My words to Matthew Dooley


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

 Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley taught young officers that America’s real terrorist enemy wasn’t al-Qaida — but the Islamic faith itself. He taught them that there is no such thing as moderate Islam and that it is time for the United States to make its true intentions clear. Islam as a barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction. Mathew’s plan is to reduce Islam to a cult status and Saudi Arabia to be threatened with starvation.

Matthew Dooly further continues that the protection of civilians in war time is no longer relevant, and he opens the possibility of applying the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki to Islam’s holiest cities, and bringing about “Mecca and Medina’s destruction. He further suggests annihilating the 1.5 billion Muslims inhabiting the four corners of the world! The military strategy of Dooley to wipe out Muslims from the surface of the earth is absurd and rather lunatic.

As a teacher in the army, Matthew Dooly should have been knowledgeable and fullly aware of the facts and not to be so ignorant as to throw irresponsible words that might cause ruin and destruction. But this is how shallow, vile and dangerous the level of teaching in the American army has reached!

Is Matthew Dooley so arrogant as to feel that he can destroy 1.5 billion Muslims? Is he so ignorant as to claim that it is possible to destroy Muslims’ holy places? Is he so courageous as to take Allah, his Creator, as a rival?

As the man seems totally ignorant in politics, history and of course the Islamic religion, I find myself obliged to explain some facts to him and to all those who believe in satanic ideas similar to his.

1- Islam is not to be reformed, it is a complete religion, it is the last Testament to the world, it shows the road map to Paradise. Islam came to all people as a universal religion to teach them how to live rightly in order for their deeds to be accepted by their Lord on the Day of Judgment.

2- Islam is a religion of peace, it has nothing to do with terrorism. Mathew hasn’t read the Koran or the Sunna of the prophet in order to know what Islam truly is, but he just listened to the venom promulgated by the biased media and some hate mongers belonging to internal political and religious organizations known by enmity to Islam.

3- Matthew should have known that throughout history Allah has destroyed several rogue countries known by disbelief, racism, bigotry and oppression.  Allah gave them blessings and opportunities, but they arrogantly went on in their evil ways till dreadful calamities came suddenly to destroy them entirely. People of Pharaoh, Aad, Thamud, Noah ant the disappearance of Atlantis are good examples of Allah’s wrath when poured on the oppressors and rogue countries. A terrible earthquake may come to bury the people and destroy their boasted civilization as happened to the people of Thamud. The people of Lut Allah rained down on them a rain of brimstone. Is America safe against Allah’s wrath if she crosses the limits and try to destroy His holy places and millions of His sincere devotees? Matthew Dolley and his like must not forget the Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest, costliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane. Eighty percent of the houses sunk under water. The sharks were swimming freely between the houses. The shortsighted Matthew Dooley and all the Islamophobe hate mongers like him must not forget the earthquake Tsunami which triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 98 feet high. And how about the Tsunami which hit Japan lately and ruined its nuclear reactors as well as its economy? Matthew Dooley must not forget the natural disasters severely attacking the US each year and cause her to suffer billions of dollars. He must not forget that Allah the Lord of creation is ruling his earthly kingdom from above seven skies. The earth is his creation and on the Day of Resurrection He will inherit it and all what is on it. He is the only One who provides, and the only One who keeps from. In other words, annihilation of civilizations can happen in seconds according to Allah’s will and without the need for man-made nuclear weapons.

History has taught us that Allah’s wrath befall those who fight His Messengers, reject His Messages and desecrate His Holy places. Because Matthew Dooley is ignorant of history, he didn’t know what happened to those who tried to attack the ka’ba in the past.

At about the same year the Prophet Muhammad was born – 570 AD – the viceroy Abraha Ashram of Christian Abyssinia built a huge church with the intention of diverting pilgrimage from Makkah to Abyssynia. When he proclaimed his intention, the Arabs rejected his idea and the nobilities of Makka were angry. Intoxicated with power and fired by religious fanatism, Abraha led a big expedition against Makka, intending to destroy the Ka’ba. He had an elephant or elephants in his train. On the way to Makka he was met with opposition from many of the Arab provinces but he defeated them all. On the outskirs of  Makka his army destroyed some of the Arab’s property which included cattle and camels. Two hundred of these camels belonged to Abdul Muttalib the prophet’s grand father. Abdul Muttalib was the leader of Quraish the wealthiest and the most powerful tribe in Makka. Before attacking the Ka’ba Abraha wished to talk to Abdul Muttaleb. When the meeting took place Abraha was impressed by Abdul Muttaleb’s sagacity dignity and veneration, but was utterly surprised to hear from him that all he wanted was a compensation for his two hundred camels, and did not ask him to leave the Ka’ba intact. When Abraha expressed surprise, Abdul Muttalib answered, “I am the master of the camels, whereas the Ka’ba has its Lord to defend it”.

When Abraha launched his attack on the Ka’ba to destroy it, a shower of stones, thrown by flocks of birds, destroyed the invading army almost to a man. The stones produced sores and pustules on the skin, which spread like a pestilence.

Allah says in the Koran about this incident:

Hast thou not seen how thy Lord did with the men of the Elephant? Did He not make their guile to go astray? And He loosed upon them birds in flights, hurling against them stones of baked clay and He made them like green blades devoured (Al-Feel, 1-5).

This is the consequence of attacking the Ka’ba by the moron ignorants who are not aware of Allah’s power – total annihilation of the oppressors. Annihilation this time might not be through a shower of stones, but something shocking one can never imagine or expect. It could be the end of all the Islamophobe hate mongers and those inciting them to commit such evil. Have you understood my words Mr. Dooley, or a seal has been set upon your heart, so you understand not? 

I would be interested to see the terrible fate awaiting those who want to destroy the Ka’ba. It must be a smashing defeat followed by an overwhelming torment in the worldly life, then in the Hereafter an eternal burning in Hell Fire. 

4- Matthew Dooley and those calling for the annihilation of Muslims and Islam, do they feel secure that Allah’s might shall not come upon them at night while they are sleeping? Do they feel secure that Allah’s might shall not come upon them while they are playing? Do they feel secure against Allah’s devising? None feels secure against Allah’s devising but the people of the lost.

5- Is Matthew Dooley aware of the terrible consequences of a nuclear war? The minute a lunatic presses the button to hit another country, the minute he receives in turn nuclear missiles from other super powers. They will attack severely without thinking, because a lunatic, who takes such a drastic decision that would kill millions in an instant, is likely to do so against their own countries as well. In such wars the winner is the one who attacks first. This is the nature of nuclear wars, this is the consequence of lethal arrogance. They hit each other first and then if there is someone left, they sit to inquire about what happened.

6- Matthew Dooley was so ignorant or maybe totally dishonest when he didn’t tell his students about the terrible consequences resulting from the nuclear war he proposed. If America initiates such evil war she will undergo trials, poverty and misery. America will turn into an underdeveloped country in no time. America will be deprived from the natural resources she relies on in the Muslim world. In addition, she will lose billions of dollars as a result of suspension of trade with the Muslim countries. America’s trade with Europe will come to a halt because Europe gain a lot from trading with the Muslim world and the profits resulting from such trade are heavily invested in the United States. Bearing in mind the disastrous financial crisis America is now going through, plus the heavy economic losses which will result from such nuclear war, the present sick economy of the United States will go down further and further, and the American people will find themselves in the end living in poverty and riots. Rich states will separate themselves from poor states, and all states will fight among themselves to protect their own resources and try hard to survive. America after a short while will be living a tribal life, tribalism will be the feature of the American life. The economy of the rest of the world will be affected as well. It is a circle Matthew Dooley with no end, do you understand Mr. instructor, or do I have to explain more?

7- The Ka’ba is the center of the holiest place of worship in Islam. It is the house of Allah (God). Allah has rendered it a focal point for Muslims around the world. All the Muslims round the globe perform their daily prayers facing towards the Ka’aba from wherever they are. Touching the ka’ba with evil would instantly bring the wrath of Allah on the attackers. Allah’s wrath is intolerable. Allah is the Most Merciful, but He is also vengeful and terrible in retribution. I urge Matthew Dooley to read again what happened to the men of the Elephant.

8-  Islam is the last Testament to the world, and Muslims strongly adhere to it. Islam is the only religion of Allah since He first created life. He taught Islam to Adam and to all the prophets who came after him until Jesus the son of Mary. But the religion was lost, the divine Books perished over time and what is left now were adulterated by curtailments and additions. These Books do not represent the original texts any more. So Allah sent a Book – the Koran – that will last until the end of time without any change. The Book stood the test of time because Allah guarded it from corruption. The Koran stands as a witness over all the previous divine Books. It contains the truth that has been obliterated in the old Books thus serves as a reference for all people who care to know the truth. The Koran guides people to the unity of Allah, a matter that has been adulterated by the authors of the corrupted Books. The Koran emphasizes the oneness of Allah, and that He must be worshipped alone without associating with Him any partners. The Koran came to all people to abandon the superstitions they invented in their religion. All revelation is one, and Islam is a culmination of the monotheistic religions that came before it. The Koran watches over all previous divine Books and therefore confirms the main and uncorrupted features of previous revelations. The Koran is therefore a mercy to all people for it shows the true way of salvation, the way to Paradise.

9- Mathew Dooley and his like want to reform Islam and reconstruct it! They think that Islam is a barbarian and violent religion, and if they will fail to reform it, they will annihilate Muslims around the world and also their holiest places. These ignorant hate mongers must understand that Islam is a complete religion and it is not to be reformed. Allah has perfected our religion for us, completed His favor upon us, and has chosen for us Islam as our religion.

Allah says in the Koran:

Today I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed my blessing upon you, and I have approved Islam for your religion (Al-Maidah, 3).

Islam came therefore to stay. Every religion which commends itself to human beings and lasts through some space of time has a glimpse of truth in it. But Islam being the perfect light of truth is bound to prevail. As the greater light, through its own strength, outshines all lesser lights, so will Islam outshine all else, in spite of the displeasure of those to whom light is an offence.

As we read in the Koran:

It is He who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may uplift it above every religion, though the unbelievers be averse (At-Tawbah, 33).

In conclusion, there is one true religion, the Message of Allah, submission to the will of Allah: this is called Islam. It was the religion preached by Moses and Jesus; it was the religion of Abraham, Noah and all the prophets, by whatever name it may be called. If anyone wants a religion other than that, he is false to his own nature, and he is false to Allah’s will and plan. Such a one cannot expect guidance for he has deliberately renounced guidance.

So, instead of talking about reforming Islam – the complete religion – emphasis should be made on reforming and re-constructing Christianity. Based on the principles and rules of the Koran – the Last Testament to the world – the Christians of today must strive to restore contemporary Christianity from ugly trinitatiarism to pure monotheism, the true religion of Jesus. The Koran teaches that Allah on the Day of Judgment will never accept a servant standing before him saying, “My Lord, I worshipped you as one in three or three in one.” As the Koran stated, Allah forgives all sins except associating with Him in worship other partners (Jesus as God or son of God, Pope, priest, nature, animal, idol, sun, moon, etc). Therefore, Jesus is not to be worshiped, he is not God or the son of God, but only a Prophet sent to the Children of Israel.

10- The political and religious fabric of the United States is hostile to the Arabs, Islam and Muslims. Over the past thirty years or more and especially after the events of September 11, and until today, hostile announcements against Islam were issued from the Christian leaders, neo-conservatives, Christian Right, Judeo-Christian coalition, Right Zionism wing, Tea Party, and Republican Senators belonging to one or more of these groups. These political and religious groups dramatically affect the decisions of the American administration. This was quite evident at the time of George W. Bush who was totally influenced by such political and religious groups. In his time Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded, and the Israelis were allowed to steal more Palestinian lands thus oppressing the Palestinians further. In Bush’s time, and still until now, Muslims were maltreated in America, the Koran was burned and defiled, Allah was attacked and the Prophet was slandered. The Muslim prisoners were severely tortured in Abo-Gharib and Guantanamo without fair trials. Furthermore, Hundreds of Christian and Jewish web sites are launched to attack Islam and Muslims.

The anger of the Muslim world towards the American and Israeli agression is thus justified, and it is to America to reform its foreign policy and separate it from the bad influence of the religious and political groups. In other words, political Christianity is the danger and not political Islam. The distorted reading of the Bible by the Christian Right and their alliance with the Zionists reshapes the foreign policy of the American administration regarding the Palestinian problem. The outcome is oppression, injustice and humiliation touching Muslims in the Middle East and everywhere else.

11- Matthew Dooley and those who think his way are afraid that Islam might negatively affect the western civilization. What civilization Dooley has to offrer? Is it that of advancement in technology? We Muslims buy the technology and the west gains billions of dollars by selling it to us. What civilization Dooley is proud of and is afraid that Muslims might contaminate it? Is it that of walking on the red carpet and dancing with the stars? Is it that of basketball, football, boxing and wrestling? The Muslim civilization is extracted from the Koran and the Sunna of the Prophet. It is the civilization of divine ethics and morals. Do you have one similar?

During the period 1960-1990 the rate of population growth in America reached 41% but violent crimes increased during the same period by 560%, children suicide by 200%, divorce by 200%, bastard children by 400%, children living without mother or father by 300%. The crime curve reached its peak in 1991 showing a total of 14,872, 900 crimes. Among these were 1,911,770 violent crimes; 12,961,100 property crimes; 24,700 murder crimes. Statistics also showed that America witnesses every year more than 100,000 rape cases. A study undertaken in 1993 by South Carolina University revealed that 12.1 million adult women were expected to be raped. Rape was found to be not only directed to women, but also to children of either sex. Statistics also showed that eight out of ten students were exposed to sex abuse.

Victim advocates and military health leaders say that sexual assault remains a pervasive problem for women serving in all branches of the military, including those deployed overseas. A new assessment of risk factors for sexual assault in the military says that 28% of female veterans reported sexual assault during their careers. In 1996, the Defense Department surveyed women in the military about their experiences in the previous months, and found that 9 percent of women in the marines, 8 percent of women in the Army, 6 percent of women in the Navy and 4 percent of women in the Air Force had experienced a rape or an attempted rape that year. About 200,000 women serve in the military, so these numbers represent more than 10,000 sexual assaults or attempted assaults each year.

It was natural that the spreading of crime would lead to increase in number of prisoners. In 1994 the number of prisoners reached more than one million. This number further escalated in 1995. The number of prisoners was far less than the number of crimes committed each year. For example, in 1992 the number of crimes amounted to 10.3 million, the number of those convicted in these crimes was only 165,000, whereas the number of prisoners for those crimes did not exceed 100,000.

It is about time that the western civilization learns something from the Islamic civilization, the civilization of piety, straightness, directness and uprightness, the civilization of pure monotheism and not polytheism, the civilization of true belief and not atheism or paganism.

 The hallucination Matthew Dooley is spreading about destroying Muslims collectively show clearly that bigotry and partisanship had already penetrated the American army. This matter would certainly hamper any meaningful future relations between America and the Islamic world. The American president utters beautiful words concerning peaceful relations with the Muslim world, but we haven’t seen anything promising yet! Actions speak louder than words. 


 The problem lies primarily on America and not on the Muslim world. The political and religious fabric of America is behind such intolerable lethal views. The separation between church and state in America is a myth. Protestant Christianity known by enmity to Islam is intimately intertwined with the state. People joining organizations belonging to the Christian Right, Judeo-Christian coalition, neo-conservatives, preachers known as false prophets, Right wing Zionists, as well as some Republican Senators joining Tea party or any of the above mentioned organizations, are the cause of such hatred. The hatred against Islam promulgated by members of such entities is well recorded. America must therefore revise its political system which is overwhelmingly influenced by such internal groups, and must reform its religious system that moved from mere Christianity as a religion to political Christianity which has spread like cancer to all aspects of the American life then crossed the borders to affect Muslims in their own countries.

The human race has enough weapons to annihilate itself. We do not want another fanatic like Matthew Dooley to threaten the Muslim world with a nuclear war. He challenged His Creator by threatening to destroy the ka’ba and putting Saudi Arabia under siege in order to make people starve. His insolence is against his own soul. Evil always comes to an evil end. Punishment and wrath have already come upon him from his Lord.

Allah is the Master of the Kingdom and not the USA. He gives the kingdom to whom He will, and seizes the Kingdom from whom He will. He exalts whom He will, and He abases whom He will; in His hand is the good; He is powerful over everything.

Mathew Dooley, hallucinate as you wish, enjoy your brief day, enjoy your short life; but soon will you know your folly. On the Day of Judgment, Allah shall drive you to a chastisement unrelenting