esteemed political scientists wrote, In the years since, an ugly situation has only gotten increasingly dire, with right-wing radicals whipped into a frenzy by a Republican establishment that thought it could use their rage, only to find it running amok and beyond their control. In a recent interview with Francis Wilkinson of Bloomberg View, Norman Ornstein said, “The future still looks pretty grim.” And Thomas Mann noted, “The burden is on the GOP because they are currently the major source of our political dysfunction. No happy talk about bipartisanship can obscure that reality. Unless other voices and movements arise within the Republican Party to changes its character and course, our dysfunctional politics will continue.”

The fever is pandemic not only among the party’s presidential candidates but throughout the House and Senate right down to the state governments. Witness erstwhile GOP presidential candidate and current Wisconsin governor Scott Walker cutting off food stamps for the hungry and possibly bankrupting food pantries in his state just in time for Christmas – because many of those on the lowest rung of the ladder haven’t yet found a job.

And here’s multimillionaire Bruce Rauner winning the governorship of Illinois after spending some $65 million — half of which came from himself and nine other individuals, families or the companies they control. Now he’s calling once again on his wealthy friends and allies around the country who, The New York times reports: “are rallying behind Mr. Rauner’s agenda: to cut spending and overhaul the state’s pension system, impose term limits and weaken public employee unions”– even though a majority of ordinary citizens in Illinois are opposed (40).

6- The Republican Party says something and do something else!

Neoconservative Republicans claim to follow the Constitution but sometimes they don’t. If a Democrat creates a law that is unconstitutional then neoconservatives would strongly fight it but if a Republican were to create a law that was unconstitutional they would support it.

Even though they claim to follow the Constitution they strongly support the Patriot Act which violates American citizen’s constitutional rights.

Neoconservative Republicans always talk about supporting a small limited federal government but they never ever make it smaller and barely attempt to make it smaller. It just gets bigger under there watch. Ronald Reagan when he was president talked about making the government smaller but he did not make it smaller even though many conservatives try and say he did. The Republican George W. Bush as president made the federal government much, much bigger! Republican neoconservatives will give you a pass on making the federal government bigger as long as you are a Republican. Neoconservatives are “big government conservatives.” They only talk about supporting a small federal government to get votes.

Neoconservatives support tax cuts and cut taxes but they also claim to support cutting spending but they barely ever cut it. They also claim to want a balanced budget but they have done nothing but create massive deficits! They always cut taxes but never lower spending and when you cut taxes you create less revenue and must lower spending or else you end up with budget deficits and this is what has happened. They think deficits are “not that big of a deal.” Pork barrel spending has also gone up under Republicans. Starting with Reagan’s presidency to present time all Republican presidents have grown the deficit pretty big. Reagan’s administration was the start of the neoconservatives influence. Reagan grew the deficit pretty big and George W. Bush grew it massively. Republicans look like big hypocrites when they yell at Obama for creating big deficits but don’t mention that the last couple Republican presidents have created big deficits too.

Neoconservative Republicans talk about cutting the spending on welfare programs yet they barely ever do it. They sometimes talk about getting rid of welfare but it’s a lie and they do not completely oppose welfare. They support a moderate system of welfare. The first neoconservatives supported most of the New Deal.

Neoconservative Republicans are in bed with corporations and practice crony capitalism which makes capitalism look bad. They support corporate welfare. They will do whatever big business tells them to.

Neoconservative Republicans want to keep the federal reserve while Paleoconservatives want to abolish it and replace it with a constitutional monetary system.

Neoconservatives support free trade but if you look back in history it was actually always the Democratic Party who supported free trade and lower tariffs and the Republican Party supported protectionism and high tariffs ever since the founding of the party. Over the last few decades the parties have seemed to swap stances on this issue.

Neoconservative Republicans support a very aggressive foreign policy that includes preemptive war. They support imperialism. They support nation building. They support a strong military and a big inflated military budget. They support a Wilsonian foreign policy and Wilson was a Democrat. There foreign policy is actually dangerous to America. One reason it is dangerous is because it can cause blow back. If there is a war going on in another country neoconservative Republicans may get America involved in it to help out one side but this causes America to gain enemies. One reason Osama Bin Laden attacked America is because America is heavily supportive of Israel sending them foreign aid at the expense of the Arabs. Al-Qaeda did not attack America because they”hate our freedoms” like all Neoconservative Republicans try to say.

Neoconservative Republicans support giving out foreign aid which is taxpayer’s money. They always talk about cutting spending but never ever do it. Neoconservatives are globalists (not the same as globalization). Globalists place the interests of the entire world before America. They give foreign aid to other countries when America could really use that money instead. America should come first not other countries.

They claim to oppose illegal immigration but there actions have shown this is false. Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants and George W. Bush signed the Dream Act (41).

The “Religious Right” – known to some as the “religious wrong” – is a voting block comprising religiously-motivated right wing conservatives such as  American conservative Christian voters. the Religious Right plays an important role in the Republican Party. Many Republican politicians, have explicitly identified themselves as religious conservatives. It could be argued that the modern Republican Party is at heart a coalition between religious and business conservatives, in roughly equal parts.

The Religious Right helped propel the Republican George W. Bush to victory in the 2000 and2004 presidential campaigns.

In their Statements of the 2012 Republican platform, the Republicans decided to restore the American dream by rebuilding the economy and creating jobs;  reviving mall Business and Entrepreneurship; balancing the Budget, ensuring Sound Monetary Policy.

The Republican oath in the 2012 platform included an important issue:

“We believe that sound money policy should be our goal.”

But they broke their oath. The Bush administration did such a good job in squandering the American public’s hard earned taxpayer’s money on counter-productive policies that plunged the nation into worse socioeconomic and political state than it was under the watch of any Democrat leadership.

Most of these lavish spending were directed towards contracts awarded to the same Republican-run corporate entities. This means that all the huge wasteful spending directly or indirectly ends up in the pockets of Republican corporate contractors that are usually awarded the no-bid governmental contracts.

Several US companies that were awarded the no-bid contracts ranging from rebuilding to feeding the troops in Iraq were all grabbing as much pieces of the public pie as they were allowed to grab by the Bush administration while other companies of equal professional capabilities that competed for the same contracts, but owned by non-Republican bosses were shot out of their fair chance to bid for these contracts in Iraq.

Economically, the Bush-Cheney administration has left behind a big financial and economic mess. Bush administration has brought misery upon America by its misguided economic policies that have built a mountain of shaky debt and rendered dysfunctional large segments of the American banking industry and large sectors of the U.S. economy, through inappropriate deregulation to enrich greedy special interest characters, wheeler-dealers, corporate con men, professional short-sellers and other scam artists and swindlers. In so doing, it has empowered rich parasitic speculators and turned the financial sector into a giant casino, thus risking the health of the entire economy.

The Bush-Cheney administration has emptied the public treasury, debased the U.S. currency and fueled deflation, inflation and, in the end, produced stagflation and what can turn out to be a very serious recession.

It is thus no accident that the Bush-Cheney administration has presided over one of the worst financial collapses and credit crises in U.S. history, by packing regulatory agencies with cronies whose mission it was to let rapacious speculators and market manipulators go wild. The result has been the creation of a casino-like speculative economy that collapsed and crashed  down.

Under Bush-Cheney, financial markets became manipulated by unscrupulous bankers and by rapacious hedge funds, as public regulation was reduced to a minimum. Millions of Americans lost their homes through foreclosure and many more saw their working and pension incomes eroded and destroyed by inflation and plant closings.

The Republican George W. Bush will be remembered for having financed his whimsical and ill-conceived three trillion dollar war of aggression against Iraq on credit, thus worsening the U.S. financial situation in the world, irrevocably. He left behind him a financial mess like no one has seen since the great depressions following 1873 and 1929.

The Bush-Cheney administration has presided over economic dislocations and greed-fed financial bubbles, and it has been an agent poverty and of  financial and economic crises. This is an administration that will be sadly remembered for its huge tax cuts for the super rich, for its huge fiscal deficits bequeathed to future generations and for its huge and costly bailouts for speculators and high flyers, and very little for families and ordinary citizens.

As a consequence, on the whole, Americans are today poorer than when Bush took power, while the gap between the very rich and the average American has never been wider. It has been a regime that has borrowed and borrowed, debased the currency, waged unnecessary wars and doled out defense contracts in the most reckless possible way, with a minimum of oversight and accountability.

Perhaps one of the greatest indictments of the Bush-Cheney administration is the way it has used crude covert propaganda techniques worthy of a totalitarian regime. Indeed, it has launched a sophisticated propaganda campaign to manipulate information and public opinion that has had the effect of undermining democracy and the freedom of information. For one, it has subverted the major American TV and radio networks by providing them with  false independent analysts.

The Republican George W.  Bush, was unqualified for high office. This is a politician who presided over an administration that has acted as a wrecking crew, destroying most of everything it has touched.

In its countless failures, the Bush-Cheney administration has been an unhealthy mixture, rarely seen in a democracy, of immorality, lawlessness and incompetence (42).

In this regard, several polls illustrated the following:

  • 69 percent blame Bush for the current economic problems facing the United States;
  • 61 percent say the Bush’s decision to wage war in Iraq was the “wrong thing” to do;
  • 56 percent disapprove of the way Bush handled his job as a president;
  • 51 percent blame Bush for “the situation in Iraq,” as the Iraqi government has failed to find a sustaining coalition to help keep the country from breaking apart;
  • 47 percent answer “a lot” when asked if the Bush administration was to blame for “the difficulties the middle class has faced in the last decade”;
  • 43 percent believe that Bush will be viewed by historians as either “below average” or “poor” president.

The bad policy of the Republican George W. Bush is summarized as follows:

  • Spent US budget surplus and bankrupted the US treasury.
  • Created the largest annual national deficit in US history.
  • Two million American lost their jobs during the first year.
  • Set the record for the most private bankruptcies in any one month period in US history.
  • Set the record for the biggest drop in US stock market in the nation’s history.
  • Set the record for the most campaign fund-raising trips by a US president.
  • The credit markets, gripped by panic, had frozen overnight, and banks were refusing to lend money.
  • Housing prices inflated and a foreclosure crisis occurred.
  • For much of the Bush presidency, the White House was preoccupied by terrorism and war.
  • Millions of Americans faced home foreclosures (43).

The Republican oath in the 2012 platform was also:

“We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin. We believe that persons with disabilities should be afforded equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity as well.”

But again the Republican Party broke its oath. Donald Trump and Ben Carson stood against Muslims and showed ugly racism against their religion. They should have realized that people of all faiths are welcome in the U.S. because the nation was founded on religious tolerance.

Donald Trump – the bad choice of the GOP – has a weak chance to win the White House. In 2012, Romney easily won the non-Hispanic white vote, but it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome his poor showing among Hispanics, who broke 71 to 27 percent for Obama. A recent Post-Univision News poll found that 80% of Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump. Given that the electorate is expected to be less white than it was in 2012, Trump would have to win an unprecedented share of the white vote to stand a chance. Furthermore, Trump’s campaign has a poor record of setting up the competent field operations needed to boost turnout among his base of support.

Nor will the media advantage that has helped Trump in the Republican primaries carry over to the general election. As the rival party’s front-runner — and someone willing to take Trump on from the start — Clinton will have a much easier time getting her fair share of free media. In addition, barring a dramatic turn in the controversy over her State Department email, there isn’t much reason to think Clinton will struggle in the fall. Some have suggested that record turnout in the Republican primaries bodes ill for the Democrats come November. But there’s no historical evidence of such a connection. In 1980 and 1988, millions more people voted in the Democratic primaries than in the Republican contests — and Democrats lost in the fall. In 2000, Republicans had the edge, and the GOP lost the popular vote. And there’s no consistent relationship between increases or decreases in a party’s primary turnout from four years earlier and victory in November.

Some, on the other hand, worry that attacks on Trump for his long track record of lies and failures seem never to stick, or that he will be able to magically cast off the burden of his extremist stances by moving to the middle. But that’s what Democrats feared about Mitt Romney this time four years ago. Yet Latino voters did not forget about Romney’s call for self-deportation, and attacks on Romney as a corporate raider proved much more effective for Obama than they were for Romney’s foes in the GOP primary. Nor was Romney able to make voters forget the big gaps in his implausible budget and tax plan.

The hostility of Trump towards Muslims would certainly reduce his chance to win marginal votes. “In the 2000 election, approximately 70% of Muslims in America voted for Bush; among non-African-American Muslims, the ratio was over 80%.

In order to win the vote of the American Muslims, the Republicans have to stop insinuating that Muslims are alien to the American nation. They have to stop implying that they support terrorists. They have to stop accusing Muslims of being anti-American. And they need to denounce anyone in their ranks who does those things.

Of the nearly 1,000 Muslim registered voters planning to vote, half said they support the Democratic Party, and 15 percent said they back the Republican Party. About one-quarter of the registered voters did not want to share their political affiliation.

Due to the hostility of the Republicans towards American Muslims and their religion, Muslims are now shifting toward the Democratic Party.

Republicans might not need to worry just yet about winning back the Muslim vote, noting that Muslims compose about 1 percent of the national voting population. But Republicans should care, because there are a lot of young Muslims, which means a lot of new voters. Even though Muslims only make up 1 percent of voters, in a swing state “their vote will matter, because it’s such a marginal difference.

President Barack Obama has a message for Donald Trump — being president is tougher than being on a reality show and the American people are too “sensible” to elect him.

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president,” Obama said at a news conference in California after meeting with southeast Asian leaders. “And the reason is that I have a lot of faith in the American people. Being president is a serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show, or a reality show.” Obama said.

He went on: “It’s not promotion, it’s not marketing. It’s hard. And a lot of people count on us getting it right.”

The presidency isn’t “a matter of pandering and doing whatever will get you in the news on a given day. And sometimes, it requires you making hard decisions even when people don’t like it,” Obama said, adding that whoever succeeds him needs to be able to reflect the importance of their office and give foreign leaders confidence he or she knows their names and something about their nations’ histories.

Obama also appeared to raise the question of whether Trump was prepared to be commander-in-chief.

“Whoever’s standing where I’m standing right now has the nuclear codes with them, and can order 21-year-old into a firefight, and (has) to make sure that the banking system doesn’t collapse, and is often responsible for not just the United States of America, but 20 other countries that are having big problems, or are falling apart and are gonna be looking for us to do something.”

He added: “The American people are pretty sensible, and I think they’ll make a sensible choice in the end.”

Trump responded to Obama during an event in Beaufort, South Carolina.

“He has done such a lousy job as president,” Trump said, before adding that he didn’t mind being targeted by Obama, saying he took it as a “great compliment.”

7- The Republicans were behind “The Arab Spring” known as the New Middle East”. They created ISIS and implanted it in the Arab world.

ISIS is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has officially changed its name to the Islamic State.  These Muslim radicals now control large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, including areas on the Turkish border, as well as parts of eastern Libya and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East.”

This shift in foreign policy phraseology coincided with the inauguration of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean. The term and conceptualization of the “New Middle East,” was subsequently heralded by the U.S. Secretary of State and the Israeli Prime Minister at the height of  the Anglo-American sponsored Israeli siege of Lebanon. Prime Minister Olmert and Secretary Rice had informed the international media that a project for a “New Middle East” was being launched from Lebanon.

This announcement was a confirmation of an Anglo-American-Israeli “military roadmap” in the Middle East. This project, which has been in the  planning stages for several years, consists in creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan.

The “New Middle East” project was introduced publicly by Washington and Tel Aviv with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of “constructive chaos.” This “constructive chaos” –which generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region– would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain, and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geo-strategic needs and objectives.

Secretary Condoleezza Rice stated during a press conference that “what we’re seeing here [in regards to the destruction of Lebanon and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon], in a sense, is the growing—the ‘birth pangs’—of a ‘New Middle East’ and whatever we do we [meaning the United States] have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the New Middle East [and] not going back to the old one.” Secretary Rice was immediately criticized for her statements both within Lebanon and internationally for expressing indifference to the suffering of an entire nation, which was being bombed  indiscriminately by the Israeli Air Force.

The plot against the Middle East was openly declared by Bush Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in November 2006. But the massacre against the Middle East, the Arabs, and their religion began few years before that when the Republican Bush under false pretenses launched wars against Afghanistan followed by Iraq.

The plot continued at the time Of Barak Obama because the Republicans seized Senate, gaining full control of Congress. The plot was to divide the Middle East into sects and factions living in small dominions or sectors without borders so as to redraw the map of the Middle east according to the geostrategic interests of the US, Britain and Israel.

Ways to reconstruct and reform the Republican Part

1- The Republican Party must stop spreading hatred against Muslims and their religion.

The Republicans with their bigotry and hatred against Islam wrongly think they are on the right path, but the truth is they are bringing Allah’s wrath upon their heads and over their country. They may laugh at my words, but my words are the truth personified. Because they hate Islam, and excel in promoting hatred against it, they think they are on the right path, but the fact  is that they have taken Allah their Creator as an enemy, and forgot that He is Vengeful and terrible in retribution. He afflicts His enemies with severe worldly calamities and in the Hereafter He tortures them in Hell For for eternity.

The Republicans due to their bigotry, hatred and  ignorance of Islam foolishly think that Islam is a false religion and Muslims are terrorists and heretics, so they give themselves the right to attack Islam and its adherents. The consequence of such irresponsible conduct is that a divine wrath will overtake them in the present life, and a terrible burning awaits them in the Hereafter.

Allah says in the Koran:

They take to plotting against our signs. Say: ’Allah is swifter at devising; surely Our messengers are writing down what you are devising (Yunus, 21).

Those before them plotted, so Allah struck at the foundations of their building, and then the roof fell down upon them from above them, and the doom came on them whence they knew not; (Al-Nahl, 26).

So they plotted a plot: and We plotted a plot, while they perceived not (An-Naml, 50).

Then see the nature of the consequence of their plotting, for lo! We destroyed them and their people, every one (An-Naml, 51).

Because of their rebellion against Allah their Creator, He has rendered their worldly works useless and fruitless. This is what the Republicans are witnessing now – the deterioration of their party. Allah has stirred up among them enmity and hatred that tore their party apart. Even the Republican frontrunner they nominated for presidency,  Donal Trump, is considered by many Americans as a clown, a laughing stock!

There has been also a great deal of global commentary on the Donald Trump phenomenon. The world is laughing at the crippled Republican Party, which found no other candidate to nominate for presidency except Donald Trump. The world accuses the US of being a nation of extremists and fools for supporting a candidate like Trump (44).

This ugly rhetoric, which is more characteristic of the far right, is increasingly endorsed by mainstream Republicans in the US. The theme of civilizational clash between the West and Islam has been a favourite in the Republican debates. Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American senator and Republican presidential hopeful, went as far as to draw analogies between Islam and Nazism as he angrily reacted to Hillary Clinton’s statement that she did not believe the United States was at war with Islam. “That would be like saying we weren’t at war with Nazis, because we were afraid to offend some Germans who may have been members of the Nazi Party but weren’t violent themselves”, he suggested. “This is a clash of civilizations. For they do not hate us because we have military assets in the Middle East. They hate us because of our values.”

And just like the far-right in Europe, Republicans have swiftly moved to raise the question of Syrian refugees’ settlement in connection with the Paris attacks. While Marine Le Pen, leader of the xenophobic Front National demanded an “immediate halt” to the intake of Syrian refugees into France, Republicans lined up to urge a ban on any “middle Eastern” migrants in the US. A succession of governors, mostly Republicans, announced that they would not allow any Syrian applicants to be placed in their states, vowing to block the government’s plans to resettle a mere 10.000 of those fleeing the war in Syrian into the US.

Jeb Bush went further, demanding that the US only accept those applicants proven to be Christian, after thorough vetting and checks to ensure that they are indeed Christian. “We should focus our efforts as it relates to refugees on the Christians that are being slaughtered” he declared. Bush is not alone in calling for a discriminatory approach to the Syrian refugee question. The position has been endorsed by a number of senior Republicans such as Ted Cruz. “If there are Syrian Muslims who are really being persecuted”, he objected, they should be sent to “majority-Muslim countries.” “on the other hand, Christians who are being targeted for genocide, for persecution.. we should be providing safe haven to them”.

That such bigoted, exclusionist language could be used by Republiocan politicians in the 21st century is scandalous. Those fleeing brutality, death and destruction are no longer to be seen as human victims who deserve shelter and safety, but as Christians and Muslims, good victims and bad victims. As if it weren’t enough for Syrians to lose everything, their possessions, homes and loved ones, this sick narrative would have them stripped of their victimhood too.

The Republicans seem to forget that the US had never invaded Iraq, had never been defeated there and forced to withdraw in a hurry, exhausted and humiliated. They seem unaware of the chaos and destruction their absurd wars had unleashed on the whole region and the great damage they had caused to the United States itself. One of modern history’s greatest ironies is that no one has done more to dissipate the neoconservative dream of American world supremacy and bury the New American Century Project than the former Republican neocon administration itself.

What makes the Republicans’ discourse on Islam and the Muslim world dangerous is that it is disseminated through a wide and powerful network of media outlets and right wing think tanks then consumed by a public with no direct contact or first-hand knowledge of the Muslim world.

The truth is that cultures, civilizations and lifestyles do not clash. It is humans who clash, with their interests, ambitions, illusions and fantasies. Instead of the twisted binary logic of ‘us’ vs. ‘them’, terrorism should render Americans more keenly aware of the interconnectedness of our world, of our shared existence and the dangers that threaten us all. Terrorists do not ask for their victims IDs before mutilating their bodies in Paris, Beirut, or Tunis. The solution to the insane chaos into which we have been dragged since 9/11 begins with an active rejection of the ugly dualisms of “us” and “them”, of believers vs infidels and of Westerners/Europeans vs the Muslim other (45).

The religious Right and its allies (neoconservatives, Judeo-Christian coalition, Tea Party) taken by arrogance and ignorance, forgot that their plots against innocent people would certainly bring Allah’s curse. The land, the person or action that Allah has cursed will be the most remote from any good or blessing. Allah cursed His enemy, Satan, Iblis, and made him the farthest creation from Himself; everything that emanates from his side will hold the curse of Allah in proportion to its proximity and attachment to him. By attacking Islam the last divine revelation sent by Allah to all humankind, the Republicans and the above mentioned cults and groups have disobeyed their Creator, rebelled against Him,  and deserved His wrath. Allah’s wrath upon the Republican Party in the present life is expressed in separation from the public, bigotry, racism, political failure, unreasonableness, disunity, dissension, insensibility, irrationality, and obstructionism.

Hatred against Islam has already shown itself of their mouths, and what their breasts conceal is yet greater. These ignorant Republicans about Islam think that their ugly words agaisnt Islam will just disappear in the air without any serious consequences. Because the are ignorant of Islam, they do not know that Allah the Creator knows what  their hearts conceal, and what they publish, and that Allah encompasses the things they do, and in the end losing the presidential elections.

Due to their shallowness and ignorance they do not now that on the Day of Judgment, their limbs and faculties will be the strongest witness against them. Their tongues, their hands and their feet shall have much to answer for against them and bear witness to their evil actions.

Allah says in His Glorious Koran:

“On the day when their tongues, their hands and their feet shall testify against them touching that they were doing.” (An-Nur, 24).

As for the terrible chastisement awaiting those opposing Allah and His religion, the next verse expresses exactly what is in wait for them:

And let not the unbelievers suppose that the indulgence We grant them is better for them; We grant them indulgence only that they may increase in sin; and there awaits them a humbling chastisement (Al-Imran, 178).

The Republicans have to stop dividing the people by spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans. Whatever rational decisions the Republican party may take concerning political and social issues, negative results will always accrue because Allah’s blessings are removed. Being the enemies of Allah and the religion of Islam uproots knowledge and deeds and render them ineffective. Being the enemies of Islam by spreading Islamophobia among the people is an act of disbelief that would bring the anger of Allah which usually starts by  effacing the blessings from the nation.

Allah says in the Koran:

Yet had the peoples of the cities believed and been god-fearing, We would have opened upon them blessings from heaven and earth; but they cried lies, and so We seized them for what they earned (Al-A’raf, 96).

Imam Ahmad in his book al-Musnad narrated that the Prophet said the Allah said:

“I am Allah. If I am pleased I bestow blessings and My blessings have no limit. If I am angry I curse and my curse extends to the seventh generation.”

In a land that the Koran was defiled, belied, and burned, His prophet was slandered, His named was humiliated and mocked at, and His obedient servants were subjugated, that land will be cursed and will be the most remote from any good or blessing. Anything that is associated and linked to it or is a route to it will contain no blessing whatsoever. Allah cursed His enemy, Iblis, and made him the furthest creation from Himself; everything that emanates from his side will hold the curse of Allah in proportion to its proximity and attachment to him. It is from this perspective that disobedience has the severest effect on effacing the blessings of one’s age, sustenance, knowledge and actions. Any period of time in which Allah is disobeyed, any wealth, body, status, knowledge and action Allah is disobeyed with, will count against the doer and not for him. The only life, wealth, strength, status, knowledge and action he really possesses is that with which Allah is obeyed.

Disobedience of Allah eradicates His blessings. Obedience to Allah by following His path and be just to all materialize His blessings; and sincere endeavours directed to problem solving bring about their fruit.

As we read in the Gospel:

Luke 6: 43

“A good tree doesn’t produce rotten fruit, and a rotten tree doesn’t produce good fruit.

No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.

Matt 7: 15-20.

“People don’t pick grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles, do they? In the same way every good tree produces good fruit, but a rotten tree produces bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit. 19 Any tree that fails to produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into a fire. 20 So you will know them by what they produce.

The Republicans must contemplate and think. Subjucating Muslims and humiliating their religion, launching illegitimate wars against defenceless countries in the Middle East and elsewhere,leaving behind thousands of victims, ruined homes and millions of refugees, has brought Allah’s wrath on America. Economic deterioration, has been snapping America’s feeble body from the inside for several decades now. The collapse of America’s huge global corporations and stock market, civil unrest, drought, natural disasters, and the deterioration in America’s ethival manners on all fronts are clear examples od such divine wrath.

The divine wrath is still in its beginning, and more is to come if the ruling republicans persist in their unjust and tyrannical attitude.

The Republicans became arrogant in the land by intensifying their plotting of evil against Muslims and their religion. But plotting of evil only rebounds on those who plot. Allah sowed dissension among them, shattered their unity and divided them. Allah made them quarrel among themselves, and became distracted from focusing on the real issues of the citizens’ interests.

2- The Republican Party must abandon the superstition of dispensationalism and apocalipticism embraced by the Religious Right

Apocaliptocism and dispensationalism have occupied a centreoal force in the mind of the Republicans. They believe in apocalyptic prophecies, especially regarding the imminent destruction of the world and the foundation of a new order as a result of the triumph of good or evil. They also believe in dispensationalism that divides  history into distinct periods, each markedby a different dispensation or relationship between God and humanity. Dispensatio-nalism further holds that Christian believers will be transported to heaven without warning and that soon thereafter there will be a period of tribulation, followed by the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Within the Christian Right, and affiliated Republicans, such rhetoric tends to focus on the role of the modern nation of Israel, notions of an Antichrist who will lead a worldwide movement against Christians, and increasingly belief in a divine role for the United States in End Times.

The Republican party is deeply divided and faces a bleak demographic future in national terms. No wonder they find a strange comfort in returning to the doom and gloom of the past.

Belief in an apocalypse has affected the political performance of the Republicans regarding domestic and foreign policies on issues ranging from the environment to Israel. The Republicans and the Christian Right believe it is biblically prophesied that key events will occur during the End Times in Israel. Apocalypticism among many conservative Protestants leads many of them to have a pessimistic or fatalistic view of the futures of humanity and the Earth.

Unfortunately, the GOP has become a millenarian organization utilizing violence in a perceived sacred cause. Religious thoughts surrounding beliefs about the end of time have negative consequences. Such consequences can include aggressive ideas and violent behaviour to include war, rebellion and the use of terror.

For example, The GOP believes that support for Israel was a biblical mandate. The land of Israel was owned by God, and only God can give it away. He gave it to the Jewish people.

The Republicans influenced by the Christian Right believe that the Jewish state will soon be the site of Armageddon. Therefore, any calamity or mischief afflicting the Palestinians is biblically ordained.

This brand of Christian Zionism closely links support for Israel to the end of the world and the conversion of the Jews to Christianity. Israel will be covered in a sea of human blood in the final battle. The Jews, however, will survive the battle  long enough to have the opportunity to receive Messiah and convert to Christianity.

Due to the distorted reading of the religious Right to the Bible, millions of Americans believe that Christ will not come again until Israel wipes out its competitors (Palestinians and Arabs) and there is widespread war in the Middle East, so that Jesus comes quickly.

This all revolves around what is called Dispensationalism. So popular is Dispensationalism that Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series has sold 65 million copies.

While only 36 percent of all Americans believe that the Bible is God’s Word and should be taken literally, 59 percent say they believe that events predicted in the Book of Revelation will come to pass. Almost one out of four Americans believes that 9/11 was predicted in the Bible, and nearly one in five believes that he or she will live long enough to see the end of the world. Even more significant for this study, over one-third of those Americans who support Israel report that they do so because they believe the Bible teaches that the Jews must possess their own country in the Holy Land before Jesus can return.

Israel must therefore receive utmost support at the expense of the Palestinians. Accordingly, The Republicans are proponent of U.S. aid and support for Israel, and reject any “land for peace” formula in dealing with the Palestinians. They believe that giving up the West Bank and Gaza — a two-state solution violates the word of God.

The GOP Judeo-Christian coalition views Arab peoples as inhuman. They consider that Islam is a terrorist religion, and that the Muslim world has not undergone the reformation that Jews and Christians did that would enable them to adopt democracy, human rights, and women’s rights. Most Muslims are anti-American and anti-Israel.

The GOP considers that the hostility existing between the Arabs and America is not due to colonialism or economic imperialism but is rather due to pure hatred. What unites all Arab countries is tyranny. They hate the U.S. because te U.S. is democratic and believe in liberty.

The  political platform of the GOP calls for the expulsion of all Palestinians into Jordan. Actually, there are no such peoples as Palestinians. They are all simply Arabs who have no claim to the land Israel currently occupies. Jerusalem is the eternal and exclusive capital of the sovereign Jewish State. The entire Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People, alone. There is no “Palestine” and there is no “Palestinian People.”

The Arabs are not seeking a real peace; their goal is the destruction of Israel. The world must not attempt to force Israel into making suicidal territorial concessions. Israel must always maintain the ability to militarily defend itself and protect its own vital interests.

Israel must return to the Biblical values that guided the Jewish People throughout its history. Israel must continue to develop as a nation with a vibrant free-market economy. Terrorist organizations, and the rogue nations that support them, must be destroyed.

The GOP believe that there can be no “quick fix” solution through peace road maps. It is a war; one side will win and one side will lose. Israelis must defeat the Palestinians. The only time there is peace is when the winners (the United States and Israel) impose the terms of peace on those who have been defeated.

As a result of such distorted thinking of the Republicans, the Palestinians – the enemy within – are long-suffering at the hands of the Israelis. Entire Palestinian villages have been bulldozed and replaced with Jewish settlers. Barehanded and armed only with rocks, the Palestinians face automatic rifles, machine gun fires, tanks, and helicopters. It is a conflict of an unarmed people against a well equipped modern military machine. It is men with guns against men with slingshots. If the things that are being done to the Palestinians were being done to Jews, Western outrage would have been overwhelming and the persecution of the Jews would dominate the news. The injustice exercised by the Israelis against the Palestinians in the occupied land is the result of the biased American foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistently pro-Israel and anti-Arab.”

Due to the unconditional support of the Evangelical Republicans, it is common to see in Palestine torture, illegal detention, assassination, assaults against civilians with missiles, helicopters and jet fighters, annexation of territory, transportation of civilians from one place to another for the purpose of imprisonment, mass killing – as in Qana, Jenin, Sabra, and Shatila,to mention only the most obvious. There’s been denial of rights to free passage to schools, hospitals, and markets; use of civilians as human shields; humiliation of individuals; punishment of families;house demolitions on a mass scale; destruction of agricultural land; expropriation of water; illegal settlement; economic pauperization; attacks on hospitals, medical workers, and ambulances; and killing of UN personnel.

All of these policies have been carried out by Israel with the unconditional support of the Evangelical Republicans. Not only has Washington supplied Israel with the weapons for such practices and every kind of military and intelligence aid, but it has also given the country upwards of one hundred and thirty-five billion dollars in economic aid throughout the years! (46).

Nothing inspires fear like the end of the world. The Republican Party influenced by the Evangilical Religious Right explains any event through apocalyptic language.

This over-reliance on the apocalyptic narrative causes people to fear the wrong things and to mistakenly equate potential future events with current and observable trends. The collapse of the economy, the arrival of peak oil and global warming and resource wars are apocalyptic events. Tsunamis, earthquakes, and global warming are also apocalyptic events and so forth.

The more the GOP views the challenges of the 21st century with apocalyptic fantasy, the more likely it is to paralyze itself with inaction — or with the wrong course of action. The GOP reacts to the idea of the apocalypse — rather than to the real problems on the ground. The GOP should not seek to ignore these problems, but to avert them (47).

What are the Republicans and the Religious Right really doing to the world? Is it to push God to send Jesus hastily to earth? Is God so crippled as to be pushed to send Jesus rapidly to earth? Would Jesus accept establishing his rule on earth on blood shed and the killing of the innocents? And who is going to pay for all this killing and misery? Those who committed the murder of course,  and the perpetrators in particular. They seem to forget that God’s eyes sleep not, and that He will make them pay dearly in return for their crimes.

The erroneous interpretation of the Bible by these hate mongers who have penetrated all spheres of the American social and political life, has led to the destroyment of  several countries in the Middle East. This happened to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and they tried to do so to Egypt but they failed.

The Republicans in the American administration, surrendering to the evil desires of the Christian Right and its coalition with the Zionists, will be responsible before God for the hundreds of thousands killed in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Allah will charge them for the women, elderly, and children who faced collateral damage and fled armed conflicts.
The Christian Right, in collaboration with the Zionists, are surely taking America to its demise.

Conclusion: The Republican Party must alienate itself from the distorted ideas of the Religious Right and concentrate on the political issues, concerning the American citizens.

3- The Republican Party must disengage itself from the Tea Party

Tea Party leaders view themselves as modern prophets of the end of times, and God is on their side. Its leaders view themselves as modern prophets of the apocalypse. They believe America teeters on the brink of destruction, and hold as an article of faith that liberals, gays, Democrats, atheists and the United Nations are to blame. This “end-times” world-view is a foundation precept of the evangelical movement, from which many of the so-called Tea Party favorites spring. Scholars call it apocalypticism.

The Tea Party is composed of members of the Religious Right. Many are genuine libertarians.  Some nurse an unreconstructed Confederate grudge, while others harbor a thinly disguised racism. However, the real energy, the animating force for the movement comes from evangelicals, of whom Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are the most strident. Sarah Palin is a “Dominionist” with an apocalytic End Times theological viewpoint that sees the war in Iraq as part of God’s plan.

All these are enemies of Muslims and Islam and play a prominent role in spreading hatred against Islam in the American society.These are the modern-day ”apocalyptic prophets.

These hate mongers believe they were living in the “end times” before God would send his representative, the “Son of Man” (taken from a rather obscure passage in the Book of Daniel), to overthrow the forces of evil and establish God’s justice on earth. Apocalypse literally translates as “the revealing” of God’s will. They believe that the Kingdom of God was not to be a church, but a military and political kingdom on earth.

Ted Cruz at the Values Voters Summit, Oct. 11 said, “You know we can’t keep going down this road much longer. We’re nearing the edge of the cliff . . . We have only a couple of years to turn this country around or we go off the cliff to oblivion!”

“. . . I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, as I look at the End Times scripture, this says to me that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s End Times history. Rather than seeing this as a negative . . . we need to rejoice, Maranatha Come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand. And so what we see up is down and right is called wrong, when this is happening, we were told this, that these days would be as the days of Noah. We are seeing that in our time.” – Michelle Bachmann, Oct. 5, 2013.

“The biggest war being waged right now is against our religious liberties and traditional values.” – Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Values Voters Summit.

“The fight for religious freedom starts here at home because we are one nation under God.” – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Values Voters Summit.

For these apocalyptic prophets, the issues aren’t even political anymore; they’re existential, with Obamacare serving as the avatar for all evil. In this construct, any compromise whatsoever leads to damnation, and therefore the righteous ends justify any means.

Now if you are battling the forces of evil for the very survival of the nation, there can be no retreat, no compromise, and no deals. Like the Jewish zealots at Masada, it’s better to commit glorious suicide than make peace with the devil. There can be no truce with the Tea Party because its apocalyptic zealots can never take “yes” for an answer.

In recent years the Tea party seemed so eager to grievously wound the Republican Party because its leaders view themselves as modern prophets of the apocalypse. In the aftermath of the great government shutdown of 2013, the Tea Party continued to cause heartburn for established Republicans. The Tea Party is willing to defy overwhelming negative public opinion, wreck the government, risk plunging the world economy into chaos and invite political defeat. The driving force behind this destructive strategy is that Tea Party zealots answer to a “higher calling.”

Republicans (and their supporters) should take note of a potentially dangerous influence within their party, with an innocuous-sounding yet simultaneously – thanks to the blessings of history – menacing name: The Tea Party (48, 49).

Due to the bad influence of the Tea Party, the GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise. The question them arises: Is the Tea Party leading the GOP into electoral oblivion? Uncompromising hardliners and crackpots in the Republican Party are destroying the party’s hopes of winning the White House. To the outside world the dazzling buffoonery and extravagant self-regard of the Trump presidential campaign is the clearest indicator that how could a man so clearly suited to reality TV and real estate rather than presidential authority be leading the polls in a race for the nomination for the Grand Old Party?

But in DC the clearest sign of the same malaise is not Trump’s early success, but the crucifixion of the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, and the party’s catastrophic failure to replace him at a vote.

In American politics, the House Speaker is a position of extraordinary stature. The Speaker is second in line of succession to the after the Vice-President.  And unlike the VP, the Speaker has real power.

As Speaker, Boehner is the highest elected member of his party; in effect if not title he is the Republican Party leader, at least until a candidate for the presidency is nominated. Boehner is also a man not unknown to express his emotions in public.

A fortnight ago Boehner, a Catholic, wept as he welcomed Pope Francis to the chamber to become the first ever pontiff to address a joint sitting of the US Congress, and an hour later he wept again as he escorted the Pope onto the Speaker’s Balcony of the Capitol Building to greet the 50,000 well-wishers who had gathered on the National Mall to greet him.

The following day he strode into a press conference room in the bowels of the Capitol announcing that he quit his miserable job (50).

The Tea Party’s most recent antics, which have forced the Speaker of the House to retire and prevented a new one from being chosen, demonstrate once again that its members don’t know much about American democracy.

The current Tea Party’s more serious misunderstanding involves the nature of democratic government, specifically the idea of a loyal opposition. Politicians compete by trying to prove that they are better leaders, that they can do a better job for their constituents. They may have different views about what this means, but they are all trying to contribute to the government’s success. And they have no reason to build independent power bases because they have nothing to fear if they lose out in this competition. Not only won’t they be punished, but they often return to their companies, law firms or universities in more prestigious and remunerative positions. The result is that politicians who oppose the party in power constitute a loyal opposition, and that’s a major reason for democracy’s success.

The Tea Party doesn’t understand this. Instead of showing that they have a better way to govern, they are trying to stop the existing government from functioning.  They want it to fail. They hated the effort to rescue the American economy after the 2008 recession and only intensified their dislike when that effort succeeded. They oppose any regulatory program to combat global warming, but rather than favoring market-based alternatives or technological remedies, they simply refuse to deal with the issue by declaring it a hoax. They don’t like the regulatory aspects of Obamacare, but they have no alternative to offer. When they couldn’t overturn the program by constitutional means, their solution was to try to block passage of the entire federal budget, which not only would have created administrative chaos in the country, but wrecked America’s national credit and her public finance system.

Now they have demonstrated that they even don’t want their own political party to govern. They don’t want the Republicans to be in a position where they can advance constructive alternatives to Democratic policies. They don’t want it to be able to propose legislation that will carry out its program. If the Republicans won’t commit themselves to the Tea Party program, which is to stop American government from functioning, then the Tea Party will try to stop the Republican Party from functioning. In other words, they are a disloyal opposition. They don’t understand what American democracy is all about and what has made it work so well. That’s the real reason why the name they chose for themselves is the wrong one. The original Tea Partiers were American patriots; the current Tea Party is the opposite (51).

The Tea Party, is behind the failure of the Republican Party. The wholehearted embrace of obstructionism and barely concealed racism adopted by the Tea Party for the last seven years is part of the Republican Party’s grassroots movement.

Consequently, the republican Party is stained by obstructionism, bigotry, racism, promoting Islamophobia, and white racism. Just now Republicans are known as a party of nay-sayers, anarchists and unregulated militias, their actions empowering a feudal sort of aristocracy over traditional American democracy.

As long as the Republicans are in bed with the religious right, they are simply unelectable for broad portions of the electorate.

The time has come for the Republicans to denounce the Tea Party or be stained by it, or cultivate or even accept its support in any way.

4- The Republican Party must abandon Reconstructionism

Reconstruction means the act or process of building something that was damaged or destroyed, i.e. the process of putting something back into a good condition.

In other words, Reconstructionalism is a movement within Christianity seeking to re-establish Biblical law as the basis for civil law and social mores. The modern day Religious Right who teach that God gave specific duties to the government, the church, and the family.

According to this theological worldview, education and taking care of the poor are the responsibility of families and churches, and it is unbiblical for the government to take on these roles. That meshes well with the view of “constitutional conservatives” who believe, for example, the Constitution does not authorize any federal government role in education.

Reconstructionists and dominionist who believe that the right kind of Christians are meant to have dominion over every aspect of society, can be found in the recent Republican primary victory of Michael Petrouka in a race for a county council seat in an Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Peroutka believes that any law that runs counter to God’s law is invalid, and that the Maryland General Assembly is itself no longer a valid legislative body. As a concise summation of his approach to government he said, “Since civil government is ordained by God in order to protect God-given rights, then the function of civil government is to obey God and to enforce God’s law.”

Believing that God’s law should be enforced upon the people rather than man-made law, although seems commendable, it must however be handled with leniency and care, because originally, there is no compulsion in religion.

Allah says in the Koran:

No compulsion is there in religion. Rectitude has become clear from error. So whosoever disbelieves in idols and believes in God, has laid hold of the most firm handle, unbreaking; God is All-hearing, All-knowing (Al-Baqarah, 256).

Compulsion is incompatible with religion because religion depends upon faith and will, and these would be meaningless if induced by force. Truth and error have been so clearly shown up in the divine Books that there should be no doubt of any person of good will as to the fundamentals of faith. Allah’s protection is continuous, and His plan is always to lead us from the depths of darkness into the clearest light.

Allah is the Guardian of the believers, He guides them out of darkness to illumination and enlightenment, whereas those rejecting faith are under the tutelage of Satan who leads them by the nose out of light and drives them into darkness. Such like persons shall be the inmates of Hell, which shall be their eternal abode.

The Koran says:

Allah is the Guardian of those who have faith; He brings them out of darkness into light; and those who reject faith, their guardians are false-deities, (taghut), who bring them out of light into darkness; they are the inhabitants of the Fire wherein shall they abide forever (Al-Baqarah, 257).

There are some aspects of our life which are beyond our will and power. As an example, recovering from illness necessitates medical treatment. Getting treatment is within man power but being cured is not within the sphere of our man’s activities. From birth to death, there are hundreds of such conditions which are beyond our power, which are under the absolute control of Allah. A man is born in a wealthy and educated family; another in a nomad family of primitive civilization. Naturally, the first one has more chances of material well being and intellectual development than the second one. A man is healthy and strong; another remains chronically sick. One is born blind, another has normal eyesight. Naturally, one can do more work than the other. A man lives up to eighty years, another dies in young age. The first one gets enough time to fulfill his plans, while the second one is not given time even to formulate any plan.  These and many such aspects of life are beyond the control of human beings. These matters are truly subject to “predetermination by Allah”, which is called “fate” or “divine decree”.

Allah has kept Paradise to the believers and Hell for the unbelievers. Believing or disbelieving are due to actions from man, and not from Allah because Allah is not unjust to His slaves.

Allah says in the Koran:

I am not unjust to the slaves (Qaf, 29).

When a stage is reached at which a man accepts evil as his god, his case is hopeless. Can such a man profit by preaching or guidance? He has himself rejected all guidance. Such a man is best left to stray. Perhaps, even in the paths in which he is straying, some sudden flash of light may come to him! That may be as Allah wills in His holy and wise purpose and plan. But the man of God is not to worry or feel disheartened by such men’s attitude. He must go on tilling the soil that is open to him.

Allah provides every guidance for those who turn to Him in penitence but He will leave those who wander astray who deliberately close their eyes to His grace and the comfort that comes from remembering Him and celebrating His praise.

Allah says:

“Say: Verily, Allah sends astray whom He wills and guides unto Himself who turns to Him in repentance.” (Ar-Ra’ad, 27).

Allah also says:

“Verily, Allah sends astray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills.” (Fatir, 8).

The criterion between right and wrong has been sent to people in the divine Books. If people accept guidance, it is not as they confer favours on those prophets who bring them guidance. The prophets suffered unselfishly for the people in order that they may be guided for their own good. On the other hand, if people reject guidance, it is their own loss. Allah has endowed man with a certain amount of will, and the responsibility is his and cannot be shifted to the prophets sent by Allah.

Allah says:

Say: “O men, the truth has come to you from your Lord. Whosoever is guided is guided  only to his own gain, and whosoever goes astray, it is only to his own loss. I am not guardian over you (Yunus, 108).

This shows that Allah creates guidance in man, thus creating the capacity for guidance, but man is the one who practices what Allah has created in terms of the capacity for guidance and so he guides himself.

Allah showed man in His divine Books the path of good and the path of evil.

Allah says:

And (have We not) guided him on the two highways (good and evil) (Al-Balad, 19).

In other words Allah has given man the ability to get guidance and has left man to practice his own guidance. Whoever works righteousness benefits his own soul, and whoever works evil, it is against his own soul, Allah is never unjust to His servants.

Allah says in His Holy Book:

Whoso does righteousness, it is for his own gain, and whoso does evil, it is to his own loss (Fussilat, 46).

According to the Koran and all other previous divine Books, on the Last Day the world will be destroyed and all people and jinn will be raised from the dead to be judged by Allah as to whether they deserved to be sent to Paradise or Hell. Hell will be occupied by those who do not believe in the One and only God (Allah), have disobeyed His Laws, and/or reject His messengers.  Suffering in hell is both physical and spiritual, and varies according to the sins of the condemned As described in the Koran, Hell has seven levels, each one more severe than the one above it.

Since the revelation has, through explanation, clarification, and repetition, clearly distinguished the path of guidance from the path of misguidance, it is now up to people to choose the one or the other path.

Based on the above, the GOP cannot guide the people to the right road because this is the prerogative of Allah. The GOP must therefore correct themselves by abandoning the silly ideology of dominionism, which aims at imposing a form of Christian nationalism on the United States, a concept that was dismissed as eroding freedom and democracy by the founders of the country.

Priorities of spiritual work are lost while blasphemy and polytheism continue its grip and control. America is in imminent peril, rotting from within. If the conservative Republicans consider themselves so religious as to impose God’s laws on their fellow Americans, they must first purify the monotheistic religion of Jesus from the blasphemous doctrine of the Trinity, which is considered in the sight of Allah a major sin. They must purify their belief by renouncing the false doctrines, which were invented in the religion of Jesus, such as the Trinity, crucifixion – Jesus died on the cross – vicarious atonement, and original sin. The Koran, the last Testament to the world rejected all these doctrines and called for the unity of God, and that each person will be responsible for his or her own actions.

The Religious Right and its affiliated Republicans must first abandon the ugly doctrine of the Trinity and adhere to Tawheed (the oneness of Allah). Allah is One and peerless and can never have a partner in His authority, or a similitude, nor can He have a son, a daughter, an aunt, or any kin.

Before imposing on people the religious ethics of the Bible, they must renounce the false doctrine that Jesus is God or the son of God.

As we read in the Koran:

They are unbelievers who say, ’God is the Third of Three. No god is there but One God. If they refrain not from what they say, there shall afflict those of them that disbelieve a painful chastisement (Al-Maidah, 73).

They are unbelievers who say, ’God is the Messiah, Mary’s son.’ Say: ’Who then shall overrule God in any way if He desires to destroy the Messiah, Mary’s son, and his mother, and all those who are on earth?’ For to God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and of the earth, and all that is between them, creating what He will. God is powerful over everything (Al-Maidah, 17).

Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all (beings and things) depend. He does not beget, nor is He begotten. And none is like Him. (112:1-4)

All these verses, and many others, testify that Allah is the One and Only God, negating the theories of dualism or polytheism.

After worshiping the One and only God, Allah, the Religious Right and its affiliated Republicans must renounce the concept of vicarious atonement. Salvation will not be through the blood of Jesus, but through faith in the One and only true God and this must be crowned with good deeds.

The Koran teaches the necessity of both faith and good deeds for salvation:

To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness hath Allah promised forgiveness and a great reward. (5:9).

But those who believe and work righteousness,- no burden do We place on any soul, but that which it can bear, they will be Companions of the Garden, therein to dwell (forever) (7:42).

The persistent  imposition of recontructionalism by the Religious Right on the people in America became a sort of dominionism. This is because Reconstructionism seeks to replace democracy with a theocratic elite that would govern by imposing their interpretation of Biblical Law. Reconstructionism would eliminate not only democracy but many of its manifestations, such as labor unions, civil rights laws, and public schools.

The Christian Right reconstructionalists seek to use democracy to end liberty, something the founding fathers were very much afraid of. The result is still tyranny, regardless of whether it is imposed by majority vote or by divine decree.

The Christian Right theocrats would impose God’s law on everyone else, something obviously forbidden by the Constitution. This is precisely the sort of religious establishment that the founders sought to avoid.

Bottom line, cultivation of Christian laws in contemporary conditions must begin in schools as a part of an educational system emphasizing the importance of believing in God’s ethics for a better and sound life. This sort of education could go on through the different educational phases and ends at the college level. The student is then left to ponder and reflect, and be given the free choice to adhere to these principles or not to adhere. Every soul would die and be accountable to Allah, if it abides by Allah’s principles it is for its own good, if not, it is to her own loss. No compulsion is there in religion.

5- The Republican Party must disengage itself from the Judeo-Christian coalition

The term Judeo-Christian is a myth and highly hypocritical because the Jews do not worship the Christ-God. The idea of a single Judeo-Christian tradition is an American invention for political reasons. Theologically and historically, there is no such thing as the Judeo-Christian tradition. It’s a secular myth favored by people who are not really believers themselves.

The invented term “Judeo-Christian” is new; it first surfaced at the end of the 19th century but did not gain popular support until the 1940s, as part of an American reaction to Nazism. Since then, both Jewish and Christian scholars have come to recognize that Judaism and Christianity are different, even rival religions.

Joshua Jehouda, a prominent French Jewish leader, observed in the late 1950s: “The current expression ‘Judeo-Christian’ is an error which has altered the course of universal history by the confusion it has sown in men’s minds. If the term Judeo-Christian does point to a common origin, there is no doubt that it is a most dangerous idea. It links in one breath two ideas which are completely irreconcilable, it seeks to demonstrate that there is no difference between day and night or hot and cold or black and white, and thus introduces a fatal element of confusion to a basis on which some, nevertheless, are endeavoring to construct a civilization.” (l’Antisemitisme Miroir du Monde pp. 135-6).

But what is the Truth? Does Christianity have anything in common with Judaism? Reviewing the last two thousand years of Western Christian history there is really no evidence of a Judeo-Christian tradition.

Evidently, the concept of a common Judeo-Christian tradition has more to do with post 1945 politics and a certain amount of ‘public relations’ than it does with historical and Biblical reality.

Driven by political agendas compromising Jews and compromising Christians began, only in the 20th century, to disseminate that Christianity originated from Judaism and that the two share a common worldview.

Christianity and Judaism are two distinct religious inheritances, despite all the superficial attempts by modern scholars to manufacture a naive “Judeo-Christianity.” The very term “Judeo-Christian” is a mischievous misnomer without historical or Scriptural validity.

Judeo-Christianity should be seen for what it is – another secular twentieth century fraud, manufactured for narrow political ends, that is supremely disrespectful to all true believers.

Any fundamental unity that does exist between world religions cannot be appreciated by ignorant and secular scholarship, but only through knowledge of the great primordial and universal truths.

In conclusion, there is simply no such thing as Judeo-Christian tradition. The two religions have had separate theological agendas for the last two thousand years.

The label “Judeo-Christian” tends to assume, at the expense of Judaism, that Christians and Jews believe essentially the same things, besides glossing over the very real and important theological and liturgical differences; it tends to subsume Jewish traditions within an umbrella that is dominated by Christian ideas and practices.

Judaism and Christianity are two incompatible entities. Far from sharing one tradition, Orthodox Jews are prohibited from marrying Christians, setting foot inside a Christian church – and they cannot even drink from an open bottle of kosher wine that has been used by a Christian. They reject the Christian idea of salvation, they abhor Christian divine teachings on every subject, and they are repulsed and outraged by incessant attempts by Christian missionaries to bring them into their fold.

The belief that Christianity originated from Judaism is inaccurate since Christianity is more closely linked to paganism. An examination of Christian history fails to support the hypothesis that Christianity has its root s in Judaism. In fact, Christianity borrows more of its customs from paganism than from Judaism. Two of Christianity’s central holidays, Christmas and Easter have their roots in paganism. And Sunday worship is pagan not Jewish – even Jesus kept the Sabbath on the seventh day. It is Christendom’s attempt to assimilate Jews into the Christian beliefs and to justify Christianity’s own existence. By usurping the Torah into their scriptures, Christians have taken claim to the God of Abraham in order to justify their belief in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And Christians do this with extreme purpose to fulfill the prophesies of the Jewish scriptures. Prophesies that many Jews do not believe exist or have yet not fulfilled.

If people need to link Christianity with its roots, then “Pagan-Christian” is the proper term. “Judeo-Christian” is false and misleading. While “Judeo-Christian” may be used to placate Jews, they should be aware that the use of the term does not include them.

Judeo-Christian is a deviant phenomenon without a trace of commonality in traditional Jewish thought.

Using Judeo-Christian term is apparently not based on Biblical basis but on political and interest means. There is in fact a vicious political agenda to be implemented.

Pat Robertson continues to insist that the early American leaders were building the country on the principles of the Bible, but he seems to ignore Thomas Jefferson’s many opposing thoughts on the subject. Early American settlers left England ostensibly to escape religion persecution, but soon thought nothing of persecuting and killed others who did not share their inspired views, or who refused to convert to their stifling small-minded brand of religion. In earlier days, native Americans were deemed inhuman savages and were driven from their homes and killed without remorse. This Biblically-justified slaughter carried on for years later evolved into “manifest destiny,” the absurd belief that God commanded ‘white’ men to take over the entire continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Americans also found justification for slavery in the Bible!

The distorted coalition between Judaism and Christianity has in fact prevented the Palestinians from their right to live peacefully on their land, and tore the Middle East [the Arab Spring] apart for the sake of Israel. This coalition that is primarily directed for political reasons, has certainly alienated America from the Arab world and incited the grudge of the downtrodden against America.

The Republican Party must understand that the American political Christianity is behind the chaos and ruins in the Middle East and not political Islam.

The Christian Right and its affiliated  Republicans claim that political Islam is behind Muslim terrorism, and neglect the fact that political Islam has resulted from the blind siding of America with Israel at the expense of the Palestinians. Political Islam was created by America when she supported Bin Laden in Afghanistan against Russia, and when she sponsored Islamic militia and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to split the Arab world into small sectors without borders and turn it into cults, sects and factions fighting among each other. Political Islam appeared on the international political scene when Islam as a religion was openly attacked by the enemies of Islam in America and the West. Political Islam is in fact a reaction of Muslims towards the enmity shown by the West towards their religion. The blind siding of America with Israel at the expense of the Palestinians, and the American plot against the Middle East known as “The New Middle East or the Arab Spring” is the reason behind the rise of political Islam.

The displacement and killing of Millions of Muslims because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to chaos and wars in Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Egypt, are crucial factors for the rise of political Islam.

Political Islam is then the reaction of Muslims against the attack on their religion and on their independence and sovereignty.

The term “Political Islam” which was invented by the Islamophobe hate mongers hired by the Christian right to tarnish Islam, must be replaced by political Christianity, which America adopts against the Muslim world. By relying only on military power and political interest to run the globe, leaving behind thousands of victims and ruined homes, America is travelling away from its integrity and forgetting the fact that she has drawn upon herself Allah’s wrath. Economic deterioration has been snapping her feeble body from the inside for several decades now. The collapse of America’s huge global corporations and stock market, civil unrest, drought, natural disasters, and the deterioration in America’s ethical manners on all fronts are clear examples of such divine wrath. The perpetrators from the Christian Right, the Judeo-Christian coalition and the neoconservatives, seem to forget that Allah does not love oppression and that His eyes sleep not. This is why Allah has spread dissension between members of the Republican party, and now we are witnessing its downfall.

The Middle East, latin America, and Eastern Europe had seen nothing good from the Republicans so far. The Democrats are more considerate and have a broader vision regarding the problems of the Middle East and oppressed countries. The democrat President Carter made the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. As a prominent Democrat and in spite of his old age, Carter is still participating in any peace settlement between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He even proclaimed courageously in several occasions that the Palestinians are suffering under the Israeli occupation.

The Republicans are losing against the Democrats. They are losing a lots of votes of the White Middle Americans who express heavy mistrust of every institution in American society: not only government, but corporations, unions, even the Republican Party they typically vote for. They often don’t think in ideological terms at all. But they do strongly feel that life in America used to be better for people like them—and they want that older country back.

They seek to defend their acquired rights — health care, pensions, and other programs that benefit older people—against bankers and technocrats.

6- The Republican Party must separate itself from the neoconservatives

American neocons are the same people who successfully pushed  America to war with Iraq, a country which never attacked America and never possessed weapons of mass destruction. These same neocons are now promoting a war with Iran, a country more than three times the size of Iraq.

The war in Iraq has left a regional power vacuum that helped promote the growth of ISIS, helped increase the chaos in Syria and increased the regional importance of Iran.

Evidently, the neoconservatives have learned nothing from the Iraq war, which they successfully promoted. For Americans to follow their advice again would be folly.

Neoconservatives have been obsessed with Iran for years. Norman Podhoretz, for many years editor of Commentary, wrote an essay in 2009 depicting Iran’s president as a revolutionary “like Hitler…whose objective is to overturn the going international system and replace it…with a new world order dominated by Iran…The plain and brutal truth is that if Iran is to be prevented from developing a nuclear arsenal, there is no alternative to the actual use of military force.”

The panic about Iran seems in retrospect to have been mostly emotional hyperbole—as it is today. In 2006, Princeton scholar Bernard Lewis, an adviser to President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney, predicted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was going to end the world. The date, he explained, “is the night when many Muslims commemorate the night flight of the Prophet Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to the farthest mosque, usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven and back. This might well be deemed an appropriate date for the apocalyptic ending of Israel and if necessary the world.”

Many have pointed to the close ties of many neoconservatives with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Israel’s right wing. Prominent neocons Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, James Colbert and David and Meyrav Wurmser wrote a memo to Netanyahu in 1997 entitled “A Clean Break,” which recommended the reordering of the entire Middle East to the benefit of Israel.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was an unknown before he prepared a letter signed by 47 Republicans to warn against a nuclear agreement. He echoed all the points made by Netanyahu and by American neoconservative spokesmen. The Emergency Committee for Israel, led by Kristol, spent $960,000 to support Cotton in his Senate race in Arkansas. In that same race, a firm run by Paul Singer, a hedge fund billionaire from New York and a leading donor to pro-Israel causes, contributed $250,000 to Arkansas Horizon, an independent expenditure group. Seth Klarman, a Boston-based pro-Israel billionaire, contributed $100,000 through his investment firm.

The political action committee run by Bolton spent at least $825,000 to support Cotton. That PAC is in part financed by other major pro-Israel donors, including “bingo king” Irving and Cherna Moskowitz of Miami, who fund illegal Jewish-only settlements in East Jerusalem.

“It may be obvious, but it is worth emphasizing how deranged all of this is,” wrote political commentator Daniel Larison in The American Conservative. “It is already quite strange when anyone in this country has such a strong ideological attachment to another state, but to demand that all of a party’s candidates must share that attachment and share it to the same degree is madness. If the relationship with that other country were extremely useful to the U.S. it would still be absurd, but it might be a little easier to understand. When the relationship does virtually nothing for the U.S. and imposes significant costs on the U.S., as is the case with Israel, requiring all candidates to give reflexive support to the other state is bizarre and indefensible.” (52).

The neoconservatives are Ruining the Republican Party. As a dominating foreign policy force in Washington, they demand more “regime change” in the Middle East and a new Cold War that could heat up and end all life on the planet.

The neoconservatives have damaged American national interests more than the marginal Communists pursued by Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, more than the Yippies of the 1960s, more than Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglars in the 1970s or the Iran-Contra conspirators in the 1980s.

The neocons have plunged the U.S. government into extraordinarily ill-considered wars wasting trillions of dollars, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, and destabilizing large swaths of the planet including the Middle East, much of Africa and now Europe. Those costs include a swelling hatred against America and a deformed U.S. foreign policy elite that is no longer capable of formulating coherent strategies.

Yet, the neocons have remained immune from the consequences of their catastrophes. They still dominate Washington’s major think tanks as well as the op-ed pages of virtually all the leading newspapers, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. They hold down key positions in the State Department, and their “liberal interventionist” pals have the ear of President Barack Obama.

Clearly, the neocons are skilled operatives, knowing how to arrange a steady stream of funding for themselves, from military contractors donating to think tanks, from U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, and from ideological billionaires set on aligning U.S. foreign policy with hard-line Israeli desires.

The neocons are adept at writing op-ed articles that twist any set of facts into support for their ideological cause; they supply just the right quote that fits into the news cycle’s latest narrative; and they host policy conferences that attract powerful politicians and fawning media coverage.

As it seems, the neoconservatives are locked on a course of action that could lead to a nuclear holocaust?

Clearly, the neocons’ commitment to Israeli interests violates a key principle established by the nation’s early presidents who all warned against “foreign entangling alliances” as a fundamental threat to a citizens’ republic that would transform America into a warrior state that would inevitably sap the nation’s liberties.

The neocons are not only threatening the existence of the Republic; they are now endangering the continuation of life itself. They have decided to launch a new Cold War against Russia that will push the world toward the brink of thermo-nuclear war.

Of course, the neocons will frame their doomsday strategy as all Vladimir Putin’s fault. They will insist that they are just standing up to “Russian aggression” and that anyone who doesn’t join them is a “stooge of Moscow” or “weak.” They will dictate the shape of the debate just as they have in countless other situations, such as guiding Americans to war in Iraq over non-existent WMD stockpiles (53).

7- The Republicans must go back to the fundamental principles of a democratic society which they have forgotten a long time ago

The Republicans must always remember that they were elected in a democratic society, which favours equal rights, freedom of speech and a fair trial and tolerates the views of minorities. The Republicans must not forget their commitment to a multicultural and environmentally sustainable society where all are entitled to justice. The Republicans must understand that in a democratic society they must protect the common good where all people are treated fairly for a just society. All citizens without distinction must enjoy all the rights and privileges of American citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control,

The Republicans must be aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others. They must stand up for the rights of others.

Importantly, democracy supposedly serves to check unaccountable power and manipulation by the few at the expense of the many, because fundamentally democracy is seen as a form of governance by the people, for the people.

The Republicans must not forget that under their leadership – George W. Bush era – have turned the 21st century into a century of war, thus humiliating and stultifying the ideals of freedom and democracy.

The Republican Party must be independent of any outside pressures that would deviate it from working sincerely for the benefit of their voters. The GOP must rebuild itself with moral, democratic values meant for all people without distinction.\

8- The Republicans must not use imperialism and militarism to enforce their foreign policy

The Republicans must be acquainted with the fact that managed democracy is a powerful solvent for many social and political problems and not force. They must not use power to enforce imperialism and militarism on other nations. Wars are expensive, and usually consume the federal reserves and US treasury.

The U.S. military spends more than all other militaries on Earth combined. The official U.S. defense budget for fiscal year 2008 is $623 billion; the next closest national military budget is China’s at $65 billion, according to the Central Intelligence Agency.)

Massive military spending results directly in a shift of the economy to armaments, and an accelerating militarizing of all aspects of civil life. It has also spawned an arms race that is racy, it makes civilized social programs such as inherently very unsafe. A country determined to use all or most of its resources for empire can do so only by total disregard of its own people and, in the end, it was reduced to rubble.

The Republicans as public servants should be working for peace, using the best diplomacy, protecting the environment, providing everyone healthcare, and directing the economy toward productive purposes and not to weaponry that could be used only for Armageddon. An office holder not vigorously pursuing the people’s agenda should be unceremoniously booted.

The Republicans with their imperialistic foreign policy have made America  tyrant in the land.They made her divide nations and people into different groups and sects thus spreading corruption in Allah’s earthly kingdom.

9- The Republicans must be aware that they have caused a severe democracy deficit in the United States.

Democracy in America today is in deep trouble. Weak, shallow, dangerous, and corrupted, it is the best democracy that money can buy. As Noam Chomsky wrote: “There is an enormous gap between public opinion and policy. In 2005, for example, right after the federal budget was announced, it turned out to be the inverse of the actual budget: where federal funding was going up, an overwhelming majority wanted it to go down. The public opposed increases in military spending overall and supplemental spending for Iraq and Afghanistan, and wanted increase in budget for social expenditures, health, renewable energy, veterans’ benefits.

How many newspapers in the country reported this. Apparently not one.  The population is radically opposed to government policy. This tells us that  American democracy is not clear or transparent (54).

The central American myth is that democracy is the American way of life. Democracy, however, requires an educated public. The sad reality America faces is that the prospect of a public educated to issues and alternatives is perceived as threatening to the privileges of the minority that hold most of America’s wealth and power.

The diffusion of misinformation from the media, with false propaganda, the public are under the illusion that the information they receive is educating them on subjects that matter. In fact they are by and large being fed what the institutions that perpetuate the power of corporate America wish to feed them (55).

It was always a mirage to imagine that you could have a political democracy expressed in elections and not also have an economic democracy. It’s really simple. If you allow an economic system in which 1 percent of the people have more than half the wealth and the other 99 percent have to share the other half, then the 1 percent are not going to be so stupid as to not realize that one of the ways you secure yourself is to control the political system (56).

 when Americans with different income levels differ in their policy preferences, actual policy outcomes strongly reflect the preferences of the most affluent but bear virtually no relationship to the preferences of poor or middle-income Americans. The vast discrepancy in government responsiveness to citizens with different incomes stands in stark contrast to the ideal of political equality that Americans hold dear. Although perfect political equality is an unrealistic goal, representational biases of this magnitude call into question the very democratic character of the American society.

When the rich and poor disagreed about an issue, policy hewed closely to the preferences of the rich, and was “wholly unrelated” to the preferences of the poor. The same was true, more or less, when the opinions of the rich differed from those of median-income Americans….”influence over actual policy outcomes appears to be reserved almost exclusively for those at the top of the income distribution.

If the US had real democracy, candidates would be bound to do what people want. How well they do it would be the criteria with which they are evaluated. Torture, renditions, secret government, broad surveillance, fiscal irresponsibility, neglect of health issues, response to concerns of the public are just a few of the categories that current crop of candidates mostly fail.

Americans should vote for the agenda, decided in a public, transparent process in which sensible, publicly sanctioned goals are established. Candidates would be bound by them.

Agreements that America has signed in the past, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, the Prevention of Weapons in Space, the Laws of War as agreed at Nuremberg, and others should be respected as law.

10- The Republicans must realize that they do not represent the majority of the Americans

Republicans,  though they do not represent a majority of Americans, control the agenda now. Through dark money, gerrymandering, voter suppression, dirty tricks, election rigging, media spin, have made the US a failed state. They are consistently heading the United States in the wrong direction. They packed the Supreme Court with party hacks who are corporate supremacists. They have been largely responsible for creating a secret, black government that is unaccountable and is making important policy decisions without oversight. They have secretly implemented  universal surveillance that robs Americans of civil liberties, privacy,and freedom. Even trade agreements are drafted in secret.

Corporations have become the controlling interest of government. Regulatory agencies are dominated by industries that are supposed to be regulated. The military has become a security force for multinationals, especially oil companies. The National Security Statehas taken resources that might have gone to the well-being of people. The police have been militarized and are increasingly violent.

A close look at almost any issue reveals that a large segment of the the Republicans oppose democracy: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, weaponry, pensions, wages, software, and education, when you have seen examples from these and many other areas, what you find is class warfare and the wreckage from the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision.

11- The Republicans are not using a transparent media but their own biased media

Information streams are polluted. Media are concentrated, exploitative spammers, managed by party hacks, cowed into submission, infiltrated by psy-ops, spoon-fed the official line. Government is secretive. There is an assault on the press. Except for official voices, there is silence in the media. A diversity of points of view is essential for a democracy, but concentration of media corporations and government intrusion prevents the possibility of democracy.

12- Threats thundering the future of the United states if the Republicans Persist in their wrong policies

The Republican Party over-ride Constitutional checks and balances, its commitment to environmental destruction, war profiteering and empire is likely to destroy  people’s civil liberties, republic, and even the habitability of the planet (57).

Accordingly, the future of the US will be marked by poor relations with the rest of the world, financial instability, overpopulation, energy crisis, environmental catastrophe, inflation, and endless war. There will be little employment security, rising costs, declining wages, deteriorating infrastructure, expensive corporate healthcare, increasing surveillance, more intrusive government, higher taxes, and a continuing race for the bottom. It will meet the same as the fate of every other empire.

13- The GOP as an oligarchic party threatening American democracy

Several studies have revealed that the majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies the government adopts. To put it short: The United States is no democracy, but actually an oligarchy.

In a democracy the people are the government. But the Republicans when are elected they run the government for them. They do not run the country in the interest of the people; but for their business oriented interest. People, do not have the power to create laws in their interest, but the Republicans can. This causes an imbalance of power in the government. The Republicans may argue that people are not qualified or do not know enough to be trusted to make laws.

The Republicans should endorse laws that would bring the people into the operation of government as lawmakers. This would enable the American people to experience the responsibility of legislating and governing themselves directly, a matter that would bring about greater civic maturity. This direct involvement of the people in legislating laws will not alter the existing structure of representative governments; however, it does add an additional check, the People, to the American system of checks and balances. Bringing the people into the legislative operations of government sets up a working partnership with the people and their elected legislative representatives.

The ideological foundation of the National Citizens Initiative rests on the belief that the constituent power of the People is sovereign and the American People can govern themselves as they see fit in pursuit of their happiness and the general welfare. George Washington put it best: “The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.” (58).

14- The Republicans must quit over hyping threats and demanding military solutions

The key moving forward for the Republicans is to quit over hyping threats and demanding military solutions. Republicans must stop justifying extremely high levels of defense spending. They must stop claiming that the United States faces greater threats now than during the Cold War, and that the world is more dangerous, destructive, chaotic than ever before. The Republican hawks must stop warning that Armageddon will ensue if defense expenditures fall below four percent of GDP, even though they are vague about the connection between such an abstract figure and actual defense policy challenges. Today’s threats may be more numerous and varied, but even combined, they are significantly smaller and less grave than at the time of the cold war. U.S. deaths from terrorism are declining, and even with the global financial crisis, the world has not become more conflictual.

The continuous call of the Republicans for military action anywhere and everywhere trouble breaks out, had made the people to turn out their alarmist rhetoric. It will be hard for any leader to mobilize a war-weary public into taking even necessary military action in the near future, and the GOP’s constant crying of wolf will make this task much harder. A good grand strategy prioritizes threats and interests, and that is a habit the Republicans need to relearn.

the GOP to take foreign policy seriously again, they must reject the ideological absolutism that has consumed the GOP’s foreign policy rhetoric in recent years. They must realize that foreign policy has nonmilitary dimensions as well as military ones. And it means focusing on the threats and priorities that matter, rather than hyping every picayune concern.

15- The Republicans must learn how to act as a just ruler

Much mischief is caused by the neoconservatives who think they have a mission of peace, when they have not even a true perception of right and wrong. By their blind arrogance they depress the good and encourage the evil. They have spread corruption in the land which causes loss only to themselves.

The Koran says:

When they are told, “Do not cause corruption in the land, they say,’We are only promoters of peace’’ but it is they who are really making corruption, thoug they do not realize it (Al-Baqarah, 11-12).

Just ruling in Islam could be a guide for Republicans and for also other groups of mankind. Islam teaches that leadership in Islam is a trust. Often, it takes the form of an explicit contract or pledge between a leader and his followers that he will try his best to guide them, to protect them and to treat them fairly and with justice. Hence, the focus of leadership in Islam is on integrity and justice.

According to Islam, the two primary roles of a leader are those of servant-leader and guardian-leader. First, the leader is the servant of his followers. He is to seek their welfare and guide them towards good. The second role is to protect his community against tyranny and oppression, to encourage God-consciousness and and to promote justice.

In the Holy Koran God addresses human beings as his representatives or vicegerents on the earth providing them with all the necessary skills, principles and tools to lead their lives towards glory and also to lead others towards realizing their fullest potential.

Allah says in the Koran:

“It is He Who made you successors on the earth and raised some of you above others in rank, to test you through what He gives you. Your Lord is swift in punishment, yet He is most Forgiving and merciful (Al-An’am, 165).

As a representative of God Himself, human beings are assigned great faculties and qualities which if properly deployed could result in the achievement of miraculous goals.

In many of Hadiths the Prophet has directly and indirectly explained the leadership qualities and the importance of leadership. In one of his Hadiths the Prophet said:

“Each of you is a shepherd, and all of you are responsible for your flocks.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim).

The Republicans must learn to create a society, which  is Just, Equitable , Compassionate and Comforting. A society which is open to everybody and provide opportunities and Choices to everybody. A society which eradicartes hunger, poverty, diseases, suffering and injustice.


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Sarah Paline watch your tongue before you talk about Allah the Lord of the Supreme Throne


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Paline criticized the Obama administration’s decision to supply weapons to the rebels in the civil war in Syria, arguing that the U.S. should “Let Allah sorts it out” until there is a stronger leader in the White House.

“Militarily, where is our commander in chief? We’re talking now more new interventions. I say until we know what we’re doing, until we have a commander in chief who knows what he’s doing, well, let these radical Islamic countries who aren’t even respecting basic human rights, where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, ‘Allah Akbar,’ I say until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say let Allah sorts it out,” Palin said at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference.

From the political point of view, Paline might have some logical reasons, but what I didn’t like about her rhetoric was her saying:

  • “let these radical Islamic countries who aren’t respecting basic human rights where both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line Allah Akbar.”
  • “I say until we have someone who knows what they are doing, I say let Allah sort it out.”

Commenting on point 1, I am amazed to see that paline is either ignorant about what was really going on in Syria or she was hiding the facts from her audience. This slaughtering happening in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, this slaughtering that Paline pictured as a violation of basic human rights and thus portraying Islamic countries by radicalism, is in fact an American plot against the Middle East. The plot is called ‘the New Middle East’. The objective is to reshape the Middle East by dividing it into religious and ethnic factions and sects living in small sectors without borders, so that America could draw the map of the Middle East according to its geostrategic needs and objectives. In order to carry out such inhuman plan, the U.S. government created ISIS, to wipe out the despotic rulers of the Middle East and replace them with more malleable Islamist leaders who will tear the Middle East apart. The Islamic militia were trained, armed and financed by the U.S. then implanted  in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya to create chaos (Condoleezza Rice described these chaos as “creative”). These militias burned the Middle East countries to the ground and caused the slaughters and massacres, which Paline described as “both sides are slaughtering each other” thus picturing the Arabs as savages and blood thirsty!

This vicious plan has led to millions of deaths, displacements and refugees now scattered on the borders of foreign countries without shelter, food or water! Yet when they reached the borders of America, they were rejected and accused by terrorism!  Is not that what Donald Trump, Ben Carson and several other hate monger Islamophobia Republicans said?

Sara Paline, while you are describing the Arab countries with radicalism and bloodthirsty, you must realize that America’s hands – this country claiming that she respects basic human rights – are stained with the blood of the innocents, and in return she will pay a dear price for oppressing others without right except for America’s greed for the Arab oil.

American oppression is the reason behind all the ordeals inflicting the   countries of the Middle East at the social, political, or economic levels. Due to the American proxy wars in the Middle East, sedition reign, individual and social relations disintegrate, and poverty and deprivation prevail; and the entire ecosystem deranges.

Allah repeatedly points out in the Koran that He dislikes the oppressors and the unjust, for they would be in a manifest error and they shall realize the black fate awaiting them on the Day of Judgment.

The American oppression is obvious in her acts exercised against the downtrodden people, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Palestine. It was also prevalent in her attempts to close in at all the downtrodden and developing peoples, to the interest of her own peoples, by placing her hands on their oil and mineral fortunes and controlling the people’s policies and security, and even their cultures and religions.

The consequences of oppression are terrible. Nothing more than oppression drives Allah to deny His blessings and hasten His wrath, for Allah hears the calls of the oppressed. He who oppresses the servants of Allah will be held accountable by Allah on the day of Judgment, and in the present life will be perished by his oppression.

Allah has deemed oppression the reason behind the collapse of civilizations and the weakness of societies, for He says:

“So those are their houses fallen down because they were unjust, most surely there is a sign in this for a people who know.” (27:52).

The oppressors must not rest assured if Allah gives them respite and does not hasten their punishment. He does that until they think that He let go of them, then He would retaliate with one blow, for He says:

“And let not those who disbelieve think that Our granting them respite is better for their souls; We grant them respite only that they may add to their sins; and they shall have a disgraceful chastisement.” (Al-Imran, 178).

The worst, cruelest, and hardest act of oppression, is the oppression of the weak, for it was narrated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:

“Allah’s wrath intensifies against he who oppresses the person who finds no helper apart from Him.”

The Prophet said of what is related from his Lord:

“O My servants, I have made oppression unlawful for Me and unlawful for you, so do not commit oppression against one another.”

Allah says in the Koran:

And Allah wills no injustice for his slaves (Ghafir, 31).

America must not forget that Allah has destroyed many evil nations and brought forth another people after them. When the evil people sensed destruction and felt Allah’s might, they ran away from it. But the angels said to them scornfully: ‘Do not run away! Return to the comforts, which you were given to enjoy and your dwelling-places, you may have much to answer for.  They said, ‘Woe to us! This is our destruction! We have indeed been doing wrong’. They kept bewailing their misfortune, until Allah reduced them to a useless form like reaped field of corn –  dead, like the stillness of fire when it is extinguished.

Allah says in His Koran:

How many a city that was evildoing we have destroyed, and set up after it another people! Then, when they perceived Our might , behold, they ran heading out of it. ‘Run not! Return you unto the luxury that you exulted in, and your dwelling places; haply you shall be questioned.’ They said, ‘Alas for us! We have been evildoers.’ And that cry of theirs ceased not until We made them (like) lifeless stubble (dead) (Al-Anbiya’, 11-15).

Commenting on point 2, Sarah Paline said scornfully, “I say until we have someone who knows what they are doing, I say let Allah sort it out.”

Allah knows for sure why the massacre going on in the Middle East has been committed. He knows the perpetrators and the killers. He knows the vicious plot against the innocents, and He sees the bloodshed of the victims. He knows those who prepared the scene for killing and murdering without right. And here, Allah will sort it out, not until a strong commander of chief who comes to know what they are doing in Syria, but He will sort it out according to the truth America concealed from the people about her plot against the innocents, and the oppression she exercised against the Arab nations. Allah sorted the truth out from falsehood and revealed the plot America concealed from the people.

Falsehood is always apt to perish in the wreck of time, and truth must ever prevail.

Allah says in His Holy Book the Koran:

’The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished away; surely falsehood is ever certain to vanish.’ (Al-Isra’, 81).

Sarah Paline, when you talk about Allah, you must talk about Him in awe and reverence because He is also your God. Your god is not the man Jesus Christ the son of Mary,  your god is not a man nailed to the cross, your god is not one in three or three in one. Your God is Allah, the One and only true God. Do not say that Allah is the God of the Muslims and not ours as the polytheist unbelievers say. Your Lord is Allah, the Just, the Supreme, the Mighty, the majestic, the Greatest, the Avenger, the most High. Watch your tongue because every word good or bad uttered from your mouth is recorded, and will be laid to your charge on the Day of Resurrection.

The ugly words about Islam uttered from you and the haters of Islam in your circle, are not just going to vanish in the air, on the contrary, they have very bad consequences. As Islam teaches, two recording angels had been assigned for each person. These angels are honorable scribes and their duty is to write down all the good and bad deeds.

The Koran says:

“. . . and He sends guardians (angels guarding and writing all of one’s good and bad deeds) over you . . .” (Al-An’am, 61).

“Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private counsel?  (Yes We do) and Our Messengers (appointed angels in charge of humankind) are by them, to record.” (Az-Zukhruf, 80).

“(Remember!) that the two receivers (recording angels) receive (each human being after he or she has attained the age of puberty), one sitting on the right and one on the left (to note his or her actions).  Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it).” (Qaf, 17-18).

“But verily, over you (are appointed angels in charge of humankind) to watch you, honorable, writing down (your deeds).” (Al-Infitar, 10-11).

Two angels, on the right and the left, record his deeds.  The one on the right writes down good deeds and the one on the left writes down evil deeds.

Sarah Paline, you and the other notorious Islamophobe hate mongers,  better watch your tongue when you talk about Allah and His religion. Do not bring forth His wrath upon you. He is watching over you and over all His creation during the day and during the night, he never sleeps. He knows what the breasts reveal and what they conceal. He is Everlasting.

Do not mess with Allah and take heed, because He might afflict you with calamities in the present life you cannot endure, and in the Hereafter His torture is ever terrible and most severe. In the present life, Allah afflicts His servants with fear and hunger, loss in wealth, health and lives, and crops. Loss of dear sons and daughters, defamation…etc. You cannot endure any of these!

Listen to the Koran:

Surely We will try you with something of fear and hunger, and diminution of goods and lives and fruits; yet give thou good tidings unto the patient (Al-Baqarah, 155).

Have fear and consciousness of Allah and ponder over events that happen around you. Learn lessons from them and remember, for the intelligent one is he who remembers and takes admonition.

Whatever misfortune befalls you is because of your own doing.

Allah says:

Whatever affliction may visit you is for what your hands have earned; and He pardons much (Ash-Shurah, 30).

He also says:

“Whatever good visits you, it is of Allah; whatever evil visits you, it is from yourself. And We have sent you a Messenger to mankind; Allah suffices  as a witness (Al-Nisa’, 79).

According to Allah’s law, evildoers are punished in this life, and in the Hereafter, they will be thrown in Hell for eternity,

The Holy Koran summarizes this plainly and clearly in its revelation again and again, warning mankind to mend their ways to save themselves from the consequences of their actions and deeds in this world and the world to come:

“And there befell them the evils of that which they had earned.  And [the same will happen to] people of the present time who are bent on wrongdoing, the evil that they earn will fall upon them. They cannot escape the consequences” (Az-Zumar, 51).

“Certain it is that the wrong- doers will not prosper” (Al-An’am, 135).

“And [in the end,] the last remnant of those folk who had been bent on evildoing was wiped out. For all praise is due to Allah, the Sustainer of all the worlds” (Al-An’am,  6.45).

In order to exploit the  resources of the developing world, America oppresses and tears the Middle East apart under the guise of human rights, democracy,  justice and free speech, when in reality, it is only for catastrophic greed.  America fools the people that she has a mission of peace, when she has not even a true perception of right and wrong. By her blind arrogance, she depresses  good and encourages  evil.

“And when they are told, “Do not make mischief on earth,” they answer, ‘We are only ones that puts things right.’ Truly, they are the workers of corruption but they are not aware (Al-Baqarah, 11).

Sarah Paline, as a woman living in a materialistic world, you put worldly interest first, total and unconditional devotion to truth appears unwise, for your true allegiance is to your worldly interests; only on artificial level can you attach yourself to the truth. You consider yourself clever, and you get yourself a round of applause here and there. But this is no more than hypocrisy which keeps on growing.

The Tea Party you are proud to be one of its prominent members became the plague of America. This party was based on racism and religiosity instead of sound political ideas. The Tea Party lives on seething rage and constant denial.

…”No! No. Absolutely not. Our great nation was founded by Christians for Christians. Put God back in the classroom; put the Ten commandments in every courthouse. We are not racist. We have President Obama because he is a social tyrant, born in Kenya and Is destroying our God-given Constitution. He is not country. He is not one of us, we are real Americans. We will take our country back”…

This type of inflammatory rhetoric echoed from every Tea Party rally, and continues today; strident baloney, blatant nonsense. Virulence and rage  reverberate unceasingly. Tea people pretend to hate government simply as cover for its racism and fanatic religiosity (1).

The contribution of the Tea Party to the race of the Republicans for the 2016 presidency is ridiculous and not adequately planned. A part of the GOP problem is the plague of too many candidates, 17 at last count, with many of them competing for headlines by making outrageous statements targeting Hispanics, Muslims, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or each other. They apparently feel the need to do so not only because Donald Trump—being the master of outrage—continues to draw the most media attention, but because, as Trump’s poll numbers demonstrate, a significant body of Republican voters feed off the anger and insult that is being dished out.

Instead of a serious policy debate, Americans are forced to endure a campaign based on xenophobia, personality attacks, and crude taunts.

Trump continued his rant against “illegals”; Ted Cruz called his party’s legislative leader “a liar” on the floor of the Senate; Scott Walker was slightly more refined accusing his party’s leaders of making “false promises”; Mike Huckabee charged that with the Iran deal, Obama was marching Israelis into the ovens; and Marco Rubio criticized Trump saying that America didn’t need another president with “no class”, because we already have a president with “no class”.

The thoughtful candidates on the Republican side who have ideas worth examining have been drowned out by the excessive news coverage given to the demeaning verbal antics of their erstwhile challengers.

Responsible Republicans warned that a monster was being created that would first attack the president and Democrats but would ultimately turn on the GOP and devour it, as well. The party paid no heed to these warnings and, believing that they could ride this insurgency to victory, they fed the beast of anger and frustration. The warnings proved true. In state-wide elections moderate Republicans were defeated by the “Tea Party” and the establishment of the GOP found itself losing control of its base.

Well, Sarah Paline, since the Tea Party is not the subject matter of this article, what I wrote here was just a quick note about its decline to reform the social and political life of America.

Going back to Allah, His name must be uttered with  reverence and submissiveness. We Muslims entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, and we praise Him and extoll His glorious attributes. We revere Him in a manner appropriate to His absolute Sovereignty.

Allah says in the Koran:

Believers, fear Allah as He should be feared. And die not except in a state of Islam (as Muslims with complete submission to Allah). (Al-Imran, 102).

Allah also says:

Mankind, fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the pair of them scattered many men and women far and wide; and fear Allah in whose name you make requests of one another. Beware of severing the ties of kinship. Allah is always watching over you (Al-Nisa’, 1).

Those who chose to mock Allah and His verses, His prophets and the believers will enter the fire of Hell, where they will suffer their bitter “reward” for mocking Allah’s religion. The Hell prepared for such people is everlasting, because after the Day of Judgment they will be ignored and kept far from Allah’s mercy, just as they had ignored and forgotten the Day of Reckoning.

Allah says:

And the evil deeds that they have done shall appear to them, and they shall be encompassed by that they mocked at. And it shall be said, ‘Today We do forget you just as you forgot your appointment with this Day; and your refuge is the Fire, and you shall have no helpers. That is for that you took Allah’s signs in mockery, and the present life deluded you.’ So today they shall not be brought forth from it, nor will they be given the chance to make amends (Al-Jatiyah, 33-37).

Those who mock at Allah and his Revelation will be mocked at on the Day of Judgment, and then their final abode will be hell-Fire for eternity.

Woe to every guilty impostor who hears the signs of Allah being recited to him, yet persists in his arrogance as if he had never heard them; so give him the good tidings of a painful chastisement. And when he knows anything of Our signs, he takes them in mockery; those – for them awaits a humbling chastisement. Hell [lurks] behind them; and that they have earned will not benefit them, nor those they took as protectors, apart from Allah – a tremendous torment awaits them. This is true guidance and those who disbelieve in the signs of their Lord will have a woeful torment (Al-Jatiyah, 7-11).

Those mocking at Allah and His revelations, their mocking will recoil on them on the day of accountability and they will be encompassed by the same things they turned into ridicule.

The torment of Allah to the unbelievers who rejected His signs and mocked at His Revelation does not mean that He did them injustice, but it was they who wronged themselves.

Allah says:

…and Allah wronged them not, but themselves they wronged. So the evil things they have done smote them, and they were encompassed by that they mocked at (Al-Nahl, 33-34).

The House Republican caucus remains the place where the ugly head of Islamophobia rests comfortably. Tea Party affiliated Republicans excelled in attacking Islam without knowledge or authority. So far, such strategy is winning support from conservatives influential in picking the nominee. They do not fear political cost because they see Muslims as a small voting bloc. These fear monger Republicans include Joe Walsh, Allen West, Peter King, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Michel Bachmann, Mike McCaul,  Louie Gohmert, and Trent Franks. In addition to these Islamophobe hate mongers, we have another gang hired by Judeo-Christian coalition working ardently against Islam. They form an Islamophobia industry heavily sponsored by Religious Right and American Zionist organizations. They were exceptional in tarnishing Islam, belying the Koran, slandering the Prophet, and humiliating Allah the Creator. Their dirt reached to the extent of burning the Koran. To mention only few:  Daniel Pipes, Sam Shamoun, bill warner, the devil incarnate Robert Spencer, the women astray Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsy, and the fool Geert wilders of Holland.

The Evangelical Christian leaders known also as false prophets by some Americans joined also the comedy. They vomited from their dirty mouths foul epithets about Islam and the Prophet of Islam, these were: Pat Robertson, franklin Graham, the deceased Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, john Hagee, and BennyHinn.

Due to their ignorance, these fools do not know that every dirty word they uttered against Allah, will be laid to their charge as I explained before. The fools have taken Satan as a friend and they do not know that he is inviting them to the blazing Fire. He made them take Allah their Creator as the enemy!

These morons think that by bashing Islam and Muslims are doing something good to their country, but the fact is they were hired and heavily financed to do such dirty job. All they have done in fact was to spread mischief in the land by spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans. They harmed the feeling of American Muslims as well as one billion and five hundred million Muslims living in mostly all parts of the world. These opportunists are in fact unpatriotic, because they do not care about the solidarity of the American society. They are like cancer destroying the body of the society and must be stopped. But what we hear from them is the sarcastic saying: “We are a free country, the constitution allows us to say whatever we like to say…bla, bla, bla.”

These fools do not understand that by attacking the Creator and His religion have invoked His wrath on their empty heads and on their country. Allah’s wrath might come individually or collectively! Individually by singling out the committers of sins, and collectively by destroying the whole country because it allowed the sins to grow and did not lift a finger to stop it.

Allah says regarding the recompense of His enemies in the Hereafter:

That is the recompense of Allah’s enemies – the Fire, wherein they shall have the abode of eternity as a recompense, for that they denied Our signs (Fussilat, 28).

Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word “Allah.”  For various reasons, many people have come to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews.  This is totally false, since “Allah” is simply the Arabic word for “God” – and there is only One God. The God of Muslims is the God of the universe, the God of Muhammad and all prophets who came before him, including Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

Allah says in the Koran:

Say (O Muslims), “We believe in Allah and that which has been sent down to us and that which has been sent down to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya’qub (Jacob), and to Al-Asbat [the twelve sons of Ya’qub (Jacob)], and that which has been given to Musa (Moses) and ‘Iesa (Jesus), and that which has been given to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have submitted [in Islam] (Al-Baqarah, 136).

Therefore, the Islam Muhammad brought is not a new religion but the culmination and fulfilment of the same basic truth that Allah (God) revealed through all His prophets to every people.

As there is only One God, there is only One Religion. Islam is the preserved pure religion of all prophets sent by Allah. Islam means the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). Therefore, all prophets were indeed Muslims because they were true submitters to the will of Allah, the Creator.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim to be “Abrahamic Faiths”, and all of them are also classified as “monotheistic.”  However, Islam teaches that other religions have, in one way or another, distorted and nullified a pure and proper belief in Almighty God by neglecting His true teachings and mixing them with man-made ideas such as the concepts of the Trinity, divine incarnation  original sin, crucifixion, vicarious atonement.

We read in the Koran:

“Truly, the religion with Allah (God) is Islam. Those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) did not differ except, out of mutual jealousy, after knowledge had come to them. And whoever disbelieves in the signs of Allah, then surely, Allah is swift in calling to account.” (Al-Imran, 19).

We also read”

“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” (Al-Imran, 85).
Sarah Paline, again, and based on the above, before you talk about Allah next  time, His Greatness and Might must always be present in your mind. This would make you talk about Him in reverence and humility.

If you do not know how Allah is Great and Almighty, read the verse of the Throne:

Allah! There is no God but He, the Living, the Everlasting. Slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who could intercede in His presence save by His leave? He knows what lies before them and what is after them, and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge save such as He wills. His Throne comprises the heavens and earth; the preserving of them oppresses Him not; He is the All-High, the All-glorious (Al-Baqarah, 255).

If you do not know Allah’s infinite Glory and power read the next verse:

He is Allah; there is no god but He. He is the King, the Holy, the All-Peaceable, the All-Faithful, the All-Preserver, the All-Mighty, the All-Compeller, the All-Sublime. Glory be to Allah, above that they associate. He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Shaper. To Him belongs the Names Most Beautiful. All that in the heavens and the earth magnifies Him; He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise (Al-Hashr, 22-24).


  • The seed of the Tea Party: racism and religiosity. By Leonardo Smythe-Jones. https: //




Franklin Graham – is that your attainment of knowledge? Evil is that you judge


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

Hate speech against Islam by Christian preachers is one of the main reasons for the growing numbers of hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. and the recent spike in Islamophobia. The harsh opinions voiced by some conservative Christian leaders recently appears to amplify such sentiments.

Since September 11, 2001, the nation’s leading evangelical Christians have been thundering against Islam, both from the pulpit and on television.

About Muhammad – the Prophet of Islam – Pat Robertson founder of the Christian Coalition said. “He was a robber and a brigand. And to say that these terrorists distort Islam? They’re carrying out Islam!”

Pat Robertson also said, ’Islam is a ‘monumental scam.’

“Adolph Hitler was bad, but what the Muslims want to do to the Jews is worse,” Pat Robertson said.

The Rev. Jerry Vines said at a Southern Baptist convention, “Islam was founded by Mohammed, a demon-possessed paedophile who had 12 wives, and his last one was a 9-year-old girl.”

Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart referred to the Prophet Muhammad as a “sex deviant,” “pervert,” and “paedophile.” He also called for the expulsion of all foreign Muslim university students in the United States and for profiling of airline passengers ‘with a diaper on their head and a fan-belt around their waist.’

Of American Muslims, Swaggart said: ‘We ought to tell every other Muslem living in this nation that if you say one word, you’re gone.’

Jimmy Swaggart also said, ‘You know what we ought to do? We ought to take every single Muslim student in every college in this nation and ship them back to where they came from.’

Jerry Falwell called Islam “satanic” and called Muhammad a “terrorist”, to which he added: “I concluded from reading Muslim and non-Muslim writers that Muhammad was a violent man, a man of war.”

Benny Hinn proclaimed to thousands of Christians at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, TX that “We are on God’s side. This is not a war between Arabs and Jews. It’s a war between God and the devil.” Several conservative Christian ministers from the Dallas area, who shared the podium, clapped and nodded their approval. Later, a few of them said that the line between Christians and Muslims is the difference between good and evil.

Evangelists are attacking Islam because it is a good way to drum up passions and donations among their supporters.

Another Evangelical Christian viciously attacking Islam and Muslims is Franklin Graham. He is an American Christian Evangelist and missionary.

Franklin Graham is president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and of Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization. Samaritan’s Purse is an evangelical Christian humanitarian organization that provides aid to people in physical need as a key part of Christian missionary work. The name of the organization is based on the New Testament Parable of the Good Samaritan, in which Jesus uses a parable to teach people one form of the Golden Rule; “love your neighbour as yourself”.

The Christian relief organization follows the example and teachings of Jesus in serving marginalized communities around the world.

Franklin Graham is therefore an important figure in the United States because he is the son of Billy Graham, the world-renowned evangelist, and that gives him access to a multitude of media platforms; he desperately wants to inherit his father’s unofficial title of “America’s Pastor”; and He is considered a highly respected player in the world of conservative Christian evangelicalism.

Over the past few years, Graham has carved out a well-deserved reputation as one of the United States’ leading religious-based Islamophobes. The man is promoting hate against Islam thus threatening the solidarity of the American society.

Franklin Graham is one of the most consistent voices arguing that Christians in this country are being persecuted, victimized and “excluded from the public square.”

Franklin Graham opposed a decision by Duke University to allow the Adhaan, i.e. the Muslim call to prayer, to be announced from the bell tower of the campus’s Christian chapel. Graham took to Facebook to exclaim: “As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism. I call on the donors and alumni to withhold their support from Duke until this policy is reversed. “

Soon after Graham’s intervention, the university reversed its decision. University officials claimed that the cancellation was based on a “credible and serious security threat.”

Graham later said, that while he “agrees with diversity … what’s happening with this country is all these religions are getting front row and Christians are being pushed — and we’re the majority — are being pushed back to the back of the room. This country was built on Christian principles, it was men and women who believed in God and believed in His Son Jesus Christ who built this country. We are the greatest nation in the history of the world. Islam didn’t build it, and it wasn’t built by any other group. It was those who supported and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

A professor at Wheaton College argued that the God worshiped by Christians is the same God worshipped by Islam. Larycia Alaine Hawkins, who has been an Associate Professor since 2007, also announced she would wear a hijab during Advent in support of Muslims.

Franklin Graham responded furiously by saying on his Facebook: “Can you believe this Wheaton College professor who says she’s going to wear a hijab for the holidays this year to show solidarity with Islam? Shame on her! She said that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Well she is absolutely wrong—she obviously doesn’t know her Bible and she doesn’t know Islam. The God of the Bible has a Son named Jesus Christ. The god of Islam does not have a son, and even the thought of that would be sacrilegious to Muslims. The God of the Bible sent His Son to earth to die in our place and save us from our sins. The god of Islam requires you to die for him to be sure that you are going to heaven. That is a huge difference—and there are many more examples! I am thankful the school is dealing with this and has put this professor on administrative leave. Wheaton College is one of the premier evangelical universities in this country—and on top of that, my father Billy Graham and my mother graduated from Wheaton in 1943.”

Graham added, “We’re the greatest nation in the history of the earth and we have people today that want to destroy what we believe and what we stand for. I think the university needs to understand that the world in which we live today, we’ve been at war now 10 years against terrorists and the terrorists we’ve been fighting are people who support and believe in the Islamic faith.”

As a response to Graham’s comments, the college recommended Hawkins be fired, and placed her on administrative leave.

The school previously said Hawkins was disciplined not because she chose to wear a hijab but because her “theological statements seem inconsistent with Wheaton’s doctrinal convictions”.

During a 2010 televised town hall meeting, Graham called Islam “wicked” and “evil.” “They want to build as many mosques and cultural centres as they possibly can so they can convert as many Americans as they can to Islam.”

Graham said: “Our president and his attorney general have turned their backs on God and His standards, and many in the Congress are following the administration’s lead. This is shameful.”

More recently, Graham criticized The Episcopal Church’s National Cathedral in Washington for permitting its first Muslim prayer service. On his Facebook page, he wrote: “It’s sad to see a church open its doors to the worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to earth to save us from our sins.”

Viewing the activities of the Islamic State, the Taliban and Boko Haram he concluded: “This is Islam. It has not been hijacked by radicals. This is the faith, this is the religion. It is what it is. It speaks for itself.”

He added: “I think it is very important that we do all that we can to try to share God’s love with Muslims because they have no hope outside of dying in Jihad. I want them to know, you do not have to die for God. God died for us. He sent His Son to die for us. We do not have to kill ourselves to please God. I want them to know that they can have eternal life.”

Franklin Graham is a pot-stirring opportunist. To score political points with his conservative Christian followers, he has lambasted President Obama on numerous occasions, including questioning the President’s faith and the country of his birth. Therefore, it is not surprising that when an opportunity presented itself at Duke University, “Graham’s Facebook fulminations,” as Religion News Service’s Aaron Griffith recently pointed out, “transformed what could have been a nuanced campus debate about religious establishment, sacred space, and pluralism into a countrywide fracas that calls to mind 1980s culture wars.” (1).

Noting how Islamic law, sharia, contrasts with the U.S. Constitution and how women are treated under sharia, Franklin Graham said he did not believe that Islam is compatible with American values, and added that all immigration should halt “until we have a proper system to vet people.”

“We can’t just open up our arms and just say ‘everybody come,’ because there’s people out there that want to destroy our nation, and want to destroy you and our way of life,” said Rev. Graham. “We have a responsibility, our government, the president, our Congress has a responsibility to protect all Americans.”

Rev. Graham was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record, about the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by the Islamic State.

“The president is ignoring the fact that these are Islamic extremists, these are terrorists, and ISIS is a terrorist organization and they are bent on destroying the West,” said Graham.  “They’ve already said they want the flag of Islam to fly over the White House.”

He continued, “The president, his entire life, his whole influence has been Islam. His mother was married to a Muslim. His father is a Muslim. Then she married a Muslim man from Indonesia.”

“He [Obama] was raised in Indonesia,” said Graham.  “He went to Islamic schools. …  So, his whole life experiences have been surrounded by Islam. He only knows Islam. And he’s given a pass to Islam. He’s refusing to accept and understand the evil that is in front of him.”

On the apocalyptic influence of Muslims he said, “We are under attack by Muslims at home and abroad. We should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled. Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized–and they do their killing to honour their religion and Muhammad. During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now?” (2).

Franklin Graham is a Donald Trump Supporter, a venomous Islamophobe, and a “pro-life” zealot walk into a church. He spoke in favour of Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the United States.

Due to his hatred and bigotry towards Islam and Muslims, the Pentagon disinvited him from a National Day of Prayer event. The American administration realized that Franklin Graham is a hate-monger who has maligned millions of innocent American Muslims and Muslims worldwide who not only condemn violence but also work hard to combat extremism from all sources including Franklin Graham.

Franklin Graham was close to the Bush administration and his hateful language towards Islam along with that of others such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Vines has been instrumental in nourishing the notion in the Muslim World that the war on terror was actually a war on Islam (3).

Franklin Graham wants everyone to know that the White House has been “infiltrated by Muslims,” even though he can’t name a single one. The right-wing pastor seems upset that Muslims are allowed to serve in the U.S. government, telling Pat Robertson’s son, Gordon, on the Christian Broadcasting Network that Muslims are now running the show and will begin to persecute Christians in America.

Franklin Graham said: “The only hope for America is not the Democratic Party and it’s not the Republican Party, the only hope for America is God.”

Franklin Graham has stated that the attacks in Paris and Beirut have shown that “Islam has declared war on the world, and it’s high time we acknowledge it and respond decisively.
Evangelist Franklin Graham doubled down on his immigration stance in the wake of the Paris attacks, proclaiming in a Facebook post that “Islam is not a peaceful religion” and that Muslim immigration cannot continue.

“We cannot allow Muslim immigrants to come across our borders unchecked while we are fighting this war on terror,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “If we continue to allow Muslim immigration, we’ll see much more of what happened in Paris — it’s on our doorstep.”
Graham warned that Europe is “being overrun by young Muslim men from the Middle East, and they do not know their backgrounds or their motives and intentions.”

He also said that he believes that the American public has been misled about the true nature of Islam.

“Islam is not a peaceful religion as George W. Bush told us and as President Barack Obama has said — that is just not true,” Graham said. He also said, “Our president and our politicians in Washington need to wake up before it’s too late. This is not the time to be politically correct. Our nation’s security is at stake. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake” (4).

“This country at this time there’s the potential for some of these people to turn on this nation for our kindness and our gratitude and commit murder,” Graham said in an interview that was conducted at The Blaze’s New York City newsroom. “And it’s not just the murder of just one or two, but it could be a large event that could take the lives of many people.”

After all these hostilities and false accusations against Islam, I realized that Franklin Graham is entirely ignorant about the religion of Islam. I became even certain that the man is also ignorant about the religion of Jesus and not only Islam. He has built his false accusations on toxic emotions expressing ignorance, hatred, racism and bigotry.

To confront this nonsense, I find myself compelled to clarify the truth to the readers, and bring light to the people he misguided by his superstitions based on ignorance and irrational belief. The purpose is not to contradict or oppose, but to show how far the man had gone stray from the right path.

The true religion of Jesus, which Franklin Graham does not know

The statement of Graham that Jesus is God, the son of God, or a triune God, shows clearly that he is ignorant of the true religion of Jesus, and it is about time to teach him what Jesus preached, and what the religion of Allah (God) truly is?

Graham said: “Islam denies that God has a Son. They deny that Jesus is God. They do not believe in a Triune God–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I can tell you–Islam and Christianity clearly do not worship the same God.”

This statement shows clearly that Graham does not know his own religion. This statement is in fact a glaring blasphemy. If Graham were teaching his followers that Jesus is God or the son of God, and that God is a triune God, then he has committed the most heinous sin in Allah’s eyes. The man has blasphemed against God by claiming that Jesus is a triune god – the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Franklin Graham went further and fared worse by taking Jesus god besides Allah. Jesus can create nothing – he himself was created. Jesus has no power to control his own destiny nor can he defend himself against what is destined to do him harm or good. He has no power to control death or life or resurrection.

The Koran says in this respect:

Yet they have taken to them gods, apart from Him, that create nothing and themselves are created, and have no power to hurt or profit themselves, no power of death or life or resurrection (Al-furqan, 3).

The poor man has fallen into superstitions invented by the scribes. Franklin Graham is just parroting the corruption of the ancients who ruined their souls by inventing blasphemous dogmas in the Gospel of Jesus and misguided the Christians who came after them.

This is why the Koran came. It came to teach people astray like Franklin Graham the truth about the authentic religion of Allah, which Jesus also preached to the disciples.

The problem the Christians are suffering from today, is that they believe in corrupted scriptures. The scribes who wrote the Gospels violated the scriptures by additions and curtailments. They invented pagan dogmas that were not preached by Jesus.

The Koran says that Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus all got their divine books. The Koran means that these books were revealed to their messengers in their original form. These books were given to the four messengers of Allah, directly by a revelation from Allah. After the messengers received their revelations, some messengers like Abraham, Moses and David wrote these revelations down and others did not, like Jesus. After Abraham, Moses and David died, the book of Abraham was lost, The Torah of Moses was corrupted and badly edited as time went on and unknown writers wrote most of the Psalms of David. As for the Gospel, well as soon as Jesus left the earth—the New Testament was badly corrupted by unreliable oral traditions, growing legends, fictional forms and cheats and frauds who were pretending to be apostles of the original church (like Paul of Tarsus).

The Koran says that the current Torah, Psalms and Gospel have been badly corrupted. Numerous passages of the Koran refer to man’s distortion and alterations of the previous books of Allah. These passages note that the received books by the People of the Book, The Jews and the Christians, do not conform to the original revelations that were given to Moses, David and Jesus.

The following verses from the Koran are among the more direct in addressing this distortion of the prior books of Allah.

Can ye (o ye men of faith) entertain the hope that they will believe in you? Seeing that a party of them heard the Word of Allah, and perverted it knowingly after they understood it. Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say: “This is from Allah,” to traffic with it for miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby. (Koran 2:75,79).

There is among them a section who distort the Book with their tongues: (As they read) you would think it is a part of the Book, but it is no part of the Book; and they say, “That is from Allah,” but it is not from Allah: It is they who tell a lie against Allah, and (well) they know it! (Koran 3:78).

And remember Allah took a covenant from the People of the Book, to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made! (Koran 3:187)

But because of their breach of their covenant (the Jews), We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard; they change the words from their (right) places and forget a good part of the message that was sent them, nor wilt thou cease to find them- barring a few – ever bent on (new) deceits: but forgive them, and overlook (their misdeeds): for Allah loveth those who are kind. From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good part of the message that was sent them: so we estranged them, with enmity and hatred between the one and the other, to the day of Judgment. And soon will Allah show them what it is they have done. (Koran 5:13-14) .

No just estimate of Allah do they make when they say: ‘Allah has sent nothing down to man.’ Say: ‘Who then sent down the Book which Moses brought as a light and guidance to man, which you made to separate sheets, showing some but hiding many? You were taught things that neither you nor your forefathers had known.’ Say: ‘Allah [sent it down],’ then leave them engrossed in their vain talk (Koran 6:91).

About the corruption of the Bible the Prophet of Islam said:

“Why do you ask the people of the scripture about anything while your Book (Koran) which has been revealed to Allah’s Apostle is newer and the latest? You read it pure, undistorted and unchanged, and Allah has told you that the people of the scripture (Jews and Christians) changed their scripture and distorted it, and wrote the scripture with their own hands and said, ‘It is from Allah,’ to sell it for a little gain. Does not the knowledge that has come to you prevent you from asking them about anything? No, by Allah, we have never seen any man from them asking you regarding what has been revealed to you!” (Bukhari Volume 9, Book 92, Number 461).

Scholars of the Bible say the Bible has been badly edited and corrupted over time.

Critical scholars today agree that the sources of the Pentateuch were 4 separate documents written in different times by different authors. These source documents were called the J (Jehowah/Yahweh), E (Elohim) D (Deuteronomic), and the P (priestly), documents. Internal evidence shows that “J” originated from the southern kingdom of Judah and was the earliest to be documented around 900BC; “E” was written in the northern kingdom of Israel probably about a century or so later. The “D” document is dated to about 700BC. The documents were then combined into one by the priesthood, who added their own “Priestly” tradition to it, during the Babylonian exile (after 560 BC).

The gospels are not eyewitness accounts. Some scholars say so many revisions occurred in the 100 years following Jesus’ death that no one can be absolutely sure of the accuracy or authenticity of the Gospels, especially of the words the authors attributed to Jesus himself.

Even the Biblical book of Jeremiah clearly states that the scribes of the ancient Israelites altered the revealed scriptures given to the Israelites by Allah, and thus changed them “into a lie”.

” ‘How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? (Jeremiah 8:8 New International Version).

in conclusion, one can see that the Koran maintains that the books of the Jews and Christians have been corrupted, altered and edited over time. When the Koran talks about the Torah, Psalms and the Gospel it is speaking about the original versions given to Moses, David and Jesus. It is not talking about the current Torah, Psalms and the Four Canonical Gospels we have today.

Due to suc+h corruption, the scribes incorporated in the Gospel of Jesus several unreasonable dogmas that changed the original words of Jesus. Now we can see Jesus who was sent as a Messenger to the Children of Israel has become a triune God. The Christians worshipped him and considered him as three personal distinctions in God’s complex nature, traditionally referred to as “three Persons in the Godhead”—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each is distinct from the others but never acts independently. They are one in nature and purpose. This mystery is called the doctrine of the Trinity.

Because of the Trinity, God can become flesh in the form of the Son and still exist in such a way that He can run the universe. Therefore, the Son can communicate to us on our level.

Other mysterious dogmas were also added to the corrupted Bibles, such as original sin, vicarious atonement, and  crucifixion, dogmas that were completely rejected by the Koran.

The Koran stated that Jesus, the son of Mary, was sent to guide the children of Israel with a new scripture, the Injîl or Gospel. The Koran stated that Jesus was born to Mary as the result of virginal conception, a miraculous event which occurred by the decree of Allah. To aid in his ministry to the Jewish people, Jesus was given the ability to perform miracles with the permission of God rather than of his own power. According to the Koran, Jesus, although appearing to have been crucified, was not killed by crucifixion or by any other means; instead, Allah honoured him and raised him unto Himself. Like all prophets in Islam, Jesus was a Muslim (i.e., one who submits to the will of Allah), as he preached that his followers should adopt the straight path as commanded by Allah. The Koran rejects the Trinitarian Christian view that Jesus was God incarnate or the son of God, that he was ever crucified or resurrected, or that he ever atoned for the sins of mankind. The Koran said that Jesus himself never claimed any of these things, and that Jesus would deny having ever claimed divinity at the Last Judgement and God will vindicate him. The Koran emphasized that Jesus was a mortal human being who, like all other prophets, had been divinely chosen to deliver Allah’s message. The Koran forbade the association of partners with Allah, emphasizing a strict notion of monotheism (tawheed).

The God of the universe is the One and only God, Allah. This assertion has been mentioned in all the revealed scriptures. The name of God in the Koran is Allah, the One and Only Eternal God, Creator of the Universe, King of all kings, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

The religion of Allah since He created the universe and until the Day of Resurrection is only Islam and no other. Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.

Everything and every phenomenon in the world other than man is administered totally by God-made laws, i.e. they are obedient to Allah and submissive to His laws, they are in the state of Islam. Man possesses the qualities of intelligence and choice, thus he is invited to submit to the good will of Allah and obey His law, i.e. become a Muslim.

Submission to the good will of Allah, together with obedience to His beneficial Law, i.e. becoming a Muslim, is the best safeguard for man’s peace and harmony.

Islam dates back to the age of Adam and its message of strict monotheism has been conveyed to man by God’s prophets and messengers, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Verily, We have sent to every nation a messenger saying: ‘Worship Allah and avoid false objects of worship'” (Al-Nahl,  36).

The message of all the prophets is therefore the same – Allah is One and He ought to be worshipped alone without associating with Him any partners.

We read in the Koran:

Indeed the religion with Allah is Islam (Al-Imran, 19).

Worshipping Allah alone is indeed the very purpose for which Allah created mankind:

“I did not create the jinn and mankind except to serve Me”. (Al-Dhariyat, 56).

After the loss or corruption of the old scriptures, the message of Islam has been restored and enforced in the last stage of the religious evolution by Allah’s last Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad – peace be upon him.

The Koran came with one true reality: Allah is One and not three. Blessed are those who treasured this truth in their souls while still living their life of probation.

The Koran says:

This is a Message to be delivered to mankind that they may be warned by it, and that they may know that He is one God, and that all possessed of mind may remember (Ibrahîm, 52).”

Considering this very quality of the Koran, it has been given the name muhaymin (guardian). In order to establish justice and equity, we need a balance and a criterion. Almighty Allah has referred to these two qualities of the Koran in the following verse:

And We have sent down to thee the Book with the truth, confirming the Book that was before it (the Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus), and assuring it. So judge between them according to what Allah has sent down, and do not follow their caprices, to forsake the truth that has come to thee (Al-Maidah, 48).

The Koran therefore, supersedes previous revelations because it came directly from Allah, and is not a second-hand book written by men after the extinction of authentic divine Books. Allah has sent Muhammad the seal of the prophets with the Koran – the religion of Islam, and with it the confession that there is no deity except Allah, that He may cause the religion of Islam to prevail over all religions which came before it until the Day of Judgement, however much the idolaters may be averse that this should be so.

Again, and again, it must be clear in the minds of all people that Allah has sent down the Koran confirming the Scriptures which were revealed before and serving as the Book of reference which does answer any query on matters disputed among the Jews and the Christians, for it is the umpire of all preceding Scriptures, and the decision that is based upon its precepts shall have to be accepted as final.

In other words, the Koran safeguards the former Books for it has preserved within it the teachings of all preceding Books. It watches over these Books in the sense that it will not let their true teachings to be lost. It supports and upholds these Books in the sense that it corroborates the Word of Allah, which has remained intact in them.  It stands as a witness because it bears testimony to the Word of Allah contained in these Books and helps to sort it out from the interpretations and commentaries of the people which were mixed with it: what is confirmed by the Koran is the Word of Allah and what is against it is that of the people.

Reference: The meaning of the Holy Qur’an. By Abdullag Yusuf Ali. Islamic Book Trust Kuala Lmour – 2005.

The Koran says:

It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth that He may uplift it over all religion, even though the idolaters may detest it (Al-Saff, 9).

The problem with franklin Graham and so many others like him is that they lead their lives on the level of community-oriented thinking. They recognize the truth when it comes to them only from a member of their own community. If Allah selects as his messenger someone from outside their community, then the message he brings does not lodge in their minds, even when their own hearts bear witness to the veracity of that message. If such false believers regard themselves as true believers, they will find their names deleted from the list of believers in the Hereafter. This is because they recognized the truth only in relation to their community rather than in relation to Allah. Not acknowledging a message of truth, which has been testified to by their own hearts, is the worst crime in the eyes of Allah.

Not acknowledging any truth external to their community appears to be a bid to save their faith. But in actuality it destroys their faith. Allah’s true believer lives on Allah’s continuous inspiration, so that one who confines himself to self-worship and community-worship will be blocking all parts to Allah’s blessing entering into him. After being deprived of Allah’s inspiration, what will be there left with which to nurture his faith? (5).

Allah says in the Koran:

Do they seek other than the religion of Allah even though to Him submitted all creatures in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly? And to Him shall they all be returned (Al-Imran, 83).

Such people will be condemned in the Hereafter and all creatures will join in this condemnation.

In religion, people’s excesses may lead them to blasphemy. The Jewish excesses in the direction of formalism, racialism, exclusiveness, rejection of Jesus and Muhammad have been condemned in many places in the Koran. The Christian attitude which raises Jesus to an equality with Allah, attributes a physical son to Allah, and invents the doctrine of the Trinity, and in some cases venerates Mary almost to idolatry, is strictly condemned in the Koran. The doctrine of Trinity, equality with Allah, and son-ship, are repudiated as blasphemies. Allah is independent of all needs and has no need of a son to manage His affairs. Jesus was but a messenger of Allah, he often watched and prayed as a humble worshipper of Allah; and his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane was full of human dignity, suffering and self-humiliation (Matt. xxvi. 36-45).

Allah says in the Koran:

People of the Book go not beyond the bounds in your religion, and say not as to Allah but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only the Messenger of Allah, and His Word that He committed to Mary, and a spirit from him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not, ‘three.’ Refrain; better is it for you. Allah is only One God. Glory be to Him – that He should have a son! To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth; Allah suffices for a guardian. The Messiah will not disdain to be a servant of Allah neither the angels who are near stationed to Him. Whosoever disdains to serve Him, and waxes proud, He will assuredly muster them to Him, all of them (Al-Nisa’, 171-172).

The Koran enjoins us not to indulge in excesses of any sort. For instance, calling a servant of Allah created without a father the son of Allah; or regarding someone to whom Allah has granted special honour or status as an extraordinary, infallible being. This is what the Christians had done when they elevated Jesus the son of Mary to the status of Allah or the son of Allah. Associating Jesus with Allah in worship is a form of glaring polytheism – a form of ugly excess.

Allah says in the Glorious Koran:

They indeed have disbelieved who say: “Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. Say: Who then could prevent Allah if He so willed from destroying Christ, son of Mary, and his mother and everyone on earth? The kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything between them belong to Allah. He creates what He will, and Allah has power over all things (Al-Maidah, 17).

Franklin Graham says that Muslims do not believe in the same God. Let us see what Allah the Creator of the universe says in His Koran about the God Muslims worship.

Say, “We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us. We have believed in what was revealed to Ibrahîm (Abraham), Ishma’il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya’qub (Jacob) and the Tribes, and in what were given to Moses and Jesus and in what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them. We have submitted to Allah.” And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him. In the Hereafter, he will be among the losers. “(Al-Imran, 83-85).

This is the God we Muslims worship; This is the God all believers of ancient times worshipped.  Does Franklin Graham believe in another god, if he does, he is then a disbeliever, a polytheist worshipping a triune god, and an idolater worshipping a man nailed to the cross!

We read in the Koran:

Most of them do not believe in Allah except while joining partners with Him (Yussuf, 106).

The superstitions which had contaminated the religion of Jesus have one common cause, or origin, and that is thinking and speaking about Allah without knowledge, and thus ascribing to Him that which should not be ascribed to Him, such as sons, or daughters, etc. The idolaters call upon that which can neither benefit nor harm them. The Christians call upon Jesus, and the Jews believe their racial origins guarantee Allah’s good pleasure and those who believe that power, is means of success; all have put their faith and trust in something vain. This in itself is a great evil, for they have only wasted their time and effort, yet this is least of the evil consequences. As for those who have fallen into associating partners with Allah, have surely earned His anger and wrath, and upon them shall fall humiliation in this life and a most terrible fate in the next.

The Lord says in the Koran:

Allah will not forgive anyone for associating something with him, but He forgives anything else to whom He pleases; whoever ascribes partners to Allah is guilty of a monstrous sin (AL-Nisa’, 48).

Ascribing partners to Allah (in whatever form it may take) is the unforgivable sin, because it is in reality the source of all evil, the greatest injustice, the worst oppression and wrongdoing.

Ascribing partners to Allah (Shirk in Arabic)) is in contradiction to that reason for which Allah has created us, and the purpose for which we exist, which is to choose to single out Allah for worship, avoiding all false deities, and to worship Him completely, with sacrifice, supplication, submission, subjugation, obedience and compliance, and with love, fear, hope, trust and reliance upon Him, seeking only His pleasure and not the admiration of His creatures, and to do all of that according to that which was revealed to His last and final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him), and not according to whims and desires and mere conjecture.

Allah admonished the Jews and Christians, and called them disbelievers, for taking their priests and rabbis as lords besides Allah.

They have taken their rabbis and their monks as lords apart from Allah, and the Messiah, Mary’s son, and they were commanded to serve but one God; there is no god but He; glory be to Him, above that they associate (At-Tawbah, 31).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) went on to explain that the priests and rabbis “made lawful that which Allah had made unlawful, and made unlawful that which Allah had made lawful and the people accepted it.”

Ascribing legislative power to people is a clear and obvious form of disbelief, and setting up rivals to Allah, is the unforgivable sin, and a contradiction of the purpose of creation.

Islam does not regard Christians who claim that Jesus is God, or the Son of God, as “monotheists” any more than Hindus who claim that Krishna is a “manifestation of God” or Buddhists who claim that Buddha is God. All of this is disbelief, idolatry and polytheism.

The Lord says in the Koran:

Allah will not forgive anyone for associating something with him, but He forgives anything else to whom He pleases; whoever ascribes partners to Allah is guilty of a monstrous sin (AL-Nisa’, 48).

With Muhammad last Message to the world, The religion has been completed and perfected, and has no need for alteration or adjustment:

Allah states in the Koran :

Today I have completed your religion for you and completed My blessing upon you. I have chosen for you Islam as your religion (Al-Maisdah, 3).

Muslims believe in the revealed books of Allah. This includes the Koran (the final revelation to Mankind, Allah’s love letter to humanity) and the earlier books of revelation given by Allah to his various messengers over time. While all of Allah’s messengers and Prophets received divine revelation, some Prophets were given an actual book or oral type of revelation. Those messengers who were given these books were referred to as the messengers of Allah. The Koran notes five books of revelation: The Book given to Prophet Abraham, the Book given to Prophet Moses (The Torah or Law) the book given to King David (The Psalms) and the Gospel given to Prophet Jesus and finally the book given to Prophet Muhammad (The Koran). This can be found in the Koran in several places:

Or do they envy mankind for what Allah hath given them of his bounty? but We had already given the people of Abraham the Book and Wisdom, and conferred upon them a great kingdom. (Quran 4:54).

….and to David We gave the Psalms (Quran 4:163).

And in their footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance and an admonition to those who fear Allah. (Quran 5:46).

Monotheism – belief in one God – is the most important and foundational concept in Islam. Muslims believe in one God who created the universe and has power over everything within it. He is unique and exalted above everything He creates, and His greatness cannot be compared to His creation. He is the only one deserving of any worship and the ultimate purpose of all creation is to submit to Him. The Islamic understanding of God is distinct from all other contemporary religions and beliefs in various respects since it is based on a pure and clear understanding of monotheism.

Muslims often refer to God as Allah. This is a universal name for God and does not refer to an exclusively ‘Islamic’ God. Interestingly, this name is related to the Aramaic and Hebrew names for God, Allaha and Elohim.

Therefore, Allah is simply the Arabic name for God, which affirms that He is One singular God with no partners or equals. The name Allah cannot be pluralized or limited to a specific gender, which establishes that God is One and that He is unique from everything He creates. Muslims continue to use this original Arabic name for God (Allah) since it perfectly expresses His unique qualities.

When the final prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked about Allah, the answer came directly from Allah in the holy book of Muslims, the Koran:

Say, ‘He is God the One, God the eternal. He begot no one nor was He begotten. No one is comparable to Him.’” (112:1-4).

This is a clear statement by Allah describing Himself to humanity without any room for confusion. Allah is One and is exalted above everything He creates and He is capable over all things.

Fully accepting the oneness of Allah (God) is to accept that He is distinct from everything else. It would not suit Allah’s majesty and glory to associate the limited attributes of His creation to Him because He is not restricted in any way, while His creation is. He is the First with no beginning and the Last with no end. Everything in the universe was created by His will. He is not confined by space or time and He is the only One who is in control and provides for His creation.

Allah describes himself further in the Koran:

“He is God: there is no god other than Him. It is He who knows what is hidden as well as what is in the open; He is the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy. He is God: there is no god other than Him, the Controller, the Holy One, Source of Peace, Granter of Security, Guardian over all, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Truly Great; God is far above anything they consider to be His partner. He is God: the Creator, the Originator, and the Shaper. The best names belong to Him. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him: He is the Almighty, the Wise.” (Koran, 59:22-24).

Allah also describes Himself:

“Allah”: there is no god but Him, the Ever Living, the Ever Watchful. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him. All that is in the heavens and in the earth belongs to Him. Who is there that can intercede with Him except by His leave? He knows what is before them and what is behind them, but they do not comprehend any of His knowledge except what He wills. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth; it does not weary Him to preserve them both. He is the Most High, the Tremendous.” (Koran, 2:255).

In order to be a true believer, one must believe in the absolute oneness of Allah, as the only Creator, Preserver and Nourisher of everything. However, this belief in the true characteristics of God is not the sole condition of true faith; one must also acknowledge that God is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. His commands and guidelines for how to live one’s life should always take precedence over the commands of anything He created. Indeed, He guides humanity to what is best for them in this life and the hereafter because He is All-Knowing and All-Wise.

In the end, we must understand that our belief or disbelief in Allah (God) does not affect Him in any way. Believing in Him, worshipping Him, and following His commands will only benefit us because we are in need of His blessings, favours and mercy. He does not need us because He is the Self-Sufficient Creator. However, it is never too late for a person to turn back to Allah, seeking His guidance and forgiveness by submitting to Him.

“Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Turn ye to your Lord (in repentance) and bow to His (Will), before the Penalty comes on you: after that ye shall not be helped. And follow the best of (the courses) revealed to you from your Lord, before the Penalty comes on you – of a sudden while ye perceive not!” (Koran, 39:53-55).

We Muslims believe in this God. We do not believe in a god nailed to the cross. We do not believe in a god who waited in his mother’s womb for 9 months to be born. We do not believe in a god who played as a boy with his mates, walked in the markets, ate food, defecated, peed, and waited for 20 years until he was ordered to deliver the message of monotheism – Islam! We do not believe in a weak god who let his enemies torturing and humiliating him, and in the end crucify him! We do not believe in a cruel god who let his son to be slaughtered by his enemies in order to atone for the sins of others.

We believe in Jesus as a great Prophet and Messenger and not as God.

Like all prophets of Islam, Jesus is considered a Muslim (i.e., one who submits to the will of God), as he preached that his followers should adopt the “straight path” as commanded by Allah. The Koran says that Jesus himself never claimed to be the Son of God, and that Jesus will deny having ever claimed divinity at the Last Judgment, and God will vindicate him.

The Lord says in the Koran, the Last Testament:

And when Allah said, ‘O Jesus son of Mary, did you say unto men, “Take me and my mother as gods, apart from God”? He will answer, ‘Glory be to you! It is not mine to say what I have no right to. If I indeed said it, You would surely have known it. You know what is within my soul, and I know not what is within your soul; You know the things unseen. I only said to them what you did command me, ”Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.” And I was a witness over them, while I remained among them, but when you did take me to yourself, You were the watcher over them. You are the witness of all things. If you chastise them, they are your servants, if you forgive them; you are surely the Mighty, the Wise (Al-Maidah, 116).

Numerous titles are given to Jesus in the Koran and in Islamic literature, the most common being Almasîh (“the Messiah”). Jesus is also, at times, called “Seal of the Israelite Prophets”, because he was the last prophet sent by God to guide the Children of Israel. Jesus is traditionally understood in Islam to have been a precursor to Muhammad, and is believed by Muslims to have foretold Muhammad’s coming.

Jesus is unique for being the only prophet in Islam who neither married nor had any children. Muslims believe that Jesus will return to earth near the Day of Judgment to restore justice and to defeat al-Masih ad-Dajjal (“the false messiah”, also known as the Antichrist).  Jesus will not return as a new prophet; Muhammad was the final prophet. Jesus will not return with the Gospel because the Koran is the final well-guarded Book. Jesus will rule according to the commandments of the Koran. He will live for another 40 years before dying a natural death.

Jesus was a Muslim – he preached the unity and the oneness of Allah. In the 12th chapter of Mark, it was reported that a man came to Jesus and asked him: “which is the first of all commandments”? And Jesus answered: “The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord.”

Yet, most Christians say Jesus is God although Jesus said: “The Lord our God is one Lord; Christians says: no, Jesus is one in three or three in one. Nowhere from the lips of Jesus, did he utter trinity! That is the core problem of the churches: they preach what Jesus never preached. In fact, Christianity went on deifying Jesus. They say Jesus walked down the Palestine as a divine being. The question here is: did he say he is God? Did he claim to be God? Did he say I am god worship me? There is not in any version of the bible where explicitly Jesus said I am god!

Jesus never made such claims. In fact, he rebuked such claims. In Mark, 10 and Luke 18, when a certain ruler asked him, what to do to inherit the eternal life, Jesus says to him:

“Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God. He didn’t even want to be called good much less god. But did the Christians follow this instruction? Not at all! In fact, they called him god. I wonder if Jesus was present today how he is going to react to this blasphemy.

As a Prophet and a messenger of Allah, Jesus explicitly declares in the 8th chapter of john: “I have not come on my own; but He (Allah) sent me.”

He says further, “my father is greater than I.” Jesus’ mission was to convey the message given to him by his Lord. He was no more than a messenger. He says:

“I can do nothing by my own self: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.”

In reality, contemporary Christianity is not the religion of Jesus. it’s a religion constructed about Jesus. The message of Jesus is Islamic in every sense: believing in one God, he never mentioned the mystery of trinity; he rather mentioned  that he is a preacher, teacher, messenger and no more; he stressed that salvation is fulfilled by worshipping Allah alone and keeping the commandments.

Jesus diet was also Islamic. He didn’t eat pig; he killed over 2000 pigs says the Bible.

Jesus was a Muslim; and his message was Islam. On his second coming, he will reject all those who misunderstood his message of monotheism and worshiped him as God or the son of God.

In Mathew 7: 23 Jesus said:

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who break God’s laws.”

Reverend Franklin Graham, my words to you are true. You may believe in them and change your life from ugly idolatry and polytheism to sound monotheism. But if you throw them behind your back and go along the road to perdition, you will always be the loser.

Now you know the truth about the only religion of Allah – strict monotheism (Islam). Now you know the truth about the monotheistic religion of Jesus, which you people, tampered with. On the Day of Judgment, the truth I have just mentioned to you will be laid to your charge. You will be asked: “You knew the truth but you were stubborn and arrogant enough to reject it. Believe me; Allah will never accept on the Day of Judgment a person standing before Him saying, ‘God, I worshiped You as one in three or three in one. The recompense will be Hell-fire to abide therein forever.

On the Day of Judgment, people will be raised up and re-created. The believers’ faces will manifest the light and beauty unique to the faithful, while the unbelievers’ faces will be made hideous:

We pursued them in this world with a curse, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be among the spurned (Al-Qasas, 42).

Dust, gloom, and darkness will also cover their faces:

That Day some faces will be dust-covered, overcast with gloom. Those are the dissolute unbelievers.  (Abasa, 40-42).

On the Day of Resurrection, you will see those who lied against Allah with their faces blackened. Do not the arrogant have a dwelling place in Hell?  (Az-Zumar, 60).

Ugliness and dishonour will be placed upon them, and they will be driven to Hell in shame.

On the Day of Judgment Allah shall throng the disbelievers down on their faces blind, deaf and dumb to be delivered to their appropriate quarters in hell, which is constantly fed with fuel as often as it abates so that they suffer the merciless flame of the fire.

… We will gather them on the Day of Resurrection, flat on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf. Their shelter will be Hell. Whenever the Blaze dies down, We will increase it for them. (Surat al-Isra’, 97).

Then the disbeliever shall say, “O Allah my Creator, why have you raised me up blind when in life I was able to see and to argue and defend myself!

Allah will say: “Just as Our Signs came to you and you ignored, so will you on this day be ignored.” (Ta Ha, 125-26).

On that Day, there is no possibility of hiding or escaping. Allah reveals that the unbelievers, who are instantly recognizable by their appearance, will be seized by their forelocks and feet and then cast into Hell.

The evildoers will be recognized by their mark and seized by their forelocks and their feet. (Al–Rahman, 41)

Despite of all this, they will continue to make demands on Allah to send them into a realm of nothingness, to allow them to give all they have in ransom to escape the suffering, and even to be sent back to Earth to rectify their wrongs.

Allah states:

If only you could see the evildoers hanging their heads in shame before their Lord: “Our Lord, we have seen and we have heard, so send us back again and we will act rightly. Truly we now have certainty.”  (As-Sajda, 12).

They will beg to save themselves from the shocking punishment. But Allah reveals that they will never change their old ways and that there is now no way for them to save themselves. The unbelievers have committed the most serious sin: rebellion against Allah, Who created and sustained them. Therefore, they are not permitted to defend themselves. Allah says:

On that Day, woe to the unbelievers! This is the Day on which they will not say a single word, nor will they be allowed to offer any excuses. On that Day, woe to the unbelievers!  (Al-Mursalat, 34-37).

Allah will not speak, protect, or purify them because of their blasphemy and evil deeds:

Those who conceal what Allah has sent down of the Book and sell it cheap take nothing into their bellies but the Fire. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will not speak to them or purify them. They will have a painful punishment (Al-Baqara, 174).

Those who sell Allah’s contract and their own oaths for a paltry price, such people will have no portion in the Hereafter, and on the Day of Resurrection Allah will not speak to them, look at them, or purify them. They will have a painful punishment.  (Surah Al ‘Imran, 77)

The unbelievers’ eternal fear and remorse begins when the angels of death take their lives. An indescribable fear will grip their whole being, and they will realize that the promised punishment has just begun.

As Allah says in the Koran:”

If you could only see the wrongdoers in the throes of death when the angels are stretching out their hands, saying: “Disgorge your own selves! Today you will be repaid with the punishment of humiliation for saying something other than the truth about Allah, and being arrogant about His Signs.” (Al-An’am, 93).

Having left all their earthly wealth, which has been rendered worthless and meaningless, they will find that none of their treasures or people whom they had counted upon can help them.

Allah says in His Holy Book the Koran:

You have come to Us all alone, just as We created you at first, leaving behind you everything We bestowed upon you. We do not see your intercessors accompanying you, those whom you claimed were your partners with Allah. The bond between you is now broken. That which you ever asserted has now gone astray from you (Al-An’am, 94).

Franklin Graham, are you a man of God or just another false prophet?

Submissiveness and humbleness are among the noblest virtues a believer can be blessed with, because their presence in our hearts and actions instils in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with Allah, the most Glorious and Merciful. These exalted traits were personified by the Holy Prophet.

Islam has established humility as the foundation of all sublime moral excellence. Its absence in any soul removes any other virtue from the believer except for the superficial qualities.

The Koran says:

“The servants of the Merciful are those who walk on the earth in humility.” (25:63)

If man lives without humility, his actions will be destroyed by arrogance, conceit, and selfish ambition.  Arrogance is the disease of the soul. The Holy Prophet advised his followers to humble themselves before Allah and other Muslims, “And no one humbles himself before Allah but Allah will raise him (in status).” Just as humility can lead us to heaven and join us in the ranks of the Prophets and Imams, arrogance, the antagonistic force of humility, will lead us to the deepest and most dreaded pits of hell-fire. Arrogance, is among the most destructive vices a person can be stricken with.

Franklin Graham takes forums to attack Islam and reveals his aversion to truth. His main purpose is to show himself off, to gain fame, to be recognized for his knowledge, and to impress others.

Allah describes this attitude in the Koran:

Some men there are who buy diverting talk to lead astray from the way of Allah without knowledge, and to take it in mockery; those – awaits them a humbling chastisement (Lukman, 6).

Graham’s vain talk and work against Islam shall come to nothing in this world and in the life to come, he shall be among the losers.

While indulging in worthless talk is a characteristic of unbelievers, avoidance of it is a quality of believers:

The Koran says:

When they hear idle talk they turn away from it and say, ‘We have our deeds, and you your deeds. Peace be upon you. We desire not the ignorant.’  (Al-l-Qasas, 55).

The absence in Paradise of any offensive speech is described among its blessings:

Gardens of Eden that the All-Merciful promised His servants in the Unseen; His promise is ever performed. There they shall hear no idle talk, but only ‘peace.’ There they shall have their provision at dawn and evening. That is Paradise which We shall give as an inheritance to those of Our servants who are god-fearing (Maryam, 61-63).

Franklin Graham keeps his tongue unchecked, and so he fell prey to Satan’s influence. The man does not know the punishment for uttering what is prohibited. Whoever plants a good word or deed will harvest dignity, and whoever does the opposite only reaps regret. The most common cause of people entering Hell is the sinful utterance of their tongues.

The Prophet of Islam said:

“Could anything cast people in the Hellfire face down” – in another version, “on their noses” – “except the harvests of their tongues?”

In many prophetic narrations the Prophet referred to the virtue of silence. The prophet’s companion Uqbah ibn ‘Aamir  said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, how can I obtain salvation?’ The Prophet replied, ‘Control your tongue [from idle talk].’”

The Prophet also said, “A Muslim is the one who avoids harming other Muslims with his tongue and hand.”

He also said: “Whoever believes in Allah the Almighty and the Last Day should utter good words or remain silent.”

The Prophet said: “A Muslim is the one who avoids harming other Muslims with his tongue and hand.”

Graham thinks that his ugly words about the religion of Islam and its faithful followers have no serious consequences. But every word is recorded. Two angels are constantly by man or woman to watch his/her words, thoughts, and actions. One sits on the right side and notes the good deeds and the other on the left, to note the bad deeds.

Allah says:

“When the two angels meet together, sitting one on the right, and one on the left, not a word he utters, but by him is an observer ready (Qaf, 17-18).

The tongue of the believer is behind his heart; when he wants to say something, he contemplates it with his heart and then utters it. Whereas, the tongue of Franklin Graham is in front of his heart, when he intends to say anything, he utters it before deliberating it in his heart, and he who does not watch his tongue does not understand his religion.

The greatest trial for man in life is the responsibility of his tongue, and Graham’s tongue is pouring hatred and bigotry against Allah the Creator, His last Revelation the Koran, and His obedient servants. The man’s tongue pours filthiness against Islam without cessation.  Before Allah, the man is a denier of the truth, and fighting against His last Testament. As recompense, Allah will punish him with grievous suffering in this world and the Hereafter.

This glaring arrogance shows clearly that the man is incapable of true submission to Allah. He does not know that all human beings are equal in the sight of Allah and the distinctions between nations, tribes, and families are only to know each other and not to exert arrogance over them by defying the Lord and insulting His religion as wicked and evil!

If we read Galatians 6:4

For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another.  For each one will bear his own load.…

Humility is Piety, and the only thing which raises man or woman above another is piety.

Allah says in His Holy Book:

“And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth.  Verily, Allah likes not each arrogant boaster.” (Koran 31:18).

Human beings differ from each other in terms of race and place of origin – some are black, some are white, some are from the rain forests, some are from the tundra. But all these differences are for the purpose of identification and not for the making of distinctions. Indeed, many evils have stemmed from these differences being used to discriminate between one person and another, between one community and another, between one nation and another. Before Allah however, they are all equal. He gets most honour that is most righteous.

Allah says in the Koran:

O mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into people and tribes, so that you may come to know each other. The noblest of you in Allah’s sight is the most righteous of you. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware (Koran 49:13).

Humility comes from knowing Allah and recognizing His greatness, venerating Him, loving Him and being in awe of Him, and it comes from knowing about oneself and one’s own faults, and weaknesses.  Allah gives this characteristic to those who struggle to become close to Him through deeds of piety and righteousness. No one humbles himself before Allah but Allah will raise him in status.

The humble man is truly blessed.  Every time he feels superior to others, he remembers Allah, the Most Great and Omnipotent, and humbles himself in true submission.

Allah says:

The servants of the All-Merciful are those who walk in the earth modestly and who, when the ignorant address them, say, ‘Peace’ (Koran 25:63).

But where is Franklin Graham from this humbleness? He walks arrogantly in the land spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans. He calls for preventing Muslims from entering the United States because they are terrorists. He describes the Koran, last Testament to the world as being wicked and evil! He prevented Muslim call to prayers in Duke University. His ugly narrative about Islam made Americans believe that Islam encourages violence.

Franklin Graham went to the extent of forcing Wheaton College, to place associate professor of political science Larycia Hawkins on administrative leave after she made a theological statement on Facebook that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

Why Franklin Graham is so arrogant and stands as an enemy against Allah his Creator? Why he is so boastful and arrogant, playing the role of Mr. Know – It – All?

Jesus issued warning after warning about false prophets and false teachers and false Christs and wrong doctrine.

Among the signs of the Last Hour is the appearance of approximately 30 false claimants of prophet-hood known as Dajjals (imposters).

Once the Prophet of Allah said, while delivering a ceremonial speech at an occasion of a solar eclipse, as Samura son of Jundub reported:

“…Verily by God, the Last Hour will not come until 30 liars of prophecy will appear and the final one will be the One-eyed False Messiah.” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad as a sound Hadeeth).

Franklin Graham, now you know the truth, but your pride and arrogance prevent you from repenting and following the right path. You shut your ears to all advice. On the Day of Judgment, you will experience remorse for your blasphemous and arrogant conduct. On that Day, you will plead, to be sent back to Earth to make amends, but your request will be refused. You will realize that the wealth, children, partners, traditions, false ideologies, and all of the other things you strove for and defended have no value and that only those deeds done for Allah’s good pleasure have true value. But this realization will be too late for the fire will be your eternal residence.

Franklin Graham, Apostle of hate, you, who continue your war against Allah your Creator, His religion, and on Muslims, with an ugly impudence, must realize that your life is not eternal, and your time on Earth is going to be exhausted. Your arrogance, fame, Pleasures and desires will lose their appeal, and the only reality that would matter would be Allah’s judgment. The evil that you did against Allah will be repaid, and you will suffer sorrow and regret.

Allah says:

On the Day when those who did not believe are exposed to the Fire [it will be said]: “You dissipated the good things you had in your worldly life and enjoyed yourself in it. So today you are being repaid with the punishment of humiliation for being arrogant in the land without right and for your ungodliness.” (Al-Ahqaf, 20).

A question then arises:  why Islam stands out from other religions?

The reason is simply that Islam is the final and complete way of life that Allah revealed to guide humanity. Previous divine messages (such as the ones taught by Abraham, Moses and Jesus) have been lost or altered throughout time. Allah chose to send Muhammad – peace be upon him – to deliver His final message, which maintains the core teachings of all the previous revelations. The book sent to Muhammad was the Koran, which was revealed as guidance for all of humanity. Just like the Torah sent to Moses and the Gospel sent to Jesus, the Koran is a guidebook teaching us how to worship God in the purest manner and thereby achieve our purpose in life. The Koran is unique because it has remained preserved in its exact and original form for more than 1,400 years.

Islam is not a new way of life; rather, it is the final message, which upholds the same essential beliefs that Allah sent to humanity through all of His messengers. Through this message, Allah calls on each individual to lead a conscientious life by drawing close to Him and to remain cognizant of their final accountability in front of the one and only God – Allah.

“Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?” (Al-Hadid, 16).

Verily, those who disbelieve, neither their properties nor their offspring will avail them whatsoever against Allah; and it is they who will be the fuel of the Fire (Al-Imran, 10).

Franklin Graham, You belied the Koran, you belied Allah’s last revelation, so Allah will seize you for your sins, He is severe in punishment.

The people of the Book (Jews and Christians) should have known that all religions are one, and that they have only being renewed in Islam. Islam is the same religion as that of the people of the Book, but the people of the Book made their religion one-sided; Jesus was rejected by the Jews and Muhammad was rejected by the Jews and the Christians.

The Jews and the Christians should have known that Allah’s truth is continuous, and His prophets from Adam, through Noah and Abraham, down to the last of prophets, Muhammad, form one brother-hood. But the Christians of today, rejected him, and plotted for fighting Allah’s last of religions. They defiled the Koran, smeared it, bashed it, and even burned it. They slandered the Prophet of Islam and defamed him. They stained Muslims with terrorism and the Koran with violence. They went to the Muslim countries and torn it apart. They displaced millions of innocent Muslims and made them refugees, and when they came to America as refugees asking for shelter, the Religious Right republicans deprived them the right to live in peace in a foreign land. They plotted against them and called them terrorists! But their plots failed, for Allah’s plan is above man’s plots. In spite of all that, Islam flourishes and propagates more. White people from America and Europe embrace Islam in thousands every day.

Believing in one religion and ignoring other religions, is considered as blasphemous in the sight of Allah. It is not for us to make any distinction between Allah’s Messengers and His divine Books; we must honour them all equally, though we Know that Allah in His wisdom sent the messengers with different kinds of mission and gave them different degrees of rank.

Allah says in the Koran:

The Messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and the believers; each one believes in Allah and His angels, and in His Books and His Messengers; we make no division between any one of His Messengers. They say, ’We hear, and obey. Our Lord, grant us Thy forgiveness; unto Thee is the homecoming.’ (Al-Baqarah, 285).

The chief purpose of a believer’s faith is to worship Allah alone, and believe in His Messenger Muhammad, and in all His angels, and in all His earlier Messengers and Revelations. To all these we must give home in our hearts. Believing in some prophets and religions and ignoring others is a heinous sin.

We read in the Koran:

O believers, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book He has sent down on His Messenger and the Book which He sent down before. Whoso disbelieves in God and His angels and His Books, and His Messengers, and the Last Day, has surely gone astray into far error (Al-Nisa’, 136).

Franklin Graham denies Allah and His Messenger Muhammad! Does he understand the bad consequences of such arrogant denial? Those who deny Allah and refuse to acknowledge his apostles, and recognize some prophets and decline to accept others and wish to take a middle course by accepting certain religions and ignoring others, are they who were born to be losers. These are the infidels indeed; Allah has prepared for them a humiliating punishment. Whereas those who believe in Allah and recognize all His prophets and messengers, and do not discriminate one prophet from another, shall be recipient of the grace of Allah and He shall surely give them their rewards.

The people of the Book went wrong: the Jews in breaking their Covenant and slandering Mary and Jesus, and in their usury and injustice; and the Christians in raising Jesus the Messenger to equality with Allah, and inventing dogmas of exclusive salvation that it practically approaches to a denial of Allah’s universal love for all humankind and all creation. Out of His mercy, Allah sent the Koran with a manifest proof and a clear sign to the Jews and the Christians haply they might understand.

Before the advent of Muhammad, the Jews and the Christians believed in their old Scriptures, which they corrupted and tampered with. However, none of them would acknowledge Muhammad as the last of the prophets and his well-guarded Book, the Koran.

Belief in the prophets of the past and their violated religions entails only a belief in one’s own heritage, following in the footsteps of one’s ancestors. Their faith was not by choice, but by birth. They had not made a conscious discovery of Allah. Therefore, belief in the prophets and religions of the past is only a continuation of one’s ancestor’s ways, while belief in the prophet of one’s own times means the conscious acceptance of faith. What is of importance in the eyes of Allah is the faith adopted by choice and not by birth.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and desire to make division between Allah and His Messengers, and say, ’We believe in part, and disbelieve in part,’ desiring to take between this and that a way” (Al-Nisa’, 150).

All prophets form one brotherhood: their Message is one, and their religion and teaching are one: they serve the one true God – Allah – who love and cherishes them; and they ow their duty to Him alone. But the people who began to trade on the names of the prophets cut off that unity and made sects; and each sect rejoices in its narrow doctrine, instead of taking the universal teaching of unity from Allah. But this sectarian confusion is of man’s making. It will last for a time, but the rays of truth and unity will finally dissipate it.

Allah says in the Koran:

Your religion is but one religion – and I am your only lord, therefore, fear Me. Yet they divided themselves into factions, each rejoicing in what they had. So leave them in their bewilderment for a while (Al-Mu’minun 52, 53).

Franklin Graham does not know what religion truly is, his understanding of religion is but fancies and mere conjectures.

Because Islam is the road map to Paradise, the duty of Muslims is to call all people to Islam, if they turn back, Muslims’ duty is only to convey the Message.

Franklin Graham openly insulted and denied Allah, so his work will bear no fruit in this world and in the Hereafter.

How will it be when Allah judges Graham’s deeds on the Day of Judgment? He shall be paid in full what he has earned. It will be a Day when every person will be confronted with all the evil he has done, he will wish that there were a great distance between him and his evil. Allah warns His enemies against himself, for His punishment is severe.

The scholar Abdel Rahîm Green said:

“The problem of Islam with the West is not a confrontation of civilizations, nor is it a clash of cultures. Islam does not oppose the West, or anyone else, because of revenge over past hostilities, out of a desire to restore injured pride or because of the desire to amass their wealth and lands. The fight is for one purpose only and that is to establish the religion of Islam in its totality, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) explained when a man came to him and asked: “One of us fights for booty, another for his tribe and another to be known as brave, which one is fighting jihad?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: “None of them. Only the one who fights to make Allah’s Word the highest is fighting jihad.”

Therefore, the matter of conflict between Islam and the other fabricated religions is one of truth against falsehood, justice against oppression, the way to Paradise against the way to Hellfire, the perfection of Allah’s revealed way against the misguidance of human ignorance.

The conflict will be there as long as there are those who stubbornly resist submission to their Lord and Creator.

Franklin Graham must have read the Bible several times and went across the verses indicating that Jesus is not God.

For example:

‘That they might know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.’ (John 17:3)

‘he continued all night in prayer to God.’ (Luke 6:12)
‘Just as the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve’ (Matthew 20:28).

How did Jesus pray to God?

‘He fell with his face to the ground (as Muslims do) and prayed, ‘My Father’ (Matthew 26:39).

During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the One who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.’ (Hebrews 5:7).

The Acts of the Apostles in the Bible details the activity of the disciples over a period of thirty years after Jesus was raised to heaven.  Throughout this period, they never referred to Jesus as God.  For instance, Peter stood up with the eleven disciples and addressed a crowd saying:

‘Men of Israel, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know.’ (Acts 2:22).

For Peter, Jesus was a servant of God (Confirmed In Matthew 12:18).

‘The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified his servant Jesus.’ (Acts 3:13).
‘God raised up his servant’ (Acts 3:26).

Jesus, the man, the son of Mary, the Prophet, is not going to respond to Franklin’s supplication because Jesus is not God. The false triune god of Graham does not hear Graham’s supplication, and thus all Graham’s supplication to someone else other than Allah (God) is worthless.

Graham must understand that Allah is One, His Message is one, yet how Graham’s perversity transforms truth into falsehood, religion into superstition! Graham worships Jesus besides Allah, a man who has no power either to harm or benefit himself or anyone else.

Graham and all those he misled, follow in worship the vain desires of people who went wrong in time gone by – who misled many, and strayed themselves from the even way.

Let us listen to the Koran:

The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a Messenger; Messengers before him passed away; his mother was a just woman; they both ate food. Behold, how We make clear the signs to them; then behold, how they perverted are! (Al-Maidah, 75).

Say: ‘Do you serve apart from Allah, that which cannot hurt or profit you? Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing (Al-Maidah, 76).

Say: ‘People of the Book, go not beyond the bounds of your religion, other than the truth, and follow not the caprices of a people who went astray before, and led astray many, and now again have gone astray from the right way (Al-Maidah, 77).

They are unbelievers who say, ‘God is the Messiah Mary’s son.’ Say: ‘Who then has the least power against Allah if He desires to destroy the Messiah, Mary’s son, and his mother, and all those who are on earth?’ (Al-Maidah, 17).

Nowadays we see Franklin Graham touring the United States to challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public and at the ballot box. Franklin Graham wants God’s voice back in politics. He urges Christians to make their voices heard in this year’s elections. He wants God’s voice back in the political arena. “I want to get Christians to run for office at every level. The Christian voice needs to be heard.” Graham said.

Franklin Graham said quoting his dad: ‘For unless America turns back to God, repents of its sin, and experiences a spiritual revival, we will fail as a nation.’

But who is the God Franklin wants America to turn back to? Is he the triune God – the three in one, or one in three! Is he Jesus, the man, the son of Mary, the prophet?

Alas, Graham’s invocations and supplications will not be heard, because he is praying to Jesus instead of God.

Franklin Graham struggled for years to take the American society back to His Lord Christ. But Christ is not Lord. He was the Messenger of Allah to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Accordingly, Graham’s struggle to spread the teachings of the bible is futile and so are his supplications.

If the belief in God were wrong from the beginning, nothing would ever prosper – People believing in a false god slip easily into all kinds of sins.

Franklin Graham teachings to the people are pointlless. People do not respond to his teachings because in their heart they know they are false. People are not religious anymore. The churches are empty and the people are busy making money. Social ills became rampant and unchecked. Graham’s worthless preaching falls on deaf ears.

A survey showed that the decline of religion in America is tremendously great. Since 2012, the U.S. has about 7.5 million Americans who are no longer active in religion (6).

On the contrary, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. As many as 6.67 million Muslims live in the United States. In the last five years, the number of mosques in U.S. has increased from 843 to about 1,300.  Based on new estimates from the Pew Research Centre, the American Muslim population stands a strong chance of doubling in size by 2050 and becoming the second largest religion by 2040.

But why people in America and the whole world enter Islam every day in thousands? Graham as an Islamophobe hate monger said that Muslims force the people to embrace Islam. But are they?

Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure.  Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Christianity and all the fashionable “-isms”—Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism do they consider Islam.

In the other religions apart from Islam, people see that they do not answer the big questions of life, such as “Who made us?”; “Why are we here?” Other religions do not reconcile the injustices of life with a fair and just Creator.  People find hypocrisy in the clergy, untenable tenets of faith in the canon, or corruption in the scripture.  Whatever the reason, they perceive shortcomings in the religions of their exposure, and look elsewhere.  And the ultimate “elsewhere” is Islam.

The short answer is this: There is a God called Himself Allah in the Koran.  He is fair and just, and He wants all His servants to achieve the reward of paradise.  However, Allah has placed us in this worldly life as a test, to weed out the worthy from the unworthy.  And people will be lost if left to their own devices, so He gave them guidance in the form of revelation.

Previous religions have been corrupted, and that is one of the reasons why we have a last revelation to keep people upon Allah’s straight path.  Yes, the loving God will not leave His servants sunk in the superstitions of the people of old, this time He sends a final revelation He promises to preserve until the end of time.

This final revelation is the Koran. This is a name that the All-Mighty Allah has given to the Book. The Koran means “a reading or reciting.” It is the final Revelation, the last Testament to the whole world. It is Islam, the religion of truth, the religion possessing the pure and final revelation (7).

You better read the Koran Franklin in order to know the truth. Get started, take it seriously, and pray for Allah your Creator, to guide you and save your wretched soul from the torment of the Fire.

Along Graham’s religious journey, he had been teaching his people fictitious fables, and fantasies of the ancients – stupid Christian superstitions that had been added to the authentic Gospel of Jesus. Because his false preaching fell on deaf ears, the result was deep corruption eating away at every level of the American society like cancer. We can see this in the American families, we can see this in business, and we can especially see this in the government. America has the highest rate of divorce in the world; the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the world; the highest rate of obesity in the world; and nobody has higher rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes than in America.

Shooting in schools has become common, the suicide rate is soaring, and the economy is falling apart. America has led the way in protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. Gays and lesbians may now actively and openly serve in the military. Marriage between two persons of the same sex is legal in numerous states. America allowed all this to happen. The dreams, the ideals, the hopes, shattered beyond repair.

But how to repent from all these sins? Is it through the mysterious concept of vicarious atonement – that Jesus atones for the sins of the sinners? Or is it that Allah presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood! It never seems fair when someone has to suffer for what others have done wrong. Is it logic that Allah asks His Prophet Jesus to pay the price for the sins of the whole world? Why would God ask Jesus to suffer such a horrible death?

The Koran teaches the necessity of both faith and good works for salvation. The Koran strictly rejected the fictitious concept of vicarious atonement.  The Koran states explicitly that the responsibility for man’s sin must be borne by himself and not by another.

Allah states in the Glorious Koran:

That no soul laden bears the load of another, and that a man shall have to his account only as he has laboured, and that his labouring shall surely be seen, then he shall be recompensed for it with the fullest recompense, and that the final end is unto your lord (An-Najm, 38-41).

The Koran teaches that only believers in the one God Allah will be saved:

Then We shall deliver Our Messengers and the believers. Thus it is incumbent upon Us to save the believers (Yunus, 103).

Those who have said, ‘Our Lord is Allah.’ Then have gone straight, upon them the angels descend (at the time of their death) saying; ‘Fear not neither sorrow; rejoice in Paradise that you were promised (Fussilat, 30).

Believing in Allah as the One and only God is not enough for one to be saved because this must be accompanied by repentance and good works:

Allah has promised those who believe (in the oneness of Allah – Islamic monotheism) and do deeds of righteousness that for them there is forgiveness and a great reward (Paradise) (Al-Maidah, 9).

Believing in the One God is the necessary pre-condition to make works and repentance efficacious. The Koran teaches that all our deeds, good or evil, will be weighed in a balance, and our eternal destiny is based on whether or not our good deeds outweigh our bad ones. Life is a test to determine whether we are fit for Paradise or not.

Those who perform good deeds will be rewarded with heaven, the wicked will be punished in Hell.

On Judgement Day all our good and evil deeds will be manifested. (3:30; 6:60). Allah will bring out the Book in which all our good and evil deeds have been recorded. The righteous one will receive his book in his right hand, the wicked in his left. All of our deeds will then be placed on the Balance.

Those whose scale of good will be heavy, will prosper. Those whose scales will be light, will find their souls in perdition, for that they wrongfully treated Allah’s signs. Each good and evil deed will receive its just reward or punishment.

We shall set up scales of justice for the Day of Judgement, so that not a soul will be dealt with unjustly in the least. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it (to account). And sufficient are We to take account (Al-Anbiya’, 47).

Salvation is therefore achieved by believing in the One God Allah, and this must be crowned with good deeds.

The Koran is full of references to Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Allah simply blots out our sin without any payment, expiation or atonement being made.

Therefore, Jesus came to the world not to offer himself as a sacrifice for the sinners’ sake, but to deliver the Message of the Gospel to a people astray. Every person is responsible before Allah for his own deeds good or bad.

Franklin Graham thinks he is a man of God. Man of God does not insult the religion of one billion and five hundred million Muslims living in the four corners of the world. Man of God does not show ignorance by saying that Islam is a wicked and evil religion! A godly man respects the faith of all others but he does not mind hurting the feelings of Muslims when he described them with violence and terrorism. A man of God is humble, not proud, but his irresponsible words about Islam showed that he was only searching for fame. A godly man is a humble man, not proud, but his bigotry towards Muslims and their religion showed his arrogance and vanity. A godly man is gentle not angry, but he breeds spite and hate against Muslims.

Franklin Graham has bought a denial of truth at the price of faith. His ugly words about Islam cannot harm Allah and His obedient servants in the least; it is Allah’s will that he will not have a share in the life to come. He must not think that the respite Allah grants him is good for him. He simply gives him plenty of rope in order that he commits himself further to increase in disobedience – shameful punishment awaits him.

Franklin Graham, are you living in reality or in illusion? Instead of spreading the monotheistic Message of Allah – the Message whom all prophets and messengers came to deliver including Jesus – you are spreading the false doctrines of the Trinity, original sin, vicarious atonement, and crucifixion – doctrines that were all rejected by Islam. You think you are on the right path and we Muslims are people astray. The truth is that you have exchanged Allah’s covenant for a miserable price featured in the vanity of the fleeting life. You look after fame and not sincerity to Allah the Creator.

Allah says in His last revelation to all humankind:

Those who sell out Allah’s covenant and their oaths for a paltry price will have no share in the Hereafter. Allah will neither speak to them nor cast a look upon them on the Day of Judgment, nor will He purify them. For them there shall be a grievous chastisement (Al-Imran, 77).

It was an ignorant statement when you said: “Muslims do not worship the same God.” This showed that you knew nothing about Islam. You want to know the God whom Muslims worship, then listen to the next verse:

Say: ‘We believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us (the Koran) and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaak, Jacob and the Tribes. We believe in what has been given to Moses, Jesus and the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them. It is to Him that we have surrendered ourselves (Al-Imran, 84).

A Muslim is one who believes in Allah (God), His angels, acknowledges His Messenger Muhammad, and gives credence to the Koran and to the books, which Allah sent down before.

Allah says in His last revelation to the world:

O believers, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book He has sent down on His Messenger, and the Book (pages of Abraham, Psalms of David, Torah of Moses, Gospel of Jesus) He sent before. Whoso disbelieves in Allah and his angels and His books, and His Messengers, and the Last Day, has surely gone astray into far error (Al-Nissa’, 136).

Allah’s religion is the same in essence, whether given to Noah, Abraham, Moses or Jesus or to Muhammad – peace be upon him. The source of unity is the revelation from Allah.

Islam is established as an institution and does not remain merely as a vague suggestion. The religion of Allah, which was always Islam and no other, is not a matter to dispute about. The formation of sects is against the very principle of religion and unity. What we should strive for is steadfastness in duty and faith, and unity among mankind. The Koran, the Gospel of unity, though it is in complete accord with the pure pattern after which Allah made us, is yet hard to those who love self and falsehood. If the truth is rejected, it can only be through selfish contumacy or envy. The mercy of Allah entails however, that the sinner gets rope: perchance he may repent.

As we read in the Koran:

He has laid down for you as religion that He had charged Noah with, and that We have revealed to thee, and that We have charged Abraham with, Moses and Jesus: ‘Perform the religion, and scatter not regarding it.’ Very hateful is that for the idolaters that thou callest them to. Allah chooses unto Himself (from the prophets) whomsoever He will, and He guides to Himself whosoever turns penitent (Ash-Shura, 13).

Humankind was one single nation characterized by common descent and occupying one territory. They then increased in number and were scattered in various directions and became disunited in feeling and thought. There and then did Allah send prophets and divine Books for guidance. Yet those who disputed the divine Books were the very same people who were given these Books. Truth was no longer in their disposition owing to their mutual enmity and ill-will. Nonetheless, Allah guided to His path those who faithfully sought nothing but the truth. Allah guides whom He will to the path of rectitude.

They scattered not, save after knowledge had come to them, being insolent one to another; and but for a Word that preceded from thy Lord until a stated term, it had been decided between them. But those to whom the Book has been given as an inheritance after them, behold, they are in doubt of it disquieting (Ash-Shura, 14).


The more division there is in the world, the more need is there for the Koran- the Gospel of Unity. It must steadfastly pursue its way. It must not be deflected by worldly or political motives. The Koran covers all the revelations sent by Allah to His prophets. It must judge justly between warring factions because it is the religion of peace and unity.

Therefore call thou, and go straight as thou hast been commanded; do not follow their caprices. And say, ‘I believe in whatever Book Allah has sent down; I have been commanded to be just between you. Allah is our Lord and your Lord. We have our deeds’ and you have your deeds; there is no argument between us and you; Allah shall bring us together, and unto him is the homecoming (Ash-shura, 15).

The unbelievers who contend with opposing arguments against Allah and the Koran, after the Koran has been accepted by many, and after the religion of Islam has been established by many in their hearts, their disputation is futile, and it will recoil on their heads. Allah’s wrath is on them in this life, and the terrible penalty of the Hereafter shall be their retributive punishment.

And those who argue concerning Allah after He has been acknowledged, the argument is null and void in the sight of their Lord; anger shall rest upon them, and there awaits them a terrible chastisement (Ash-Shura, 16).

But the Jews do not believe in Jesus and his Gospel, the Christians do not believe in Muhammad and the Koran. Muslims however, believe in all Books, which came before the Koran, and in all earlier prophets and messengers, and make no distinction between any of them.

We read in the Koran:

The Messenger believes in what was sent down to him from his Lord, and the believers; each one believes in God and His angels, and in His Books and His Messengers; we make no division between any one of His Messengers. They say, ’We hear, and obey. Our Lord, grant us Thy forgiveness; unto Thee is the homecoming (Al-Baqarah, 285).

The Koran teaches that those who deny Allah and His messengers and wish to dissociate Allah from His Messengers, and recognize some messengers and decline to accept others, and wish to take a middle course, these are indeed the infidels, and a humiliating punishment awaits them. Whereas those who believe in Allah and recognize all His messengers, all His Books and do not discriminate one prophet from another, shall be recipient of Allah’s grace.

Allah states in the Koran:

Those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers and desire to make division between Allah and His Messengers, and say, ‘We believe in part, and disbelieve in part,’ desiring to take between this and that a way – those in truth are the unbelievers; and We have prepared for the unbelievers a humbling chastisement. And those who believe in Allah and His Messengers and make no division between any of them, those – We shall surely give them their wages; Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate (Al-Nisa’, 150-152).

So, as you see Mr. Know-It-All, Muslims do not claim to have a religion peculiar to themselves. Islam is not a sect or ethnic religion. In its view, all religions are one, for the truth is one. Islam was the religion preached by all the earlier prophets. It was the truth taught by all the inspired books. In essence, it amounts to a consciousness of the will and plan of Allah and a joyful submission to that will and plan. If anyone wants a religion other than that, he is false to his own nature, and he is false to Allah’s will and plan. Such one cannot expect guidance, for he has deliberately renounced guidance (8).

Allah warns in his glorious Koran:

If anyone seeks a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), it will not be accepted from him; he will be among the losers in the Hereafter (Al-Imran, 85).

The Muslims Franklin Graham is attacking are in fact the best people that evolved from mankind to mankind; they enjoin equity and they recourse to the principles of justice, and they forbid all that is wrongful and obscene (all the social ills of your society), and they conform their will to Allah’s blessed will.

Allah praises them in his holy Book:

You are indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth [for the good of] mankind. You enjoin what is good, and forbid what is evil, and you believe in Allah. If the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) had also believed, it would have surely been better for them. Some of them are true believers, but most of them are perverted transgressors (Al-Imran, 110).

At the time when Allah chose Prophet Muhammad as a Messenger, the Jews enjoyed the status of representative of divine religion. For their part, they had supposed themselves to be the chosen people, the sole custodians of divine religion. As such, they occupied all the religious positions of honour. Not wishing to acknowledge any other’s greatness save their own. They refused to acknowledge that the Arab Prophet had been sent by Allah to communicate His Message to mankind. They thought that they had a monopoly over religion; that, if they did not testify to a person’s being a representative of Allah, he would lack all credibility. The Christians followed suit and considered Jesus’ Gospel the last revelation sent by the Creator to him. They had forgotten that the real validation comes from Allah, and is supported by the entire system of the universe. Indeed, it is Allah, with His entire universe, who supports His messenger, rather than someone’s self-styled suppositions.

But Allah bears witness to that He has sent down to thee; He has sent it down  with his knowledge; and the angels also bear witness; and Allah suffices for a witness (Al—Nisa’, 166).

In the Koran Allah informed the people of the Book – Jews and Christians – that His Grace and blessings are not restricted to them alone, and that they must abandon superstition that they are the only custodians of religion. He warned them that no race, or people, or community, or group, believe that they have exclusive possession of Allah’s grace, or that they can influence its grant or its withholding. Allah’s grace is free, and entirely controlled by Him, independent of any priests and privileged people. He dispenses it according to His own wise, Holy Will, and Plan: and to His grace, there is no limit.

…that the People of the Book may know that they have no power over anything of Allah’s bounty, and that bounty is in the hand of Allah; He gives it unto whomsoever He will; and God is of bounty abounding (Al-Hadid, 29).

Prophet Muhammad represents the completion and climax of all earlier prophetic missions, as well as the fulfillment and full blossoming of all antecedent Divine revelations.

When humanity was grappling in darkness, Muhammad was appointed as the Prophet of Allah.

Allah commanded him:

O, you, wrapped in your cloak, arise and give warning! Proclaim the glory of your Lord (Al-Muddathir, 1-2).

Muhammad’s mission was to establish the authority of Allah on earth; to get the religion (Deen) of Allah dominant over all the other religions.

He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth so that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, though the unbelievers be averse (As-Saff, 9).

In the Koran, Allah addressed the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) who kept their faith true and undefiled, and knew from the prophecies of their revelations the coming of Muhammad and decided to walk by the new Light.

By embracing Islam, they knew that their previous merits will be duly recognized, and they will be treated on fully equal terms in the new nation of Islam. This is their double share.

In this context, it is worth mentioning what Jesus said in his last days:

“Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you…While ye have the light, believe in the light, that ye may be children of the light.” (John, xii. 35-36).

The light of Christ’s Gospel soon departed; his church was enveloped in darkness; then came the light again, in the fuller light of Islam. Jesus asked them to believe in the light and to walk in it.

In the darkness of the day of Judgment there will be a light to guide the righteous to their destination. This will be the light of their faith and their good works.

The Koran states:

Upon the Day when thou seest the believers, men and women, their light running before them, and on their right hands. Good tidings for you today! Gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein to dwell forever; that is indeed the mighty triumph (Al-Hadîd, 12).

Perhaps the light of the right hand mentioned here is the light of their good deeds: for the blessed will receive their record in their right hand.

On the day when We shall call all men with their record, and whoso is given his book in his right hand — those shall read their book, and they shall not be wronged a single date-thread (Al-Nahl, 71).

The final destination is Paradise. Paradise is the highest achievement, the highest felicity, the attainment of salvation, the fulfilment of all desires, the negative voidance of all the consequences of evil, and the positive attainment of all that our hearts could possibly desire. For in paradise the god-fearing will witness Allah’s bounty, which outstrips anything that our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, or our imagination can conceive.

Allah says in the Koran:

Surely the god-fearing shall be in a station secure among gardens and fountains, robbed in silk and brocade, set face to face. Even so; and We shall espouse them to wide-eyed houris, therein calling for every fruit, secure. They shall not taste therein of death, save the first death, and He shall guard them against the chastisement of Hell – a bounty from thy Lord; that is the mighty triumph (Al-Dukhan, 51-57).

The Day of Judgment is the Day when the hypocrites call out to the blest, ‘Wait for us! Let us get something from your light!’; only to find themselves separated from the blest and shut out behind a gate, inside it will be mercy, and outside it will be torment.

The hypocrites will call out to the blest and say to them: ‘Were we not with you?’ The believers will reply, ‘Yes! But you led yourselves into temptation, you looked forward for our destruction, you doubted in faith, and you were deceived by false desires, till the command of Allah came to pass. And the chief deceiver Satan deceived you.’

Allah will say, ‘So this Day no ransom shall be taken from you hypocrites, nor from those who disbelieved in the Oneness of Allah. Your abode is the Fire. That is your proper place and worst indeed is that destination.

The Koran says:

Upon the Day when the hypocrites, men and women, shall say to those who have believed, ‘Wait for us, so that we may borrow your light!’ It shall be said, ‘Return you back behind, and seek for a light!’ And a wall shall be set up between them, having a door in the inward whereof is mercy, and against the outward thereof is chastisement. They shall be calling unto them, ‘Were we not with you?’ They shall say, ‘Yes indeed; but you tempted yourselves, and you awaited, and you were in doubt, and fancies deluded you, until Allah’s commandment came, and the Deluder (Satan) deluded you concerning Allah. Therefore, today no ransom shall be taken from you, neither from those who disbelieved. Your refuge is the Fire, that is your master – an evil homecoming (Al-Hadîd, 13-15).

The light mentioned here is the light of faith, which reflects the divine Light, and cannot be borrowed from another. In Christ’s parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt. xv. 1-13), when the foolish ones had let their lamps go out for want of oil, they asked to borrow oil from the wise ones, but the wise ones answered and said, ‘Not so;…but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.”

After the Koran, the Jews, the Christians, and all humankind would have no excuse before Allah on the Day of Judgment. There came to them Muhammad with the final Testament to make the facts clear to them, and to help them abandon imagination and superstitions so that they cannot later on claim innocence and say: ‘No one came to us in the capacity of a spectacle and a warning.’ There he is Muhammad who has been sent to you as a spectacle and a warning; there is the Koran the eternal and literal word of God; a Book well-guarded and complete in every aspect. Here is the true guidance.

Allah says in His Glorious Book:

People of the Book (Jews and Christians), now there has come to you Our Messenger, making things clear to you, upon an interval between the Messengers lest you should say, ’There has not come to us any bearer of good tidings, neither any warner. Indeed, there has come to you a bearer of good tidings and a warner; Allah is powerful over everything (Al-Maidah, 19).

The Lord gives warning in the Koran to those who reject His guidance that they shall suffer a woeful punishment.

Woe to every guilty impostor who hears the signs of Allah being recited to him, then perseveres in waxing proud, as if he has not heard them; so give him the good tidings of a painful chastisement. And when he knows anything of Our signs, he takes them in mockery; those – for them awaits a humbling chastisement. Behind them Gehenna; and that they have earned shall not avail them aught, nor those they took as protectors, apart from Allah; for them awaits a mighty chastisement. This is guidance and those who disbelieve in the signs of their Lord, there awaits them a painful chastisement of wrath (Al-Jathiyah, 7-11).

Franklin Graham, you have deviated from Allah’s path by denying the truth of Islam, and neither your possessions nor your wealth shall avail you in the least against Allah.

Allah is aware of what your heart contains. Allah encompasses all that you do.

Allah’s chosen servants are those who honestly deliver His Message of monotheism without alteration and urge people to abide by Allah’s ethical commandments, but you have turned into a hate monger attacking Islam, the only religion of Allah.

Because the Christians are tired of hearing the fictitious fables and fantasies the Christians of old had invented in the religion of Jesus, Americans are turning from Christianity into Islam in thousands every year. Accordingly, Franklin Graham and the rest of the false prophets had to divert their preaching to something more alluring – dispensationalism and apocalypticism! These are trifles originating from the distorted reading of the Bible. Trifles that caused destruction, demolition, ruins, displacements, and the killing of the innocents.

Franklin Graham and the other false prophets taught their followers that the events predicted in the Book of Revelation will come to pass. They made them believe that 9/11 was predicted in the Bible, and that they might live long enough to see the end of the world. In order for the end of the world to happen, Christian Americans must support Israel because

the Bible teaches that the Jews must possess their own country in the Holy Land before Jesus can return.

They taught their followers that the Bible predicts the future and that we are living in the last days. Their beliefs are rooted in dispensationalism, a particular way of understanding the Bible’s prophetic passages, especially those in Daniel and Ezekiel in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Due to this distorted teaching, about one-third of America’s 40 or 50 million evangelical Christians believe that the nation of Israel will play a central role in the unfolding of end-times events. In the last part of the 20th century, dispensationalists who are mainly Christian Right Evangelicals, created a politically-engaged, pro-Israel force among conservative American Christians in the United States. They became Israel’s best friends-an alliance that has made a serious geopolitical difference.

During times of turmoil and world crisis, many people who ordinarily do not pay the Bible any attention are attentive to Bible teachers who use “signs of the times” to explain where history is headed.

The dispensationalists have been Israel’s best friends for the last 30 years. The many pro-Israel organizations created by dispensationalists have undoubtedly made a difference. In a political world in which popular pressure counts, Israel is in a stronger position today because of the willingness of American premillennialists to throw their political influence around. The willingness of Christian conservatives to stand up for Israel has helped U.S./Israeli relations stay strong.

By lending their support-both financial and spiritual-to Israel, dispensationalists are helping the future they envision happen.

The idea that Jesus is coming back soon was a fairly radical and unconventional idea in the 19th century, but by the 21st century and thanks to the inappropriate teachings of Franklin Graham and the other false prophets like john Hagee and others became the air American Christians breathe. They simply take for granted that there is going to be Rapture and Jesus is going to come back. They now believe that they are moving towards the End Times, the rise of the Antichrist, towards a great tribulation and a horrific human holocaust, nothing else matters.

Franklin Graham you are a Christian Right evangelical. You represent the Christian Right with its distorted beliefs in the superstitions of apocalypticism and dispensationalism. You and the other false prophets are stuffing the heads of your followers with mysteries resulting from the distorted reading of the Bible. Feeding your people with such superstitions instead of guiding them to the right path – the path of Allah – has become the plague of America.

Yes, The Christian leaders, representing the Christian Right, with their shallow minds and religion illiteracy, are stuffing the heads of their followers with fictitious prophecies about apocalypticism and dispensationalism. They raise funds, and collect billions of dollars every year to encourage Israel to build settlements for the Jews on the Palestinian land. Homeless Palestinians are being put into camps until the Israelis find ways to expel them outside Palestine their original home. The Christian Right Evangelicals think that by doing so they are hastening the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The result of such hatemongering action is the displacement of millions of homeless Palestinians, let alone the continuous murdering of the Palestinian men, women and children resentful of the treatment they receive from the Israelis.

The result of such perverted imagination is wars, oppression, torture, displacement, destruction, ruins, wreckage and homeless refugees. The Christian leaders and their affiliated groups and sects, from the Republicans and neoconservatives are responsible for such mischief. Their lips have spoken falsely. Their hands are stained with the blood of the innocents, and the Lord hates the hands that shed innocent blood.

There has been a persistent push in America by the Christian Right, conservatives, and religious leaders to demean the Muslim faith. They used in their attack deception, lies, and falsehood. All these lies are spewed by affiliated biased media, and the misguided people believed them without even thinking. The media owned by such straying groups portrayed Muslims as underdeveloped terrorists and illiterate savages.

Due to the devilish teachings of Franklin Graham and the other false prophets like him, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry has become an entrenched feature of America’s political and social landscape.

Franklin Graham and the other false prophets claim that Christianity is the religion of love and peace, and that Political Islam is the threat. Nay, it is political Christianity, which he teaches is the one destroying the world, and not political Islam.

The Religious Right started all this hatred against Muslims and Islam. The Christian Right sowed the seeds of hatred between non-Muslim and Muslim Americans without any logical reason. The falsehood they disseminated among the people tore the society apart.

The Christian Right aims to implement an evil and an imperialistic agenda against the Muslim world by tarnishing the religion of Islam and convincing people that Islam is a wicked and evil religion and Muslims are terrorists and heretics. The Christian Right is working hard to picture Islam as an evil religion and its adherents as savages and bloodthirsty. Is not that what Franklin Graham promulgates?

Now we can see Religious Right Republicans using the issue of Islam phobia in their electoral campaigns (Donal trump and Ben Carson). Others in Congress demand restricting the movement of American Muslims and putting them under siege! Others claim that American Muslims are unpatriotic citizens and must not join the army or penetrate Congress; they must instead be deported. They even went to the extent of doubting the honesty and patriotism of the two Muslim Senators in Congress!

Evangelical neoconservatives and members of the Tea Party also joined the comedy, and their irresponsible and silly statements about Islam showed their hatred and bigotry. The objective is to prepare the ground for a vicious war against Muslim countries in order to divide the Arab world into small entities based on religious differences, ethnicity, and racism.

This tremendous influence of the Christian right in the American political life explains the attempts of presidential and congressional candidates to seek its consent and to submit willingly to its embezzlements. This is why we often see Christian Right Republicans barking out their malice against everything Islamic.

The Christian Right, with its distorted reading of the Bible and its false apocalyptic and dispensationalist beliefs, has destroyed the Middle East. The Christian Right considers all Palestine a conclusive home for Israel and to hell with the Palestinians, the original inhabitants of the land. The Christian Right should have realized that by blindly supporting the Israeli aggression in Palestine, it had entered into the circle of injustice. Its hands became stained with the Palestinian blood, and its conscious became burdened with the crimes of murder and expulsion.

Torture, illegal detention, assassination, assaults against civilians with missiles, helicopters and jet fighters, annexation of territory, transportation of civilians from one place to another for the purpose of imprisonment, mass killing – as in Qana, Jenin, Sabra, and Shatila, to mention only the most obvious. There’s been denial of rights to

free passage to schools, hospitals, and markets; use of civilians as human shields; humiliation of individuals; punishment of families; house demolitions on a mass scale; destruction of agricultural land; expropriation of water; illegal settlement; economic sanction; attacks on hospitals, medical workers, and ambulances; killing of UN personnel. All of these policies have been carried out by Israel with the unconditional support of the Unites States. Not only has Washington supplied Israel with the weapons for such practices and every kind of military and intelligence aid, but it has also given the country upwards of one hundred and thirty-five billion dollars in economic aid.

In the sight of Allah, supporters of criminals are equally guilty as criminals themselves. These crimes are the product of the Christian Right’s unconditional support for Israel without considering the simple right of the Palestinians to live as human beings in their modest homes. They think that by killing Palestinian Muslims, they are clearing the universe from the enemies of God.

Islam teaches that if anyone kills a believer deliberately, his reward shall be eternal Hell. The Christian Right –the supporters of the Israelis, and the perpetrators of these massacres – share with the Israelis the guilt of killing the Palestinians. Allah will condemn them, and prepare for them a terrible punishment.

The Koran says:

And who slays a believer wilfully, his recompense is Gehenna, therein, dwelling forever, and Allah will be wroth with him, and will curse him, and prepare for him a mighty chastisement (Al-Nisa’, 93).

The Christian Right had gone to the extent of playing God. They forgot that God is just to his servants and is against tyranny and aggression. Had they confined themselves to the real Christian teachings calling for monotheism, piety,

righteousness, and peace, their relationship with God and the world would have been different and better.

The Christian Right is behind the division we see now in the Arab world. The only country that will benefit from this division is Israel, of course. The Christian Right and affiliated think tanks, are all responsible for the chaos and mischief they have caused in the Muslim countries.

The Christian Right is threatening world peace because it is interfering in America’s foreign policy, thus directing it to side blindly with Israel. The Christian Right is unwilling to see any peace settlement in the Middle East.

The Christian Right adjured American policymakers to adopt situations in the Middle East more harmonious to the Torah prophecies and to declare the right of the Jewish people to live on the land that was given to them by God, including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights. The Christian Right thinks that in the book of Genesis, the borders of Israel stretch east to the Euphrates River and west to the west of Egypt, and that the borders of the Promised Land enjoin parts from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, all Lebanon, Jordan, and Kuwait!

This is how the evangelical mind thinks. This is how Franklin Graham thinks. God chose the Israelis, while the evil infidel Arabs are not blessed by God. The Christian Right believes that since it was God’s wish that Israel be established, any Arab or Palestinian claims in Jerusalem or in Palestine land are false pretences. They even think that the Arabs are but pieces of chess in a holy cosmetic game, a hysteric power unfit to perform any reformatory or positive role in history. The Arabs are the enemies of God because their conflict with Israel is a challenge to His will, and as history is heading towards its end, the Arabs become the focus of evil, uniting with the disfigured imposter against God!

The Old Testament heritage made several American Christians look at the Arab-Israeli conflict as a reflection to the events depicted in the Old Testament. They consider the Israelis of the twenty-first century as the children of Israel mentioned in the Torah, and the Palestinians are the Philistines, whose hero Goliath fought David. It seems, therefore, that for the sake of Israel, the Christian Right is ready to inflame a nuclear war to ascertain the sacred prophecies.

The American administration, surrendering to the evil desires of the Christian Right, will be responsible before God for the hundreds of thousands killed in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Allah will charge them for the women, elderly, and children who faced collateral damage and fled armed conflicts.

The Christian Right, in collaboration with the Zionists, are surely taking America to its demise.

The United States has been trying for years to establish the so-called Greater Middle East, or the New Middle East, as they call it now. It is an Anglo-American-Israeli military road map in the Middle East. This project, which has been in the planning stages for several years, consists of creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and Afghanistan.

The New Middle East project was introduced publicly by Washington and Tel Aviv with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of constructive chaos. This constructive chaos, which generates

conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain, and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geostrategic needs and objectives.

Thanks to the plots of the Christian Right and its affiliated Republicans and neoconservatives, there will be no peace in the Middle East. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating

forms around the globe. The de facto role of the US armed forces would be to keep the world safe for her economy and open to her cultural assault. To those ends, the United States would do a fair amount of killing.

The massacre began when Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded under the false pretext of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, or establishing democracy. The slaughter began when creative chaos was enforced on Yemen, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt. These countries are now being torn apart in order to be divided into small insignificant

pieces with no borders. Egypt, however, was able to stand against the American plot, and the Egyptians stood as one man, supporting their new elected president.

And what was the result of such an evil policy of the Christian Right ? There are seven point four million Afghan men, women, and children now living in hunger and on the brink of death from occupation-induced starvation.

Six million Iraqis are now refugees, two million of which are displaced internally; two million Iraqi women are now widows; five million Iraqi children are now orphans; and eighty per cent of Iraqis have witnessed shootings, kidnappings, rapes, killings, and other atrocities.

Palestine, a holy and historic land that has been called home by prophets and saints, heroes and revolutionaries, has been occupied by a usurping entity for sixty-three years. An entity that calls itself Israel also calls itself the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. Palestinians scream at the world day and night, at the tops of their lungs, that this democracy is farcical. In Israel, there are at least thirty laws that discriminate viciously against non-Jews.

There are now over two point fourteen million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and North Africa. These refugees lack basic services, there is a rising number of attacks on vulnerable young women and children, and there is a marked increase in diseases that were eradicated decades ago.

Tell me, Franklin Graham, who is going to pay for all this? You might ask who would dare make us pay, who is stronger than we are. And I would answer you, ‘Do you not see that Allah, who created you, is stronger than you in might? Allah destroyed many a city that was mightier than yours was, and there was no help for them.

Franklin Graham is calling President Barack Obama to action to address the Syrian migrant crisis, saying the problem must be addressed quickly for the sake of the refugees and to stop ISIS from infiltrating the West.

In a post on Facebook Graham calls on Christians to pray with compassion for the countless Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives.

“The Lord Jesus Christ sympathizes with these refugees–have you ever thought about the fact that He was a refugee? When Jesus was a baby his parents, Mary and Joseph, had to take him and flee to Egypt to escape the murderous ruler, King Herod,” Graham points out.

Graham’s tender heart is torn apart because of the crisis of Syrian refugees. He made his first trip into Kurdistan, northern Iraq to visit a Syrian refugee camp where Samaritan’s Purse is working. “Please pray for these men, women and children who are suffering on the onset of winter after fleeing a brutal civil war.” He pleaded. Yet, he supported Donald Trump’s Syrian immigration ban. He forgot that all Americans are immigrants, refugee or their Descendants!

He deliberately forgot that the Syrian refugees are crowded together in the camp because of the American plot to shred Syria to pieces for her own geostrategic interest. He neglected the fact that such disperse and scatter of the innocents was because America created Isis, sponsored it, and implanted it in Syria in order to create chaos, dissension and ruins.

Who you think you are fooling Graham: Yourself, the people, or maybe Allah, who is watching you from above seven skies. Your hand and the hands of the Christian Right evangelicals who were behind the plot known as “The New Middle East” are stained with the blood of the innocents!

Yet, Franklin Graham had the nerves to say, “We are under attack by Muslims at home and abroad, we should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled.”

“Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized and they do their killing to honour their religion and Muhammad,” said Franklin Graham.

Enough hypocrisy Graham. You are throwing ignorant and irresponsible words here and there just to gain fame you do not deserve. Do not tell me that you do not know who is behind the war in Syria and the whole Middle East in general. Do not tell me that you do not know why millions of Muslim and Arab refugees had deserted their ruined homes to find asylum in other countries.

Do not say that you knew nothing about the project of the “New Middle East”. It is an American plot against the Middle East aiming at the destabilization and political fragmentation of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen. The “New Middle East” project was introduced publicly by Washington and Tel Aviv with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of “constructive chaos.” This “constructive chaos”, which generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain, and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geo-strategic needs and objectives.

The United States implanted Islamic militias in countries of the Middle East and sponsored them. The purpose of these militias was to create chaos and destabilize the rule in these countries. The result was the toppling of the puppet rulers in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and to be succeeded according to plan by rulers from the Muslin Brotherhood.

Just as the America created al Qaeda to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al Qaeda 2.

Now that ISIS is running around the Middle East, cutting people’s heads, the US has a credible justification to sell billions worth of modern, sophisticated weapons in the region in order to “modernize” and “replenish” the weapons of such US allies as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq.

There are over 22 confirmed terrorist Jihad camps in the United States belonging to Jamaat ul-Furqan, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda related branch. The FBI states that their hands are tied in monitoring their activities (9).

The deceiving biased media had portrayed the Arab Spring as people of the Middle East and North Africa spontaneously rebelling against oppression and tyranny. This is what the hidden hand behind world events, wants people to believe. Syria is just another step in a long-planned series of countries being hijacked and taken over, with the Arab Spring as the front, the excuse and the cover.

Syria being the latest – which has all been planned long before. Not only that, in September 2000, 12 months before 9/11, the so-called neo conservatives, that control the Evangelical Republican Bush, came to power with Bush in early 2001 when Bush became president, were behind these wars. They called for multiple wars, in multiple countries, by American forces. The wars against the Middle East were all planned.

The plan in Syria was to overthrow the Syrian government because the Syrian regime was hostile to Israel, and Tel Aviv would seek to destroy any country that did not get along with it in the region. It is not just about Israel, it is about the acquisition of country after country across the Middle and Near East, North Africa and then going deeper and deeper South into Africa. This has been planned for decades.

But how do they pick-off country after country?

Well, first, they need a major trigger that can start the process. 9/11 was a trigger. It was an inside job – a Problem-Reaction-Solution. Problem-Reaction-Solution is a technique, which works like this: you want to change society in ways that you know will attract enormous opposition. In stage one, you covertly create the problem – in this case 9/11.

In stage two, you tell the people, through an unquestioning and pathetic mainstream media, the version of the problem that you want the public to believe. – In this case, nineteen Arab hijackers, who could not fly one-engine Cessna, flew wide-bodied jets in a way that professional wide-bodied jet pilots have said they could never do, on 9/11. You are now looking for a reaction from the people of fear and outrage and a demand that ‘something must be done’. So in stage three, you openly offer the solution to the problem you have yourself covertly created – in this case the war on terror and invasion of Afghanistan.

They next needed to go into Iraq. They can’t keep using the same reason because people might cotton-on that there’s a pattern, so they have to find different excuses for the same process of acquisition. In this case, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – you don’t even need a real problem to justify going into Iraq, we’ll just tell them there’s a problem that doesn’t really exist. This was ordered (on behalf of their hidden masters) by the Rothschild assets, George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Both have the character flaws so essential to serving their masters and reaping the financial rewards.

Then they want to go for Libya. So they train and arm rebels. They put their people on the ground while saying that they haven’t got any people on the ground. Then they get the rebels (mercenaries) to attack the regime of Gaddafi. At this point no-one says a word – no government reaction, no media reaction. Then, the Gaddafi regime will respond to that attack, at which point trigger everybody – microphones everywhere.

Media, off you go – “He’s killing his own people!” And so they then create hysteria and a madness that goes like this: We (NATO) have to go in and bomb the Libyan cities like Tripoli, to protect the people from violence. And they bomb the crap out of the place, slaughter masses of people, destroy cities, take what was the most economically successful country in North Africa and destroy it.

The tribal wars, that Gaddafi was actually keeping a handle on, are now constant civil wars in Libya. But, the outcome is those who were behind the invasion (which is indeed what it was) now control the oil and the semi-independent banking system.

So now, Syria is next. Many of the rebels, who were fighting Gaddafi, are moved into Syria and start doing the same thing. They start attacking the Assad regime. Again, the government and media remain silent until Assad retaliates, at which point – microphones everywhere. Media, off you go – “He’s killing his own people!” They tried for so long to legally supply arms and other support to the rebels, but they couldn’t get it through. So they did it covertly, as they always do, through places like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who are just satellite states of NATO in the region.

Terrible atrocities by these rebels have gone on constantly; however the rebels have been portrayed by the British and American governments as the ‘good guys’. They thought they were going to do a Libya. They thought they were going to get rid of Assad very quickly, however it has not happened. In the last few weeks, Assad’s forces have been taking back areas of Syria, which the rebels had held. It was going pear-shaped for the British and American governments, so suddenly, as this was happening, the EU dropped the ban on supplying weapons to the rebels. Also, suddenly (just by coincidence) Assad is said to have crossed Obama’s red line by using chemical weapons – with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

What we’re looking at here is not protecting civilians, just as it never was protecting civilians in Libya, but is an effort to make sure this so-called rebellion removes the Assad regime so that another tick goes on the list, and then it’s off to Lebanon and off to Iran.

In her plot against the Middle East, the U.S. used a smart strategy that combines hard-and soft-power resources that emphasizes alliances and networks that are responsive to the new context of a global information age. A strategy of “enlisting others on behalf of U.S. goals, through alliances, international institutions, careful diplomacy, and the power of ideals. This encapsulates US strategy to topple and destabilize non-compliant states during the ‘Arab Spring.’

Due to Graham and the other false prophet’s distorted teachings about dispensationalism, millions of Evangelical Christians want to Start WWIII in order to Speed the “Second Coming” of Christ. The neoconservatives are using religion to rile them up to Justify war against Iran. Millions of Americans believe now that Christ will not come again until Israel wipes out its competitors (Palestinians and the Arabs) and there is widespread war in the Middle East.

Would Jesus accept that his second coming becomes established on displacements, killing and murder?

Franklin Graham, are apocalypticism and dispensationalism articles of faith? These two silly contortions resulting from the distorting reading of the Bible are not articles of the Christian faith but rather new inventions based on misinterpretation of the Bible. This nonsense started only in the 19th century. Apocalypticism  and dispensationalism had in fact induced evangelistic crusades.

This distorted thinking  of apocalypticism, and dispensationalism, was President Bush’s reason for launching the war in Iraq. Bush thought that war in Iraq was fundamentally religious. He was driven by his belief that the attack on Saddam’s Iraq was the fulfilment of Biblical prophesies in which he had been chosen to serve as the instrument of the Lord.

Tony Blair viewed his decision to go to war in Iraq and Kosovo as part of a “Christian battle”. John Burton, Tony Blair’s political agent in his Sedgefield constituency for 24 years, said that Tony Blair was driven by the belief that “good should triumph over evil making lives better.”

According to French President Chirac, Bush told him that the Iraq war was needed to bring on the apocalypse.

Bush believed the time had now come for that battle, telling Chirac:

“This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”…

The organization Christians United for Israel – led by highly-influential Pastor John C. Hagee – is a universal call to all Christians to collect money for building Jewish settlements in Israel. This would throw out all the Palestinians and would enhance the second coming of Christ. This would also bring Russia into a war against America causing World War III followed by Armageddon, the Second Coming and The Rapture.

This disastrous superstition all revolves around what is called Dispensationalism. So popular is Dispensationalism that Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series has sold 65 million copies.

Therefore, Franklin Graham, while you are enjoying your cup of tea in the morning, the insane neoconservative dispensationalists, and the Religious Right Republican Senators who control the American foreign policy might be preparing the end of the world. Nothing in prospect suggests relief, not as long as Washington continues pursuing its imperial agenda, ruthlessly disregarding human lives and welfare. US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.

Christian Right Evangelicals are trying to hasten the second coming of Jesus as if Allah were crippled and cannot send Jesus to earth in due time! This kind of thinking is an apparent blasphemy because it doubts the absolute power of Allah.

Allah says in the Koran when He describes His power and ability:

Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it “Be” and it is (Yasin, 82).

In other words, if Allah wants something, He merely gives the order. He does not need to repeat His Command or confirm it. To Him – Glorious and Exalted – belong the keys to the heavens and the earth, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth, and to Him is the Power of creation and command.

Those who want to urge the Lord to hasten the descent of Jesus are ignorant of Allah’s law of time. They treat Allah as a human being unaware of His divine attributes and that He is Most High and  transcendent above any quality of His creation, including existing within time or space.

Contrary to all created things, Allah is well exalted above limits, ends, pillars, or limbs; and the six directions do not encompass Him.

Allah Himself states:

“Nothing can be compared with Him! He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing (Ash-Shura, 11).

He also said:

“There is nothing like Him” (Al-Ikhlas, 4).

As for His divine power, it is a timeless attribute ascribed to Allah’s entity. It is one of Allah’s seven affirmative attributes,  which are: power, will, knowledge, life, speech, hearing and sight.

All of these attributes are ascribed as timeless, having no beginning or end, and they do not enter creation or our lives. Allah’s divine power is associated with everything conceivable: He brings into existence, or takes out of existence, whatever He wills of things conceivable. The created things are in time and space. The divine attribute is eternal, without beginning, end, or change.

As for the nature of these associations, that is a realm the mind cannot penetrate. The exact relationship between the timeless attribute of divine power and its temporal effects in creation is one of the mysteries of the cosmos.

As the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “Reflect on creation, but do not reflect on the Creator, for verily you cannot give Him due estimation.” [Abu Shaykh].

We cannot encompass the Divine, but the Divine fully encompasses us. Thoughts cannot reach Him, and minds cannot grasp Him.”

In the words of Allah Himself:

“Sight cannot reach Him, but He reaches all sight. And He is ever-subtle, fully aware” (Al-An’am, 103).

With regard to Allah’s time, it is different from ours, a day in the sight of the Lord is like a thousand years or 50 thousand years of human years.

Allah says in the Koran:

He directs the affair from heaven to earth, then it goes up to Him in one day, whose measure is a thousand years of your counting (Al-Sajdah, 5).

Allah also says in another verse:

They ask you to hasten the punishment; Allah will never go back on His promise. A day with your Lord is like a thousand years in your reckoning (Al-Hajj, 47).

This verse states that if Allah gives respite, those to whom it is given have a real chance of repentance and amendment. He will not curtail His promise of respite. On the other hand He has promised to call everyone to account for his deeds, and this involves justice and punishment for sin. This promise will also come true. It is foolish to try to hasten it. Time with Allah is nothing. We keep count of time for our relative calculations. Allah’s existence is absolute and not conditioned by time and place. What we call a thousand years may be nothing more than a day or a minute to Him.

On the Day of Judgment, all affairs and all our deeds will go up to Allah, for He will be the judge, and His restoration of all values will be as a day, or an hour or the twinkling of an eye; and yet to our idea it will be a thousand years!

To Allah ascends the angels and the souls fast as they press their rate of motion to attain their purpose in a day of Allah’s calendar that equals fifty thousand years of the earthly calendar.

To Him the angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a day whereof the measure is Fifty thousand years.” Al-Ma’arij, 4).

These verses show clearly that Allah is eternal and does not experience time as we know it.

Hastening the Creator to send Jesus to earth should be regarded as blasphemous and ignorance of the realities of Allah’s attributes. Based on the above, the second coming of Jesus might take thousands of years from now.

Is Franklin Graham humble and modest before Allah?

Some Americans consider Franklin Graham as one of the most false teachers in America today (10, 11)

In this context, Jennifer LeClaire wrote:

“It’s the fear of the Lord that drives me to write these warnings. I am staying true to my prophetic calling. These warnings coming through my pen—and the pen of many others—are not what is bringing division to the body. Rather, the people preaching error (or not living right) are causing the controversy. When we expose the error, we are pointing people back to Jesus and toward true unity.

“I refuse to stand by and watch this cancer grow in the body and then turn a blind eye as many are led astray. I refuse to whitewash a false gospel in the name of unity. That’s called compromise, and there’s a price to pay for taking that route. I am willing to pay the price for standing for truth. I don’t want to pay the price for compromising God’s calling on my life. Do you? Amen.”

These false preachers of the United States invented an ugly association between Christianity and wealth. This unholy matrimony between Jesus and cash is becoming especially true with many Christian leaders. This matter is in fact a poison that is sickening churches of all sizes in America.

These false prophets have been polluted by money to the point that it is hindering the Kingdom and keeping the people from following the true teachings of Jesus. These rich pastors and mega church budgets are not a sign of God’s blessing but a sign of false preachers’ greed and love of money.


In a 2011 comparison of megachurch pastors’ salaries, two senior pastors made $1 million and $1.1 million. Southern Baptist the Rev. Ed Young, senior pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, pulled in well over $1 million, according to a 2012 Dallas television news report. And in 2013, his last year as pastor at Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, the Rev. Mark Driscoll was drawing a $607,000 package, with a $150,000 raise promised.

Using his lies and deceit, Pastor John Hagee has grown into an enormously wealthy man. In the year 2001, his organization filed revenues of $18.3 million dollars with the IRS. What was John Hagee’s personal compensation package worth? More than $1.25 million dollars. His non-profit organization, GETV, has a mission statement reading “Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. His nearly 8,000 acre Texas ranch does not help that mission. Not only do Pastor John and his wife Diana Hagee own that sprawling ranch, but they also have a 5,275 foot, 6 bedroom mansion in one of San Antonio’s most exclusive gated communities (The Dominion). The house is appraised at $700,000.

What does Pastor John Hagee have to say about his income and wealth? “I deserve every dime I’m getting.”

Top Christian non-profit leaders as well as pastors are seeing themselves as “Chief Executive Officers” (CEOs) instead of as God’s servants.

The word “CEO” is often used when speaking of megachurch pastors who oversee multimillion-dollar budgets, manage media empires and publish best-selling books. “He could have been a CEO in any corporation in America” is an oft-repeated phrase among proud church members.

This association between Christianity and wealth is inappropriate for those who wish to follow Jesus. Jesus is not the one who said “let me show you how to live your best life now” or “Come, let me show you eight steps to having the life you want”.

Instead, Jesus was the man who said: “Want to be perfect? Sell all your possessions and give them to the poor.” (Mt 19:21)

Jesus is the one who said: “If you want to follow me, you should first remember that I am a homeless person.” (Mt 8:20).

Jesus is the one who said: “If you want to follow me, grab a shovel and start digging your grave now.” (Lk 9:23).

Jesus is the one who said: “If money is what motivates you, it’s impossible for you to follow God.” (Mt 6:24)

Having an overabundance of wealth kept for these false prophets is not a sign of God’s blessing, but damning evidence of their own sinfulness (12).

We read in Psalm 34:6, “This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.…”

Graham claims that he is a humble servant of God, yet he earns enormous pay checks. Of course, it is very difficult to get figures on exactly how much income these false prophets get because they do not release the figures or they hide them among various entities to which they belong.

Franklin Graham, the man of God who is supposed to be humble, and submissive to Allah, and living in modesty, earned over $1 million in 2008. Graham earned $633,722 as President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and another $483,000 from his second job as President of Samaritan’s Purse. The former is supposed to be a missionary and evangelism organization, and the latter, a Christian relief organization to help the poor (13, 14, 15).
Franklin Graham, who is 63, has said he wants to make enough money to be able to work for free when he turns 70.

Franklin Graham your wealth will not help you as you fall into the pit. Muslims give their wealth to become purified with no obligation to any, or expectation of a reward in return, but only because of their interest to please Allah, their Creator, and gain His welcome featured by the illumination that will proceed from Him and by the language spoken by His countenance.

Franklin Graham, do you know who Alphonse de Lamartine is? He was a French poet, politician, and writer. He was influential in the foundation of the Second Republic. He was a central figure who led the campaign to abolish slavery and the death penalty and was a strong advocate of democracy. The following is the way he described the Prophet Muhammad:

“Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, not only moved armies, legislation, empires, peoples, dynasties, millions of men over a third of the inhabited globe; but he also moved ideas, beliefs, souls. He founded upon a Book, of which each letter has become a law, a spiritual nationality embracing people of all languages and races; and made an indelible imprint upon this Muslim nation, for the hatred of false gods and the passion for the God, One and Immaterial.

“Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of a rational dogma for a cult without imagery, founder of twenty earthly empires and of one spiritual empire, this is Muhammad.”

Do you know Graham how the great man Muhammad lived? He lived a very simple and humble life. He hardly had enough food at home so that it would not last for the day. He had patches in his clothes because he was really humble and did not need expensive clothes.

The Prophet acquired great wealth but did not hold on to it for himself, rather he gave it to the poor, the needy, the tribes to sooth communal relations, the beggars, for any who needed or any who asked. He lived on what was sufficient, and died with only a few belongings.

The Prophet said:

“Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophets) leave is for charity.”

Umar ibn Al Khattab (the second caliph after Abu Bakr) said:

“I visited Allah’s Messenger, and he was lying on a mat. I sat down and he drew up his lower garment over him and he had nothing (else) over him, and that the mat had left its marks on his sides. I looked with my eyes in the storeroom of Allah’s Messenger and I found only a handful of barley equal to one sa’ and an equal quantity of the leaves of Mimosa Flava placed in the nook of the cell, and a semi-tanned leather bag hanging (in one side), and I was moved to tears on seeing this extremely austere living of the Holy Prophet, and he said: ‘Ibn Khattab, what makes you weep?’ I said: ‘Apostle of Allah, why should I not shed tears? This mat has left its marks on your sides and I do not see in your storeroom except these few things that I have seen; Caesar and Chosroes are leading their lives in plenty whereas you are Allah’s Messenger. His chosen one and that is your store! He said: ‘Ibn Khattab, aren’t you satisfied that for us there should be the prosperity of the Hereafter, and for them there should be the prosperity of this world?’ I said: Yes. [Book 009, Number 3507].

Abu Hazim narrated:

I asked Sahl bin Sad, “Did Allah’s Apostle ever eat white flour?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw white flour since Allah sent him as an Apostle till He took him unto Him.” I asked, “Did the people have used sieves during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle?” Sahl said, “Allah’s Apostle never saw a sieve since Allah sent him as an Apostle until He took him unto Him,” I said, “How could you eat barley unsifted?” he said, “We used to grind it and then blow off its husk, and after the husk flew away, we used to prepare the dough (bake) and eat it.”

Despite his responsibilities as a prophet, a teacher, a political leader, and a judge, Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to milk his goat, mend his clothes, repair his shoes, help with the household work, (Musnad Ahmad, Hadith number 23606 and declared authentic by Shaykh Albani in Saheeh Al Jaami’, Hadith number 4937).

Aisha narrated: The Prophet died while his armour was mortgaged to a Jew for thirty Sa’s (about 90 kilograms) of barley. [Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 5.743].

Think about it Franklin Graham, the Prophet of Islam, the seal of the prophets, and the best of creation in the sight of the Creator, was a leader who owned the world but his household does not eat white flour, but barley. Sometimes he could not find money even to buy barley and he was forced to leave his armour for a pledge!

These are the traits of the pious – humbleness and modesty. Where are you Graham from these traits?

The Koran says:

Every human being is bound to taste death: but only on the Day of Resurrection will you be requited in full for whatever you have done – whereupon he that shall be drawn away from the fire and brought into paradise will indeed have gained a triumph: for the life of this world is nothing but an enjoyment of self-delusion. (3:185)

Every soul shall taste of death; and We try you with evil and good for a testing, then unto Us you shall be returned. (21:35).

Franklin Graham, are you really a man of God as you pretend to be, or just another false prophet millionaire using religion for material gain?

The problem with Franklin Graham is that he thinks he is on something but in reality, he is deceived by false dogmas his ancestors invented in Jesus religion. More badly than that, he is deluded by fame and worldly gains.

Franklin Graham, your shocking religious illiteracy compels me to advise you to read the Koran. The Koran will teach you the real meaning of religion as Allah will it to be. It will teach you what Jesus really brought to his people. It will show you the road to Paradise, and the right path of salvation.

The position of those who do not take the teachings and warnings of the Koran seriously will linger in their slumber until death overcomes them. Until then they will suddenly come to know that they have become completely helpless. The issues to which they gave importance will now appear to be baseless. The things on which they were relying will be ceased to be with them. The rosy hopes on which they were living will all prove to be false.

When all these false things leave them in the lurch, they will want to be sent back to earth, so that they may lead their lives in a proper manner. There will be no salvation except on their own record. How they will then wish that they had another chance, but their chance will be gone.

We read in the Koran:

And We have brought them a Book that We have well distinguished, resting on knowledge, a guidance and a mercy unto a people that believe. Do they wait for the fulfilment of that of which it warns? On the Day when that fulfilment comes, those who had neglected it before will say: ‘The messengers of our Lord did indeed bring the truth. Have we then any intercessors who would intercede for us? Or could we be sent back so that we might act differently from the way we used to? They have indeed ruined their souls and what they invented has forsaken them (Al-A’raf, 52-53).

Your peoples’ souls are a sort of trust with you. You have to teach them the truth. But what you are doing is exploiting, deceiving and defrauding by providing them with false dogmas and religion superstition and religion illiteracy.

Franklin Graham You have deviated from the true message of Jesus and waded in dangerous matters that would bring Allah’s wrath upon you and upon those you misguided because they followed you without thinking. Instead of running here and there preaching falsehood everywhere, there are things you have to do.

Your main job is supposed to teach the people to believe in a single, All-Powerful God. Your struggle as a preacher must be to restore the original religion of Jesus from ugly polytheism to strict monotheism. Teach your people not to worship a triune god because it is an act of polytheism and blasphemy. You must teach them that the concept of triune doctrine is false, Jesus is not one in three or three in one, but was rather a prophet who was given a Book to guide the children of Israel to the right path. Make your people believe in the existence of one God and as opposed to polytheism.

Remind your people that they must never forget their own personal responsibility for all they do. Do not deceive them by the illusion of vicarious atonement. The Koran proclaims that every soul delivers itself to ruin by its own acts. On the Day of Resurrection, it will find for itself no protector or intercessor except Allah: if it offered every ransom, or reparation, none will be accepted.

Teach your people that Jesus is not God but only a messenger. His name was falsely taken in competition with the name of Allah. Tell them that on the Day of Judgment, Jesus and idols that are worshipped apart from Allah or in association with Him would themselves protest against their names being falsely used on the Day of Resurrection. They will show that the worship was paid not to them, but to the superstition or selfish lusts of the false worshippers. Warn them that on the Day of resurrection these false ideas will desert them and leave them in the lurch.

The Koran says:

And the Day We shall muster them all, then We shall say to those who associate other gods with God: ‘Get to your place, you and your associates!’ Then We shall set a space between them, and their associates will say, ‘Not us you were serving. Allah is a sufficient witness between us and you; assuredly we were heedless of your service.’ There, every person will know what he had earned before, and they will be brought back to Allah their rightful Lord, and their invented false deities will vanish from them (Yunus, 26-30).

Teach your people that the one God – Allah – has created the entire universe and all that is on it, and that He is totally self-sufficient, without any dependency upon any other being. He does not need a son to help Him run His earthly kingdom.

One of the most important articles of faith is to believe in all the prophets and in all the divine Books without exception. Teach your people to believe in all divine Books not only the Torah or the Gospel of Jesus, but also in the Koran because it is the Last Testament to the world, and a mercy to all beings. It is not for you or anyone else to deprive the people from a mercy sent by Allah to all His servants. Allah conveys His message and relates His will through human prophets.  They form a link between the earthly beings and the heavens, in the sense that Allah has picked them to deliver His message of pure monotheism to human beings.

To have faith in all the prophets and  messengers is to firmly believe that God chose morally upright men to bear His message and pass it to humanity.  Blessed were those who followed them, and wretched were those who refused to obey.  The prophets faithfully delivered the message, without hiding, altering, or corrupting it. To guard the Message against evilly disposed persons, Allah sends angels to protect it from all sides until it reaches its final destination.

Knower He of the Unseen, and He discloses not His Unseen to anyone, save only to such a messenger He is well-pleased with; then He despatches before him and behind him watchers, that He may know they have delivered the Messages of their Lord; and He encompasses all that is with them, and He has numbered everything in numbers.’ (Al-Jinn, 26- 28).

Rejecting a prophet is rejecting the One who sent him, and disobeying a prophet is disobeying the One who commanded to obey him.

Allah says in His Koran:

“The Prophet (Muhammad) believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord, and (so do) the believers.  Each one believes in God, His Angels, His Books, and His prophets.  (They say,) ‘We make no distinction between one another of His prophets…’” (Al-Baqarah, 285).

Teach your people that the scriptures of earlier prophets were lost or their messages were corrupted to the point that truth was hardly distinguishable from falsehood.  The Message of the Prophet Muhammad is clear and preserved and will remain so until the end of time.

Teach them that the purpose of sending prophets was for one reason only: to worship God alone and none else and to follow His teachings.  All of them, invited people to worship God and shun false gods.

Emphasize to them that:

Moses declared: “Hear, O Israel The Lord our God is one Lord.” (Deuteronomy 6:4).

This was repeated 1500 years later by Jesus, when he said: “The first of all the commandments is, ‘Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord.’” (Mark 12:29).

Finally, the call of Muhammad some 600 years later reverberated across the hills of Mecca:

“And your God is One God: there is no god but He…” (Quran 2:163)

The Holy Quran states this fact clearly:

“And We did not send any Messenger before you (O Muhammad) but We revealed to him (saying): ‘none has the right to be worshipped but I, so worship Me.’” (Quran 21:25).

Teach your people that racial arrogance made the Jews and the Christians adverse to the reception of the Koran when it came through a servant of Allah, not of their own race. Explain to them how can a race or a people set bounds to Allah’s choice, and He is the Creator and Cherisher of all races and all worlds?

Recite to them the Koranic verse haply they might understand:

Evil is the thing they have sold themselves for, disbelieving in that which Allah has sent down (the Koran), grudging that Allah should send down of His bounty on whomsoever He will of His servant (Muhammad – peace be upon him), and they were laden with anger upon anger; and for unbelievers awaits a humbling chastisement (Al-Baqarah, 90).

Educate them that out of the Infinite Mercy and Love of Allah, He sent to humanity prophets, guiding them to that which is the best. He sent them as an example for humanity to follow, and if one does follow their example, they would live a life in accordance to the Will of God, earning His Love and Pleasure.

Preach your people that Allah chose the best among humanity to deliver His message. Allah chooses whom He pleases for this purpose. Tell them that Muhammad is not an “absolute fanatic, a robber and a brigand.” As the lunatic moron Pat Robertson said. Tell them that Islam is not an evil and wicked religion as you said. Explain to them that Islam is not a war between God and the devil as the fool Benny Hinn announced. Refute the extremely offensive remarks of the stupid John Hagee about Islam.

Elucidate to them the fact that Muhammad is not a terrorist as the deceased Jerry Falwell said. Flawell is with his Lord now receiving a harsh chastisement for his insolence. Affirm to them that the Prophet of Islam is not a sex deviant, pervert and paedophile as Jimmy Swaggart said. I don’t know who is pervert and sex deviant! Has Swaggart forgotten that he was caught twice with prostitutes years ago. He stood weeping like a woman before the parishioners admitting that he has sinned against God! What a mockery! A pastor committing fornication and has the nerve to accuse our prophet – the best of creation – with sex deviance and perverting!

Tell your people that all prophets were the best in morals and were protected by Allah from falling into cardinal, major sins.  They did not err or commit mistakes in delivering the message.  They were over one hundred thousand prophets sent to all mankind, to all nations and races, in all corners of the world.  Some prophets were superior to others.  The best among them were Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon them all.

In truth, they were fully human with no divine attributes or power.  They were Allah’s worshipping slaves.  They ate, drank, slept, and lived normal human lives.  They did not have the power to make anyone accept their message or to forgive sins.  Their knowledge of future was limited to what Allah revealed to them. They had no part in running the affairs of the universe.

Affirm to them that Muhammad the prophet whom the morons slander was a living example for all humans to follow. His wife Aisha was asked about his manners, and she said, “His manners were the Koran.”

In this statement, Aisha meant that the Prophet abided by the Koranic laws and commands and abstained from its prohibitions, and observed the virtuous deeds mentioned in it.

The Prophet said:

“Allah has sent me to perfect good manners and to do good deeds.” (Bukhari & Ahmed).

Allah, the Exalted, described the Prophet saying:

“And indeed, you are of a great moral character” [68:4].

Explain to them that Allah and His angels honour and bless the Holy Prophet as the greatest of men. The believers are asked to honour and bless him even more because he took upon himself to suffer the sorrow and afflictions of this life in order to guide the whole humanity to Allah’s mercy and the higher inner life. To honour the Prophet of Islam is as good as honouring Allah and His angels, and to evade him amounts to evading Allah and His angels.

Allah commands the believers in the Koran:

Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation (Al-Ahzab, 56).

Those who harass the Prophet Muhammad forgot that they were actually dealing with a representative of Allah. And those who harass Allah’s representatives have always rendered themselves accursed in the eyes of the Lord of the universe.

Teach them the real purpose of life. Tell them that Allah has created us to worship Him alone without associating partners with Him in worship, to seek proximity to Him, and to know Him. The ultimate goal is He.

Teach them that the reality of this life is that each and every one of us is being tested, and we will be brought back to our Lord in account for every deed we have performed, both the good and the bad. Teach them that vicarious atonement is derogatory to the character of the Creator. Tell them that Jesus will not atone for their sins, but only their belief in the One true God, crowned with good deeds.

This is what you ought to teach your people Graham and not the superstitions that cause detriment and ruins. Could you do that? Of course, not, because the other false prophets, whose bank accounts are stuffed with unlawful money, will eat you alive, because you will be standing against their profits and gains. It is easier then to gain fame by attacking Muslims and their religion. Your people like to hear such poisonous discourse, so why don’t you give them more and more of such nonsense? It is more rewarding anyway. But you forget one thing, the ugly words you utter against Islam are recorded, and on the Day of Judgment, your tongue, your hands and your feet will bear witness against you as to what they used to do.

On the day when their tongues, their hands and their feet shall testify against them touching that they were doing. (An-Nur, 24).

As a result of the hatred against Islam spewed from Franklin Graham’s mouth, and the malice against Muslims vomited from the ugly mouths of the Christian Right Evangelicals, the Koran was defiled, belied, and burned. The prophet of Islam was slandered, and Allah, the God of the universe, was humiliated. The hatred spewed from their mouths against Islam has turned America into an evil land quite vulnerable to Allah’s wrath.

Franklin Graham you must work out your salvation. It is about time that you face the truth. In the sight of Allah, you are a polytheist worshiping Him in Trinity. You are also an idolater worshiping Him as a man nailed to the cross!

You have also sinned against your Lord when you described His only religion  – Islam –  by being wicked and evil. This was the height of arrogance and impiety. After long years from this horrid statement, you persistently insisted upon it. How courageous of you to stand against Allah the Compeller, the Greatest, just to gain fraud fame from your misguided followers!

You have also committed a grave sin when under the false pretext of dispensationalism, and apocalyptocism, you helped killing and displacing the Palestinians. Your hatred and bigotry toward Islam has led to wars against Muslim countries via a despicable plot called “The Arab Spring”. You, and all your denominations, factions and sects are responsible directly or indirectly in the destructive wars in the Middle East. Your hands are stained with the blood of the innocents. You, false prophets with all the hatred you spewed from your big mouths against Islam, have made America vulnerable to Allah’s wrath. You have only succeeded in bringing Allah’s wrath upon your empty heads and upon your country! I see it coming. He is only deferring you to an appointed time.

And after all these aggressions Franklin Graham, you thing you are godly? Stop your tour. Stop waving the Bible to the people pleading that they go back to Jesus. Rather begin by teaching them to worship the One and only true God, Allah. Adhering to the teaching of the Bible without sound belief in the one God is useless and will never prosper.

As Allah emphasized in the Koran and according to the hadiths of the Prophet, salvation or spiritual deliverance is not through faith in Christ, or through Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection!

This dogma of vicarious atonement is not only a denial of the Mercy of Allah but also of His Justice. To demand the price of blood in order to forgive the sins of men is to show a complete lack of mercy, and to punish a man, who is not guilty for the sins of others, is the height of injustice.

What is necessary to wash away sin is not blood but by believing in the One God, repentance, remorse, persistent struggle against evil inclinations, development of greater sympathy for mankind and determination to carry out the Will of God as revealed to us through the prophets.

Islam rejects the dogma of vicarious atonement. It declares that the forgiveness of sins cannot be obtained by the suffering and sacrifice of any other person, human or divine, but by the Grace of Allah and our own sincere and persistent efforts to fight against evil and do good.

The Koran states that no soul bearing wrongs shall in any way bears the wrong actions of another:

That no souls laden bears the load of another, and that a man shall have to his account only as he has laboured, and that his labour shall surely be seen, then he shall be recompensed  for it with the fullest recompense (Al-Najm, 38-41).

Whosoever is guided, is only guided to his own gain, and whosoever goes astray,it is only to his own loss; no soul laden bears the load of another (Al-Isra’ 15).

To those who believe and do deeds of righteousness hath Allah promised forgiveness and a great reward (Al-Maidah, 9).

But those who believe and work righteousness, no burden do We place on any soul, but that which it can bear, they will be Companions of the Garden, therein to dwell (forever). (7:42).

Believing here is not believing in Jesus as God or the son of God, but believing in Tawheed (the oneness of Allah) and worshipping Him alone without associating with Him any partners (Jesus, Mary, pope, priest, saint, tree, animal, idol, man,…etc).

The opposite of tawheed is ‘Shirk’ which is to associate partners with Allah by giving that which belongs to him, to others.

The Arab pagans blasphemously designated the angels as females and related them to Allah as his daughters, and the Christians claimed that Jesus is Allah’s son.

In response Allah says to them:

Or have they taken gods out of the earth who raise the dead? Why, where there gods in earth and heaven other than Allah, they would surely go to ruin; so glory be to Allah, the Lord of the Throne, above that they describe. He shall not be questioned as what He does, but they shall be questioned. Or have they taken gods apart from Him?
Say: ‘Bring your proof! This is the Remembrance of those before me. Nay, but the most part of them no not the truth, so therefore they are turning away.’
And We sent never a Messenger before thee except that We revealed to him, saying, ‘Thee is no god but I; so serve Me.’
They say: ‘The All-Merciful has taken to Him a son.’ Glory be to Him! Nay, but they are honoured servants that outstrip Him not in speech, and perform as He commands. He knows what is before them and behind them, and they intercede not save for him with whom He is well-pleased, and they tremble in awe of Him.

If any of them says, ‘I am a god apart from Him’, such one We recompense with Gehenna; even so We recompense the evildoers (Al-Anbiya’, 21-29).

Jesus will not be there to atone for your sins. He will be busy working his own salvation with fear and trembling. Listen to the next verse which shows what Allah will say to Jesus on the Day of Judgment:

And when Allah said, ‘O Jesus son of Mary, did you say to men, “Take me and my mother as gods, apart from Allah?”’ He will say, ‘May You be exalted! It is not mine to say what I have no right to say. If I indeed said it, You would have known it, You know all what is within my soul; and I know not what is within Your soul; You knows the things unseen. I only said to them what You did command me: “Serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord.” And I was a witness over them, while I remained among them; but when You did take me to Yourself, You alone have been the watcher over them; You are witness to all things. If You chastise them, they are Your servants; if You forgives them, Thou are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise (Al-Maidah, 116-118).

Franklin Graham, grotesque polytheism is what you ardently embrace now because you associate Jesus, the prophet, the man, the son of Mary, with Allah in worship! You already knew the consequences of such horrid worship, Hell-Fire – the destination of the wicked.

Franklin Graham, I invite you to Islam

Franklin Graham, the false hopes you built on in this life and the deeds you did under the shadow of such false hopes will vanish as if they were dust flying about in the wind. They will have no value whatever.

Listen to the words of your Lord:

And We shall turn to the deeds they have done and scatter them like dust (Al-Furqan, 23).

When you see the torment, you will know who is furthest from the path. You shall come to know what kind of destiny awaits you. So it is about time you face the truth. Wake up, before it is too late. You must work out your own salvation now! Satan made you plunge into superstitions of the ancients and enticed you away from the right path, and tempted you with false promises of impending good if you turn your back to Allah, and now we see you as a foe of Allah. One whose enemy is Allah, his proof is refuted and he is punished in this world and in his Hereafter.

Franklin Graham, you are on the wrong path. And so are the millions you misguided with your false teachings. Wrong does not seize to be wrong because the majority share in it.

Converting to Islam will erase all your past sins and you will be as newly born. It will liberate your mind from superstitions and uncertainties. It will liberate your soul from sin, and corruption and frees your conscience from oppression and fear. Submission to the will of Allah, does not curtail freedom, on the contrary it gives a high degree of freedom by freeing the mind from superstitions and filling it with truth and knowledge.

Embracing Islam is going to free you from a monetary system that is designed to subjugate the people. Islam will make you worship the only God, – Allah – in the correct manner.

Do not stand in defiance against the truth. Let not futile contumacy mislead you, and seek the pleasure of your Creator by following His right path of salvation. Do not call out to any other god beside Allah, for there is no god but Him. Everything will perish except His face. He is the Judgment and to Him you shall be brought back.

Guard yourself from the horror of the day when no soul shall be allowed to pay the debt owed to Allah by another, nor shall humble intercession be accepted from any on behalf of another.

And beware of a day when no soul for another shall give satisfaction, and no intercession shall be accepted from it, nor any counterpoise be taken, neither shall they be helped (Al-Baqarah, 48).

Allah clearly stated in the Koran that He would only accept from His servants the religion of Islam, the creed of their father Abraham.

Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world, he shall be among the losers (Al-Imran, 85).

But those who deny Allah and death claims them vested with the ugly vesture of polytheism, idolatry and disbelief, shall have committed an unforgivable sin. The offer of as much gold as the earth can treasure shall not be accepted from any of them in expiation of their guilt, and must expect endless suffering and shall find no one to afford them help.

Surely those who disbelieve, and die disbelieving, there shall not be accepted from any one of them the whole earth full of gold, if he would ransom himself thereby; for them awaits a painful chastisement, and they shall have no helpers (Al-Imran, 91).

Franklin Graham strives not to die as a disbeliever, because the penalty awaiting the disbelievers is tremendously grave. Do you know Franklin what Allah has prepared for you if you die in a state of disbelief? Listen to the Koran:

“Verily, those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers, it is they on whom is the Curse of Allah and of the angels and mankind, combined.” (Al-Baqarah, 161).

Do you know what kind of punishment you will endure?

“Surely! Those who disbelieved in Our Signs, We shall burn them in Fire. As often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for other skins that they may taste the punishment. Truly, Allah is Ever Most Powerful, All-Wise.”(Al-Nisa’, 56).

Franklin Graham, if you think that you could extinguish the light of Allah, the light of truth, by the false words of your mouth, you must then understand that Allah will not allow but that His light of Islam should be perfected even though you may detest it.

“They (the disbelievers) want to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the disbelievers be averse.” (Al-Tawbah, 32).

Franklin Graham, start working out your true salvation with fear and trembling. Deem not that Allah is heedless of what you do; He is only deferring you to a day when eyes shall stare in horror, and fear a day wherein you shall be returned to Allah, and every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned. It is a day that shall make the children grey-headed?

Guard yourself against a day when you are confined into the slavish imprisonment of Hell. You shall wish you could be sent back to life below and you will never deny Allah’s revelations and signs.

If you could see when they are stationed before the Fire, and they say, ’Would that we might be returned, and then not cry lies to the signs of our Lord, but that we might be among the believers!’ (Al-An’am, 27).

If you want to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness after all the grave sins you committed against your Lord, I can show you the way.

Allah Almighty is full of love and kindness to His creation. Islam teaches that Allah is more merciful toward His servants than their mothers are. Allah knows that we are imperfect and commit mistakes, so He showers His sinned servants with His limitless mercy and forgive them.

Allah says in the Koran

Say: ’O my people, who have transgressed against their souls, do not despair of Allah’s mercy; surely Allah forgives sins altogether; surely He is the All-Forgiving, the All-Compassionate (Az-Zumar, 53).

Allah is most forgiving towards those who repent, believe in His oneness, do good deeds, and stay on the right path.

Yet I am All-Forgiving to him who repents and believes, and does righteousness, and at last is guided (Taha, 82).

Allah is the Most-Merciful, but He is also Swift in Reckoning. One cannot try to deceive Allah and take advantage of His Mercy by constantly committing the same sins without sincere repentance or resolving never to go back to the sin again.

It is not true repentance when people continue to do evil until death confronts them and then say, ‘Now I repent,’ nor when they die defiant: We have prepared a painful torment for these (Al-Nisa’, 18).

Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most –Merciful. Your dreadful past sins could be washed off if you repent and turn to Him. To the evildoers Allah is terrible in retribution save he who has changed into good.

Remember, The Prophet and his followers are not able to guide to the path of Allah whom they like, but Allah guide to His path whom He will, and He knows best those who are willing to be guided. He alone knows the true inwards of things.

Allah says:

You (Prophet) cannot guide everyone you love to the truth; it is Allah who guides whoever He will: He knows best those who will follow guidance (Al-Qasas, 56).

Remember: the only eternal reality is Allah. The whole world is subject to flux and change and will pass away, but Allah will endure forever.

Allah says:

Do not call out to any other god beside Allah, for there is no god but Him. Everything will perish except His face. His is the judgment and to Him you shall all be brought back (Al-Qasas, 88).

Remember: all that is on earth and elsewhere, the material and immaterial shall end and go through the gates of death, but remains only the One whose countenance reflects authority, grandeur, greatness and sovereignty and the reverence according to His Omnipotence.

The Lord says:

All that dwells upon the earth is perishing, yet still abides the Face of thy Lord, majestic, splendid. Which, then, of your Lord’s blessings will you and you deny (Al-Rahman, 26-27).

Now repent before it is too late. Now enter the fold of Islam and believe in Allah the One God. Now do good deeds according to the commandments of the Koran. Do not die as an unbeliever, because if you do, remember the verses of the burning mentioned above.


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America where to? The reasons behind the downfall of America


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

Many things have been going so badly for the United States in recent years. The economy is falling apart; the nation has been plagued with heat, drought and endless natural disasters. The cities are absolutely crumbling, America is getting involved in even more wars, America leads the world in so many bad categories, and Americans are more anxious and more overweight than ever before.

Why does nothing seem to be going right?  Is America under some kind of a curse?  It is almost as if she has entered a “perfect storm” that just keeps getting worse.  In the old days it would seem like something bad would happen to the United States every once in a while, but now massive problems seem to be hitting the nation in rapid fire fashion.  At this point, many Americans have “crisis fatigue” because the problems never seem to end.  Each new crisis just seems to overlap with all of the other problems that are still going on.  So what is causing this to happen, and what is America going to look like if the problems continue to multiply at this rate? (1).

Many of Americans today do not take the time to realize that the nation is little by little falling apart. The list of social problems is huge in the US. Some predominant social issues include the growing divide between rich and poor, domestic violence, unemployment, pollution, urban decay, racism, religious intolerance, abortion, atheists, drugs, suicide, prostitution, poverty, homelessness, illegal immigration, child abuse, discrimination, drug trafficking and use, sex outside marriage, fornication, adultery, sodomy, and thousands of bastard children being born each day, and many others.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, a sexual orientation law and public policy think tank, estimates that 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (2011). The institute also found that bisexuals make up 1.8% of the population, while 1.7% is gay or lesbian. Transgender adults make up 0.3% of the population.

America’s main problems have been summarized by Michael Snyder (1). The following are some of the bad things that are happening to America right now:

Heat And Drought

This summer, thousands of new high temperature records have been set all over the country, and weather conditions are much drier than normal in most of the nation.

In fact, the drought that America is experiencing right now is being called the worst drought in more than 50 years.  More than 1,000 counties in the United States have already been declared to be official disaster areas, and there is no end to the drought in sight.

All over America this drought is killing the corn and this is causing the price of corn to soar.  The following is from a recent Financial Post article:

“Chicago Board of Trade corn for December delivery has soared 54% since mid-June, reaching a contract high of 7.78 dollars on Monday and approaching its record price near 8 dollars.

Soybeans for November delivery soared to a new contract high of 15.97 dollars before slipping back a few cents.”

Crop watchers were alarmed that corn rated poor-to-very poor jumped to 38%, versus 30% last week and 11% a year ago.

The record high for the price of corn is just $7.99 a bushel.  Many believe that the price of corn will soon blow well past that price and could eventually reach $10 a bushel.

Unfortunately, there is not much hope on the horizon.  It is being projected that these very hot and very dry conditions will persist well into August.


The extreme heat has also been responsible for an unusual number of wildfires in the western United States this year.  The recent horrific wildfires in Colorado made headlines all over the nation.

Sadly, these wildfires are part of a rising trend.  The truth is that the 6 worst years for wildfires in the United States ever recorded have all happened since the year 2000.


Earlier this year, many areas of the heartland of America were absolutely ripped to shreds by very powerful tornadoes.

More tornadoes happen in the United States than anywhere else in the world, and unfortunately we have seen a tremendous amount of tornado activity in this country in recent years.

In 2009, there were 1146 tornadoes in the United States.

In 2010, there were 1282 tornadoes in the United States.

In 2011, there were 1691 tornadoes in the United States.

Overall, 2011 was the worst year for natural disasters in U.S. history.

So where will 2012 rank when everything is all said and done?


Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster will be affecting Americans for many years to come.

Most Americans do not think much about Fukushima anymore, but the truth is that Fukushima is still putting out a tremendous amount of radiation, and that radiation travels eastward towards us.

A couple of months ago, one reporter discovered that radiation levels in rain falling on Los Angeles were five times above normal.

But we don’t hear about this in the mainstream media, do we?

One recent study concluded that the highest concentration of Fukushima radiation in the Pacific Ocean will eventually be just off the west coast of the United States.

But our “authorities” tell us that there is no reason to be concerned, so most Americans will continue to ignore the incredible tragedy that continues to unfold at Fukushima.

Recent tests have shown that 36 percent of all children living in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan have abnormal growths on their thyroid glands.  After the Chernobyl disaster, less than 2 percent of all children living in the area surrounding Chernobyl were found to have abnormal growths on their thyroid glands.

Economic collapse

The U.S. economy is currently experiencing its worst crisis since the Great Depression. The crisis started in the home mortgage market, especially the market for so-called “subprime” mortgages, and is now spreading beyond subprime to prime mortgages, commercial real estate, corporate junk bonds, and other forms of debt. Total losses of U.S. banks could reach as high as one-third of the total bank capital. The crisis has led to a sharp reduction in bank lending, which in turn is causing a severe recession in the U.S. economy.

There are more Americans dependent on the federal government than ever before in U.S. history.  According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, over 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government.  Many are enrolled in more than one.  That is about a third of the entire population of the country.  Sadly, that figure does not even include Social Security or Medicare.  Today the federal government runs almost 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”, and almost all of those programs have experienced substantial growth in recent years.  Maybe we will always need a “safety net” for those that cannot take care of themselves, but it is absolutely ridiculous that the federal government is financially supporting one-third of all Americans.  Americans must admit that America has become a social nation.  At the rate America is going, it will not be too long before half the nation is on welfare.  Unfortunately, America will likely never get to that point because the gigantic debt that the nation is currently running up will probably destroy the whole financial system before that ever happens.

According to the report, entitled “Cost of the Crisis”, the financial and economic crisis cost Americans $12.8 trillion, including:

“Estimated actual gross domestic product (“GDP”) loss from 2008 to 2018, of $7.6 trillion. This is the cumulative difference between potential GDP — what GDP would have been but for the financial and economic crises — and actual and forecast GDP during the period.

Estimated avoided GDP loss from 2008 to 2012 of $5.2 trillion. This figure is the estimated additional amount of GDP loss that was prevented only by extraordinary fiscal and monetary policy actions.”

But $12.8 trillion is a conservative estimate, says Better Markets president & CEO Dennis Kelleher, who joined The Daily Ticker’s Henry Blodget in the accompanying interview.

The report also highlights the current impact to the U.S. economy, including:

  • 23.1 million Americans, or 15% of the public, are out of work or unable to find full-time jobs using the broadest measure of unemployment, or U-6.
  • 9.3 million Americans have lost their health insurance.
  • 11 million homeowners, almost 1 in 4, are saddled with mortgages higher than the value of their homes.
  • The global financial crisis in the first decade of the twenty first century has decimated the lives of many people, but the consequences of the crisis have been more far-reaching than just companies going bankrupt and people being fired, as bad as these consequences already are.
  • Although there are a number of triggers and causes that have led to the global financial crisis, it is the consequences of this event which have been most felt by American families, and it is people from the poorest to the most wealthy that have felt these consequences, and have had to adjust their lives because of this.
  • The most obvious and tangible effect of the crisis is the number of American families who have seen members made redundant or fired from companies who have simply been unable to survive these consequences that have come from the crisis. This has led to many people be able to keep up with payments on home loans, credit cards and many other financial products, which is part of what has also escalated the crisis.
  • As well as the thousands who have become unemployed because of the financial crisis, there are also many workers who have had to take big cuts in salary in order to keep their current jobs. This will have further consequences for the family’s finances as they all have to cut back and to try and find extra money to cover bills, or ways to reduce those bills so that the outgoings are less.
  • However, it isn’t just in the salary stakes that American families have suffered because of the financial crisis, as there are many millions of Americans who rely on the incomes from investments to actually survive, and with the crisis itself the returns from these investments have been significantly reduced, leading to many pensioners seeing their income reducing a lot during the aftermath of the financial crisis.
  • It isn’t just those who are already retired that are suffering from the hit that all investments have taken with the financial crisis. There are many American families who are finding the value of their pension funds have been decimated by the financial crisis, and the potential of being able to retire early because of their retirement savings have changed significantly. This may well lead to many Americans having to work for more years before they can retire because of the drop in the value of their retirement savings.
  • There is no doubt that almost all American families will have had some of the repercussions of the financial crisis, and one of the best sites looking at how this has affected people is, which is the best resource for all the information anyone would need.
  • Facing the future in 2011 is much different than it was ten years ago for many American families, but it isn’t all bleak and bad news, as the us economy is trying to recover, and it is a nation that has been famous for its resilience, and not even the worst crisis in living memory for the economy can crush the famous American spirit (2).

The US Federal Reserve’s desperate attempts to keep America’s economy from sinking are remarkable for at least two reasons. First, until just a few months ago, the conventional wisdom was that the US would avoid recession. Now recession looks certain. Second, the Fed’s actions do not seem to be effective. Although interest rates have been slashed and the Fed has lavished liquidity on cash-strapped banks, the crisis is deepening (3).

Most Americans are baffled by the ongoing economic pandemonium in the European Union.  For them, places like Greece and Italy are primarily tourist destinations they’ll visit at most once.

So why should Americans care about any of this? The first reason is that, with American consumers still in the doldrums of deleveraging, the United States badly needs buoyant exports if its economy is to grow at anything other than a miserably low rate. And despite all the hype about trade with the Chinese, U.S. exports to the European Union are nearly three times larger than to China.

Until March, it seemed as if exports to Europe were on an upward trajectory. But the euro-zone crisis has stopped that. Governments that ran up excessive debts have seen their borrowing costs explode. Unable to devalue their currencies, they’ve been forced to adopt austerity measures—cutting spending or hiking taxes—in a vain effort to reduce their deficits. The result has been Depression economics: shrinking economies and unemployment rates approaching 20 percent.

As a result, according to the new president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, a “double dip” recession in Europe is now all but inevitable. And that’s lousy news for U.S. exporters targeting the EU market.

But there’s more. Europe’s problem is not just that governments are over borrowed. There are an unknown number of European banks that are effectively insolvent if their holdings of government bonds are “marked to market”—in other words, valued at their current rock-bottom market prices. In our interconnected financial world, it would be very odd indeed if no U.S. institutions were affected by this. Just as European institutions once loaded up on assets backed with subprime U.S. mortgages, so most big U.S. banks have at least some exposure to euro-zone bonds or banks. One institution—MF Global, run by former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine—just blew up because of its highly levered euro bets. Others are biting their fingernails because it is suddenly far from clear that the credit-default swaps they have bought as insurance against, say, a Greek default are worth the paper they are written on.

But the third reason Americans should care about Europe is more important even than the risk of a renewed financial crisis. It is the danger that what is happening in Europe today could ultimately happen here. Just a few months ago, almost nobody was worried about Italy’s vast debt, which amounts to 121 percent of GDP. Then suddenly panic set in, and Italy’s borrowing costs exploded from 3.5 percent to 7.5 percent.

Today the U.S. gross federal debt stands at around 100 percent of GDP. Four years ago it was 62 percent. By 2016 the International Monetary Fund forecasts it will be 115 percent. Economists who should know better insist that this is not a problem because, unlike Italy, the United States can print its own money at will. All that means is that the U.S. reserves the right to inflate or depreciate away its debt. If I were a foreign investor—and half the debt in public hands is held by foreigners—I would not find that terribly reassuring. At some point I might demand some compensation for that risk in the form of higher rates.

Athens, Rome, Washington … The shortest route from imperial capital to tourist destination is precisely this death spiral of debt (4).

The last recession was the worst economic crisis that America has faced since the Great Depression, and the economy has never even come close to recovering from it.

Now America on the verge of another global financial meltdown that appears likely to be even worse than the last one.

Peter Schiff, the president of Euro Pacific Capital, says that the U.S. economy is headed for a crisis that will make the recession of 2008 and 2009 look like a walk in the park.

So what is going to happen if the economy goes into the toilet and unemployment skyrockets much higher than it is now?

That is frightening to think about.

Poverty Explosion

Even during this “economic recovery”, poverty in America continues to soar.

For example, since Barack Obama has been president the number of Americans on food stamps has risen from 32 million to46 million.

Overall, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives benefits from the federal government according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  That is an all-time record high.

The Death Of American Cities

The United States once had dozens of great manufacturing cities that were the envy of the entire globe.

Today, many of those cities have degenerated into crime-ridden, drug infested hellholes.

Things have gotten so bad in Detroit that thousands of homes are literally being torn down in an effort to make the city safer.

As the next step in an April deal between financially strapped Detroit and the state of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder is finalizing a plan to tear down thousands of abandoned houses in a bid to make the city safer.

Detroit has been hard-hit over the past four decades by a steep drop in population, a steadily eroding tax base and crippling budget deficits, resulting in countless barren streets punctuated by vacant lots and burned-out buildings.

Increase in crime

Crime is on the rise in many of the American communities? The murder rate in Chicago is up 38 percent so far this year, and justifiable homicide rose by 79 percent in Detroit during 2011.

Criminals are getting bolder and are doing things that American cirtizens have not seen before.

For example, on Saturday night a mob of 300 teens invaded a Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, Florida and went absolutely wild.  They started stealing stuff, breaking stuff and throwing food at each other without any concern for what the security guards would do.

When have we ever seen stuff like this happen in America before?

America already has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire planet by a very wide margin.

How many more people do we plan to lock up?

Meanwhile, even many Americans that are not considered to be “criminals” are becoming very cold-hearted.  Just check out what happened in Arlington, Virginia recently.  A video surveillance camera captured footage of numerous people walking right past a man that had just been hit by a car and was dying on the sidewalk.  He was lying face down and bleeding and nobody even went up to him to see if he was okay.

If you were in a similar situation, would you stop to help that man?

Gang Violence

All over America gangs are taking over local communities. According to the FBI, there are now a total of 1.4 million gang members living in America.  Just since 2009, that number has risen by 40 percent.

The Mexican drug cartels have deeply infiltrated the  cities. There are only 200 police officers in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit to go up against an estimated 100,000 gang members living in the city of Chicago right now.

With numbers such as those, it is easy to see how violence in many of our cities could spiral out of control very, very quickly.


The United States continues to get pulled into more wars, and the conflicts that we are already involved in never seem to end.

Just today, 22 NATO supply trucks were destroyed in Afghanistan.  The war in Afghanistan has already lasted much longer than World War II did, and there is no end in sight.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has gotten the U.S. military involved in conflicts in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and a whole bunch of other places.  The following is from a recent wired article:

“The center of the US drone war has shifted to Yemen, where 23 American strikes have killed an estimated 155 people so far this year. But you wouldn’t know about it — or about the cruise missile attacks, or about the US commando teams in Yemen — by reading the report the White House sent to Congress about US military activities around the globe. Instead, there’s only the blandest acknowledgement of “direct action” in Yemen, “against a limited number of [al-Qaida] operatives and senior leaders.”

The report, issued late Friday, is the first time the United States has publicly, officially acknowledged the operations in Yemen and in nearby Somalia that anyone with internet access could’ve told you about years ago. But the report doesn’t just fail to admit the extent of the shadow war that America is waging in the region. It’s borderline legal — at best. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 requires the president to inform Congress about any armed conflicts America is engaged in. Friday’s report isn’t just uninformative about Yemen. It doesn’t even mention the US campaign in Pakistan, even though the Defense Secretary says America is “at war” there.

So what is next? Well, there are endless headlines warning that war with Syria is coming. Other headlines warn that war with Iran is coming. Where will this all end?

Anxiety Epidemic

Americans today are unhappy and more anxious than ever before.

The following is from a recent Business Insider article….

According to a recent World Health Organization study, 31 percent of Americans are likely to suffer from an anxiety problem at some point during their lifetimes — compared to 25.3 percent of those in Colombia, and 24.6 percent in New Zealand, the countries that rank second and third. You’d think people in developing or unstable states — those preoccupied with concerns farther down on the Maslow Scale — would be more anxious than we are. Not so. “According to the 2002 World Mental Health Survey, people in developing-world countries such as Nigeria are up to five times less likely to show clinically significant anxiety levels than Americans, despite having more basic life-necessities to worry about,” writes Taylor Clark, author of Nerve: Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool. “What’s more, when these less-anxious developing-world citizens immigrate to the United States, they tend to get just as anxious as Americans.

“The United States has transformed into the planet’s undisputed worry champion,” Clark adds.

Obesity Epidemic

Of all the major industrialized nations, the United States is the most obese, and a recent Gallup survey found that Americans are more concerned about our obesity epidemic than ever before.

And nobody can deny that we are getting fatter.

Back in 1962, only 13 percent of all Americans were obese.

Today, approximately 36 percent of all Americans are obese.

Drug Addiction Epidemic

The United States has a higher percentage of drug addicts than any other major industrialized nation does.

We love to escape the pain of our every day lives.

At this point, the United States has the highest rate of illegal drug use in the entire world.

The United States also has a higher percentage of people addicted to prescription drugs than anyone else does.

So what does that say about us exactly?

Child Abuse Epidemic

In the United States, we treat our children very badly.

Sadly, there are more than 3 million reports of child abuse in the United States every single year, and the United States has the highest child abuse death rate on the entire globe.

Teen Pregnancy Epidemic

When our kids grow up they tend to be very sexually active as teens.

Amazingly, the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet.

And all of this sexual activity is rapidly spreading disease among our teens.  According to one study, one out of every fourteen girls in the United States has at least one sexually transmitted disease.

Divorce Epidemic

We like to make movies and television shows about families, but the truth is that the family structure in the United States has been breaking down for a very long time.

Today, the United States has the highest divorce rate in the world by a very wide margin.

16 Trillion Dollar National Debt

Right now the U.S. national debt is $15,884,155,929,632.05.

We will shortly cross the 16 trillion dollar mark.

This is the greatest debt in the history of the world and it is beyond criminal that we plan to pass this debt on to future generations.

Our greed has destroyed the future for our children and our grandchildren and yet we continue to borrow trillions more because we just can’t help ourselves.

Political Nightmare

On top of everything else, we have a horrifying lack of leadership here in America.

Our last four presidents have been four of the worst presidents in U.S. history, and in 2012 we are faced with an incredibly depressing choice at the polls.

Is Barack Obama really the best that the Democrats can do?

The American people elected an incompetent con man to the highest office in the land.  Virtually every decision that he makes is wrong and virtually everything that he has tried to do while in office has been a failure.

The Republicans dislike Barack Obama so much that they picked the candidate most like Obama out of the entire Republican field to go up against Obama.

What kind of sense does that make?

Is Mitt Romney really the best that the Republicans can do?

Right now the best selling point that Republicans have for Romney is this….

“You better vote for him or you will get another four years of Obama”.

But Mitt Romney would certainly also be a bad president and would lead us down the exact same road that Obama has.

This fall, Americans will either get to vote for the worst president in U.S. history or another guy who will almost certainly be one of the worst presidents in U.S. history.

How depressing is that?

So as this nation continues to fall apart, we are guaranteed to have an absolutely horrible leader in the White House.

Perhaps we are really cursed.

So do you have an opinion about why so many bad things are happening to America? (1).

My answer is: yes, I do really have one – the American dream

The American Dream

The term ‘American dream’ is used in many ways, but it essentially is an idea that suggests that anyone in the US can succeed through hard work and has the potential to lead a happy, successful life. Many people have expanded upon or redefined the definition to include things as freedom, fulfillment and meaningful relationships. Someone who manages to achieve his or her version of the American dream is often said to be ‘living the dream.’ This concept has been subject to criticism, because some people believe that the structure of society in the US prevents such an idealistic goal for everyone. Critics often point to examples of inequality rooted in class, race, religion and ethnicity that suggests that the American dream is not attainable for everyone (5).

There is a substantial lack of spirituality in the American dream. The depth of commitment to spiritual matters is not included anymore. Trade, science and technology became the ascendant gods of the American life. Religion becomes merely a vehicle for social conformity, and it no longer provides the spiritual guidance that the Americans need.

Unable to fill the spiritual void that leaves them fatigued and dissatisfied, the Americans seek different forms of escape that unfortunately, only temporarily provide distraction and give just an illusion of fulfillment. Nature as an escape from the daily grind, provide a way to clear their minds of all of the troubles and anxiety of modern life. They escape to nature when they can no longer bear the reality of their existence. However, the natural world, for them, is mainly a place for human indulgence and luxury.

Bohemianism is another form of escape.  They use the parties, the dancing, the alcohol, and even the hangovers to distract themselves from their greater sense of unhappiness and the emptiness of their lives.

Finally, liberalism also becomes a form of escape. The Americans devote themselves to a cause when other forms of escapism fail, and though their commitment to politics is weak.

James Truslow Adams, in his book The Epic of America, which was written in 1931, stated that the American dream is “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.

Is the American Dream attainable by all Americans?

Some say, that the American Dream has become the pursuit of material prosperity – that people work more hours to get bigger cars, fancier homes, the fruits of prosperity for their families – but have less time to enjoy their prosperity. Others say that the American Dream is beyond the grasp of the working poor who must work two jobs to insure their family’s survival. Yet others look toward a new American Dream with less focus on financial gain and more emphasis on living a simple, fulfilling life.

Thomas Wolfe said, “…to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity ….the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him.”

The American dream relies then on worldly gains devoid of spirituality which enables man to discover the essence of his being and the wisdom of creation.

This hustling model, literally woven into the American DNA, doomed the country from the start, and led people inevitably to this dysfunctional point. It is not just the American Dream that has failed, but America itself, because the dream was a mistake in the first place. Americans in their core a nation of hustlers; not recently, not sometimes, but always. Conventional wisdom has it that America was predicated on the republican desire to break free from monarchical tyranny, and that was certainly a factor in the War of Independence; but in practical terms, it came down to a drive for “more” — for individual accumulation of wealth.

Western civilization cannot last long, for it is materialistic and does not satisfy humanity’s perennial needs. Western sociologists, among them Oswald Spengler, predict its collapse, saying that it is against basic human nature and values. Islam has been available to humanity for 1,400 years, and the luminous world of the future can be founded upon the firm foundation of its ethics and spirituality, as well as its socioeconomic and administrative structures.

The way the Americans look at their dream is one of the factors behind the great depression we are witnessing today. The American dream is strictly personal and do not take into account the good of the environment. To the Americans the nation is a hotbed or a rich pasture-land ready to be fully exploited for material gain, no matter how depleting this is to the environment. The main cause of depletion of resources is excess greediness of man to fulfill his needs on the expense of natural resources.

Humans have altered the face of the earth more than any other species and the pace with which this change is progressing is threatening. Nearly 80% of the earth’s surface is already marked by humans and the hunt is on to mark the rest. Our hunger for resources will soon become a challenge to sustain on planet earth.

Humans have a greater negative impact on earth’s environment than it can sustain and is outside of its carrying capacity. Studies and scientific research on environmental degradation reveals that we have only a few years left to change the way we live, to preserve our depleting ecosystems and natural habitats and to reduce our emission of greenhouse gases to prevent catastrophic changes in earth’s climate which will result in mass extinction of species (6).

The Muslim dream

The Muslim dream is how to win the mighty triumph – Paradise. This is based on three Koranic teachings: obeying Allah while still living the worldly life, the way Muslims should look at money and wealth and glory do not belong to man but to Allah.

  • Obeying Allah

The Muslim dream is totally different. It can be simply stated in only two words: ‘Obey Allah’.  In all circumstances Muslims think of their salvation. To a Muslim the whole purpose of life is to worship the One and Only true Almighty God – Allah – on his terms. The term “worship” to a Muslim includes all acts of obedience to Allah. So the Muslim dream in life is a standing purpose: worshipping Allah by accepting His Will over his own. His life here on earth although short, is full of purpose and is totally meaningful within the complete framework of total submission to Allah in Islam.

Worshipping Allah, the only God of the Universe as a primary aim in life provides a believer with everything he needs to succeed in this life and the next.

They are not deceived by worldly pleasures. As the Koran taught them, wicked men are not denied prosperity, but the pleasure it affords them is of short duration, and then punishment in the Hereafter must follow conviction; the evildoers are destined to the abode of Hell, what an evil bed.

Throughout their lives Muslims adorn themselves with the Islamic virtues which are the seed-bed of faith, for truth is One and must prevail. Those who do wrong will be filled with vain regrets when it is too late for repentance.

The Koran teaches that Muslims shall be tried and tested in their wealth and properties and in their personal selves, and they shall hear much that will grieve them from the Jews and the Christians and from those who ascribe partners to Allah, but if Muslims persevere patiently, they will have then considered matters with an attitude of mind that reflects high spirit and strong will.

The Koran states:

You shall surly be tried in your possessions and your selves, and you shall hear from those who were given the Book before you, and from those who were idolaters, much hurt; but if you are patient and god-fearing – surely that is true constancy (Al-Imran, 186).

Every soul shall taste death and only on the Day of Judgment shall it be paid its wages in full. And he who is diverted from the path leading to Hell Fire to the path which is bound to Paradise will have triumphed. Life here below is but a grail and an animate existence that affords pleasure which deceives those with foolishly credulous ambition and vain employment of time.

Because Islam teaches that this life is only a trial, it is only natural that the Muslim would accept death as not so much an ending to everything but more as a beginning of the final and lasting life in the Hereafter.

As the life here is considered as a trial for every individual, the death stage is considered as a resting period after the test. It could be easy for those who were faithful and dedicated or it could be grueling and horrible for the wicked.

Every person will be rewarded or punished according to his deeds during his stay on earth. None will be asked about the actions and beliefs of others, nor will anyone be asked regarding that which he was unaware of or incapable of doing.

The Koran states:

Every soul shall taste of death; you shall surely be paid in full your wages on the Day of Resurrection. Whosoever is removed from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, shall win the triumph. The present life is but the joy of delusion (Al-Imran, 185).

Those are Allah’s bounds. Whoso obeys Allah and His Messenger, He will admit him to gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever; that is the mighty triumph. But whoso disobeys Allah, and His Messenger, and transgresses his bounds, him He will admit to a Fire, therein dwelling forever, and for him there awaits a humbling chastisement (Al-Nisa’ 13, 14).

Based on the above, the Muslim dream is therefore to win the big triumph – Paradise. This is achieved through adorning his worldly life with the commendable qualities the believers must embrace in all circumstances – personal, social, economic and other. In order for their good deeds to be accepted, they must believe first in the One God Allah and worship Him alone without associating with Him any partners. They must believe in His Messenger Muhammad who brought them the last divine Message to the world that took them from darkness to light. Thereafter, they must  work out their own salvation by humbling themselves in their prayers; refrain from idle talk, gossip and slander; by being active in deeds of charity, refrain from sex outside marriage; being trustworthy – an attribute which includes (1) fulfillment of the confidence reposed in them when entrusted with anything (2) meeting the obligation or responsibility (3) honoring the legal ownership property vested in them to hold or use for the benefit of others (4) keeping the promise when they make one (5) binding themselves by a vow to Allah (6) dedicating, consecrating or devoting anything to some person or service. And those who faithfully observe their act of worship and all it entails.

Such-like persons are the inheritors of Allah’s mercy and blessings here and Hereafter. They shall inherit Paradise – the Garden of Eden where they enjoy the surpassing beauty and the supreme bliss.

This is the Muslim dream, wealth and mundane glory has nothing to do with it.

For a disbeliever the purpose of life is to collect and amass great wealth, money, power and position. Over indulging in eating, drinking, drugs, sex and gambling are a high priority to them. Wealth and its accumulation as a purpose would be doomed to a temporary success at best and in the end it would only spell out self destruction. But all of this will not avail them anything good in the grave, on the Day of Judgment or in the Hereafter.

If the purpose of life is to become wealthy, there would be no purpose after becoming wealthy. The fact is that when people amass wealth in this life they usually live in restless tension suffering from a feeling of worthlessness.

Wealth can do little or nothing to bring happiness to one who is a disbeliever in Allah the Crearor, because regardless of what he or she would gain in this life they would always live in fear of what will happen to them in the Hereafter.

Allah says in the Koran:

Prosperous are the believers who in their prayers are humble and from idle talk turn away and at almsgiving are active and guard their private parts save from their wives and what their right hands own then being not blameworthy (but whosoever seeks after more than that, those are the transgressors) and who preserve their trusts and their covenant and who observe their prayers. Those are the inheritors of paradise therein dwelling forever (l-Mu’minun 1-11).

This drastic difference regarding the Muslim look at life must be well understood by non-Muslims when dealing with Muslims anywhere.

  • How Islam views the possession of wealth.

One of the most important principles of Islam is that all things belong to Allah, and that all wealth is the possession of Allah with which humans are entrusted. Money in Islam is a responsibility, a burden; it must be earned through permissible means and spent in permissible ways, such as spending on one’s self and those for whom he is responsible for, without extravagance or waste.

The Messenger of Islam said:

“A slave will not be able to take a step further on the Day of Requital until he is taken to account for: his time and how he spent it, his knowledge and how he used it, his money and how he earned and spent it, and his youth and how he passed it. (Tirmidhi).

The Koran states:

Believe in Allah and His Messenger and expend of that unto which He has made you successors. And those of you who believe and expend shall have a mighty wage (Al-Hadid, 7).

Accordingly money belongs to Allah, and in order for that money to be lawful it must be purified by paying Zakat. Zakat is the amount of money that every adult, mentally stable, free, and financially able Muslim, male and female, has to pay to support specific category people. This category of people is defined in surah at-Tawbah:

The alms are only for the poor and the needy, and those who collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the captives and the debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and for the wayfarers; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is knower, Wise (At-Tawbah, 60).

In Islam money has to be spent in good ways. Piety is not to turn our faces in prayer towards the east or the west, but it entails to adhere to the rules and principles of Islam. It entails belief in Allah, His Books and angels, His Prophets and Messengers, the Day of Judgment, to give alms and pay charity, to fulfill the promise when we make one, and to exercise patience when befallen with a misfortune, and the distress of warfare against the enemy.

Allah says:

Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the east or the west, but [true] righteousness is [in] one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, and the prophets and gives wealth, in spite of love for it, to relatives, orphans, the needy, the traveler, those who ask [for help], and for freeing slaves (Al-Baqarah, 177).

Hoarding wealth has been condemned by Islam with threats of severe punishment whereas circulation of wealth has been ordained. This measure not only forces the hoarded wealth out of coffers of the rich but also ensures its flow into investment channels ultimately helping its natural distribution.

Narrated Abu Hurairah the Prophet said: ‘Everyday two angels come down from heaven and one of them says, ‘O Allah! Compensate every person who spends in your cause,’ and the other angel says, ‘O Allah, destroy every miser.’ (Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol. 2, Hadith No. 522).

Misuse of wealth, property, and resources is frequently condemned in the Koran in three ways: (1) do not acquire anything wrongfully or on false pretenses; (2) do not hoard or bury or amass wealth for its own sake but use it freely fo good, whether for yourself or for your neighbors; and (3) be particularly careful not to waste it for idle purposes.

Many among the Jewish rabbis and Christian priests in Mediaeval Europe devoured the money of people in falsehood. They got reach by issuing indulgences and dispensations; they made their office a stepping stone for worldly power and possessions. Even the Monastic Orders, which took vows of poverty for individuals grew rich with corporate property, until their wealth became a scandal, even among their own nations.

The Koran says regarding these rabbis and priests:

O believers, many of the rabbis and monks indeed consume the goods of the people in vanity and bar from Allah’s way. Those who treasure up gold and silver, and do not expend them in the way of Allah — give them the good tidings of a painful chastisement (Al-Tawbah 34, 35).

Gold and silver symbolizing wealth which these rabbis and monks cherished even more than the good pleasure of their Lord will not only be the cause but the instrument whereby they would receive a grievous punishment.

The Koran condemns all sorts of vices; here backbiting and selfish hoarding of wealth are emphasized:

Woe unto every backbiter, slanderer, who has gathered riches and counted them over thinking his riches has made him immortal! No indeed; he shall be thrust into the Crusher; and what shall teach thee what is the Crusher? The Fire of Allah kindled roaring over the hearts, covered down upon them, in columns outstretched (Al-Homazah, 1-9).

Muslims will not attain righteousness unless they spend of what they treasure and cherish in Allah’s cause. It is unselfishness that Allah demands.

The Koran says in this respect:

You will not attain piety until you expend of what you love; and whatever thing you expend, Allah knows of it (Al-Imran, 92).

Ayesha the Prophet’s wife reported that he said: ‘This world is an abode for one who has got no abode, and a property for one who has got no property, and one who has got no wisdom hoards for it.’

Since business and trading are the best manifestation of piling and accumulating excessive wealth, the Koran repeatedly warns those who are involved in business and trading concerning the danger being drawn towards the love of material profit to the point of giving more priorities to their business than to Allah.

As we read in the Koran:

Say:  ‘If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your clan, your possessions that you have gained, commerce you fear may slacken, dwellings you love – if these are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and to struggle in His way, then wait till Allah brings His command; Allah guides not the people of the ungodly (At-Tawbah, 24).

Muslims therefore, spend of their wealth in benefaction, with no obligation to any, or expectation of a reward in return, or a mundane satisfaction, but only to seek the countenance of their Lord, the most High, the source of their goodness. Their purpose is to look at Allah’s face in Paradise, for that indeed is happiness supreme.

This is beautifully expressed in the Koran:

Now I have warned you of a Fire that flames, whereat none but the most wretched shall be roasted, even he who cried lies, and turned away; and from which the most god-fearing shall be removed, even he who gives his wealth to purify himself and confers no favor on any man for recompense, only seeking the face of His Lord the Most high; and he shall surely be satisfied (Al-Lail, 14-21).

And in Surah al-Nur (24), verse 37, trade and business are specifically mentioned by Allah as deluders of man from the remembrances of Allah:

In temples Allah has allowed to be raised up, and His name to be commemorated therein, therein glorifying Him, in the mornings and the evenings, are men whom neither commerce nor trafficking diverts from the remembrance of Allah and to perform the prayer, and to pay the alms, fearing a day where hearts and eyes shall be turned about, that Allah may recompense them for their fairest works and give them increase of His bounty; and Allah provides whomsoever He will, without reckoning (AL-Nur 37, 38).

The tendency of being swayed by the temptation of material wealth is indeed very strong in man. The love of wealth according to the saying of the Prophet is the everlasting inspiration for man to think that he will not leave the world:

“The children of Adam will definitely be getting old but two things in him that will be always young, his hope and his love of wealth.”

The Koran repeatedly reminds us about the danger of business and trading because this kind of trading will make man heedless of another more profound business with a most noble business partner, a business with Allah Himself:

O ye who believe! Shall I direct you to a commerce that shall deliver you from a painful chastisement? You shall believe in Allah and His Messenger, and struggle in the way of Allah with your possessions and your selves. That is better for you, did you but know. He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into gardens underneath which rivers flow, and to dwelling place goodly in gardens of Eden; that is the Mighty Triumph…(Al-Saff 10-12).

There is no limit of the profit of this spiritual trading. It is a trading with multiple profits. And how can we get less profit in a business when our business partner is the one in whose hand are the keys of want or plenty, who possesses the heaven and the earth.

The Koran says:

Surely those who recite the Book of Allah and perform the prayer, and expend of that We have provided them, secretly and in public, look for a commerce that will never fail, that He may pay them in full their wages and enrich them of His bounty; surely He is All-Forgiving, All-Thankful (Fatir 29, 30).

  • Glory is for Allah

Whosoever desires glory, the glory altogether belongs to Allah. To Him good words go up, and the righteous deed — He uplifts it; but those who devise evil deeds — theirs shall be a terrible chastisement, and their devising shall come to naught (Fatir, 10).

Glory be to Him, who created all the pairs of what the earth produces, and of themselves, and of what they know not (Yasin, 36).

So glory be to Him, in whose hand is the dominion of everything, and unto whom you shall be returned (Yasin, 83).

They measure not Allah with His true measure. The earth altogether shall be His handful on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens shall be rolled up in His right hand. Glory be to Him! High be He exalted above that they associate! (Az-Zumar, 67).

Glory be to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, above that they describe.’ (Az-Zukhruf, 82).

He is God; there is no god but He. He is the King, the All-holy, the All-peaceable, the All-faithful, the All-preserver, the All-mighty, the All-compeller, the All-sublime. Glory be to God, above that they associate! (Al-Hashr, 23).

They do corruption in the land

Allah says in the Koran:

They do corruption in the land. When it is said to them, ’Do not corruption in the land’, they say, ’We are only ones that put things right.’ (Al-Baqarah, 11).

Truly, they are the workers of corruption but they are not aware (Al-Baqarah, 12).

Those who work corruption in the earth — theirs shall be the curse, and theirs the Evil Abode.

Those that disbelieve and bar from the way of Allah – them We shall give increase of chastisement upon chastisement, for that they were doing corruption (Al-Nahl, 88).

Corruption has appeared in the land and sea, for that men’s own hands have earned, that He may let them taste some part of that which they have done, that haply so they may return (Ar-Rum, 41).

Or shall We make those who believe and do righteous deeds as the workers of corruption in the earth, or shall We make the god-fearing as the transgressors? (Sad, 28).

But who are those doing corruption in the land?

There are certain religious and political groups in America that are doing corruption in the land. In other words, the political and religious fabric of the United States is the reason behind the unrest of America and also the Muslim world.

1- Neo conservatives

The neoconservatives are one of the reasons behind the chaos the Muslim world is suffering from. Their core agenda is to reassert US global dominance through an aggressive foreign and military policy. After the 9/11 attacks on the US they switched priorities to the Muslim world. They focused on Iraq and pushed Bush to occupy Iraq under the pretext that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction! The Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz axis aimed at using the US power to dominate and reshape the Middle East and, to put into effect the immortal words of Charles Perle, to send a message to America’s enemies that “you’re next”.

The neoconservatives promoted the Iraq wars and are constantly the instigators for more confrontation with Iran and the Sudan and other Muslim states. They were among the chief instigators of the Kosovo War.

After the attack of September 11, Bernard Lewis in his book ‘What went wrong?’ using subtle arguments, placed the blame on Islam and Islamic traditions for the failure of Middle Eastern societies to develop and modernize like the West. Lewis’ book has since been followed by articles and publications, mostly by neoconservative journalists and pundits, who reinforce Lewis’ thesis and even blame Islam for the rise of terrorism as well as the rising tension between the West and the Muslim world.

The blame game is led today by neo-conservative pundits who often present Islam as the new villain to be confronted by American military power. They have consistently presented Muslims as incapable of democratic rule, and who espouse values that are antithetical to world peace and religious tolerance.

To ensure that their views are not challenged by academic community, neoconservatives are working hard to undermine academic freedom by intimidating scholars that present a balanced view of the Middle East. Martin Kramer’s Ivory Towers and Sand: The failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America, and diatribe against Middle East studies in US universities, and Daniel Pipes’ Campus Watch, an organization devoted to smearing professors critical of U.S foreign policy and Israeli’s treatment of Palestinians, are two such examples. This campaign is one that aims to intimidate free thinking on Middle East politics and silence voices that challenge their perspective. In addition to that, we must not forget the other on line centers devoted to attack Islam like answering Islam (Sam Shamon), Political Islam (Bill Warner), jihad Watch (Robert Spencer) and many others.

These websites are a network of groups and individuals funded by elements within the pro-Israel lobby who are pushing Islam phobia on behalf of Israel. These online websites have been leaders in the indictment of Islam, and each of whom is, not coincidentally, a vocal advocate of Israel and its policies.

The US foreign policy has been frequently characterized by Muslims as one of inconsistency and double standards – one that supports friendly dictators and corrupt regimes in the Muslim world, while pushing for democratic reform in Eastern Europe; one that defends human rights in China, but ignores them in the Middle East; and one that protests Palestinian violence against Israel, but remains silent in the face of Israeli violence in Palestine. Indeed the politicization of Islam and the rise of anti-Americanism are directly linked to the very efforts that aim at marginalizing Islam and forcing western secularism on Muslim society (7).

2- The Religious Right

The Christian Right is also the cause of the conflict in the Middle East. The Christian Right is a mass movement that has grown by actively involving millions of supporters. The bulk of Christian rightists are evangelical Protestants and their political ideology is rooted in a specific interpretation of Christianity.

The desire of Evangelicals today is to bring faith and politics together. They claim that there is an essential continuity in American history between the puritans of the New England colonies, who saw themselves as agents of Christ, and politicians today who say they are doing the Lord’s work.

The Evangelicals also claim that America has always been defined as a Christian nation, even by its founding fathers. But this in fact is a denial of reality because the one and only mention of God in the Declaration of independence is of “Nature’s God,” who is not defined in any way as a Biblical or Christian God. Nor there any mention of God in the constitution or the Federalist papers, the working documents of the Founders.

Christian rightists support Israel – specifically, right-wing Zionism, because they believe that a strong Jewish state is part of God’s plan for the End Times – the final struggle against Satan. As part of this apocalyptic vision, most Christian rightists believe that all Jews and other unbelievers will be killed unless they convert to Christianity, the “true” faith. This means that the Christian Right is both pro-Zionist and anti-Semitic.

The eschatological thinking or doctrine of “end times,” of the Christian Right sheds further light on what they are ultimately aiming at. The doctrine of the “end of days” being preached today in both evangelical and Catholic charismatic communities pictures the “end of days” – which they believe we have essentially entered – as a time of great economic dislocation, political chaos, and military turmoil. Both Catholic and evangelical communities teach that in order to end this disorder and turmoil, the church must unite. Furthermore, they teach that the union of Christendom must occur before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Finally, they teach of a great “latter-day” revival which will break out as a result of the re-unification of the church.

The sad truth is though that vast numbers of Muslims do see the US as engaged in a crusade against Islam, large numbers of Evangelical Americans welcome the idea of America as a crusader nation waging a holy war. it is Islam that emerges as the new “evil empire” for the religious right.

After Spt. 11, the biased media has regularly denounced Muhammad as the anti-Christ. It depicted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a clash of religion and civilization, and described the American soldiers as a Christian army doing God’s work. Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, denounced Islam as “a very wicked and evil religion.”

The comments of the Religious Right and Bush’s own declarations about a godly mission seemed to confirm the fear of many Muslims that the US was indeed fighting a religious war. Those fears stoked the fires of radical Islam, and by all accounts brought in a flood of new recruits to the cause of Jihad. They also had a deeply damaging impact on Washington’s effort to enlist moderate Muslim support for its actions in the Middle East (7).

3- Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Christian Right

Since the demise of the Soviet Empire, “The World of Islam” is being seen as the new “Enemy”. Islam in the western media is generally associated with the desert, with a Bedouin lifestyle, with backwardness, with violence and terrorism, and with the maltreatment of and discrimination against women. Islam is generally portrayed as a religion spread by the sword and characterized by “Holy War”, and of Muslims as barbarous and backward, frenzied and fanatic, volatile and violent, and a threat to world peace and stability.

There is the alliance between America and Israel in the war on Islamic terror. But it goes deeper for Christians who interpret the Bible in a literal fashion. Israel has a crucial role to play in bringing on the Second Coming of Christ.

The Christian Right wants to make sure that the American administration sees the struggle in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims their way – the Christian way. American Christian Zionists say they are now more important source of support for Israel than American Jews or the traditional Jewish lobby. What propels them? Why do they love Israel so much? The return of the Jews to their ancient homeland is seen by the Christian Right as a pre-condition for the Second Coming of Christ. Therefore, when the Jewish state was created in 1948 they saw it as a sign. Israel conquest of Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1967 also deepened their excitement and heightened their anticipation, and today’s war between Jews and Arabs was also prophesied. They have seen it all before – in the pages of the Bible.

The plot is ripped from the pages of the Bible, so it all winds up here in Israel where, according to the Book of Revelations, the final battle in the history of the future will be fought on an ancient battlefield in northern Israel called Armageddon. It will follow seven years of tribulation during which the earth will be shaken by such disasters that previous human history will seem like a day in the country. The blood will rise as high as a horse’s bridle at Armageddon, before Christ triumphs to begin his 1,000-year rule.

And what about the Jews? Two thirds of them will have been wiped out by now but the survivors will accept Jesus at last.

Gershom Gorenberg, the author of the “End of days,” a book about those Christian Evangelicals who choose to read the Bible literally said, “They don’t love real Jewish people. They love us as characters in their story, in their play, and that’s not who we are, and we never auditioned for that part, and the play is not one that ends up good for us. If you look at the drama they are describing, essentially it is a five-act play in which the Jews disappear in the fourth act.”

Kay Arthur, head of Percept Ministries in Chattanooga, Tennessee said, “The Jews need conversion. They need to know that the Messiah is coming, and the Bible tells us what is going to happen.”

The late Jerry Falwell, a former leader of the U.S. Evangelical Christian right asserted it was the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that Christians will ultimately control Jerusalem and that any Jews therein will eventually convert to Christianity.

The Christian fundamentalists believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. “Every grain of sand between the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and the Mediterranean Sea belongs to the Jews,” says McAteer. This includes the West Bank and Gaza.

What about the three million Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza? McAteer suggests the bulk of them could be cleansed from this God-given real estate and moved to some Arab country. Nothing can come between the Jews and their land.

In fact many fundamentalists believe that when Prime Minister Isaac Rabin signed the Oslo Accords and offered to trade land for peace, it was not only a mistake, it was a sin.

Billions of dollars are collected every year from the Christian Coalition and its followers (70 billions) to be sent to Israel for building new settlements on the Palestinian land in the West Bank and Gaza to help gathering all the Jews in one place before their annihilation in Armageddon Battle!

That is precisely why the American Administration and the Israeli Government have been saying since September 11, that they are allies in the war on terror. But the Christian Fundamentalists go further. They say it is not just an alliance between nations but between religions.

Muslims feel this hatred from the Christians and Jews. The Christians and Jews are getting together and ganging up on them.

In this connection, it is important to mention that the use of the Bible to predict the end of the world constitutes an abuse of scripture. The Message that the Christian fundamentalists derive from scripture through their perverted reading is one of cruel vindictiveness against the vast majority of human race. Palestinians are also human beings created by Allah. They have the right to live freely on their land, to enjoy freedom, equality and brotherhood like any other human race. The purpose of man on earth is to make it a better place. But now the hands of the Israelis and their Christian fundamentalist’s supporters are stained with the Palestinian blood. The followers of Moses and the followers of Jesus have violated the teachings of the Torah and the Gospel by sharing in the murder of the innocent Palestinians under the pretext of hastening the second coming of Christ or the approach of the battle of Armageddon. They have committed the greater sin of all; the sin of murdering human souls without right. They simply push back their timetables when the foretold events do not occur, then persist in vanquishing the Palestinians until the prophecies are fulfilled. Would Christ in his second coming accept to inaugurate an era of universal peace based on Palestinian expulsion and Palestinian bloodshed?

The punishment at the Day of Judgment is severe and would certainly touch Christian fundamentalists, and politicians supporting them as well as the Israelis who are implementing the policy of vanquishing innocent Muslim and Christian Palestinians. They all share before Allah the crimes of daily murdering, assassinating and the ethnic cleansing of thousands of unarmed civilian Palestinians. They will be the greatest losers before Allah in the Day of Judgment. Their striving goes astray in the earthly life, while they deem they are working good deeds. Allah shall not assign to them any weight on the Day of Judgment, and if they don’t desist and repent their recompense will be torture in the blazing Fire of Hell.

Christianity has never been immune from error in apocalyptic teachings that have continually led Christians astray. These errors of understanding had become so rooted into Christian thinking as to constitute an effective delusion in the church, thus shaking its credibility before the world. Since the beginning of Christianity and many fundamental ministers are setting dates for the end of the world. The past two millenniums are full of failed prophetic predictions. Starting from 50 C.E. until the year 1999, there is 40 dates proposed so far. They all claimed that the end will come in their time. They established different foundational beliefs in regard to their respective millennium viewpoints. The fundamental ministers misread the biblical verses and forced them into meanings serving their preconceived notions. They predetermined what Allah would do in the future. Date setters, making irresponsible predictions, follow nothing but conjecture and usually mislead the masses.

The fundamental Christians even thought they were helping God by hastening the second coming of Christ! Is God so weak and helpless as to seek help from His servants, and He is the One whose command, when He desires a thing, is only to say to it, “Be” and it is?

Is their God as cruel and unjust as to accept help based on crimes of expulsion, bloodshed, racism and genocide! Is their God as racist and reckless as to accept only Christians to dwell in heaven while the rest of His human creation is to be thrown in Hell!

The times of the second coming of Christ, tribulation, rapture and the Day of Judgment are only in the knowledge of Allah. These events in order to happen might take one day, one month, one year or thousands of years. It is not our concern or job to determine the dates of such events because Allah has concealed from His creation the time of the Day of Judgment and the events preceding it. The concealment is a divine mercy because the Day of Judgment is overwhelmingly severe and tremendously catastrophic. The coming of the Judgment Day is certain, but the exact time is only known to Allah.

Is this how the Christian right works for its salvation? By considering all Palestine a conclusive home for Israel and to hell with the Palestinians, the original inhabitants of the land? The Christian right should have realized that by blindly supporting the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, had entered into the circle of injustice. Its hands became stained with the Palestinian blood and its conscious became burdened with the crimes of murder and expulsion.

In the sight of Allah supporters of criminals are equally guilty as criminals themselves. These crimes are the product of the Christian right’s unconditional support for Israel without considering the simple right of the Palestinians to live as human beings in their poor modest homes.

Don’t play Allah, for Allah is just to His servants and is against tyranny and aggression. Had they confined themselves to the real Christian teachings aiming at piety, righteousness, peace, and believing in Allah’s Oneness, their relationship with Allah and the world would have been different and better.

They have forgotten their covenant with Allah and occupied themselves with things that are not of their concern. They better desist and work for their salvation by remembering their covenant with Allah. Allah wishes His servants to worship Him alone, to be morally correct, to stop corruption in the land, and to bring justice and everlasting peace into the lives of all His servants.

Do they think because they are wealthy now and have the power to impose their will upon others, they will be left uncontrolled without being charged? The universe is not theirs to spread mischief in the land, but belongs to Allah, its Creator. They must be smart enough to guard themselves against the calamities Allah brings to the evildoers in the present life. They must be wise enough to protect themselves in the Hereafter from chains, fetters and a raging fire prepared for the evildoers. They must be intelligent enough to protect themselves from a Day when a man shall behold what his hands have forwarded, and shall say, ‘If only I were mere dust and had not been raised to suffer the disgrace and the chastisement’.

Promoting hatred and scorn for Islam and Muslims has become the only socially and legally acceptable modern prejudice.

Even long before the event of September 11, the media in the western world and particularly in America was still overwhelmed by the tendency to portray a distorted image of Islam. The attack on Islam was frequently launched by several Christians who insist on calling Muslims “heretics”, “idle-minded”, “devil worshipers”, “irreligious”. These misconceptions are inculcated in the minds of Christian children by priests, whose real purpose is to distract their young and inquisitive brains. These interceptive activities are fed with the slanderous propaganda that the Islamic religion embodies aspects disagreeable with modern civilization.

The religious Right has had a much more direct and damaging influence on U.S. foreign policy. The millions of Evangelicals, who believe in the dispensational pre- millennialism, are sometimes called Christian Zionists. They believe that the cataclysmic events heralding the second coming will all happen in the territory of Biblical Israel, the territory that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. This land, they claim, was covenanted by God to the Jews and must be reclaimed by Israel before the second coming can happen and before Jesus can build his kingdom in Jerusalem. Many Christian Zionists even believe that the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s holiest sites, must be destroyed as a pre-condition for Christ’s return.

Now if you hold these views the political implications are clear: trading land for peace, the longstanding premise of any peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel is a heresy.

Because of the strength of their numbers, and their passionate commitment to Israel, the Christian Zionists have become an extraordinarily powerful force on Israel’s behalf—in many ways even more powerful than AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs lobby.

Over the past 22 years, the Christian Zionists have created literally dozens of pro-Israel organizations, notably the Stand for Israel Movement and CIPAC, the Christian Israel Public Action Committee.

They raise each year around two hundred millions of dollars to sponsor Jewish immigration to Israel, and to expand Israeli settlements on the West bank and the Golan heights. These too are pre-conditions in the eyes of pre-milleniallists for the End-Days to unfold and for Judgment Day to happen.

Evangelicals also organize pro- Israel solidarity rallies and distribute videos that encourage the faithful to pray for Israel’s victory over its enemies. The deceased Jerry Falwell said, “The Bible Belt is Israel’s only safety belt right now.” There is no safety belt for Palestinians.

Many Christian Zionists feel that Palestinians should simply be brushed aside by destiny, and be transferred to Jordan or some other Arab country.

The huge donations the Religious Right give Israel each year for building settlements on the Palestinian land, results in occupying the Palestinian land by force, demolishing their houses, expelling Palestinian families to barren lands and keep them there without shelter, and then those who oppose such evil treatment are killed without mercy under the pretext that they were terrorists threatening the security of Israel.

In addition to the Israelis who are guilty of committing such ceaseless human crimes, the Religious Right shares with the Israelis the guilt of such crimes as well (7).

In Islam those who unjustly hurt innocent believing men and women, bear on themselves a calumny and a glaring sin. They suffer the penalties of a double guilt; their own sins and the injuries they caused to the oppressed.

The Koran says in this respect;

And those who hurt believing men and believing women, without that they have earned it, have laid upon themselves calumny and manifest sin (Al-Ahzâb, 58).

For their part, successive Israeli governments have welcomed an alliance with Evangelical Christians, and do all they can to cultivate it. A special section in the Israeli embassy in Washington was set up to cement ties with Evangelicals.

Major Jewish organizations in the U.S. also welcomed an alliance of convenience with such a fervently pro-Israel community. But many American Jews feel their interests are not well served by the religious Right assault on the wall of separation between church and state. The last thing they want is for America to be formally defined as a Christian nation.

In November 2005, Abe Foxman, Director of the ADL and Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, criticized the religious Right for its bigotry. Remarkably, they were quickly silenced by other Jewish leaders, and by threats from Evangelicals that they might withdraw their support for Israel.

American Jews also wonder whether Christian Zionists are anything more than fair weather friends. After all, in the Apocalyptic “End Days”, as prophesied by the Evangelicals that two thirds of the Jews will die in the Battle of Armageddon, and the remaining third will have to choose to convert to Christianity.

The choice “die or convert” is obviously not the most appealing one for Jews, even if they believe, as they do, that evangelical scenarios are nonsense.

4-The influence of the Religious Right on Foreign Policy

It didn’t matter to the White House, however, whether Evangelical views are nonsense or not. What mattered was that their votes were far too important for their positions on Israel to be ignored. As a consequence, George W. Bush has rarely taken any position on the Arab-Israeli conflict without taking into account the views of the Religious Right.

In 2002, George Bush initially urged Ariel Sharon to withdraw from key West Bank towns that Israeli troops had reoccupied when the second Palestinian uprising began. But within forty-eight hours, Bush suddenly reversed himself and gave a green light to the re-occupation. What had happened was that Evangelicals had flooded the White House with a hundred thousand e-mails and phone calls. And Karl Rove and other presidential advisors were not about to alienate the most important constituency in the Republican Party.

A similar reversal happened when Bush’s press spokesman expressed concern over Israel’s assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas. His statement provoked another firestorm of Evangelical protest and another volte-face — this time an endorsement of Israel’s policy of selective assassination — a policy that violates the Geneva Conventions and which the U.S. was alone in supporting in the UN Security Council.

In Congress, more than a hundred members of the Religious Right are active Christian Zionists. They oppose final status peace negotiations with the Palestinians, and dismissed the Road Map process.

Before being forced to resign on corruption charges, Tom DeLay, the House Majority leader, stated that “the time has come to drop the empty pretence that we ( the U.S) can serve the region as a mere (peace) broker.” On a visit to the Golan and West Bank, DeLay stunned observers by saying: “I don’t see occupied territories. I see Israel.”

It’s widely believed that Bush only agreed to sign on to the Road Map peace process because of pressure from Tony Blair. Blair rightly judged that the U.S. could hardly improve its image in the Muslim world without making at least a token effort in favor of justice for the Palestinians.

It is true that Bush has made some strong declarations in favor of a Palestinian state, which, on the surface, appear to run counter to the view of the Christian Right. So far though it has been a purely rhetorical commitment. Over the eight years Bush spent in the White House, it cannot be said that he has invested any real energy or effort towards advancing the two-state solution.

Indeed he has acquiesced in the building of Israel security wall that divides the West Bank, and he has quietly given a green light for the steady expansion of Jewish settlements there that make a peace agreement less likely every day.

Bush has said that Israelis have the right to make territorial adjustments — code words signifying that they don’t have to return to their pre-1967 borders, the so-called Green Line. It was also made clear at the outset of his administration that, unlike his father, George W. Bush would never use economic levers to pressure Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians. Again, to do so would be to jeopardize the support of literally millions of his Evangelical voters.

So what we see in this context is the Religious Right having a very direct role in shaping American foreign policy. This biased policy has hurt American interests and in all probability drawn more recruits to the cause of Jihad.

Many in the Muslim world wondered about the extent to which the Bush administration (Bush, Ashcroft, members of the senior military and Congress) was influenced by their Hard-line Zionist Christian Right roots and supporters. The tendency of some Christian fundamentalist missionaries to celebrate the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan as an act of God, and rush to convert Muslims exacerbated the belief that American foreign policy was fulfilling a Christian fundamentalist agenda (7).

5-The conservative protestant leaders attack the religion of Islam

After the event of September 11, the attack on Islam by the conservative Protestant leaders: Franklin Graham, Benny Hinn, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Chuck Baldwin and others became more frequent (7).

The false prophet Benny Hinn stated clearly that he had seen saints “dead saints” and that they talked to him, gave him instructions, and told him they were praying for him. This is clearly necromancy or communication with the dead. He went further to state that his necromancy was Biblically supported by Jesus Christ’s experience on the Mount of Transfiguration when Moses and Elijah talked to the Lord.”
Literally hundreds of thousands of people are being influenced by this man’s heretical teachings.

The false prophet Pat Robertson like most charismatic televangelists claims to receive additional revelation from God, and on regular and consistent bases. In fact he even claims that God speaks to him in an audible voice. He also apparently considers himself a prophet! In several occasions, he has made prophecies which did not come to pass. He also claimed that God chose him “to usher the coming of My Son’!

In his book, ‘The Secret Kingdom’, Robertson claimed God gave him a revelation of eight universal laws, and that God is bound by these laws and has no choice but to obey them. He also claimed that Jesus had appeared to him in a vision and told him that he has been appointed a modern day John the Baptist to “usher in “ his coming. Further he says that Jesus specifically told him he wanted him to get the first television shots of his return to earth!

The teachings of these false prophets are extremely dangerous to spiritual health. A new generation of Word of Faith ministries is being grown, with more and more error and heresy. It continues to drift further and further into darkness.

As spiritual adultery increases in the church, false prophets will flourish as highly sought after speakers, and as Christians accept more of these false teachings indiscriminately, many will fall away, believing in a phony faith.

Jesus said about these false prophets:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matthew 7: 15).

We read in the Bible:

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