Americans – Donald Trump is your leader – help him rule – he knows the way


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

God did not create mankind to be puppets and give up their brains. He created them with a mind and freedom to choose. And the American people with their free will have chosen Donald Trump as their president. There is now in the United States however, a group of people willing to impeach President Trump. Impeach means: to charge an important public figure with a serious crime to raise doubt around him. They want the House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings to remove Trump from power before he destroys America. In order to do that, they are mobilizing people against Trump, and demands the visitors of their site to comment “Yes for the impeachment” and then sign.

I say to the Americans: What is the matter with you – how you judge? what are you doing to your country? What are you doing to your freely elected president? Why are you destroying your country by your own hands? Donald Trump is not just another ordinary president, but a very special sort of person. He is a successful businessman, a fighter and knows how to generate wealth and create jobs.

If we look at Trump political history, we find that he sometimes joined the Republican Party, then left it to the Democratic Party, then joined the Independent Party. He moved from one party to another searching for the best way to serve the American people. This shows that he in reality, doesn’t belong to a party but to the American People. Trump only joined the Republican Party when he wanted to serve his country by being president.

The Republicans however, considered him as an outsider and didn’t want him as a president, they didn’t raise funds for his presidential campaign, so he paid all the expenses from his pocket. Instead of nominating with him one Republican [as Clinton – Sanders], they nominated 22 Republicans to compete with him in order to reduce his chances to win. But the fighter won them all.

In his presidential campaign Trump was not only fighting the Democrats but also his own party – the Republicans. The Republicans didn’t stop at reducing his chances to win, they further accused him with madness and demanded that he be medically examined, but he fought against that also and won.

When Trump confronted Hilary Clinton, he exposed her evil deeds and how she and Obama orchestrated the Arab Spring and destroyed the Arab countries, and frightened away its inhabitants and killed millions. He announced: “Enough destroying countries and rebuild them again.”

Trump confrontation with Hilary Clinton was a hard encounter. Clinton had with her most of the American support, and Trump was like a wounded lion fighting against all odds. But the true American people are not to be fooled by false appearances, they elected Trump because they knew that he was sincere and his fighting spirit was what they needed. And again, Trump won and became President of the United States.

But the war against him is still going on even in the White House. They didn’t understand the man. They thought they can manipulate him through the hawks in the CIA, FBI, and those war mongers from think tanks who present their venomous ideas to shape the American foreign policy in accordance to the interests of influential opportunists playing behind the curtains. Imperialistic ideas orchestrated by the Christian Right, Judeo-Christian coalition, neoconservatives, and Christian leaders some Americans call false prophets.

They didn’t know that Trump is a free thinker and his decisions are based on his own perspectives. In the White House they gathered against him, conspiring against him, and trying hard to find a case against him. He roared at them: “I need some loyalty here.” He fired some, and reprimanded some, but the war is still going on against him. But I know the fighter will win in the end.

Trump the lion heart, had the guts to stand against the media. No president would ever take such a dangerous step because he knew beforehand that the media could take any president down. Trump knew that his attitude towards the media would cause him havoc but he went along to say that those who work in the news industry are obsessed with promoting lies and half-truths to destroy polititians they do not like, instead of just doing their jobs and reporting the news. Trump found that the current environment of media corruption to be very dangerous in a country that relies on a free press for truth, and a shared understanding of the events going on around the Americans.

I still remember when he cut off an Oval Office interview with CBS anchor John Dickerson and gestured for him to leave the room when Dickerson repeatedly asked about the president’s unfounded wiretapping claims.

No one could deny that a large portion of the American media is politically biased and serve the political agendas of its owners. Trump had to use instead face book live and social media ads to address the American people.

Donald Trump – this new president of the United States – is very independent. His way is to democratically run the media, the CIA, the FBI, The White House, and all the American political institutions and not the opposite. He is not to be manipulated by any of them. No one could impose his views on him unless he has something logical or benefitable to say. Trump is originally a businessman; money talk is his approach to formulate strategic plans. America must prosper, must save her wasted money and invest it on projects directed for the benefit of the common people.

In three-days visit to Saudi Arabia Trump made a deal valuing nearly 600 billion dollars to be poured into the American treasury. He concluded this huge deal without the consent of Republicans or Democrats. It was a Trump deal. He created millions of jobs to the Americans, and revived further the American arm industry.

Now I hear about impeachment! His enemies want to impeach him. The Democrats in order to strengthen their status against Trump, are now inviting some rebellious Republicans to join them in signing the impeachment. I am telling the Republicans that their hazy, weary and divided party wouldn’t have reached power if Trump hadn’t won the elections. Trump brought them to power without any effort from them. On the contrary, they stood against him. Trump is the only one who can reunite the lacerated Republican party. because he is not much of a Republican but a pure American searching for the interest of his own people.

Impeaching Trump is a conspiracy against America. A devastating hit to the success of the Republicans and the reaching of their president to power. Republicans must reunite and stand as one strong row behind their elected president. They must reject any conspiracy directed to destroy America from within by some influential opportunists playing a dirty game behind the curtains. In such critical circumstances Americans and all Republicans must give Trump the chance to rule because he is the fittest for the White House now.

The Americans and the Republicans must play a decisive role in the struggle and stand firm to guard national unity. Dissension and hatred descended upon Americans, so they must be on guard to avoid fragmentation and dissension. Americans must avoid the breakdown of the nation and the collapse of political unity.

I call upon Americans not to give the chance to their enemies to compel them to choose their ways.  The unification of America, the unity of her people and the unity of her various nationalities are the basic guarantees for the sure triumph of her strength and prosperity.

Americans must stand against attempts to destabilize the democratically elected president.

Who on earth would dare change the will of the masses who elected their own president with their own free will? Those supporting impeachment are criminals in the eyes of the masses because they are trying to change the will of the people, which is also the will of God.