Bill Warner a shameless liar touring the United States lying about Islam


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

We can see in America now a business of Islamophobia–a multimillion-dollar industry that profits from promoting fear of Arabs and Muslims as part of the U.S. “war on terror.”

In the years since September 11, an entire Islamophobia industry has sprung up, similar in many ways to the anti-Communist politicians, “experts” and foundations, which warned America about the creeping “Red Menace” during the Cold War.

The Islamophobes are sounding the alarm about the “Muslim Menace” that they claim is threatening the Western, “civilized” world. According to them, every new mosque built in the U.S. is an invitation to jihad and the imposition of sharia law in the U.S.–because Islam is, at heart, a violent, terrorist-producing religion.

And to get the message out, they’ve spawned a host of poorly researched and virulently racist–but apparently very profitable–books, Web sites and speaking tours.

The Centre for American Progress Action Fund released a 138-page report, “Fear Inc: Exposing the Islamophobia Network in America”, which for the first time reveals that more than $42m from seven foundations over the past decade have helped empower a relatively small, but interconnected group of individuals and organizations to spread anti-Muslim fear and hate in America.

This report, however, targets those individuals who have clearly ventured towards poisonous extremist ideology and rhetoric by exploiting fears concerning terrorism and national security, and taking advantage of their people’s general ignorance of Muslims, as a profitable vehicle to advance a hateful agenda.

The mongering rhetoric of these  Islamophobe hate mongers negatively affect Muslim American citizens and portray them as perpetual hostile suspects, instead of good neighbours and allies. Currently, this has reached a crescendo resulting in certain communities attempting to curtail constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

The Islamophobia network in America is comprised of certain categories: the money trail: a list of seven funders who have given nearly $43m to anti-Muslim organizations and think tanks; the Islamophobia scholars and policy experts: five individuals and their respective organizations that act as the central nervous system responsible for manufacturing the fictitious memes and fear-mongering talking bad points about Muslims and Islam; the media enablers: the mainstreaming of this fringe, extremist rhetoric is aided by media allies in network TV (Fox News), radio (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck), online magazines (World Net Daily, Front Page Magazine) and the Islamophobia blogosphere (Jihad Watch), which give Islamophobe talking-heads an influential pulpit to broadcast their misinformation.

What is happening to Muslim Americans right now is simply a remake. In the past, the characters were Jews, Irish Catholics, Japanese Americans and gays and lesbians.

Instead of this fear mongering policy, America needs a proactive, united effort towards moderation by embracing American values that protect religious freedoms, ensure a vibrant, diverse democracy and sustain America as beacon of inclusiveness (1).

Business is booming for the Islamophobia industry. Some examples, according to Smietana: “IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer, who runs the blog, earned $132,537 from the  Jewish David Horowitz Freedom Centre, a conservative non-profit. Brigitte Tudor, who runs the anti-Islam groups ACT For America and the American Congress for Truth, earned $152,810, while her colleague Guy Rogers collected $154,900.”

Yes, Anti-Muslim bigotry has become a profitable business for a number of groups and individuals hired by organizations committed to promoting Islamophobia in the US. These groups and individuals have become like rabid dogs fighting Islam and Muslims for the love of money.

The most vicious Islamophobe hate mongers in America are: Bill Warner, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Sam Shamon, Terry Johnes, Pat Roberson, Mike Ghouse, Frankiln Graham, jimmy Swaggart, Bill O’reilly, Debbie Schulessl, Michael Savage, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, Mark Steyn, Sean Hannity, Brigitte Gabriel, P. David Gaubatz, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, John Joseph jay, Terry Johnes, and David Yerushalmi.

This party of Satan tampers with the truth and tricks it out in colours of falsehoods. They do not allow the prophet’s credentials or virtues to be known. They wililfy him, and conceal facts, which would attract people to him. When they do this of set purpose, they are descending in the lowest depths of degradation, and they are doing more harm to themselves than to anyone else.

People call them the dirty dozen hate mongers of America, and I call them the inmates of Hell, the dwellers of the Fire (2).

These demons have an insatiable appetite for riches and personal gain. They lust after wealth and fame. They do not mind tarnishing the religion of Allah for their personal material interests. They have the ability to suck the oxygen right out of a room. In their quest for profit, greed and immorality go hand in hand. To them, lying is necessary to make a profit. They argue with falsehood, in order to refute the truth, and they take Allah’s verses for jest!

Because they do not believe in Allah, and the Day of Reckoning, and most probably they are disbelievers, they regard worldly benefits as being the most important and neglect the fact that lying is forbidden in all religions. They do not mind falling into a major sin just to secure a momentary or minor gain.

These hired morons and greedy bigots are now selling hate in America with the purpose of spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans.

They think that by opposing Islam, they are doing good to their fellow men but the fact is, they are destroying the very fiber of their nation.

Instead of accepting the truth, they fabricate false allegations against Muslims and Islam. Islam considers the most evil kinds of lies are those told about Allah and His Messenger.

Allah says in the Koran:

“They only forge falsehood, who believes not in the signs of Allah, and those they are the liars.” (Al-nahl, 105).

Allah also says:

“Say: ‘Verily, those who invent a lie against Allah will never be successful’” (Yunus, 69).

One may ask: why these vagabonds attack Islam? The answer is: because they don’t have faith;  they are without trust or belief. Faith is knowing the limit, whereas infidelity is trespassing the limit. Faith is when man becomes aware of himself, and he who doesn’t know himself loses his control, and becomes unaware of his limit. When man knows his limit he knows himself, and he who knows himself becomes aware of his Lord. Faith is when man realizes his core and comes back to discretion whereas infidelity is when man gets away from his core and indulges in self-ignorance, lies, and falsehood.

This article deals with persons having these despicable characters, persons like the dirty dozen mentioned above.
As it shows, Bill Warner is on top of the list of the dirty dozen hate mongers of America. He is leading the big business of spreading anti-Muslim hate and lies. The man has no actual credentials in the study of religions, political science or anything else remotely related to Islam. But like many others looking to profit off of their bigotry, his personal ignorance about the Islam hasn’t stopped him from writing books about Islam, which he penned under the name “Bill Warner” and sells at speaking events.

The book “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”, is a screed full of racist distortions and half-truths about Islam. His views about Islam in this book are outright lies (3).

The man, who had no credentials in the study of Islam, is now touring the United States tarnishing Islam in churches and universities. But why not, the man is heavily financed by major financiers of extreme Islamophobic groups primarily responsible for orchestrating the majority of anti-Islam messages. For the love of money, the man excelled in polluting the American national discourse today.

I watched Bill Warner portraying Islam as evil in two You Tubes. As expected, he was feeding his listeners with falsehood and lies. Because I don’t have time for such nonsense, I was about to abandon his silly talk, but somehow I stayed, not because he was saying something of value, but because I found myself watching a comedian play performed by a clown talking glibly to give the impression that he was rejecting the truth based on principles. The tragedy that annoyed me most was that he was deceiving his listeners by exploiting their ignorance about Islam.

This article is intended to answer several lies Bill Warner raised about the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, Aug. 5, 1990.

Comment 1.

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights was a document put together in 1990 after the United Nations had come out with its Universal Human Rights. The Muslims looked at it and said: “We don’t like universal human rights. We will put together an Islamic document about human rights.”

Answer: The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights was a document put together in 1990 , and was derived from the Shari’a – the Islamic law – that was given to the prophet 1400 years ago before the United nations has come out with its universal human rights in the mid-20th century. So the Muslims didn’t say as Bill Warner claimed, “We don’t like universal human rights. We will put together an Islamic document about human rights.” They just included in one document the items of human rights in the Shari’a that were given to the Prophet 1400 year ago.

Shari’a and the principles of human rights derived from it, were the conscious on which the Muslim Empire was founded. Starting from the time of the prophet, followed by the Rightly guided Caliphs pursued by the Umayyad and Abbasids caliphates, then the Muslim kingdoms in North Africa and Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and the Muslim kingdoms in Persia and India, Malaysia and Indonesia, all these kingdoms and empires were ruled by the Sharia and its principles of human rightsfor one thousand years before the human rights of the United Nations was created.

Sharia is still a significant source of legislation in various Muslim countries. Some apply all or a majority of the sharia code, and these include Saudi ArabiaSudanIranAfghanistanPakistanBruneiUnited Arab EmiratesQatarYemen, Egypt and Mauritania.

Some countries in Asia, Africa and Europe recognize parts of sharia and accept it as the law on divorce, inheritance and other personal affairs of their Islamic population. In Britain, the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal makes use of sharia family law to settle disputes.

In the Muslim empire non-Muslims who are conquered by Islamic forces  enjoyed the humane and kind treatment given to them by the Shari’a. If such non-Muslims embrace Islam out of conviction, they are given equal status with Muslims as Islam does not punish the individuals for their past sins prior to their conversion nor does it discriminate between man and man on the basis of colour, race, blood, language, nationality, place of birth or possession of wealth. Thus, the newly-converted Muslims enter into the universal fraternity of Islam and become brothers of old Muslims with the same rights and obligations which the old Muslims have.

In case non-Muslims do not embrace Islam and prefer to retain their old religion, they are given the status of Zimmis (the protected or the covenanted People) and become the respectable subjects of the Islamic state. After payment of a tax of petty amount known as Jizyah (or protection-tax) they become almost equal citizens with the Muslims and enjoy the same socio-economic and legal rights which the Muslim citizens have.They can adopt any business or profession to earn their livelihood provided such business or profession is not unlawful, immoral or against the explicit injunctions of Islam like sale of wine or pork to Muslims, business involving usury with a Muslim or prostitution, etc. They have right to participate in social activities, national festivals, social gatherings. They are entitled to government jobs except for few posts like head of state, head of government, head of judiciary, head of the armed forces, head of parliament and some other key-offices. The Prophet of Islam himself appointed Amr bin Umaiyah-ad-Damri a non-Muslim as an ambassador to Abyssinia for interceding with the Negus in favour of the Muslim refugees. Umar, the second caliph, appointed a Greek Christian as the head of his accounts department to put in order the accounts of state revenues.

Islam enjoins upon the Muslims to treat the non-Muslims very kindly and justly. The Koran encourages social relations between the Muslims and non-Muslim people of the Book (Ahle Kitab). The food of Muslims is lawful for the Jews and Christians and that of the Jews and Christians is lawful for the Muslims. The women of the Christians and Jews have been allowed to marry the Muslims without changing their religion.

Comment 2.

The declaration starts by saying that all human beings form one family whose members are united by their subordination to Allah. What? Human beings are those who submit to Allah and that’s our first insight into the true nature of this doctrine. What about those who do not submit to Allah?


Submission is a religion whereby one recognizes Allah’s absolute authority, and reaches a conviction that only Allah possesses all power; no other entity possesses any power that is independent of Him. The natural result of such a realization is to devote one’s life and one’s worship absolutely to Allah alone. This is the First Commandment in all the scriptures, including the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Final Testament, the Koran.

The Bible says:

Hear, O Israel!
The Lord our God is One God!
Therefore you shall adore
the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind,
and with all your strength.

The commandment to worship God alone is also found in the Hindu scriptures:

Let us meditate on God,
His glorious attributes,
who is the basis of everything in this universe as its Creator,
who is fit to be worshiped
as Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient
and self-existent conscious being,
who removes all ignorance
and impurities from the mind
and purifies and sharpens the intellect.
[Gayatri Mantra, Yajur Veda]

In the Koran we read this commandment also, which Muslims consider the first pillar of Islam:

“Allah bears witness that there is no other deity save Him, as do the angels and those who possess knowledge. He is the upholder of justice. There is no deity save Him, the Mighty, the Wise (Al-Imran, 18).

Muslims (Submitters) are required to observe religious duties and do righteous deeds to prove their faith to Allah. Religious duties are also necessary to feed Muslims’ souls, the same way they feed their bodies with food and drink.

The Koran states:

Lo! men who surrender unto Allah, and women who surrender, and men who believe and women who believe, and men who obey and women who obey, and men who speak the truth and women who speak the truth, and men who persevere (in righteousness) and women who persevere, and men who are humble and women who are humble, and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their modesty and women who guard (their modesty), and men who remember Allah much and women who remember – Allah hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward (Al-Ahzâb, 35).

Adam was the first Messenger of Allah, and all Messengers after him, preached the Message of Islam – to worship One God alone. It was the first commandment to all messengers from Adam up to Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Abraham is the “original” messenger of Islam as Allah taught him all the religious duties Muslims practice today.

And when Abraham and Ishmael were laying the foundation of the House (Ka’ba), [they prayed], ‘Our Lord, accept this building( the Ka’aba) from us; for you are All-Hearing, All-Knowing. Lord, make us Muslims (submissive to You); make of our descendants a nation that will be Muslims (submit to You). Teach us our rites of worship and turn to us with mercy; You are the Forgiving One and the Merciful (Al-Baqarah, 127-128).

One of the prevalent myths is that Muhammad was the founder of Islam. Although Islam (total submission to Allah alone), is the only religion recognized by Allah since the time of Adam, Abraham as reported in the Koran was the first user of the word “Islam” and the one who called us “Muslims”.

O men, bow you down and prostrate yourselves, and serve your Lord, and do goo; haply so you shall prosper; and struggle for Allah as His due, for He has chosen you, and has laid on you no impediment in your religion, being the creed of your father Abraham; He named you Muslims aforetime and in this, that the Messenger might be a witness against you, and that you might be witness against mankind (Al-Hajj, 77-78).

In many verses of the Koran Islam is called “Millat Ibrahim” (the Religion of Abraham).

The Koran says:

Who but a foolish man would turn away from the religion of Abraham? We chose him in this world, and in the Hereafter he shall be among the righteous. When His Lord said to him, ‘Surrender’ (Be a Muslim), he responded, ‘I have surrendered to the lord of the universe,’ and Abraham enjoined his sons to do the same, as did Jacob, ‘My sons, Allah has chosen this religion for you so do not let death overtake you, except when you are Muslims (in a state of submission).’ (Al-Baqarah, 130-131).

There and then did Abraham handed down the religion to his offspring.

We read in the Koran:

Where you present when Jacob faced the hour of death and he asked his sons, ‘Who will you worship after me?’ They answered, ‘We will worship your god and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaak: the One God; we have submitted ourselves to Him (Al-Baqarah, 133-134).

Many kafirs, atheists or unbelievers say that if Allah is the eternal, supreme, absolute master, and, if such a master exists, man is a slave; now, if he is a slave, neither justice, nor equality, nor fraternity, nor prosperity are possible for Him.” The Muslim conception of god can thus be described as an absolute tyrant, and Islam itself can be described as an ideology designed to teach people to become submissive to Allah and accordingly down to their rulers and masters.

Bill Warner is parroting after them the same silly nonsense. He  ridicules the term submission. In his view, submission is subordination, a sort of slavery even if it was to Allah the Creator. Bill warner wants to say that man should live free as a bird; he moves in this life by his own man-made laws and to hell with the divine laws.

The word “Islam” is an Arabic word which means “submission to the will of God”. This word comes from the same root as the Arabic word “salaam”, which means “peace”. As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind and surety of heart, one must submit to Allah and live according to His Divinely revealed Law. The most important truth that Allah revealed to mankind is that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty Allah, thus all human beings should submit to Him.

The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background. Being a Muslim entails wilful submission and active obedience to God, and living in accordance with His message.

Islam is not a new religion because “submission to the will of Allah”, i.e. Islam, has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of Allah. For this reason, Islam is the true “natural religion”, and it is the same eternal Message revealed through the ages to all of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers. Muslims believe that all of Allah’s prophets, which include Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, brought the same Message of Pure Monotheism. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad was not the founder of a new religion, as many people mistakenly think, but he was the Final Prophet of Islam. By revealing His final Message to Muhammad, which is an eternal and universal Message for all of mankind, God finally fulfilled the covenant that He made with Abraham, who was one of the earliest and greatest prophets.

The way of Islam is the same as the way of the prophet Abraham, because both the Bible and the Koran portray Abraham as a towering example of someone who submitted himself completely to Allah and worshipped Him without intermediaries. Once this is realized, it should be clear that Islam has the most continuous and universal Message of any religion, because all prophets and messengers were “Muslims”, i.e. they all submitted to Allah’s will, and preached “Islam”, i.e. submission to the will of Almighty Allah.

Islam teaches that true happiness can only be obtained by living a life full of Allah-consciousness and being satisfied with what Allah has given us. Additionally, true “freedom” is freedom from being controlled by our base human desires and being ruled by man-made ideologies. This stands in stark contrast to the view of many people in the modern world, who consider “freedom” to be the ability to satisfy all of their desires without restriction. The clear and comprehensive guidance of Islam gives human-beings a well-defined purpose and direction in life. In addition to being members of the human-brotherhood of Islam, its well-balanced and practical teachings are a source of spiritual comfort, guidance and morality.

A direct and clear relationship with Allah, as well as the sense of purpose and belonging that one feels as a Muslim, frees a person from the many worries of everyday life. In short, the Islamic way of life is pure and wholesome. It builds self-discipline and self-control and frees human beings from superstition and all sorts of racial, ethnic and national prejudices. By accepting to live a conscious life with Allah, and realizing that the only thing that distinguishes people in the sight of Allah is their consciousness of Him, a person’s true human dignity and freedom are realized.

The present world is a prison for the believers and a paradise for the Kafirs (disbelievers).

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the unbeliever.” (Sahih Muslim 2956).

This world is a prison because it is a period of test for the believers. In this life the believer is not free to act as he desires because he is bound by divine rules and obligations. Islam governs the life of the believers and Muslims are happy to live according to the commandments of Allah. They see the worldly life a quick passing enjoyment, and the Hereafter the home that will remain forever. The believer never sees this world as his home, but as a temporary dwelling full of trials until he reaches his final eternal home – Paradise.

Allah says:

“Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty, ailments and were shaken.” (Al-Baqarah, 214).

“Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and properties (in exchange) for that they will have the garden (of Paradise)…” (At-Tawbah, 111).

Allah says: “Let not then this present life deceive you” (Fatir, 5).

Abu Hurayra said that he heard the Prophet said, “This world is cursed, and everything in it is cursed, except for the remembrance of Allah Almighty and obedience to Him, and a scholar or a teacher.'” [at-Tirmidhi].

Allah says:

“Truly, the life of this world is nothing but a (quick passing) enjoyment, and verily, the Hereafter that is the home that will remain forever. Whosoever does an evil deed, will not be requited except the like thereof; and whosoever does a righteous deed, whether male or female and is a true believer (in the Oneness of Allah), such will enter Paradise, where they will be provided therein (with all things in abundance) without limit (Ghafir, 39- 40).

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

“My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveller who took a rest at mid-day under a shade of a tree and then left it.”
(Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim).

The Prophet also said:

“Be in this world like a stranger, or a wayfarer.” (Bukhari).

For a disbeliever the matter is quite the opposite. He sees the life of this world as a paradise and does whatever his heart desires. He sees this world as his final home and acts accordingly to it. He pays no heed to the warnings that are given to him and does not submit to the will and commandments of Allah. He sees this world as his for the taking and makes it his goal to acquire as much as he can of its pleasure. He becomes blind to the reality of its evil and forgets all about the Day of Reckoning.

It is embedded in the Islamic doctrine that life is a preparation for the eternal home to which we are going, which is far more important than the ephemeral pleasures which seduce the disbelievers.

Allah chose Islam for Muslims as a better way of life, and taught them to be within the limits He prescribed for them. Limits showing the road to Paradise.
Submission to Allah is therefore freedom. But freedom in Islam has some limitations. Muslims’ right of freedom is sacred as long as he does not deliberately violate the Law of Allah or desecrate the rights of others.

One of the main objectives of Islam is to emancipate the mind from superstitions and uncertainties, the soul from sin and corruption, the conscience from oppression and fear, and even the body from disorder and degeneration.

The duty which Islam has enjoined on man to realize his freedom, includes profound intellectual endeavors, constant spiritual observances, binding moral principles, and even dietary regulations. When man follows this course, religiously, he cannot fail to reach his ultimate goal of freedom and emancipation.

The question of freedom with regard to belief, worship, and conscience is also of paramount importance in Islam. Every man is entitled to exercise his freedom of belief, conscience, and worship.

In the words of the Koran, Allah says:

“Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error. Whoever rejects Evil and believes in Allah has grasped the strongest bond that never breaks. And Allah knows all and Hears all things (Al-Baqarah, 256).

The Islamic concept of freedom is an article of faith, a solemn command from the Supreme Creator. It is based on the following fundamental principles. First, man’s conscience is subject to Allah only, to Whom every man is directly responsible. Secondly, every human being is personally responsible for his deeds and he alone is entitled to reap the fruits of his work. Thirdly, Allah has delegated to man the responsibility to decide for himself. Fourthly, man is sufficiently provided with spiritual guidance and endowed with rational qualities that enable him to make responsible, sound choices. Such is the foundation of the Islamic concept of freedom and such is the value of freedom in Islam. It is a natural right of man, a spiritual privilege, a moral prerogative, and, above all, a religious duty. Within the framework of this Islamic concept of freedom, there is no room for religious persecutions, class conflict, or racial prejudice. The individual’s right of freedom is as sacred as his right of Life; freedom is the equivalent of Life itself.

The concept of freedom in Islam and the above principles Muslims believe in and live with, are the outcome of total submission and absolute surrender to the will, service and the commands of the One True God, Allah. It is a submission that provides the believer with a strong sense of peace within, freedom of all fear, and completely safe and protected.

In conclusion, submission to the good will of Allah by worshipping him alone without associating with him any partners, together with obedience to His beneficial Law, ie, becoming a Muslim, is the best safeguard for man’s freedom, peace and harmony. If man follows a course of righteousness and godliness (which he is free to choose and follow) he will be rewarded in this world and the next: in this world he will live a life of peace and contentment, and in the Hereafter he will qualify for the heaven of eternal bliss, al-Jannah. If he chooses to follow the course of godlessness and evil, (which he is equally free to choose and follow), his life will be one of corruption and frustration in this world, and in the life to come he will face the prospect of that abode of pain and misery which is called Hell.

As for the second part of Bill Warner’s comment: “What about those who do not submit to Allah?” I state the following:

Allah is the sole Lord of every living and non-living being in the whole universe. The whole universe has submitted and surrendered  to Him. Allah tells us this in the following verse of the Koran:

“Is it other than the religion of Allah that you desire, when everything in the heavens and earth, willingly or unwillingly, submits to Him and to Him you will be returned? (Al ‘Imran, 83).

The only way to salvation is to surrender to Allah, and takes Him as our Guardian, bowing before Him in heartfelt love, obedience and awe. By surrendering to Allah, man accepts that everything goes bak to Allah.  Allah’s help and protection will always be unfailing if we hold firmly to Allah and trust in Him. Allah is the final Goal, as He is the final Goal of all things.

Allah says in the Koran:

And whosoever submits his will to Allah, being a good-doer, has laid hold of the most firm handle; and unto Allah is the issue of all affairs (Luqman, 22).

Those who do not surrender themselves to Allah, trusting instead in their own wisdom and seeing themselves as separate, independent beings, often experience suffering and torment throughout their lives. Whenever they do not get what they want, they immediately begin to feel unhappy and despairing-whereas if they knew that their destiny and fate is in the hand of Allah, they will realize that everything Allah sends to His servants is for a good purpose, and hence, nothing would cause them sorrow or anxiety.

The Koran tells us:

Those who say, “Our Lord is Allah”, and then go straight will feel no fear and will know no sorrow. Such people are the Companions of the Garden, remaining in it timelessly, for ever, as repayment for what they did. (Al-Ahqaf, 13-14)

Allah allows those who have faith in Him, surrender to Him and do good, a good life in this world. The good find good everywhere – in this world and in the Hereafter; because they understand and are in accord with the truths around them; where the ungodly in their deliberate rejection of guidance find no profit from Allah’s revelation.

For those who do good in this world good; and surely the abode of the world to come is better; excellent is the abode of the godfearing – Gardens of Eden they shall enter, underneath which rivers flow, wherein they shall have all they will (An-Nahl, 30-31).

Faith, if sincere, means right conduct. When these two confirm each other, Allah’s grace transforms our life. Instead of being troubled and worried, we have peace and contentment: instead of being assailed at every turn by false alarms and the assaults of evil, we enjoy calm and attain purity. The transformation is visible in this life itself, but the reward in terms of the Hereafter will be far beyond our deserts.

And whosoever does a righteous deed, be it male or female, believing, verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall recompense them their wage, according to the best of what they did (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter) (An-Nahl, 97).

Shall he who obeys Allah and His commands compare with the one who rebelled against Allah and turned away from His commands and has been destined to the abode in Hell?

Can one who seeks the pleasure of Allah, be like one who incurs the wrath of Allah and whose abode shall be Hell” (Al-Imran, 1362).

The Kafirs will be left in life to enjoy a brief enjoyment then their ultimate abode is Hell.

Let it not delude thee, that the Kafirs (unbelievers) go to and fro in the land; a little enjoyment, then their refuge is Hell – an evil cradling (Al-Imran, 196-197).

Those Kafirs that deny Allah and keep off men from the Way of Allah have strayed far away from the right Path. Allah will not forgive them nor guide them to any way except the way of hell to dwell therein forever.

The Koran says about the evil destination awaiting the Kafirs:

Surely the Kafirs (those who disbelieve), and bar from the way of Allah, have gone astray into far error. Surely the Kafirs (unbelievers), who have done evil, Allah would not forgive them, neither guide them on any road but the road to Hell. Therein dwelling forever; and that for Allah is an easy matter (Al-Nisa’, 167-169).

So, Bill Warner, surrendering to Allah completely is the only way to seek His pleasure and have a pure and successful life.

Comment 3

The Cairo Declaration states that the right to life is guaranteed to every human being. It is forbidden to take away a life except for a Sharia prescribed reason. What might those be? Well there’s the usual ones, such as the penalty for murder. But then there are other reasons to take a life, which I personally don’t like. For instance, it’s allowed to take the life of a Kafir, if it is in jihad. That is wrong and doesn’t really give me a lot of rights.


This is not true. Bill Warner reads the declaration of human rights in Islam with a twisted mind inclining towards bigotry and hatred. First, it should be clear that Islam maintains the protection of life and does not sanction any violation against it, irrespective of the people’s religion, race, sect, etc…

Allah says in the Koran about the prohibition of murder:

“…Take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus does He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” (Al-An`am, 151).

“Nor take life, which Allah has made sacred, except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, We have given his heir authority (to demand retaliation or to forgive): but let him not exceed bounds in the matter of taking life; for he is helped (by the law)” (Al-Isra’, 33).

According to the Koran, killing any person without a just cause is as big a sin as killing the whole humanity and saving the life of one person is as good deed as saving the whole humanity.

Therefore, We prescribed for the children of Israel that whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether (Al-Naidah, 32).

Muslims do not hate – let alone kill – non-Muslims, be they Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist or followers of any religion or no religion. Our religion does not allow killing any innocent person regardless of his or her religion. The life of all human beings is sacrosanct according to the teachings of the Koran and the guidance of our blessed Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

When we Muslims state that Islam is a religion of peace, we are not trying to prove something unreasonable or solve a crossword puzzle. Rather, we are just stating a fact backed by clear-cut evidence and unquestionable proofs.

With that statement, we do not intend to sound apologetic, for Islamic concept of peace is very clear. It does not mean weakness, slavishness or surrendering to aggression and injustice. The Islamic concept of peace aims at securing security and harmony for the whole world, without any discrimination as to religion, race or color. Thus, Islam, right from its inception, waged a total war against injustice and oppression. It has made it clear that people should not be deprived of having access to the light of guidance. But throughout its history you can never find any trace of infringing upon people’s right to self-expression, even at times that such right was misused. The cogent example to be mentioned here is the way the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, received the two envoys sent by Musailamah Al-Kazzab (the Liar). His fine remarks always ring in mind whenever the issue of diplomatic immunity comes to fore. He, peace and blessings be upon him, told the envoys when they addressed him in a very provocative way: “If not that the envoys should not be killed, I’d have ordered for you to be beheaded”, thus laying down the rule that was later codified as one of the principles of the modern international law.

The point here is, it’s not of the Islamic teachings to kill people just because they happen to be non-Muslims or happen to disagree with Muslims on some points. What attests to this is the fact that the first war in the Islamic history would have never occurred if not that the enemies of Islam could not be satisfied with expelling Muslims from their home (Makkah), rather they planned to carry the aggression to Madinah in order to exterminate Muslims once and for all. So the question that should have been asked is: why do opponents are always on the trail of Muslims?

Islam is indeed a religion of love and peace. Islam does not teach people to kill all those who disagree with them simply because they disagree with them. If certain bigoted Muslims did so that is not the fault of Islam. How unjust would it be to say that Christianity is a religion that teaches violence and blood shed by looking at the historical performance of some so-called Christians: After all, Hitler who committed genocide against the Jews, the white supremacists in South America who practiced barbarities against the blacks, the Serbs who committed genocide against the Muslims in Bosnia, those who systematically practiced mass slaughter of Muslims and Jews in Spain, and burned heretics, etc. all claimed to be Christians. What about the Christians still killing each other in Ireland? So why use double standards in judging Islam? Stereotyping is wrong regardless of against whom we use it.

Vast majority of Muslims have nothing to do with such violence or bloodshed that may or may not have been committed by those who claim to be Muslims. According to the strict verdict of the Koran, taking life of a single human being unjustly is akin to taking the life of all humanity. A good Muslim, therefore, is one who believes in sanctity of all life. The Prophet, peace be upon him, taught us that if a person were to kill even a single little sparrow, it would appear before the Lord of the worlds seeking Allah’s justice against the person!”

And what does the Koran say:

“They perform (their) vows, and they fear a Day Whose evil flies far and wide. And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive — (Saying), ‘We feed you For the sake of Allah alone: No reward do we desire from you, nor thanks”’ (Al-Insan, 7-9).

In these Noble Verses, we clearly see how Allah orders the Muslims to treat their captives with kindness and to not expect anything back in return. Muslims must do it for the love of Allah, hence they have to feed their captives in kindness and love. We can notice here how Allah Almighty is so Great, Merciful and Gracious, that even the captives are given His Love. Allah’s door for Mercy and Forgiveness is always open.

Muslims not only cannot kill their captives, but they also must feed them for the “love of Allah”. Our Prophet forgave the enemies of Islam. When the Muslims liberated Makkah from the Arab pagans, and the pagans’ army gave up, because they were widely out numbered by the Muslims, the Prophet said his very famous word: “Go, you are free.”

Ethnic cleansing is a western concept and is generally followed by Christian societies. For example, Islam ruled Spain for nearly 800 years and at that time, there were Muslims, Jews and Christians living together. As soon as the Christians took over, they either killed or expelled all Jews and Muslims from Spain. Similarly, before the second world war, the Christians from Europe ethnically cleansed it from Jews and up to six million Jews were killed throughout Europe. Recently there has been ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Christian Serbs in Yugoslavia and recently by the Russians in Chechnya.

In Islam punishment can be imposed on Non-Muslims if they are trying to destroy Islam.

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter; Except for those who repent before they fall into your power: in that case, know that Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Al-Maidah, 33-34).

When the Muslims were just starting Islam in Madina. Along with the Muslims there, there were some Christians and three big Jewish tribes: Bani Al-natheer, Bani Qaynuqaa, and Bani Quraytha. When the Pagans of Makkah wanted to end Islam finally, they agreed along with several other Pagan tribes outside Makkah to attack the Muslims in Madina. Prior to this, the Muslims had already signed a treaty of united defense of Madinah with the Jews. When the Pagans of Mecca and their allies finally started marching to Madinah, the Muslims became aware of it. One of the Prophet’s companions Salmaan al- Farisi suggested that the Muslims should dig a big trench to along all of the plain areas of Madina to disable the Pagans from attacking the Muslims.

The Jews’ tribes were stationed in the North side of Madinah. They didn’t need to dig any trench because they had such high mountains that they could easily defend by stationing their troops on top of the mountains, which would then disable the Pagans from entering Madinah from the North. But the Jews betrayed the Prophet and told the pagans that they could attack them from the North along with the Jewish army. Allah had blessed the Muslims with a big victory after long battles and Allah helped Muslims by sending a violent wind that blocked the eyesights of the enemies of Islam. After the Pagans withdrew back to Makkah, the Prophet applied the above mentioned verse and exiled Bani Quraytha, the first Jewish tribe to betray the Muslims, from Madinah. Later on, the other two Jewish tribes were exiled too.

Narrated Abu Qilaba: “Anas said, “Some people of ‘Ukl or ‘Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy, they killed the shepherd of the Prophet and drove away all the camels. The news reached the Prophet early in the morning, so he sent (men) in their pursuit and they were captured and brought at noon. He then ordered to cut their hands and feet (and it was done), and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron, They were put in ‘Al-Harra’ and when they asked for water, no water was given to them.” Abu Qilaba said, “Those people committed theft and murder, became infidels after embracing Islam and fought against Allah and His Apostle. (Sahih Bukhari, Ablutions (Wudu’), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)”

We notice from the above incidents that the enemy had betrayed the Muslims. In the first incident, the Jews betrayed the Muslims by breaking up the treaty and fighting alongside with the Pagans. In the second incident, the Pagans killed the Shepherd  and stole all of the Camels after they gained the Muslims’ trust by embracing Islam. These are the only times where Prophet Muhammad ever applied the above mentioned verse to anyone.

Islam is a merciful religion and Allah gives the enemies of Islam the opportunity to be forgiven when they are captured in the battle field. Muslims must always treat their captives with kindness and feed them (4).

As it seems, out of ignorance of the Arabic language, Bill Warner does not understand the meaning of the word Kafir. He thinks it means non-Muslim! I have explained the meaning of Kafir in two long articles published in my website “”, and also in my blog mohsenaelguindy| word, under the titles: “Bill Warner a notorious Islamophobe hate monger lying about Islam”, and “Islamic principles the critics of Islam ought to know.”

Any belief that exists outside the boundaries set forth by Allah falls under the category of Kufr, or disbelief. The words Kufr and Kafir are derived from the root “Kafar”, which linguistically means “to cover”. Even the farmer is considered a Kafir in the linguistic sense because he is covering the seeds with soil.

Kufr is the rejection of the belief in Allah and the Messenger ship of Muhammad. The term Kafir refers to a person who literally rejects Allah’s authority.

Allah says in the Koran:

“Verily, those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and wish to make a distinction between Allah and His Messengers (by believing in Allah and disbelieving in His Messengers) saying, ‘We believe in some, but reject others,’ and wish to adopt a way in between, they are in truth disbelievers. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment.” (Al-Nisa’, 150-151).

After Muhammad, Allah has chosen Islam as the religion for all of humanity, and no one on the Day of Judgment who was presented Islam an d rejected it will have any excuse that will exempt him from the punishment of the Hell-Fire.

Islam states that anyone who dies as a disbeliever, rejecting Islam after it was presented to him in an effective manner will be admitted into the Hell-Fire, no matter how many good deeds that person performed, no matter how revered or adorable that person was in the eyes of others, and no matter how pious or righteous that person was.

Bill Warner thinks that the Kafir and the believer must enjoy equal rights before Allah.  But those Kafirs who disregard Allah’ s revelations shall suffer grievously because Allah justly avenges His right.

Allah warns in the Koran:

As for those who disbelieve (Kafirs) in Allah’s signs, for them awaits a terrible chastisement; Allah is All-Mighty, Vengeful (Al-Imran, 4).

The Lord says to his Prophet in the Koran not to let the kafirs (unbelievers) grieve him because they rush with haste to disbelief, not the least harm will they do to Allah. Allah has decided to give them no portion in the Hereafter, and their await them a terrible punishment. The Kafirs must not think that the respite Allah grants them is for their ow good. He simply gives them plenty of rope to allow them free action in order that they commit themselves further to the evil line of conduct, and their awaits them a humiliating chastisement.

Let them not grieve thee who rush with hate to disbelieve; they will nothing hurt Allah; Allah desires not to appoint for them a portion in the world to come, and there awaits them a mighty chastisement. Those who buy unbelief at the price of faith, they will nothing hurt Allah; and there awaits them a painful chastisement. And let not the Kafirs (unbelievers) suppose that the indulgence We grant them is better for them; We grant them indulgence only that they may increase in sin; and there awaits them a humbling chastisement (Al-Imran, 176-178).

The enemies of Islam call us apologetics, meaning: our religion is evil and we are trying hard to introduce false evidences to prove the opposite. Oh no. Religion with Allah is only Islam. The Islamic religion is the only religion, which Allah will accept from His servants on the Day of Judgment.  We introduce our religion to the whole world as it is without deviation or reconciliation. It is our duty to enlighten non-Muslims, kafirs, people of the Book, etc. about the religion that if embraced will take the believer to paradise. If people are convinced, it is for their own good, if not, it is to their own loss.

Muslims introduce to non-Muslims the Koran, a Book well-guarded by Allah until the Day of Judgment. The Koran safeguards and preserves the teachings of previous prophets. It watches over the revelations that Allah sent before by explaining their true meanings to negate any confusion, misunderstanding or misinterpretation that has arisen throughout history. It stands witness because it bears witness to the Word of Allah contained in those previous scriptures and helps sort it out from interpretations and commentaries that were later added to them (5).

The kafirs are the one  who separated themselves from the unbelievers by their evil characters. Islam has nothing to do with this separation.The Kafirs rebelled against Allah and rejected His Message of Islam (monotheism). They lie when they speak and they are arrogant and self-deluded. They are also so shamelessly envious that they would strive to mislead the believers so that they will be assembled with them in the Hell-Fire.

Allah says:

“They wish that you reject faith as they have rejected (faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another).” (An-Nisa’, 89).

They turn away from the signs of Allah, lessons and admonitions. Their heart is so full of envy that it shows in their eyes. They are envious of the Muslims because of their blessings and wish that they could be taken away from them.

Allah says:

“Neither those who disbelieve among the people of the scripture (Jews and Christians) nor the idolaters like that there should be sent down unto you any good from your Lord.” (Al-Baqarah, 105).

The Kafirs plot against the Muslims by night and betray them in the day. Enmity towards Muslims is vividly shown in their faces and their utterances. They bite their fingertips in severe anger against the Muslims and their inner-selves are full of evil plans against Muslims. They pretend to be trustworthy and good mannered while they are actually pursuing their own interests.

Allah exposes them when He says:

“Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what their breasts conceal is far worse.” (Al-Imran, 118).

They hide their lies and treachery in apparent truthfulness and sincerity, please Musims with words of their mouths while their hearts reject them. They argue with falsehood and conceal the truth. Their evil plots against the Muslims are great; but Allah will render their plan fruitless, for, the plots of disbelievers are nothing but error.

The Kafirs have no knowledge of the Hereafter, they are completely ignorant of it.

Allah says:

“They know only the outside appearance of the life of the world (i.e. the matters of their livelihood, or irrigating, or reaping, or sowing, etc.) And they are heedless of the hereafter.” (Ar-Room, 7).

Allah also says:

“…But most of them behave ignorantly” (Al-An’am, 111).
Their children and wealth are but sources of distress for them. They live in confusion and their only concern in this world is eating, drinking and lustful enjoyment and their sustenance is devoid of Barakah (divine blessing). They are never satisfied with little.

The Prophet said, “The Kafir eats too much but the Muslim is satisfied with little food in order to be able to worship. He preserves a third of his stomach for his food, a third for his drink, and a third for his breath. A believer’s food is blessed.”

Kafirs’ adventitious advantages like wealth, power, positions, and talents are not due to their own merits. They are gifts from Allah, Who created them. In themselves they came bare and alone. Life may be smooth and agreeable to them, but their responsibility is to Allah. The Kafirs take Allah’s gifts as if they were their right. The more they get, the more they are greedy. Yet to Allah’s signs and revelations they are deaf or even openly rebellious. But they are only preparing the way for their own undoing.

It is because of the Kafir’s distance from the light of guidance that they have different sects and severely differs with one another in their opinions.

Allah says:

“They are only in opposition. So Allah will suffice you against them. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.” (Al-Baqarah, 137).

Allah also says: “We have put enmity and hatred amongst them till the Day of Resurrection.” (Al-Ma’idah, 64).

Kafirs are cowards in war and  Muslims can defeat them, though the odds are two to one.

Allah says:

“So if there are of you a hundred steadfast persons, they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a thousand of you, they shall overcome two thousand with the leave of Allah.” (Al-Anfal, 66).

The Kafir is a preventer of good things, eater of ill-gotten wealth, ungrateful over the bounties of Allah.

Allah says:

“They recognize the Grace of Allah, yet they deny it and most of them are disbelievers.” (An-Nahl, 83).

The Kafir lives in ignorance, lustful desires and errors; he is unguided to means of uprightness; his heart, ears and eyes are all blocked from perceiving the truth, and Satan pushes him to commit sins. His preoccupation and concern is to satisfy his lust and whims, his deeds then become useless in this world and the next. His Lord does not love Him and tells that He is an enemy of the disbeliever.  Whoever does a good or bad deed, Allah will make the sign of his good deed manifest on him.

The Prophet said:

“Whenever Allah hates a slave, He calls Jibreel (Gabriel) and says, ‘O Jibreel! I, indeed, hate so-and-so therefore you must also hate him. Then Jibreel will hate him and proclaim to the inhabitants of the heaven that Allah hates so-and-so, therefore they too should hate him, then the inhabitants of the heaven will hate him, and his hatred will then be spread among the inhabitants of the earth.” (Al-Bukhaaree & Muslim).

The Kafir is the worst of Allah’s creatures.

Allah says about them in His Holy Book:

“They are the worst of creatures.” (Al-Bayyinah, 6).

As for their numbers, they are the majority of the inhabitants of the earth.

Allah says: “But most of mankind believe not.” (Hood, 17).

The Prophet said:

‘Allah said, “O Adam! Bring out the contingent of the hell-fire!” Adam said, “Who are the contingents of the hell-fire?” Allah answered, “Of every thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine.” (Al-Bukhaaree).

In another version, he says, “Of every hundred, ninety nine.”

When a Kafir dies, the whole of humanity are relieved.

The Prophet said, “When a believer dies, Allah with His mercy relieves him  from the toils and harms of this world, but when one of the unbelievers dies, mankind, the trees and animals are relieved.” (Al-Bukhari).

So how Kafirs – these enemies of Allah – could enjoy the same human rights as Muslims do under the Sharia Law?

Comment 4

Another reason that you can kill somebody is buried deep in the back of the Sharia text. Both parents and grandparents shall not be considered guilty if they kill one of their children. So in other words, honour killings are built into the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights.


Bill Warner means that parents if they kill their children for honor shall not be considered guilty. With such ambiguous and evil remark Bill Warner wanted to show that Muslims are savages bent on killing one another.

In Islam, killing a Muslim unlawfully is a serious matter and a grave crime. Allah says :

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein; and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and  a great punishment is prepared for him” (Al-Nisa’, 93).

Ibn Umar narrated that the Messenger said, “The believer will continue to be encompassed by the mercy of Allah so long as he does not shed blood that it is forbidden to shed.”  (Al-Bukhari 6355).

“The Prophet has explained the reasons for which it becomes permissible to shed blood: “It is not permissible to shed the blood of a Muslim who bears witness that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah except in three cases: a life for a life (murder); adultery from a man who was married or previously married. Adultery  of one who is previously-married; and the one who changes his religion and forsakes the jamaa’ah (majority of Muslims).” ( al-Bukhaari (6370) and Muslim (3175).

Abd-Allah ibn Masood said: I asked the Messenger of Allah which sin is worst in the sight of Allah? He said, “To make any rival to Allah, when He has created you”. I asked, Then what? He said, “To kill your child for fear that he will eat with you”. I asked, Then what? He said, “To commit zina (fornication) with the wife of your neighbour”.(reported in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Hadith No.492 and In Sahih Muslim, Hadith No.90).

‘Abdullah b. Buraida reported on the authority of his father that Ma’iz b. Malik al-Aslami came to Allah’s Messenger and said: ‘Allah’s Messenger, I have wronged myself ; I have committed adultery and I earnestly desire that you should purify me.’ The Prophet turned him away. On the following day, he (Ma’iz) again came to the Prophet and said: ‘Allah’s Messenger, I have committed adultery. Allah’s Messenger turned him away for the second time, and sent him to his people saying: ‘Do you know if there is anything wrong with his mind.’ They denied of any such thing in him and said: ‘We do not know him but as a wise good man among us, so far as we can judge.’ He (Ma’iz) came for the third time, and he the Holy Prophet sent him as he had done before. He asked about him and they informed him that there was nothing wrong with him or with his mind. When it was the fourth time, a ditch was dug for him and the Holy Prophet pronounced judgment about him.

He (the narrator) said: There came to him (the Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said: ‘Allah’s Messenger, I have committed adultery, so purify me.’ He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away. On the following day she said: Allah’s Messenger, ‘Why do you turn me away? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma’iz. By Allah, I have become pregnant’. He said: ‘Well, if you insist upon it, then go away until you give birth to (the child).’ When she gave birth she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: ’ Here is the child whom I have given birth to.’ He said: ‘Go away and suckle him until you wean him.’ When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said: ‘Allah’s Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food.’ He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her. Khalid ibn el Walid came forward with a stone which he flung at her head and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and so he cursed her. Allah’s Apostle heard  Khalid’s curse. Thereupon the Prophet said: ‘Khalid, be gentle. By Him in Whose Hand is my life, she has made such a repentance that even if a wrongful tax-collector were to repent, he would have been forgiven.’ Then the prophet prayed over her and she was buried (Sahih Muslim: Book 17: Hadith 4206).

It is clear from this Hadith that zina  (adultery) from the part of one who is married is one of the reasons that make it permissible to kill a person, but the zaani (adulterer) cannot be killed unless two conditions are met:

1-   He or she should have been already married, must be of sound reason, and had intercourse within a valid marriage. He or she must be free and not a slave.

2-    the second condition is that in order for the punishment to be deserved, the sexual intercourse must have been seen by four male witnesses, or the adulterer should freely admit to having committed adultery, without being forced to do so.

It is not permissible for the public to carry out the punishment. The matter must be referred to the ruler or his deputy to prove the crime and carry out the punishment.

Concealing one who has committed this evil deed so that he may repent and set his affairs straight with Allah before he dies is better than exposing him, let alone killing him. The Prophet turned away from Maa’iz after he admitted committing adultery, and he ignored him until he repeated his confession several times, the prophet then had to submit him to the punishment.

The virgin if male or female if he or she commits zina (fornication), the shari’a punishment in their case is flogging and banishment for one year, not execution, because the Prophet said: “The punishment for zina of a virgin with a virgin person is one hundred lashes and exile for one year.”

The Koran says:

The fornicatress and the fornicator — scourge each one of them a hundred stripes, and in the matter of Allah’s religion let no tenderness for them seize you if you believe in Allah and the Last Day; and let a party of the believers witness their chastisement (An-Nur, 2).

Fornication has been regarded by Allah as an immoral act, a degrading vice and an evil line of conduct.

“And come not near to unlawful sexual intercourse. Verily, it is a faahishah (a great sin) and an evil way.” (Al-Isra’, 32).

The true believers do not invoke besides Allah another god nor do they deprive anyone of life which Allah has made sacred, unless it be justified for a proved crime, nor do they commit adultery, and he who commits himself to such an evil line of conduct shall pay heavily for these sinful acts. His punishment shall be doubled on the day of Judgment unless he has repented earlier and crowned his conduct with good deeds. Such like persons shall Allah exchange their evil deeds for virtuous deeds.

Allah says in the Koran:

“And those who invoke not any other god along with Allah, nor kill such life as Allah has forbidden, except for just cause, nor commit illegal sexual intercourse (zina) and whoever does this shall receive the punishment. The torment will be doubled to him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein in disgrace; except those who repent and believe and do righteous deeds, for those Allah will change their sins into good deeds, and Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Al-Furqan, 68-70).

Based on the above, “honour killing” is a transgression and wrongdoing, because it is killing one who does not deserve to be killed unless the divine commands mentioned above apply on him or her.

Because Bill Warner is a falsehood monger and is used to hide the truth, he did not mention that stoning the adulterer is also practised in Judaism and in Christianity. Stoning the fornicator in Judaism is applied for the following reasons:

1-   Intercourse between a man and his mother

2-   Intercourse between a man and his father’s wife (not necessarily his mother).

3-   Intercourse between a man and his daughter in law.

4-   Intercourse with another man’s wife from the first stage of marriage.

5-   Intercourse between two men.

6-   Bestiality.

7-   Cursing the name of God.

8-   Idol Worship.

9-   Giving one’s progeny to Molech (child sacrifice).

10-               Necromantic Sorcery.

11-               11- Photonic Sorcery

12-                Attempting to convince another to worship idols.

13-               Instigating a community to worship idols.

14-               Witchcraft.

15-               Violating the Sabbath

16-               Cursing one’s own parent.

17-               A stubborn and rebellious son.

The following Verses are from the NIV Bible:

Exodus 20:14 “You shall not commit adultery.”
Deuteronomy 22:22 “If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.”
Leviticus 20:10 “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife–with
the wife of his neighbor–both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.”

Before any capital sentence was carried out, the condemned person was given a drug to render them senseless. There were four types of capital punishment, known as mitath beth din (execution by the rabbinic court). These four types of capital punishment, in decreasing severity, were:

Sekila – stoning
This was performed by pushing a person off a height of at least 2 stories. If the person did not die, then the executioners (the witnesses) brought a rock that was so large that it took both of them to lift it; this was placed on the condemned person to crush them.

Serefah – burning
This was done by melting lead, and pouring it down the throat of the condemned person.

Hereg – decapitation
This is also known as “being put to the sword” (beheading).

Chenek – strangulation
A rope was wound around the condemned person’s neck, and the executioners (the witnesses) pulled from either side to strangle the condemned person.

We clearly see that adultery causes death from the Verses above.  Let us see what Jesus peace be upon him said about adultery:

Jesus said:  ‘He who is without sin can cast the first stone’?

He also said, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

It is quite clear from these verses from the New Testament that Jesus peace be upon him did honour the Old Testament because he came not to destroy but to fulfil. So he approved that the adulterer must be put to death.

This shows again and again that the religion of Allah is only one (Islam), and His commands in all religions are one, His Word in all the sacred Books he sent to His Prophets is decisive, irrevocable and conclusive.

Allah says:

Perfected is the Word of thy Lord in truth and justice. None can change His words, and He is the Hearer, the Knower (Al-An’am, 115).

The countries most notorious for honour killing are Arab or Muslim countries; Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. This feeds a general impression that honour killing is somehow related to Islam, which feeds into a general xenophobia against Muslims.

There is, however, no single text in the Koran that justifies these crimes. By contrast, in the Bible, Numbers 26:6-8 show God approving Phineas’s public murder of a couple who marry outside tribal boundaries.

Like all other religions, Islam strictly prohibits murder and killing without legal justification.

Allah, Most High, says, “And whoso slays a believer wilfully, his recompense is Hell, therein dwelling forever, and Allah will be wroth with him and will curse him, and prepare for him a mighty chastisement (An-Nisa’: 93)

The so-called “honour killing” is based on ignorance and disregard of morals and laws, which cannot be abolished except by disciplinary punishments.

In India, for example, many such murders are committed by Hindus and Sikhs. For some Hindus, an honour killing may be motivated by a woman marrying across caste boundaries. In 2003, a young couple who fell in love at University and contracted a secret marriage. Her family disapproved of the match due to his low status in the caste system. They were both forced to drink poison with scores of witnesses to their agonising deaths. Most cases in India occur in Punjab and Haryana (in which two provinces one out of every ten murders is an honour killing) and parts of western Uttar Pradesh. Many of these murders are ordered by an informal judicial system of caste panchayat, which is a self-proclaimed body consisting of village elders, from which women are excluded. Mangal Singh, a Sikh interviewed in Amritsar, claimed that the 17 women and children killed within his family were willing ‘martyrs’ in the name of family pride.

Honour killing also happens in Christian communities in the Mediterranean and other regions. The culture of Ancient Rome allowed the father to kill his children if he deemed necessary. Honour killing was only abolished as a specific category in Italy in 1981, and murders in the name of honour still occur in the country. In 2006, Bruna Morito was shot six times in the face by her brother for bearing a child outside marriage. In Brazil, men could be acquitted for murdering their wives up until 1991, and there have been 800 recorded such murders in a single year. Even in 1991, a lower court ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court and acquitted Joao Lopes for the double homicide of his wife and her lover.

Even within the Middle East, honour killing is not restricted to Muslims. In Yemen, a Jewish father killed his daughter after a rebuke from the rabbi for her extra-marital pregnancy, and in Palestine, in 2005, Faten Habash was beaten to death with an iron bar, wielded by her Christian father because she wanted to marry her Muslim boyfriend.

While there is no Koranic justification for honour killing, it is unfortunately true that many of the perpetrators believe themselves justified by their faith. All religions are influenced by the patriarchal culture under which they were created and so codify some of the oppressive practises of their time. It is in the name of Christianity that reactionary elements in some American states and European countries restrict abortion rights; it was in the name of Islam that reactionary elements in Jordan and Pakistan blocked legal amendments which would have closed loopholes that allow honour killers to escape with token punishment. As Nilofar Bakhtiar, adviser to Pakistan’s prime minister on Women’s’ Development says, ”Men find it very convenient to say that what they don’t want to do is against Islam and what they want to do is in the name of Islam.”

Comment 5

It states that men and women have the right to marriage and no restrictions stemming from race colour or nationality. What are we missing? Yes, religion! Because you see there are many prohibitions on Muslims. A Muslim woman is not supposed to marry a Kafir male, but a Kafir woman can marry a Muslim male. Why? The children have to be raised as Muslims.


Non-Muslims always ask the question: “ Why a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim?”

Islam does not encourage the interfaith marriages. The general rule of Islam is that Muslims should marry Muslims. A Muslim male or female should not marry a non-Muslim male or female. The only exception is given to Muslim men who are allowed to marry the chaste women from among the People of the Book.

The Koran says:

The chaste believing women and the chaste women of the people who were given the Book before you, are lawful to you, provided that you give them their dowers, and marry them, neither committing fornication nor taking them as mistresses. If anyone rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he shall be among the losers (Al-Maidah,5).

However, a Muslim woman is better suited to a Muslim man than a woman of Christian or Jewish faith, regardless of her merits. This is because marriage is not based on fulfilling one’s sexual desire; rather, it is an institution. It aims to establish a home on the bases of tranquility, faith and Islamic morals. To fulfil this task, the whole family must apply Allah’s course and try to convey His message.

It is obvious that Islam made it impermissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim in order to keep her away from things that may jeopardize her faith. Marrying a Christian or a Jew might represents a threat to her religion. A Muslim woman will not feel that her religion is secure while being with a Jewish or a Christian husband especially as the majority of the People of the Book do not show due respect to Islam and its prophet.

Given the fact that the husband is generally the head of the household, it’s not far-fetched for a non-Muslim husband to prevent his Muslim wife from performing some Islamic rituals which may seem a nuisance to him, for example fasting, or even refraining from marital relations during the fast. As a result, he might force her to change her religion, and if she refuses, the situation may culminate in divorce.

The Christian husband may also have evil habits like drinking alcohol, eating pork, gambling,  open relationships with other women, sex outside marriage, etc., things that are totally forbidden in Islam. The Christian husband may force his Muslim wife to accept such a distorted life, thus, turning her away from following the commands of her Creator. A woman living with a man in such environment would certainly be polluted after a while and loses her Islamic faith over time. It would definitely be impossible for two such people to live together in harmony and love.

Man by nature tends to be dominant and woman by nature tends to be weak and submissive. This is a fact which cannot be denied. Because man is the manager of his household, he will persecute his Muslim wife in many dos and don’ts.

Muslims believe that both Judaism and Christianity originated in divine revelation, although later distortions were introduced into them. They also believe that Allah revealed the Taw rah to Moses and the Injeel to Jesus, and that both Moses and Jesus were among the Messengers of Allah who were distinguished by their steadfast determination. Accordingly, the Christian or Jewish wife of a Muslim lives under the protection of a man who respects the basic tenets of her faith, her Scripture, and her Prophets, while in contrast to this the Jew or Christian recognizes neither the Divine origin of Islam, its Book, or its Prophet. How then could a Muslim woman live with such a man, while her religion requires of her the observance of certain worships, duties, and obligations, as well as certain prohibitions. It would be impossible for the Muslim woman to retain her respect for her beliefs as well as to practice her religion properly if she were opposed in this regard by the master of the house at every step.

And while Islam guarantees freedom of belief and practice to the Christian or Jewish wife of a Muslim, and safeguarding her rights according to her own faith, other religions such as Judaism and Christianity, do not guarantee the wife of a different faith freedom of belief and practice, nor do they safeguard her rights. Since this is the case, how can Islam take chances on the future of its daughters by giving them into the hands of people who neither honour their religion nor are concerned to protect their rights?

A marriage between a man and woman of different faiths can be based only on the husband’s respect for his wife’s beliefs; otherwise, a good relationship can never develop.

Islam considers the concept of the Trinity as polytheism, and regards the dogmas of vicarious atonement, original sin and crucifixion as blasphemous and ungodly, so how can a Muslim woman who believe in strict monotheism to live a normal life with a Christian who associates Jesus with Allah in worship and considers Jesus his God or the son of God? How can a Muslim woman who believe in strict monotheism live with a Christian man who believe that God is one in three or three in one? A dogma the Koran considers as a glaring blasphemy!

There is a consensus among Muslims that it is unlawful for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man, regardless of whether he is of the People of the Book or not.

The first thing to be taken into consideration when choosing a spouse is belief. The relationship between a husband and a wife is an extremely delicate one, balanced within a network of social, domestic and psychological factors. For such relationship to flourish there has to be harmony of belief.

Allah commands the believers in the Koran not to join idolatresses in wedlock before they have believed in Allah, their Creator. A slave girl who believes in Allah is far better than an idolatress associating partners with Allah, however pleasing she may appear to a Muslim, nor Muslims should allow their women to join idolaters in wedlock before they have believed in Allah even though he may please her. Such idolaters call Muslims to Hell Fire, but Allah calls Muslims to Paradise and to forgiveness. Allah makes His messages clear to people, so that they might bear them in mind.

Allah says in the Koran:

Do not marry idolatresses, until they believe; a believing slave girl is better than an idolatress, though you may admire her. And do not marry idolaters, until they believe. A believing slave is better than an idolater, though you may admire him. Those call unto Fire; and Allah calls unto Paradise, and pardon, by His leave, and He makes clear His signs to the people; haply they will remember (Al-Baqarah , 221).

A non-Muslim woman marrying a Muslim husband would be expected eventually to accept Islam.  Any man or woman, of any race or faith, may, on accepting Islam, freely marry any Muslim woman or man, provided it be from motives of purity and chastity and not of lewdness.

Under the treaty of Hudaybiyah women under guardianship including married women, who fled from the Quraish in Makkah to the prophet’s protection in Madinah were to be sent back. But the Quraish had broken the treaty, and some instructions were necessary as to what the Madinah Muslims should do in those circumstances. Muslims women married to pagan husbands in Makkah were oppressed for their faith, and some of them came to Madinah as refugees. After this, they were not to be returned to the custody of their pagan husbands at Makkah, as the marriage of believing women with non-Muslims was held to be dissolved if the husbands did not accept Islam. But Muslims must pay their pagan husbands the equivalent of what they had spent on them in the way of dowry. Thus helpless women refugees were to be protected at the cost of the Muslims.

Allah says in the Koran:

O believers, when believing women come to you as emigrants, test them. Allah knows very well their belief. Then, if you know them to be believers, return them not to the unbelievers. They are not permitted to the unbelievers, nor are the unbelievers permitted to them. Give the unbelievers what they have expended; and there is no fault in you to marry them when you have given them their dowers. Do not maintain your marriages with those women who deny the truth: demand repayment of the dowers you have given them and let the disbelievers ask for the return of what they have spent. That is Allah’s judgment; He judges between you; and Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise (Al-Mumtahanah, 10).

Comment 6

The Cairo Declaration says that a woman is equal to a man in human dignity. Right. But included in the Sharia are prescriptions on how a woman is to be beaten and the appropriate ways to do this. So much for equality.


By such accusation Bill Warner is implying that the Sharia allows beating women and that they are inferior creatures who deserve to be beaten by men any time they like.

What a terrible lie coming from an impudent liar! But this outright lie is expected to come from a man hired to tarnish the religion of Islam. He and the other hired members of the gang can sell their own mothers for a few dollars more. They are like rabid dogs hungry for money. They do not mind humiliating their Lord and His religion as long as their ugly mouths are stuffed with banknotes.

Bill Warner wants to say that all these glorious Muslim generations, which ruled the world for one thousand years and spread in it the true monotheistic religion of Allah – Islam – and filled it with science and knowledge, all came from mothers beaten by their husbands. This insolent liar, and ignorant moron, does not know the value of women in Islam. He doesn’t know their role as mothers, their influential role in raising heir children, their status as the queens of the household, their responsibilities toward their husbands and the duties of their husbands towards them.

First, let’s remember that domestic violence is a universal issue. Let’s also emphasize the fact that there is a distinction between Islam and the behaviour of individual Muslims. As in any law, creed, or faith, it is unfair to hold each and every Muslim as an official representative of the faith, perceiving his or her behaviour as a reflection of Islamic teachings and assuming it is supported by the Koran.

Individual behaviour is nothing but a reflection of a human individual, who could be right or wrong, gentle or violent, pious or otherwise.

If some individuals who happen to be Muslims misbehave, then this is their personal problem of bad manners or misinterpretation of the rules of their faith. It is not fair to allow their aggression to tarnish the image of a major world religion and all its millions of followers.

The task of a wife in Islam is to maintain and take care of her husband.  It is not an easy undertaking. Those women, who are unaware of this feature of their role, may find difficulty in fulfilling the task. It is a job for the woman who is aware that the job requires a degree of sagacity, style, and ingenuity. For a woman to be a successful wife, she should win over her husband’s heart and be a source of comfort to him.

She should encourage him to do good deeds while dissuading him from bad ones. She should also provide adequate measures to maintain his health and well-being. The results of her efforts are directed towards making the man into a kind and respected husband who would be a proper guardian for his family, and a good father from whom the children would seek guidance and respect. Allah has endowed woman with extraordinary power. The prosperity and happiness as well as the misery of the family are in her hands.

A woman can turn the home into a lofty paradise or a burning hell. She can lead her husband to the peak of success or the dregs of misfortune. The woman with the qualities bestowed on her by Allah, who is aware of her role as a spouse, can elevate her husband to a respected man even if he had been the lowest of all men.

In Islam, taking care of one’s husband has an important position. It has been equated to the role of Jihad (struggle in the path of Allah). “Imam Ali stated: ‘The Jihad of a woman is to take care of her husband well’.

“The Prophet said:

‘Any woman, who dies while her husband is pleased with her, enters Paradise’.

The Prophet also said:

“If a woman does not perform her duty as a spouse, she has not done her duty to Allah’.

According to the Koran the relationship between the husband and wife should be based on mutual love and kindness.

Allah says:

“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” (Ar-Rum, 21).

The Holy Koran urges husbands to treat their wives with kindness. In the event of a family dispute, the Koran exhorts the husband to treat his wife kindly and not to overlook her positive aspects.

Allah says:

“Live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.” (An-Nisa’, 19).

It is important that a wife recognizes the authority of her husband in the house. He is the head of the household, and she is supposed to listen to him. But the husband should also use his authority with respect and kindness towards his wife. If there arises any disagreement or dispute among them, then it should be resolved in a peaceful manner. Spouses should seek the counsel of their elders and other respectable family members and friends to batch up the rift and solve the differences.

However, in some cases a husband may use some light disciplinary action in order to correct the moral infraction of his wife, but this is only applicable in extreme cases and it should be resorted to if one is sure it would improve the situation. However, if there is a fear that it might worsen the relationship or may wreak havoc on him or the family, then he should avoid it completely.

The Koran is very clear on this issue. Allah says:

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more strength than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore, the righteous women are devoutly obedient and guard in the husband’s absence what Allah would have them to guard. As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance); for Allah is most High and Great (above you all). And if you fear a breach between the two, appoint (two) arbiters, one from his family and the other from hers. If they wish for peace, Allah will cause their reconciliation; for Allah has full knowledge and is acquainted with all things.” (An-Nisa’, 34-35).

Allah does not command hitting in His Book in clear terms except in this passage.  Disobedience to husbands is equated with major sins, and Allah has given the task of disciplining to husbands, instead of leaders, and without the need for judges, witnesses or evidence, because Allah has entrusted wives to their husbands.

Distortions (nushooz) of wives here refers to disobedience; arrogance; rudeness; domineering; dishonesty; temperamental; scornful, angry, greedy, etc. Allah has ordered the husbands to discipline their distorted wives in stages as follows:

1-   Admonition without “forsaking” them (refusing to share their beds) or hitting them. So the woman is reminded of her duty to be a good companion and treat her husband properly. If gentle admonition and kindly reminders do not work, then the discipline is taken to the second stage:

2-   Forsaking”, by turning his back on her in bed or sleeping in a separate bed. But he should not go to extremes in this by keeping away for more than four months, which is the period set by Allah for the one that swears not to approach his wife. This “forsaking” should only be for the purpose of disciplining and correcting, not for taking revenge or punishing.

3-   Hitting in a manner that is not painful, because Allah says: “beat them (lightly, if it is useful),”. Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “Forsake her in her bed, and if she mends her ways (this is good), but if not, then Allah has given permission for you to hit her in a way that is not painful.” The husband must be careful to ensure that his hitting is for the purpose of discipline and warning, and not for any other purpose, so he must make sure that he hits as lightly as possible, by prodding with the fist and so on. ‘Ata’ said: “I said to Ibn ‘Abbaas: “What is the hitting that is not painful?” He said, “The siwaak (tooth-stick) and so on.” (i.e., hitting with the siwaak).

The Prophet said, advising his ummah (nation).

“Fear Allah with regard to women, for you have taken them as a trust from Allah and they are lawful to you by the Word of Allah. Your rights over them are that they should not allow anyone to sit on your beds whom you dislike, so if they do that then hit them in a way that is not painful.” (Saheeh hadeeth).

The husband should avoid hitting parts of the body that are sensitive such as the head and stomach, and the face, because the Prophet forbade hitting the face in general. Mu’aawiyah ibn Haydah said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, what are the rights of the wife of any one of us over us?’ He said, ‘That you feed her as you feed yourself and clothe her as you clothe yourself, and that you do not say “May Allah make your face ugly” or hit her” i.e., in the face.’” (Reported by Abu Dawood, 2/244; Ibn Maajah, 1850; Ahmad, 4/446).

If she desists, and stops rebelling, then he is not allowed to keep punishing her or to accuse her of saying or doing anything, as Allah says, “…but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance).”

Bill Warner deliberately took part of the verse and used it to justify his evil intention. This verse neither permits violence nor condones it. It guides Muslims to handle delicate family situation with care and wisdom. The word “beating” is used in the verse, but it does not mean “physical abuse”. The Prophet explained it as “a light tap that leaves no mark”. He further said that face must be avoided. Some other scholars are of the view that it is no more than a light touch by a toothbrush.

The Prophet used to discourage his followers from taking even this measure. He never hit any female, and he used to say that the best of men are those who do not hit their wives. In one Hadith he expressed his extreme repulsion from this behavior and said, “How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then embrace (sleep with) her?” (Al-Bukhari, English Translation, vol. 8, Hadith 68, pp. 42-43).

This light beating mentioned in the verse is not to be used to correct some minor problem, but it is permissible to resort to only in a situation of some serious moral misconduct when admonishing the wife fails, and avoiding from sleeping with her would not help. If this disciplinary action can correct a situation and save the marriage, then one should use it.”

Dr. Jamal Badawi, professor at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and a cross-appointed faculty member in the Departments of Religious Studies and Management, adds:

“If the problem relates to the wife’s behavior, the husband may exhort her and appeal for reason. In most cases, this measure is likely to be sufficient. In cases where the problem persists, the husband may express his displeasure in another peaceful manner, by sleeping in a separate bed from hers. There are cases, however, in which a wife persists in bad habits and showing contempt of her husband and disregard for her marital obligations. Instead of divorce, the husband may resort to another measure that may save the marriage, at least in some cases. Such a measure is more accurately described as a gentle tap on the body, but never on the face, making it more of a symbolic measure than a punitive one.

Even here, that maximum measure is limited by the following:

a. It must be seen as a rare exception to the repeated exhortation of mutual respect, kindness and good treatment. Based on the Koran and Hadith, this measure may be used in the cases of lewdness on the part of the wife or extreme refraction and rejection of the husband’s reasonable requests on a consistent basis (nushuz). Even then, other measures, such as exhortation, should be tried first.

b. As defined by Hadith, it is not permissible to strike anyone’s face, cause any bodily harm or even be harsh. What the Hadith qualifies as ” light striking”, was interpreted by early jurists as a (symbolic) use of toothbrush! They further qualified permissible “striking” as that which leaves no mark on the body.

c. The permissibility of such symbolic expression does not imply its desirability. In several Hadiths, the Prophet  discouraged this measure. Here are some of his sayings in this regard:

“Do not beat the female servants of Allah”;

“Some (women) visited my family complaining about their husbands (beating them). These (husbands) are not the best of you.”

In another Hadith the Prophet is reported to have said: “How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then he may embrace (sleep with) her?”

d. True following of the Sunnah is to follow the example of the Prophet who never resorted to that measure, regardless of the circumstances.

e. Islamic teachings are universal in nature. They respond to the needs and circumstances of diverse times, cultures and circumstances. Some measures may work in some cases and cultures or with certain persons but may not be effective in others. By definition, a “permissible” act is neither required, encouraged or forbidden. In fact it may be to spell out the extent of permissibility, such as in the issue at hand, rather than leaving it unrestricted or unqualified, or ignoring it all together. In the absence of strict qualifiers, persons may interpret the matter in their own way, which can lead to excesses and real abuse.

It should be noted that one of the main reasons that cause problems between spouses, and that could cause these problems to escalate to a very bad level is a lack of knowledge of the rights which each partner has over the other. Islam states these rights clearly, and urges and obliges each partner to fulfil them.

As Allah says:

“… And they (women) have rights (over their husbands…) similar (to those of their husbands) over them, but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them…” (Al-Baqarah, 228).

This verse indicates that for every right that one partner has, there is a corresponding duty which the other partner must fulfil; thus balance will be achieved in all aspects of the relationship, which will strengthen the stability of family life.

One of those rights is that trivial mistakes should be overlooked, especially words and deeds by which no harm was intended. The Prophet said, “Every son of Adam makes mistakes, and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 2501; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 4/171).

Both husband and wife have to be patient and put up with one another, because everyone makes mistakes, and the one with whom you have to be most patient is the one with whom you live and interacts with most. Neither party should resort to tit-for-tat reactions. If one spouse sees that the other is very angry, he or she should restrain his or her own anger, and not respond immediately.

One of the most important rights/duties is that each spouse should advise and remind the other to obey Allah. It is reported that the Pophet’s companions asked him, ‘Teach us which kind of wealth is best, so that we may try to acquire it?” He said: “The best is a remembering tongue (one that remembers Allah), a grateful heart and a believing wife who helps one’s faith.” (Reported by Ahmad, 5/278; al-Tirmidhi, 3039; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 5231).

A man should not make his wife angry if he sees in her something that he dislikes, because if he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will like another, so he should balance the two. The Prophet said: “No believing man should hate a believing woman: if he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will like another.” (Reported by Muslim, 36).

One of the best ways to ensure a good atmosphere between husband and wife is a good attitude, hence Islam placed an important emphasis on this matter. The Prophet was the ultimate in good treatment of others and good attitude.

Anas bin Malik said, “I remained in the service of the Messenger of Allah for ten years. He never once told me ‘Oof’. When I did something, he never asked me, why did you do so? When I did not do a certain task, he never asked me why I did not do it. And the Messenger of Allah had the best character among all people. I have never felt a silk cloth, nor pure silk, nor any other thing softer than the palm (of the hand) of the Messenger of Allah. Nor did I smell any musk or any other fragrance, more sweet smelling than the sweat of the Messenger of Allah” (At-Tirmidhi).

Anas bin Malik also said: “I served the Prophet for years. He has never insulted me, never hit me, never scolded me and never frowned to me. And he never reprimanded me about something he had ordered me and I neglected. And if someone of his family reprimanded me, he said; ‘Leave him alone! If it was to be done, itwould.’” (Al-Baghawui).

The Prophert said:

“There is no good deed that will be put in the balance that will weight heavier than a good attitude. The one who has a good attitude will reach, because of it, the level of those who fast and pray.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 2003; Abu Dawood, 4799).

The Prophet also said:

“The most perfect of the believers in faith are the best in attitude, and the best of you are those who are best to their womenfolk.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 1/217; Ahmad, 2/250; Al-Silsilat al-Saheehah, 284).

Some of the ways in which one can treat one’s wife well are to turn a blind eye and not to pick on things, great or small, and not to rebuke or scold for every single incident, except in the case of duties towards Allah. This is how Allaah guides us in the Koran, when He says:

“… and live with them (women) honourably. If you dislike them, it may be that you dislike a thing and Allah brings through it a great deal of good.” (Al-Nisa’ , 19).

While men and women have equal rights, those rights are not always identical. Islam intends the spouses to be complementary, not in rivalry, so there is a clear set of rights and responsibilities for each within the contract that rules the relationship.

Islam stresses the importance of respecting contracts, most of all the marriage contract, which is described in the Koran as a firm pledge.

There is no tyranny in an Islamic marriage. We are all told to conduct our affairs by mutual consultation, as the Koran states:

And those who respond to their Lord and keep up prayer, and their rule is to take counsel among themselves, and who spend out of what We have given them. (As-Shura, 38).

So in marriage, the man is named responsible for protecting, decision-making, and breadwinning; in return he has a right to have a quiet, orderly home and a loving wife to come home to who doesn’t make his life difficult with constant bad temper, nagging, or aggressive attitude.

The woman is named skilled homemaker, loving mother, and faithful counsellor; in return she has a right to be provided for fully by a caring, faithful, protective husband who honours her and respects her individuality. Both should be equally supportive, loving, and caring. Both merit respect and support from their partner.

Some Christians constantly claim that Jesus Christ was the first defender of the rights of women, and that he gave them rights that no other religion has given, and that the Bible treats women impartially and raises their status! But do those words correspond to reality? We all know that the Bible forbids women to enter the Holy Sanctuary of the Church, which contains the Holy Altar, whether the woman is a child, a teenager, or an elderly. This is not related to age, but it is related to gender. And the Bible, either Old or New Testament, does not include any sign that a woman is allowed to enter the Holy Sanctuary.

Ordination is also forbidden for women. A woman is also not allowed to speak inside the church or teach anyone inside the church. She is not allowed to receive ecclesiastical office, but she can only receive the office of the deacon, which is actually a servant, not a priest! The Bible presents us all kinds of ecclesiastical offices, which are all restricted to men only, such as the Priesthood of the first Patriarchs, such as Noah, Job, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or the Aaronic Priesthood, or the Priesthood of Melchizedek, or the Priesthood of the Apostles and their bishop successors. All these are addressed to men and if a woman were to receive an ecclesiastical office,  that would be the Virgin Mary. But according to the teachings of Christianity a woman is deprived of all these.

Let us give some quotes from the Bible in order to see the status of women:

1.   A woman is punished for her husband’s sin: {And as for the prophet, and the priest, and the people, that shall say, The burden of the LORD, I will even punish that man and his house (i.e. his wife and children).} (Jeremiah 23:34) 2.

2.   The burning of the adulteress:

And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profanes her father: she shall be burnt with fire. (Leviticus 21:9) 3.

3.   Cutting the hand of the woman for irrational reasons:

When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets, then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her. (Deuteronomy 25:11-12} 4.

4.   Total submission of a woman to her husband:

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5:22).

5.   Silence of women in the church:

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. (1 Corinthians 14:34-35) 7.

6.    The woman is the cause of temptation:

Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. (1 Timothy 2:11-15).

7.   Men rule over women:

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands… Whose (women) adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. (1 Peter 3:1-6).

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. (Genesis 3:16).

8.   Death of adulteresses by stoning:

If any man take a wife, and go in unto her, and hate her, and give occasions of speech against her, and bring up an evil name upon her, and say, I took this woman, and when I came to her, I found her not a maid: then shall the father of the damsel, and her mother, take and bring forth the tokens of the damsel’s virginity unto the elders of the city in the gate: and the damsel’s father shall say unto the elders,’ I gave my daughter unto this man to wife, and he hateth her; and, lo, he hath given occasions of speech against her, saying, ‘I found not thy daughter a maid; and yet these are the tokens of my daughter’s virginity. And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. And the elders of that city shall take that man and chastise him; and they shall amerce him in an  hundred shekels of silver, and give them unto the father of the damsel, because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Israel; and she shall be his wife; he may not put her away all his days. But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel, then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21).

If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil from Israel. (Deuteronomy 22:22).

If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die (Deuteronomy 22:23-24).

9.   Women are inferior to men:

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head. But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, for as much as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.  For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels (1 Corinthians 11: 3-10).

10. Didascalia Apostolorum, with the title ‘Women should be subjected to their husbands.’

And a woman should be subjected to her husband, because the head of the woman is her husband…Fear, o woman, your husband. And be shy before him. And thank only him after God. And as we have said, offer him comforts with your service, so as for your husband to encompass you…If you want to be a believer and God to be pleased with you, do not put on ornaments so as to please strangers and do not wish to wear light clothes which only fit to the adulteresses, so that you are not followed by those who chase such women. If you don’t wear them in order to commit adultery, you will again be condemned for your ornaments alone, because in this way you force whomever sees you to follow you and lust you. Why you are not conservative, so as not to fall in sin and not to leave one fall in doubt (or jealousy) for your sake?! And if you sin just for that, you will fall too, as you will have become the reason of destroying the soul of that man. If you lead one to sin, he will be the cause for you to sin in many, as it is written in the Holy Bible: {When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt, and with ignominy reproach.} (Proverbs 18:3).

[The evil woman is more hateful than death, which is a trap for the ignorant.]

{As the worm eats the wood, so a wicked woman destroys her husband}

{It is better to live in a roof, than in a house with a contentious woman.}

Do not be, o Christian women, like those women, if you wish to be believers. Take care of your husband in order to please him alone. And when you walk on the street, cover your head with your garment, because if you are covered with respect you will be safe from the eyes of the malignant. Do not decorate your face, which God created, because it lacks no ornament. Since whatever God created is very beautiful and needs no ornaments. And what is more from beauty changes the grace of the Creator. Walk with your face looking to the ground and be entirely covered. Stay away from any bath with men, as the traps of the malignant are many. A believing woman does not have bath with men. And when she covers her face, let her cover it with the fear of the eyes of strangers…And if you are a believer run away from any form of curiosity and from the many glances…{To live on the desert is better than living with a woman with a long tongue.}}.

So Islam didn’t invent the veil, it merely endorsed it. The veil in Islam  has never been as a sign of subjugation as the haters of Islam falsely claim.

The veil in Islam is simply a sign of faith, modesty and chastity, which serves to protect the devout from molestation. The Koran says:

“O Prophet!  Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should cast their c1oaks over their bodies (when outdoors) so that they be recognized as such (decent, chaste believers) and not molested…” (Al-Ahzab, 59).

The Muslim’s veil is but one facet of the Muslim’s woman noble status, ­a status due in part to the tremendous responsibility that is placed upon her.  Simply put, woman is the initial teacher in the building of a righteous society.

Many fanatics like Bill Warner, and the rest of the gang mentioned above, tried to raise some misconceptions about Islam, one of which is the beating of one’s wife, using their magic usual scissors, with which they ‘cut’ from the Verses of the Holy Koranan and the Prophet’s sayings all the words that are before the word ‘beat’ and all the words that are after it, leaving just the word ‘beat’. Namely, they cut the words that answer to their misconceptions and they leave only those that can verify them, trying with their dirty tricks to raise false misconceptions about Islam, entirely distancing themselves from the real truth and objectivity. So, they do not present the subject in its complete form,  in order to raise misunderstanding and confusion to other people. These racist hate mongers however, turn a blind eye and ignore the following:

1.   Islam is the only religion that has mentioned the affectionate and merciful relationship between two spouses, and also prevents one from hurting his wife, either verbally or physically.

Allah, the Exalted, says:

“And among His Signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.” (Ar-Rum, 21).

2.    Islam is the only religion that condemned one who insults and beats his wife, or looks at her arrogantly as though her position is inferior in relation to him.

3.   Islam encourages the best behaviour towards one’s wife, since all the verses of the Koran and all the sayings of the Prophet regarding the relation of two spouses encourage the best behavior between them. Allah, the Exalted, says:

“And they (women) have rights (over their husbands), similar (to those of their husbands) over them, to what is reasonable.” (Al-Baqarah, 228).

4.   Islam has set rewards for the good behaviour amongst people and especially between spouses. The Prophet said:

“Allah will reward you for whatever you spend with the intention of gaining Allah’s Pleasure even if it were a mouthful of food you put into your wives mouth.” (Al-Bukhari) .

5.    Islam has made the beating of women an exception, not a rule, and under certain circumstances, and only as a final solution, so as to prevent more dissension and grudge.

Bill Warner and his like claim that they are civilized and that they treat their wives in the best manner. But they neglect the fact that the phenomenon of domestic violence is radically spread in the most civilized countries as well. How many Westerners attack their wives in airports, restaurants, bars or even in the streets. How many Western women in America, Canada, Europe or Australia resort to the police in order to sue their husbands because they were subjected to violence?

Domestic violence represented by wife beating or abuse is rampant in America and around the world.

For example:

1.   In America woman is beaten every 15 seconds by her partner; it happens at some time in 25-35 % of American homes; 4, 000 women die from such abuse each year. (FBI).

2.   Physical abuse by male social partners is the single most common source of injury among women ages 15 to 44, more common than auto accidents, muggings and rape by a stranger combined. (U.S. Surgeon General, 1989).

3.   In USA, medical costs from domestic violence total at least $3-5 billion annually. At least another $100 million can be added to the cost to businesses in lost wages, sick leave and absenteeism. (Sylvia Porter, For Your Money’s Worth).

4.   Women of all cultures, races, occupations, income levels, and ages are battered – by husbands, boyfriends, lovers and partners. (Surgeon General Antonia Novello, as quoted in Domestic Violence: Battered Women, publication of the Reference Department of the Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA).

Approximately one-third of the men counselled (for battering) are professional men who are well respected in their jobs and their communities. These have included doctors, psychologists, lawyers, ministers, and business executives. (For Shelter and Beyond, Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women Service Groups, Boston, MA 1990).

Statistics as these should awaken all those in denial of the fact that wife beating and abuse is an endemic disease in all different cultures, religions and communities. It is as common in Western as it is in Eastern societies.

Men in Western and Eastern societies do not abuse their wives because of scriptural teachings, but because of a natural instinct of domination and aggression. Allah, knowing this, has therefore decreed a perfect law to help men control their temper and to solve any problems before resorting to physical aggression.

Violence against women is not confined to a specific culture, region or country, or to particular groups of women within a society. The roots of violence against women lie in persistent discrimination against women.

In Australia, Canada, and Israel 40 to 70 per cent of female murder victims were killed by their partners, according to the World Health Organization. In the United States, one-third of women murdered each year are killed by intimate partners. In South Africa, a woman is killed every six hours by an intimate partner. In India, 22 women were killed each day in dowry-related murders in 2007. In Guatemala, two women are murdered, on average, each day.

According to the World Health Organization, the proportion of women suffering sexual violence by non-partners after the age of 15 varies from less than 1 per cent in Ethiopia and Bangladesh to between 10 and 12 per cent in Peru, Samoa and the United Republic of Tanzania. In Switzerland, 22.3 per cent of women experience sexual violence by non-partners in their lifetime. In Canada a study of adolescents aged 15 to 19 found that 54 per cent of girls had experienced “sexual coercion” in a dating relationship.

Bill Warner, concealer of facts, can you comment on these statistical data of sex abuse in your own country and in western societis? Can you reject the several verses of the Bible mentioned above, which make women inferior to men? Or is it your obsession to only attack the Koran, the Lord who sent it, and the prophet who brought it to the world?

Your abode is terrible, and I assure you, a terrible torment awaits you in this life and the next.

Comments 7 & 8

The Cairo declaration of the Islamic human rights say that everyone shall have the right to enjoy their fruits of his scientific, literary, or artistic work. Well, not really. Because you see, any art which portrays Mohammed or Islam in a bad way is strictly forbidden.

The Cairo declaration says that everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely. Try going to Pakistan and say something about Mohammed Muslims don’t like and you’ll see how much right you will have – you will be dead.


These two blasphemous comments of Bill Warner show clearly that the man is an atheist, a disbeliever, and a kafir who does not believe in Allah (God) and His Messengers and His divine Books. This disbeliever does not believe in the Day of Resurrection – the Day of Reckoning! Under the pretext of freedom of speech, the moron wants to portray the Prophet of Islam in a bad way and be left without being blamed or stopped! His insolence made him believe that freedom of speech give him the right to go to a Muslim country like Pakistan and say something evil about Muhammad and Muslims must accept this evil statements without rejection or reproach! The ignorant does not know who Muhammad is and what his noble status with Allah is. The insolent does not respect Allah the Lord of creation and does not acknowledge His command to all creation to bow to Him in reverence an adoration!

His egotism made him forget that freedom of expression is not absolute and that there should be limits to what one says. He forgot the fact that he cannot insult the faith of others and that freedom has to have limits. These two despicable remarks come out only from a Kafir (disbeliever) who indulges in his animal appetite, desiring every worldly pleasure in a way that is coarse and vulgar.

From his writings and silly shallow lectures, one could instantly realize that his life is all about falsification and hypocrisy. His lying is meant to aggravate, deteriorate with the meaning, to change the status quo to a negative state, and to alter the structure in a negative way.

Thus, the Koran warns him and the Kafirs like him the regret they would suffer on the Judgment Day, since they lied against their own souls and disbelieved in Allah’s revelations and in the Day of Reckoning.

If thou couldst see when they are stationed before the Fire, and they say, ‘Would that we might be returned, and then not cry lies to the signs of our Lord, but that we might be among the believers!’ No; that which they were concealing before has now appeared to them; and even if they were returned (to the worldly life), they would again commit the very thing they were prohibited; they are truly liars. If thou couldst see when they are stationed before their Lord! He would say, ‘Is not this the truth?’ They will say, ‘Yes, indeed by our lord!’ He will say, ‘Then taste the chastisement for your Kufr (unbelief) (Al-An’am, 27-30).

I haven’t seen such despicable cowardice in a man before! If he has really guts and has something important to say to Muslims about their religion, then why don’t he come to the Muslim world and confront Muslims with his evil ideas about Islam? But the coward cannot do that because he knows that they will tear him apart. It is better for him then to hide in his country like a coward behind the Islamophobe hate mongers (Christian Right-Zionist organizations) Which feed him and financially support him.

Why he and the other hate mongers attack Islam in particular? Why not Christianity or Judaism as well? Because there is already an agenda against Islam, and he is one of the traitors, who had been hired to tarnish the only religion which Allah will accept from His servants on the Day of Judgment.

Bill Warner, you most despicable chicken, why don’t you attack Jesus Christ and his Gospel? Why don’t you attack Judaism, and Moses and his Torah? They include the same verses and meanings, which disturb you in the Koran! You know of course what will happen to you if you do this. They would certainly hit you with their shoes and stone you to death.

Do you think you are well hidden from Allah your Creator? Allah’s eyes sleep not. His wrath will overtake you in this present life, as for your eternal abode, you can see it plainly in the verses mentioned above.

No Islam without knowledge, and Bill Warner is ignorant about Islam. This is what he proved to me throughout the years. What he proved is that he was a Kafir (disbeliever) who does not accept Allah’s guidance and is ungrateful to Him. He is totally unaware of the difference between Islam and Kufr (rejection of Allah’s guidance and showing ingratitude) and the difference between Islam and Shirk (taking gods besides God). He is like someone walking along a track in complete darkness. He doesn’t even know the difference between kafir and non-Muslim! The poor person, not being able to see with his own eyes the right path, had grasped the Devil’s hand and the Devil led him astray.

His greatest danger lies in his ignorance of Islamic teachings and in his unawareness of what the Koran teaches and what guidance has been given by the Prophet of Islam. But if he were blessed with the light of knowledge he would be able to see plainly the clear path of Islam.

He has no sufficient knowledge to enable him to understand clearly the mission, which the Prophet came into this world to fulfil. He doesn’t understand the corrupt order and system, which the prophet came to destroy.

Bil Warner and the other morons like him must understand that Muslims are different from Kafirs; that Allah likes Muslims and dislikes Kafirs; that Muslims will find Allah’s forgiveness, while Kafirs will not; that Muslims will go to Heaven (Jannah) while Kafirs will go to Hell (Jahannum).

Kafirs are human beings like Muslims, but why should they be ranked lower and Muslims higher? Why should Muslims go to Heaven and why should Kafirs be cast into Hell?

Where does the real difference lie between Muslims and Kafirs? The answer lies, simply, in the very nature of Islam and Kufr (unbelief). The meaning of Islam is submission to Allah while the meaning of Kufr is denial and disobedience of Allah. Muslims and Kafirs are both human beings; both are slaves of Allah. But one becomes exalted and meritorious by reason of recognizing his Master, obeying His orders and fearing the consequences of disobeying Him; while the other disgraces himself by failing to recognize his Master and carry out His orders. This is why Allah is pleased with Muslims and displeased with Kafirs (unbelievers). This is why He promises true Muslims that they will be rewarded with Heaven and warns unbelievers (Kafirs) that they will be cast into Hell.

The two things which separate Muslims and Kafirs are, therefore, knowledge and actions. That is, the believer must first know who his Master is, what His orders are, how to follow His wishes, which deeds please Him and which displease Him. When these things are known, the second step is to make one’s self a true slave of his Master by giving up his own wishes in deference to what He desires. If the heart desires to do a certain act and Allah’s order is against it, the believer should carry out that order.

This is the knowledge and actions by which Muslims become true servants of Allah, on whom He bestows His mercy and on whom He rewards with honour and dignity.

On the other hand, disobedient Kafirs are Allah’s rebellious slaves and are denied His blessings. On this point Allah has explicitly stated in His Book:

‘Indeed the noblest among you in the sight of Allah is the most God-fearing of you’ (Al-Hujurat 49:13).

Therefore, whatever differences there are in the sight of Allah between man and man depend entirely on the state of their knowledge and actions. Both in this world and the Hereafter, Allah’s blessing is reserved for those who recognize Him, accept the right path shown by Him, and carry out His commandments. The Kafirs who do not obey Allah and submit to His commands are unworthy of His blessings.

Kafirs are characterized by arrogance, infidelity, denial of divine revelations, slander and lies to Allah, preventing correction and advice, and spreading resentment and division between the people. That is why they were deprived of Allah’s love, been cursed by Him, and were promised Hell as an eternal abode.

Bill Warner and the other Islamophobe hate mongers think that the American constitution allow them free of speech that would permit them to say anything even if it is against the Islamic religion. They insolently announce: “We live in a free country!”

But when it comes to slandering the prophet, humiliating the Koran and the Lord of creation, the Muslim world don’t give a dam about what the American constitution allows or not allows. They do not look at such insolence and blasphemy through the lens of American laws and values. Each Islamic country has the right to determine its own laws regarding free of speech, and the slanderers of Islamic religion have to submit to such laws.

We Muslims don’t draw and make fun of any religious symbols either ours or not. you can’t find any disrespectful drawing of Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha or any other religious person drawn by Muslims. We don’t make fun or insult other people’s beliefs. We respect everyone’s belief. And we ask the same from others.
We don’t like when someone insults our beloved prophet and calls it freedom of speech. Everyone is free to express his opinion if he or she does not offend other people’s religion.

Most people confuse between “hate speech” and “freedom of speech”. what we see in the media is hatred toward Islam, and when we complain, they answer that this is freedom of speech. Is insulting and making fun of others’ beliefs freedom? is spreading hatred freedom? is spreading lies and war freedom? All their lies about Islam are directed to spread baseless lies to fool their people.

Under the pretext of freedom of speech, Bill warner and the other members of the gang excelled in lying, they say falsehood about Allah without knowledge. What does the Glorious Koran says about lying and deceiving?  Throughout the Koran, Allah  spoke in 100s of Verses about the liars and deceivers, and Promised them Hell Fire for their evil.

And upon the Day of Resurrection thou shalt see those who lied against Allah, their faces blackened; is there not in Hell a lodging for those that are proud? (Az-Zumar, 60).

And do not confound the truth with vanity, and do not conceal the

truth wittingly (Al-Baqarah, 42).

They shall surely know tomorrow who is the impudent liar (Al-Shu’ara 26).

In Islam speaking about Allah without knowledge – the way Bill Warner does is a major sin.

Allah says in the Koran:

Say: “My Lord has forbidden indecencies, the inward and the outward, and sin, and unjust insolence, and that you associate with Allah that for which He sent down never authority, and that you say concerning Allah such as you know not (Al-A’raf, 33).

This very grave sin – speaking about Allah without knowledge – is only because of Satan’s encouragement of the ignorant and arrogant seekers of name and fame.

Allah says in his Holy Book the Koran:

And follow not the steps of Satan; he is a manifest foe to you. He only commands you to evil and indecency, and that you should speak against Allah such things as you know not (Al-baqarah, 169).

The following categories of sins are incorporated in the sin of “Speaking of Allah without knowledge”:

a) Attributing to Allah, the Most High, what is not suitable for Him.

b) Bid’ah (innovation) or modifying and altering Allah’s religion.

c) Negating what He, the Most High, has affirmed.

d) Affirming what He, the Most High, negated.

e) Hostility to those who champion His cause.

f) Supporting His enemies.

g) Loving those whom He hates and hating those He loves.

h) Describing Him with what does not befit Him in His Essence, His Attributes, His Statements or His Actions.

Because of the amount of sins included in the category of speaking about Allah without knowledge, there can be no greater prohibition. It is from this sin that Shirk (associating partners with Allah) and all forms of Kufr (disbelief) originate. All forms of Bid’ah (innovations) are also included in this category of speaking about Allah without knowledge.

Comment 9

Then we have one that sounds great. All individuals are equal before the law. But individuals are not equal under the Sharia. A Kafir cannot testify in a Sharia court against a Muslim. That’s the equality under the Sharia.


It is not true that a non-Muslim cannot testify against a Muslim in an Islamic state. Ali ibn Abi Taleb, cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, became was the last of the “rightly guided” caliphs.

Ali adhered to the Prophet method of consultation in his dealings and actions and decisions in matters of the state. He advised himself and others saying, ‘Consultation is the essence of guidance. The one who bases his actions on his own opinions without consulting others is in grave danger.’

The Prophet had sent Ali to Yemen as a judge, having great confidence in him and his abilities. The Prophet supplicated to Allah for Ali, ‘O Allah! Make his tongue steadfast in speaking the truth and guide his heart.’

In accordance with the way of the Prophet which was based upon complete justice for all, Ali established his rule on the basis of justice and equality.

Ali’s sense of fairness to all, regardless of race or religion was evident throughout his life. One particular incident, however, stands and remain a lesson to Muslims and non-Mslims everywhere.

During Ali’s caliphate he set out for battle and during it, lost his shield. When the battle was over, he returned to the city of Kufa and found the shield in the possession of a Jew, who was selling it in the marketplace.

Ali told the man. ‘This is my shield!’ The Jew however said, ‘It is my shield and has been in my possession for sometime.’

The Jew refused to give Ali his shield and demanded that the matter be settled in a sharia court.

Ali and the Jew appeared before the judge to settle this dispute. The judge (Qadi) Shurayh was a very competent judge from Yemen, who was famous for settling related matters. He had performed the duties of a Qadi in Kufa during the caliphate of Umar Ibn Khattab the second Caliph, and Usman Ibn Affan the third Caliph as well. He was well known for his integrity and insight.

When the judge saw Caliph Ali approach his court, he stood up for him out of respect. Ali requested him to stay seated. Qadi Shurayh took his seat. Ali initiated the conversation: ‘That shield which is in the Jewish man’s hands, belongs to me. It fell off one night as I was returning from battle with the army. I neither sold it nor gave it as a gift to anyone.’

Qadi Shurayh asked the Jew: “Do you have anything to say?”

The Jew replied: “This is my shield and I own it.”

Qadi Shurayh inspected the shield in dispute and addressed the Caliph: “By Allah! Your claim is correct. This, indeed, is your shield. However, the court of law demands that you produce two witnesses to substantiate your claim.”

Ali said, ‘My freed slave Qumbur, and my sons Al-Hasan and Al-Husein will bear witness that the shield belongs to me.’

Remark: Among the countless merits of Al-Hasan and Al-Husein was the title granted to them: “The Leaders of the Youth of Paradise”. This epithet was designated to them by their grand father Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. According to various traditions the Prophet’s companions one day noticed him being overjoyed and happy. When they inquired as to why he was so delighted, he replied, “How could I not delight when Gabriel has already come to me and brought me news of Al- Hasan and Al- Husein being masters of the youths of paradise?” (Silsilat al-Ahadeeth al-Saheeha, ch. 2 p. 444; Tareekh Ibn Asakir, ch. 13 p. 209).

Qadi Shurayh stated: “I accept the testimony of your slave; however, I still need another witness, as the testimony of your sons is not acceptable.”

Ali remarked, ‘The testimony of a man who is one of the people of paradise does not count?’

The judge replied: “By Allah! This is the truth. This is what the Sharia implies.”

The judge remained firm about his ruling and settled the dispute in favour of the Jew and handed over the shield to him.

The Jew remarked in absolute astonishment: “The Caliph of Muslims brought me to the court of his own appointed judge, and the same judge gave a verdict against the Caliph. And the Caliph accepted the verdict gracefully without any resistance.”

Then, the Jew glanced towards Ali and continued: “Caliph of Muslims, Your claim is true. This shield is indeed your shield. I had been following the army, and on the night you were heading towards Siffin on your camel, you dropped the shield. I picked it up and kept it. He them embraced Islam due to how impressed he was by Ali’s exemplary humility and acceptance of justice.

Reference: Ali Ibn Abi Taleb. The Last of the Four Guided-Caliphs. By Abdul malik Mujahid. Darussalam, Riyadh, 2011. https://

From the above mentioned example it is evident that the testimony of a non-Muslim can be considered in a Sharia court in order to preserve his rights as a free citizen living in a Muslim state.

However, the misunderstanding of the word “Kafir” by thinking that it means non-Muslim, is the reason behind such unnecessary conflict from the part of those ignorant about the religion of Islam and the  Arabic meaning of the word Kafir.

In reality, the basis of Islam is that one should believe that God (Allah) is only One, and believe in the apostleship of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. One should believe this in his heart, and profess it in words by uttering the Holy word, the Kalima: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.

Besides professing the Kalima with the tongue, there should be faith in the heart and the person should show fidelity in practice and submit to the commandments of Allah.

The Kafir or disbeliever however, worships this worldly life, living it for its sake alone, seeing it as the ultimate goal which, if lost, results in everything being lost. Life for him is the limited time he spends on earth.  After this, there is nothing more; and after this home, there is no other home.

A believer is the absolute opposite in his understanding and sensibilities. He is sure that there is a perfect, superior life to that of this world, to which all are heading to an eternal abode. For him, life on earth is a means, not an end; a journey, not a destination. Here is the sowing, there is the reaping. Here is the racing, there is the winning.

Islam teaches that the life of this world should not be sought for its own sake but for the sake of a higher end. To do the former is considered a waste. If this life is not viewed as the means to reach the hereafter and the bridge to cross over to Allah, there is no good in it.

Islam despises the life of this world when it is regarded as the sole hope, and people run after it for no other reason than having it, and filling their hands with it, and then die in its grasp, just as a silkworm spins silk until it dies in its cocoon, without using a thread for its own good. Islam despises life as an end and glorifies it as a means.

And put forward to them the example of the life of this world being like the rain which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it and becomes fresh and green. But soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds scatter. And Allah is able to do everything (Al-Kahf, 45).

This is a clear picture in the Koran that shows how life evaporates from between the hands of its worshippers – just as water evaporates from leaves – only to have their hands closed on nothing but empty air.

What have hoarders of money gained when they withhold it from causes of charity and goodwill? What have they gained when they forget who provided them with it and refused His warnings?

What have the adorers of fame, authority, and power gained when they slip from life leaving behind some memories of themselves and their doings, like puffs of wind briefly disturbing the surface of the water before it settles into stillness?

What it is going to be like for them when Allah says to them:

“And truly you have come unto Us alone (without wealth, companions, or anything else) as We created you the first time. You have left behind you all that which We had bestowed on you.” (Al-An ‘am, 94).

Worship of life, seeing it as all there is, is a prevalent error, at which Islam aimed its arrows and undermined its pillars. Many words of wisdom by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, attack the pursuit of life for the sake of life itself, without thinking of Allah or believing in recompense and retribution.

If this life is not viewed as the means to reach the hereafter and the bridge to cross over to Allah, there is no good in it

The Prophet said:

“The life of this world, compared to the hereafter, is just like when one of you dips his finger into the sea. Let him see how much (water) it comes out with.” (At-Tirmidhi).

His words contain reproach and sorrow for the lovers and seekers of pleasure and material gains, who immerse themselves into them to the chin, and remain heedless of Allah, heedless of the Hereafter.

And as lightning flashes, suddenly revealing everything, so will they be startled by awareness, when they bid farewell to this life, believing they have moved into the realms of non-being, only to find themselves feeling everything after death. Only then do they realize how far astray they have been.

And the evil of what they did will appear to them, and they will be completely encircled by that which they used to mock at! And it will be said, “This Day We will forget you as you forgot the meeting of this Day of yours. And your abode is the Fire, and there is none to help you (Al-Jathiyah, 33-34).

The legal testimony of a dhimmi (a person living in a region overrun by Muslim conquest who was accorded a protected status and allowed to retain his or her original faith) was not admissible in a judicial suit where a Muslim was one of the parties, because it was felt that infidelity, the obstinate failure to recognize th  true light of Islam, was proof of defective morality and a consequent incapability of bearing legal witness.

A Zimmee may be suspected of inventing falsehoods against a Muslim, from the hatred he bears to him on account of the superiority of the Muslims over him. A disbeliever or a Kafir is supposed to abstain from every thing prohibited in his own religion, and falsehood is prohibited in every religion.

Bill Warner claims that: ‘There aren’t human rights for the kafir in the Shari’ah because they are not human.’

But again, who is a Kafir?

Islam is a unique religion with its own unique belief, which clearly distinguishes it from any other belief, system or ideology. No “gray area” exists between Islam and Kufr, and the Koran openly rejects such a notion:

“There is nothing after the Truth (Islam) but falsehood.” (Yunus, 32).

“Say: The truth is from your Lord. Whoever wishes to believe, let him believe. And whoever wishes to disbelieve, let him disbelieve” (Al-Kahf, 29).

In Islam, the concept of worship carries a far deeper meaning than just performing prayers or going to Hajj. The worship of Allah implies full submission and obedience to Allah’s laws, as the Koran clearly states:

“O you who believe! Enter perfectly into Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of Islam) and follow not the footsteps of Satan. Verily! He is your open enemy!” (Al-Baqarah , 208).

By such a definition, the Muslims must resort to the laws of the Shari’ah as the source of all of their concepts and ideas. For a Muslim, Allah defines Islam as well as Kufr or any other idea or concept, as He states:

“To Allah belongs the Unseen of the Heavens and the Earth, and to Him return all affairs.”
(Hud, 123).

“Blessed be He Who sent down the criterion (the Koran) to His slave that he may be a warner to the worlds.” ( Al-Furqan,1).
Any belief that exists outside the boundaries set forth by Allah (swt) falls under the category of Kufr, or disbelief.
The same principles apply for the words Kafir and Kufr. In Shari’ah terminology, there exists some general extracts from the classical and respected scholars. First and foremost, Kufr is the rejection of the belief in Allah and the Messengership of Muhammad, because Allah states:

“Verily, those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and wish to make a distinction between Allah and His Messengers (by believing in Allah and disbelieving in His Messengers) saying, ‘We believe in some, but reject others,’ and wish to adopt a way in between, they are in truth disbelievers. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment.” (An-Nisa’, 150-151).

Kufr is further divided into some categories:

1. Kufr al takdheeb, or denying Islam, because Allah says:

“Then who does more wrong than the one who utters a lie against Allah and denies the truth (this Qur’an, the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic Faith, the Resurrection, and the reward and punishment) when it comes to him. Is there not in Hell an abode for the disbelievers?” (Az-Zumar, 32).

“The only Deen (religion) in the sight of Allah is Islam” (Al-Imran,19).

“And whoever seeks a Deen (religion) other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” (Al-Imran, 85).

2. Kufr al iba’ wat takabbur ma’at tasdeeq, implying refusal to submit to Allah and His Commandments out of arrogance after acknowledging Allah, because Allah says:

“And when We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves before Adam.’ And they prostrated except Iblis, he refused and was arrogant and was one of the (Kafirs) disbelievers.” (Al-Baqarah, 34).

3. Kufr as shakk wa al thann, which means doubting or rejecting any of the six articles of Iman (faith), as Allah states:

“And he went into his garden while in a state (of pride and disbelief) unjust to himself. He said: ‘I think not that this will ever perish. And I think not the Hour will ever come, and if indeed I am brought back to my Lord (on the Day of Resurrection) I surely shall find better than this when I return to Him.’ His companion said to him during the talk with him: ‘Do you disbelieve in Him Who created you out of dust (i.e. your father Adam) then out of Nutfah (semen from the male mixed with female discharge), then fashioned you into a man? But as for my part (I believe) that He is Allah, my Lord, and none shall I associate as partner with my Lord.'” (Al-Kahf, 35-38).

4. Kufr al i’raad, describing the action of willingly turning away from the Haqq (Truth), to which Allah states:

“We created not the heavens and the earth and all that is between them except with Haqq (Truth) and for an appointed term. But those who disbelieve and turn away from that whereof, they are warned.” (Al-Ahqaf, 3).

5. Kufr an nifaaq, or hypocritical disbelief, because Allah states:

“They have made their oaths a screen (for their hypocrisy). Thus they hinder (men) from the Path of Allah. Verily, evil is what they used to do. That is because they believed, then disbelieved, therefore their hearts are sealed, so they understand not.” (Al-Munafiqoon, 2-3).

A person who commits any one or more of the major acts of disbelief is considered a Kafir. No grey zone exists in Islam in which a person can be called a “Believer, but not a Muslim.” Islam defines the human being as either a Muslim or a Kafir – a Muslim as one who believes in the ‘Aqeedah (faith) of Islam and the tenets of Iman (belief), and who accepts Islam as his/her Deen (religion); and a Kafir as one who follows any belief or creed other than Islam, or rejects any one of the fundamental pillars of the Islamic faith. To claim to believe in Allah while denying Muhammad as a Messenger, or believing that Allah can have a son or can exist as multiple entities, excludes such an individual from the circle of Islam.

A Muslim is not someone who merely appreciates Islam while adhering to the teachings of the Bible or a person who possesses sound morals and decency of character. The notion of a Muslim who does not believe in Islam, or someone who is “Muslim and not Muslim simultaneously” contradicts the natural laws of Allah. No one can imagine a Communist who does not believe in Communism, a Christian who does not believe in Christianity, or someone who is “Jewish and not Jewish at the same time.”

Allah’s Messenger said: “A disbeliever will be asked, ‘Suppose you had as much gold as could fill the earth. Would you offer it to ransom yourself (from the Hell-Fire)?’ He will reply, ‘Yes.’ Then it will be said to him, ‘You were asked something easier than that: To join none in worship with Allah (i.e. to accept Islam). But you refused.'” Worshipping Allah means believing that Allah is One with all His Attributes, believing in all of the pillars of the Islamic faith, and submitting to all of Allah’s rules. Anything else denotes Kufr, and such a person is considered a Kafir by definition.

Islam clearly defines the terms Ahl ul Kitab, Mushrikeen, and Kafirun. The term Ahl ul Kitab (People of the Book) specifically refers to the Jews and Christians. The Koran refers to them by this term because they received books such as the Torah and the Injeel. The term Mushrikeen (Polytheists) denotes people who associate other gods with Allah (Jsus as God or son of God, pope, priest, nature, idol, animal, intercessor, cross, etc). The term kafirun refers to those who disbelieve in any of the tenets of true belief, such as the belief in Allah with His attributes, the Messengers of Allah, all the Angels, all the Books, and the Day of Resurrection.

The role of the mind is to submit to Allah’s rules and not to pass judgment on them or to question Allah’s Knowledge. The Muslims are ordered to surrender to Islam and the Islamic text, as Allah states:

“The only saying of the faithful believers, when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them, is, ‘We listen and we obey.'” (An-Nur, 51).

Islam clearly defined Ahl ul Kitab (people of the Book), Mushrikun (polytheists –associate with Allah other false deities in worship), and Kafireen (disbelievers), and these definitions are not the subject of debate. The Muslims take these definitions as they are.
The question then arises: Are the Ahl ul Kitab (the people of the Book) Kuffar (disbelievers)?

The abundance of evidence from the Koran and the Sunnah clearly establishes that Ahl ul Kitab are Kuffar (disbelievers) This firmly establishes that the Muslims constitute one millah (grouping), and the Kuffar comprise another. Islam defines any person who rejects some or all of the fundamental tenets of the religion of Islam as a Kafir, and the Ahl ul Kitab are no exception. Many verses in the Koran clearly establish this point without any ambiguity.

The Koran mentions a number of the ways in which the Jews went astray.

Among them there is a group which claims that Allah has a son, as Allah says:

“And the Jews say: ‘Uzair (Ezra) is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: Messiah is the son of Allah. That is their saying with their mouths, resembling the saying of those who disbelieved a foretime. Allah’s Curse be on them, how they are deluded away from the truth!” (Al-Tawbah, 30).

The Jews described Allah as having shortcomings, and they killed the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, as Allah says:

The Jews have said, ‘Allah’s Hand is fettered.’ Fettered are their hands, and they are cursed for what they have said. Nay, but His Hands are outstretched; He expends how He will (Al-Maidah, 64).

Allah has heard the saying of those (Jews) who said, ‘Surely Allah is poor, and we are rich.’ We shall write down what they have said, and their slaying the prophets without right, and We shall say, ‘Taste the chastisement of the burning – that, for what your hands have forwarded, and for that Allah is never unjust unto His servants (Al-Imran, 181).

They distorted the Word of Allah, i.e., the Tawraat (Torah). Allah says:

“So, because of their breach of their covenant, We cursed them and made their hearts grow hard. They change the words from their (right) places” (Al-Maidah, 13).

“Then woe to those who write the Book with their own hands and then say, “This is from Allah,” to purchase with it a little price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for that they earn thereby” (Al-Baqarah, 79).

They deserved the curse of Allah. Allah says:

Cursed were the unbelievers of the Children of Israel by the tongue of David, and Jesus, Mary’s son; that, for their rebelling and their transgression (Al-Maidah, 78).

They forbade not one another any dishonour that they committed; surely evil were the things they did (Al-Maidah, 79).

The lies that they have fabricated against their Prophets are many, such as the following:

1.The Jews claimed that Solomon the Prophet of Allah was an apostate and that he worshipped idols, as mentioned in I Kings 11:5.

2.The Jews claimed that Loot (Lot) – peace be upon him – drank wine and committed incest with his two daughters, as mentioned in Genesis 19:30ff.

3.The Jews claimed that the Prophet of Allah Ya’qoob (Jacob) committed theft, as mentioned in Genesis 31:12.

4.The Jews claimed that the Prophet of Allah Dawood (David) committed adultery, as a result of whichSolomon was born to him, as mentioned in II Samuel 11:4.

Allah and His Messenger cursed them in numerous places in the Koran and Sunnah because of their shameless actions. For example, Allah says:

“And they say, ‘Our hearts are wrapped (i.e. do not hear or understand Allah’s Word).’ Nay, Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so little is that which they believe.

And when there came to them (the Jews), a Book (this Koran) from Allah confirming what is with them the (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel), although aforetime they had invoked Allah (for bringing them a prophet) in order to gain victory over those who disbelieved (pagans of Makkah), then when there came to them that which they had recognized, they disbelieved in it. So let the Curse of Allah be on the disbelievers” (Al-Baqarah, 88-89).

“Among those who are Jews, there are some who displace words from (their) right places and say: ‘We hear your word (O Muhammad) and disobey,’ and ‘Hear and let you (O Muhammad) hear nothing.’ And Raa‘ina [in Arabic, this means ‘Be careful, listen to us, and we listen to you’, whereas in Hebrew, it means an insult, with a twist of their tongues and as a mockery of the religion (Islam). And if only they had said: ‘We hear and obey’, and ‘Do make us understand,’ it would have been better for them, and more proper; but Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not except a few.

O you who have been given the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Believe in what We have revealed (to Muhammad) confirming what is (already) with you, before We efface faces (by making them like the back of necks; without nose, mouth and eyes) and turn them hindwards, or curse them as We cursed the Sabbath-breakers. And the Commandment of Allah is always executed.” (An-Nisa’ 46-47).

“So, because of their breach of their covenant, We cursed them and made their hearts grow hard. They change the words from their (right) places and have abandoned a good part of the Message that was sent to them. And you will not cease to discover deceit in them, except a few of them” (Al-Maidah, 13).

“Say (O Muhammad to the people of the Scripture): ‘Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, and those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys and swines, and those who worshipped Taaghoot (false deities); such are worse in rank (on the Day of Resurrection in the Hell-fire), and far more astray from the Right Path (in the life of this world).” (Al-Maidah, 60).

Verily, the Revelation (the Koran) that has come to you from your Lord (Allah) increases in most of them (their) obstinate rebellion and disbelief. We have put enmity and hatred amongst them till the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindled the fire of war, Allah extinguished it; and they (ever) strive to make mischief on the earth. And Allah does not like the Mufsidoon (mischief-makers) (Al-Maidah, 64).

These are just a few drops from a flood of information. Whoever researches the matter will find out a great deal about their shameful actions and the forms that their kufr and deviation take (6).

According to the Koran, Muslims believe  that Jesus peace be upon him is a wonderful, humble, generous messenger of Allah who came down and revealed Allah’s words to his people, the people of Israel.  Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God, nor they believe that God ever chose to come down to earth in a form of a man to die for our sins, to purify us and forgive us.

According to Islam, Jesus never died on the cross, nor ever wanted to die on the cross, nor ever was born to die on the cross.  Muslims believe that Jesus was sentenced to death, and people thought that he got executed on the cross. The Holy Koran rejects this idea, and claims that it is a false one.  Jesus never died on the cross, nor he ever died for anyone’s sins.

The Koran says about Allah’s wrath on the Jews because of their unbelief and the falsehood they uttered against Jesus and his mother Mary:

And for their unbelief, and their uttering against Mary a mighty calumny, and for their saying, ‘We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah’ – yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only the likeness of that was shown to them. Those who are at variance concerning him surely are in doubt regarding him; they have no knowledge of him, except the following of surmise; and they slew him not of a certainty – no indeed; Allah raised him up to Him; Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise (Al-Nisa’, 156-159).

After a description of the high position which Jesus occupies as a prophet, we have a reputation of the dogma that he was Allah, or the son of Allah, or anything more than a man.  If it is said that he was born without a human father, Adam was also so born.  Indeed Adam was born without either a human father or mother.  As far as our physical bodies are concerned, they are mere dust.  In Allah’s sight Jesus was a dust just as Adam was or humanity is.  The greatness of Jesus arose from the Divine command “Be”, for after that he was.  He also was a great spiritual leader.

The Koran says

The similitude of Jesus Before Allah is as that of Adam; He (Allah) created him (Jesus) from dust, Then said to him:  Be.  And he was.” (Al-Imran, 59).

The Koran condemned the Christian attitude which raises Jesus to an equality with Allah; in some cases venerates Mary almost to idolatry; attributes a physical son to Allah; and invents the doctrine of theTrinity, opposed to all reason, which according to the Athanasian Creed, unless a man believes, he is doomed to hell forever.

Allah says:

“O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion:  nor say of Allah ought but the truth.  Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah, And His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and the Spirit proceeding From Him: so believe In Allah and His Messengers.  Say not “Trinity”:  desist: It will be better for you:  For Allah is One God:  Glory to Him:  (Far Exalted is He) above Having a son.  To Him (Allah) Belong all things in the heavens and on earth.  And enough Is Allah as a Disposer of affairs (Al-Nisa’, 171-172).

Christ’s attributes are mentioned in the Koran:

1-  That he was the son of a woman, Mary, and therefore a man.

2-  But a messenger, a man with a mission from Allah, and therefore entitled to honour.

3-  A word bestowed on Mary, for he was created by Allah’s word “Be” (kun….in Arabic), and he was.

4-  A spirit proceeding from Allah, but not Allah.  His life and his mission were more limited than in the case of some other Messengers, though we must pay equal honour to him as a prophet from Allah.

The doctrine of Trinity, equality with Allah, and sonship, the Koran repudiated them as blasphemies.  Allah is independent of all needs and has no need of a son to manage His affairs.

Allah says:

“Surely, in disbelief are they who say that Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. Say, ‘Who then has the least power against Allah, if He were to destroy the Messiah, son of Mary, his mother, and all those who are on the earth together?’ And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them. He creates what He wills, and Allah is Able to do all things.” (Al-Ma’idah,17).

“And the Jews say: ‘Uzayr is the son of Allah.’ And the Christians say: ‘The Messiah is the son of Allah.’ This is a saying from their mouths. They imitate the saying of the disbelievers of old. Allah’s curse be on them, how they are deluded away from the truth.” ( At-Taubah, 30).

“They took their priests and rabbis to be their lords beside Allah. And they took their lord as the son of Mary. Yet, they were commanded to worship none but One God, there is no god but He. Praise and glory be to Him. Far is He from having partners they associate with Him.” (At-Tawbah, 31).

It is therefore clear that Islam rejects the Christian dogmas (Jesus is God or the sun of Ood, vicarious atonement, crucifixion, and the Trinity), and considers them as blaspehmous.

All mankind was created one, and Allah’s Message to mankind is in essence one, the Message of Unity and Truth. The key message brought by all Prophets was the same; to believe in One God and not to associate partners with Him, to stay away from sins and to lead a life devoted to earning Allah’s pleasure. All Prophets taught about life after death and gave glad tidings of paradise for those who obey God, but warned of punishment in hell for those who choose to disobey Him.

In the course of time, however, men gradually deviated from their true way of life and began to follow various erroneous ways. They allowed true guidance to be lost through heedlessness and negligence and sometimes, even deliberately, distorted it out of evil perversity. They associated with God a number of beings, human and non-human, real as well as imaginary, and adored them as deities. They adulterated the God-given knowledge of reality with all kinds of fanciful ideas, superstitions and philosophical concepts, thereby giving birth to innumerable religions. They disregarded or distorted the sound and equitable principle of individual morality and of collective conduct and made their own laws in accordance with their base desires and prejudices. As a result, the world became filled with wrong and injustice.

Previous scriptures, the Torah and the Injil (Gospel) have been physically corrupted by those who were charged with safeguarding them (the Jews and Christians).

Allah has told us in the Koran that the people of the scripture (Jews and Christians) changed their scripture and distorted it, and wrote the scripture with their own hands and said, ‘It is from Allah,’ to sell it for a little gain.

The Korans says:

Woe, then, to those who write the book with their hands and then say: This is from Allah, so that they may take for it a small price; therefore woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn (Al-Baqarah, 79).

Islam is not a new religion; it is not a different religion. It is in essence the same religion that Allah sent to all mankind through all His prophets at different times in history – the religion that had unfortunately been changed through human adulterations, theology and philosophy. This is why the Prophet Muhammad  came as the last and final Prophet and Messenger of Allah. He needed to come to remove all the riddles and confusion in the lives of people. He corrected matters of diversion in belief that were introduced by confusing human philosophy and theology. He restored the pure monotheistic belief of Allah and brought the most perfect and most noble understanding of Him.

Allah in His infinite mercy sent Muhammad with the Koran. The Koran is  the last chance for people astray to correct themselves and follow Allah’s Last Word, the Koran. The Koran is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from Allah. It comprises the unaltered and direct words of Allah revealed through the Angel Gibril (Gabriel) to the final Prophet Muhammad.

Allah says:

O people of the Book! indeed Our Messenger has come to you
making clear to you much of what you concealed of the Book and passing over much; indeed, there has come to you light and a clear Book from Allah (Al-Maidah, 15).

“O mankind! There hath come to you a admonition from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts and for those who believe, a Guidance and a Mercy. Say: “In the Bounty of Allah and in His Mercy― in that let them rejoice”: that is better than the (wealth) they hoard.” (Yunus, 57-58).

This divine Message was revealed to confirm and renew the relationship between man and his Creator and to reinstate the sincere and correct worship of the one true God, Allah. The Koran  is the constitution revealed by Allah to regulate and govern human life. It speaks with the perfect knowledge of the Creator about His creation. It exposes the truth and invites man to the way of truth. It contains important information about human destiny and that of the individual. It educates and raises men to the highest moral, intellectual and social level when they strive to comprehend it and apply its teachings to life.

Allah says:

“Then let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided” (Al-Baqarah, 186).

The concept of monotheism is the basic teaching of the Koran and the Prophet. Monotheism implies belief in only One God – Allah. He alone should be worshipped. No one should be associated with Him. No man should be accorded that special place which is the sole prerogative of the Lord of the Universe. This concept of strict monotheism is preserved in its pure form only in the Koran. Other religions, while accepting monotheism ideologically, also adopted almost everything that ran counter to it. While believing in Allah as the Sustainer, they accorded that status to their saints.

Allah says:

Say, ‘People of the Book! Come now to a word common btween us and you, that we serve none but Allah, and that we associate not aught with Him, and do not some of us take others as lords, apart from Allah.’ And if they turn their backs, say, ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims’ (Al-Imran, 64).

Religion with Allah has always been Islam and no other. It is the eligion given to Muhammad and all prophets before him. Allah will only accept Islam from His servants on the Day of Resurrection.

Allah says:

If anyone seeks a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), it will not be accepted from him; he will be among the losers in the Hereafter (Al-Imran, 85).

If the Kuffar resent the Muslims for practicing Islam and submitting to Allah’s rules in their totality, such a scenario cannot be avoided because Allah states:

“Neither those who disbelieve among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) nor Al Mushrikun (polytheists) like that there should be sent down unto you any good from your Lord.” ( Al-Baqarah, 105).

“Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religion.” ( Al-Baqarah, 120).

Islam addresses the issue of Kuffar (disbelievers) with such clarity that no lengthy discussion is necessary.

In the Koran, Allah states:

“The parable of those who disbelieve in their Lord is that their works are as ashes, on which the wind blows furiously on a stormy day, and they shall not be able to reap what they have earned.” (Ibrahim, 18).

“Say: ‘Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of their deeds, those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds? They are those who deny the signs of their Lord and the meeting with Him. So their works are in vain, and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall not give them any weight. That shall be their recompense. Hell, because they disbelieved and took My signs and My Messengers by way of jest and mockery.'” ( Al-Kahf, 103-106).

“As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one thinks it to be water, but when he gets there, he finds it to be nothing. There he finds only Allah, who pays him his account in full – Allah is swift in reckoning. Or like shadows in a deep sea covered by waves upon waves, with clouds above – layer upon layer of darkness – if he hold out his hand he is scarcely able to see it. The one to whom Allah gives no light has no lught at all. (An-Nur, 39-40).

“But those who disbelieve, for them is destruction, and (Allah) will make their deeds vain. That is because they hate that which Allah has sent down (this Koran), so He has made their deeds fruitless.” ( Muhammad,  8-9).

The question which arises is, are the Kuffar (disbelievers) destined for Hell-Fire? As mentioned earlier, Islam states that anyone who dies as a disbeliever, rejecting Islam after it was presented to him in an effective manner and cognizant that it is the Truth, will be admitted into the Hell-Fire, no matter how many good deeds that person performed, no matter how revered or adorable that person was in the eyes of others, and no matter how pious or righteous that person was.

In conclusion, the Islamic verdict is clear: Islam is one thing, and Kufr is something else. The Muslims are those who believe in Islam, and anyone else is a Kafir. When the Prophet first received revelation, the verses of the Koran immediately confronted the Kufr that existed in Makkah. Since that time, the Muslims possessed the clear understanding of Islam, as opposed to Kufr, as well as what each side stood for. As a result of this clear understanding, the Muslims understood what was expected from them, which was to continue to carry the Message of Islam through Da’wah (inviting to Islam) and Jihad until the Deen (religion) of Allah was supreme (7).

Allah stated this objective very clearly in the Koran:

“It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the religion of Truth (Islam) to make it superior over all religion even though the Kafirs be averse (At-Taubah ,33).

“He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with Guidance and the religion of Truth (Deen of Haqq – Islam) to make it victorious over all other religions, even though the polytheists be averse (As-Saff, 9).

Comment 10

The Cairo Declaration ends with a simple statement. All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this declaration are subject to the Sharia. It is a case where the little print takes away everything that the big print promises. Because there aren’t any rights and freedoms inside of the Sharia for the Kafir. Human rights are only for Muslims. Kafirs don’t have any rights because Kafirs are not humans. So much for the declaration of human rights under Islam.


The answer has been given above while discussing comments 7, 8 and 9.

In the Sight of Allah, all people are equal, and the only superiority anyone can have over anyone else is his fear of Allah and faith in Him.

The Koran says:

O mankind! We created you from a single pair of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you might get to know one another. Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is he who is the most righteous. Allah is All-Knowledgeable, All-Aware. (49:13)

All humans are equal as humans. They are however different in their abilities. They are also different in the most significant criterion of piety, about which only Allah is the best judge. No human can claim superiority over a fellow human on the basis of family, race, status, or any other worldly criterion.

Allah guides whomsoever He wills by His Grace, causes whomsoever He wills to go astray by His justice and writes all that is in Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz (The Preserved Tablet).

He says: “He it is who created you, then some of you are disbelievers and some of you are believers.” (At-Taghaabun: 2).

It is not that He does not see Rebellion and evil, or that He cannot punish them. He created all things pure and good, and if evil crept in by the grant of a limited free will by Him, it is not unforeseen; it is in His wise and universal plan, for giving man a chance of rising higher and ever higher.

Allah shows us the way to prosperity and the way to misery. He extols the pious and condemns the unbelievers and warns against their characteristics. He explains in His Koran the unbelievers’ deeds, the falsity of their belief and their bad conduct. The Kafir denies resurrection, does not believe in predestination, is impatient in difficulty and loses hope in the mercy of Allah.

Allah says:

“Certainly, no one despairs of Allah’s mercy except the people who disbelieve.”  (Yousuf, 87).

The Kaafir lies when he speaks and he is arrogant and self-deluded. Allah says: “The Kafirs (disbelievers) are in nothing but delusion.” (Al-Mulk, 20).

The Kafir turns away from the signs of Allah, lessons and admonitions. His heart is so full of envy that it shows itself in his eyes. He is envious of the Muslims because of their blessings and wishes that they could be taken away from them.

Allah says: “Neither those who disbelieve among the people of the scripture (Jews and Christians) nor the idolaters like that there should be sent down unto you any good from your Lord.” (Al-Baqarah, 105).

The Kafir is so shamelessly envious that he would strive to mislead Muslims so that they will be assembled with him in the Hell-Fire.

Allah says:

“They wish that you reject faith as they have rejected (faith), and thus that you all become equal (like one another).” (An-Nisaa’: 89).

The Kafir plots against the Muslims by night and betrays them in the day. Enmity towards Muslims is vividly shown in his face and his utterances. He bites his fingertips in severe anger against the Muslims and his inner-self is full of evil plans against them. He pretends to be trustworthy and good mannered while he is actually pursuing his own interests.

Allah exposes them when he says:

“Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what their breasts conceal is far worse.” (Aal-Imran, 118).

They hide their lies and treachery in apparent truthfulness and sincerity, please Muslims with words of their mouths while their hearts reject them. They argue with falsehood and conceal the truth. Their evil plots against the Muslims are great; but Allah renders their plan fruitless, for, “the plots of disbelievers are nothing but error.”

Following the Kaafir is disgraceful while disobeying them is might.

Allah says:

“O Prophet! Keep your duty to Allah and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites (i.e. do not follow their advice).” (Al-Ahzaab, 1).

Their knowledge is limited to this world and yet all their deeds and affairs are fruitless and are not  beneficial to them. All their affairs are either false or defective. As for the knowledge of the Hereafter, the Kafirs are completely ignorant of it.

Allah says:

“They know only the outside appearance of the life of the world (i.e. the matters of their livelihood, or irrigating, or reaping, or sowing, etc.) And they are heedless of the hereafter.” (Ar-Room, 7).

Allah also says about them:

“…But most of them behave ignorantly” (Al-An’aam, 111).

Their children and wealth are but sources of distress for them. They live in confusion and their only concern in this world is eating, drinking and lustful enjoyment and their sustenance is devoid of Barakah (divine blessing). They are never satisfied with little.

The Prophet said:

“The Kaafir eats too much but the Muslim is satisfied with little food in order to be able to worship. He preserves a third of his stomach for his food, a third for his drink, and a third for his breath. A believer’s food is blessed.”

He also said, “The food of two persons suffices three and the food of three suffices four.” (Al-Bukhaaree).

As a result of the Kafir’s distance from the light of guidance, they created division and fall into schism. They became different sects and severely differed with one another in their opinions.

Allah says:

“They are only in opposition. So Allah will suffice you against them. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.” (Al-Baqarah, 137).

Allah also says:

“We have put enmity and hatred amongst them till the Day of Resurrection.” (Al-Ma’idah, 64).

Kafirs are cowards in war and Muslims can defeat them, though the odds are two to one.

Allah says:

“So if there are of you a hundred steadfast persons, they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a thousand of you, they shall overcome two thousand with the leave of Allah.” (Al-Anfaal, 66).

They enjoin one another in miserliness and do not entertain guest.

Allah says:

“Those who are miserly and enjoin miserliness on other men and hide what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounties. And We have prepared for the Kafirs (disbelievers) a disgraceful torment.” (An-Nisaa’, 37).

The Kafir is a preventer of good things, eater of ill-gotten wealth, ungrateful over bounties of Allah.

Allah says:

“They recognize the Grace of Allah, yet they deny it and most of them are disbelievers.” (An-Nahl: 83).

The Kafir lives in ignorance, lustful desires and errors; he is unguided to means of uprightness; his heart, ears and eyes are all blocked from perceiving the truth, and Satan pushes him to commit sins. His preoccupation and concern is to satisfy his lust and whims, his deeds then become useless in this world and the next. His Lord does not love Him and declares that He is an enemy of the disbeliever.  Whoever does a good or bad deed, Allah will make his evil deed  manifest on him, as the Prophet said:

“Whenever Allah hates a slave, He calls Jibreel and says, ‘O Jibreel! I, indeed, hate so-and-so therefore you must also hate him. Then Jibreel will hate him and proclaim to the inhabitants of the heaven that Allaah hates so-and-so, therefore they too should hate him, then the inhabitants of the heaven will hate him, and his hatred will then be spread among the inhabitants of the earth.” (Al-Bukhaaree & Muslim).

Remoteness from Allah causes psychological pain. Sins make one’s heart depressed and deny one of the pleasures of faith.

The Kafir is the worst of Allah’s creatures.

Allah says:

“They are the worst of creatures.” (Al-Bayyinah: 6).

As for their numbers, they are the majority of the inhabitants of the earth.

Allah says: “But most of mankind believe not.” (Hood, 17).

The Prophet said, ‘Allah said:

“O Adam! Bring out the contingent of the hell-fire!” Adam said, “Who are the contingents of the hell-fire?” Allah answered, “Of every thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine.” (Al-Bukhaaree).

In another version, he says, “Of every hundred, ninety nine.”

When a Kafir dies, the whole of humanity are relieved.

The Prophet said:

“When a believer dies, he gets rest from the mercy of Allah from the toils and harms of this world, but when one of the unbelievers dies, mankind, the trees and animals are relieved.” (Al-Bukhaaree).

The Kafir would wish to live for a thousand years but when the time of his death comes, he hates to die, and the angels smite his face and back to take his soul and when he is buried, his grave is narrowed so much that his ribs stick into one another. He will be beaten with an iron bar and he will make a cry so loud that all will hear it except man and the jinn. In a version of this Hadeeth, it was reported, “If that iron bar were struck against a rock, it would make it sand.”

The Kafir’s grave will be carpeted with fire and he will have a continuous torment. He will be resurrected for the reckoning with a blackened face. He will be dust-stained; covered with darkness and terrified. He will be raised up in front of all the creatures on his face.

Anas bin Malik said, ‘I said, “O Messenger of Allah! How will the Kafir be raised up on his face?” He replied, “Is He Who made him, walk on his legs in the world not able to make him walk on his face on the Day of Resurrection?” (Al-Bukhaaree).

Those kafirs who reject Allah’s signs will taste the Blaze.

And some of them there are that believe, and some of them that bar from it; Hell suffices for a Blaze! (Al-Nisa’, 55).

Allah will expose the Kafirs (disbelievers) to the dreadful conflagration as often as their skins are consumed, He will replace them with new skins so that they taste the dreadful torture.

Surely those who disbelieve in Our signs We shall certainly roast them at a Fire; as often as their skins are wholly burned, We shall give them in exchange other skins, that they may taste the chastisement. Surely Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise (Al-Nisa’, 56).

The Kafir will be in chains on that day and the sinners will be chained together while they are thirsty, dumb, deaf, and blind. Their friends shall disown them. Their food shall be of Zaqqoom and their drink shall be of boiling scalding water. Another boiling water shall be poured over their heads and it will peel the skin off their bodies. While he will be burning in fire, his body will be magnified and his molar tooth will be greatly enlarged.

The Prophet said:

“A Kafir’s molar (in the fire) will be as big as Mount Uhud and the thickness of his body will be as wide as the journey of three (days).” (Muslim).

In another version of this hadeeth, he said, “…what is in-between the two shoulders of a kafir will be as far as the journey of three days for a fast rider. These are the characteristics of disbelievers and their well-deserved recompense. That is an exact recompense, and Allah is not all unjust to His slaves.

Believers and Kafirs are not equal before Allah, Allah guides not the kafirs or the wrongdoers. The Kafirs drew on themselves the wrath of Allah because they went on rejecting His signs. They rebelled and went on transgressing.

Allah says:

“Not equal are the dwellers of the fire and the dwellers of Paradise. It is the dweller of Paradise that will be successful.” (Al-Hashr, 20).

Allah hates Kafirs and so do Muslims. Muslims differ from Kafirs in their behaviour and opinions and they don’t take kafirs as friends. Muslims are proud of their religion. Muslims are truthful with Allah. They give much praise to Allah for guiding them to the right path, and ask Him for firmness in faith.

The Ka’ba, because of the thousands of years attached to it, appeared to the polytheists and the idolaters of Makkah a symbol of greatness and holiness. They saw themselves as being servants and retainers of the holiest shrine. They thought that by doing so, in addition to worshipping Allah by incorporating with Him 365 idols they put inside the Ka’ba, would make them closer to Allah. But this idea of the idolaters was absolutely wrong. They were making the mistake of comparing the outward appearances of things with the realities. Supplying drinking water to the visitors of the Sacred Mosque; cleaning the mosque and lighting it; covering the Ka’ba, attending to its floor and walls – all these are outward showy deeds. How can they be equal to the deeds of a man who discover Allah and spends the rest of his life caring about the Hereafter; who dedicates his life and property to Allah; who denies all other greatness and makes Allah his great purpose in life. The real discoverer of truth are not those who discover it at the meaningless level of outward show, but those who are attached to truth at the level of self-sacrifice and not simply at the level of superficial exhibitionism (8).

Those truly pious servants who strive and suffer in Allah’s cause will after death be blessed by Allah with great munificence. In the hereafter they are promised a mercy from Allah; His own good pleasure; gardens of perpetual delight; the supreme reward; Allah’s own presence or nearness; the final bliss, which is the sight of Allah himself (9).

Allah says:

Do you reckon giving water to pilgrims and tending of the Holy Mosque as the same as one who believes in Allah and the Last Day and struggles in the way of Allah? Not equal are they in Allah’s sight; and Allah guides not the people of the evildoers (At-Tawbah, 19).

All people, then, must fear Allah as He should be feared and keep their duty to Him. If not, they will be grouped as kafirs, and Kafirs are the enemies of Allah, he prepared for them a terrible chastisement.

Bill Warner your lies against Islam – the only religion of Allah – will take you by the nose to hell fire. Guard yourself against the Fire prepared for Kafirs, whose fuel is of men and stones. On the Day of Resurrection neither the riches nor the progeny of the kafirs will avail them whatsoever against Allah. They will be fuel for Fire.

Allah says:

O ye who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire whereof the fuel is men and stones, over which are set angels strong, severe, who resist not Allah in that which He commandeth them, but do that which they are commanded (Al-Tahrim, 6).

All the behaviours, and characters of kafirs mentioned above applies exactly to you. You attack Islam without cessation as if you are proud of being a Christian and we Muslims are people astray! Is there true Christianity nowadays? Where is the true authentic Gospel of Jesus? It has been obliterated. The books you have, had been altered in a way that the true words of Jesus had been concealed and tampered with. And the result is that you and your like became idolaters, and polytheists because you worship Jesus as God or the son of God. You worship a man nailed on the cross! This in the sight of Allah is an unforgivable sin.

The first of the Greater Sins is to associate anyone or anything with Allah. You associate Jesus with Allah in worship, so you are a polytheist, although you know from Islam that the greatest of the greater sins is to attribute partners to Allah.

Allah asserts:

“Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with him, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He wills, and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin.” (An-Nisā’, 48).

It means that whoever dies as a polytheist, there is no chance of his salvation. Although Allah may forgive any of those who have committed any other sin.

Allah says:

“Surely whoever associates (others) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden to him the garden, and his abode is the fire; and there shall be no helpers for the unjust.” (Al-Mā’ida , 72).

Bill Warner, as a Christian you believe that Jesus is God, but in reality this in nothing but glaring blasphemy.

Allah says about this false allegation:

“They are unbelievers who say, ‘Allah is the Messiah, Mary’s son.’ For the Messiah said, ‘Children of Israel, serve Allah, my Lord and your lord. Verily whoso associates with Allah anything, Allah shall prohibit him entrance to Paradise, and his refuge shall be the Fire; and wrongdoers shall have no helpers (Al-Maidah, 72).

Bill Warner you believe in the Trinity – the three persons of the Christian Godhead; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You believe that each of them have a special quality and that together they constitute the Godhead. This is another glaring blasphemy (9).

The Koran flays this false dogma thus:

They are unbelievers who say, ‘Allah is the third of three.’ No God is there but One God. If they refrain not from what they say, there shall afflict those of them that disbelieve a painful chastisement (Al-maidah, 73).

So, before you attack Islam – the only true and complete religion existing today – try to start a campaign to reform your corrupted religion. Can you restore contemporary Christianity  to pure monotheism? Of course you can’t. It’s rather too late I think! It’s easier for you of course to attack Islam, a religion you knew nothing about. But why not, and you are money hungry? You  let Christian-Judeo organizations hire you and stuff your mouth with their dirty money, unlawful money directd to attack Allah your Creator, Islam, His only religion, and Muhammad His last Prophet to all mankind. You had to fabricate lies about Islam in order to justify earning their unlawful money. You believed your lies and lived them. And now you tour the united States to vomit lies about Islam from your dirty mouth. On the Day of Resurrection you will carry the load of misguiding innocent people, as well as the load of those you misguided. The misguided listeners will carry the load of believing a liar like you. This is because they didn’t use their heads to differentiate between truth and falsehood.

Bill Warner you are an impertinent liar. You excelled in lying and spreading dissension between Muslims and non-Muslims in your community. Your whole life is a big lie. The more you lie, the more you mouth is stuffed with unlawful money. It seems that you don’t know the consequences of lying and earning unlawful money.

The Prophet of Islam said:

“ “No meat (i.e. person) that was nourished with harām will enter paradise. Every meat (i.e. person) that was nourished with harām is more deserving of the Fire.” (Musnad Ahmad, Daarami, Baihaqi; Mishkaatul Masaabih pg. 242, Qadeemi).

The Prophet also said:

“Verily, Allah is Pure and He only accepts pure, and indeed Allah commanded the Believers what He commanded the Messengers. He said: ‘O Messengers, eat of the pure things and perform righteous acts. Verily, I am Well-Aware of what you do.’ And He said ‘O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided you with, and give thanks to Allah if Him it is that you serve.’

The  prophet made mention of a man who is constantly in journeys and has dishevelled hair and dusty appearance (due to constant journeys for performing acts of righteousness such as Hajj, Umra, seeking knowledge etc.) and he raises his hands towards the sky saying “O my Rabb (Lord). O my Rabb”. But his food is from harām (forbidden source). His drink is from harãm. His clothes are from harām. He is nourished from harām. How can his prayer be accepted?” (Muslim; Mishkaatul Masaabih pg. 241, Qadeemi).

The twenty-fifth Greater Sin is consumption of harām (eating of what is unlawfully acquired). Hence the word “eat” is not restricted to consumption of edibles but includes the use of any and every article, which has been acquired unlawfully or by illegal means.

Consumption of Harām is listed as a greater sin in the Holy koran.

“And you will see many of them striving with one another to hasten in sin and exceeding the limits, and their eating of what is unlawfully acquired; certainly evil is that which they do. Why do not the learned men and doctors of law prohibit them from their speaking of what is sinful and their eating of what is unlawfully acquired? Certainly evil is that which they work.” (Al-Mā’ida, 62-63).

Islam permits the people to obtain their livelihood in any way they choose. They have their freedom to choose their occupation and obtain the necessities of life, but Islam does not allow them to earn in a manner that is harmful for society. It should also not endanger the social equilibrium.

Such type of unlawful action carry a heavy punishment in this world and a dreadful retribution in the Hereafter. Such action that instigates war between people of the same country is harãm (unlawful).

As for the consequences of lying in Islam, lying is disbelief (Kufr). It causes animosity between people. Lying is a sin and a transgression.

The Prophet said:

“Avoid speaking falsehood, because it is a kind of evil and transgression. And both of them belong to Hell.”

Lying is a sign of a hypocrite.The Three signs of a hypocrite are:

Lying, betraying trust and going back on his word (Not fulfilling a promise).”

The liar is doomed because of the lies that he utters. The liar is kept away from truth and reality.

Allah says in the Koran:

“…surely Allah does not guide him aright who is a liar, ungrateful.” (Az-Zumar, 3).

“…Surely Allah does not guide him who is extravagant, a liar.” ( Ghāfir, 34).

The worst kind of falsehood is what one utters against Allah.

Allah says:

“And, for what your tongues describe, do not utter the lie, (saying) this is lawful and this is unlawful, in order to forge a lie against Allah; surely those who forge a lie against Allah shall not prosper. A little enjoyment and they shall have a painful punishment.” (An-Nahl, 116-117).

Listening to a lie is Harām. Just as it is Harām to speak falsehood, it is also Harām to listen to it while knowing that it is a lie. And just as it is Harām to read or write falsehood, it is also Harām to quote a lie. The Koran has denounced the Jews and the polytheists for spreading untrue things. It is said regarding them:

“(They are) listeners of a lie.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:42)

The Koran says,

“…and avoid false words.” (Al-Hajj, 30).

When a liar is speaking a lie, which is a great sin, the place where he commits this sin becomes a place of divine wrath and the listener shall also be included in it.

Bill Warner you are a troublemaker, stirring riots among Americans by spreading dissension between Muslim and non-Muslim Americans. You are unmindful of the fact the wealth inequality in your country could lead to a revolt! In 60 cities across your country, you had fast food worker strikes protesting the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour that keeps them in a chronic state of poverty, and demanding “a living wage” of twice that. You are heedless of how stark the wealth gap in America has become. The rich get richer and get most of the pie and the rest get the crumbs. As more Americans are confronted with evidence of this stark reality, the chances of social unrest increase and triggers revolution.

You are not aware that your country is thrown into a debt crisis, the likes of which have never been seen before. Also, racism still divides black and white in America. Yet your lack sense of patriotism and your traitorous conduct, drives you to spread dissension in the land by turning non-Muslims against Muslims, and to hell with social comfort and welcome to social unrest.

You became a nuisance to your community. Instead of putting out the fire of unrest and antagonism in your society, you set up the fire to destroy and annihilate every good and peaceful relationship between Muslims and non-Muslim Americans.

Because of your disloyal conduct, your citizens will reject you realizing that you are a contemptible money lover not committed to America and her promise of freedom and equality.

Bill Warner, you fool, you are sunk in prejudice and folly. You are lost in labyrinth, from which you will never be able to extricate yourself as long as you live. You are doomed to Hell if you do not correct yourself and chose the right path to salvation.

You have no chance to salvation unless you sincerely repent to Allah and bow to Him in adoration. The only way then is to embrace Islam. Doing this will afford you worshipping the One true God – Allah.  Parallel to this, your deeds must be crowned with piety based on the commands of the Koran and the Sunna of the Prophet. If you do this, all your past sins will be forgiven, and you will be as newly born. Can you take this brave step, or you would rather prefer to wade through the dirt of falsehood and polytheism until the Day you meet Allah, the Lord of creation!


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