Allah –  the God whom Muslims Worship?
By Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy

There are several anti-Muslim websites promulgating poisonous falsehood about the religion of Islam. In the beginning I thought there was a sort of misunderstanding that needs to be clarified. But I soon realized that these sites are originally designed to attack Islam in every way possible.

These sites are run by haters of Islam like Sam Shamon, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, Bill Warner as well as several others. It is quite possible that these sites are sponsored by groups known to hate Islam such as the Christian right, Judeo-Christian coalition, neoconservatives, Tea Party and Zionist lobbies. Although I knew from the beginning that there is no use explaining Islam to such fanatic bigots because these sites are in fact a part of a political plan designed to tarnish the religion of Islam, I however, participated in some of these sites – political Islam in particular – in order to clarify Islam and its Message to the world, but my efforts were in vain. Bill Warner and his hypocrite applauders launched severe attacks against me and my religion, so I had to answer back in kind, and in spite of such despicable attacks I was able to explain in many instances several facets and aspects of Islam.

 Recently however, some hate mongers commented on my words by describing Allah as: “moon god, monkey god, fictitious god, shit be upon Allah, shit be upon Muhammad etc.” This impudence which misguide true seekers of Islamic knowledge regarding the true nature of Allah, compels me to explain further who is Allah and why Muslims worship him as the sole God of the universe.

Islam is not the name of some unique faith presented for the first time by Muhammad – peace be upon him – who should, on that account be called the founder of Islam. The Koran makes it abundantly clear that Islam – the complete submission of man before God – is the one and only faith consistently revealed by Allah to mankind from the very beginning. Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus as well as Prophets who appeared at different times and places – all propagated the same faith. They were not founders of faiths to be named after them. They were each reiterating the faith of their predecessors – Islam.

 Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam is however distinguished from all other Prophets:

1-   He was the last prophet of Allah.

 2-   Allah revealed through him the same genuine faith, which had been conveyed by all the prophets.

3-   The original Message was corrupted and split into various religions by people of different ages, who indulged into interpolations and admixture. Allah eliminated these alien elements by descending a one unified Book, the Koran, upon Muhammad who promulgated it to all mankind.

4-   Since there was to be no Messenger after Muhammad, the Book revealed to him was preserved word for word by Allah, so that it should be the source of guidance for all times.

5-   The life of Muhammad and the manner in which he conducted himself, was also mentioned in a unique manner by his companions and by later compilers of the tradition. A more complete and authentic account of the life, sayings, and actions, of any prophet or historical personage has never been compiled.

6-   In this way, the Koran and the authentic Sunna of the prophet together became a reliable source of knowing what Islam is, what it stands for, and what obligations it places upon Muslims.

As Muslims we believe in all the Prophets who preceded Muhammad, and this is such an integral part of our faith that if we were to abandon it we should cease to be Muslims. But for guidance we turn to Prophet Muhammad alone not on account of any prejudice, but because:

 1-   As the last of Allah’s Prophets, he brought us the latest divine dispensation.

 2-   The Word of Allah which reached us through Muhammad is pure divine language, free of human admixtures, and preserved in its original form. Its language is a living language, spoken, written and understood by millions of people, and whose grammar, vocabulary, idiom, pronunciation, and script have remained unchanged from the time of revelation till today.

 The Koran says: “The believers are all like brothers”.

The Prophet said: “Those who subscribe to our beliefs, and adopt the Islamic way of life, have the same rights and the same obligations as we have.

 The Prophet announced: “Listen! You have one God and you have one father (Adam). There is no distinction between an Arab and non-Arab. There is no preference for the black over the fair, or the fair over the black. There is distinction only in submission to God (Allah). The most virtuous among you is the most honorable in the eyes of Allah.”

It is a fact of history that Muhammad succeeded in establishing the kingdom of Allah on earth as it is in the heavens. Muslims are Allah’s knights defending His religion on earth and promulgating it until the Day of Judgment.

 Allah described their qualities in the Koran:

You are the best nation ever brought forth to men, bidding to honor, and forbidding dishonor, and believing in Allah. Had the people of the Book believed, it would have been better for them; some of them are believers, but the most of them are ungodly (Al-Imran, 110).

Among the fundamentals of Islam, the most important is belief in one God, Allah, not just the conviction that He exists or that He is One – but that He is alone the Creator, Master, Ruler, and Administrator of all that exists. The universe exists because Allah wills it to exist, it functions because Allah wills it to function, and Allah provides the sustenance and the energy, which everything of the universe requires for its existence and growth. All the attributes of sovereignty reside in Allah alone, and no one else has a share in them in the slightest degree. He alone possesses all the attributes of divinity. And no one other than Allah possesses any of those attributes. He views the whole universe, and all that it contains in a single instantaneous glance. He has direct knowledge of the universe, and all that is there in it. He knows not only its present, but its past and its future as well. This omnipresence and omniscience is an attribute of Allah alone and of no other. There was no ‘before ‘Him and there is no ‘after’ Him. He has been there always and will be there always – eternal and abiding. All else is transient. He alone is eternally living and present. He is no one’s progeny and he has no progeny. Whatever exists, besides His Self, is His own creation, and no other can identify himself in any manner with the Lord of the universe, or claim to be his son or daughter. He is man’s single Deity. To associate anyone in His worship (Jesus as a son for example) is a great sin as it is an act of infidelity. He responds to man’s prayers and He alone has the power to accept or reject them. Not to ask of Him is senseless arrogance, and to turn to others is sheer arrogance. To seek of Him and also of others, is to associate equals with him.

This is Islam – total submission to the Creator, Allah. This is the only religion that Allah will accept from His servants on the Day of Judgment, the same religion which all prophets without exception came to teach over time.

Allah says in the Koran:

Is he who was dead (without faith by ignorance and disbelief) and We gave him life (by knowledge and faith) and set for him a light (of belief) whereby he can walk amongst men – like him who is in the darkness (of disbelief, polytheism, and hypocrisy) from which he can never come out? Thus it made fair – seeming to the disbelievers that which they used to do (Al-An’am, 122).