Ariel Sharon – A Divine Punishment?


Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

Sharon was born in Palestine in 1928, when it was a British mandate. As a young man he joined the Jewish underground military organization Haganah and fought in the Arab-Israeli war in 1948-1949 after the creation of the Jewish State. In the 1950s he led a number of punitive military operations against Egyptian military units stationed in the Gaza Strip resulting in the deaths of 38 Egyptian troops. Sharon rose to the rank of brigadier general and commanded a division during the Six-Day War of June 1967 in which Israel captured East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The harsh occupation measures that he enforced there gave many Palestinians their first taste of a man who has become their sworn enemy.

Sharon was first elected to the Knesset in 1973, but resigned a year later to serve as a security adviser to Yitzhac Rabin. He was later re-elected to the Israeli parliament in 1977.

Sharon masterminded Israel’s disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 1982. As defense minister, and without explicitly telling Prime Minister Menachem Begin, he sent the Israeli army all the way to Beirut, a strike which, ended in the expulsion of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) from Lebanon. The move stopped the PLO using Lebanon to launch attacks against Israel, but also resulted in the massacre of hundreds of civilian Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militiamen in two Beirut refugee camps under Israeli control.

On the night of September 16, 1982, Sharon sent murder squads into two Palestinian refugee camps, Sabra and Shatila. The camps were controlled by the Israeli military after Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon when Sharon was defense minister.

With Israeli tanks and troops closely surrounding the camps to prevent any of the Palestinians from escaping, the murder squads machine-gunned, bayoneted, and bludgeoned Palestinian civilians all that night, the next day, and the following night; all while the Israelis surrounding the camps listened gleefully to the machine gun fire and screams coming from inside. Sharon then sent in bulldozers to hide as much of the atrocity as he could. At least 1500 Palestinian men, women and children were butchered, and perhaps as many as 2500 as stated by a Lebanese investigation committee. Even after the efforts of Sharon’s bulldozers, many Palestinians remained unburied, and Red Cross workers found whole families; including hundreds of elderly and little children, with their throats cut or disemboweled. Uncounted numbers of women and girls were also raped before they were slaughtered. The United Nations has officially classified the Sabra and Shatila killings as acts of genocide.

An Israeli commission of inquiry in 1983 found Sharon indirectly responsible for allowing Christian militias cooperating with Israel to slaughter at least 1500 Palestinian men, women and children in Beirut at the UN Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. The results of the inquiry forced Sharon to resign his post. Sharon is sought for trial by the Hague Tribunal, the same body that succeeded in extraditing former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic for charges of crimes against humanity in Kosovo. Sharon will not travel to Belgium for fear of arrest by the International Court for the massacre. The plaintiffs against Sharon are a mix of Palestinians, Lebanese, Moroccans and Belgians grouped in an ad hoc committee. The suit was filed under a unique 1993 law that allows Belgian courts to try persons regardless of their nationality, for genocide and other crimes against humanity committed abroad. When Sharon was campaigning for Prime Minister in January 2001, he expressed his regrets for the “terrible tragedy” of 1982 massacres, but refused to apologize.

“What it was,” he said in a press interview, “was an act of killing carried out by Arab Christians against Arab Muslims.”

Although Sharon is sought for his Chatila and Sabra murders, he could be tried for any of a dozen other massacres committed during his sterling career, crimes against humanity that go back as far as 1953. The Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, recalls Sharon’s leading of a massacre in the village of Kibya in 1953, “The soldiers of Major Ariel Sharon killed 70 Palestinians in the reprisal raid, most of them women and children.”

For most politicians, an indictment of that kind would have meant the end of a political career. But Sharon remained a popular figure among the Israeli right, and he felt that if he bided his time, then another opportunity would present itself.

As housing minister in the early 1990s, Sharon presided over the biggest building drive in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza since Israel occupied the territories in the Six-Day War. One of the biggest obstacles to a final status agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians is the issue of Jewish settlements. Sharon has long been seen as a champion of the settlers’ cause and settlement building.

After Binyamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition came to power in 1996, the new Israeli Prime Minister joined Sharon to his cabinet as foreign minister. Sharon went on to become leader of the right-wing Likud Party in opposition after Nitanyahu’s decisive defeat in the 1999 general election.

After the failure of Camp David talks, Sharon sought to stir a public groundswell against the then Prime Minister Ehud Barak, depicting him as a usurper ready to trade Jerusalem for a peace agreement.
“Barak does not have the right to give up Jerusalem, which the people received as a legacy,” Sharon said at a parliamentary session.

Sharon’s controversial visit in 2000 to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in east Jerusalem was one of the sparks for the second Palestinian intifada (uprising). The atmosphere at the time was ripe for an explosion. Palestinian frustration that ten years of peace negotiation had failed to deliver their political aspirations was intensified by the failure of the Camp David summit in July 2000. The Palestinians viewed the visit as provocative because Al-Aqsa Mosque is their Noble shrine. The mosque also lies on territory captured by Israel in the 1967 war and is the center of the fierce dispute over the sovereignty of Jerusalem. Sharon knew the visit would trigger violence and gambled on the Israeli public turning to a tough leader like him who would know how to handle the intifada firmly. The visit ended in bloody clashes at the mosque, which quickly spread through the occupied Palestinian territories. Sharon intended by his visit to achieve several goals; underline the Jewish claim to the city and its holy sites; creating clashes between the Palestinians and the Israelis as part of his election agenda for competing against a strong Netanyahu for leadership of the Likud in two months time; to keep the Right in the coalition, and bring in those who are not part of the coalition so he can be in a strong position to confront the situation should the labor party decide to leave the coalition. In the subsequent election campaign Sharon said that he was prepared to make peace with the Arabs, but not under threat. He would do nothing that undermined “the rights of Jews to live safely in their own land”. Sharon has a dangerous obsession; to fight for Israel’s security, believing all the while that the end justifies the means.

There has been very little progress on the diplomatic front since Sharon took office. He has accused Ehud Barak of offering the Palestinians unacceptable concessions at Camp David and that all Israel got in return was violence. He also added that Barak government tried to negotiate under fire for several months but to no avail. Sharon has shown a resolutely tough hand in his dealings with the Palestinians, and his policies had wide support among most Israelis.

Sharon and all Israeli leaders before him had succeeded to deceive the world. Since the creation of Israel in 1948, the Israeli leaders put a plan for the establishment of “greater Israel.” They covered their plan along the years by creating great expectations. A rhetoric of peace (“No more war. No more bloodshed”).  Palestinian elections, giving the Palestinians a flag of their own. Then secret meetings, summit meetings, dinners, retreats, peace treaties, interim agreements, promises, tantalizing benefits held before hungry eyes. More handshakes, more gestures.

Then they created a framework of peace that guaranteed them negotiating superiority. A framework devoid of international law, human rights covenants, UN resolutions, and for good measure they enlisted the United States-their strategic ally- the strongest power in the world, the one who supplies them with all its arms, as a mediator.

Then as they talked peace in Oslo, Washington, Paris, Cairo, the Wye Plantation, Stockholm, Amman, Camp David, Sharm Elsheikh, they “created facts” on the ground that ensured their continued control and prejudice the negotiations altogether.

They exploited the last ten years since the signing of the Oslo Accords to:

Dismember the West Bank into “Areas A, B, C,” giving the Palestinian Authority full control of only 18% of the land while retaining control over 61%; divide tiny Gaza into “yellow, white, blue and green areas, “giving 6,000 settlers control of 40% of the territory and confining 1,000,000 Palestinians to the rest; and completely sever East Jerusalem from the wider Palestinian society (1).

Expropriated 200 square kilometers of farm and pasture land from its Palestinian owners for their own exclusive settlements, highways and infrastructure.

Uprooted some 80,000 olive and fruit trees that are in the way of their construction projects, thereby impoverishing their owners and making them casual day workers in their labor market-provided they can get access to their labor market.

Added some 30 new settlements, including whole cities like Kiryat Sefer and Tel Zion, to the dozens of settlements that already existed in the occupied territories over which negotiations were taking place, and constructed 90,000 new housing units in East Jerusalem, and the settlements were exclusively for their own population.

Now the map of Palestine is pockmarked with new Israeli settlements. The provocative concrete occupying the desert shocks the eye. In 1998 Sharon urged the settlers on: “Everyone has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours…everything we don’t grab will go to them.” Twenty-five new settlements had been more established since Sharon’s February election in 2001.

Demolished more than 1200 homes of the people with whom they were negotiating peace.

Doubled their settler popuation across the 1967 border to 400,000 (90%) of which they had already decided will remain under their sovereignty even though they hadn’t negotiated that with the other side yet.

Began construction of 480 km of massive highways and “by-pass” roads serving their settlements while dissecting the future territory of their peace partner into tiny disconnected islands, thereby preventing the emergence of another viable and competing economy next door.

Under the pretense of security they imposed a permanent “closure” to restrict the movement of the Palestinians to smaller and more limited areas.

Exploited the Palestinian natural resources, unilaterally and illegally, drawing 25% of the country’s water from Palestinian aquifers while leaving them thirsty for months on end.

Vandalized the Palestinian countryside and environment, burying its fragile historic landscape under their massive settlements and highways and turning it into a disposal site for their industrial and urban wastes.

Next, they waited until their occupation had become irreversible and all encompassing. They waited until they integrated the two economies under their control; the electrical grids, the highway and urban infrastructure. They waited until they had completely absorbed the Palestinian economy and society into their own. Then they announced that their concept of peace is “separation,” and they locked their neighbors into a few small islands, taking away any hope they had for a better future, for a real country and identity of their own. They kept tightening their control, restricting the Palestinian life space, humiliating and harassing them-until the uprising finally exploded.

Then they told their story to the world. How they tried to negotiate, how “generous” they had been, how they wanted peace, and how disappointed they felt that the Palestinians let them down. How the Palestinians met their good intentions with stones, how they were not partners for peace.

 The Israelis resorted to force-defensive force, of course, since the Palestinians were the aggressors. The most up- to-date American weapon systems, snipers, closures until starvation, clearing thousands of acres of agricultural Palestinian land, destruction hundreds of houses…until the Palestinians got the message (2).

When Sharon came to office, the opportunity presented itself to execute his hellish plan. He knew that if his plan were openly proclaimed he would raise the world’s grudge against him. No wonder, the plan was vile coming from a man with sanguinary temperament.

Sharon was dominated since childhood with the idea of emptying the Palestinian land of most of its inhabitants in order to establish the state of greater Israel. The future state should enjoy a Jewish majority to maintain its purity and to give it a geographic range that would enable it to defend itself temporarily until the surrounding areas can be emptied of most of their population. In order to achieve his goal, Israel must be kept in a state of constant hostility with its neighbors. This would enable him to continuously blackmail the West and the Jews of the world to send money, immigrants and volunteers. This state of hostility will also keep the U.S. and the European countries in a position where they have to support Israel. This way Israel would get the most advanced arms in quantities sufficient to ensure its superiority not only over its direct surroundings, but also over the broader area which includes Islamic countries such as Iran and Pakistan. Qualitative and quantitative superiority over all the “powers of darkness” as Binyamin Netanyahu liked to call them; as if Israel was the “power of light!” (2).

Therefore, Sharon does not consider establishing peace with the Palestinians or the Arabs- Israel’s neighbors- a sound strategy. His aim was to occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip and not to defend Israel against Palestinian attacks as he always deceivingly claimed.

What principally occupied Sharon’s mind was the fulfillment of the Israeli dream that was frequently called for by Zionist leaders and Israeli Founders-Greater Israel! The necessity that Israel should expand to comprise the beds of the Tigris and Euphrates, the Sinai Peninsula and the northern part of Saudi Arabia. This expansion scheme had been announced by several Israeli leaders throughout its political life and is not secret anymore. This dream became a part of the school curriculum in Israel and the students’ heads are now crammed with the ideas of expansion. The aim is to prepare the atmosphere for the establishment of greater Israel, which includes great parts of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and large portions of Saudi Arabia including the burial place of Prophet Muhammad.

Ever since Sharon gained power, he had been trying to achieve his goals while stirring up as little world reaction as possible, and without angering the United States. For that purpose he assembled his military, political and media forces, as well as creating a coalition of parties in which the Right wing would provide him with the support of the extremist Israeli masses, and its other wing would provide international, European and American cover. Sharon then waged a military war against the Palestinians to occupy their land and took advantage of all Palestinian reactions, be they natural self-defense operations or those desperate operations that targeted civilians, to justify and cover up his criminal war against the Palestinian people.

Everything had been carefully studied. Sharon’s advisors also refreshed his mind by reminding him with social, cultural and religious factors governing the American life. Factors if adequately exploited by the Israelis, Sharon could easily implement his imperialistic plan without bringing upon himself America’s wrath. America must be blind to the Palestinian cause and support Israel’s invasion of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. America must be supportive to Israel before, during and after the attack. These American social, cultural and religious factors would certainly play in favor of Israel if it wages a war against the Palestinians.

America is physically isolated. Americans live on a continent on the other side of the earth. Most Americans never traveled to the Middle East. Here they may know some Jews, but few know any Palestinians. Americans are not close enough to the people or the conflict to receive any unbiased factual information.

The American media and political establishment are rabidly pro-Israeli for a variety of reasons. Israel-sympathizing Jews own many newspapers and media giants. In addition, the Israeli propaganda machine is sophisticated and powerful, practically guaranteeing that Americans receive nothing but pro-Israeli propaganda. Anyone who attempts to criticize Israel’s actions is shouted down with the all-purpose charge of “anti-Semitism”. Any attempt to present a “neutral” journalistic view of actual facts in the Middle East, the pro-Israeli media would comment that such facts ignore the historical and moral context that has produced the current violence. The movie “Exodus”, seen by millions of Americans, presented the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as a peaceful transition.

Americans generally have grown up comfortably in a stable country that was never threatened. They have no idea what life is like for people who see relatives killed, who are displaced from their homes, who live under the power of a hostile tribalistic government, who have their houses bulldozed, whose ability to earn a living depends on their captor’s whims. Americans simply cannot understand why the Palestinians hate their overlords so much that they will take up stones against soldiers firing bullets.

America, like Israel, was created by Europeans with genocide of the indigenous people. White settlers drove the American Indians off their ancestral land. If they fought, they were killed. Indians were confined to a few reservations. No thought was given to the rights of the Indians. Whites believed that God wanted them to have the land. Until recent years, the Indian genocide was celebrated in Western movies, and never criticized in schools. Just as Indians were considered uncivilized heathens not deserving basic rights; so are the Palestinians. The parallels between the establishment of the American and Israeli states are many.

The American genocide and enslavement of African people likewise has been insufficiently recognized, criticized, or corrected. Racism thrives at a subconscious level in the vast majority of Americans’ minds. Americans consider themselves and their country to be especially righteous and blessed by God. The Israeli Jews, of course, consider themselves the “Chosen People”. The religious bigotry and tribalism inherent in this idea require no comment (3).

Having little history of their own, and being descended largely from fervent Christians, Americans have grown up in Sunday schools being taught stories from the Bible about the Jews-their suffering in Egypt, their march through the desert, their wars, their kings, their Prophets, their heroes and heroines etc… From the Old Testament, American kids learn that the Jews’ attack upon, conquest of, and slaughter of the Canaanites, Philistines, and other indigenous peoples of Palestine was good and right; ordained by God Himself! The Old Testament makes it clear: Jews-Good; Canaanites-Bad. Of course the effect of such ideas on little children is enormous.

Is it any surprise that when these children grow up, Americans think that it’s perfectly right for Israeli Jews to kill and displace the Palestinians? Isn’t God on the side of the Jews now just as in the Old Testament? Shouldn’t they re-conquer the land that God gave them? Aren’t the Palestinians to be blamed for resisting this holy crusade? The other world history that Americans learn in public schools about other places and events is comparatively dry and meaningless. The only meaningful ancient history for most Americans is Jewish history. Furthermore, many fundamentalist Christians are “Friends of Israel”. They take the Book of revelations in the New Testament very seriously. They believe that Christ’s Second Coming to Earth will be preceded by the re-establishment of the kingdom of Israel and a war over Israel. All the more reason for Protestants to help establish Israel and remain its “friend” (3).

After Jewish history and cowboy history, Americans know crusader history. Castles and knights fascinate them, and of course the Holy Quest to take back the Holy Land from the Arabs. What could be more wonderful than to see the evil Saracens finally vanquished? How much better if the Jewish people also recreate Israel in their Biblical home in the process? In fact, history will look back on the establishment of the state of Israel as the Ninth Crusade of Western Christendom against Islam. The history books will relate how the collapse of the Ottoman Empire allowed the West to retake the Holy Land and re-enact Biblical history with no risk and little expense-using a small proxy army of Zionist volunteers.

Americans fought the Germans and liberated many Jews from the concentration camps. The mass-murder and atrocities committed by the Nazis rightly filled Americans with pity. This prompted Americans to support the establishment of Israel against all wishes and rights of the people living there. Democracy in America, not for others. The Zionists have continued to shamelessly play on this pity for their own advantage. Their leaders never fail to mention it as a justification for whatever atrocity they commit. The Zionist Jews have externalized their anger and attempted to undo their own victimization by repeating the Nazi’s crimes-the victim this time being the Palestinians.

Judaism is familiar through the Old Testament, which is included in every American’s Bible. For American Christians, Judaism is not the right religion, but it is familiar and is not a threat. Allah chose the Jews for the first covenant with man. Judaism was supplanted by the second covenant through Jesus. So to Christians, Judaism is tribalistic and anachronistic and poses no threat. Most Christians are unaware of the bigoted and unethical teachings of the Talmud.

Islam is a completely different matter. It is a universal religion, not confined to a single race. It is growing and represents a threat to Christianity. Christians know that Islam reduces Christ to a Prophet. Christians don’t consider Islam as just another religion; they see it as a heretical sect of Judaism and Christianity. Americans fear and loathe Islam all the more because they’ve encountered it primarily in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Unfortunately, Americans generally don’t actually know any Muslims so that they might realize that they are humans too. Americans have been assaulted for years by images of Arabs committing terrorist acts. Ignorant of the history of the region, they cannot understand the Arab violence has been the reaction to Israeli terrorism, its ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its apartheid regime.

All these factors together, are a sufficient explanation for America’s collusion with Israel’s theft of Palestine, with its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, with its apartheid regime, and with its use of violence to force the Palestinians accept a flimsy peace plan that also lets it get away with theft and murder (3).

This was how Sharon prepared the political scene to invade the Palestinians territories. The violence he provoked after his visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque was being continued for almost a year. Under the false pretense that one-year fighting had all but extinguished any common ground that existed between Israel and the Palestinians, Sharon moved his forces into key Palestinian towns in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, claiming that he was trying to halt a series of suicide attacks on Israel’s citizens.  By doing this, he largely maintained control of rural areas and all of the towns of the West Bank. The Palestinians described this as re-occupation of areas that had been under Palestinian authority control. Sharon described the operations as continuing security measures. The military operations caused much hardship among Palestinians and there were many casualties among the Palestinians, which sparked a wave of protest in the Arab world and led Israel’s main ally, America, to call for troop withdrawals. But Sharon refused to withdraw his troops and moved them forth and back to deceive the United States. He justified his complete occupation of the Palestinian territories by claiming that Israel was exercising its right to self-defense in the face of attacks from Palestinian militants on Israel civilians and defense forces.

When killing took its toll in Palestine and Sharon’s injustice to the Palestinians reached to the extreme, the American administration talked about a frame for peace settlement in the Middle East. President Bush along with his partner Blair, declared that the U.S. and Britain support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on resolution 242 on condition that the safety of Israel is preserved. Although the two countries talked hesitantly and only mildly about this initiative, Sharon didn’t like the idea that the American administration was setting the scene for launching peace initiative without first discussing the matter with him. He was quick to send right wing representatives and his advisors to the U.S. to discuss the matter and object to it. He further hired a New York PR firm, Howard J. Rubenstein Associates, to improve Israel’s image in the United States after the criminal acts he committed against the Palestinians. So, already public opinion makers- and die-hard, local protector of Israel- such as columnists Thomas Friedman, William Safire, and Bill Killer (New York Times) or Charles Krauthammer and Richard Cohen (Washington Post), are hard at work doing the image-building, and PR work that Israel has always relied on the U.S. to do for her.

The hired media and columnists were busy at work in the United States. The race-biased, them-and-us reporting of Israel/Palestine conflict worked both ways. How western audiences were invited to feel the agony of Israeli teenagers slaughtered in a disco or two poor 14-year-old Israeli boys bludgeoned to death in a cave, as if they were American own children! Palestinian deaths were rarely made so graphic or memorable. They were anonymous people, counted as numbers, bodies aloft among depersonalized funeral crowds.

A sardonic smile covered Sharon’s face. His provocative little visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem accompanied by a thousand heavily armed Israeli troops had launched a riot among the Palestinians. The Al-Aqsa provocation was intended to create an angry reaction from Palestinians who could bear no more abuse. As he hoped, the Palestinians fell into the trap and swallowed the bait. The renewed Palestinian uprising provided him with the propaganda he needed to launch an escalating state terror campaign thus creating excuses for joining the West bank and Gaza strip to Israel under the pretense of “Israel security”. When Israeli troops shot more and more Palestinians dead just for protesting or throwing rocks at tanks, some of the most despairing Palestinians began to take revenge with suicide bombs. That gave Sharon the excuse to shoot dead more civilians, which motivated more suicide bombings, and consequently, the pushing further of more Israeli tanks and attack helicopters to slaughter more Palestinian men, women and children.

A broader smile covered Sharon’s face. Carnage makes him happy. No matter whose blood it is, he wins either way. Suicide bombings are exactly what he wants. They provide him with all the propaganda he could possibly hope for to escalate his atrocities in the Palestinian occupied territories. Suicide bombers practically do his “Greater Israel” work for him. Every Palestinian suicide attack simply hands helpful propaganda to the Zionist controlled media, and hands the Israelis a blank check to murder three times as many innocent Palestinians. With every attack, the suicide bombers make his dream of “Greater Israel” a little closer to realization.

Ariel Sharon has absolutely all the high cards. It is tanks, heavy machine guns and Apache helicopter gunships versus slingshots, and any Arab nation that would dare to rescue their Palestinian brothers and sisters would have to deal with the fact that Israel has three submarines armed with ballistic missiles that have nuclear warheads. On top of that Israel is backed up by the world’s lone remaining superpower.

To achieve his dream of “Greater Israel”, Sharon must drive the Palestinians out of Palestine by making the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, which Palestinians still inhabit a living hell. Yes, he will drive them into the deserts of Jordan and the Sinai. This is what Sharon and all hard-core Zionists had always wanted from the very beginning. During this latest terror campaign his troops had brutally murdered over 2,180 civilians, including hundreds of children, and injured over 22,000 severely. Thousands of Palestinian people had suffered serious physical and neurological injuries requiring long-term health care, after having been shot or bombed. But Sharon with his troops had surrounded all Palestinian villages and blocked all exits, refusing to allow those with severe injuries to get medical help outside.

It is also important that Sharon prepares the scene for the world to believe that all the Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians is merely a reaction to Palestinian suicide bombings. He would say to the world that the Palestinians started the suicide attacks and only then did the heroic and restrained Israeli military react.

Everything had been well prepared in advance for the initiation of the plan of “Greater Israel”. In frequent closed meetings with President Bush he had explained the right of Israel in all the Palestinian land, and the importance of joining it to Israel. The response of President Bush was cautious but understanding. Bush was keen not to stand against the Jewish lobby in order to gain its support for his coming presidential elections. Sharon assured him that the Jews would support him for his invaluable services, the blind siding with Israel.

But Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke on January 4, 2006 and then plunged into a deep coma. In nearly six years, he has not given a single sign of waking up. The doctors say that this situation may continue for a long time, but he has absolutely no chance of regaining conscience.

 “If Sharon were anyone else” says the discreet but well-placed doctor, “they would already have let him die. Sharon is kept alive because it is the will of his family, but the situation is… pathetic.”

Sharon is, however, a very expensive patient. His hospital treatment costs nearly 300,000 Euros per year. Thanks to a decision in August, 2010 by the Israeli Parliament, the Sharon family now has some help with the hefty hospital bills – from the state, which agreed to bear half the costs.

Since then, the Israelis and the Israeli press have lost interest in Sharon.

Although many Israelis consider Ariel Sharon a war hero who helped defend the country during some of its greatest struggles, the invented hero is considered as a war criminal. He had already faced war crime prosecutions for two massacres that occurred 20 years apart: the September 1982 massacre of Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, and the April 2002 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) mass killings in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.

Sharon is, without doubt, guilty of these crimes against humanity, and others. He was also unrepentant. For him, these mass killings were merely necessary steps on the path toward his objective of a “Final Solution” to the “Palestinian problem,” through the mass expulsion and/or extermination of the more than 3 million Palestinians and Arabs now living in Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights.

London’s mayor, Ken Livingstone, has re-ignited his dispute with Britain’s Jewish leaders by launching a provocative attack on the “war criminal” Ariel Sharon. In a riposte to criticism from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the London mayor accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and said its prime minister should be imprisoned. He also accused Israel of demonizing Muslims.

Writing in the Guardian, he again rejected accusations of anti-Semitism arising from his confrontation two weeks ago with the Jewish newspaper reporter he likened to a German concentration camp guard.  But while stressing his steadfast opposition to racism and his regard for the Jewish people, he accused Israel of spreading misinformation about the scale of anti-Semitism in Europe, and seeking to silence critics by calling them anti-Semitic.

Mr. Livingstone said: “Israel’s expansion includes ethnic cleansing. Palestinians who had lived in that land for centuries were driven out by systematic violence and terror aimed at ethnically cleansing what became a large part of the Israeli state.”

He added: “Today the Israeli government continues seizures of Palestinian land for settlements, military incursions into surrounding countries and denial of the right of Palestinians expelled by terror to return.

“Ariel Sharon, Israel’s prime Minister is a war criminal who should be in prison not in office. Israel’s own Kahan commission found that Sharon shared responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila [Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut] massacre.” (4).

One may wonder: Was what happened to Ariel Sharon a divine punishment?

 Ariel Sharon measured not God with his true measure. He forgot that God is not heedless of the things he do. He forgot that God knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth, He even knows the treachery of the eyes and what the breasts conceal. Sharon forgot that God hates injustice.

Ariel Sharon spread mischief in the land when he killed the innocent Palestinians and prevented them from praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque. He deliberately humiliated Muslim Palestinians when allowed his soldiers to defile the sanctity of the Holy Mosque. Under the pretext of “Great Israel” he killed the innocent Palestinians in a rebellious spirit, and prided himself on his wrongdoing. His tyranny increased him only in aversion. He waxed proud in the land and devised evil; but evil devising encompasses only those who do it. Sharon was insolent in the earth wrongfully, but his insolence was only against himself.

Ariel Sharon should have known that leadership is not for transgressors and tyrants.  It is for righteous and just people. It is the religious obligation of a ruler to provide justice to everyone irrespective of color, cult, class, country and creed.  God condemns transgressors and oppressors and divinely helps the oppressed ones making them leaders and heirs on the basis of justice and piety. 

For a ruler to spread mischief in the land is a dereliction of his duties as a ruler, for which he is responsible before God. The worse and desperate condition Sharon forced the Palestinians to live in, reminds me of the story of the Israelites and pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt. Pharaoh and his clique were intoxicated of pride and race and pride of material civilization, and grievously oppressed the Israelites. But God’s plan was to protect them as they were weak, and to make them custodians and leaders in His faith, and to give them in inheritance a land “flowing with milk and honey.” Here they were established in authority for such time as they followed God’s Law.

The Koran says:

Now Pharaoh had exalted himself in the land and had divided its inhabitants into sects, abasing one party of them, slaughtering their sons, and sparing their women; for he was of the workers of corruption.
Yet We desired to be gracious to those that were abased in the land, and to make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors, and to establish them in the land, and to show pharaoh and Haman, and their hosts, what they were dreading from them (Al-Qasas 4-6).

Pharaoh, like Sharon, did not understand that every deed must have its inevitable consequence, good or evil. Pharaoh and his hosts received their just punishment and Allah drowned them in the sea in their pursuit of the Israelites.

The Koran says:

And he (pharaoh) waxed proud in the land, he and his hosts; and they thought they should not be returned to Us.
Therefore We seized him and his hosts, and cast them into the sea; so behold how was the end of the evildoers (Al-Qasas 39, 40).

Sharon was a type of men who lead only to destruction. He invited not to peace, but to the Fire of wrath and hatred.

Anger and wrath from God have fallen upon Sharon for his evildoing. He was laden with the burden of God’s anger; that because he slain the innocents unrightfully and was transgressor. God seized him in this worldly life, and how was His retribution?

Allah could have taken Sharon’s soul, but He prolonged his life to suffer the long agonies of death. Sharon should have guarded himself against a Fire whose fuel is men and stones. He should have protected himself from a terrible lasting Fire God has prepared for the evildoers. How evil a homecoming!

What happened to Sharon is surely a lesson to men possessed of minds. Do the present Israeli leaders learn from Sharon’s divine punishment, or will persist in their arrogance thus subjecting their own selves to God’s wrath?


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