From Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy to  actor Shaheer Sheikh


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

This article is addressed to the Indian actor Sheheer Sheikh. The purpose is to appreciate his role in the TV episodes titled “Kush Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.”  and to add some observations which might make the end of the series more effective and thrilling to the watchers. I am saying this because I have watched before some Indian TV series with strong beginnings, but the ends were extremely absurd due to unnecessary irrelevant prolongation, or due to sudden abrupt curtailment without any logical reason. These two flaws usually take the whole series down to the ground, and consequently undermine the whole work and the effort of the cast, the producer and the director.

Since the events of the series “Kush Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” are still interesting and going strong, and since we are approaching the end, I fear that the end might become weak and not convincing as happened in many Indian series before. That is why I gave myself the right to write on the timeline of Shaheer Sheikh some of my observations that if the coming dialogue would go through their line, we will be having something overwhelming from A to Z. But unfortunately, the timeline of Shaheer suddenly disappeared with the imaginative dialogue I wrote with the purpose of contributing to the success of the series.

It should be understood that what I write here is nothing but optional guide lines for the director and the screenwriter to consider or not to consider. I expect no return or appreciation from the observations I wrote on Shaheer’s timeline or I write here now, the aim is to get myself a thrill that I always need to have from time to time. A thrill that inspires me to write my global novels, articles and essays in my website (see

In order for the series to be remembered and be a corner store for the success of the fantastic shaheer and the beautiful Erika, the end must not be senseless, deficient or boring, but rather animating, viable and enthusiastic. This could be achieved if the script goes around the following guide lines:

1- Dev stayed in Sona’s house for seven days with Sohana, and now Sona moved to Dev’s house. Through her stay in Dixit house Sona has to solve all the problems of Dev and protect him from all the plots designed to destroy him. She has already solved the problem of his mother, and this was made so far satisfactorily. Now she has to solve the other problems: a) to prove that Dev uncle’s wife had burned her house in order to live in Dev’s house; b) to prove that Dev uncle’s wife has been manipulating Ishwari to replace her in running the house; c) to prove that the severe beating of Dev was designed by Vikki; d) to prove that Vikki is trying to ruin Dev’s work at office; e) to prove that Vikki and his mother were behind the ruin of her  life with Dev; f) to prove that Dev uncle’s wife is not willing her return to Dev and that she was behind selecting another woman for Dev that can be easily dominated and manipulated; g) to prove that Dev uncle’s wife doesn’t wish any good for the Dixit family.

2- It was really nice to see that Sona’s decision to help Dev solve his problems was accompanied by her firm decision not to be involved with him in any further romantic relationship. She revealed this to Dev several times although he frequently and persistently admitted his feelings to her. She even took an oath with her father that she will never get involved with Dev again. At the hospital, she also repeated the same decision or oath to her mother. Why I am putting a lot of emphasis on this? Because this point is the touchstone on which the third episodes are based upon. This stubbornness of Sona not to get herself involved with Dev must in the end dissociate, deteriorate, collapse, and fall down severely. Miss Boss should at the end of the series turn into a very vulnerable woman who is deeply in love with Dev. She will confess her love to him angrily, hysterically, ardently, noisily, tearfully, sobbingly, fearing that she might lose him to another woman. All of a sudden, her pride will vanish and she would realize that her pride, her success at work, her love for Sohana, and for her parents, her hole existence in life was because of Dev. She will realize that Dev was her first love and only love, and during all the long period of separation she never stopped loving him.

3- Sona will stay firm in her belief that she will never reunite with Dev, and Dev will not open this subject with her again as she insisted not to. But the coming of another woman in his life, would turn Sona into a volcano erupting lava, especially when Dev comes to her for the last time and says:

“If I left you will be glad.. Would it be better for you that I go?”

she would say against her will and trembling all over: “Of course you can go. We agreed upon that before.”

He says: ” You must always know that I will always love you even if I go.”

His regretful words will be the beginning of her collapse towards jealousy, desperation and the realization that she was losing him to another woman.

But this sudden black jealousy and regret however, must be very gradual, because Sona is Miss boss the wise, the proud, the feminist, the independent. She is reluctant to reveal her love because of her arrogant pride. The transformation will take three phases: a) a lethal silence, meaning not going to work for days, confining herself in her room refusing to answer all the questions of her parents, a sad frown is drawn on her face, and she stops eating during all the days of silence; b) abundant tears rolling down her face for days; c) exploding in continuous Crying and sobbing aloud without saying why.

4- During such phases, scenes of her love to Dev before and after marriage would come to her imagination, followed by scenes of his love confessions to her after she went to his house with Sohana, especially that scene when he wanted their reunion after his uncle’s wife intoxicated him, also scenes of love in the farm house, and in the hospital when she held him to appease his fear. Love scenes in the school camp and how the women were looking at him admiring his beauty. And also, when he was in her house living in the same room. These scenes must be distributed over the three phases of silence, weeping and grief. These scenes would show her that she was fooling herself all the way.

Before such phases occur, Sona will be in Dev house with Sohana trying to solve the rest of Dev’s problems, during which the new woman will appear in the scene. Dev will fulfill his mother’s wish to marry a stranger since Soha insists of not marrying him. The new woman must be strikingly beautiful resembling a graceful deer, her appearance must provoke Sona a great deal. Sona here will feel that another strikingly beautiful female is more than a match and is competing with her to win the heart of her beloved. Sona will also see the persisting attempts of the new comer to win the heart of Dev. Dev will take her to dinner, she will hold him and bombard him with stolen kisses. She will visit him at work and turn the heads of the employees etc. Sona will feel that Dev was always in a hurry. He has no much time anymore to hear her talks about Sohana, or anything personal, he says while running, “We will talk later, I have a date with (the newcomer).

Dev will have a new elegant look matching the current situation. He will be neatly dressed and taking care of his appearance. It will also be better if during these events, Forbes magazine and local magazines talk about the success of dev in concluding international deals that make him prosper more and more. And here his uncle’s wife says in front of Sona that the new girl was a good omen for Dev and not a bad omen as Sona was.

5- Now Sona has already gone through the three phases, and she is now crying and wailing aloud and incessantly. Sona’s parents became extremely worried, and Asha in particular. Asha calls Dev and describe to him Sona’s condition. Dev comes quickly to see what’s the matter with Sona?

6- He enters Sona’s room and he finds her crying hysterically with tears covering her face, her hair disheveled. The moment she sees him she shouts at him:

Sona: “What are you doing here – get out of my room.” She throws A book or something at his face.

He gets extremely worried and realizes that she is going through a serious depression. He sits beside her in bed.

Dev. “Sona, what happened? Why are you so sad?”

She increases in weeping unable to answer him. What she can do is looking at him with weeping eyes.

Dev: “Sona, Talk to me what happened that makes you so sad.”

She shouts at him through her tears: “You are mine you hear. You are mine.”

He looks at her amazed: “Meaning?” He says.

A severe tremor overtakes her. her body begins to shake convulsively. He takes her in his arms to stop the shaking. She says through her sobs. “You are my first and only love. I loved you, I married you. You wounded me. You let me go. During separation, I never stopped loving you. Each time I see you I want to tell you how much I love you but I just couldn’t.”

“You could have told me this without all this suffering Sona!”

“I have made up my mind not to get involved with you, and what was between us in the past was not going to happen again. I was afraid to be hurt the same way twice. I was so lonely, but I thought lonely is better than being hurt. Restraining myself from admitting my love to you was torture. Being close to you untied all the shackles I put around me to keep myself away from you.”

she looked into his eyes with tears overflowing. “Dev, I love you. I love you more than anything else in the world. I can’t live without you. You are in my sleep, in my wakefulness, in my dreams. I exist because you exist. I would die if you leave me to someone else”

He kept looking at her thrilled but also amazed and not knowing what to say. She drew his face to her and kissed it. She wiped his hair back and said still crying: “Why you are so beautiful? Women couldn’t stop looking at you. You charm them with your beauty. I want to hide you from all the women of the world.  You belong to me – only me.”

She said suddenly: “Do you love me as much as I love you, or has she stolen your heart from me?”

He said sobbing: “I have never loved anyone but you. When you left, I waited for you to return but you didn’t. The years of separation were agony slaughtering my heart. My heart died when you left me. No woman was able to take your place in my heart. I lived with the hope that you will return, and when you came back, my heart revived and my soul longed for a peaceful life with you again, but you rejected me and saddened my heart. Would you accept me again? Would you forgive me and give me the happiness I longed for?”

“There is nothing to forgive. I want to live the rest of my life with you.”

He kissed her hands, her hair, her forehead and eyes. He says with tears overflowing: “I am sorry darling if I made you hurt and cry.

“I am sorry for all the hurt I caused you. Can you forgive me?” She said crying with him.

“You toyed with my emotions Sona. I will forgive you for avoiding me. I will forgive you for breaking my heart. I will forgive you for all the time you made me cry.” He said weeping ardently.

“How do I tell you I am sorry. How is it I didn’t realize I hurt you so much.” She said burying her head in his chest and crying aloud.

“How can I make it up for you? I promise you the cry will stop. The tears will dry. The hurt will fade. The heart will heal. We have been hurt enough. Let’s make peace with the pain, let’s put aside the fear. Let’s forgive and forget.”

7- They married in a small gathering in the Dexit house. They danced a romantic dance and then spent a hot night together. At dawn, he wakes up and touches her side of the bed, but Sona is not there. He searches for her in every part of the house but she is missing. He finds her in the end sitting in her transparent nightgown in her favorite place – the white wooden chair – in the garden silently crying. He kneels before her perplexed.

“Darling what happened? Why crying?”

She says wiping away her tears: “Last night you took me in your arms and cherished my soul with your compassion and tenderness. I was dry and thirsty. You soothed my dry bones and sent your rain to revive my parched soul. You watered my barren soul and turned it into a fertile land.”

She began to sob again. He gathered her into his arms and kissed every part of her face. He kissed her tears away.

She lifted her face to him and said through her tears: ”You planted your soul into my heart and made me a fertile land. I loved the way you touched me. I need your touch again. I am desperate for your love. refill my thirst. send your rain, let it pour. I love you. You are everything to me.”

He holds her tenderly in his arms for long moments, kisses her and carries her to their room.


Shonakshi descends the staircase slowly and sure of herself. A broad smile is drawn on her face. She looked content, satisfied and beautiful. She joins the Dixit family on breakfast. Dev was sitting at the head of the table following her admiringly with his glances. She sits at the head of the other side of the table. She looked at Dev and smiled happily. He responded by laughing lightly. Sonakshi looks at Vikky and says: “Dev has established for you a business of your on. He rented for you a lovely apartment close to your business. Dev will always be there for you to smooth out any difficulty you may encounter in your new work.

Dev uncle’s wife looked irritated at David. But David confirmed Sonakshi’s words by addressing Vikky saying: “Best of luck Vikky.”

Vikki’s wife smiled at Dev saying: “Thank you Dev.”

Dev nodded smiling.

Sonakshi looked at Dev’s uncle and said: “Uncle, you are the blessing of this house. You have been always there for Dev and me. We enjoyed your support and understanding. I will see to your needs and serve you as I serve my own father.”

Dev’s uncle smiles and says: “Thank you my daughter you have been always kind to me.”

Sonakshi then look at Dev uncle’s wife and says:” My dear ant I respect you. I will serve you and see that you get all your needs. But this however, must be only through me. Running the house is my responsibility now.”

Upon hearing Sonakshi’s words, Dev uncle’s wife was about to faint from anger. She looked at Dev for support. Dev smiled and said: “After ma, Sonakshi is the lady of the house now.”

Dev further added: “We will all live in peace in this house. No hatred, no grudge.”

Sohana clapps her hands and says hilariously: “Perfect, just perfect.”

Sonakshi laughs and says: “Shall we eat now?”